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12:31 AM
Q: Are there any magical plants mainly used for food purposes?

Mr. Dancing ManIn Harry Potter, J.K. Rowling unveils a series of plants, most of them used mainly for healing, or decoration. In the wizarding world, they eat a lot of common muggle food, using muggle ingredients. Are there any wizarding plants mainly used as ingredients in food, that are specifically magical?...

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1:34 AM
@RDFozz Are those abilitise called a "hammer" or the "golden buzzer"?
Or maybe a "golden hammer"? Does Minecraft have those?
1:46 AM
@b_jonas Golden Phizwizard (hope I spelled that correctly).
2:29 AM
Q: Is there a sickness aboard a ship turning soldiers into zombie like figures?

JulianThere is a detailed and large chunk of lore supporting the idea that somewhere living in the Star Wars universe there is a ship containing a virus that turns living things into "zombies" and what I would like to know is whether or not this is true.

2:57 AM
@CorvoAttano I'm not sure that's entirely accurate. I have not seen that in my reading of his writings (though, of course, it could be in something that I haven't read) and the claim in Wikipedia is unsourced. It is possible he is being confused with his (also radical) contemporary Gersonides, who expressed this view (more or less) in a number of places in his writings and was heavily castigated for it by subsequent Jewish thinkers.
@Alex Do you think his ideas were radical?
3:10 AM
@CorvoAttano Depends on context.
A: Can the Sith become Force Ghosts?

woooudoWhile lucas's canon is the only one that matters effectively making waltless's failed plot not exist - That matters even more because the sith can become something similar to force ghosts, But its obviously a different process because usually these spirits end up trapped near where they are burie...

This has positive reputation now? The answer is not an answer, it’s rambling weird opinions
3:29 AM
Q: Will the final Assassins Creed game take place in the modern age?

CrispyMost of the "Assassins Creed" video games have taken place in historical periods of time but what I want to know is if there is any info on the final game taking place in the modern day. Now I do know that the franchise is far from being over but I would like to know what others may think.

@CorvoAttano Have you flagged it?
Q: Film/miniseries shown in late 1980s school library

GabeI watched this probably in 1988-1991 in Kentucky. I remember it seemed like an older movie. I have few details, but what I recall is a futuristic setting - perhaps in a desert. There were domes, and I recall white suits with red on them. There were two factions - good guys (possibly from the past...

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5:00 AM
@CorvoAttano Yes and no. I believe the original post by the user was deleted. This appears to be a new post (note there have been no edits, and we know you edited the original answer by this guy). In this new post, the author would seem to have made a little effort to make this an answer, instead of a mass comment.
@RDFozz It is indeed a new answer; the other one was deleted.
It's sitting at -1 votes now (2 down, one up). I still don't think it's a good answer, but I can't personally justify flagging it as not an answer now.
@Alex I'll get there someday. For now, I'll just have to use my amazing Detective skills (I've been reading Detective Comics for over 43 years, surely I've learned something) to puzzle things out for now.
@RDFozz Well you're more than halfway there already...
5:12 AM
@xkcd Embarrassing! A full eleven minutes behind the same feed in Tavern on the Meta.
5:27 AM
@xkcd Hmm - according to this (and some extrapolation), I'll have to get 1 million rep before I can get to 10K. I'll believe it may feel like it, in any case.
5:45 AM
Q: What was the first Horcrux Voldemort created?

Nikita NeganovThe answer here states that Voldemort already knew about the Gaunts by the time he created the diary. It is told, that he spent 5 five years searching for everything that is known about the COS, so it is at least his 5th year at Hogwarts. On the other hand, he's told to kill the Riddles and crea...

6:06 AM
Q: Why didn't the source of GH-325 come back to life?

蔡火胜GH-325 has made Coulson and Skye come back to life. Why didn't that alien himself come back to life with GH-325 inside his body. And why could he even die?

6:44 AM
Q: How do stormtroopers pee?

EndgameDo their armors have a urine tank or some opening valve near penis? Or, do they need to take out entire armor to pee? Are the schematics same for female stormtroopers?

Q: How do clone troopers pee?

EndgameDo their armors have a urine tank or some opening valve near penis? Or, do they need to take out entire armor to pee? Or, are they genetically modified to not pee at all or pee very little like once a week?

