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12:03 AM
@Mithrandir - You're a mod, right? If you're available, this could stand to be deleted. scifi.stackexchange.com/a/197244/80867
@RDFozz Not on this site.
Q: When should I watch Sarah Jane Adventures alongside Doctor Who

JKingI know that there are certain times to watch torchwood alongside doctor who (ie season one finale coincides with the start of Utopia) but I’m just wondering is there certain times to watch SJA? Or do they not tie in together at all?

@Alex - I'm old, I get confused.... I flagged it for mod attention and recommended deletion already, ,just thought I'd take a shot at something more if someone was avaialble.
@RDFozz Though at this point you don't really need a moderator. Anyone who can flag it can cause it to be deleted.
@Alex - yeah, but I'm anal-retentive, and it's not promoting anything (well,except tacos, and we don't know that the poster made them :-) ), so I didn't flag as "spam".
At least, some vague recollection makes me think that's what you're referring to.
12:08 AM
@RDFozz It can arguably fit under "inappropriate for respectful discourse".
Or "Not an Answer".
In retrospect, I probably should have selected the latter rather than the former.
Like I said, it showed up in the Low Quality review queue already. I just left a note for mod intervention as well.
@RDFozz It was also flagged by the Smoke Detector.
As it's silliness rather than something deeply offensive, I don't know that it requires as much thought as just you and I have already given it :-)
Yeah, replied to that here.
True. Though at a time of day when this room is more active, the answer would have been deleted in an instant, once people saw the Smoke Detector flag.
And, it's time for me to head home, and feed the kitties and myself before bedtime rolls around. See ya!
12:14 AM
3 hours later…
3:16 AM
Q: Harry Potter fanfic where harry is in an abusive relationship with Draco and is later adopted by the Malfoy family

Sierra CosgroveIt is a story where the Malfoy family finds out that there son in law Harry is being abused by Draco. Draco is later arrested and disowned. As Harry recovers, Severus’s young son helps him. During this time, Harry is adopted by the Malfoys. Along the way, Harry and Severus develop a relationship ...

4:11 AM
Random question: Does anyone ever upvote a comment in order to make it seem like you didn't upvote the comment?
@Alex eh?
what do you mean?
@Jenayah If a comment is clearly agreeing with you, substantiating something you said, or praising you, and it only has one upvote I think people might naturally assume that you are the one who upvoted (i.e. if it's really true then why did only one person upvote it? Must be that the upvoter is the party with a vested interest).
If you then actually do upvote it, people will see multiple upvotes so they lose the reason to make that assumption. Thus by adding your upvote you can potentially remove suspicion that you upvoted a comment that is good for you.
Seems a bit counter-intuitive but I suspect it works.
4:49 AM
@Alex Nice one. I never did it, though (too few questions on SE altogether). What's amazing is that it could happen especially if the comment is of low quality (ie. to avoid looking like you were the only one to upvote this bad suggestion).
@lephe A veritable dilemma: To protect your reputation (actual reputation, not site score reputation), or uphold the quality of the site?
... maybe you can post a better suggestion and do both? :p
@lephe Suggestion for what?
I mean, in the case of a bad comment, answer with a better comment.
Good idea. But not sure how practical that would be. Because if the comment is something that you can completely disagree with then you probably wouldn't be under suspicion in the first place.
5:06 AM
Besides, if it's too old, your answer would get at the bottom or the comment thread.
@Alex ah... Then no
Well I may have upvote "bad" comments but that was because I was agreeing with them
@Jenayah Well, nothing wrong with that.
Which is not to imply that there is something wrong with my actual suggestion.
There might be, but I'll leave that to others to figure out.
Probably an upvote that's not motivated by the content of the comment is suspect by principle. ^^'
5:18 AM
@lephe Technically true. However: You are free to vote as you wish, provided you are not gaming the system or targeting a specific user.
A: Rules of downvoting an answer

Martijn PietersYou are free to vote as you wish, provided you are not gaming the system or targeting a specific user. You've done what you can to explain your vote to the poster, which is absolutely great! But if you stand by your vote, just walk away. The OP cannot demand you retract your vote. You've stated ...

