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12:36 AM
Q: What species are a part of the Farsight Enclave

AkumaIs the Farsight Enclave purely tau or are other races such as kroot and vespids allowed to join the Farsight enclave?

1:22 AM
Q: Science fiction (?)

TessaThere was a book I read 8-9 years ago in high school. I dont remember the main characters name, but he had a girlfriend named PJ. But this main character went on a quest with another chick who put him through a few tests, the last one being she stripped down and basically said "have your way with...

@Marvin This question is extremely off topic
And not really a question...
2:01 AM
@CorvoAttano It's been closed. And ironically, your edit will send it to the reopen review queue.
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3:23 AM
Q: Why is the Pattern a voyeuristic rapist?

jwodderIn Sign of Chaos, we meet Coral, an illegitimate daughter of Oberon intent on walking the Pattern and having it send her wherever it chooses; sadly, she gets what she wished for. In Knight of Shadows, Merlin proceeds through an elaborate rescue attempt to save her, including fixing a Broken Patt...

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6:13 AM
Q: Why did the magician need Aladin to retrieve the Lamp?

EndgameThe magician already had a ring which housed a genie. While this genie wasn't as powerful as the lamp's genie, he was quite capable of transporting people to anywhere. Why didn't magician simply order ring's genie to transport him near lamp and then out of the cave?

2 hours later…
7:45 AM
Q: Is the way wizard duel in Harry Potter based off of fencing?

heather vahgjinaAs in how they (like fencing) put their wand up to their face before they duel and how they have their stance

8:21 AM
Transcribed images in question. Not going to transcribe image in answer, nope, sorry.
I mean, it probably should be transcribed, but...
@SQB An OCR can do it in seconds.
Like this:
Be my guest.
Well, go ahead.
I think @SQB was more commenting on the content than the effort.
@Mithrandir on both, actually. The content isn't worth the effort.
8:24 AM
Oh, I didn't read the content.
But do you have a link to what I suspect is an online OCR service?
First hit for OCR on Google.
I'll stick that in the cleanup room along with the data.SE query for images that need alt text
Yeah, just didn't think of that. Good tool to have.
8:27 AM
I feel pretty stupid for not thinking of this all the times that I've transcribed things.
Would have been handy in a couple dozen of my posts.
That time that I had ~50 alt texts in one answer...
8:47 AM
Q: Story Identification

Yahini priya RajaCan anyone tell me what story is it ., 3 deers and a curel lion, that orders any one of animals to be his food everyday .. deers planning to defeat the lion I cannot recollect what happens at the end,.

@Marvin seems like something for Mythology & Folklore, rather.
Do they do [*-identification]?
9:02 AM
Is it even SFF-nal? It seems like it could be but I'm not sure
in The Pantheon, 6 mins ago, by SQB
This seems more like a folk tale than fantasy. Would you be open to migration from Science Fiction & Fantasy to here?
9:41 AM
@Alex the very long one from one or two days ago?
9:51 AM
@SQB I hope you'll get an answer, but this room looks dead
@Jenayah pantheon's empty, the gods are dead.
Cue New Gods joke
2 hours later…
12:36 PM
@Jenayah Inseed.
12:50 PM
Though I actually used the same text each time, so it wasn’t such a big deal.
1:18 PM
I won Silencium on SO — basically a hat for tumbleweed. So, yay?
Much easier than Tumbleweed, though.
Although I already have a Tumbleweed on SO. And an Unsung Hero.
I'd rather have an answer than a badge anyway.
Well, you can still get an answer after the badge/hat.
1:36 PM
Why is arabian nights being nuked?
A tag, orr?
Tag aye
Was lazy to format it the right way... Mobile
2:07 PM
I knitted a Don't panic! towel. That was fun.
2:22 PM
So, obviously people who've watch Ralph Breaks the Internet have been finding my five year old answer to a question about the original movie.
Greetings, Earthlings.
Q: Novel about cultivator in a world of magic

user109487I read a book on kindle then forgot the title when I returned it. The story was basically a body cultivator it put into a young child in a world of magic. Or it might have been the reverse. In his original world he was like a high end government operative with all these magic like skills. The...

2:58 PM
Q: What type of warfare/tactics do the Empire use?