6:59 AM
Q: Which Horcrux was meant to come first?

Harry JohnstonThis answer makes a convincing argument that, per the actual text, the Ring was the first Horcrux that Tom Riddle created, at age fifteen, though there is perhaps some wiggle room. The accepted answer to the same question puts the Diary first, but does not provide any argument or references. D...

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8:58 AM
Q: karate kid vs deadpool

Susan foremanhttps://static.comicvine.com/uploads/scale_medium/1/10812/1653295-ilc009.jpg Does anyone know any more details about Karate kid from DC? I posted this pic of him fighting marvels Deadpool and noticed there are similarities in that both hero's have some hidden abilities and was just wondering wha...

9:13 AM
Q: Looking for book about tower that creates a fantasy of our reality

Yehoshua PaulA friend of mine is looking for an old book. He remembers it being called "The infinite tower" although he may be wrong, and the author being a woman. It is set in a fantasy/d&d type world in which there is a tower that mirrors its interior to match the minds of those who are inside it. Two kids ...

10:12 AM
Q: Why do wizards use so ineffective spells during serious situations in Harry Potter?

Filip KočicaIn Harry Potter, we can see many wizards in many really important situations/fights using very ineffective spells and so later on they pay the prize for that (e.g. somebody use expelliarmus but later on he lose somebody or even gets killed by the same person he could kill first). For example in ...

10:41 AM
@Jenayah Another long timeline answer, just for you.
11:12 AM
Q: What happened to Ezra Weeden?

Nikita NeganovIt is stated in the book, that Weeden's grave has been dug up, body stolen and tombstone broken. Later ...Fred Lemdin, night watchman at Rhodes, declares it was mixed with something very like the skrieks of a man in mortal terror and agony This happens when Charles is still alive but presumab...

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12:18 PM
Q: Are elves mortal or immortal?

NazgulIn Lord of the Rings Three Thousand years before the story Elrond is seen fighting in the war against Sauron. But after three thousand years he is still seen young. So I am guessing that elves are immortal. But in the battle of Helm's Deep many elves die fighting Saruman's army. So they can't b...

@Babelfish both
It's complicated; there are different types of elves.
12:56 PM
Q: Is Doctor Strange an avenger?

yoloI realise that almost every MCU superhero is in the movie labelled 'Avengers:Infinity war'. Does that mean that all of the new superheroes are now classed as an avenger? Or do the acvords from 'civil war' mean no-one is an avenger? (Doctor strange is just an example)

1:33 PM
Q: infinity stones roles during the snap

Dhon JoeSo i rewatched infinity war yesturday, and there is one question that comes to my mind. We know that Thanos had to get all the infinity stones to accomplish what he was set to do, kill half the population to let the other half live better, but my question is how can the infinity stones do that ?...

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2:41 PM
Q: What is considered canon in Night Watch cycle?

TGarI asked in this question whether Zabulon really loved Alica in the Night Watch cycle. The answers there inclines And that Zabulon is Now I am reading the Black Palmira's Face by Vladimir Vasiliev (the novel is actually translated as Dark watch in my Czech translation) and there is the par...

Q: Why Gamora appeared to Thanos as her younger self?

Dhon JoeWe now know that the final scene in Avengers : Infinity War where Gamora asks her father Thanos "what did it cost" and Thanos respond "Everything" happens in the soul world as the Russo Brothers confirmed, and it appears that Gamora is aware of what happened in the real world(outside the soul wor...

3:44 PM
Q: Guardians of the Flame ur-answer unaccepted

FuzzyBootsGenerally, our policy for closing story-id dupes is that only accepted answers can be marked as dupes, or can be marked as the answer that the others are dupes of. The various Guardians of the Flame answers indicate Book about RPG players who get pulled into their game as the answer they are dupe...

3:55 PM
Q: Was Ursa a bender?

Sir Cinnamon(I haven't read the comics involving Ursa yet so as spoiler free as possible please) She was granddaughter of the Avatar and mother to Azula and Zuko, both powerful benders but I don't recall if she's ever stated to be a bender or nonbender herself. Is this ever confirmed in the comics?

4:54 PM
Q: How did Newt manage to catch a Nundu?

