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12:32 AM
Heh, totally coincidentally I just listened to the Escape from New York soundtrack. o_O
tis a small world we live in
also you have great soundtrack and movie references ;)
Well, you have great favourite actors. ;-)
high five!
Q: Book about octopus that becomes intelligent

LauraineI am looking for a science fiction book that is about an octopus who gains intelligence. That is all I know about the story and I have no idea when it was written but I'm thinking it's quite old.

1:05 AM
There are no review audits on SFF are there?
No, only on very few sites.
So...yes, that hat is practically free. ;-)
What I thought when I got it ;)
@NapoleonWilson 20 reviews is not free.
Meh, just vote "no action needed" all the time. ;-P
(I'm joking, though, don't do that.) ;-)
And face the wrath of certain users?
Another correct guess.
5 hours later…
5:51 AM
@Alex it's very easy on SO
Q: Why did the dragon refuse to cross the wall in Fire & Blood?

uptoNoGoodSPOILER warning. If you haven't read the recently released Fire and Blood book by Gorge R R Martin, or haven't seen the last episode of season 7, then this post contains possible spoilers. In the book Fire and Blood, when Queen Alysanne, married to the Old King Jaehaerys, visited the Wall and t...

3 hours later…
8:54 AM
Q: Using Tessaract as time stone?

master ArSuKaIn Captain America:The First Avenger ,during the final 1on1 fight between Cap and Red-Skull, Red-Skull says "I have seen the future, there are no flags", to which Cap replies "Not my future !" and continues fighting, leading to teleportation of Red-Skull to Vormir. My question is, having the tes...

Q: Did the real Dr. Bashir check on the brain surgery his changeling impostor did to Captain Sisko?

LincolnManIn the Star Trek: Deep Space 9 episode, "In Purgatory's Shadow Part-1", Worf and Garak are captured and sent to a Dominion prison only to discover that Bashir is already there. Bashir is wearing an older style of uniform which means he had been in the Dominion prison for several episodes. Which m...

9:11 AM
@Alex yes.
2 hours later…
10:50 AM
Q: Is Captain America a Right Wing Nationalist?

Prahlad YeriConsidering that he not only fought for the country in WW2, but is also pro-military and pro-authoritarian as apparent from several Cap. America and Avengers films, is it too far fetched to think that he is a right wing nationalist and could totally support someone like Donald Trump in today's age?

1 hour later…
12:07 PM
Q: Short story on involving time travel

MikeIn the mid 1970s I read a short story on time travel. Pretty sure it was English, ie. written and set in England early twentieth century perhaps Scotland. It was slightly quirky in that it described the result of a potion or tablet or medicine where your experience of movement didn’t appear affe...

12:22 PM
Q: Movie about Alien vines-like controlling brain

user108182What movie do we have aliens form vines control human brain in a small town? Especially, there is a scene in the bath tub of a girl with so many threads going to her head and body even; like really thin threads. Like the whole town was affected by those invasive mind controlling alien life form.

12:38 PM
Q: Any significance of "Endgame" in Avengers 4 title according to comics?

Ducky MomoAvengers 4 title Avengers: Endgame was a long kept secret and it was said it can spoil the Infinity Wars: But how? How come this title was so big deal? Is this title have anything to do with some comic-book reference?

12:53 PM
Q: Could Gandalf not have made his own One Ring?

ParrotmasterSauron created The One Ring to gain control over the other ring-bearers, but it also amplified his power. Since it's a bad idea for anyone to claim The One Ring, wouldn't it be possible for Gandalf to create his own One Ring?

1 hour later…
1:55 PM
Uh, I got the toilet paper hat
2:07 PM
@Jenayah how?
I dunno how
in Winter Bash! 2018 edition, 8 mins ago, by Jenayah
@Derpy FWIW I got it after editing a FP in review, that someone else edited outside of review
current hypothesis is "lots of edits"
(I do qualify, 81 edits by me this week)
I need hats
Didn't got any from so long
@LordIlluminati: give my soul back
Greetings, Earthlings.
@Donald.McLean greetings, Hubble guy!
@Donald.McLean hello o/
2:26 PM
Q: What is the short story by Sheckley about a man from the future that radiates love and lust?