BooleanConquering armies often use a defining tactic/warfare to win during a war or campaign. For example, during the Second World War the German Army used Blitzkrieg to conquer much of Europe. What type of warfare is used by the Empire during their campaigns and wars? Combined Arms? Shock and awe?

@Donald.McLean greetings, Hubble guy!
3:40 PM
20 hours ago, by Jenayah
Unrelated, how does this user still have 11 rep on Meta (for only 1 rep on main)? I know Meta rep and main rep aren't always in sync, but their only main post got deleted eight hours ago
^ still valid
Saw that earlier and wondered the same thing
3:56 PM
4:22 PM
@Jenayah The extant tag is [1001-nights]. The tag [arabian-nights] is described as referring to the 1942 film, although I'm not sure why, since there are no questions about the film tagged with it.
Does Arabian Nights refer to more than just the film? I had a quick google but all I saw named Arabian nights was the film
@Buzz oh alright
Thanks for the explanation
4:46 PM
Q: What happened to the rest of the world during the Breaking?

Richard CEvery The Wheel of Time map I have seen shows 2 main continents and a land mass called the Land of Madmen. However, this surely can't constitute the entirety of the world. What happened to the rest of the lands when the breaking happened? Did RJ ever discuss the remaining lands and people that ...

Q: Space travel in the Age of Legends

Richard CGiven the vast technology available during the age of Legends, added to the obviously inquisitive minds of the scientists of the time. It is extremely likely that space exploration would have been part of the time of Legends, at a minimum the use of satellites, the exploration of other worlds by ...

5:02 PM
Q: TV production of Aladdin where his mother sings "you're an idle ragamuffin" to him

VBartilucciThere was a television production of a musical version of Aladdin shown in approximately the early seventies. I can't confirm the channel, but I have a strong suspicion it was WNEW in New York, which was at the time a MetroMedia affiliate. The Cole Porter version from 1958 was allegedly never re...

1 hour later…
6:04 PM
@Marvin geez, just how many of those are there? I'd have thought way less
@Jenayah HOwever many can make money.
6:35 PM
> Can I phrase the wish so I can have two things?
Pretty sure it isn't this version but it's a funny one :D
(the stupid kind of funny, that is)
I didn't know there was a stupid kind of funny.
Then you obviously haven't watched enough B-movies and read 60s comics
well as expected it's not that one but that wasn't a waste of time :D
6:57 PM
Q: Who is Aegon Targaryen?

Vahid2017In Game of Thrones season 3 somewhere Jorah Mormont said that a dragon is worth more than any army and Barristan Selmy confirmed it with saying that: Aegon Targaryen proved that. And in the season 7 final episode Bran Stark said about Jon Snow: His name is Aegon Targaryen. So I'm wond...

7:09 PM
Q: What is Rick referencing when he says "I'm not a mouse in a European children's book?"

TheAshIn the episode "Morty's Mind-blowers" Rick says: "I don't sort by color, Morty. I'm not a mouse in a European children's book." Call me clueless, but what book is Rick referencing?

