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Q: Winter Bash 2018 Hat list

DavidHere we go again the Winter Bash is here and the hats are listed below. The list has the same format as always, there are only two answers: one for the secret hats, and one for the regular hats. The secret hat list will be updated as we learn them. Only edit the secret hat answer with definitiv...

It's on!
I just got 27 hats.
Fresh hats?
this is freaking cool
I wonder if anyone else got more than 27 of them
12:07 AM
@Alex np, it's slightly diff cuz resdesign but yea
12:41 AM
Cool, I got a secret hat :D
though I have no idea how
@Jenayah what exactly is this again?
@CorvoAttano it's a fun thing where you can unlock useless hats to put on your avatar; there are various hats which are earned through the various achievements listed above
@Jenayah That's the point.
Why don't my glasses show up on chat? :(
Ahah that lookslike some kind of hypnotism/demon possession:
I see glasses.
12:46 AM
Red glasses :P
1:00 AM
Q: Sci-fi book where a guy turns to rock

Teresa JusticeI read this book 30 plus years ago...I remember the man it seems on another planet and is trying to climb this mountain which he's having trouble doing. All the while turning into the rock. He reaches the top and falls down the other side but gets stuck because he's now the rock too. Anyone kno...

@Jenayah I just got the same secret hat.
1 hour later…
2:16 AM
Q: Who are all this superheros in Avenegrs: Endgame poster?

Terry McGinnisRecently I got my hands on IGN's Avengers: Endgame poster: I can identify majority of them but not all. Who are all these 13 superheroes?

3:02 AM
Q: Spaceports on Phobos or Deimos?

Bob516Has any story, movie, TV show depicted a spaceport on either of Mars' moons, rather than a spaceport on the surface of Mars?

3:50 AM
@Jenayah I can see
@AnkitSharma You see it in Chat?
Hat business is tough this season
Interesting. I don't see the glasses.
you need glasses to see glasses :p
3:55 AM
@Alex as I said above wear glasses :p
4:05 AM
I am wearing glasses:
real one
I wear spectacles
Wow, there aren't a lot of hats this year.
@Mithrandir they will increase with time
Uff I am still no 2 in networkwise , grrr grrrr
4:37 AM
I have a hat
Can only I see it?
Depends if you put it on in your settings.
I can see it.
I can see
Q: Educational Manga

UhuraI remember, in kindergarten to first grade (late 2000s or early 2010s), reading a comic book from the public library. I think it featured some sort of gray-haired mad scientist who somehow taught scientific things. It might have not been educational, but I think it was. It was a translated manga;...

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7:22 AM
Q: Ship visits earth and people try to enter

RellinAn alien ship visits earth every few years and people try to find their way to the centre. There are groups or teams that go in, people watch as they try to get in.

7:37 AM
Q: Why did they never let earth "know" in Stargate?

sterosI'm not a hardcore fan so please don't hit me if I'm wrong. But I think in Stargate the earth never knew that Stargates and Aliens existed. So I get this is the idea behind the show that there is a secret operation that most humans don't know about. And at the beginning it makes some sense at le...

8:10 AM
@AnkitSharma the tag for these is not animation
@Jenayah it can be a movie too
Aye the tag name sucks
That's @TheLethalCarrot's fault
feel free to edit
@Jenayah I don't mind as long as you don't blame me
Dec 6 at 14:17, by TheLethalCarrot
The original tag for this purpose was animation but it was getting cluttered and it isn't a great name so it wanted something better animated-series was the best I came up with
Now someone ask a MCU/DCEU question I can answer for 150 rep :p
2 hours later…
9:48 AM
Nice glasses, @Jenayah.
@Mithrandir I've got glasses on top of my glasses
Q: the true magic of harry potter in video games and its future boundaries

Sarahhi this is more of a passing thought then a question but I was thinking and playing the Wii video game of "harry Potter and the half blood prince" and I know its quite an old game but I'd like to say that I have high regards to the details put in the corridors, the castle, everywhere and the many...

Q: Did Michael Dorn ever refer to his plane as a 'starship'?

MithrandirIn two separate articles on Wikipedia, the following claim is made: Actor and pilot Michael Dorn owned a T-33.[6] Dorn, who played the character Worf in the TV series Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, jokingly referred to the aircraft as his 'starship'. Lockheed...

