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12:11 AM
I know you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but my copy of I am Legend had literally no indication that it also contained a bunch of short stories and that only half the book was actually I am legend.
So when you know... "this twist" happens, I was genuinely wondering how the author could still go on for a hundred pages as it would really change the setting of the story.
Welp, turned out the five next pages were the last ones in the novel.
And it does strip away my "Why is it titled I am legend?" question.
This was a great read nonetheless.
Highly recommended.
Don't read if you're in a "down" day, though. It will only make your day worse.
And if you're in an "up" day, well your day will turn into a down one.
In any case, it's a must-read one.
^ mobile chat behaving funny
Now I have to watch the adaptations, see if they're good adaptations, bad adaptations but good movies, or both bad adaptations and bad movie.
Although just looking at the movie still for the Will Smith one... Obviously I won't see the most poignant scene in that one.
12:55 AM
Q: What happened to this character's body in OUAT Season 7 finale?

Sophie the Jedi Knight(wanted to avoid spoilers so I was vague) This is about one episode away from the finale: Wish Realm Rumple stabs Samdi in front of Real Rumple with the Dark One dagger. This happens in Samdi's mansion and the episode ends there. In the next episode, Regina enters the mansion and finds RR trap...

1:11 AM
Q: An old short story about a teacher who goes to Mars to work?9!

WillyA person I know is trying to find a story about a teacher who travels from Earth to Mars and starts working there. It's old. Maybe from Bradbury or Asimov. That's the only information she gave to me

1:41 AM
Q: Movie about an island of mutants

JimmyI remember watching a movie where some shipwreck survivors land on an island full of mutants. Two men get attacked in the water by a mutant and they both start to mutate. One mutates faster than the other. At some point they find a lab in the jungle. The two men who mutated fight each other. Anyo...

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4:37 AM
@Jenayah Do you speak English well? The language seems so different with pronunciation (I don't know any languages really, just how to read hiragana and katakana in Japanese and a quite small amount of Spanish.)
2 hours later…
6:23 AM
Q: tony and his 2 companions find the gems that fit into the legendary book

FatimaTony a boy from earth was running in a race and stopped to do his laces, is pulled over into the other world while his soon to be female companion tries to steal the book thinking that she is the chosen one but her master caught her and made her listen to reason. Tony and the girl soon end up fig...

Q: I can't remember the books name!

user106537I read a book few years ago and really enjoyed it but can't remember the name. I thought it was slither but can't find the right one. Was about an alien hunting for a peaceful alien on Earth and it puts a dome over the city and it goes from there.

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7:41 AM
Q: why no more hocrux were created when voldemort killed people when he came back

pritpal singhIf killing break one's soul to create a hocrux, then why voldemort created no more hocruxes when he killed people after he came back?

