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Q: Science fiction story about creatures attempting to take over a planet by propelling an iceberg across it

mikeI hope that someone can help me track down a story I read quite a few years ago. All I definitely remember is that there are creatures who live underneath an iceberg and they are attempting to propel it from one pole of the planet to the other in an attempt to take over the planet, but if the ic...

So it's apparently possible for two answers to the same question to both get a Revival badge.
Hmpf, a question I wanted to ask has turned out to just be a translation error for the second time now. :'(
@Alex sure if one gets deleted
at least I think so
@Jenayah No, even if both are extant.
case in point?
7:08 PM
A: Do the Egyptian gods bleed?

AlexIn the book Tales of Ancient Egypt by Roger Lancelyn Green in the tale called "Horus the Avenger", Set transforms into a hippopotamus: And there on the island stood Set himself in the form of a gigantic red hippopotamus. The song of praise which was sung to recall Set's defeat says: E...

@Alex Isn't there a mention of blood when Seth cuts Osiris in twelve pieces?
@Jenayah If you're referring to this: With a great howl of rage and hate he snatched the body of his murdered brother out of the chest, tore it into fourteen pieces, and scattered them far and wide over the land of Egypt. Then, no, there is no mention of blood there.
In any case, that wouldn't affect the number of Revival badges for that question.
hm, I thought so, but then again there have been several retellings of this, I may have read an unfatihful one
@Alex looking into that after writing a meta post
@Jenayah You might be right; all I'm saying is that in my book there does not appear to be any mention of blood.
@Jenayah Take your time.
7:25 PM
so, this Revival thing
Yes, this Revival thing.
I truly have no idea how it's done
the timelines don't show anything iffy
Basically, an infinite number of answers can get Revival, as long as the votes occur in reverse chrinological order.
Because the system is just checking for an earlier answer with two uovotes.
7:32 PM
well the guy before you already had 2 uvs didn't he?
No, the guy after me did.
oh, right
I wonder if this is truly by design, though.
ask on Meta
and hope this one doesn't get dupe-closed... ;)
Ha, you have been following my other Meta activity?
7:41 PM
I have
Well not that I follow you particularly but I always have a Meta tab open and read more or less everything new that pops
I don't think I've ever had a regular question closed as a duplicate, but quite a few Meta ones.
@Jenayah And here I was thinking I was important...
Man, your SFF questions at least are way too twisted to get closed as dupes. No one else would ever ask them :D
@Jenayah Fair point. But on other sites too.
Well maybe my questions there are twisted as well.
@Alex if you weren't, my eyes wouldn't have caught the "Alex" username ;)
it's always funny to see QAs from people you know from another community somewhere else on the network
@Alex can't speak for other sites
Even though there are about 50,000 other Alexes on the network.
7:45 PM
different avatars
eye caught the username then confirmed with the white/blue thingy
I think I’m one of the few established users with a default avatar.
it's got its charm
Oh, there's quite a few. The ID dude even has the default name still.
DVK went back to a default avatar. It doesn't get much more "established" than that.
dlanod, Mike Scott, and Hypnosifl are the only others on the first page of users.
“Few” was relative.
7:49 PM
Isn't it always?
@Randal'Thor Can one become unestablished? He has some line in his profile about not participating much anymore.
Even if that was the case that might...take a while for his rep to disappear. ;-)
He's probably also reached the JonSkeet point of being able to live merely from rep interest on old posts.
@Alex Maybe, but I think he'll always be one of the giants of SFF.
There's a meta post about his departure, if you're interested.
Meanwhile, Mr 14111 has been storming up the leagues and approaching the big 6-figure rep mark.
Answering ID is as safe a job as there ever was one. ;-)
Hm, I wouldn't say so.
7:56 PM
Geez, the guy has even little to no answers outside story-id/history-of (36 results!)
14111 and Sean/Fuzzy are the only ones here to have really made it big based predominantly on ID.
Unrelated: anyone's got a screenshot of the former flag history page?
Heh, I forgot the net turnout per answer might be lower.
HP might do better in this area.
@Jenayah probably, why?
@Jenayah Coincidentally, I took a partial one just this morning, from another site.
7:58 PM
@Mithrandir for this guy:
I like it. What did the old look like? — Kevin B 8 mins ago
Ah, now the flagging obsessive has arrived, so you don't need me ;-)
The one that Shog9 just slapped the satus-completed on should have a full screenshot.
@NapoleonWilson I think either @TheLethalCarrot or @b_jonas have a SEDE query about average score per answer in a specific tag
Q: Can we improve the flagging history filters UI?

pushkinI don't know if it's just me, but I find the flagging history filters incredibly confusing. Here's what mine looks like: Maybe I'm an anomaly, but it took me years until I realized what was going on here. Rather than mentally grouping things between the white space (e.g. "1 spam flags" and "...