Ooooh, another LTTPS answer accepted.
@Alex nice answer, UVed
7:38 PM
@Jenayah Thanks.
2 hours later…
9:10 PM
@Alex speaking of acceptances, out of curiousity whyhaven't you checkmarked Mith's answer yet?
@Jenayah Ooohhhh, pressure!
Also, YARB
let's see if you figure out that one ;p
You Are Really Bad
@Jenayah Mainly because of:
23 hours ago, by Mithrandir
Now I've got to dash off, will probably flesh out tomorrow
And then I forgot about it.
9:14 PM
Thanks for the reminder.
you're welcome
Young Adventurous Rebellious Boy
Can I get a hint as to what context I should be thinking of?
9:15 PM
yellow amorphous raw barbecue
@Alex hmmm... It has to do with story-id
Yonder Ahoy Rambunctious Bandit
not a clue how you thought of that
but no
You almost ruined Bill!
Yesterday Afternoon Resolved Blunder
9:19 PM
Yon armadillo really balked
Unrelated - does anyone use @b_jonas Stylus thingy for having voting buttons displayed the old way? (see related meta scifi.meta.stackexchange.com/q/12100/98028) it worked fine until today but now I have the crappy unified buttons... Looking at the answer nothing strikes me at having changed much...
No, no, and no
you aren't really being (helpful)
true, but no
Yugoslavian Astronaut Retroactively Born
alright, alright, hint #2 : LTTPS
9:20 PM
You Already Received Bounty
not on story-id :P
Your Answer Really Begs
The bounties I received were for Superman stuff... Just like 60% of my Guru badges are Superman-related... And I don't even like Superman :P
@Jenayah hint #2.5 in there.
And my highest scoring question is my only one not about Harry Potter.
Blame HNQ
9:22 PM
But that could apply just as much to Harry Potter.
Yeah, a rare breed: Large turtles toddling particularly slowly!
@Mithrandir wait, what?
oh, LTTPS ahah
no, LTTPS = Late To The Party Syndrome
*disappears, back to parasitic fungi*
9:24 PM
@Jenayah Ha, I didn't realize that.
Yielding Aerodynamic Rescue Barge
Hint #1 is [tag:story-identification]
Hint #2 is LTTPS (Late To The Party Syndrome)
Hint #2.5 is hidden somewhere in "The bounties I received were for Superman stuff... Just like 60% of my Guru badges are Superman-related... And I don't even like Superman :P"
You Are Really Behind
@Alex what's that got to do with any of the hints? :P
@Jenayah Nothing?
So how's it supposed to be the answ... Oh right, "just because you know it's not what I'm looking for, has never stopped you from answering anyway" :P
9:30 PM
@Jenayah Have I said that?
I'm a horrible person.
something along those lines
Dec 9 at 4:17, by Alex
@Jenayah When has knowing what you mean ever stopped me from misinterpreting it?
@Jenayah I'd argue that's a little different then deliberately giving a wrong answer.
@Alex wouldn't that be another case of you knowing what I mean, but it doesn't stopping you from misinterpreting it?
@Jenayah The difference is that it's okay to misinterpret something because you said something misinterpretable. But simply giving a wrong/irrelevant answer for no reason is less nice.
wasn't it exactly what you did minutes ago, though? :P
9:33 PM
You, @Alex, Really Bought yourself a shovel and dug that hole for yourself :P
@Jenayah Yes, but it's not always not nice. In the middle of a friendly jocularly discussion I don't think it's so terrible. But to make that my standard policy for answering your questions would be somewhat insensitive.
eh no worries, besides it's not a standard policy of yours
Also, I could claim that I was answering your questions, just without your hints.
well, trying to play tricks with my mind kinda is your policy, but I don't mind :P
9:36 PM
@Jenayah Well this whole thing is really part of a big trick.
@Alex not technically NaA, but certainly VLQ as it doesn't show how that could match and doesn't look like a viable answer :P
But in all seriousness, feel free to tell me if I annoy you.
@Alex I KNEW IT! puts on tinfoil hat
@Alex nah, no worries. But you've told me to tell you before, and my answer still stays, if you annoy me I'll tell you :)
@Jenayah So now I'm annoying you by repeatedly asking you to tell me if I'm annoying you?
9:38 PM
@Jenayah I don't think it's much worse than answering a Harry Potter question by ignoring everything that JK Rowling has said on the matter.
Meh, JKR retconning stuff doesn't count
@Mithrandir Yes, Although I Rappelled Back out of it.
VTC: extra "I"
Q: Book identification: alien fleet invades earth armed with spears and shields

TruncatedI'm searching for a science fiction book, with the twist that I haven't actually read this book. I have only heard the outline of the plot of it. But I'm fairly certain that it is indeed a book, and not some plot I dreamt up myself. It goes like this: Due to some silly oversight, humankind has...

Q: Besides Under The Skin, are there any major sci-fi novels about humans being farmed/ by aliens?

azure_reflectionFreedom's Landing by Anne McCaffrey is somewhat related too. I ask because it seems to me to be an idea little explored in sci-fi. This surprises me because I think it speaks to our primal fears. Consider the number of vampire stories out there.