A: What is downvoting really for?

Robert HarveyUsers are free to use their votes however they wish, within reason (they cannot go on a downvoting rampage against a single user, for example). That said, the general guideline is: "Is this post useful and clear?" It is the vote reason under the voting buttons, displayed as a tooltip if you hov...

@Alex this applies to answers
I mean it applies for commentds too but the system isn't the same
@Jenayah Any reason to think comments are different?
(no downvotes, no repgain etc)
If anything I would think "improper" voting on comments would be less problematic, because it makes much less of a difference.
@Alex in any case if it's a really bad comment (rude, or dangerous in the case of "serious" sites - IPS, Workplace, Outdoors... - etc) it shoud be flagged
if it's just dull then meh
5:28 AM
@Jenayah Of course.
I was talking about a comment that's not inherently bad, but just seems especially supportive of yourself.
@Alex This is entirely reasonable, but only viable if quality-motivated feedback remains the majority, right? A mess of strategized or opinion-based votes would not be of a great help.
@lephe I'm not advocating voting for bad answers or anything; just saying that technically it probably wouldn't be against the rules.
Nothing is ever against the rules if you tweak the wording enough
Or if you know the judge
Well, in this case I think it's plain within the rules.
Just needs to be used moderately :)
By the way:
Oct 15 at 8:34, by Alex
I hear ya. (By the way, not all the actions I ask about are things that I actually want to do. Most of the time I am just probing the theoretical behavioral limits for the sake of theory.)
1 hour later…
6:42 AM
@Marvin why does everyone want Harry pregnant?
@SQB yeah...
6:56 AM
Harry Potter fanfiction guidelines: Harry in a relationship with Draco, Harry in a relationship with Snape, Harry is pregnant, pick at least one
@Jenayah Any comment that's not explicitly a request for clarification / improvement suggestion can get flagged on IPS and TWP, not just the rude / dangerous ones :P
7:14 AM
@Mithrandir yeah well IPS is the exception with comments isn't it?
Eh. That depends how you define "exception".
It has the same rules, just a different level of enforcement.
(One might find that useful).
@SQB hm?
2 hours later…
9:19 AM
@Mithrandir I've been told that RPG is really good at dealing with comments
10:13 AM
Q: Older science fiction book about time travel to retrieve things but they went sideways through the dimensions instead

BelGarionSo, as I vaguely remember it. It was set in the distant future were a dictator rules the Earth. By this point carbon dioxide was so high most life outside of humans was extinct. So the dictator built a special zoo with the right atmospheric conditions. Then he sent crews back in time to retrieve ...

Q: Did the Goblet of Fire have fraud prevention?

ArminIn HP:GoF, it is often shown that Igor Karkaroff heavily favors Victor Krum. Was there prevention so that there has to be another name than Victor Krum? For example, Karkaroff could have forced all his students to write down Krum's name as well.

11:05 AM
Q: Why did future Barry ask the present Barry not to save his mom?

RanveerWhen the present Barry went back in time to save his mom, the Barry from the future (the one fighting Eobard Thawne) tells the present Flash not to save his mom. Why so? Is this because he had seen the flashpoint universe?

I keep on throwing rep into the void.
~4k now... at some point you're gonna have to hoard it and hit 30k :P
@TheLethalCarrot why? No new privileges.
I dunno... just a nice number haha
@SQB I suppose you won't count "because everyone in this show has the IQ of a half-brained agonizing clam" as an answer?
Q: Why did future Barry ask the present Barry not to save his mom?

RanveerWhen the present Barry went back in time to save his mom, the Barry from the future (the one fighting Eobard Thawne) tells the present Flash not to save his mom. Why so? Is this because he had seen the flashpoint universe?

11:20 AM
Although the answer is basically the good old "buh it defines what I am and I have learned to move on"
1 hour later…
12:21 PM
Q: Can you read Isaac Asimov's Rest of the Robots without reading I, Robot?

