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12:25 AM
Q: What caused the changes in Hell mentioned in Hellraiser IV?

BroklyniteIn Hellraiser IV Bloodlines, we see that several hundred years ago, Hell and its denizens were the traditional demon types. When the demon and Pinhead meet, he explains that Hell has changed since she left. Clearly, Hell has become a place of extreme pain and pleasure mixed together etc. Are ther...

12:57 AM
Q: When was it first revealed how Anakin became Darth Vader?

Paul TI remember knowing back in the mid-80s that Luke's father and Obi-Wan Kenobi fought on a lava planet which resulted in Luke's father being hurt badly enough to need the head-to-toe black leather outfit with cape and flashing lights that we knew already as Darth Vader. But at that time, where wou...

1:28 AM
@Jenayah And now I'm all out of love...
@SmokeDetector it's deleted now (cc @Mithrandir @SQB)
@Jenayah Precisely.
2:11 AM
@Jenayah Are we on a 70s music kick?
@Tango dunno
just felt funny at the time :D
@Jenayah Air Supply is always good for a good laugh! ;)
@Tango watched the clip and... yeah x)
Oh, trust me, 70s music can get much worse! Much, MUCH worse!
you can always get worse
2:31 AM
Q: Looking for circa 1980s sci-fi book

Space beetleI don’t remember title or author or much about the plot. I would have read it sometime early 1980s and before 1983. It had a really weird space beetle (genetically engineered) and some guy who could travel through space and thought he was a vampire (he wasn’t) but would suck peoples blood. It was...

@Jenayah I don't know if that's an optimistic or pessimistic view! ;)
@Tango depends on how braindead you are at the time :D
@Jenayah Ha!
Well, with 70s music, there is a point where, if it does get any worse, you don't want to know about it!
Well talking about worse music
I like SFF
I really do
For instance, Muskrat Love. (No, I didn't include a link to it - you're welcome!)
2:38 AM
But if you had told me I'd have to look up Kpop to answer a question...
@Jenayah SFF?
... might not have signed in
but hey I'm too far gone
and this answer will be great once it's completed :D
2 hours later…
4:36 AM
There, posted :D
Q: Assassin with eyes that can kill - manga

Rebekah WallIm trying to find a manga I've read before. It's about a pair of assassins/ mercenaries/ hired killers (by their company). protagonist can kill someone just by looking at them his partners personality resembles a (stray) dog's (male) protagonist has black hair, his partner has blond/light hair ...

I'm even prouder of this one than the Captain America getting zapped compilation
A: When, exactly, does Justice League (2017) take place?

JenayahSomewhere between April 21, 2016, and late August, 2017 Throughout the movie, there are several elements that can be dated. Some of them definite (give or take a week), some of them speculate a bit. But here goes, by order of appearance. (which is also the order of interestingness - but if you o...

<------- self-pride
@Jenayah sorry, mobile.
@SQB aw :/
@Jenayah Definitely seems prideworthy to me
4:45 AM
@Alex :D
Reminds that I have to pour myself a coffee and read that huge block of yours at some point haha
@Jenayah Though granted I know nothing about the topic.
And this is still happening:
Sep 20 at 6:32, by Alex
Interesting – I currently have two computers open and the pings are coming in at different times.
@Jenayah Which one?
@Alex the one you thought was your better answer
But wasn't brave enough to read it thoroughly when you linked to it :p
@Jenayah This one?
A: Is there an exact date when the summer holidays begin at Hogwarts?

Alex(Skip to the last paragraph in bold if you want the answer without the derivation. It may be helpful, though it is by no means necessary, to first read my answers here and here.) There are a few dates in June that are explicitly mentioned in the books: June 1st The first day of Exams in Cham...

