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12:05 AM
@Jenayah You can rant about it here. But you probably won't get a solution here.
you knew what I meant
And yes, I know knowing doesn't stop you from messing with me :D
@Marvin Drat, I think this is just a modern cartoon with the story set in some mediaeval style fantasy world. And I was hoping for a second that it would be something interesting.
how is that a "Story about a medieval cartoon"?
@Alex no worries
@b_jonas expecting an authentic 15th century cartoon, were ya? :)
@Jenayah I would hope that you'll let me know if I'm too annoying.
12:12 AM
will do, if you ever
@Jenayah No, just a fiction story about one.
@b_jonas fair enough
There's a very good example for something like in the Ice Age movie.
A wall painting that animates, probably only out of universe to adapt it to film, to tell a tale about some humans.
Or some mammoth's family which got brutally murdered.
Thanks for the sad memeories before going to bed, mate x)
@Jenayah I'm just checking out that scene on youtube. Sid's voice is a bit surprising, because I've only seen that movie dubbed. Hearing the original voices for the first time can be strange.
12:16 AM
Eh, no idea what they sound like in English
Sorry, not Sid's voice. The squirrel's voice, whatever it's called.
I usually vouch for original version, but I can make an exception for animated/cartoons, especially when I grew up with the French dubbing
@b_jonas Scrat
(in French at least)
@Jenayah Sorry about the particular case. But in general, this is a good reason why we come here, and other places on the internet, to be able to share our experiences about fantasy stories.
@b_jonas indeed! No worries, I was merely teasing ;)
call it @Alex's bad influence :P
@Jenayah I watched Ice Age 2 at some point, but that one was already made in obsessive sequelitis like lots of other animation films at that point. They make sequels to too many stories that feel finished.
12:20 AM
@Jenayah Ah, finally my efforts have borne fruit.
I think the big studios have learned to moderate that at least a little bit better these days. Or I just ignore the sequels better.
@b_jonas Granted, the first one is the best. 2,3 and 4 are worth a watch, maybe two viewings for the 4, but not much more.
I only saw the trailer for the fifth, and it looked awfully stupid, so I haven't watched that one yet.
Admittedly Ice Age is one of the extreme examples.
And yeah, Sid is the weasel.
Or squirrel or whatever it is.
@b_jonas According to Wikipedia he's a ground sloth.
Sid's a sloth, the squirrel is Scrat
12:24 AM
Ah right, there's a separate squirrel who doesn't talk.
Man, Scrat is the pillar that holds the franchise together ahah
so many parents wouldn't have gone to watch the sequels if it wasn't for that dumb prehistoric squirrel
@Jenayah Yeah.
That squirrel is gold, though
Oh, you know what
Yeah. He and his nut are plot-indestructible.
And plot indestructibility leads to a lot of strange things.
12:32 AM
> just now i've discovered that all these squirrels are not done in CGI but they are all (40) trained ...
woah, today I learned
@Jenayah trained squirrels? that's ... unusual
Well part of it was CGI if the comments are anything of truth but still
Woah, apparently it's not complete bullshit: news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/magazine/4702653.stm
@Jenayah You could turn that to a self-answered question perhaps, here or on Movies.
@b_jonas not enough research needed to make it a self-answer
12:45 AM
@Jenayah Then just a question?
@b_jonas Well no, as it's easily answered by Google, it wouldn't be useful
@Alex update on those HP questions pages figures? ;)
As I saw some old HP questions hitting the queues today
@Jenayah Yeah, I've been reopening and closing lots of old questions as I passed through them.
I'm down to page 45.
23 answers to go for the Gold.
@Alex Wow.
And then you'll be free to reopen all those :P
Oh, you mean for the gold tag badge. Sorry.
12:49 AM
@Jenayah You don't even know...
It's great that the profile page keeps a list of your votes.
@b_jonas what were you thinking about?
@Jenayah The 100 score question gold badge.
That one is really hard to get.
@b_jonas Eh, I only have one of those.
Yeah, the're really hard and partly distributed by the voting whim that sometimes appear random.
And unfair.
@Alex so after the July Meta Harry Potter Reopening War (JMHPRW for the close friends), will we have the WMSHPGTBORW?
12:52 AM
Q: Story about a paralysed man making self replicating robot arms?

