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12:00 AM
@Jenayah It sounds like something that could be vaguely biblical, but I've never heard the sentence before.
aye what I thought too but googling doesn't yield much
Out of curiosity - anyone on now order the "Ultimate Space Battle" poster from Egor? I'm getting it for my son, but it wanted me to pay with something called LiqPay - And I couldn't find much of anything that had anything positive to say about them.
Never heard of it. Is that some kind of PayPal ripoff?
It's Ukrainian.
Not that I've used PayPal, but at least I know the name
12:07 AM
Which makes sense, since Egor is as well
Never heard of it.
I've used Paypal to buy things from European folks before
Hmm... I'll admit I'm not much of an expert in Ukrainian online bank transfer services :-)
I sent in my order asking for an invoice, we'll see what I get from that.
@Jenayah I'm shocked - simply shocked - to hear that!
@RDFozz :P
12:10 AM
I should've acted sooner, while it was still on Kickstarter....
@RDFozz yeah, I guess asking the guy himself is the best way to do
He's got to have a contact form or stuff?
I'm ordering from his site, so....
I also noted on my order that, despite the privacy policy, I would be unable to gift his company my soul.
lol what
is that part of the terms of use or something? :p
@Jenayah Nope, it in the privacy policy. The terms and conditions read as follows:
Terms and conditions
That's it.
that's gold
12:15 AM
(And it's not the the comment about gifting them your soul is hidden or anything. It's the second of two paragraphs.)
Yes, I complemented them on having the easiest to read and understand such page I'd ever seen.
Site URL is: anomaly-world.com
I think you only see the privacy policy if you register an account on the site.
I can't find a link to it now, or I'd add in a screen shot for posterity.
Or, in this case, maybe "poster-ity"
@RDFozz oh, ok
was clicking Cyrillic links at random until I found one which repeated itself... ahahah
too lazy to Google Translate
OK, they do seem to have stuff besides posters - playing cards, and what appears to be a (presumably unauthorized) version of Hellboy's hand.
@Jenayah Click the flag at the top of the page to switch between Russian and English.
oh... that works too ahah
I didn't even think to check :P
I only noticed because I was looking for a link to the privacy policy.
If the image of the Union Jack was a bit clearer, I'd have probably figured it out faster :-)
And, I did work on websites for a few years, in a previous job.
It's a Union Jack at yours? It's a Russian flag for me
12:23 AM
I like unobtusive but reasonably obvious elements like that.
@Jenayah If you hover over the flag, you can switch to English.
OK, maybe not so obvious :-)
12:48 AM
I just realized a new sinister trick that someone with a Gold Tag Badge can employ.
Say someone (e.g. Alex) is constantly voting to reopen a certain question.
When you see the vote, you can vote to reopen as well, and the question is instantly reopened.
Then you can vote to close and the question will be instantly reclosed.
The other user (e.g. Alex) can no longer vote to reopen.
Doesn't the newly closed status reset reopen vote?
It's not as if it was voted to "leave closed" in review is it?
@Jenayah You can vote to reopen infinitely (spaced out every 20 days I think), but once your vote succeeds you can't cast the same vote again even if the question's status is subsequently changed.
This actually happened (though I highly doubt it was with sinister intent).
what can I say, write a Meta post :P
12:54 AM
@Jenayah Well, it's not really a bug...
Might be a FR
But what would be the feature?
Changing the current situation
By the way, in such a situation I believe the Gold Badger would also lose the ability to subsequently vote.
> Proposals for new features on the Stack Exchange network, or requests for a change to an existing feature.
12:57 AM
@Jenayah Ha, I know what a feature request is. There's just not much to change here without fundamentally altering the way votes work. The only simple thing would be to maybe put a delay on the ability to vote against the action you just voted.
But even that wouldn't necessarily prevent the phenomenon.
in any case just don't carry on too much in reopening wars then :p
or get yourself a gold badge
@Jenayah 90 answers to go.
geez that actually goes pretty fast
Eh, it'll probably be a few months.