Joshua LaLanneWhen I was young, I read a collection of Robert Sheckley's short stories. I know it contained "Can you feel anything when I do this?", but that's not the story I'm looking for. It's been a long time since I read it. I believe in the story in question, a police detective (or maybe a pair of detec...

Q: Is Snow White a Princess of Far Far Away in Shrek?

Charming FortunaI mean, her Dreamworks wiki page has a story about Far Far Away belonging to her father and stepmother, the Evil Queen. And it would explain which kingdom the Evil Queen was Queen of.

2:41 PM
Q: Can the Borg use alien DNA instead of assimilating?

BasementJoeIn the Star Trek: Voyager episode Drone, the doctors mobile emitter and Seven of Nine's nano probes come together to make an advanced Borg drone. Seven of Nine's dialog: SEVEN: This technology resembles a Borg maturation chamber, but many of the components are unfamiliar. CREWMAN: Co...

Q: How big is Miskatonic University?

Robert ColumbiaIn H. P. Lovecraft's At the Mountains of Madness, the narrator explains, It is an unfortunate fact that relatively obscure men like myself and my associates, connected only with a small university.... As a geologist my object in leading the Miskatonic University Expedition was wholly that of ...

@AnkitSharma Well that would require me creating an account and earning 500 reputation first.
Sorry for my assumption
I've opted out from hats this year. I just don't feel like it.
3:00 PM
I finally answered a short story story-ID!! :D
(uh, granted it's easier when OP provides the author)
Answer is not so short but seems legit +1
answer is mainly copy-pasting, to be honest :P
3:02 PM
thanks :D
That reminded me about my pending literature ID
worded the question yet?
starting now
I think it was you who suggested asking it
Long back and I kept it for Hat season
I wish I had more questions to ask on this site.
3:07 PM
Just make some up.
Like an identification question with sparkling vampires ;)
I was going to post a question yesterday but I was afraid Jenayah would say that it's too twisted.
When did that ever refrained you from asking?
ducking pedant
3:11 PM
It wasn't such a real question.
Q: Wife make investigation officer eat the murder weapon

Ankit SharmaI remember reading this English short story in school days which was part of our English curriculum during primary school 18-19 years ago. Plot: It start with wife killing her husband with turkey or chicken or some other eatable item during a fight. Not a plan murder but in anger during fight. T...

@AnkitSharma I've... read that before. Did you ask in here?
@SQB no I said in chat
It was basically: If Hermione's the only one who's read Hogwarts A, History, how do we know she's not making it all up?
writing up the answer...
yeah it's that one I'm 100% sure
3:16 PM
It's also likely to have been part of a school curriculum.
Being written by Roald Dahl and all.
@Jenayah yes
someone got here first :/
dammit now I have a useless Lit account :D
Hey, it's not useless!
3:18 PM
I don't like having an account on sites I don't participate in
You were faster then JenayahAnkit Sharma 39 secs ago
Well, that obviously means you should participate then
@Jenayah Cue your story...
I'm cursed
@Jenayah Always the tone of surprise?
3:20 PM
@Mithrandir I was only planning to join for the moment I had a correct ID -_-
@Jenayah But that was your same plan for Science Fiction & Fantasy. And look where you are now...
@Jenayah you can still write your answer and @AnkitSharma you can still accept Jenayah's answer. You don't have to accept the first one given there.
@SQB That will be partiality to existing answer
So? You did get @Jenayah's answer first.
@SQB I could write something up with quotes and stuff, but it'd be redundant and padfoot's answer is on point
3:25 PM
I will upvote both but will prefer accepting the fastest first
besides let him have an accepted answer :)
You'll get a hat for signing up.
especially if he found it by Googling, I have no merit as I remembered that one :P
My only story-identification answer was from remembering.
3:27 PM
Q: What happend to Kaz's T-85 X-wing?

