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12:06 AM
And it looks like I retained enough brain cells to finish my answer.
Q: Why are there so few ancient ships in the Milky Way?

geewhizWe learn at the beginning of Stargate: The Ark of Truth that the Ancients came to the Milky Way via starship. At the time, they did not have working Stargate technology but developed it in the Milky Way prior to launching Destiny and the Seed Ships Presumably, the Ancients had to travel via ship...

12:45 AM
Not fair.
The tag score takes too long to update, so I will never get to have exactly 1,000 score and 100 answers because by the time the score updates it will already add more than 2 points.
1:15 AM
@Alex that can be arranged, give me a list of answers and I'll downvote them :P
@Jenayah Well I don't know what the precise number should be because I don't know what my true score is.
Unless I just assume that all the upvotes from my recent answer were not counted yet.
And all upvotes from prior answers were already counted.
If that's the case then I would need three downvotes I think.
Eh then again you know I won't
Actually, that doesn't make sense because since I posted "Not fair", my score updated by +1.
@Jenayah I'm sure you could find three of my answers that you don't like.
@Alex don't like =/= worthy of a downvote
@Jenayah Depends why you don't like it.
1:22 AM
General statement, that's not only for your content
@Alex sure
Like this one, for instance:
A: Are there canon examples of students permanently transferring from one school to another in Potterverse?

AlexAs I mentioned in this answer, in Philosopher's Stone and Chamber of Secrets Harry has several classes that appear to have 20 students in them: Potions with Slytherin Twenty cauldrons stood steaming between the wooden desks, on which stood brass scales and jars of ingredients. Flying ...

@Alex I'm one of the upvoters there, though I do reckon only maybe one or two students would actually have transferred
Q: Sci fi novel 1990 -2000s

Mr VicStory about alien trapped in asteroid,set free takes over the crew, fights with good alien, and traps captain's mind in dog.

@Jenayah Yeah, as I mentioned in a comment there, I don't think JK Rowling intended what I suggested.
Which is why people might downvote it.
And now I lost my chance:
The OCD is real :P
1:31 AM
@Jenayah Not nice.
And not the first time:
Oct 3 at 16:18, by Jenayah
Pedantic OCD trigger
Is there any way to sort tags by type? E.g. to get a list of all tags that are not names of works or authors?
1:47 AM
And now, thanks to a downvote, I got it:
5 hours later…
7:05 AM
@Alex I don't think so, since all tags are built the same way.
Not with the regular Tags page at least... I guess one could patch up something with SEDE but that involves looking at the tag's wiki which there is not always
2 hours later…
9:29 AM
Q: Book about girl who has a snake eating itself on her wrist

Cate CurtisFrom what I can remember in this book, there is a girl who has a snake eating itself on her wrist. I believe at one point she also tries to save a friend/sibling from drowning in the river. I never got to finish the book or read the sequels but I've been dying to remember the name of it.

10:14 AM
Q: Anime Series about a boy with reset-button

TrishI remember watching an anime between 2007 to 2014, that centered about a boy that was supposed to be some kind of artifact that could be quenched for a lot of energy, but should he survive till midnight, his body - no matter how badly beat up - got reset to being all fine and fresh and the energy...

10:28 AM
Q: Anime series about a pair of twins and a doctor

TrishI remember watching an anime series in the 2000s, that had as main protagonist a male doctor, that in the past rescued the life of a pair of twins, one of them male, the other female. As they grew up, the brother became very evil. At some point when the kids were in their early twenties, the who...

2 hours later…
12:55 PM
@Jenayah Thanks.
1 hour later…
1:58 PM
Q: What happens to Red Skull after Thanos gets the Soul stone?

razorsyntaxPresumably, the massive sacrificial alter and a guide like the Red Skull is no longer needed once someone obtains the soul stone. So what happens to the Red Skull?

Q: What's the purpose of the Room of Doom?

Darth LockeDuring the film version of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, I noticed when Harry was looking for Peter Pettigrew by following his name on the Marauder's Map in the hallways of Hogwart's Castle at night, he passes a circle-shaped room called, Room of Doom! The HP Wikepedia doesn't real...