8:18 AM
@CorvoAttano I'd say my English is pretty much ok, both spoken and written
Now reading the message you replied to I'm pretty sure it should have been "the little Shakespeare I've read", though
Knowing to read Japanese is impressive :o
Do you take classes or whatever method to learn to speak it as well?
1 hour later…
9:49 AM
@Marvin quest to find the gems, check. Gems summoning beasts, check. No robots unfortunately :/
Oh nevermind, I found it
It's amazing that there are gems in so many anime ID questions oO
@lephe yeah and Magi-Nation somehow is an anime no one remembers
we have at least 5 or 6 story-ids question for that one
10:05 AM
Did you watch it?
No :D
10 soon since it didn't register mine yet
ah nevermind I'm blind
Searches seem to update faster than tag badge progress so the search should have found it almost instantly
@TheLethalCarrot tag badge is updated daily IIRC?
In fact I think custome searches update faster than tag searches
while search is updated like evry five or ten minutes I think
which makes sense
10:12 AM
I think tag badge progress is more frequently than daily but it isn’t instant
@TheLethalCarrot ah never mind I thought of the tags in profile page
not progress
Seriously though what's with nobody remembering this show?
Cos there’s so many of them?
I don’t remember it cos I’ve never seen it :P
but still there are so many people looking for this show
At least it’s easy when it comes up
Ooh only 80 FPS till gold :)
yeah if it's not Magi-Nation it's either Huntik or Redakai :P
10:15 AM
Not you’re just making up words
gems/creatures/quest/kids animes which come up a lot
I'm Huntik-ID master
Hey I eventually got someone confirming it was Huntik yesterday
too bad they ran away before acceptance :/
Haha unlucky
Meh I felt dirty leaving a "please accept if it's the right one" comment ten seconds after posting
Should've done that now tha I think of it
Aye, is what Fuzzy does
@TheLethalCarrot which one?
10:19 AM
Steward, gold review badge 1000 reviews, this one is for first posts
@TheLethalCarrot well I did it with Magi-Nation... we'll see (I'm kidding myself am I? :P )
@TheLethalCarrot oh, congrats
If traffic is higher than normal I’ll get it next week else week after
also pick your game up you only have 2 days left :P
eh I'm 75 rep short of your prediction
alright alright
not here tomorrow during the day but I can manage something today :P
I'm wondering if I should ask my I am Legend question on the weekend... not much traffic not much people will see it :/
have you read the book?
10:22 AM
Nope only seen the film so that no help. I’ve read bits of the book for research mind you. But yeah I’d wait till Monday when traffic picks up
@TheLethalCarrot alright that'll give me time to phrase it
which film?
there are like three
the Will Smith one?
Aye that one
10 hours ago, by Jenayah
Now I have to watch the adaptations, see if they're good adaptations, bad adaptations but good movies, or both bad adaptations and bad movie.
10 hours ago, by Jenayah
Although just looking at the movie still for the Will Smith one... Obviously I won't see the most poignant scene in that one.
Will Smith one isn’t faithful per my understanding
kind of makes sense it's hard to make a big bucks movie out of the book
while staying faithful
Eh it can be a good movie but a bad adaptation
or both bad movie, bad adaptation :P
10:27 AM
I can’t really remember if it was good or bad, I think I saw it when it came out about a haha
10:57 AM
And people still wonder why I love Lobo
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2:02 PM
Man they need to bring Dark Claw back
2 hours later…
4:12 PM
Q: What is the name of the cartoon series?

albinus androkeWhen I was younger i saw a cartoon There was a boy with a bracelet it had powers And some of them in the village had powers like freezing ,invisibility The villain used to live in a big dragon back The boy's sister had freezing power The bracket had both negative and positive energy the negativ...

@Marvin magic bracelet!
@lephe don't you mean Lanfeust Quest?
Or did they make another animated series?
You're right, Lanfeust of Troy is the original comic. There have been so many series and spin-off around this universe that I've lost track of the various titles.
Obligatory self-promotion :P
A: Cartoon from a few years ago, main character is a blacksmith with magic powers

JenayahThat would be Lanfeust Quest (2013), a cartoon adaptation the eponymous French bande dessinée set in the Lanfeust de Troy universe. In this world, almost everyone has an unique power, and the main character's is being able to melt metal. He happens to be a blacksmith apprentice. Among his frien...

Did he have a bracelet in the series?
He has a specific magic object that grants him pretty unlimited power when he uses it, but I think it's sort of a dagger or short sword.
WTF when did the guy get wings? x'D
4:25 PM
Seems solid. We should probably suggest Lanfeust Quest as answer then. :)
Go on :)
There's a clip of Cixi freezing stuff in that video but it's the Turkish dub apparently :P
Alright, just needs to gather some evidence.
I was thinking of a comic extract for that.
Look, you're way too fast for me!
yep from what pops up when Googling Imaging lanfeust quest dragon it should be the one, good catch ;D
@lephe r/nocontext
4:37 PM
How do you link a video in a post?
You just paste the YouTube link
If it's not Youtube then just link it the usual way
(not a plain link, that's ugly :P )
Yes, plain links are terrible.
There! In the original series, the key to Lanfeust's power is Magomamoth ivory.
And here's my third answer <3
upvoted, great sotry-id answer :)
I hope the guy will stick around to upvote and accept!
5:29 PM
Q: Why did Obi Wan lose to Count Dooku? But was able to defeat Anakin?

The Witch King of AngmarCount Dooku defeated Obi Wan Kenobi, twice, fair and square. I saw these questions such as How did Obi wan lose so easily to Tyranus twice, but was able to beat Vader? It doesn't make sense. Why did Anakin lose against Obi-Wan in "Episode 3 - Revenge of the Sith"?, How could Count Dooku lose a...