@Jenayah - Yet Another Revival Badge?
9:41 PM
@Jenayah Suggested edit: Jenayah retconning stuff doesn't count
@Mithrandir Argh, I meant to decapitalize it.
@RDFozz This one sounds right.
Guys, follow @RDFozz's example, 100% correct on first try :)
@Jenayah So you want us to tell RDFozz style jokes?
And I apparently accept answers so infrequently that it still takes me a minute to figure out why I just got a +2.
Jokes I don't know, acronyms surely :)
Acronyms on computers starting with YA are often "yet another". And, I had the benefit of about a half hour's worth of hints on the page (to be fair to myself, not that I looked at all of them - most of them I skimmed past seeing if anyone had tried that).
9:45 PM
@Alex ahah
(And, I may be older than the three of you combined :-)
@RDFozz That requires a bit of Algebra.
Who voted to close scifi.stackexchange.com/q/201880/98028 as "questions seeking scientific solutions..." ? xD
I'll help - I'm 54.
@RDFozz Okay, so now there's no Algebra for me, but still for you.
9:48 PM
@RDFozz that's called "experience" ;D
In order to be true I would have to be <18.
Which would contradict Jenaya's assertion that I am older than her.
@Alex Actually, I'm probably not quite. Jenayah is in college, I'm pretty sure MithNoNum's in her teens, that leaves you.
Jenayah and Mithrandir have both shared their ages in the past.
@RDFozz well, I'm 21, and last I checked @Mithrandir is 16, or maybe 17 now that we're approaching the end of the year (happy birthday, maybe!). 54-21-17 = 16, that leaves a span of 16-17 years for Alex to fill in.
@Jenayah You must have recently had a birthday, because you were 20 last time.
9:50 PM
16 still. summer birthday here
@Alex yep, I'm from the end of the year
@Jenayah hit the wrong number on the keyboard and didn't notice until it was too late
Well, Happy Birthday, then.
@Jenayah And yeah, I'd guess Alex was older than that. I'd buy 20s, somewhere.
Belated Happy Birthday to @Jenayah!
9:51 PM
@Mithrandir oh, keyboard, nevermind then :)
thanks all! you too! :)
@Jenayah Ditto! Although as a kid December birthdays can be rough - people will bunch birthday and Christmas presents together. Hanukkah would even that out, if you really get one present a day, although I imagine those aren't usually, like, a new game system of something.
@RDFozz I'm actually ageless.
@Alex Dang! - I should've tried that one!
9:54 PM
@RDFozz I think Hanukkah suffers the same problem as Christmas.
@Alex But still, eight presents instead of one, in theory, could be better. Not that I ever recall giving my son just one Christmas present when he was young.
Or combining Christmas and birthday, unless it was expensive.
@RDFozz But it doesn't help the kid whose birthday gets forgotten.
Q: Destroyed civilization, dictionary as book of names

user109500This has been bugging me for 20+ years.. I read a book in 5th grade about a small colony that survived some kind of destruction.. And one of the only books they had was a dictionary, and they used that to name people (the beginning pages - with prefixes. Any ideas?!

@RDFozz well, end of the year is relative, but seeing as I'm born "late in the year" and skipped a year, I was always the youngest kid in class... Even today, when you reach a level of education where some people have doubled school years, reoriented etc, it's still funny to tell my age and have fellow students feeling "old" when they're like, 25 :)
@Jenayah A child prodigy, eh?
9:56 PM
@Alex meh, worst birthday is Feb 29th
@Alex Ahh, well. that would be a problem regardless.
@Jenayah Unless you want to be 20 when you're 80.
@Jenayah How do governments recognize leap year birthdays, anyway? Always wondered
@Jenayah Which, as you should know apparently, is Clark Kent's birthday!
9:58 PM
Can I drink alcohol on the 28th or March 1st if I were born on the 29th (if I were 20)?
@Alex not really, I just knew how to read one year before the other kids
@CorvoAttano don't know but it's a good question puts on Jenoogle hat
Probably March 1st.
@RDFozz well that's convenient
Now imagine a leap year which adds an extra month.
Explains how he's so young at 80!
9:59 PM
And try to sort out the complications.
@CorvoAttano from quora.com/…:
> The effective legal date of a leapling's birthday in non-leap years varies between jurisdictions.

In the United Kingdom and Hong Kong, when a person born on February 29 turns 18 in a non-leap year, they are considered to have their birthday on March 1 in the relevant year.