OzymandiasA man creates robot arms to manipulate the world as he is disabled. The arms created larger and larger arms and smaller and smaller arms so they can perform gigantic and microscopic tasks? Any idea what story this is from?

@b_jonas Great Question?
@Jenayah Yes.
@Jenayah I think I got most of that.. what's the WMS?
12:53 AM
@Alex Winter Main site, in opposition to July Meta
@Jenayah A little too hard to guess.
Wouldn't be fun otherwise.
Nice wallpaper :D
12:55 AM
Best chat theme on SE
@Jenayah maybe (?. The question is... best users? Haha
@b_jonas I'm trying to coin it
@Jenayah How many people need to use it before it becomes official?
@Jenayah What the heck is the July Meta Harry Potter Reopening War?
@b_jonas You don't want to know.
12:57 AM
@manooooh oh we are certainly the most fun, welcoming, entertaining, and modest users on SE
But it started with this:
Q: How can this question be a duplicate of a question that is not at all the same question?

AlexThis question was closed as a duplicate of this question. The reason stated was that the the answers to the latter question address the former question as well. The problem is that the two questions are different. The content of the answers to the second question that addressed the first question...

@Jenayah I believe in you :)
It seems fun to chat
@Alex Can you tell at least the year it happened in then
Which, ironically, is my only positive scoring Meta question.
Hmm, this year.
12:58 AM
@b_jonas 2018.
@Alex I don't know. By regular math or do I get a JKR math caveat?
@manooooh it is
@Jenayah Apparently I've been too influenced by her that I wouldn't even be able to tell the difference.
@Alex Woah, I've heard all kind of "I suck at math because..." excuses, but "I suck at math because of JK Rowling" certainly is a novelty :D
@Jenayah I'm pretty sure you're the one that said it about me.
If I can find the comment.
Race you
Nov 8 at 1:09, by Jenayah
too much JKR rubbing off on you
1:02 AM
Hmm. scifi.meta.stackexchange.com/q/12103/4918 got autodeleted. A bit sad.
@Jenayah You win.
@Alex eh, I had actually forgotten t'was me, but you saying it reminded me of my phrasing ;)
@Jenayah So I have a faster brain but you have a faster computer?
No, I know my phrasing better is all :P
@Jenayah True, I was searching for the word "math" or "maths".
1:05 AM
Besides I'm on mobile so you even had an advantage if you're currently on computer :P
Nov 15 at 17:58, by Jenayah
Phone 1 computer 0
Go phone
Nov 15 at 18:06, by Alex
Phone 1 Computer 7
@Marvin eh, I would read that
1:23 AM
@Alex Make that 22.
1:52 AM
New theme
It seems nice, kinda disorienting to have different colors.
1 hour later…
3:10 AM
Q: Why aren't all cities mining cities?

AdamantWe know that in the Mortal Engines series, some cities are mining cities, doing exactly what it sounds like: mining the materials that their city needs for fuel, and so forth, instead of cannibalizing other cities. This makes sense: cities have enough energy to move themselves, so they should hav...

Q: Is Wolverine the only character that Toad has slimed in the comics?

Gothamite24So, a while back, I posted a question on whether or not Jean Grey was the only person Toad had slimed, and it turns out that he used it on Wolverine at one point in the comics? I was just curious, was this the only instance of him sliming someone in the comics, or has he used it on others as well?

1 hour later…
4:28 AM
Q: Name of an anime

David HoyosWhat is the name of an anime from 80s-90s movie/series in which there is a scene, maybe the end, where a girl [who has a armor] exchange age with a dying man in a beach, so the man transforms into a baby and the girl grown to a woman?

Q: Would a Jabari ruler of Wakanda take on the mantle of Black Panther?

CelestialgranturismoIf a Jabari challenger for the Wakandan crown had won in the ritual combat and been made ruler, would they still receive visions and power of the panther goddess Bast, or from their own Gorilla deity, and a different suit matching that theme? Answers from any canon would work, since this scenari...

4:43 AM
Q: Why did the Ux worship the "Creator"?