NifflerWe know that Newt has a Nundu: The camera pans up to reveal another magnificent creature, the Nundu - looking almost exactly like a lion, it has a large mane that bursts forth when it roars. - Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (The Original Screenplay) But we also know that Nundus are...

5:09 PM
Q: Are Spiderman's Web Shooters Biological or Artificial?

MissouriSpartanI am confused. I thought Spiderman's ability to shoot web was through biologically built-in nodules in his wrists due to the mutations that happened when he was bitten by the spider. But then in MCU films and the most recent Spider-verse film by Sony, we see that he's using artificial shooters ...

Q: The Target who shot back: old sci-fi short story

hatThis should be an easier one; I remember this one fairly clearly. Years ago I read a story where a team of explorers are exploring a planet. They have a mother ship as home base, and the mission is controlled by a highly intelligent computer. Michael Target — the main character of the story — ...

5:25 PM
@Marvin So the spider didn’t do anything and all he did was make mechanical things??
@CorvoAttano ahem spider-sense ahem wall-crawling ahem strength ahem agility
I don’t read Marvel comics (not a vendetta or anything, just don’t remember to), but that just seems wrong
@Jenayah oh, forgot about those
But the webs are the biggest thing about Spider-Man!
Nah the biggest things are the eyes on that mask. :P
Can I do a daily floof?
Sure, it's even encouraged :)
5:28 PM
Does it have to be a dog?
heck we even had snake floofs and snakes are the less fluffy animals you can think of
Daily floof, 2018/12/28 Red Pandas are very cute i.stack.imgur.com/pNkHT.png
now to ask @SQB to pin it :)
dang that's a small fellow
@SQB Is your name initials?
A: The many usernames of SFF.SE

SQBScooby-Doo → Scooby → skooby → SQB

5:45 PM
@Jenayah And here with the bird icon, I thought @SQB might be a shortened "squab" :-)
@RDFozz eheh
Ah, pinned already.
And explained.
Thanks, @Jenayah.
You're welcome
@Jenayah The red panda is cute - but I do still like Spider-Dog :-)
@RDFozz ah, the Dalmatian? "Go play with kids, they said, it'll be fun, they said"?
5:49 PM
@RDFozz eh - this is totally the kind of idiocy I could've pulled when I was a kid :)
@SQB Yes. You did notice what the kids apparently did to him, right?
A: The many avatars of SFF.SE

SQBOne faithful Draw a Bird Day, I drew a bird. I took a picture of it to upload, so I could share it on chat. Since I had no avatar back then, I used it as my avatar. I found it works pretty well with hats.

@RDFozz of course, or I wouldn't have known what you meant by "spider-dog".
@SQB I admit, I almost missed it.
@SQB Still, I think the false connection I made isn't too unreasonable. At least I never thought your avatar looked like Gargamel.
^FYI: @TheLethalCarrot - Thanks for the slightly blown up Bunratheon - I no longer see Gargamel when I look at him!
Who thought whose avatar was Gargamel? :P
ooooh nevermind you talked about it a while back I think
5:56 PM
@Jenayah answered above.
@Jenayah What’s pinning? Is it like a star that stays higher up?
@CorvoAttano yep
Well it expires after two weeks or something but it stays up the whole time (unless unpinned)
I think room owners and mods can pin stuff
How many moderators are there?
on SFF or network-wide?
Here are the SFF ones scifi.stackexchange.com/users?tab=moderators not sure where I can fetch a list of all network ones... but apparently there are 577 according to stackoverflow.blog/2018/12/20/10-years-of-stack-giving-back
and people with blue usernames in chat are moderators somewhere on the network
@Loong thanks mate!
^^ well here's a mod :P
@Loong buttons
6:08 PM
^ ("Silk and satin and buttons and bows; rings and things and buttons and bows")
It's a song form an old Western. My parents had it on a record - I remember bits and pieces of it from that.
At one point, they got a bunch of records with Disney soundtracks and the like. I remember a surprising amount of bits from those things.
@Jenayah If mods are elected regularly, why haven’t there been any elections, apparently, since 2016?
@RDFozz it may change back after winterbash but who knows
Q: On Roshar, can humans have a light eye and a dark eye?

Corvo AttanoIn the Stormlight Archive series, there are lighteyes, the ruling class of Alethkar, and darkeyes, mere peasants. I know that genetics are different in these books from in real life, so here’s my question: Are there any known characters on Roshar who have Heterochromia with a light eye and a dar...