@Marvin VtC please.
10:06 AM
@SQB done, too bad there's no more "not a question" close reason
Q: Paper-back book about a boy suddenly gaining the ability to have OBE after being forcibly locked up into his locker

Penguin BluesI'm trying to find a book about a boy who wears glasses, is a weakling and who was constantly bullied at school. During one of the bullying episodes, he was shoved into his locker and locked up (or maybe he chose to lock himself up to escape his tormentors. sorry I kinda forgot). Then he passed o...

@Jenayah "Unclear what you're asking" is close enough.
The question opens with "this is not a question"
I've VtD now.
10:55 AM
Q: Short Story about being unable to understand aliens

Stian GrønlundSome time ago I read a short story about humans' inability to understand alien culture/society. The premise was that we had a colony of sorts on an alien planet, that was comprised of a team of workers. These workers were killed, and someone was sent to the planet to understand why these worker...

@Marvin sounds vaguely familiar.
@Jenayah perhaps we should split off from .
Gonna be honest I think this tag is useless and tagging such questions with both cartoon and anime would be easier
Or just .
11:05 AM
Ambiguous pointless tag
@AnkitSharma I see them now.
@RDFozz Flag was accepted; close reason was changed.
@Alex good
12:03 PM
Q: How could Thanos have the Infinity Gauntlet at the end of Age of Ultron?

Asif IqubalAt the end (post-credit) of Avengers: Age of Ultron, Thanos is seen taking the Infinity Gauntlet. But in Avengers: Infinity War, judging from Eitri's words, his attack on Nidavellir, where he obtained the gauntlet, took place in a small time interval just before the events of Infinity War. There...

Q: Is there a reference for Lois Lane's hammer?

Paulie_DIn the DCTVU crossover "Elseworlds" we see Lois Lane wielding a large hammer during the fight with the evil Superman/Deegan. The hammer is first seen at the entrance to the Fortress of Solitude on Earth-38... Given the number of references and easter eggs in the multi-episode crossover, I'm...

Q: Will the Avengers gather again after the Avengers 4?

Ver NickIs there something in the Marvel comics after Avengers beat Thanos, or directors announcement that Avengers will gather again? To me, it seems no, because making up a villain stronger than Thanos would be above any fantasy.

1 hour later…
1:13 PM
Q: Movie with alien nest in a volcano with queen and train that protagonist need to stop before it reaches city

Karan MerI watched this movie around 2009/10 and movie might be released between 2002/2009 I only remember only portion of it. The movie was dark with setup in western village. The protagonist was hunting alien like creature. The thing I remember the most was that the nest in which they went to hunt was a...

1:38 PM
Greetings, Earthlings.
It's HAT SEASON. Bundle up out there.
@Donald.McLean greetings, Hubble guy!
1 hour later…
2:59 PM
@xkcd I don't get it and explainxkcd isn't updated yet :(
3:30 PM
@Jenayah It's referring to FDR's speech in which he said that December 7, 1941 was "a date which will live in infamy" because that was the day Japan attacked Pearl Harbor.
@Alex Cool - thanks!
@Null oh, alright! Thanks for the explanation
3:51 PM
Q: 80's Christmas Sci Fi programme i seen when i was a child

Chris Tian RaineyCould be 70's, some alien befriends a young boy and at Christmas he gets given a present off of this dressed up as Santa alien, a small toy version of it's space ship.

4:01 PM
Roosevelt = Lupin.
Quotes about fearing fear.
Q: Why wasn't Dr. Erskine shot before he turned Steve into a super soldier?

Asif IqubalIn Captain America the First Avenger just after Steve is turned into a super soldier, Dr. Erskine is shot by a Nazi official. But Schmidt tells Dr. Zolla that if they can stop the super soldier operation they are sure to win the war. So why didn't he shoot Erskine before Steve was turned into a ...

4:21 PM
Q: What happens to C if oxygen is taken from CO2?

TitaniaI am a total ignorant about science and I was wondering how I can make this piece of technology work. It's a nano-filter placed inside the nose that can transform CO2 in O2. What happens to C when the molecule is split? How is it released? Can it harm the person wearing the filter? The novel is...