In New Zealand, a person born on February 29 is deemed to have their birthday on February 28 in non-leap years.

In England and Wales or in Hong Kong, a person born on February 29 will have legally reached 18 years old on March 1. If he or she was born in Taiwan he or she legally becomes 18 on February 28, a day earli
In France it's March 1st for legal majority instead of Feb 28th
So in the US it’s undefined...interesting
Which seems logic: if it can allow French administration to deal with stuff one day later, you can bet your life they will
10:03 PM
@Jenayah LOL
^ (very quietly, as I'm at work)
“Habibi received a 365-day sentence to be served through the year 2000, which was a leap year.

The Department of Homeland Security subsequently tried to deport Habibi, claiming that his California conviction made him removable under 8 U.S.C. § 1227, since his conviction was of a “crime of violence…for which the term of imprisonment [is] at least one year.”

So, to recap, the state sentence was 365 days, but the federal statute required imprisonment for at least one year – and the court’s job was to determine whether 365 days equaled on year under the statute.
Maybe that's why criminals sometimes get a 389 year sentence instead of a life sentence.
If there's ever a calendar reform and years become shorter, they might get released earlier.
366 would work fine
@CorvoAttano interesting
10:09 PM
@Jenayah You speak Spanish too?
I'm way less fluent than I am in English, though
@Alex They almost always do get out earlier than the end of theirsentence, in those cases. I mean, they're dead but they're not still in prison.
@Jenayah Fluent enough to search for the movie and translate a summary.
@RDFozz Depends if they bury them at the prison.
10:13 PM
@Alex admittedly I'm helped by the fact that both French and Spanish are Latin languages, so the sentences' structure etc don't differ that much.
The cemetery of the Château d'If.
@Alex Ooh, good point!
And that translation still took a dictionary tab :)
@Jenayah So I should't trust it...
It's probably not a translation capturing every little subtelty, but the English output is coherent and doesn't deviate significantly from the original, so you can trust it :)
Or you can barge in Spanish Language's chat and ask if it's faithful ahah
10:17 PM
Translation is not always so easy.
@Alex technically, they weren't buried...
In one of my first ever posts I had to avoid translating something because it was almost impossible to render it into English.
@Jenayah Who's "they"?
@Alex Maybe that's why it has a score of zero.
@Alex version can be okay, theme isn't really... Pity English doesn't have words for those; version is "translation into your native language", theme is "translation from your native language"
@Alex I was assuming you were referring to Dumas' Count of Monte Cristo. Technically speaking, the prisoners weren't buried
@Jenayah I was.
Monte Cristo.
@Jenayah Well, us English speakers just think of everyone as though their native language was English. Hence, the trope where, if you don't know the language someone is speaking, try speaking English louder.
10:21 PM
fixed :P
For a second I thought that was a translation error.
Or wait, memory's fuzzy. Maybe they did bury them, but I think the cemetery mentioned was the sea.
The Count of Monte Carlo has less revenge, more gambling.
oh, shush :P
@Jenayah It was.
10:23 PM
Well, the sea technically doesn't count as burying, does it?
Or you're thinking Water is the same as Ground, in which case, you're never going to be a Pokémon Master.
@Jenayah That might be a semantic issue.
@Jenayah Well, the phrase "burial at sea" would indicate otherwise. In English, at least.
In this case translating was a disaster: אחר שהשלים דבריו עמהם והלך לו המליץ שהיה יודע לדבר בלשון עברי ושומע מהם היה והיה אומר ליוסף בלשון מצרי כי יוסף היה מאד נשמר מהם שלא ידבר בלשון עברי שלא יחשבו עליו עם הכרת צורתו שהוא יוסף וכשהלך המליץ התוודו על עונם
@Alex whaddya mean?
@RDFozz mh?
@Jenayah It just depends how you use the word "bury".
10:27 PM
@Jenayah In English, there's a phrase, "burial at sea". You drop the body off a boat (presumably weighted so it doesn't float back to the surface. I believe it's how they disposed of Osama Bin Laden's body.
@Alex well you can't really dig into water
@Jenayah So you're assuming burial requires digging.
@RDFozz oh! well it's basically what they do in the book
@Alex kinda?
@Jenayah But are you correct?
@RDFozz (probably ship, not boat - not a sailing man, m'self)
10:29 PM
There may not be a formal answer. It might just come down to how people colloquially use the word.
@RDFozz that reminds me of a comic strip around that time... Wait, I'll go fetch it
Jenoogle, fetch!
> to put a dead body into the ground:
> to put something into a hole in the ground and cover it:
> usually passive to cover something or someone completely with a large quantity of something:
the third one would be the only one fitting your interpretation, and it's kinda figurative
@Jenayah From Oxford English Dictionary:
To deposit (a corpse) in the ground, in a tomb; to inter. Hence to commit (a corpse) to the sea, with appropriate funeral rites.
ok found it
For context, the Rio-Paris crash happened in 2009, and they had recently found the black boxes when Ben Laden was killed in 2011, and were still searching for the wreck.
The comic strip reads:
> TITLE: Search for the Rio-Paris wreck continues
Man #1: Oh look, a third black box!
Man #2: Weird. I thought there usually were only two?
Man #3: You put that right back in the sea RIGHT NOW!
10:42 PM
Q: 1960s Sci-Fi/Horror Movie ID from Dramatic Final Scene