@Jenayah Well, you found most of the evidence xD
@lephe just a matter of Googling habit :P
Anyway, the OP did accept the answer, all that's left is sticking around ;D
@lephe neat! :D
and indeed
always nice to have some new people :)
6:08 PM
sigh this is a particularly slow weekend for SFF
6:47 PM
Q: Is "A Pail of Air" scientifically plausible?

tbrooksideEarlier today I was about a post a short story identification question asking about a short story involving survivors living among the frozen atmospheric gasses following a disaster where the Earth left the sun's orbit. Thanks to the search feature, before making my post I discovered that the st...

7:33 PM
Q: Harry Potter- bludger safety

Jhill67Hey everyone first time poster here so I apologize if this has been asked. In Harry Potter book 1, we are told the purpose of a bludger is to unseat riders from their brooms. If this is considered a normal part of the game, why in book 3 does everyone act so shocked about the fall Harry has fo...

7:45 PM
@Marvin eh... it took me a good two minutes to find a fitting title and I still think it could be improved
8:35 PM
Q: Is fire the only form of permanent death?

AdamantIn Scythe, by Neal Shusterman, most forms of death are not permanent, unless one is gleaned by a scythe. This is because healing nanites in people's blood begin the process of repair immediately, and anyone who is lethally injured is detected by near-omnipresent automated surveillance system and ...

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10:08 PM
Q: Guy tries to enter village, loses his lover, finds a shipwreck, gets into prison, finally flies away

Gabor SzebenyiI’m trying to identify this movie for 15 years. I saw it on television in the nineties. None of the below mentioned details are sure, any of them can be a false memory. The movie has some Scandinavian flavour and takes place in an overall gloomy, misty, muddy, dirty and barren land, looking some...

10:28 PM
@Jenayah Not currently, but I intend to get around to it eventually.
@CorvoAttano nice!
Two reputation and I can downvote! Yay, I guess??
@CorvoAttano you're aware that downvoting answers takes one rep, right? ;)
10:56 PM
2007 I Am Legend movie is an ok-ish movie...
It has absolutely nothing to do with the book except that the main character is anmed Robert Neville and is the "sole" survivor in a zombie-like invasion...
But the movie kind of goes downhill in the second half...
Like, I feel like I would have utterly said it was a big fat WTF if I didn't know the book's ending.
And it's too bad, because the movie doesn't carry out why it's called "I Am Legend".
(great music though)
11:25 PM
@CorvoAttano Are you talking about how much you need to have, or how much you lose?
@Alex how much they needed to reach the privilege
@Jenayah Ah. For a second I was wondering if there was no longer a requirement.
@Alex mh?
oh and it turns out the I Am Legend movie I just watched on a random streaming service had the alternate ending. Now that I've watched the theaters' ending I can tell you it's absolute garbage
@Jenayah I.e. that you could downvote someone even if you only have 2 reputation, as opposed to needing 125.
@Alex ah!
11:29 PM
@Jenayah Then I wondered for a second how someone would have 2 reputation.
then I thought of an edit.
@Alex many possibilities
@Jenayah 1 upvote and 4 downvotes.
@Alex no that makes 3 rep
because you start at 1 rep
@Jenayah Ah, forgot about that.
need more operations but basically it can be done
11:31 PM
So an edit wouldn't work either.
having a question posted "helps" since upvotes there are 5 rep thus breaking the mathematical parity of +10/-2 answer votes
I actually have negative reputation on one site.
Well not really negative, but less than what I started with.
Would be negative if not for the association bonus.
@Alex no, you can't fall below 1 rep
@Jenayah Argh, you're refuting everything I say!
(That was not meant angrily.)
@Alex indeed! There, you see, I did not refute your accusation of me accusing you. Though I could have gone for "no, I don't; here, I won't say I refuted this because I didn't", which would be almost equally equal, but still be a refutation, thus a paradox. I hope your head hasn't blown to bits by now. :P
11:38 PM
in Discussion about message removal, Jul 23 at 13:01, by Rand al'Thor
pedant mind explodes
@Alex :D
@Jenayah Now I have no brain left to finish the answer I was in the middle of writing.
@Alex writing or editing?
@Jenayah Writing. Editing doesn't require a brain.
@Alex alright
(though it does)
there was one pesky edit I did this summer which was quite the work
aaand checking again the book hasn't even been IDed :(
11:41 PM
@Jenayah Yeah, I was mildly joking. My edits to my last-day-of-term answer nearly destroyed my brain too.
@Alex last day of term?
@Jenayah The one that was too scary for you.
@Alex ?
the big fat timeline one
@Jenayah Indeed.

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