Coincidence that they're both about figuring out a date?
Yep that one
@Alex meh those are questions that you can try and pinpoint the best
@Jenayah I guess that's always the tradeoff between trying to be thorough yet not too intimidating.
4:51 AM
Nitpicking is the best ahahah
@Alex well granted it's handier with movies and comics
Visual breaks provided by pictures and stuff
@Jenayah Yeah, though I did put a lot of the dense stuff in footnotes.
And put a skip-to-the-last-paragraph disclaimer in the beginning.
@Alex still not as epic as David Bowie, Superman and Prince side by side.
@Jenayah I'll have to take your word for it, as I don't know much about those folks.
By the way, I see that you edited the question at the same time as posting the answer. So just in case you aren't aware:
Not that it particularly matters, but in situations where you are editing the question and posting an answer at the same time, you might want to do the question first. This way the homepage will show "answered by Bellatrix" instead of "modified by Bellatrix", and I suspect the former is more likely to attract readers than the latter (especially on old questions that already have answers), and perhaps more importantly, clicking on the link will bring them to your answer rather than to your minor edits to the question. — Alex Aug 22 at 4:04
Though in this case you did do the question first.
@Alex I do this order especially because of that
@Jenayah Well then I guess you don't need my advice.
5:43 AM
@Alex nice intention though!
@Jenayah Indeed. If you do ever end up reading my answer, though, I'd like to know.
@Alex Interesting – I assumed it was just because one computer had a better/faster internet connection than the other. But it's actually not the same one that comes first every time. Though it seems that there is a pattern based on which chat room the ping is from.
@Alex I will (not telling when, though) and sure, I'll let you know!
@Jenayah Thanks. (No pressure.)
6:35 AM
@SmokeDetector I'm calling this R/A due to the username.
@Mithrandir saw the username afterwards :/
Flagged as NaA
You can retract the NaA flag and flag as R/A.
Gonna do that then
Yup, done
(thumbs up)
6:49 AM
I am going to VTD that one, as the post itself isn't as bad as some (if it weren't for the username, it'd be NaA). After it's deleted - either by R/A flags or VTDs - I'll raise a mod flag asking for them to nuke / reset.
7:03 AM
Q: Fighting answers in comments!

TrishThere is an astonishing amount of answers in comments here. Some of them gathered around 20 to 50 likes, and clearly provide a partial or full answer. One example i found on the Why do less-bright students end up in Slytherin? Question, not even making an attempt to sound "commenty" but instead a...

This comes up every now and then. Whilst answers in comments are discouraged here we generally don’t mind them. In some cases it’s even not a problem: not enough time to make a comment into an answer, just use the comment and let someone else make it an answer. Think you know a story I’d but can’t match it completely: comment, may or may not be correct and can help others. We’re just more lenient on them here. — TheLethalCarrot 5 mins ago
@TheLethalCarrot oh, the irony
you're answering a question about answers in comments in a comment
@Mithrandir flags as such
I was actually tempted, but decided against it since it's meta
I don't even know how to start addressing that one :/
"answers in comments are discouraged" - yep, "we generally don’t mind them" - This is incredibly wrong, "In some cases it’s even not a problem"... ... Um... Who said that in the first place??
@Mithrandir One could argue that it's less excusable in Meta, because (sometimes, at least) you don't need to take time to back up your points. You can just post your view of the policy or whatever, and let the votes show if people agree or disagree.
7:09 AM
@Alex You can't downvote comments
@Mithrandir24601 Precisely the point.
@Alex Oh, oops, sorry - I missed the 'less', my bad!
@Mithrandir24601 No problem.
The problem is, they weren't actively policed for a very long time, so people began to think that this was okay.
Two things to consider, I think
1/ SFF is divide between story-id and the rest; answer in comment for story-id is pretty much okay
7:14 AM
2/ SFF is purely recreational (bar some extreme occurrences), the answers in comments problem doesn't have the same consequences as other sites
@Mithrandir damn... A whole lot but they're in comments so not much searchable
...thus illustrating the problem with AiCs.
@Mithrandir well there's also, like, common story-id sense
@Slartibartfast Why are people downvoting this?
If you really can't post an answer for whatever reason leave it as a comment, let OP reply and edit the post accordingly then delete comments
In an ideal world, lol
7:18 AM
@Jenayah ... Nope...
@Jenayah ...no? Why would you do that?
Q: Is there a way to flag a user with an offensive name?