Precisely what I was thinking of.
4:32 PM
You know the song?
Well, you do now
That’s one way of looking at it.
4:49 PM
I find that songs are more enjoyable when they're being listened to, rather than looked at.
Isn't the point of songs to be listened to?
T'was a poke on you talking about ways of looking at it
Ah, didn't realize that. Et chata-ai ani mazkir hayom
@Jenayah Some are better when you look and listen - as seen in the 1980s, with the advent of MTV.
@RDFozz uh... That might have been true at some point, but looking at those nowadays don't always indulge the same results ahah
@Alex ?
5:04 PM
@Jenayah It's a Hebrew quote; it basically means "I acknowledge my sin".
@Jenayah No argument - I'm just thinking of the number of things I saw on MTV back then that I then heard on the radio. Some may have made it on the songs alone, but I believe a number were greatly helped by the videos.
Q: Why did Piper and Leo not go to camp Jupiter to escort Jason's body?

Harsh SavergaonkarI was heartbroken when Jason died. The poor guy already had a hard life and then he died - 1. Thinking that Piper does not love him 2. He did not get to meet Leo 3. Him and Thalia never got to know each other Because of his breakup with Piper, a born leader like him had become a recluse. He who ...

@Jenayah That reminds me of an odd bit of trivia. What do Glenn Miller and Van Halen have in common?
More generally, I think it's true-ish for big band and heavy metal.
5:25 PM
Q: What if Severus Snape finds himself in a situation where he had to fight Lily in a battle 1 vs 1?

zxkk7299This is a what-if scenario question. While joining Voldemort's side why didn't Snape thought that as a Death Eater he might have to face Lily (an Order of the Phoenix member) in a battle someday ? how would Snape handle such a kind of situation where he had to fight Lily ?

@Alex a mea culpa then. okay!
@Donald.McLean I dunno
@Jenayah They both have a tendency towards long musical intros. In "Elmer's Tune" the vocals don't start until 1:04, and in Jump they don't start until about 0:28. In most songs, the vocals start within the first 5-10 seconds.
@Jenayah That may be closer to the original quote.
@Donald.McLean ah, now that you point it out, indeed. I mainly listen to metal and soundtracks, so I don't find it strange to have lengthy intros... But now that you say it, indeed the intros are shorter on other pieces of music
5:52 PM
@Jenayah Now, the classical composers tend to have really long musical intros - the vocals often don't start until after the song is over!
ahah, true!
6:07 PM
If a question is deleted before Marvin posts it will it never get posted?
the HP/Civil War?
I think Startiblatruc posted a deleted question once
not sure about Marvin... lemme check
Oct 31 at 18:44, by Slartibartfast
posted on October 31, 2018 by Serban Tanasa

I walked into the store, leafed about 100 pages in, and all I remember is a scroll was made out of pieces of a sacrified minor deity, literally, she had been slaughtered and used as a spell ingredient. I was distracted and did not buy the book. Been regretting it ever since and have tried to find the book over and over -- googling only gets me garbage about egyptian b

Is there any reason why Marvin would be different from Slarti?
Because it hasn't posted the question.
maybe it's in the feed's configuration?
ask a room owner maybe
@Alex Right
Unless it's gets into the RSS before it's deleted
6:19 PM
So what about Jenayah's example — posted 10 minutes after it was deleted?
Meta feeds don't get checked as often.
So it'll be in the pipe for longer before it gets posted here.
Main feeds are checked much more frequently.
Pretending I understand.
That makes two of us.
Q: Times when a writer has created similar characters for multiple comic book companies.

Richard CThere are a number of instances of marvel and DC characters being similar, if not copies of each other. As far as I am aware though these always have different creators, who may have been inspired by but where not directly involved in the opposite version. Are there any cases of a writer creati...

Q: Times when a writer has reused a plot line they used for a different comic book company.

Richard COn the back of a question I asked about writers creating identical characters has there ever been an instance of a writer creating a plot or storyline for one comic book and then reusing it in another. I am specifically looking for writers who have worked for multiple publishers, eg marvel, DC, v...

Q: What's wrong with science fiction and fantasy fans?