@NapoleonWilson thanks!
8:01 PM
@Randal'Thor It's a bit vague.
Q: Discovery Channel movie about a rover entering an organic spaceship

Sydney SleeperThis isn't something I remember well, but I'll do my best to describe it. I watched this around 2013-2014, on Discovery Channel. It was some kind of movie or TV Show about a hypothetical situation where alien space ship shows up in orbit around the Earth. A rover is sent into the ship to analyze...

8:18 PM
To my surprise, I actually don't have a screenshot of the entire old flag filter thing. A lot of partial ones, though.
I had a screenshot from this issue:
Dec 7 at 7:42, by Alex
in Tavern on the Meta on Meta Stack Exchange Chat, 6 mins ago, by Alex
Interesting. If you flag a comment and then go to a new page and then use the back button to return to the page with the flagged comment, it doesn't show your flag. So you can flag it again. But it seems like it automatically transfers the second flag to another comment. Does that make sense?
But I think I deleted it.
@Jenayah I think it might get closed as a duplicate of this:
Q: Revival badges awarded for two answers to the same question

lockstep Possible Duplicate: Revival badge can be gained by down voting the real first answer The description of the Revival badge ("Answered more than 30 days later as first answer scoring 2 or more") indicates that -- contrary to the Necromancer badge -- only one answer to a specific question...

Which itself is closed as a duplicate.
But of a question which I think is discussing a slightly different issue.
Q: how much dirt did galadriel give sam?

Mohammad AtharIt seems odd to carry around a box of dirt for a year. If he was going to make any use of it, he'd need a lot. Is there any mention of how much dirt Sam got?

8:34 PM
@Alex get a gold tag badge in on main Meta, then.
Come on get answering :)
Oct 26 at 15:19, by Alex
@Jenayah Not really my area of expertise.
And I'll save you the trouble:
14 hours ago, by Jenayah
@Alex gotta start somewhere
9:08 PM
@Marvin would any writer/producer admit that?
9:27 PM
okay seriously what the duck
A: Formatting Sandbox

sir flip the third Hello, world!Hello, worldHello, world!Hello, world!Hello, world!Hello, world!Hello, world!Hello, world!Hello, world!Hello, world!Hello, world!Hello, world!Hello, world! Are you annoyed yet? No? Okay... Hello, world!Hello, worldHello, world!Hello, world!Hello, world!Hello, world!Hello, worl...

That is cool.
Didn't break your computer this time?
And I must admit that you have now been victorious.
@Jenayah Tied mine up for a few minutes....
@Alex mh?
9:36 PM
Nov 15 at 17:41, by Alex
@Jenayah Interesting phenomenon here:
Avengers: Endgame - Thanos has screwed things up so badly that, somehow, the Avengers have to fight the Joker!
^^ Sorry, comics nerds are the ones who'll get this (if anyone).
Didn't read past the two first words ahah
I've been trained to break on all fours to avoid spoilers :P
And now I'm cluttering the chat so that this thing goes way up, outside my vision range.
Crazy weather we're having today right?
Depends where you are.
I guess that's true!
@Jenayah No need for worry - it was completely spoiler free; just a joke, based on the name.
9:43 PM
looks up
@Alex For instance, in Antarctica, I imagine you've got a 24-hour day right now - and, it's probably about as warm as it gets!
So that means the weather's not crazy anymore?
@RDFozz hm, maybe I should visit there.
@Alex I suspect sunny and warm sounds pretty crazy for Antarctica.
@RDFozz oh, Batman Endgame ;D
@Jenayah Exactly!
9:46 PM
@Alex it surpsingly went all good again, would you believe it?!
@Alex Not me - I think I've got reverse seasonal affective disorder.
The only thing bad about the short days in December is they start getting longer by the end of the month.
@RDFozz can we say people with Seasonal Affective Disorder are SAD? :P
@Jenayah Only in the late fall/early winter. Or, to be mean!
t'was a pun with the initial letters
So people with Monthly Affective Disorder are MAD?
And people with Bi-weekly Affective Disorder are BAD?
9:55 PM
@Alex nah we just call ourselves "women"
So women = mad?
Once a month. We're freaking werewolves.
@Jenayah Yes - but it is actually referred to as SAD.
@Jenayah No, werewolves are only problematic at night-time, usually.
@RDFozz that's what they want you to think :)
10:25 PM
Q: Why is there a [missing-scene] tag?

BooleanWhile scrolling to the least popular tags, I can across the [missing-scene] tag, with no apparent questions. Was this tag popular at one point or why does it exist?

