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@Alex Me and the GoT lot got a few GoT synonyms voted for normally
Mainly cos I'm lazy and couldn't be bothered to keep typing out [game-of-thrones]
@TheLethalCarrot Well that's a very popular tag so there would be dozens of users with 5 score.
But on smaller tags...
@TheLethalCarrot you poor lad
@Alex 5 score and required rep
Lots of users but only a handful that stick around
@Jenayah True.
@Jenayah Well combine that with [a-song-of-ice-and-fire] too :/
Now I can just do [asoiaf] [got] ;P
3:02 PM
> "Yeah, well, the site abides."
@Jenayah ...while insisting that you're not bothered by it. :)
@Null :D
@Null How rude
@Donald.McLean Wish I could help with that... but I don't even know what Twilight is.
@Alex lucky you runs away from Donald
3:03 PM
@Jenayah Is it that bad?
@Alex how much do you enjoy romance stories?
<--- moderating herself 'cause someone who likes it is in the room
There are 81 tags with 200 or more questions, but there are 609 tags that have 0 or 1 question.
@Donald.McLean this should be refined to exclude tags which are part of a franchise anyways
although... nah, doesn't apply for synonyms
for tag badges it does
@Alex It is a series that appeals most strongly to romantic teen girls, which means that most men and anyone who dislikes chick flicks/chick lit generally hates it.
@Donald.McLean Ah.
Oct 18 at 15:20, by Jenayah
I mean I enjoyed the worldbuilding, the action, the music, settings and stuff but one could easily point out that the main issue in this show was the same as every "YA" show: romance plots which, to be honest, could really have been avoided
3:08 PM
@Alex yup but Teen Wolf doesn't spend six entire seasons about romance and romance only
@Jenayah Oh, was that quote not about Twilight?
sometimes there's also werewolves kicking ghost Nazis' butts
@Alex nah it was Teen Wolf
the TV show not the movie
@Jenayah I'll have to improve my searching skills.
@Alex :p
@Jenayah As long as you are clear that what you are saying is entirely your own opinion, you can say what you want and it won't bother me at all. It only bothers me when people try to claim that the series is bad from some kind objective standard, which would be wrong since it's art and no objective standards apply.
3:10 PM
@Jenayah How about this one?
Oct 18 at 15:00, by Jenayah
@TheLethalCarrot I don't know how old you are mate but I hear you, I was in junior high shcool when this stuff came out/popularity rose with the movies and damn it was a pain to endure when you don't like it but people around go bonkers
@Alex yeah that one was about Twilight
There should be a badge for finding old comments in Chat.
Lol, what would the criteria be?
Yeah, hype about anything is generally a bad idea. I remember when Star Wars Episode 1 was announced and it became this BIG THING. Hard not to be disappointed.
@TheLethalCarrot Dunno.
3:13 PM
@Donald.McLean well I do know enough of the stuff to forge myself an opinion
@Alex technically debatable, though: it's not much rarer than Gold Moderation badges
I mean you can't really compare Question badges and Moderation Badges
@Jenayah 21 synonymizer badges... oooh I'm part of a privileged club :P
Danggit no tags to which I could suggest a great synonym
3:31 PM
@Jenayah Fair point. But it's still odd that a Bronze badge is harder to get than many Gold badges.
@Alex duh. Have you heard about Generalist badge? ;)
@TheLethalCarrot Heh, where I have it I'm one of 12.
Q: Paperback bought in 1980s about a higher being who has brought aliens from all walk's of life to see who will get to utopia or Eden

A.lindI picked this paperback in the 1980s in a second hand bookshop but can't remember the name. It starts with a group of teenagers going to a disco. The floor then dissolves and they wake up on a different planet run by a higher being who has brought aliens from all walk's of life to see who will g...