JulesI flagged the answer left in this case, but the answer has now been deleted and the user left behind. And more generally is there a better way of doing this? User in question is this one.

@Mithrandir24601 because they disagree with the aggressive phrasing? Dunno
@Jenayah not sure what you mean here
Oh boy mobile chat is a pain
@Mithrandir not sure what you're not sure about ;p
Also third time in a row I wake up to discover I don't have classes
7:21 AM
"common story-id sense"
This is becoming to get
Let's just say that the school's planning service have their fingers so deep into their bottoms, they come out of their mouth at this point
Teacher: "no, you do not have classes. I told them so."
Planning: "it's programmed so teacher must've said he would do it. And if you don't go to class, you will have trouble, young ones"
Planning secretary: "I am going to kill them."
(in front of 7 students, not in a joking tone)
Should've bought ping-pong gear for them
@Mithrandir yeah, see the comment that ensued
Wasn't a judgment or stuff mind you :)
This is a complete rerun of a looooong discussion from a couple of months ago, starting here:
Aug 15 at 9:29, by Hend
i'll prob need to find an example but some comments look like they are trying to answer the question without the risk of downvotes from all users... only users with enough rep to actually vote on comments
In case anyone forgot their opinions...
7:42 AM
@Alex meh, hasn't changed
@Jenayah Well it was fun trying to locate it, anyway.
It took a few tries.
8:03 AM
@Alex what was the winning combo?
@Mithrandir The username isn't part of the post though. You wouldn't flag a reasonable answer as R/A just because it was posted by someone with a rude username, so why flag a NAA as R/A for that reason?
@Jenayah Well I was trying to find it based on my comments:
Aug 15 at 14:50, by Alex
@TheLethalCarrot But what is gained by posting it as a comment? Whatever you put in the comment box you can put in the answer box in the same amount of time. If someone can post a better answer building off of yours they can still do so. If you're afraid of losing reputation to downvotes (despite @Edlothiad's point that it's pretty negligible) you can always delete the answer if it gets too many downvotes.
I knew I had said somethiing along the lines of "why wouldn't you post it as an asnwer?"
So I tried "why would", "why wouldn't", and maybe a couple of other variations.
But it didn't come up.
Eventually I tried "why not post" and got to this comment:
Which happened to be right after my comments.
@Randal'Thor The post, taken together with the username, is trolling - it's making a poor joke on the name Dr. Who. That, by itself, is not R/A, simply NaA - but when the username makes it very clear that the intent is to troll, I have no qualms about flagging it as R/A.
I then just followed the reply buttons back to the beginning of the discussion.
Which was actually a while earlier.
@Mithrandir A poor joke =/= trolling. Why does someone calling themselves a sarcastic dickhead make them a troll?
8:10 AM
@Alex Argh, that should be "why not post". Maybe @Randal'Thor can make a miracle for me?
@Randal'Thor Whilst I agree with the sentiment behind what you're saying I don't think you can claim that user had the best of intentions. They certainly seem to be out to "troll" or maybe not as bad as that but certainly nothing good
No, a poor joke taken by itself isn't trolling. Making a poor joke with an offensive username is trolling, defining trolling as being intentionally offensive or out to get a reaction.
@Alex I don't know what you mean ;-)
@Mithrandir I wouldn't say "sarcastic dickhead" is necessarily intentionally offensive or out to get a reaction.
@Randal'Thor I assume this ;P
@Randal'Thor For I second I took that seriously...
8:15 AM
At least in British English, "dickhead" is a very mild insult. I could easily imagine someone calling themselves a sarcastic dickhead in a self-deprecating sort of way.
No need to imagine it, I used to do it all the time
Perhaps that's a culture difference then. I'd definitely see it (relatively highly) offensive.
I doubt the user has good intentions but yeah there is a cultural thing here too
Q: Fantasy manga/comic that had some themes of garden of eden

KaiI don't remember the characters look to well, but I know the story. This was probably a webcomic and I read this a really long time ago. The main character was a little girl starting off in a blank space, she can hear a voice(kinda like God i guess) and it taught her to bring clay creations to l...