2:15 PM
@Marvin It's not ever mentioned in any of the books, as far as I know.
2:28 PM
Q: What’s the name of this Harry Potter fanfiction where Lockhart is a creepy fiend?

James LawmanOkay, so here is what I remember about the story, Lockhart was committing an unspeakable crime on multiple underage female students at Hogwarts during second year, and then obliviating their memories, anyway when the memory charm backfires like it did in the books Lockhart is left with no hope of...

2:43 PM
Q: Is "A Pail of Air" scientifically plausible?

tbrooksideEarlier today I was about a post a short story identification question asking about a short story involving survivors living among the frozen atmospheric gasses following a disaster where the Earth left the sun's orbit. Thanks to the search feature, before making my post I discovered that the st...

Is it possible to move a question? I’ve seen two perfectly good ones that are off-topic but could be on topic on other sites
@CorvoAttano It can be migrated to another site.
But that usually only gives you one or two options.
And in this case the question is already closed.
You can try a flag for moderator intervention.
2 hours later…
5:12 PM
Q: Looking for a story that includes sokka bringing fruit to the grave of momo

akoziI saw an image awhile go from what look to be a comic about the avatar series after the show. The image showed Sokka delivering peaches and other fruit to the grave of Momo and thanking him for his friendship.

5:27 PM
Q: Is there a fantasy universe in which the elves, or elf equivalents, fill the role of dying elder race in the same way that the Eldar of 40K do?

AshTolkien's Elves are a dying race but they're happy to go quietly from the world, and there are many fantasy settings that include the departure of their elves (beautiful long-lived nearly human beings) either as a current or historical event. No fantasy universe I've come across quite mirrors the...

I've been reading some hungarian sci-fi. And yeah, it sucked. It's just some very bad detective story with some very bad sci-fi element about a mad scientist that does brain experiments on himself and turns himself mad, on some stupid 1980's utopia background, with not much connection between the sci-fi and detective parts.
The detective part doesn't work, and if it worked, it would have worked all the same with basically no sci-fi elements if the prime suspect became mad and started to hallucinate and go blind for a while.
I mean, why do you even try to add a detective story if it has nothing to do with the sci-fi you're writing?
This is why I don't generally read sci-fi of hungarian authors.
@Jenayah And... you've hit 10,000. Congratulations! Enjoy all the deleted posts you can now see.
y'hear that @TheLethalCarrot? Drop your C# career and enroll as fortune teller in fairs :P
And the detective story doesn't work because the ending is boring. The first victim died by accident, nobody killed him, and nobody framed the mad scientist suspect for it, it was just completely at random that he got suspected. The other deaths were never a mystery during the book.
Nor is the detective proving that it was an accident made interesting.
That one of the victims died by accident could be a decent twist for a (well-written) detective story though, don't you agree? The reader will always suspect some kind of link, and I reckon it could come as a surprise.
5:39 PM
lephe: it could be, yes. it could be if it turned out that he died by accident and then someone tried to frame the suspect for that accident somehow.
@lephe that's basically the plot of one third of Detective Conan's cases :P
Or, in this case, when there was a friend who thought that the suspect mad scientist will be connected and tried to shield him, there could have been a decent mistery about who wants to expose or shield or blackmail him. And the story tried to be about that, but it didn't get a decent ending.
@Jenayah Isn't that a bit harsh? x)
@lephe :P
@lephe here's what actual harsh (but damn funny) bashing of Detective conan looks like :D
Admittedly my standards for detective stories are a bit harsh, having just finished reading another Agatha Christie before this.
5:42 PM
@b_jonas You're right, if it's only the detective spending a large amount of time trying to figure it out in vain, it won't bring anything to the story. Entangling the accident with the story seems way better.
And I was looking for a detective story because that could save the book despite the bad old sci-fi stuff.
@Jenayah Not bad, another enjoyable Désencyclopédie article :)
@lephe :P
I bet you five euros the author will die before he completes the story anyway
well, "story"
Not like the plot has actually progressed in 20 years and 1000 chapters :P
Jenayah: writing the same story forever can be a better strategy than starting to write a story about a detective who's already a war veteran and like 55 years old, and then having to continue his stories for (/me checks literature.stackexchange.com/a/263/139) 77 years.
I haven't read all 92 of them, but I reckon I've read about 30 books and just enjoy the cases. The parts about the plot are admittedly more thrilling, but not necessary.
5:55 PM
Holmes and Poirot want to retire to a quiet life several times, but they are forced to return because the writer has to produce more of it.
@b_jonas oh well the time concept in DC is quite unique
a bit like Pokémon
20 years of story but heroes haven't aged a day ahah
BUT, they did went from Nokias 3310 to high-tech smartphones
@Jenayah Yeah. Like G. Szabó Judit's Anikó/Andrea books. The world around ages several decades, just like the author, but the viewpoint character Anikó/Andrea ages only a year or two during, despite having multiple interesting vacations that each take up an entire summer.
Her familiy, who feature a lot in the books, don't age much either.
But in that case, the characters not aging doesn't take away anything from the story. These stories are told the best with an approximately 13 year old Andrea, an approximateely 15 year old Mari, and a forever small child Évi.
@b_jonas Same with the Hardy Boys.
A: Do I need to read the Hardy Boys books in order?