@Alex and it's not that it's harder to get, it's that there are less people involved in moderation activities
I'm so close to that damn silver badge
3:33 PM
And I'd hazard a guess that the people who do care about moderation activities will likely synonymize all the stuff they can/are involved in so if you're late to the party, too bad :P
Wait for your niche tag to have a boom
@Jenayah Well, I just noticed I actually have that badge on a different site.
Lol I'll never get that one I think
I'm a couple of story id answers away from it
Star Wars and Star Trek for instance, probably never gonna answer that
@Jenayah That's how I got the badge. I created the tag, asked all the questions, gave all the answers, and suggested the synonym.
3:35 PM
Time will make me the first ever holder of a tag badge
You read it here first :p
Answer the old Qs and you'll get a nice jump on it
@Alex meh :p
@TheLethalCarrot there's not much to add to what's already there
Fair enough
Speaking of tag badges, I'm about to hit the score for a gold badge, yet I literally only have half the necessary answers. So sad.
Maybe one of this Electro/Venom thing but then again it will just be a couple panels with Venom surviving an electric blast and quipping about it
3:37 PM
@Alex That's generally the case
Score is usually a lot easier to get
@TheLethalCarrot On this site at least.
Yeah on non niche/beta sites
Well on most sites I've been a part of score is easier to get
@TheLethalCarrot For me it's the opposite. I think this is the only site I'm on that score is easier.
Fair enough
I can't speak for Mi Yodeya to know or not haha
3:40 PM
@Jenayah Science fiction is not a niche?
@TheLethalCarrot Not just Mi Yodeya. I'm on a goood handful of other sites as well.
@Alex no
Aye but <500 on those that I can see so didn't bother checking what they were haha
There's quite a lot of traffic and votes compared to,say, Homebrewing
And in the general case until you hit a few k score and answers remain similar cos you're still working out the specifics of the site culture and what not
Oh blimey, I'm closer to a Marvel tag badge than a DC one :/
Gonna have to get around and phrase 'em answers
3:42 PM
@TheLethalCarrot Fair enough.
@Jenayah That just makes it a more popular niche.
If I get a Marvel tag badge before a DC one it will feel like treachery to where my heart rests :p
@Jenayah I can help by downvoting all your Marvel posts.
@Alex first, please don't :p unless they're really bad ones but I don't think I posted such a thing
You're only one new DC answer away from levelling up anyway
Then it's not just about the score, I also have more Marvel answers
3:44 PM
@Jenayah Confidence... nice.
Well, one more but still
Aye and a new one on DC will even up the count and if it's on a new question will probably even up the score too
Or potentially overtake it
@Alex actually I'll have to check but I don't think any of my answers is downvoted
Questions are, though
@Jenayah That's impressive.
Two of them at least
@Alex like I said I'll have to check
I know one was, but downvote was removed after a bid edit
This one
A: Why doesn't Hogwarts carry spare wands for the students that need them?

Jenayah(so, I edited this to include the other theories I started to develop in comments. PMar's answer states the "obvious" but is actually quite plausible. So, theories to follow are assuming Hogwarts could have spares, but just won't.) (after-writing note: so it's quite long, and sometimes biased, b...

Which might use a TLDR come to think of it
3:49 PM
@Jenayah Oh, you were referring to all answers, not just Marvel?
Even more impressive.
Oh wait no, technically I do have a downvoted answer but I deleted it as it came from me not reading the question the right way
On this one
Q: Anime about a boy with black hair and a 10 foot tall grey robot

Paula FlacheI remember watching (on TV) an anime with a young boy (black hair) and a robot (all grey). The robot was not huge, like being able the pick the boy up in his hand. He was more like ten feet tall. And they were friends. It is probably like 15 years old.