OWADVLSigmund Freud has stated, Unsatisfied wishes are the driving power behind fantasies because every separate fantasy simply contains fulfillment of a wish, and unproves an unsatisfactory reality. Living in a fantasy world to escape reality could birth at least one condition called a Fant...

Q: Looking for a sci-fi/fantasy series,novels from 80's

Derrek MillerDealt w/future events,tripods ruled the world. Upon your 13th/14th bday the males would be brought up to the tripod and fitted w/a metal skull cap that would help control your thinking.Please help. Forgot name of the series, author or even main characters, just remembered certain aspects of the p...

So, the way I understand it, the new questions go into a pipe - that's the RSS feed. If it gets into the pipe before it's deleted, it'll get posted to chat when chat checks what's in the pipe. Different feeds get checked at different intervals. The time between checks for main questions is rather short, so it's unlikely that it'll get deleted before chat checks the pipe and posts it here.
The time between checks for meta, though, is much longer - so something can get posted, go to the pipe, and then deleted, before chat checks the pipe.
6:33 PM
Then it should be the opposite. Marvin should post deleted questions and Slarti shouldn't.
It would make sense if Meta questions get to the pipe faster, and once in the pipe they can be retrieved by the bot regardless of delete status.
Pretty sure the time for it going into the pipe is the same
So if a question is deleted after it goes to the pipe but before the bot posts it, it would get posted?
6:36 PM
So then there shouldn't be a difference between Meta questions and Main questions.
(Sorry if I'm driving you crazy.)
The longer wait means more time for the question to get deleted before being posted to chat.
Posts generally aren't deleted immediately after posting unless they're spam, in which case they get deleted (most of the time) before getting put in the pipe.
But the longer wait is only for the time between going to the pipe and getting posted in chat, not for the time between the original question getting posted and going to the pipe.
As per:
4 mins ago, by Mithrandir
Pretty sure the time for it going into the pipe is the same
Eh, I could just be totally misremembering this.
@Alex Right. So it can go to the pipe, and then there's a longer period where it can be deleted before making it to chat
But it's already in the pipe
But you said above that once it's in the pipe it's safe from deletion?
5 mins ago, by Mithrandir
Q: In Star Trek 2009 how did the survivors of the Kelvin get home.

Richard CAt the start of Star Trek we see the Kelvin destroyed with its survivors in escape pods and shuttles. The next scene we see a young Kirk on earth. Has it ever been detailed how long the survivors sat in space for, did they land on a planet, make there way home themselves or get rescued?

6:42 PM
@Alex ?
Step 1: question is posted
29 mins ago, by Jenayah
ask a room owner maybe
@Alex not the question itself, but the notification is.
Step 2: question goes into pipe
Step 3: question gets posted to chat
If it's deleted before step 2, it won't get to chat. If it's deleted after 2, it will.
Meta has a longer wait between 2 and 3, during which there is more time for the question to be deleted.
Q: Does time can really slow down due to earth revolution?

Jeel VankhedeFrom The Elseworlds episode 3 (Supergirl season 4 episode 9), When Evil Superman (Dr. Deegan) regain The Book of destiny and started to rewrite reality (@26:13 min), Flash (Barry Allen) suggested about slowing down the time by running around the globe in opposite direction @just over Mark7 speed...