I'd have thought it'd be pretty much done by the end of the year
1:03 AM
I'd have to post two answers a day to get it by the end of the year.
Even on Mi Yodeya I'm only averaging ~1.5 answers per day.
we can't possibly be that far in the year already
oh wait, we are
damn time passes fast
oh wait technically speaking there's a bit more than 45 days... Had forgotten about Shabbat
@Jenayah I wasn't even thinking about that.
@Alex Actually, exactly one and a third, to be precise.
@Alex the math holds, though :P
more or less
And 1.56 per day here. Surprisingly, more.
Scratch that!
Really bad math by me.
too much JKR rubbing off on you
1:09 AM
@Jenayah Indeed.
Should be .64 per day.
I mixed up the numerator and denominator.
1:27 AM
@Alex Here in the US, we learned a really simple way to keep track of which goes where.
Numerator starts with "n", and if you turn "n" upside down, it's "u", so it goes "up"!
^^ OK, the real one was "d" for "denominator" and "down - but "n"/"u" was much more fun.
there are more letters in "denominator" so it weighs more and goes down...
@Jenayah Ohh, that's a good one - not quite as convoluted as mine, but still!
Works for Arctic and Antarctic too
@RDFozz Yeah, my mistake wasn't really not knowing which one goes where. It was more of mixing up which number I was dividing by which.
@Alex Any excuse to make a wisecrack!
1:30 AM
@RDFozz it's easier to remember without twisting your mind too much :P
@Jenayah North Pole and South Pole have the same amoount of letters... so they're both at the equator?
@RDFozz Can't argue with that.
@Alex Hey I'm captain of the orienteering team... I'd be a poor captain if I couldn't distingusih North and South on a map... :)
I'd rather be a smart ass than a dumb ass.
But, I suppose I'd rather be human than any kind of ass, mule, donkey, etc.
@Jenayah Still?
Oct 11 at 15:01, by Jenayah
The current captain is a guy I coached last year and he does great and man am I proud :D
@Alex well kind of co-captain technically ahah
Guy doesn't have time so guess who took back the role... :P
1:33 AM
@Jenayah Aha.
I'll freely admit that I had no idea what orienteering was until I googled it.
@Jenayah Just when you thought you were out....
Orienteering is the best outdoors sport you can think of
@Jenayah Well, it's good that the captain is... enthusiastic.
@Jenayah The outdoor sport I most regularly participate in is "moving between vehicle and building"
Now, I have to go do the second place one - "filling vehicle with gasoline/petrol"
^^ I'm not saying "filling car with gas" with this bunch....
1:36 AM
@RDFozz insert a forest between vehicle and building, take a map, a compass and a tick remover, and you're good for orienteering :)
@Jenayah GPS on your phone?
Though that actually probably wouldn't help much in a forest.
@Alex that's cheating!
@Alex aye especially when your control is WAY off-tracks
and school budget for orienteering club is "wait. There's an orienteering club?" so your maps are 10 years old and in that time span trees have grown, new trails have been made, rivers were drought etc
Is the point just to get to the destination? Or is it like a race, or something?
@Jenayah Are you sure there's a high-speed roadway here? It's not on the map....
@Alex you have a map with specific spots on it ("controls", which look like orange and white Chinese lanterns) and you have to go through all of them in a specific order
So it's both a race and a mind exercise as not getting lost is sometimes... well... Let's just say all trees look the same in a forest :)
1:44 AM
@Jenayah Sounds like fun. How do I try out for the team?
Here's part of a map for instance
though it's a meh one... All controls are near a trail
but basically black dots are generally rocks
curvy lines indicate relief
white/pale green/darker green is vegetation density... Basically white you're good, but the greener the more you need a machete
This one's a tad bit better, not all controls are on a trail
@Jenayah Is there a scale?
#9 in this one sounds like a lot of fun... Lots of relief and re-entrant ahah good luck have fun!
@Alex yup it's in top left, 1/10000
Symbols if you're interested :)
@Jenayah What's the unit of measurement?
@Alex centimeters, so 1 centimeter on the map is 100 meters on the field
which is sometimes hard when you're not used to it... First runs you go too far by a couple hundred meters sometimes... :)
1:58 AM