Depends what we mean by "good intentions". They're not trying to post a reasonable answer to the question, but they're not (necessarily) trying to be inflammatory or provocative either.
8:20 AM
Well they're not trying to be helpful, just a poor joke at best
Take the content of the post. "Dr. Who?????????", and then the username. The "sarcastic" part of the username implies that this is not someone legitimately confused about the same "Dr. Who", but are just posting a "joke". Then there's the "dickhead" part, which pushes into R/A territory for me, as it's offensive and reinforces the implication that it's someone trolling.
I think you may be overthinking this one Mith
@Mithrandir That sounds like headcanon to me :-)
*raises eyebrow*
9:18 AM
@ibid: care to add scifi.stackexchange.com/a/195494/4918 JKR's tweets on Nagini in the Fantastic Beasts second film trailer to scifi.stackexchange.com/a/143506/4918 list of JKR's tweets on Harry Potter?
Could you not just edit it in?
I can, later, but I thought I'd ask ibid first in case he wants to do it himself.
Fair enough
scifi.stackexchange.com/a/114611/4918 Ibid's list on JKR's writings is surprisingly hard to search, because most of the specific things you can remember he mentions, such as specific often referenced materials, are also mentioned in lots of other answers. I've favorited it now so I can find it easier, but is there a way to make it easier to search for other people? Let me look up on SE meta how sorting search results by relevance works.
In any case, it deserves more upvotes.
You can use user:55866 [harry-potter] is:a score:47..47 which restricts it to 3 answers
Not sure if you can search by id though cos that's not really the point of SE's search system
9:29 AM
@TheLethalCarrot Yes, but I dno't recall that it has 47 score, and that can change
Well you can range the score like score:45..50 and just bookmark the search, alter as needed
I can also search by infavorites:mine now, and could probably find some small unique set of keywords now that I have found it
I'm not aware of anything you can do on SE itself
You might be able to google like: site:https://scifi.stackexchange.com/questions/114591/what-other-harry-potter-r‌​elated-writings-has-rowling-written/114611#114611
@TheLethalCarrot yes, I know I can use google search
I do site: searches on google often
Just trying to help ya
9:37 AM
Hmm, it's actually quite high on ibid's list of answers sorted by votes scifi.stackexchange.com/users/55866/…
@TheLethalCarrot The problem is that there yuo're misssing the points. If I already knew the ID of the answer, then I wouldn't need to search.
One thing I could do is award it a bounty, and once people know that the question is by ibid and has a bounty awarded, they can find it on scifi.stackexchange.com/users/55866/…
Q: Encyclopedia about imagined near-future spacecraft

stusmithI remember a book from my childhood (i.e. probably at least 20-30 years old) that was an encyclopedia of imagined near-future spacecraft. It was written as if those craft existed. This wasn't a work of prose, it was a hardback book in the style of an encyclopedia with lots of illustrations. It c...

I thought you were trying to search in the answer not for the answer... in which case just favourite it like you have
@TheLethalCarrot oh!
Yes, favoriting solves it for me, but I wonder if others have trouble searching for it too
Maybe, though that means they have to know about it first and with the amount of HP Qs we have it lowers that chance
What I could do it refer to it more often from comments or answers.
And chat and all the other things.
9:44 AM
If you want people to find it sure
If you can be bothered you can always add a HP section here... though I think that's intended more for site features than topics
Q: Frequently Asked Questions

SQBOf course you've taken the Tour, read the entire Help section, and know our Code of Conduct by heart. But have you read the Frequently Asked Questions here on meta, that will help you make better use of the main site? You can browse the questions tagged faq, but here are the most important ones,...

9:57 AM
They done broked it again:
Q: Stack Exchange Aboutme Extender™ on profile page

TheLethalCoderAlong similar lines to Stack Exchange Usercard Squeezer™ on profile page long code blocks in the "About me" section push the right side content off of the screen. See this user. And it's more pronounced effect on SFF. Also bad on SO.