6:47 PM
@Mithrandir But why would the wait time between 2 and 3 make a difference if it will get posted anyway since it was deleted after 2?
@SQB By "notification" you mean the chat feed?
Not... sure what you mean.
It's the exact same thing for both - except that there's a longer period where it's possible for a question to be deleted while it's still in the pipe, getting posted after it's been deleted, for meta.
@Mithrandir I can try again, if it's not annoying you.
We could give up and conclude that neither of us understands the way this works well enough :P
What would be the fun of that?
1. Question is posted.
2. Question goes into the pipe.
3. Version on main gets posted to chat.
4. Version on main gets deleted.
5. Version on meta gets deleted.
6. Version on meta gets posted to chat.
Because of the short time between 1 and 3, it's much less likely that 3 and 4 will happen in reverse order.
But because there's such a long wait between 1 and 6, there's more of an opportunity for 5 to happen before 6.
Imagine that the pipe from main gets checked every 20 minutes, while the meta pipe gets checked every three hours.
7:04 PM
Hmm, that explains why there would be fewer instances of main questions getting deleted before being posted into chat, but it doesn't explain why there would be a difference between Main and Meta if it actually happened that a question was deleted in the small window of time before it was posted in chat.
There isn't a difference between them... not sure where you got that from.
From the data I examined.
Namely, a Main question today that never made it to chat.
Unless that was because it was deleted so quickly that it never even got to the pipe.
I'm guessing it was deleted before getting to the pipe? Or it's a bug.
But I can't tell because I can't get to the question without the chat link.
7:10 PM
@Jenayah Thanks.
D'Arvit, can't see an exact timestamp on mobile.
you're welcome
It was apparently deleted 9 minutes after posting.
@Mithrandir Funny, with all the techno-explanation I was starting to picture you as Foaly.
The Meta example was deleted 10 minutes after posting.
Nah, I'm more Opal. ;)
So does that mean that the questions get to the pipe somewhere between 9-10 minutes after posting?
7:12 PM
Pretty sure it's a set time that's not related to when it was posted.
@Mithrandir I mean, who wouldn't clone themselves?
Q: Modern movie where rich people can buy a personal assistant that sit in a small egg

Christiaan WesterbeekThis is a modern movie and rich people can buy this egg with a personal assistant. It's an actual person in it (or a person's mind). I believe it can even operate a toaster. I believe later in the movie, a person (or their mind) can be transferred to such an egg. As a punishment, they increase t...

@Alex And now you know how @Mithrandir24601 got here :P
So maybe the person in your video wan't really you?
And that's why the person was disguised. So we wouldn't figure it out.
@Alex raises hand
7:14 PM
*raises eyebrow enigmatically*
@Jenayah Yeah, you're more the Julius Root type.
Heh! I can just imagine the fungus cigar ;)
it kinda fits, aye
@Alex Also:
the persona, not the cigar, though
7:18 PM
in SFF community cleanup room, Nov 9 '17 at 12:42, by Mithrandir
D'Arvit, you're worse than Foaly
@Mithrandir Was it a coincidence that Edlothiad was wearing a tinfoil hat before you said that?
@Jenayah Actually, I don't imagine you anything like him.
Yeah, Jenayah's more like Artemis
'cause I'm short? :P
7:25 PM
Then you'd be Holly Short.
@Jenayah - Julius? cigar? I don't suppose the character has a shoe-polish mustache as well?
I don't remember if he's got a stache
no stache
But where's that picture from?
7:29 PM
some comic probably
The graphic novels.
Are the illustrations in the Graphic Novels always consistent with the information in the books?
(That is not remotely how I pictured him.)
Probably not
I was thinking of Lord Julius (from Cerebus) who's based on Groucho Marx (whose real first name was Julius).
BTW, @Jenayah, I'm 160cm tall. You're taller.
7:36 PM
But given your age, you might still grow more.
Hopefully. :P
I'm about as tall as my father now.
Then perhaps not.
But if you're Opal, you can always give yourself a human pituitary gland, and see if that helps.
*double checks ears*
@RDFozz ah, Marx Brothers I know. Didn't know about the name though :)
Heh, always strange to see a +5, click on it, and the highlighted one says -35 :P
7:48 PM
in rep tab?
Yeah, the dropdown
Despite starting a bounty, my rep for the day is surprisingly positive.
Despite posting four answers, my reputation is surprisingly low.
8:17 PM
@Mithrandir Haven't read Artemis Fowl in years
@Mithrandir24601 right, I'm just saying you're a clone of me
@Mithrandir You didn't tell people about the time loop we got stuck in making clones?
No, because that might lead to awkward questions about the other 24600...
@Mithrandir And you kidnapped and murdered the clone.
I couldn't have murdered this clone, it's obviously still here...
Hmm. Hats aren't showing in chat for me now.
8:29 PM
@Mithrandir - ...and ,as you implied, no one should ask about the other 24600.
*whistles innocently*
@Mithrandir - Can you still not see my picture? It has a hat....
I can see the picture now, but not a winter bash hat.
8:48 PM
Q: Which actor has portrayed the most distinct roles in the Star Trek universe?