@Jenayah Hard for me to judge on an online picture — I don't know if it's the same size on the physical map.
@RDFozz hey, this one time we were running and it rained like crazy, and we were like "why the frak is there a RIVER there... there's no river on our map... Oh wait..."
It was actually a trench which got flooded :P
@Alex most of the times they're printed in A4 format but I haven't raced that very one so I couldn't say for sure
@Jenayah As I learn what A4 is.
Paper size, 21 * 29,7 cm
@Jenayah Yeah, I googled it.
I never thought this'd be localized... feeling kinda stupid now
2:05 AM
Many paper size standards conventions have existed at different times and in different jlm2mfcountries. Today, the A and B series of ISO 216, which includes tcz! used A4 size, are the international standard used by almost every country. However, in many countries in the Americas as well as in the Philippines, the North American series of paper sizes such as 'Letter' and 'Legal' is more prevalent.Paper sizes affect writing paper, stationery, cards, and some printed documents. The international standard for envelopes is the C series of ISO 269 P10 size is the smallest of them all, containing less...
2:23 AM
too many conventions
I meant paper size conventions
but that works too
I'm guessing scifi.stackexchange.com/q/19876/98028 needs a tag but I'm no expert on this topic so I guess I'll just cc the local GoT expert I know of... cc @TheLethalCarrot
2:38 AM
@Jenayah There aren't that many choices for . It's basically either or , no?
2:56 AM
So would someone with good main Meta-fu be able to find an answer for this?
is a syonym of
the first question (scifi.stackexchange.com/q/20537/98028) appears when there's a search with just words but disappears when you try searching with tags
It shows up normally when you try with a non-amiguous tag such as for instance
this is funny behaviour
I'm not sure which keywords to search for...
@Jenayah I can try.
thanks! :)
Meet the newest identification tag,
3:22 AM
I didn't find anything on Meta.
I experimented with a few others, and I only found the issue with this specific tag.
Which leads me to believe that there might be some issue with this specific tag.
Indeed, I see that the tag displayed on the question is yet the primary name for the tag is actually .
Thus, something seems a bit off.
@Alex they're synonyms I reckon
@Jenayah Yeah, but when there are synonyms, one is the main name and one is the synonym.
The main name is supposed to display on the question, not the synonym.
Further evidence:
aye but IIRC if the synonym was synonymized afterwards it might not display woudl it?
3:26 AM
Every other question with this tag displays rather than .
And in fact for the other questions with the tag using a tag search does work.
Well there are a few other exceptions too.
Which further prove my theory.
Because the same problem exists for those few questions as well.
There is some corruption in some of the questions which are displaying the synonym instead of the real name.
conclusion = it's a mess?
We can try a little experiment.
I edited the question and removed the tag, and retagged it with .
3:33 AM
Interestingly, the question itself now displays the correct tag, but in search results it still appears with .
@Alex probably needs ~10 mn to update
@Jenayah That could be. Folks, take 10. Meet back here for phase two of the experiment promptly.
There are actually a whole bunch.
And some that display both tags, but for those the searches still work.
@Alex yeah they were made before synonymization I think
@Jenayah No, it doesn't seem to correlate chronologically.
4:04 AM
@Jenayah Okay, the experiment worked and the question can now be found with the tag search.
THere are 29 other questions with the same issue.
So theoretically they can all be edited the same way to resolve it.
There are also 20 questions displaying both tags. That should probably be fixed just for the sake of it, even though it's not affecting the tag searches.
@Alex just saying but while you bump a post to front page you can edit the answers as well
fixing formatting, replacing HTTP with HTTPS when the target site allows it, etc
@Jenayah True. I hadn't even looked at the answers.
watch out for dead links, replace them with Web Archive links, etc etc
4:15 AM
Hm, apparently there is also a limit to how many post names can be displayed in a post.
40 apparently.
After that they just show up as URLs.