@Jenayah I recall a Chat discussion about the meaning of a phrase in that question.
Aug 6 at 15:20, by Jenayah
poke @Edlothiad just use the metric system already xD
Starts there
@Jenayah Out of my 17 questions, only 4 of them don't have downvotes.
@Jenayah Iron Giant!? You crazy fool
3:56 PM
@Alex you do have particularly twisted questions sometimes though :p
@TheLethalCarrot you say robot befriending a boy and an ambiguous phrasing about whether the boy can fit in the robot's hand and I say Iron Giant, what can I say
This one was great...
Show of hands, how many people instantly knew the movie just from reading the question title? — Steven M. Vascellaro Dec 21 '17 at 19:01
@Jenayah Twisted as in "creepy" or as in "convoluted" or as in something else?
@TheLethalCarrot yep :p
@Alex still can't wrap my head about what you meant in that who wins the cup one for instance :p
Or the one about the extra birthday present... Not a big deal
But the latest about the DA coins I liked
Might actually be my favorite question of yours
Be right back, buying korivka
@Jenayah Looks like you're in good company. Despite my protestations the question is closed as "unclear what you're asking".
4:01 PM
@xkcd Ha, a different room with the same feed got this a good five minutes ago.
Q: Fantasy Novel About a Princess With a Distinct Accent

PleiadesI can clearly recall this book featuring a princess who spoke with a very distinct accent. The main issue I'm having now is that I remember very little of this book now. I know that I read it sometime between 2012 and 2014, but I'm unsure as to how much older the book was than that. That being s...

Ah well, guess who entered the supermarket for "one" Korivka bag and came out with one Korivka bag... Along with two kilos of prianiki and a bag of sushki
Q: A science non fiction question about the Batleth

GrogI am a real martial artist and metal worker... I created a functional steel replica of the Sword Of Kahless... Now I'm looking for a case or bag to carry it to tournaments in. Anyone know where I might find such a case? I tried standard gun cases, double gun cases... The sword measures 60" x 14"....

Close votes, please?
Already VTC'd
@Jenayah Guess who had to google all three of those things?
4:14 PM
@Alex so are you hungry now? :P
@Jenayah Well I was hungry anyway.
So are you even more hungry now? :P
@Jenayah Already maxed out.
Then go eat
@Jenayah I'm actually about to.
4:17 PM
Captain obvious
@Alex oh enjoy your meal then!
@Jenayah Thanks.
Q: A science non fiction question about the Batleth

GrogI am a real martial artist and metal worker... I created a functional steel replica of the Sword Of Kahless... Now I'm looking for a case or bag to carry it to tournaments in. Anyone know where I might find such a case? I tried standard gun cases, double gun cases... The sword measures 60" x 14"....

Q: Does Skynet Feel Guilty?

E_McAndrewI stumbled upon a reference from James Cameron stating that Skynet has felt guilty for 30 years with regards to the near extinction of human life. He even suggests that Skynet has used time travel in order to setup events so that humanity would win. He even compares John Connors to a Messiah type...

@Marvin LOL
@Donald.McLean "at least they tried"
Lets be honest though a sword that big isn't really functional
4:30 PM
it's useful to chop a large block of butter
@TheLethalCarrot A medieval two-handed or great sword would be that large or larger.
@Marvin I wasn't aware of that interview nor on that aspect of things. That's interesting.
4:50 PM
I may have just posted my first answer with no quotes.
@Alex I don't think there was a quote in that Hagrid has pets too one
@Jenayah Yeah, just realized that. How'd you get that so quickly?
But that one doesn't really count.
@Alex probably because it also struck me at that time that you didn't include quotes :p
I would have included quotes except that I posted it from my phone when I did not have any books with me.
@Alex now's the time then
4:54 PM
@Jenayah Not sure if it's worth it. The question was subsequently edited such that people apparently did not think it's a fair answer anymore, plus Hagrid's pets are well-known enough that you don't really need quotes.
@Alex true
5:17 PM
Harry Potter question on English Language Learning:
Q: Help to understand "It drives Mum mad" in this passage

dan “What does your dad do at the Ministry of Magic, anyway?” “He works in the most boring department,” said Ron. “The Misuse of Muggle Artifacts Office.” “The what?” “It's all to do with bewitching things that are Muggle-made, you know, in case they end up back in a Muggle shop...