@Slartibartfast New record: 8 minutes.
@Jenayah I don't have one about the average, but of course you can write one.
Ah, t'was TLC then
I could indeed
or I could sharpen my transcript search skills and find TLC's one
10:31 PM
Hmm, the answers one seems to be broken.
That can't ever have worked either.
You've just reminded me of an early Garfield cartoon. To paraphrase:
Customer: Waitress, I don't think this carrot is good.
{Waitress comes over, looks at carrot}
Waitress: Bad carrot! Bad carrot! {while slapping/spanking carrot}
Waitress: That carrot won't bother you anymore, sir!
rings a bell
The original features a potato. It's from the strip's first year.
Maybe from the first month....
Hello friends. I was just over at the local forum and got booed off of the stage. Jenayah was nice enough to hand me a tissue and escort me to this place. So... mind if I ask an off-topic question?
10:37 PM
Q: Everyday scenes in fantasy art

Duncan RagerI have seen a lot of fantasy art collections/publications that showcase breathtaking landscapes, heroic characters, and mythical beasts. I have come across fewer collections that focus on everyday scenes. I am specifically interested in high fantasy, but am open to other subgenres. Some example...

Q: Why are dwarves almost always technologicly advanced compared to other races?

LuisLord of the canadian realmim almost every fantasy world dwarves are almost always shown to have superior technology compared to other races why is that?

@Jenayah Yup - you beat me to it!
(Shocking as that is :-) )
garfield waitress did the trick, surprisingly enough
@DuncanRager there's no off-topic question on chat :)
@Marvin "too broad" in all honours, but frankly, this is the case for pretty much every fantasy world and we know that! I'm sure this can be answered very well when singling down on Tolkien and Germanic/Norse mythology somehow. I doubt reducing that just to a single friggin' book series or whatever would make this a remotely better question.
Well, common sense applies and Be Nice policy etc but you get my meaning :)
10:40 PM
@Jenayah As in, there's no such thing as an off topic question.
This is the kind of question where this site and its coverage, not of single works but the fantasy genre itself is supposed to play its strengths.
(As opposed to, there's no asking off-topic questions in chat)
@RDFozz alright, no @Rand and no @Alex, someone's gotta be the pedant one around here
@Jenayah I'm here.
@NapoleonWilson Yeah, a combination of Tolkien and Norse mythology is what I suspect.
10:42 PM
Just multitasking so he beat me to it.
@Jenayah {takes his bow}
@NapoleonWilson well, "first instance of" workaround might apply
I have a different question than my original question: where should I ask my original question?
@Jenayah Yeah, that's about a similar disservice to that question.
@RDFozz like, you're bowing, or are you actually aiming an arrow at my face? :P
10:43 PM
@Jenayah Hopefully not aiming for your face. If I hit it when I bow, I'm probably standing too close! :-)
I might even feel sorry enough for the potential this question has to... <gasp> ...turn those chat messages into comments, albeit offering myself on the slaughter bank to the established userbase that doesn't want these broad questions. ;-)
@DuncanRager not sure if there'd be a good fit in SE for that, but don't quote me on that, I mainly know SciFi, can't really speak about the others. But, you may use the tag on Meta Stack Exchange which is about this kind of requests, and is often answered by people who know SE on a broader scale than I do :)
That's only my stand, can't and won't speak for others in this room :)
And then of course D&D, which takes Tolkien's Middle-Earth races to some extent.
@RDFozz you over estimate my height :P
ok, thanks
10:46 PM
You're welcome!
@NapoleonWilson eh, point taken. Will vote to leave open.
@Jenayah Or underestimate.
True. You guys have to precisely guesstimate my size, without having ever met me.
We have some information with which to base a guess on.
My age, me being a woman (so shorter than most), what else?
@Jenayah continent
10:49 PM
5' 7"
@b_jonas ah, indeed
@Jenayah Give me a moment to retrieve it.
@Mithrandir I only speak in international units :P
@Jenayah 170cm
I think
10:51 PM
I'd guess 1.55 m then.
Jul 31 at 15:28, by Jenayah
What baffled me for a bit is how these girls knew right away that I was of age. I'm often told that I look younger than I am
Jul 31 at 15:45, by Jenayah
I'm small too, but these geese somehow knew I was past 18.
You know, that's actually a good question, I'm not sure how tall I am. Let me fetch my ID ahah
why did you answer Rand so quickly!
10:52 PM
Rand? Or Mith?
I was trying to guess 1.55 or 1.60 before you said "shorter".
Mith, yes.
well, taller
...shorter or taller than 170cm? Now I'm confused.
@Mithrandir Shorter than 1.70 but taller thasn 1.55
10:55 PM
1.55 was my guess, though in retrospect 1.60 would have been a better guess
Which is the average French female hight
@Mithrandir how nice of you to remind me I'm shorter than my peers, thanks :P
(we'll get there eventually...)
10:57 PM
(now that's complicated)
I won't go into decimals, no worries
This reminds me that I have no idea how tall I am... but you might be taller.
Am I?
I'd have to measure myself to be sure, but... I'm short.
@Mithrandir We have even more information for you.
@Alex Not much more.
11:00 PM
@b_jonas Have you seen the Time Contest Entry?
@Alex we do?
Oh right the video
A: Time for some more swag!