AdamantWhen the Ux apparently decided he was the Creator. But he was hardly the only person to land on the planet, and the Ux seem to be knowledgeable about Doctor Who "technology" (they recognized the TARDIS as "dimensionally transcendental," for instance). It also seems like they wouldn't assume ...

1 hour later…
5:51 AM
Q: Why didn't Loki use the Tesseract?

Asif IqubalAt the starting of Avengers Infinity War we see that Loki is in possession of the Tesseract. So why didn't he use it to transport everyone on that ship to the earth? If he wanted to keep that a secret, he could have transported everyone when Thanos attacked the ship.

6:14 AM
Q: Identify an old story about a family escapes to an island after a global flood?

Jack HwangThe story started with a family (maybe French) living in a remote island (?) They were discussing the new X-bomb experiment planned by one of the global powers. On the day of the experiment, they felt something wrong and heard from the radio that an bomber was effected by the experiment and drop...

Q: How many spaceships has Doctor Who discovered in London?

James from NZDoctor Who often seems to find spaceships buried under London (For example the Cyberman ship) or perhaps disguised as buildings in London, (I can think of two) or hidden in bedrooms in London. How many spaceships has Doctor Who discovered in London?

6:43 AM
@Alex what are you going to do when you run out of pages? :P
@Jenayah I don't know. Ask a few hundred questions, maybe?
But for the record (not sure if you misunderstood it), the 22 was referring to the answers, not the pages.
I'm only on page 43.
I know, I know
Just that you don't actually have 43 pages to go have you?
I do.
I'd expect the first 6-7 to have been posted when you were already here
Oh, yeah. I didn't realize that's what you meant.
6:48 AM
Or are you going from newest to latest? I don't remember
Oldest to newest. I started on page 115.
I just have to hope that there enough questions left that can use another answer.
Answer fanfic-id​ otherwise ahah
Not my area of expertise.
6:51 AM
Roughly 30 pages * 50 questions are 150 questions, I think you're good
Do you include dupes in your search?
Unless they are 150 questions with sufficient answers.
@Jenayah What do you mean?
@Alex gotta start somewhere
@Alex are there dupes in the 43 pages or did you exclude them?
@Jenayah There are lots of duplicates.
And other closed questions.
Plus the ones that I vote to close when I find them.
@Jenayah By the way, that should be 1,500.
Ah, indeed
Shit, JKR math plague is spreading
Oh, how the mighty have fallen.
7:07 AM
You can still redeem yourself.
Didn't want you to feel too lonely down there.
7:22 AM
Should we have a and a tag?
I don't know what either of those are...
I figured as much.
A 1982 movie which got a sequel of sorts in 2011
And there's a prequel to the sequel apparently
Tron Uprising something
Sounds complicated.
7:51 AM
@Jenayah Buuurn.
Is it just me or is there an odd line between the header image and the top bar?
Just you.
Will probably take the Tron thing to meta
@Mithrandir :P
Mobile, couldn't tell
@Mithrandir Yeah, definitely just you.
8:07 AM
You don't see a pale gray line there?
You know what they say about seeing things that aren't there...
8:23 AM
We have but not . How about we rename the former to the latter and edit the tag excerpt and wiki?
Or should I think of a funny title and throw it on meta?
By the way, good getLocalPartOfDay() everyone!
@SQB historical memes probably could stay as is
@SQB you too!
While you're here, reposting eheh
Besides I'm not sure Toad warrants a tag
What do you think about the Tron thing from earlier?
(thanks for the pin!)
@Mithrandir no ^
I am against and both
But I am alone with that opinion I guess because meme
8:52 AM
@Jenayah I'd reuse for the franchise and then use for the first film.
What I was about to propose
writing the meta
Why is the tag called while almost all questions in it call it "slime"?
Worst tag ever since I created (I was young(er) and naive(r); the tag's gone now).
Q: Looking for possible anthology book

GabiIt was a book I remember seeing a few pages of when I was young but of which I can't remember more than a few details. There was one story about a little monster girl, whose mom told her that old "if you keep making that face it will stay that way" except she was making the face of a cute little...

@SQB title could be edited too
Q: Should Tron have its franchise tag as well?