StellarEquilibriumHow catastropic is it to read Asimov's Rest of the robots without having read the first book of the robot series: I, Robot? If the knowledge gap is too big, is it possible to simply watch the movie I, Robot (the one with Will Smith as the main actor) or is the book too far apart / different fr...

12:38 PM
Why and not
DuckTales is an American animated television series, produced by Walt Disney Television Animation and distributed by Buena Vista Television. The cartoon series premiered on September 18, 1987, and ran for a total of 100 episodes over four seasons, with its final episode airing on November 28, 1990. Based upon Uncle Scrooge and other Duck universe comic books created by Carl Barks, the show follows Scrooge McDuck, his three grandnephews Huey, Dewey, and Louie, and close friends of the group, on various adventures, most of which either involve seeking out treasure or thwarting the efforts of villains...
Because it's camel-cased. That translates to .
Cos someone's a muppet? Flag a mod to change it or just manually do them over the next week or so
It is one word though
Looking through 1 2017 DuckTales comic it is only ever one word including in the copyright notice
One word, but camel case.
But one word is the key point
Copyright notes it as "DUCKTALES" and not "DUCK TALES" which is more telling than capitalisation
Q: Children's fiction book about the multiverse

FuryThe book contains a multiverse which is explained as follows: The multiverse is infinite parallel realities almost in the shape of a sphere with layers closer to the center being better (more pleasant for the inhabitants) while layers further from the center are worse. The closer two layers are ...

12:54 PM
Disney channel notes the series as "DUCKTALES"
1:19 PM
@SQB but still it's a single word not two
@TheLethalCarrot I feel like mod doing it will be better but first we should gather all opinions and go with majority
Well we should really go with what is more accurate and it is one word everywhere I see it
In movies we going with only
The hyphenated one can always be a synonym
@TheLethalCarrot yeah
Where is @Randal'Thor when we need him ;)
I flagged for renaming anyway
We'll see what happens
1:23 PM
Just realised I forgot to say about the synonym in the flag... oh well
@TheLethalCarrot mods use synonymy method to fix it only and keeping this synonym will not harm and creating again will take millisecond
And I feel Duck Tales deserve more question on both the sites, specially movies
I wish I had time to watch reboot
Specially movies for any specific reason? ;P
@TheLethalCarrot because we have only 2 and it used to be my fav show 9 original version)
here we have 12 from all the mediums
I hope reboot have Magica De Spell
Awww you could have taken the bait
1:30 PM
I don't steal questions and none from here excite me that much as they are more from written medium and didn't inspired me for new ones
Now I wonder if prime or netflix have original version of show, I don't mind a good rewatch
Greetings, Earthlings.
Scifi Retagging time \o/
@Donald.McLean hello
@AnkitSharma and a sad reminder that Justice League: Gods and Monsters not got renewed
@Donald.McLean greetings, Hubble guy!
@AnkitSharma eh we got some spin-offs... Better than nothing I guess
And there's still the comic
@Jenayah which spinoff? Justice League: Gods and Monsters got one film a min intro series , that's it
1:59 PM
@AnkitSharma yeah the 5-minutes spinoffs
meh I want season 2 which was promised
@AnkitSharma Done
@TheLethalCarrot \o/
@AnkitSharma probably didn't make enough $$$$
@Jenayah sound good from wiki
2:07 PM
@AnkitSharma ah?
I don't know who/what to blame then
Refer my answer for details ;)
"work some stuff out"
They're still working on it then
come to think of it we did have to wait thirteen years fro Incredibles 2 and it was worth the wait
That's old tweet with no update
Meh who am I kidding
@Jenayah nice reminder that I have to see it
2:11 PM
@AnkitSharma go watch it!
@Jenayah if Young Justice and Teen Titans can get new seaosn soon then why not this
like, now!
@AnkitSharma real 2003 Teen Titans animated or crappy Teen Titans Go one?
@Jenayah I wnated fare ways, maybe have to go to dark torrent way
@Jenayah real, in carp teen titans go movie end credit they announced it's coming back
@AnkitSharma like, not as a joke?
so in which desert should we bury Teen Titans Go DVDs?
WOW. Just so y’all know...at a movie session today, they told us that if the #TTGO movie kicks all butts they would do our show at the same time as #Season6 ...FOR REALS! So go see it! Even if you hate us!! 🤣🤣 https://twitter.com/hollyrtexas/status/1002719652030578688
2:14 PM
you mean we have to support TTG movie so that real 2003 ones are brought back
that is a bitchy dilemma :/
@AnkitSharma Synonym declined...
@Jenayah They said eat enough poop then you will get cookie
Which synonym?
@Jenayah ducktales discussion
@AnkitSharma yeah I'm torn about the truth in that proverb
2:16 PM
Q: Did Regina rape Graham?