For scifi.stackexchange.com/q/123784/4918 "What happens if you can't get in?" about the entrances to common rooms in Hogwarts, I should look in the books for quotes where wizards magically get through apparently to narrow holes. I think there were examples among the various magical transportiation, and I think there might be some magic available for the portrait hole too.
In particular, I'll have to check the telephone booth entrance to the Ministry, various fireplace things, but I think there's more.
This you thinking out loud?
@TheLethalCarrot Yes, but other people can take it too. I'm in the office and my books are at home.
Question. How should we edit old answers that mention a material on the old Pottermore that are not on the new Pottermore? scifi.stackexchange.com/a/50095/4918 is the first one I found, mentioning one of the magic textbooks.
At the very least, we could mention "old Pottermore", but it might be worth to add a link or something.
10:13 AM
Just comment, I doubt it's worth editing all of them. If editing I'd try and find an archive link though
@TheLethalCarrot scifi.stackexchange.com/a/113609/4918 does not link to a full copy of that book, but links to a wikia page that gives informatin about it
No wait, I was looking at the wrong textbook.
For that one, it just links to an imgur image showing one page of that book.
Well evidence of the page is good too, screenshot, external corroborating evidence etc.
I don't think it's too worth it though, a lot of work for not much gain
But there's still pottermore.wikia.com/wiki/The_Standard_Book_of_Spells,_Grade_2 which might be a better link
In fact I think I should edit the link in ibid's answer
pottermore.wikia.com/wiki/Memory_Charm is the spell relevant here
Ok, I'll comment
No wait, it's more complicated than that.
Q: Who told the original Sleeping Beauty?

Alex DownsAt the end of Maleficent, it's revealed that that version of events is the true version of events, so that means that the original Sleeping Beauty (made by Disney) is false. So who spread the false one? Those still loyal to King Stefan and his mad ways?

10:42 AM
Q: In Star Trek V, why was the Klingon Bird-Of-Prey hanging close to Earth?

SavaThe sequence at the beginning of Star Trek V: The Final Frontier shows the Pioneer 10 probe being destroyed by a Klingon Bird-Of-Prey. Given the speed of the probe, even in 2287, the year the movie takes place in-universe, it wouldn't be very far from Earth's solar system. Which means that the ...

11:12 AM
A: What was taught in the third year of Hogwart's curriculum?

AdamantClasses In the third year, students were able to select from a more diverse list of courses. As a result, not all students shared the same curriculum. For example, Harry added only Divination and Care of Magical Creatures from the previous year. Most important of all, he had to buy his new...

^ Two nice answers!
Q: In Rock and Rule, was the demon intended to be Homo Sapiens?

BroklyniteRewatching Rock and Rule, I was struck by how the demon was designed. This is a world where mankind wiped itself out in nuclear fire and the radiation spurred the development of intelligence and civilization in rodents. If their relative sizes did not change, then that would make the size of the ...

11:31 AM
Q: Teenager 18, demon powers, friends with a troll

NakiParanormal romance, vampires, demons, werewolves.

11:52 AM
Greetings, Earthlings.
12:24 PM
@Mithrandir If you thought it was R/A, why VTD it? ;P
@TheLethalCarrot Because the post content taken by itself isn't entirely R/A.
12:50 PM
Q: What happens if two laser gun beams meet?

iammgAs say in the title, what happens if two laser gun beams meet? Do they cross? Do they ricochet? Do they cancel each other out?

Q: Animated TV-Series about a boy who has no family during a war

mrvinentIt was a TV Series about a boy during a war/conflict. In the intro we see how his grandfather (his only family) dies beacause of the conflict and he is left alone. Some good guys (boy and girl, I think) find him and take him with them. I got the feeling that the intro was very sad. Also it r...

1:21 PM
Q: Looking for a short story - I am thinking of an element

PeterHello I am looking for the title/author of a short story that has a student saying "aluminium" and his professor chastising him for using too many syllables. He threatens to fail the kid unless he can answer one question. The professor says, "I am thinking of an element. What is it?" The kid ...

