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10:00 PM
Eh. I found the answer to a two-years-old ID question (or at least I strongly think I do), but CTRL+Fing the subtitles and searching for reviews/summaries in order not to have to watch the movie probably took me longer than actually watching the movie, ahah :)
When I'm looking for a quote in Harry Potter, I often go to CTRL+F in a PDF but then realize I can find it faster by just opening my book to the part where I know the qote is.
Problem is, that requires finding the physical copy first...
@Mithrandir Good thing it's two feet away from me.
Lucky. :P
@Alex the thing is that the subtitles I got don't match the Youtube timestamps and the translation isn't the same one :D
10:04 PM
@Mithrandir Well my books don't look like this:
how the duck are those piles still standing
Mine don't usually as well. I just happened to be switching bookcases at the time.
it's almost a Stack Overflow
Spoiler: They literally fell over a minute after I took the picture.
squints to try and guess the titles
there's a Star Trek thingy on the right...
10:06 PM
And I think I spotted Deathly Hallows:
Scratch that, several Star Trek thingies
The entire rightermost pile is Star Trek.
@Alex oh right, the original cover is orange
As well as a significant section of the one right next to it.
^ French cover
10:07 PM
And I think that's Half-Blood Prince towards the bottom of the same pile.
Something angel on third pile...
@Jenayah What is that supposed to be? Harry contemplating suicide?
no it's the cliffs next to Bill's house
is that Ark Angel you're seeing?
10:09 PM
@Mithrandir yep
Alex Rider.
The Hebrew covers simply copy the English covers, but reverse everything.
So everything's facing the wrong way.
Spotted Jurassic Park
easy one
Are those a few Hardy Boys towards the top of the second column from the left?
Actually, more towards the middle; I wasn't looking at the full picture.
There are Hardy Boys scattered all over those piles.
10:12 PM
And four Great Illustrated Classics towards the top of the leftmost column.
Those are annoying. They abridge the stories.
And change them:
Q: Why does Great Literary Classics change details in its abridged versions?

AlexFrom the Wikipedia article on Great Illustrated Classics: The Great Illustrated Classics series of books offers easy-to-read adaptations of well known classics, featuring large print and illustrations on every other page. The series is targeted at children, but the writing style is suit...