BCLCOne of the creators of the TV series Once Upon a Time seems to suggest that Regina didn't rape Graham. I know the creators have the final say over what the characters intended, thought and did, but they can’t just change the definition of rape. It’s been well over 2 years since the Twitter conve...

ah, right
@Zaphod #MeToo #HimToo
@Null Considering you had to rename it... yeah
@TheLethalCarrot there is no feature as tag rename
@Jenayah can we trust this:
And I though they renewed it for the DC streaming service
@AnkitSharma Rename is just a nice succinct way to word it
2:19 PM
So how many robin we have in current DC properties?
Dead robin from DCEU
@AnkitSharma oh right, that thing
Grumpy robin who use guns from Titans live action
@AnkitSharma hey sshhhht, haven't watched that yet :p
2 alive and oen dead Robin from Young justice
@Jenayah I am talking about trailer only and believe me it will be shit
New Trailer show Jason Tod too
@AnkitSharma don't know
cool intro but wrong Robin
2:22 PM
@Jenayah maybe they mixed script of Dick Grayson and Red Robin and BvS
@AnkitSharma lol
@AnkitSharma why not
yeah I won't watch that yet
first 'cause I'm kind of in class right now
Second because no expectations is better :p
But I like Jason. He look good
still no live action Damian
2:24 PM
Dick they ruined
They didn't find a brat which was unsufferable enough
Oh are you one of those people that won't watch any trailers and avoid everything about upcoming stuff until you see it?
@Jenayah meh, I prefer previous three robin over him
@TheLethalCarrot no
just that there were so many times I wanted to watch a movie or stuff and eventually couldn't, I figured out it was better not to watch trailers etc so I don't get pissed when I can't watch it in a proper theater and have to settle for streaming three years after
Dick is with best asset and most famous robin, Jason is unwanted but after he becoem Red Hood he become fun, Tim Drake is fun addition but get underrated treatment due to we need rape child Damian
2:26 PM
@AnkitSharma sure
Tim is a freaking genius anyways
@Jenayah Ah that makes sense
less muscle more brains
hey @Alex :)
@Jenayah that make him better then Damian "another grumpy kid"
@AnkitSharma yes but then Robin getting his butt handed to him is way more fun when it's Damian
@Jenayah Hey.
2:28 PM
For me Damian is worse Robin and Dick is best but WB ruining them all
We have so many version of Dick Grayson on screen and not Tim drake now and DCAU skip Jason
Young Justice also skip Jason , see tehre is a dead robin meh
DCAMU skip Jason and Tim both
Better skip all Robins than acknowledge Stephanie as a Robin
as Spoiler ok, as Robin just nuuuh
I hope she's not YJ season 3's Robin
DCAMU disappointed me badly
@Jenayah I think they have 2 robin already and one dead, so they will not add 4th
@AnkitSharma \o/
I can't bear Stephanie Brown as Robin
@Jenayah bad news
Stephanie Brown made her animated debut in Young Justice: Invasion, voiced by Mae Whitman. In the episode "Before the Dawn" (her only appearance), she was a civilian abducted by Tigress for the Reach but was rescued by the Team aboard their ship.
Stephanie Brown will appear as Spoiler in Young Justice: Outsiders.
@AnkitSharma no I knew she's in season 3
but it's as Spoiler
so it's ok
2:34 PM
But they can better use batgirl nicely
and still no animated Orphan :(
nor live
@Jenayah because DC busy making multiple incarnation of same character