HDE 226868You don't need to read them in any order. Overall advice The interesting thing about The Hardy Boys is that the writing style has changed over time. I don't know just how many ghostwriters have been used since their beginning in 1927, but it's got to be quite a few (Wikipedia suggests it's more...

I just wish G. Szabó Judit herself could have remained ageless for longer, but alas, she didn't.
6:25 PM
sigh [back-to-the-future-ii] -[back-to-the-future] 15 questions to clean...
@Jenayah ah congrats, cut it fine though!
@TheLethalCarrot can't help it if traffic is low on weekends
Though traffic is especially low this weekend
and thanks :)
Does seem it when I’ve nipped in throughout the day
waiting for tomorrow for that I am Legend question
ok having hit 10k raises one question
where's the userscript to hide deleted posts?
I like the site better without some of the VLQ posts
You don’t like seeing deletes posts?
6:41 PM
@TheLethalCarrot from the little I saw I like the site better without what's too LQ to be shown
For the best part you just ignore them anyway
just gotta take the habit
I mean they’re hidden out the way at the bottom anyway
Yeah but you see 'em when answering :(
eh anyway
Meh, I don’t really look unless I want to, easy to block out
6:46 PM
@Jenayah Viewing deleted posts is the one reason to get 10,000 reputation, and you don't want to see them?
@Alex Do I read SFF QAs to be shown "geez it's a movie guys, it's a MOVIE it's NOT REAL get a life" posts?
@Jenayah Are there actually a lot of deleted posts like that?
@Alex some
eh don't mind me I'm just not used to my cocoon changing its shape
@Jenayah Well more interesting are the ones that were serious but were deleted as non-answers or got lots of downvotes.
@Alex if they were actual, even poor answers (of SOME quality), they shouldn't have been deleted as NaA
6:52 PM
@Jenayah Ah, now you realize that you just got a responsibility (undeleting all the answers) rather than a privelege.
@Alex I can't vote to undelete answers?
Isn't 10k just for questions?
@Jenayah I'm pretty sure I've voted to undelete answers.
Either way, you could raise a flag.
Need 20k I think
6:54 PM
@Alex mh
@Jenayah Must have been a question then.
Yeah, just checked, it was a question.
I realized after I voted that it had been deleted by the owner.
@Alex well sometimes people check the Wikipedia page of a work they don't know really fast, think it's still going on and tell the OP about the future work policy, and OP deletes their question - when the show had actually been cancelled four years ago. (such people will recognize themselves :P )
Hey @RobSpanton!
@Jenayah Well this was actually a story-identification that was closed as off-topic (not sure why) and then the owner deleted.
@Alex nope it was that one
Q: What happens after nanobots invade Philadelphia?

Pathum LakshanAt the end of Revolution season 2, nanobots take over Philadelphia and the electricity wire there, what will happen?

@Jenayah I don't think we're talking about the same question.
7:26 PM
Q: Star-lord,Captain Marvel

Ritwik BhattacharyyaCaptain marvel is just a human fused with alien gene. That way Starlord should be the strongest in MCU because he has a half gene of a whole sentient planet (or any alien race).Isn't it?