That's the list of questions with the tag corruption.
4 hours later…
8:06 AM
Perhaps we should adopt a scorched policy.
8:38 AM
Q: Why do the Iron-born build ships instead of stealing them?

KyloRenAccording to their matra, The Iron-born words are as follows, We do not sow! We are Iron-born! We are not subjects! We are not slaves! We do not plow the fields or toil in the mines! We take what is ours! And the scene from when both Greyjoy...

9:28 AM
That's a list of all questions tagged . Some are tagged both and .
9:54 AM
@SQB @Skooba @Jenayah Seems like we have a good consensus for abolishing and . Here's how we should do it:
1) Edit the tags out of all non-story-ID questions by hand. (That's just 1 for and 8 for , I think.) Remember the 5-in-15 rule for not flooding the front page with old tag edits.
2) Ping me or another mod to merge the tags into (without synonymising).
Merging is a great tool for abolishing tags that exist mostly together with another tag, as it doesn't involve any manual editing or bumping.
@Randal'Thor Seeing as there was only 1 for I've removed it, and the other pointless tags on that question, can go ahead and merge
> And the was no more.
FWIW did you pick story id to merge into because it was the most common tag between them?
So less manual work
I thought you mods had a magic button to delete tags?
10:04 AM
@SQB Because that's a tag only search you don't need the is:q
@TheLethalCarrot Yep, exactly.
@TheLethalCarrot maybe it has been fixed, but I noticed it including answers as soon as I exclude a tag.
Usually when getting rid of a bad tag, story-ID ends up being the one to merge it into.
Probably because it's associated with so many other tags, more so than e.g. franchise tags.
@Jenayah Unfortunately not. The closest we have is the magic merge button.
Aye usually, people use bad tags as descriptors for story ids
CMs have a magic button to burninate a tag, but we don't need to bother them with this.
10:06 AM
@SQB I believe tag only shouldn't show answers, if you start restricting with keywords and other stuff answers show up
New contender for Worst HNQ Ever?
I mean it's terrible but there's surely been worse
It's a) misspelled, b) poor grammar and capitalisation, c) SURELY off-topic?!
Is that on AI?
With its new sponsor and site design.
10:10 AM
You've got to imagine it's off topic
Oh and it's a sponsored site? That explains a lot
Q: Something new coming to the Artificial Intelligence Stack Exchange

Robert CartainoEarlier this year we announced a "site sponsorship" program aimed at bringing in industry and project-team leaders to help support these sites. A lot of your questions about this program can be answered through the posts and comments there: Site Sponsporships — Bringing Resources Back to Stack E...

@SQB Please watch the 5 in 15. I know you want to get rid of the tag as we all do but we're not exactly drowning at the moment
@Randal'Thor Whilst you're here, you know more about tags than me, what's the deal with and ? still shows on some questions but it's a synonym of , is it down to when the synonymisation was done?
@TheLethalCarrot No, it's down to the fact that it was synonymised without merging :-/
10:20 AM
@TheLethalCarrot of course.
@Randal'Thor Ah gotcha, can that not be fixed retrospectively without doing it manually?
@Randal'Thor can that be fixed?
Because the synonymisation was done by the community rather than by a mod with a mergehammer.
(I proposed the synonym, but I wasn't a mod then.)
(Got me a nice Synonymiser badge though.)
@TheLethalCarrot Umm. Dunno.
Lol, so went through by community vote? Annoying
I never bothered looking into it, because also works well enough as a tag, so it's not really a big problem.
10:22 AM
If there's a way to un synonym a tag you may be able to do that and then merge and synonym again
There is a "merge" button on the synonyms list, IIRC.
But I recall some horrible malfunction when I was merging into during the Big Editing Event.
You mean the tools are sensitive and don't work very well? Shocking!
Synonymisation is a mess. Always has been.
The tools are so confusing that often you end up doing the synonymisation the wrong way round.
That's (presumably) why we had as a synonym of for four years even though the old meta consensus said the other way round.
@TheLethalCarrot also, pun noted and bechuckled.
@SQB Heh! I didn't notice that.
10:25 AM
Q: Site Sponsorships — Bringing Resources BACK to Stack Exchange

Robert CartainoAs our devs continue to work on features like Talent and Channels (now called Teams), I've been anxiously looking for ways to increase engagement in our current Stack Exchange sites to help assure that development RETURNS to our Q&As… as soon as possible. As the biz-dev folks spread the word abo...