Q: Is Flash Really really faster than Quick Silver?

will soulI know alot of you say Flash is faster than Quicksilver but is he really? Is he really what you say he is? I have seen a website, wired.com, that did the math and said Quicksilver is faster.

I've got a question...
When Valorum gold tag badge-closes this question scifi.stackexchange.com/q/197280/98028 why is the DC badge showing up when he's got more score in Marvel (also a gold tag badge) and Marvel tag is more popular?
I am officially amazed you've bothered to check this
5:40 PM
You've got me. I have no idea.
@Gallifreyan :p
Time for a meta question? I'm curious now
Aaaargh gotta check for a dupe first... I hate meta search :p
but yeah if no dupe I'm asking that :p
Q: With multiple gold tag badges, what determines which of them will be used as hammer?

Shadow WizardI got gold tag badge for both support and feature-request here on Meta Stack Exchange. When voting to close a question tagged with both as duplicate, only one of those is selected as the hammer: At first I thought tag popularity (number of questions asked with that tag) determines the tag ...

@Alex Alphabetically? Dull.
5:43 PM
Seems it's alphabetical.
@Jenayah Cheater.
@Alex I did read the post before posting that :p
@Jenayah I was referring to the edit.
@Alex oh :p
@Jenayah Makes me look bad.
@Alex how so?
5:50 PM
@Jenayah It looks like I just repeated what you told me moments earlier. Before the edit it was easier to assume that I hadn't yet seen your comment.
@Jenayah (Don't take this too seriously.)
@Alex you're overthinking this :p
@Jenayah See what I just did there?
@Alex I'm kidding :p
@Jenayah Me too.
6:06 PM
No hard feelings then.
Hey, @Jenayah - Is there a reason that you took out the second "Really" in the Flash/"Quick Silver" question, but didn't correct the character name?
I’d hazard a guess that she just missed it
(Before I correct the name, thought I should see if there's something I haven't thought of that would dissuade me)
@RDFozz what TLC said, I missed it
'cause I corrected it in the body but forgot to edit the title
Then went back to the title for that "really" thing and missed the second half :p
@Jenayah Ahh. Alex is not the only one to overthink things. :-)
Fixed now.
6:18 PM
I do that a lot, especially on mobile
@RDFozz But I overthink things purposely.
The dupe-target could use a live-action answer, though
Because TV Flash is slow as heck
Movie Flash... ... ... Let's just say that the problem isn't in his physical speed...
MCU Quicksilver is ok-ish
Well, was
@Alex I assume you mean deliberately. "With malice aforethought" (so to speak). Yeah, my tendency has become instinctual over the years. Between a tendency to play devil's advocate, and years of work trying to think of everything that could go wrong, I don't always apply Occam's razor.
X-Men movies Quicksilver is dope
Though that has nothing to do with my beard :-)
@Jenayah XCU Pietro is more fun than comics Pietro - I can't see him doing speed pranks like in X-Men: Days of Future Past.
6:26 PM
@RDFozz All my comments are with malice aforethought.
@RDFozz this comment makes me think of that recent RPG question...
Q: Is there a maximum attainable beard thickness?

arothThis other question asks if attuning to a Belt of Dwarvenkind grants the following benefit (and literally nothing else): you have a 50 percent chance each day at dawn of growing a full beard if you're capable of growing one, or a visibly thicker beard if you already have one. My questio...