hrhThe movie I'm searching for in this instance is likely an early 1960s sci-fi/horror piece. I can only recall the final dramatic ending scene of the movie, though I think someone will quickly recognize it. The movie is in black and white with a typical suit-wearing, problem-solving hero who has c...

@Alex Speaking of first posts, that makes today the last day of my first year.
@Alex ?
@Jenayah My first post was on December 21st last year.
it was?
10:43 PM
User thingy says member for 7months
Not here.
oh, alright
Mi Yodeya?
@Jenayah That was my first one.
Should I retell my story about joining to post a comment?
By the way, didn't you say once that Mi Yodeya standard was to translate into English as well? You could edit that first answer, anniversary cleanup and all ;p
Holy duck, it strikes me now that of course, your first answer was a timeline answer :D
21 mins ago, by Alex
In this case translating was a disaster: אחר שהשלים דבריו עמהם והלך לו המליץ שהיה יודע לדבר בלשון עברי ושומע מהם היה והיה אומר ליוסף בלשון מצרי כי יוסף היה מאד נשמר מהם שלא ידבר בלשון עברי שלא יחשבו עליו עם הכרת צורתו שהוא יוסף וכשהלך המליץ התוודו על עונם
@Jenayah And an LTTPS.
10:47 PM
@Jenayah Cute!
@Alex eheh
@Alex ?
@Jenayah Give me a minute, and I'll show why a translation into English would be not very intelligible.
@Mithrandir you're late
oh well
extra floofs neve hurt
10:52 PM
@Mithrandir You're pure evil.
Translation: After he completed his words with them and the the interpreter left — for he knew how to speak Hebrew and he would listen to them, and he would tell Joseph in Egyptian, for Joseph was very careful of the that he not speak Hebrew so that they not think of him with recognizing his form — and when the interpreter left they confessed their sins.
besides your floof sings poorly :P
In the Hebrew that's actually not a terrible sentence.
@RDFozz You're welcome.
Hence, sometimes it's better/easier to summarize and simply say "the interpreter left".
10:54 PM
@Mithrandir Or, as Brian the dog puts it in Family Guy: "Here's a song by a gay guy!"
The new movie Bumblebee got brought up in the Tavern, and the only thing I think of is the scene with that song from the trailer... so I had an irresistible urge to rickroll someone.
Shit, it took me some six to eight years on the Internet to realize it's called "rickroll" because the guy's name is Rick.
<---- has an epiphany right now
@RDFozz (At least, I think that's the right song - the guy did have a couple of hits, I think.)
@Jenayah - I only thought to find out just what that meant a couple of weeks ago. I'm usually better at not just clicking links people send me. Although I should have figured it out from The Amazing World of Gumball
10:58 PM
@Jenayah I should probably edit it anyway to format the quotes.
@Alex yep
@RDFozz don't get the reference (I don't watch that show)
@Alex I don't know - the fact that Joseph pretended not to know Hebrew is somewhat relevant, I think.
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