6:20 PM
@CorvoAttano If my understanding is correct, moderators, once elected, don't need to stand for re-election (unless, perhaps, they quit and want to come back). I assume new mods are adding to replace those who do quit, or to accommodate an increased workload. If my understanding is correct, again.
How do you make tag synonyms?
Q: On Roshar, can humans have a light eye and a dark eye?

Corvo AttanoIn the Stormlight Archive series, there are lighteyes, the ruling class of Alethkar, and darkeyes, mere peasants. I know that genetics are different in these books from in real life, so here’s my question: Are there any known characters on Roshar who have Heterochromia with a light eye and a dar...

@Marvin Is Marvin always slow?
No offense to the dude
He's faster than Meta feed
Isn’t that a dude in The Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy?
“Help decide whether posts are duplicates or off-topic” sounds like everything is one of those two...
Should be if, not whether, to be more clear
6:45 PM
Nov 30 at 17:10, by Alex
@Jenayah So you're not a kid anymore?
@CorvoAttano good call.
@CorvoAttano Jenayah's link explains it, but in the real world that process rarely works because it requires the collaboration of multiple people with +5 score in a tag. It's often simpler to ask a moderator directly to do the synonimization.
@Alex not enough to draw spiders on a dog... :)
@Alex yeah, but you don't get the badge then :P
@Jenayah Hmm, that might make you older than me after all...
"after all" - hint!
6:54 PM
@Jenayah No badge + yes synonym = yes badge + no synonym.
@Jenayah How is that a hint?
@Alex ?
@Alex because I said so
@Jenayah But does it actually get you closer to figuring out my age?
in the long-term, maybe
@Jenayah You're right. If the synonyms never get generated then you won't actually get the badge. So I should revise that to: No badge + yes synonym > no badge + no synonym.
I still don't understand... What I know is that a dummy bronze badge is rarer than some gold ones :P
7:06 PM
@Jenayah My point is that it's better to bypass the regular process and actually get things done, even though you won't get a badge for doing so.
oh, well
but... Some synonymizations aren't really urgent :P
@Jenayah Urgent is relative. For some people an opportunity for another badge is urgent. For others (ahem, Jenayah) the Revival badges are coming in so quickly that other badges wouldn't even be noticed.
I told you, if you want a SFF Revival badge, get into story-id searching or read more books/watch more stuff etc
HP REvival badge... is kinda rare :P
although there was one recently
@Jenayah If you get eleven more then I might.
your Mi Yodeya record?
7:29 PM
@Jenayah Indeed.
I can accurately guess Alex's age - he's between 2 and 200. (It may not be precise, but it is accurate)
@RDFozz Are you sure anout that?
@Alex I am 100% confident.
Dec 20 at 21:53, by Alex
@RDFozz I'm actually ageless.
So you've said....
7:35 PM
And whi knows? Someone younger than 2 might be able to post.
But then that would make me the child prodigee instead of Jenayah.
@Alex Yes - of course, by the same token, you could be an infinite collection of monkeys.
@RDFozz Monkeys painting spiders on dogs, eh? The circle of life at its best.
8:10 PM
@Alex I am not a child prodigy! ><
@Jenayah The lady protests too much, methinks.
@Alex y'know, one of my 2019 SFF resolutions was going to be "finally answer one of these story-id" but I've done this twice this month already. So yeah, beating your Revival record sounds like an entertaining challenge :)
@Jenayah If so, I'll have to start earning more of them. It's been a while since I've gotten one.
Especially since it looks like you've beaten me in this contest:
Nov 7 at 10:43, by TheLethalCarrot
BTW @Jenayah and @Alex you two are fighting it out for Best New User of 2018 with Jenayah currently in the lead by ~1.3k rep
On mobile there is a thing when the winter bash notifications menu is open that says “I hate hats”?
@CorvoAttano It's on the regular site as well.
8:45 PM
@Alex well, there are still some three and a eighth days left. Repcap every day, get a shitton of accepts, and you might catch up 0:)
@Jenayah Or downvote all your posts?
@Alex you've only got 19 "free" downvotes, or you'll lose rep too
Furthermore even at 40 votes a day lemme calculate
If you downvote 120 of my answers (which is about all my answers), assuming it's not reversed for revenge voting, I'll lose 240 rep, you'll lose 120 rep yourself. And in these 120, there are some you can't downvote because you upvoted them a while back, so your vote is locked until a new edit
You'd better mass-answer instead ;D
@Jenayah Wait, do you know how many of your posts I've upvoted?
Or I'll have to get some others to help with the downvoting.
Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff want to see Gryffindor beat Slytherin, after all.
@Alex no, but there's a couple of times where you said you upvoted post XYZ of mine
@Alex yeah, mass downvoting on one legit user. Like that won't get reversed :P
Also, at -2 a downvote you either have to rally a bunch of friends or still answer new stuff
> I hate hats! How do I get rid of them?