JenayahI've been adding some missing "franchise tags" lately, and I've stumbled upon the Tron related tags, namely tron, tron-legacy and tron-uprising. The tag wiki for tron currently reads: A 1982 science fiction film about a computer programmer, Kevin Flynn, who is transported into a virtual worl...

9:09 AM
@SQB lol
@Jenayah yeah, but couldn't think of anything, really. Still should be, I agree.
@SQB just copy the main (unique) body parts into the title
You edited the baby, it's your responsibility now :P
Q: Should Tron have its franchise tag as well?

JenayahI've been adding some missing "franchise tags" lately, and I've stumbled upon the Tron related tags, namely tron, tron-legacy and tron-uprising. The tag wiki for tron currently reads: A 1982 science fiction film about a computer programmer, Kevin Flynn, who is transported into a virtual worl...

@Slartibartfast Rather fast today
9:40 AM
@Slartibartfast why not?
@AnkitSharma well I vouch for yes, but as it's a bit much of retagging I'd rather "ask the community" first
@Jenayah I know, I want to do few like this on movies too but there tagging meta post don't get much attention
@AnkitSharma I'd hesitate to throw one of these "franchise" tags onto every single 2-film series that some business dude thinks a cool idea to turn into some kind shared rubbish universe.
@NapoleonWilson I was talking about aliens
For equality I can throw predator franchise tag for AvP cases
@AnkitSharma Yeah, same thing.
9:48 AM
@NapoleonWilson this about SFF or Movies?
@Jenayah It was primarily a reply to Ankit's mentioning of another site's tagging efforts, sorry.
Oh no problem
Just that I wasn't sure :)
What about SFF?
10:07 AM
It certainly makes more sense on a less work-driven and more universe-driven site anyway.
@NapoleonWilson I will still raise it after I forgot about my failed post :D and after design posts get there share of love ;)
@AnkitSharma Yeah, feel free to argue with the common sense of the universe that AvP Requiem is an "Alien" film.
10:23 AM
Hate me for saying that but AvP was better then majority of Alien sequel and it was sequel for a long time until they made the prequel which nobody wanted
The point is, the series is too incoherent to reasonably call it a shared universe.
Still waiting for an Alien/Predator/Terminator crossover
Still waiting for Rambo vs Terminator.
Let's just have Disney buy that shit and throw 'em in a big fight with Kylo Ren and the muthaeffin' Avengers.
And have Kylo marry Elsa, although she's totally not a princess, about as much as Leia isn't one.
10:37 AM
It's a Smash Bros I'd buy
For a dollar maybe.
Got it.
Q: Book of 4 short stories, one about an afterlife, title begins with 'L'

IzZbIzZyBook with 4 short stories in it, all pretty different, I'm pretty sure the title is a single word starting with L. A name maybe. In one of the stories, a guy dies and ends up in an afterlife with lots of other people. There's a canteen where they serve food that tastes horrible to start with, b...

11:41 AM
Meta feed is slow
11:53 AM
@Jenayah we should get used to it by now
Sep 5 at 6:52, by Jenayah
@Alex I can get used to stuff and still rant about it :^)
@Jenayah like new design :D
That was what the above post was commenting on
Anyways for movies design I am getting more faithful day by day as they did restoring some parts in a way.
Three months ahead of you mate
12:07 PM
Q: What should we do with [toads-spit]?

SQBI can't think of a punny title, but we currently have 15 questions tagged with toads-spit, while we don't even have a toad. A character tag might make sense here, since he's part of various Marvel franchises, so all questions about him could easily be bundled under that. However, I don't think a...

@Slartibartfast Get spit rid of it
@Slartibartfast one ducking hour
On the side-note I liked Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle, not perfect but nice.
Not really a kid movie but I guess they can still watch I guess
@AnkitSharma please vote!
12:21 PM
Q: How could Ron and Hermione meet Dumbledore in the Entrance Hall?

The Dark LordAt the end of Philosopher's Stone Hermione states that she and Ron ran into Dumbledore in the Entrance Hall on their way to the owlery. “So what happened to you two?” said Harry. “Well, I got back all right,” said Hermione. “I brought Ron round - that took a while - and we were dashing up t...