T. GawędaWe see in first episode of Star Wars: Resistance, that Kaz is a member of New Republic Navy. During fight his T-85 X-wing is being hit and it's taken to Resistance Corvette for repairs. What happend to this fighter? It was returned somehow to the New Republic Navy or was used later by the Resist...

it's different!
> I just knew it, that's cheating. — @Jenayah
Me and my big mouth -_-
Are the secret hats just a mystery as to how they are obtained?
Until someone figures them out.
3:29 PM
they're supposed to be but there's a main meta post which spoil the secret
Q: Winter Bash 2018 Hat list

DavidHere we go again the Winter Bash is here and the hats are listed below. The list has the same format as always, there are only two answers: one for the secret hats, and one for the regular hats. The secret hat list will be updated as we learn them. Only edit the secret hat answer with definitiv...

Maybe he was sick of her and secretly wanted Bellatrix to win. — Bellatrix May 8 '17 at 17:26
Great comment.
@Jenayah anyways thanks for the answer
3:35 PM
no problem
I haven't actually read it by the way... I just remembered the title as it was also part of our curriculum :P
I usually read schoolbooks but as I can't bear Roald Dahl I skipped this one
I see the Restaurantiers are all over that post on Lit ;-)
For the record, I'd also heard of this story (although never read it) and knew it instantly from the title/description.
+1's to all.
@Randal'Thor Well not to those who never heard of the story (me).
what does the featured question have to do with Literature?
shouldn't that one be changed?
3:40 PM
@Jenayah That's the default for all sites.
Q: Is it time to update the tour page, or at least the example question?

GallifreyanI was just browsing, for no reason at all, the Tour page, and noticed it's in the same infant state as it was in the beginning of private beta. Having a an informative tour page is important, because that's where we divert new users to be acquainted with the mechanics of Stack Exchange network...

@Randal'Thor Mi Yodeya has a Mi Yodeya question in the Tour.
See also:
Q: Who chose the examples in the tour, and shouldn't they be changed?

ThePopMachineI just went and looked at the tour for the first time in years. This is faulty. The tour is explaining that This site is all about getting answers. It’s not a discussion forum. There’s no chit-chat. The example question is “Who would command Enterprise D…” And then it goes ahead with ...

@Alex Default doesn't mean it can't be changed. What kind of pedant are you?
@Jenayah There literally aren't any questions that are able to be put there
Q: Can't remember the name of this show

iforgot1345I can't remember what the name of this show is. All I know was the characters looked like Bloo from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. There was a new character that came to the school, was super nice, light blue colored with blond pigtails, and she wanted to be friends with the other girl. The...

Q: Has there ever been any suggestion of any interaction or connection between the Q & Travelers in Star trek?

PelinoreIn some ways the traveler appears to possess almost Q like (or at least proto-Q like powers), so has there ever been any interaction or suggested connection or relationship between the two in the existing Star Trek canon that might shed a little light on that?

3:43 PM
@Randal'Thor Touché.
Choose question for Tour page
return to Tour page
There are currently no viable question candidates for the About page
oh right
the ugly query
3:58 PM
Q: Why didn't Galadriel take off her ring?

the-profile-that-was-promisedThe One Ring could rule all the other rings. So why didn't Galadriel took off her ring? It seems so dangerous to wear that ring. Before The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring the location of the One Ring wasn't known. So if by any chance Sauron got hold of the ring then wouldn't they g...

4:33 PM
Q: Is it reasonable to downvote answers based on opposition to the question?

gowenfawrA recent question was put on hold as "off-topic". The initial question text (as it has changed): Has any story, movie, TV show depicted a spaceport on either of Mars' moons, rather than a spaceport on the surface of Mars? At least 5 users voted it off-topic, presumably because they consi...

4:44 PM
Q: When does Star Wars Resistance take place?

BooleanStar Wars Resistance is a animated series set between episodes 6 and 7, so between 5 ABY and 30 ABY, but can there be a more exact time and date? In what year(s) do the events of Star Wars Resistance take place?

Q: Hoping to Identify a Science Fiction Book

Robyn Stephens WestThis is taken from a book club site that I belong to, so this is all the info I have. " Help... need a book title (for Christmas gift) Description is... It may have had FIRE in the title. Scientists accidentally created a "cure" for death but it made everything come back. Pork chops grew into ...

5:00 PM
Q: Can the Borg suffer from STDs or other diseases present in the blood?

BasementJoeWe've seen that when the Borg assimilate a species they use tubes injected into the target to transfer nano probes. If someone is infected with HIV/AIDs, can the Borg become infected through assimilation? I remember a while ago, there was an episode of Voyager where some alien species attempted...