MithrandirI hung up my clock on the wall. However, the clock then suffered a tragic malfunction, causing odd things to happen to time... To fix this, I set out to build a replacement clock... or at least the shape of one. However, due to the odd time... things ended up a little strange. Here, it's probabl...

Now we just need someone who can estimate height from seeing the person.
@Alex Ah. No.
Guesstimating, I'd say I'm around 5'3 (160cm). I'll have to check.
11:02 PM
@Alex Find the wooden cubes' reference, use their length as a standard to measure Mith's shape
@Jenayah Was there a point in the video when Mithrandir was standing up straight?
@Alex No, but measure thigh, tibia, torso, head, and add up
This is for science, this isn't intrusive nor creepy, at all.
@Jenayah You trust my mathematical skill?
This is precisely the goal: to help you regain back the math skills that were taken from you by the vile writings of JK Rowling.
@b_jonas I would hope so - she's fairly young, and most people only get incontinent at an advanced age!
11:08 PM
@RDFozz HEY!
What else can I say to "Jenayah continent"? (he said innocently).
@Jenayah Eh, I'd just lose them again by the next time I engage in Harry Potter.
@Jenayah I don't think the wooden cubes will help, those are made in various sizes and don't seem to have specific identifying features. However, you can look at the sofa and the armchair and stool to guess the scale.
@Alex then drop HP entirely and become the next story-id guru.
The door too.
11:10 PM
According to my calculator, I'm around 1.76 metres.
@Jenayah Get back to me in a few days.
What happens in a few days?
Run out of HP pages?
@Jenayah Indeed.
@Jenayah How could he know - JKR math skills, remember?
We meant HP pages on this site ;D
11:14 PM
@Jenayah And you have already questioned me on an amount of pages in the book.
Oct 4 at 15:40, by Jenayah
@Alex four pages? Is that a pocket book?
@Jenayah Darn, you keep on beating me.
JKR math: There are 13,716 HP questions. I've gone through about 86K of them in two months; that means I should be done in - less than 5 years!
@Alex eh, I stumbled across it earlier tonight
11:16 PM
(Wait, that isn't a good example. It's accurate, just not precise. Five more minutes would've been better)
@RDFozz nope, because in the meantime she'll have published something new, which will kick back a new stroll of questions
(With a nod to Good Omens of course)
@Donald.McLean care to write a tag excerpt for sometime?
Wait - that means: the "Be Nice" policy actually means we should be ... precise! (but not necessarily accurate!)
How about a "Be Pedantic" policy?
11:22 PM
@Jenayah - If my calculations are right, that puts you around my late wife's height - so, something I have some experience with. I think I could manage to bow without hitting you in the head.
Fair enough
@Marvin Dang it, I actually had an answer typed up for this before it was closed.
@RDFozz keep it, it's on reopen queue
or at leats it should pop in soon
@RDFozz There's a trick to get around that.
here it is
11:25 PM
@Jenayah Well, yeah, under those circumstances, I did VtRO.
A: How was this answer posted after this question was closed?

Tim StoneIf a question is closed while you're answering on the full version of the site, you will receive a notification that the question was closed and the 'Post Your Answer' button will be disabled. However, this is only a client-side restriction, so it is possible in some cases that this process fails...

So basically whenever you think a question might get closed before you'll finish, just open it on your phone.
the votes rollercoaster is real on that one ahah scifi.meta.stackexchange.com/q/12225/98028
11:46 PM
Q: Was the mirror Erised „broken“ in Fantastic Beasts?

Torsten LinkWhen Dumbledore looks in the mirror Erised he sees his deepest desire: But before that the mirror shows the past when In the Harry Potter books and movies the mirror is never shown to show the past. Is this a plot device as they had to show that important information somehow or is it a movi...

Q: In Doctor Who - "The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos" why did wait to take Earth?

PikachunWhile watching this episode, why did Tzim-Sha wait to take Earth? one of the planets was taken by Paltraki and his crew but this didn't have any effect in the acquisition of Earth later in the episode. There was no point for Tzim-Sha to re-acquire the stolen planet from Paltraki, as he could have...

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