2:00 PM
@Donald.McLean greetings, Hubble guy!
A: What should the new background/theme look like?

TheLethalCarrotDisclaimer: I'm no artist, as you'll see later on, so this will mainly be a post of ideas rather than any proof of concept. The theme should keep as close to the old one as possible. This means make the side bars black and have the star field back again. However, to satisfy the need for the l...

2:25 PM
Q: How many times the Millenium Falcon has lost her rectenna in perilous circumstances?

PalliserI know from Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018) and Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi (1983) that the rectenna (rectifying antenna) of the Millennium Falcon were snapped off on two occasions: When she traveled the Kessel Run and during the Battle of Endor. But, was this round, military-grade ...

@TheLethalCarrot I didn't notice it was you who added the tags rather than a supposedly unaware asker. Why did you add them? Aren't those two films actually the only ones the question does not ask about?
Nevermind, the moderators fixed it.
Network was playing up... I only added the solo tag ROTJ was already there. Sometimes, imo, it's fair game to include the tag of the work which the question comes from
Though I agree, they probably aren't needed there
Oh, right, you added star-wars, I misread.
Yeah I added SW and Solo
Though I probably shouldda just added SW and removed ROTJ but meh
At least it has a millennium-falcon tag, yay! ;-)
2:37 PM
I'd have approved your edit if my network didn't just die on me but Null got it anyway
posted on October 03, 2018 by RashkRizwan

mention the name of best writers in field of science fiction.

Marvin evolved
2:57 PM
Q: Why did aurors do nothing to rescue kidnapped Ollivander?

Ken_To_2018In Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, Ollivander was kidnapped by Death Eaters from his shop directly. Why did aurors do nothing to save Ollivander?

3:12 PM
Q: Movie or TV show with space battles found on YouTube

Captain MarvelI just stumbled upon this video on YouTube: Unfortunately, there's no end credit or anything suggesting who made this awesome video. The video title and description are generic. The quality is professional and from the looks of the story (like chasing school bu...

3:25 PM
4:09 PM
Has anyone else gotten a message at the top of the screen asking you to vote for the question and answer?
Not seen that
I've never had that before.
Only been on SFF today though
4:13 PM
@Alex nope, but only been on mobile today
Was it your question?
There's a thing like this in the userboard though
Like when you have answers to your questions
It pops "have you considered accepting them?" From time to time
@TheLethalCarrot No. It was a random question that had no upvotes. I thought that maybe it was a standard message for a sporadic user on a non-upvoted question, but I tried it on another site which I visit sporadically, and did not get such a message.
@Jenayah True, but that's a bit different. That's just a small text next to your list of questions. This is a full drop-down message.
Don't know then
I've never seen it before or heard it mentioned though
Not to mention the fact that it asks me to upvote the answers if I found the question useful.
4:18 PM
Pedantic OCD trigger
@Jenayah Can't help it.
You should see my pedantic question on Meta.stackexchange.com
@Alex Did you follow an external link or a Google search result?
@Loong The latter. Is that why?
Yes, if you have not been logged in on that site at that time.
@Loong Well I was logged in, though.
4:20 PM
Maybe if you haven't been to that site in N days
on ELU?
@TheLethalCarrot That's what I was thinking, but I did a test on a site that I hadn't visited in even longer.
Though granted not via Google, so maybe it's a combination.
@Loong I'm automatically logged in everywhere.
Q: Why is it called "initial revision" if it's not a revision?

AlexWhen you look at a post's edit history you can see each version of the question going back to the original version. Each version has a number next to it, starting with 1 for the original version. On the mobile app, the original version has an additional identifier next to the "1". It says "Initia...