Q: Children's Book - Boy Develops Psychic Powers After Falling in Pond Sludge

LampreyThis is a chapter book that I would have read in the early/mid 2000s, though I suspect it was published closer to the 90s or late 80s as it wasn't new when I read it. It was given to me as a kid's book, and it was fairly short, but given some of the subject matter I suspect it would be sold as YA...

5:21 PM
@Jenayah Meta heading, just for you.
Uff after wasting so long I realised I can't answer any book ID here
Q: Did Poe Dameron make custom modifications to his black X-Wing?

Newbie12345In Star Wars: The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi, it is obvious that Poe Dameron is the coolest X-Wing pilot to have ever existed. He an extremely skilled pilot, but I have a head canon that he has made custom modifications and tweaks that even the Resistance doesn't know about, such as removing...

5:41 PM
@AnkitSharma You checked every single one?
@Alex 4/5 and searching made me tired
I once went through all the identification questions on Literature to see if I knew any. But there weren't so many.
I have to think other ways to get hats
maybe wait for marvel/dc question
Q: What is the origin of Sheik's design in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate?

LegomanIn Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, the character of Sheik seems to be sporting a new design that matches neither Ocarina of Time nor Hyrule Warriors. What (if any) prior appearance is this version based on? If no previous media has sported this design, what is the new design based upon?

Q: Who are these DC superheroes?

JeanPaulBesides Batman, Superman , Wonder Woman and Green Lantern, who are these superheroes?

6:01 PM
Q: Can a realm be anything?

mrfishbone101I want to know more about realms like, can a realm be big or small, can a realm difference a universe, or can a realm be anything?

6:48 PM
Q: Did Arthur Weasley take Muggle Studies?

The Dark LordAt numerous points in the Harry Potter books it is made evident that Mr Weasley is somewhat...inexpert when it comes to his knowledge of the Muggle world (despite his inherent enthusiasm). Mr. Weasley liked Harry to sit next to him at the dinner table so that he could bombard him with questio...

7:47 PM
@Alex aaaaw
@Zaphod ...Is WebHead giving away all his rep or something?
Q: Why do the captains rely so much on log information when it can be unreliable?

BasementJoeWe know that the ship has and creates logs, even the captains and various crew members will write personal logs. Why then, do they rely on logs when it can be manipulated? I sure a determined engineer can manipulate the logs to make an explosion look "unplanned". The only I can see the logs bei...

@Jenayah Don't let it get to your head.
Well we wouldn't want you to be the next Percy Weasley.
not a chance
7:54 PM
One never knows...
And I just posted a Meta post with even more headings.
A: Closing as duplicate of broader post

Alex I think that if question B is accused of being a duplicate of question A, and there is at least one answer that is a valid answer to question A that would not be a valid answer to question B, then question B is not a duplicate of question A. I think it is exactly the reverse. If there is at ...

Possibly the longest Meta post I've written.
Hence the headings.
urgh, the scrollbar isn't even at the third of the page's length...
Ironically enough, my answer is the stricter approach to duplicates.
8:36 PM
@Jenayah Oh! You put on a Winter Bash goggles over your normal glasses?
@b_jonas yep :P
yesterday, by Jenayah
user image
Deja vu
Q: Female lead graphic novel with pink and white cover, printed in black and white

Gemma R P TheonlyoneJanesI read a graphic novel whilst working in a library that featured a female lead character, that lives on a space station of some kind that, after humans no longer live on earth. There was an older woman in it as well as her family member or guardian who I think was killed by some kind of gang. A...

8:51 PM
@AnkitSharma And you have a cleanup hat! Nice
Ducky Momo love cleaning
Q: What was the significance of deep fried kabab poster in Infinity Wars?

Ankit SharmaIn Avengers: Infinity War, we see a poster about Scotland's deep fired kebab for a significant amount of time: Is there any significance of it? Or just random?

Q: Why is the magic world so progressive on Women's and racial rights, but so backwards in regards to human rights?

TheAshThe wizarding world has always been sexually and racially advanced, far more than most western cultures. For example, already in 1920, America has a female magic president, and many students and aurors are black, even back then. However this is very weird compared to how backwards the wizarding ...