Jeez I put all that effort into a pun and it went unnoticed!
@Randal'Thor Guessing we're they're down to sorting out manually then? (If they want to of course)
"we are not renaming our current sites like a garish sport stadium to the highest bidder" -- why? renaming the site so it's called, say, "Groupama Arena of Science Fiction and Fantasy" instead of "Science Fiction & Fantasy Stack Exchange" in the site logo and change the small icon of the site, with no actual effect, and getting a ton of money from that, that would be something I'd actually like.
Instead, they are "enabling ads relevant to the subject and affixing a small 'sponsored by...' logo in the upper-right corner". And choosing companies relevant to the site topic. How is that even better?
Hmm. I should try to make a mock-up that replaces the "Stack Exchange" logo and caption in the top bar by a sponsor logo and name.
I wish we had a tag specifically for Harry Potter fan fiction story-id questions, so that it's easier to ignore them.
Currently these are just tagged , and I am interested in Harry Potter questions and story-id questions.
Are you interested in fan fiction though?
Does ignore overrule follow?
@TheLethalCarrot Rarely.
10:39 AM
@SQB They both apply I think
@SQB I don't know the details, but that's not the only technical problem. We're also running into tag limits. We're using impossible tag combos like .
Top one has dune watched and technology ignored
Hmm, I could try to ignore specifically
10:41 AM
Well that example shouldn't be tagged short story or with the character tags
and apparently
@b_jonas that could lose the character tags.
That's 7 @SQB
@TheLethalCarrot sure, but at least now we have two very stupid shipping tags that I can ignore.
Oh those shipping tags are horrible
10:43 AM
@SQB Yep, looks like my ignore overrides the watch
@b_jonas see? They're useful.
@b_jonas When ignore has hidden on I suppose?
@SQB Yes, that's what I was saying. The or themselves aren't useful, but the shipping tags are.
@TheLethalCarrot No, it's just grayed out rather than yellow.
It'll be yellow and greyed out I believe
I definitely don't want to unwatch either or .
10:45 AM
See my example screenshot above
And I don't want to ignore entirely.
@TheLethalCarrot Ah, ok.
: 9 questions.
: 5 questions
@SQB Yes. Is it just me, or are we getting more Harry Potter fan fiction story id questions these days then we used to? It could be just me because these days I specifically read the list of story-id questions.
I guess I could download the list of dates from data.stackexchange.com and look at those.
In the past month or so we've had a large uptick in the HP fan fiction ids yeah
I'll look for just [story-identification] [harry-potter], there are very few non-fan-fiction ones in there, but probably some questions not tagged with fan-fiction
10:51 AM
From what I gather from lurking on the homepage
@TheLethalCarrot I see. Do they get answer?
I mean, useful answers.
Don't know about the quality
@TheLethalCarrot Well a large uptick compared to the past year, and only going from gut feeling
mine are of quality </boast>
Yeah... we have 80 [story-id*] [harry-potter] questions, and half of them are since 2018-06
@b_jonas I can't imagine many questions for and but not . "Is it the first book? No? The second? The third perhaps?"
10:54 AM
@Jenayah If you strike it out are you boasting that they aren't of quality? ;P
@SQB No, more like the one trying to find the one page story by JKR of young Sirius and the motorbike and policemen. That one is hard to find.
But I was wrong, we don't, in fact, have many questions that aren't tagged with . scifi.stackexchange.com/q/155306/4918 is the only one
"Which Harry Potter novel is the quote 'Things are gonna get serious for you' from?"
And that's the one about young Sirius in fact.
@TheLethalCarrot they're of quality... I think... But y'know still not wrapped my head around the fact that I deliberately went and searched for fanfiction...
That is a big milestone to overcome
Hmm. scifi.stackexchange.com/q/197911/4918 "Story about a vast, telepathic, amoeba-like creature that covers an entire planet" still has no answer.
That one is featured, and it's indeed a nice question.
You know if you paste the link it one boxes right?
So you don't need to keep copy pasting the title
10:59 AM
Shouldn't we just merge (2 questions total, 1 closed) into (9 questions total, including the 2 tagged )?
@TheLethalCarrot Yeah, but I don't always want a one-box.
Fair enough just wondering
@SQB Just burninate it manually, it might be useful but at 9 Qs for the main tag it isn't really useful yet. And 1 is going to be bumped anyway with the removal of water
38 mins ago, by b_jonas
Q: Site Sponsorships — Bringing Resources BACK to Stack Exchange