Giant S?
4:37 PM
5:17 PM
@Alex Happens if you have an account but haven't visited in... two weeks, I think?
@Mithrandir In combination with coming from a Google search? Because I tried it on a site that I hadn't visited in 27 days and I didn't get the message.
Oh, no. Two days.
> only appears if

you haven't been seen on the target site for 48 hours

you hold a valid user cookie on the target site

your account has more than 15 rep on the target site

you arrive on a question from a search engine
@Mithrandir Ah, thanks for the information.
Now I should perhaps raise the issue of conflating the answers with the question.
5:33 PM
@Alex And... done:
Q: The "please vote message" should not be telling me to upvote answers if I found the question useful

AlexSo there is this message that I saw for the first time today that says: Welcome back! If you found this question useful, don't forget to vote both the question and the answers up. Here is a screenshot: This message asks me to upvote the question and the answers if the question is usefu...

Q: Japanese book about Strategy

TrishYears ago I had a book in my fingers that was somewhat similar to the Art of War by Sun Tsu, but it was from Japan, and focussed in part on specific combat situations and what to do then. So maybe it is better to be described as focussing on tactics than strategy. I think there were some odd bits...

5:51 PM
Q: Is there any regulations for using offensive (though legal) spells?

Shana TarThere are only three unforgivable curses that are punishable. It seems that all the other spells can be freely used in any situation (until someone actually killed I guess). There seem to be no regulation for such spells as Stupefy, Levicorpus or Petrificus Totalus on a fellow human. Petrificus ...

6:07 PM
Q: Putting a title to a "mystery" movie

Peter ReevesI vaguely remember watching a movie in primary school I watched it in p7 to be specific. so I would have been 11 meaning the movie would have been pre-2000. possibly pre-1990 but i would say not pre-1980. basing this on the special effects. I know we watched two movies. One including the Bermuda...

6:23 PM
Q: How does Thor know that the invasion in Avengers will be in New York?

AshIn Avengers we see many of the Avengers find/work out where Loki's portal machine is being set up: But we don't see Thor find out from anyone else, is it ever revealed how he knows to head for New York after he gets out of the falling cage?

7:02 PM
@Catija if/when we decide on a theme idea for SFF what will be done with it? Designers take it and use it as is, they make changes, they only use it as inspiration, etc.
Q: invisible body hopping spirit (monster film)

Denny(sorry for my grammar and spelling.) I am looking for a horror (family?) film. The story is about a kid accidentally releasing the monsters (invisible spirit which can possess people and others) while watching an old movie tape. Along with the monsters,there was a cop also coming out from that ol...

7:58 PM
Q: Book with an itinerant protagonist who is attacked by a floating head

FuzzyBootsI think I read this about 13-15 years ago, around 2002-2005, having learned of it online. The protagonist was male, I think of Japanese descent. He was always on the move, either breaking into a building to sleep, or picking up a girl at a bar to have a place to sleep. The book opened with him sl...

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@TheLethalCarrot That's really going to depend on... things. So, I'm guessing that what's probably going to be the best is a general idea that the designers can adapt into the theme... the chances of a submitted design being perfect for what we need is pretty low, so I'd focus on finding a concept with some general rough sketches to be implemented by us... this saves y'all time and gives us some flexibility to make it fit the layout.
I just started reading a book where if I can figure out a good question about the sci-fi content, then I try to ask it on this site.
@b_jonas can we know the name? :)
I mean, just to broaden the site's scope, because this is an author who we have no questions about yet.
@Jenayah It's one of Raymond Smullyan's pop-sci books, “Satan, Cantor, and Infinity and other mind-boggling puzzles”.
Never heard of it
I had't read that one before, because it was never translated to Hungarian. So far I've only read the first few pages, but Smullyan's unique style, the same style from his other popsci books, has captured me already.
And as usual, the story part of the book involves such farcial sketches treated with logic and humor that no other author would be able to write a good book on, and I think those story elements and the way Smullyan treats them with logic qualifies those elements as Sci-Fi, so it's possible to ask on-topic questions about it.
I should also think of his other books later on what I can ask about. Obviously I can't ask about the real-world scientific content on Sci Fi SE (I have asked about it outside of SE).
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What I'd hate to have happen is for someone to come up with something really polished and beautiful that... we can't use... and then y'all won't actually like our version of it any more. A rough concept is going to avoid this issue.
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Q: In regards to a sc-ifi setting, is it at all plausible to build an intrinsic field subtractor as seen in Watchmen?