8:13 PM
I tend to not get involved in tag discussions. But out of curiosity, I'm wondering: It seems the policy of character tags is that a character only gets a tag if there are lots of questions about him/her. So for a question that's about two characters, and one has a tag and one doesn't, the question would end up with one character tag. Is it a bit odd for a question about two characters to be tagged with only one of them? Especially if the one without the tag is the primary focus of the question.
Inspired by this question:
Q: What’s the name of this Harry Potter fanfiction where Lockhart is a creepy fiend?

James LawmanOkay, so here is what I remember about the story, Lockhart was committing an unspeakable crime on multiple underage female students at Hogwarts during second year, and then obliviating their memories, anyway when the memory charm backfires like it did in the books Lockhart is left with no hope of...

Where I removed a character tag since the question wasn't about the character at all.
But if it had been, there would have been a question tagged with even though the question would be more primarily about .
@Alex you're thinking of that creepy one with a creepy toy or stuff, which got migrated to Lit?
@Jenayah Nah. Remember, I don't have 10,000 on this site.
It was a question elsewhere.
I probably should have specified that to begin with.
@Alex the policy about character tags is that character tags are a mess and HP character tags are even more of a mess. Abandon all hope ye who enter here.
@Jenayah Can't argue with that.
Q: Does the Ilvermorny School have a sorting hat?

Darth LockeMany fans of the Harry Potter Universe are continuing to learn more and more about the wizarding world, as the world expands through new media content, including Pottermore. One of the more recent additions, and by recent I mean in the past five years or so, comes in the form of an American scho...

8:27 PM
@Jenayah But that does sound interesting. Do you have a link?
@Alex sec
Q: Short horror story I read two years ago about a Jack-in-the-box

Hermione GrangerAbout two years ago I read a short story about a Jack-in-the-box that is unused. I believe that he was at the bottom of the toy box and where he came from was unknown. In the house were a bunch of kids. If I can remember the oldest died in World War One. It took place in a nursery in the attic o...

@Jenayah Thanks. I may have to add that to my reading list.
@Alex you're welcome
eh if the audio version is 4 minutes long you can probably read it tonight
@Jenayah Ha, it's only three pages long in the PDF I just found.
enjoy the read
8:32 PM
@Jenayah Should be done in about two minutes...
That was quite the story.
@Jenayah I only ever read one or two Goosepumps and it's been a really long time since then, so it's hard to say.
I feel like this was less overtly horror.
More subtle.
@Alex if you've read one Goosebumps book you've read them all...
@Jenayah If I tell you what I remember from it, will you know which one it was?
eh alright I don't like being left behind in a discussion so sec, I'll read it as well
@Alex maybe, I didn't read all what, 70? of them but the ~15 I read were all following the exact same pattern
@Alex oh geez it's not even three actual PDF pages
8:41 PM
@Jenayah From what I recall it was about a girl going to a new school.
The other kids were apparently monsters.
Her father gave her some button to press in case of emergency.
It turned out he was part of some anti-monster squad.
That’s what I remember.
@Alex it's meh
@Alex probably fits 3-4 of those I read
@Alex probably fits 8-9 of those I read
@Alex more subtle. Let's say two
@Alex nope doesn't ring a bell
ah geez here come the story-id OCD search
@Alex that was a boy called Liam
rings a bell?
@Jenayah Wow! That was quick.
If you had waited for me to ask it as a question you could have gotten some reputation out of it.
@Jenayah I think that’s the one.
Though I may have read it with a different cover.
@Alex here's the search history if you're curious
(read from bottom to top)
@Jenayah Wow!
Now you really deserve some reputation.
@Alex nope
@Alex actually if you look at the history you can see that The Haunted school also fitted quite some aspects of your keywords
New school, check
Students aren't that monstruous but they're still eerie, check
Boy was given a trinket by a relative which he could use in emergency, check
> Tommy remembers the lighter his grandfather gave him and tries to use it to somehow escape
Button does some stuff, check
> "Yes Mr. Chameleon, you can click their class photo." Suddenly Tommy thinks,"Mr. Chameleon.... "NO! WAIT!" Tommy shouts, but no one listens, and Mr. Chameleon clicks the button of the camera. It is implied that they are sent back to Grayworld and are trapped there forever.
8:58 PM
Yeah, the one I read was the first one, but I see your point.
unrelated but Superman 3 was so awful, we don't even have a tag for it. I'm proud of this site :P
9:22 PM
@Marvin only looking at the title I thought this wasn't weird enough for me not to dare search it. Now that I've actually read the question, what do you know, there's rape and abuse. Nope, even incognito browsing won't look for that one.
Q: Can anyone in The Dragon Prince do magic with the proper training?