> When you click the snow flake icon in the top bar, a popup appears that has a link labeled "I hate hats!" This will turn off all hat-related events on all sites for you. You won't see people wearing hats, you won't be alerted when you earn a hat, and you won't be seen wearing a hat by any other users.
^@CorvoAttano - FYI
8:58 PM
832 in the lead, if I don't get more rep than that, that equals to 416 downvotes, which can indeed be done in three days with 4 dedicated friends (who don't have locked votes on my posts already)
@Alex Of course, unless the post has been edited since you upvoted, I don't think you can change your vote to a downvote. Not that you can't work around it, but it would be a bit more obvious.
@Jenayah Makes Me think that I've upvoted too many of your posts.
If all my upvotes were removed, I might be ahead of you.
Though I suppose you've upvoted some of mine as well...
@Alex I've upvoted a lot of yours too.
@Alex woah, really?
@Jenayah Well there's no easy way to check without looking through all of your posts, but I'm pretty sure I've upvoted more than 90% of your posts that I've read.
And how many of my posts would you have happened to read? Ahah
9:09 PM
@Jenayah For a while I think I read most, if not all, of them. Recently there’s probably been a bunch I haven’t read yet.
Alright :)
Well thanks for the love!
@Jenayah Don’t let it get to your head.
Makes me wonder if I’ve ever downvoted you. I’ll have to check later.
@Niffler - Also, in Wonderbook we see someone who lives with a Nundu. Admittedly it eats him, but its breath seems fine — Valorum 3 hours ago
@Alex well, if you did that was probably on a question. I'm quite proud of having none of my answers downvoted :)
(except the deleted one)
At least I think none of them are downvoted.
@Jenayah Wow! That’s really impressive.
Thanks :)
9:19 PM
I've gotten my fair share of answer downvotes, and I wonder if I even have a single question with no downvotes.
@Jenayah Already deleted.
@Alex nice
@Alex even the Asimov one?
@Jenayah That one has one downvote.
22 hours ago, by Jenayah
Haters gonna hate
A quick count shows that 17/26 of my questions have been downvoted.
9:26 PM
Haters everywhere... And some twisted questions of yours let's admit it :)
@Jenayah I think the twisted ones are the best ones, but I guess others are entitled to disagree.
I'm actually surprised the one about Voldy killing himself got no downvotes.
But then again, it only got one vote in total.
Take your chances and bump it
If something has to be fixed that is
Hmm, not a bad idea, but I'll have to do that later.
Aug 31 at 23:30, by Alex
@Jenayah Indeed. It's been real. Got to go.
See ya!
Hehehe... Let's see if I can hit 14k before 2019 :)
1 hour later…
10:52 PM
Q: Short story about humans on a hostile planet genetically engineer their offspring, gradually over generations, to be able to survive on it

bitguruThis was a short story I read sometime before 2000, most likely sometime between 1981 and 1995. It was collected in a paperback with other stories, which I believe (but am not sure) were by separate authors. I also believe (but am not sure) the cover of the paperback was pink. I may have checked ...

@Marvin user14111's answer to that is better than mine as it provides a link to where t read the story, and should be the accepted one. I'm leaving my answer up only because I included how I found it. Teach future story-id answerers how to search etc
m Imgur thingy is back?!
11:09 PM
@Jenayah Note that, assuming it's accepted, it would be the answer that proves it's a dupe of the one user14111 points to. Also, user14111's duplicate is currently also a duplicate of another question. I've modflagged to reverse that; user14111's answer is way more informative that the current "master" answer.

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