9:59 PM
I still find that scifi.stackexchange.com/q/170261/4918 “Where did ‘kneeling with a sword thrust into the ground’ pose come from?” is a title that deceives me, but we can leave that in for the clickbaitiness.
@b_jonas what don't you like about it?
Q: identifying a 1970s sci fi book

jbvgthis book started with a man who wakes, is spinning in space, surrounded by other bodies that are slowly spinning. He does something that awakens them all early, some how end up on a planet, hmm, its been over 40 years since i read it. I believe it is a series, somewhere along the story spider ...

Q: Need help identifying 80s/90s Sci fi cartoon

DedsiI've got memories of a cartoon, Im pretty sure I saw it on cartoon network a few times very early in the morning but I looked on the wiki list of shows and it's not there. I thought it was called lazarus but nothing comes up. I don't remember much except the intro has a rounded blue spaceship f...

10:22 PM
@Jenayah If you read the question body, you find that it's asking about the wussy way to kneel at a sword: it's with the sword point towards the ground. It's much more interesting with the sword point towards your chest, as Marfa Strogoff is forced to do in the Jules Verne novel.
Of course, perhaps "thrust into the ground" gives that away already if you think carefully about the title, but still.
Q: Why do we see the Impossible Astronaut do this?

alessandraIn Eleventh Doctor episode The Impossible Astronaut, why do we see and not Is this just for suspense in the story, or is there a logical explanation?

3 hours ago, by Jenayah
@Zaphod ...Is WebHead giving away all his rep or something?
is this about reminding us of the "lighthearted years" of SFF, following this meta post? scifi.meta.stackexchange.com/q/12225/98028 (and some of the deleted comments there)
Q: Why wasn't Hermione's enchanted purse affected by the Thief's Downfall?

HarryNow we all know that it had been established in book one and confirmed again in book seven that Gringotts is not a place to mess around with unless you are a really skilled or very accomplished Dark Wizard. For instance, while going to the Lestrange's vault in the hope of finding a Horcrux, the...

^ That's so typical of how magical effects work. Wizards can make a magical rain that will affect all people in the town, even if they're inside a building, but it's absolutely impossible to make a spell that affects all belongings in the inventory of a person.
That's just how the roleplaying universe always works, your inventory is sacred, very few effects can act on all of it at once.
@b_jonas which is why you put carts into your "bags of holding"... :)
(if anyone can get that reference, it's you :P)
I laughed a lot about how in nethack, chests are waterproof, so much that if you put a chest at the bottom of a lake, and you get water breathing, then you can put objects into the chest or remove objects from the chest without the other objects in the chest getting wet.
But frankly, the way water damage works in nethack doesn't make sense even in ordinary situations that you'll encounter in game, as opposed to that crazy situation.
And water damage works very different from other elemental damage on object, which are also strange but in different ways.
10:39 PM
Q: Book Identification - Children's sci-fi book about joyriding a space craft

80scifichildI am trying to find a book I read as a child (in England in mid 1980's) which was about 2 boys (I think) who rented(?) or found a space craft which had a 'range extender' sort of key left in it which allowed them permission to go beyond their immediate part of galaxy with resulting adventures. I...

11:09 PM
Woah, SFF is owning HNQ today
Every day.
eh, not quite
I think it's almost always dominated by Science Fiction & Fantasy, Worldbuilding, and/or Workplace (and Interpersonal Skills before it was banned).
Well sure there's always 2-3 questions on the list but today got like, seven
Eh, maybe I should take a look.
And today must be a record, as there are two Mi Yodeya questions that made it.
11:25 PM
Oh nice, more people wearing the retro goggles
the goggles are funny
not taking them off for the cheesy whatever hat :P
11:55 PM
@Alex Role-playing games is another stack I see represented frequently.
Information Security too
A: Which sites appear most often in the Hot Network Questions list?

GlorfindelI've conducted a small experiment with the Hot Network Questions list from 2018-08-04 to today (2018-09-02), so about one month worth of data. Stack Exchange itself does not keep any statistics about this, so this is about as good as we can get it. The data has been collected into a PostgreSQL da...


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