DC Universe is a video on demand service operated by DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. Digital Networks. It was announced in April 2017, with the title and service formally announced in May 2018. The service includes original television programming, access to select animated series and films from DC's back catalogue, a rotating selection of comics from DC Comics, forum discussion space, and a merchandise store. DC Universe launched in a beta state in late August 2018, with its full release on September 15, 2018. == History and development == In April 2017, DC Universe was announced as an untitled...
Disappointing they don't have full DCAU
@AnkitSharma aye
And I will not pay so who cares
Do we have to pay?
They only have 2 shows
yeah but $$$$
2:38 PM
And 5 upcoming
hey @Null
@TheLethalCarrot Anyone attempting to ask a DuckTales question will now be presented with . They'd have to go out of their way to use .
@Null fine with me
2:40 PM
I know, but y'know People are Dumb so better safe than sorry... not that I'm actually invested in it... just thought if it's worth doing might as well make it as foolproof as possible
@TheLethalCarrot I would think people would more likely get it wrong if they saw a floating around and didn't know which one was right. Complete removal of seems more foolproof to me.
> Programming today is a race between software engineers striving to build bigger and better idiot-proof programs, and the Universe trying to produce bigger and better idiots. So far, the Universe is winning.
@Jenayah I love that quote.
It is so true.
@Null Well you wouldn't have [duck-tales] floating around cos it'd be a synonym
And yeah good quote
@TheLethalCarrot Not on a question, but in the tag list.
2:45 PM
Well I mean if they're looking in the tag list they most likely know more about the site to not get too confused about it
Like I said though I'm not that bothered about it
And if the incorrect form is not even in the tag list then it's all the more unlikely they'll go out of their way to get it wrong.
Aye but if you do tag with the incorrect form and it's a synonym of the correct form it'll auto correct to the correct form
@TheLethalCarrot The chance of someone ignoring the correct tag and deliberately adding gratuitous hyphen(s) for a tag that currently has a grand total of 12 questions is approximately 0%. I think the site will survive. :)
Tags autocomplete, so as soon as someone types in d-u-c they will see the correct tag.
2:53 PM
@Null Yup like I said I'm not that bothered about it :P
@Alex you'd think so but I spotted a a while ago
Rand fixed it though
@Jenayah Was that in addition to biology?
@Jenayah I created the tag a while back cos I edited from my phone haha
@TheLethalCarrot ahahah
@Alex yeah it was an Aliens question
@Jenayah Well I guess people will always make typos.
2:54 PM
at first I thought it could've been related to the acids in the liver or stuff but nah
deffo a typo
Though I noticed yesterday that the Bronze Synonymizer badge is rarer than most Gold badges.
@Alex seems logic
gotta have a 5 score in tag already
and for it not to be already synonymized
@Jenayah Indeed:
in V'dibarta Bam, 15 hours ago, by Alex
What happens if no one else has the requisite tag score to vote on a tag synonym suggestion?
@Alex world collapses
heads explode
@Alex Mods do the All Powerful Mod Thing
2:58 PM
nah just kidding just rise a sockpuppet up to the priviledge rep requiirement and approve :p
@Donald.McLean or that
@Donald.McLean Right, which kind of discourages the system of suggesting synonyms rather than just directly asking a moderator.
There was actually a Meta post asking something like: Has any synonym ever been created via user voting?
New bronze badge: "whiny peasant", pinged mods 5 times in chat for a tag synonym/unprotecting/unlocking :P
It's an imperfect universe. I can't even get a single vote on some of my answers. Some things just have to be endured.
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