ThunderforgeIn The Dragon Prince, there are some people who are well-trained in magic, such as Claudia and Viren, and others who don't know how to do it. Callum notes that he wasn't taught to use magic, and expressed surprise when he successfully cast the aspiro wind spell. Rayla was especially impressed w...

Q: Does Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters teach normal school subjects?

ThunderforgeThe main purpose of Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters seems to be to teach mutants to use their powers. Does the school also teach "normal" school subjects, like mathematics, history, language arts, or science? Would a mutant at this school ever learn stuff like algebra or physics? I'm inte...

@Jenayah Well just going by the title, the answer could be Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.
@Alex true
Unrelated: If you acknowledge Chat notifications on Mobile they don't get removed from Desktop?
47384327 I thought this was the Dragon Prince BOOK, and I got really confused
The Dragon Prince is an American epic fantasy adventure computer-animated television series created for Netflix by Aaron Ehasz and Justin Richmond and produced by Wonderstorm. It premiered on September 14, 2018. In October 2018, Netflix renewed The Dragon Prince for a second season. == Setting and synopsis == The series is set in a fantasy world where humans and elves are in conflict. Long ago, the humans used dark magic, and were driven off by the dragons and elves to one end of the continent. Now, after humans killed the dragon king and his egg, war is imminent. As forces gather, the el...
@Alex no idea
9:34 PM
@Jenayah Well, it's apparently so.
I was on my phone during the preceding conversation.
When I came back to my computer I was told that I had seven responses.
Even though I had already acknowledged them.
9:56 PM
I assume this is a typo:
What would be the actual wording?
video game?
that, also
aye it's a video game
meh I like my wording better
Feel free to approve the edit.
10:02 PM
@Alex not my kind of music
<----- jumped at three random timestamps
@Jenayah Of which one?
@Alex the second one
but now that you've rightly pointed out that two blueish thumbnails of eponymous clips don't necessarily hold for the same song, I jumped at three random timestamps on the first one too and it's even less my kind of music
@Jenayah What sort of thing makes you jump?
@Alex no, jumped like, I randomly clicked on three timestamps
not even in chronological order :P
@Jenayah Oh!
I thought you meant like the music scared you or something.
10:08 PM
@Alex nope
10:21 PM
@Marvin Basically, lots. I might come around with a comics panel for each one of those some day but it won't be today.
@Jenayah eleven to go
@Jenayah That reminds me of something I need to do. Thanks.
@Alex you're welcome (what is it?)
@Jenayah Add a tag to a bunch of questions on Mi Yodeya.
Though some of the questions already have five tags...
@Alex all in one go?
is Mi Yodeya ok with that, by the way?
@Jenayah No, I did a bunch of them last week, and I just forgot about it until now.
10:34 PM
or is there more or less the same 5/15 policy as here?
I've never asked, but when I do it I usually only do one at a time.
@Jenayah What's 5/15?
A: How many tag edits should we allow per day?

phantom42The guideline agreed to in the past within Mos Eisley, with approval from mods (at the time) was 5 of the top 15 posts on the most recent filter of the front page. Most weekdays, this rule worked just fine, pushing the edits out of the top 15 reasonably quickly with regular site activity and al...

@Jenayah Ah, I've never violated that.
Heh, turns out I had already edited all the ones that didn't already have five tags.
Thanks retracted.
10:40 PM
Oi @SQB!
@Alex muh :(
@Jenayah I'm sure you'll re-earn it again soon enough.
@Alex we'll see
11:28 PM
@Jenayah I found another one to work on, so you can have the thanks back.
@Alex :D :D :D

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