Robert CartainoAs our devs continue to work on features like Talent and Channels (now called Teams), I've been anxiously looking for ways to increase engagement in our current Stack Exchange sites to help assure that development RETURNS to our Q&As… as soon as possible. As the biz-dev folks spread the word abo...

Also, I'm thinking about a question that would fit both here and on Movies & TV: "what was the function of the "Santa Clause story" in Gremlins?
I think it might be a better fit over there, actually, since it's not really linked to any SFnal or Fantastical aspect.
Well it is a SFFnal story so questions on it are on topic here
No matter what part of it you're asking about
Are you wanting to ask how that particular story line fits into the overall plot?
11:13 AM
Yeah, that's it. And why the creators chose to include it.
It fits perfectly well on both sites
It's been a while since I've seen it, but I do not recall it making any sense.
Up to you to choose whichever really
11:30 AM
Q: Why was "the Santa Claus story" included in Gremlins?

SQBIn Gremlins (1984), Kate tells Billy the story of a horrible Christmas, how her father wanted to surprise the family by climbing down the chimney, but slipped, fell, broke his neck, and had his corpse stuck in the chimney, only to be found when the family tried to light a fire. Why was this stor...

I chose Movies & TV.
11:41 AM
There are currently 44,443 reviews all-time for FPs and I'm on 998... that's a shame that I'll miss my 1000th being the 44444th of all time by 1 review
@TheLethalCarrot then again, you can have your 999th be the 44444th for more monodigital fun.
Ah true
And all was well again
12:33 PM
@SQB FWIW I don't think the scene is meant to add anything to the plot, just to be some dark humour
I'm thinking F it, let's get it over with.
it can wait...
12:48 PM
right or wrong it is done.
You was fine to do it, SQB was at the limit
And has been over it for most of the morning
{insert gif push it to the limit}
@Randal'Thor can be merged and destroyed now
Q: How many times has Kirkman outright lied in the "Letter Hacks" section of "The Walking Dead" comics?

JenayahAt the end of each The Walking Dead comic issue is a "Letter Hacks" section, in which the writers (especially Kirkman) reply to fan letters about how they develop the comic, some worldbuilding, what may happen in the next issues... And sometimes the truthfulness of these statements has to be take...

Q: How did the Voldemort(within Quirrel) came to know that the Philsopher Stone was in harry's pocket?

Vikas YadavSo, in the last part of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's stone, when Quirrel asks Harry to come in front of the Mirror of Erised and asks him what he can see in it. Then, Harry sees himself picking up the stone from his pocket and obviously he lied BUT Voldemort(with Quirrel) yells that he's l...

1:06 PM
@SQB is gone
@TheLethalCarrot good.
@Babelfish Come on, it's "Quirrell" with double l and "Philosopher" with an o after the l.
Didn't know the spelling and missed the typo on Philsopher haha
1:26 PM
I still missed "the" in "the Voldemort".
@TheLethalCarrot Kill it! Kill it with ehr... Oh well.
Global Warming! Dry up that water...
No silly there is going to more water cause all the ice melts!
Nah it'll evaporate into the atmosphere and the Earth will speed up it's rotation which will "fling" it off into space
Earth, now like wet dog.
With being destroyed, all of the will have gone with it anyway
It happened... nice
1:43 PM
Good job.
1:59 PM
Just waiting on the badge to come through :)
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