@SQB I did but I DVed the answer as I prefer to get rid of it fully
They're doing character tags here, though.
So it might be a compromise to acknowledge the history of the meme, while still getting rid of a complete bullshit tag and replacing it with something remotely sane.
HMmm removed DV but can't upvote either, lets leave it on other
12:36 PM
Q: Anime where the main character's brother sacrifices himself by driving a missile or ship to its explosion

mmoimPlease help me identify an anime which I forgot the name of. All I can remember is a scene about the brother of the main character sacrificing himself by driving a missile or ship to a place in order to explode, and a woman trying to stop him but he locks the door. She tries to identify him by sa...

Greetings, Earthlings.
1:36 PM
@Donald.McLean greetings, Hubble guy!
@NapoleonWilson the disdain in that comment ahah :D
Q: Why do the First Order not use Interceptors as primary starfighter?

BooleanAs seen in the Original Triology, the standard TIE fighter was inferior to Rebel X-wings and A-wings, hence the TIE Interceptor was developed to combat these higher performance starfighters. Why do the First Order still use standard TIEs instead of TIE Interceptors, that are higher performance? H...

@Jenayah Oh, not really. There's certainly disdain in general, but...I didn't deliberately put much of that into that comment (and I hope it doesn't read that way).
I was genuinely advocating for it as a compromise, since I know they're apreciated here.
Not by me.
Only under certain conditions.
In the case of most Marvel characters, the conditions are met.
I think a character tag is warranted if a character has their own sub-franchise, or if they cross-over into several (sub-) franchises.
An example of the former would be Wolverine, an example of the latter would be, well, Toad.
I don't agree but to support spit removal I will agree for now +1
For the latter, the only other tag they would fall under is too wide. With Toad, that would be .
1:51 PM
I will love that more ;)
Mary Jane Watson, however, appears only in the Spiderman franchise, so she doesn't warrant a character tag.
But his spit is marvelous.
Where's my large trout when I need it?
@NapoleonWilson disdain towards characters tags isn't something I'll complain about :^)
Well, sure.
2:54 PM
Q: Why was Frodo unable to destroy the Ring?

the-profile-that-was-promisedIn Lord of the Rings Return of the King just after the One Ring was destroyed in Mount Doom along with Gollum, there is a scene in which Frodo says: Sam, I could not have destroyed the Ring. Why did he say that? Why was he unable to destroy the Ring?

3:43 PM
@SQB In the comics, MJ Watson has been appearing in Iron Man. If you only mean the movie franchises, then yes, I doubt we'll see her there.
4:23 PM
Q: Were the spear-fishing and green milk in TLJ added due to fear over fan nitpicking?

ThePopMachineI don't really see the point of the montage involving Luke spearfishing and milking the space manatee. I don't see much of a story-telling reason to see how Luke has survived or become very rugged. However, this could have been achieve with any shot of the water. Do we have any commentar...

Q: Dune Film Deleted Ending Scene

Eric BlancoDune Lovers, I remember seeing a video clip of Reverend Mother Gaius Helen Mohiam saying to Paul, "You cannot loose these people upon the universe!" This is straight out of the novel and foretells Paul's imminent jihad, setting up the rest of the sequels. Anybody remember seeing this clip of the ...

@Marvin I put on this because we don't have a tag. Any better ideas?
I don't think it's a genuine identification question at all.
Do you have something like alternate-version or deleted-scene?
4:34 PM
There's a tag.
But even nothing feels more appropriate than episode-identification to me.
@Randal'Thor Then that sounds just about right, no?
Apparently there's a tag too, with a grand total of 1 question.
@NapoleonWilson I don't know enough about Dune to know whether this is a deleted scene or anything else.
But frankly, upon closer reading that question is a little inappropriate to begin with. Seems like a "give me a YouTube clip" question.
4:36 PM
For example, this question is about something which is not in any of the televised episodes but not a deleted scene either:
Q: Deleted scene with Rose and 10th Doctor shortly after regeneration?

Rariolu2005 was a long time ago (I was 8) but there's a scene in my memory that I can't find on Netflix. I remember a scene, immediately after the Doctor regenerates into his 10th form (excluding War Doctor), in which Rose basically asks stuff like "what have you done with the Doctor?". However, this s...