David K SpaceceptionSo yeah, question in the title. But to further it, I was wondering how plausible it'd be. Would it make more for Hard sci-fi, or Soft sci-fi? And could it ever be possible to control forces like that from a distance?

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Jack B Nimble answering DC questions in a row, I'm getting afraid he might chyme in on the questions feaatured in my "I can answer that when I have the time" list ahahah
@Jenayah Maybe post a list of questions you plan on answering, so others know to keep away from them.
@Alex I won't do that.
Q: When/why did Voldemort reconsider letting Snape know about the Elder Wand?

AlexWhen Voldemort is about to break into Dumbledore's tomb to take the Elder Wand, the following happens: "I shall join you in the castle shortly," he said in his high, cold voice. "Leave me now." Snape bowed and set off back up the path, his black cloak billowing behind him. Harry walk...

Q: In Crest of the Stars, was it ever established what lies beyond the sords of the Milky Way?

SavaIn the anime Crest of the Stars, interstellar ships go through a dimension called 'plane space' to achieve FTL speeds and travel between stars in a reasonable time. The 'sords', the entries into Plane Space, are roughly organized following the shape of the Milky Way. It was mentioned in one of t...

First of all because everyone is welcome to the party, adding various sources and all
Second of all because if someone takes time to answer something, research should be valued
@Jenayah Yeah, I wasn't quite serious.
9:20 PM
Third because this guy's answers are quite great finds (this one for instance)
Fourth, because I'm still perky about my Justice League timeline answer :D
So you know as long as everyone has fun, then, all will be well!
@Jenayah I agree with that!
@Alex :D
@Catija I assumed as much just wanted to confirm. My paint skills seem like they were perfectly used in this case then :)
@TheLethalCarrot Yep! One thing to keep in mind, the black text may (will probably) extend further down the page for at least some users, so don't forget the area behind where the sidebar text goes needs to be light enough to read it, probably for the full height of the page, or pretty close.
The four items in there right now are likely to be joined by several more, plus the upcoming Custom Questions Lists will possibly add more, if users choose to use them.
Oh sure, my idea would be to extend everything all the way. My paint skills were only constrained to a small section though. Like you said just a concept.
9:33 PM
Cool :D
My preference would still be sunrays, which have the added benefit of making the entire theme orange!
@NapoleonWilson That is really discriminatory towards the vampire part of the community. :(
Why? Sunrays make them sparkle super awesomely!
(That was discriminatory towards the vampire part of the community.) ;-P
@NapoleonWilson the disco part of the community said they already had a disco ball and did not need a spare, thanks.
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Q: Animated Superman TV show from the 90s/early 2000s

JoshMany years ago, I caught an episode of an animated Superman show done in the iconic Bruce Timm style of B:TAS. I've tried to figure out if the episode was from a Justice League series, Superman's own title, or something else I don't remember. Some details about the show follow, but I could be co...

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Hm. I'm glad someone is adding tag receipts and bodies, but they're not all that great. Most of them amount to " is for questions about foo".
There's even a special rejection for that, "circular tag definition".
Some are decent enough, some are terrible especially the wikis not the wiki wxercpts
The rejection reasons for tag edits are terrible
If some tags are clear enough from just their name and we do not want circular definitions, does that mean we should leave the except empty?
1 hour later…
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Q: Deanna Troi's marriage

ApolloI wonder, how come Deanna Troi's mother and Mr Barclay are not present in her wedding ceremony portraied in Star Trek Nemesis? By the end of Voyager, Troy and Barclay seem to get along pretty well, and Lwaxana is.. well, her mother. Will's father is not present either. Is there an in-universe ex...

11:57 PM
Q: Book about alien birds

Nitr0 SageThe book is about alien birds that must dock and flap their wings to keep the islands afloat. All of a sudden aliens attack them and slaughter most of them except a few that escape on a special spaceship to leave the slaughter. The birds end up crashing on a water planet and all get killed except...


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