I'm curious, which one is this one?
the black one with a flash
Found, by Margaret Peterson Haddix
ohI've read those
Once again french cover has not much to do with the original though
10:15 PM
I've only read the first two. They're both in there somewhere.
Can't find a picture of the book's spine and my copy is in a cardboard box a good thousand kilometers away
If no one else has noted it, I believe "Retro Fan" comes from commenting on an old post (not sure how old - The one I noticed it one was from 2017).
365 days or older, probably
The Meta answer says a year.
And I think it's for voting.
How about a hat for answering old posts.
Hey your glasses show up now!
@Alex there's a Necro-related hat, I think
10:20 PM
See: Six-Cornered hat
@Alex Ah - I did vote, too, now that you mention it.
which I'm aiming for with that movie answer :)
@Jenayah Not sure why. All I did was check and uncheck "only on this site".
I tried for it with a MSE answer, but then the post was closed as a dupe...
@Mithrandir That requires getting five upvotes.
10:22 PM
It does. Have to maintain quality, don't we? ;)
Though I just got a Necromancer badge, right before the Bash started.
ouch that's gotta sting
@Mithrandir The beauty of answering old questions — they don't have to be good quality because no one looks at them to downvote.
If there was a badge for reading someone's mind when editing a question/answer, would it be a Neuromancer badge?
Ouch, that's like a me level joke.
10:25 PM
@Mithrandir Damning with faint praise? You don't know how bad my jokes can get.
@RDFozz Let's find out.
Give us your worst one.
I think it's time to find out.
And, it's genetic. When my son was a teenager, he used to call me an asshole. I would respond, "Well, I have one." a few years later he moved out and was living with a roommate. There were two great phone calls. One was when he admitted that he now understood why I got mad when he didn't wash his dishes; the other was when he confessed that he'd used that joke on his roommate. I apologized to him for the genetic curse.
*blank stare*
"Dad, you're an asshole." "Well, I have an asshole...."
(It got less funny to him and more funny to me each time.)
10:35 PM
...that can be interpreted as either you either talking about you having a body part, or about that person who you are talking to (who have "had")
Ahh. My having that particular body part. At least that was my intent. Maybe he heard it the other way at first at least, which could explain why it annoyed him so much).
No, I was not calling my son that. The point was to try to get him not to call me that, by responding in a way that might make him decide to stop doing that. He did eventually outgrow it.
@Alex Posted.
Yeah, I can't imagine calling my parents something like that, but...
On Literature.
This may not be the right audience for the worst of my jokes, as they tend to rely on horrible plays on words.
10:39 PM
Horrible plays on words are awesome.
Depending on the actors, of course.
Awesome plays on words are horrible.
Well someone doesn't like live theater.
Perhaps I had a traumatic experience.
10:42 PM
@Mithrandir We didn't have the greatest relationship at that point. He moved back in after a year and a half on his own, and we got along a lot better. He had a rough time in the 2000s; his mom (my wife) died in 2002, he had to repeat a grade, and he dropped out of high school.
Yeah, that does sound rough. :/
(Wasn't easy for me either, I admit, but I'm not trying to explain my behavior :-) )
I had a tough time in 2001. It was a hard life, not being born.
...sorry, that may not have been the best place to insert that joke
bit insensitive on my part
A: 70s/80s ninja/martial arts movie with a Korean ninja and enemies having a flying fortress/castle

JenayahThis is probably Sanada Yukimura no bouryaku (1979), also known as Renegade Ninjas, The Shogun Assasins or Death of the Shogun. From IMDb: Generel Sanada, seeking retribution for the murder of his father and a lost battle, both conceived by the Shogun, devises a series of brilliant plans to...

^ eventually gave up and eventually fast-forwarded the whole thing, worked
maybe not the right moment to barge in and post that either
the glasses look good on Bellatrix ahah scifi.stackexchange.com/users/80602/bellatrix
Well, let's try this:

A town in Mississippi was having a terrible time with their cotton crop. The boll weevils were devouring their crop, and nothing seemed to be able to kill them off.

A fellow named Joe Gordon promised that he could fix them problem, for $16000 dollars - $1000 of which had to be in $1 bills.

He was hired. He flew into town in a plane that looked like a crop duster. The townsfolk noted, "We've already tried all sorts of pesticide!" Joe responded, "Don't worry, this is something altogether different."
@Mithrandir Starred!
10:53 PM
@RDFozz lol
My first Joe Gordon joke revolved around the fact that "minor" (someone underaged) and "miner" (someone who works in a mine) sound the same. In college, people literally physically restrained me to get me to not tell that joke. Admittedly, they'd heard it a couple of times.
Well, you're not in college anymore, and we'll restrain you from not telling that joke. C'mon, post it :)
This isn't college?
@Mithrandir To be clear - no need to worry about insensitivity (but thanks anyway).
@Alex Not for me, at least - I graduated in 1986.
You know, back when dinosaurs roamed the earth.
@Alex thought you had signed up for something else? :P
10:58 PM
@Jenayah Well I've learned so much here I was just wondering what else it could possibly be.
@RDFozz the dinosaurs were already there? I thought the 80s were the time right after the Big Bang, with the first bacteria and shit?
@Jenayah I've generally considered myself somewhat above the bacteria, biologically speaking.
For proof, search for "I'm the baby gotta love me".
opens incognito browsing
(aaaand that would be a 20th Revival Badge :) )
If you want to create another two-revivals-on-one-question:
Q: Are parents of Muggle-borns subject to the Statute of Secrecy?