It could probably be reworded to a genuine question asking for the existence of that scene, though.
But...maybe you're doing those resource requests here. I'm not sure.
@Randal'Thor Well, it's a little unclear what adaptation of Dune he's even asking about.
@NapoleonWilson How do you mean? What makes it different from, say, a standard question?
@Randal'Thor He seems to pretty much know where that scene is (at the...end of the film). All he wants is a clip of it. At least as the question is written.
Ah, hmm. In that case it wouldn't be such a good question.
But again, I don't know enough about Dune to be able to tell if that's a scene from the actual film or (e.g.) something which took place at that point in the story but wasn't in the final film.
My guess is that it is a scene from the extended TV cut of the Lynch film. But...the question is too unclear for that really.
In any case, make sure you are doing "give me this clip for download" questions or rephrase it accordingly.
And to this day I haven't managed to watch the TV cut yet, although I have it laying around on DVD. Its merits are supposed to be controversial, but...it would sure be interesting to check out.
4:49 PM
Q: Did Barry affected timeline during episode "What's Past Is Prologue"?

Jeel VankhedeSo, i watched episode of The Flash season 5 episode 8 (What's Past Is Prologue), and one thing got me confused about : 'When Barry went back to time where his speed had been taken by Hunter Zolomon (a.k.a Zoom)' & after successfully finding device, while he was returning from that time with his ...

@Babelfish why not using 5th tag spot too with something more irrelevent
I even think to remember it has a scene where the emperor has a genuine monologue rather than thinking his thoughts from the off! This would be really interesting for the history of how the film's unique handling of character thoughts came about.
@AnkitSharma It's not like those tags are super irrelevant, especially if he doesn't know that the DCEU is a very specific thing and that you don't like the time-travel tag. So let's stay on the carpet maybe.
As much as I like Time travel, I don't like that tag
Well, I know. But that's not the problem here.
See how irrelevently they can be used:
Q: What did David's words mean at the end of Project Almanac?

Schwifty McFlyWhat did David mean when he walked up to Jessie and said We're about to change the world? Why would David say this? Was this hinting at him being able to rebuild it? If so, that seems a little like a bad idea. Even if they don't remember any of what happened, one of the video cameras has th...

Here it's used with anything time travel related
5:00 PM
Dude, what point are you trying to make here? Let's just agree not to snark on slightly misplaced tags. ;-)
It's not like he tagged it mr-magoriums-wonder-emporium.
5:27 PM
Q: Battlestar Evacuations

Raymond LeoneA question, If a Battlestar is critically damaged from say, a battle or a accident, then how can the entire crew of the Battlestar evacuate in a hurry? Are Battlestars Equipped with Lifeboats or Escape Pods?

5:44 PM
@NapoleonWilson lol
>#< - - - |o|
Can't I overreact a bit for tags
You have seen worse ;)
But also better.
yeah that too
Let's concentrate on the X-Wing Tie-Fighter battle, though.
5:52 PM
@Randal'Thor And, it seems, no longer even that...
6:26 PM
I just realized - if Hogwarts were in the Hundred-Acre Wood, then the owls would live in the Wolery.
@RDFozz And if Hogwarts was run by someone smart, they wouldn't need owls in the first place.
@FuzzyBoots I guess it's missing.
6:43 PM
Tom Riddle me this Batman: Why would Tom Riddle account for the "I AM" prefix when coming up with his anagram alias?
Because he had three letters left over?
He could have just chosen another name then.
Though, the better question might be, why even come up with an alias when your name is Tom Marvolo Riddle? I mean, Lord Marvolo Riddle is pretty awesome already.
A: Why did Tom Riddle change his name to Voldemort?

SlytherincessVoldemort despised his Muggle father, who was also named Tom Riddle for 1) being a Muggle, something Tom Riddle Sr. couldn't help, and 2) for leaving his mother Merope Gaunt while she was still pregnant with Tom Riddle. I interpret canon to mean Tom Riddle took on the moniker "Voldemort" mainly t...

That name is a marvelous mystery in itself.
Well, yeah, the real answer is probably that he hated his poor muggle dad.
Even Marvolo Gaunt has a neat ring to it.
Reminds one of Leland Gaunt, who might have been to Mr. Riddle's liking.
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