IsziThis question got me to thinking about how there have been many actors who have had several roles across the Star Trek franchise. It seems that once an actor demonstrates good performance in that franchise, it is very likely (at least more so than in other franchises, or it might just be my imagi...

I can see everyone's hats except mine.
@Alex oooh, you got an "Invisible Hat" secret hat did you??
Is there such a thing?
t'was a joke on you not wearing a hat
My pedantry sensor just exploded.
8:50 PM
From your edit.
But still doesn't explain why I can't see my own hat.
My chat profile follows my Mi Yodeya profile, and I only added the hat in my Science Fiction & Fantasy profile.
*refreshes page* Oh, there are the hats.
for what it's worth it took a while for mine to popu up in chat
ooooh, the red glasses work well with that default avatar of yours
8:53 PM
I've had the glasses on for a good 17 hours or so.
@Jenayah As on your non-default avatar, where they fit right over you eyes.
*over my glasses
Well it doesn't entirely cover the regular gasses.
indeed, which makes for something like ray glasses or stuff
which is funny since the series my avatar is from has a character with ray glasses
Wait, that's not you?
No, my avatar is the badass crazy genius inventor
8:59 PM
Yeah, I know.
Oct 31 at 17:06, by TheLethalCarrot
What is your avatar at the moment? Just something random?
@Jenayah Is it just me, or is that body really misshapen?
It's angular
But it seems disproportionate.
the head is a little bit big but otherwise that's pretty ok
She should have broader hips as she's a girl but meh unimportant detail
Because she's bigheaded? *runs*
Eh, she is.
9:04 PM
@Mithrandir Who, Jenayah?
...the prudent thing to do would be not to answer that question.
And she's got an Orbicular Robotic Friend, or ORF for short, which is all the same awesome
9:26 PM
no Zaphod for that second bounty?
Zophod is like, a zombie
I am like a zombie.
9:40 PM
@Alex Fraud! Zombies, like, feel no pain, man!
Where I come from, we call this "speaking in the language of man".
^ note the extra "like" to make up for @Mithrandir 's anti-like.
Dibrah Torah Kelashon Benei Adam
I generally over-use the word "like", actually
@Mithrandir Well, it seemed to cause poor zombie Alex pain, so....
9:43 PM
@RDFozz I "liked" that message.
@Alex Adam would be "man", right? Does that mean Commander Adama has some sort of "man"-a, making BSG into a fantasy series?
"Adama" actually means earth.
@RDFozz Adam is indeed man.
Lowercase "e" earth.
9:45 PM
But I don't know Commander Adama.
@Mithrandir Fine! Ruin my atrocious pun, why don't you! :-)
in The Screening Room, yesterday, by Mithrandir
Big fat joke ruiner? ;)
This reminds me of a question.
@Mithrandir (Actually, makes sense. But, does "Eve" mean "rib" in Hebrew?)
In which case, a "Chili's Baby Back Rib Eve" would sound redundant!
I'm actually not sure how I'd literally translate "Chava".
9:48 PM
RD's theory of humor - If only one out of 100 of my "jokes" is actually funny, I've got to get the other 99 out of the way as quick as possible!
@RDFozz The Hebrew word is related to the word for life.
Thus, according to the Bible, Adam named her Eve because she was the mother of all life.
Instead, the word for "woman" is a reference to the being taken from man.
My vast knowledge of Hebrew I picked up years ago (that I can remember off the top of my head) is limited to emeth and meth, which I picked up from Marvel's Invaders comic book, where a Jewish fellow in Europe during WWII made a golem.
A: What is the meaning of the Hebrew characters that appear when a soul is absorbed into Ragman's suit?

AlexDaniel Rosman's answer correctly identifies the word אמת (emmet) which is the Hebrew word for "truth". However, there is another Hebrew word in the right panel that is written in Latin characters. In the bottom left corner the text says: ... A new shred of the RAGMAN... forever binded by a pr...

Which (if what I picked up is true) are "truth" and "death", respectively.
You may have seen those in issues featuring Ragman too I guess
^ what Alex linked
9:52 PM
Yes - just not in the mid-1970s.
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