HelenBA lot is made of the Statue of Secrecy in the books. However, what about the Muggle parents of witches or wizards? Do they have to sign like an official secrets act? Hundreds of non-wizards knowing about the wizarding world has to be a hazard?

@Alex upvoted both, and it seems I had already upvoted the question itself.
Bellatrix's answer is thorough but sometimes the simplier's the better, the quote you provided is more to the point
11:11 PM
@Jenayah Well, let's see how long it takes for her to get Revival.
get stalking
Already am.
There's a delay.
This makes me wonder if even one user can get multiple Revivals for the same question.
as the badge seems to be awarded per post
By posting more than one answer.
Well, you asked for it:

Joe Gordon knew it was going to be a bad day when the sun shining through his window woke him up. The power had gone out, and he hadn't woken up at the usual time!

He hurriedly got dressed and rushed out to his car. The mine he worked at was normally a 20 minute drive; if he could go just a bit faster than usual, he might still get there in time! He lived way out in the boonies - the "road" he'd be on for the first 5 miles was little more than two tire ruts. They were so deep, he hardly had to steer to follow them; he couldn't really get out of them until he could
11:15 PM
@Jenayah And it's in.
gotta love design tweaks exploit
They could really use a rewrite, because I can't see how this working fits the wording.
To be fair, I probably told it better now (I've had 35+ years to polish it a bit), and it works better when Joe doesn't have to stop his car and run to a nearby house to make his call to the police (no cell phones when I came up with it).
And, again, if you've heard me tell it 3 times already, and you can't just avoid reading it, you can empathize with those who don't want to hear it again. It's what they call a "shaggy dog" story - a long joke with a pun that isn't necessarily worth it at the end.
Oct 14 at 18:59, by Jenayah
@Randal'Thor Argh, this Revival badge phrasing is hard on pedants.
11:19 PM
Speaking of pedants...
I had a pedantic math comment.
It's been deleted.
Scratch that. I must be blind,
It's possible for that to happen even if adding is only done in multiples of five, by subtracting using "awkward numbers". — Alex yesterday
I remember cardinal, natural, integers, real, and imaginary numbers - I don't remember awkward numbers.
you might know them as "JKR numbers"
@RDFozz (In case you didn't check the context) I was just using the term the other person had used.
@Alex Ah - I hadn't. Got it now.
It's a lot of fun predicting the answerer while reading the answer.
Based on style.
11:34 PM
Oh it's rather easy for some
I just correctly guessed The Dark Lord.
You/Bella/Valorum/Fuzzy/user14111 can be spotted quite fast
I have such a distinct style?
Usually lots of quotes, generally little to no headings, analysis and matter-of-fact tone
Do other people answer in a non-matter-of-fact tone?
11:38 PM
LTTPS also applies, as your answers to old posts tend to be buried at the end (sorry for the reminder)
@Jenayah As if I've forgotten.
@Alex in HP the most proficient answerers these days are you and Bellatrix, Bella also is matter-of-fact so I usually distinguish the two with headings and source, as you don't quote Pottermore (usually)
in other tags, sure there are non-matter-of-fact, especially in ID lands :)
@Jenayah I think I quoted Pottermore once.
But I do have some answers with headings.
I know, but it's not the major part
hence the style tends towards "no headings"
(which is fine)
@Alex Actually, twice in answers and once in a question.
11:41 PM
@Alex thrice
1 min ago, by Alex
@Alex Actually, twice in answers and once in a question.
I know, I know
For once, I've got the speed.
I had the link :P
Now I have to try to make my next answer less matter-of fact.
11:47 PM
Searching for scifi.stackexchange.com/q/200309/98028 made me discover that one of my favorite actors is playing Santa next.
Kurt Russell as Santa Claus
Kurt Russell as Santa Claus!!
Kurt Russell as Santa Claus!!!
This movie better have a "The name's Santa/Call me Santa" line
"Santa Claus? I heard you were dead."
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