@RDFozz I think there's a rule of cool that says that if you have an animated speedster, they've got to make speed pranks at some point
Animated as in moving
Like live-action or cartoon animated
You get my point :p
@Jenayah A stationary speedster - an interesting concept. Has super-speed, but is completely immobile :-)
Yes, of course I do.
And you understand why I had to make the joke!
@RDFozz sounds like the guy who can turn invisible, but only when no one is watching :p
Mystery Men, the movie!
@RDFozz actually I'm curious now, such a ridiculous concept must've been brought up at some point in a parody or stuff
6:32 PM
Super speed but is wheel chair bound?
@TheLethalCarrot I guess you can build some neat tires with increased friction resistance and roll the wheels with your hands like crazy
Gets a bit more complicated for tetraplegics but we can design something with head movement? :P
@Jenayah Plus, you can whip up whirlwinds with your arms
@RDFozz I was throwing that as a generic useless superpower but indeed! :D
@Jenayah Actually, thinking at super-speed coudl be a great power on its own.
@RDFozz aye
6:36 PM
I think that's actually been used to explain why Quicksilver is such a jerk (probably in the famous X-Factpr issue where Doc Samson talks to the team).
As long as you've got means to communicate the results of your thinking and/or test them
I just finally read the "No Surrender" mini - I want to see a new Pet Avengers mini that includes Mr. Dibbles.
@Jenayah I have to admit, while I am not a dwarf, nor does my beard give me special powers, I am quite attached to it (haha). It actually turned 35 this past summer. My late wife never saw me without it, and neither has my son.
In any case I guess you're on for a "I'm too intelligent for my flock I feel alone I'm sad" moment though
@RDFozz the mystery of what lies beneath RDFozz's beard
Maybe gold
Maybe just skin
@Jenayah Not necessarily intelligent - more like a computer. It's not that any one thought would have be great, but that you could run through enough to come up with a good next step - like computer chess.
Maybe Michael Jackson, Kennedy and 2pac
6:40 PM
I've often told people - computers aren't smart, just fast.
@Jenayah No, I think I would have noticed - I tend to run my fingers over my beard when I'
when I'm thinking
@RDFozz okay, scratch the moment above and replace it with "I always see all the possibilities, there is no more of that tingling feeling of surprise in my life, I am sad"
Which is why I like to have a good pair of scissors at my desk, so I can trim it when I find a patch that's gotten too long!
@RDFozz Then you'd need super speed to keep up with your super thoughts.
@RDFozz good thing you're not Edward Scissorhands then
@Jenayah I don't know - maybe I'd get to the point where I managed to keep everything the same length, without actually hacking it all off!
@Alex Yep - this was coming off the idea of a quadriplegic with super-speed, and what good the power would be.
6:46 PM
@RDFozz if you ever grow scissorhands I suggest you mold your beard a tiny holes armor so that you can never cut past a threshold; but your beard still grows through the pores
@Jenayah I'll keep that in mind :-)
Damn why do I only think of nice Worldbuilding answers when I'm chatting about SFF? :P
Question "how does a Edward scissorhands being keeps his beard from getting self-cut?"
@RDFozz and beard armor is unusual :p
Ahah there's funny stuff when you Google images beard armor
7:12 PM
Q: TV Series [1990s?] About a soldier lost in Amazon - Becomes super body guard

KevinNot a lot to go on, but... I remember watching a tv series in the 90's about a soldier who was lost/mia in the amazon(?). When he finally returned to civilization, he uses the things he learned in the jungle (from a tribe he lived with?) to be a super body guard or other "do-gooder".... not supe...

7:28 PM
Q: Book identification: time travel likened to swimming

Daniel LeeDoes anybody know what book this is?: People can become beings who can travel through time by inserting a temoral segment of themselves into a kind of suit which allows them to "swim" "above" the surface of the "sea", where the sea represents time as we experience it. The time travelers can manip...

7:43 PM
Q: Book: with a Troll girl and treeclub and with talking sun and castrated husband deserted father carcass?

openInventAny one know of this book I thought it was called the Last Simolean but its like unexisted now?? Theres like a amazon lady that bonks her head and like ends up a troll after being haunted by a talking sun and a troll queen who uses her fathers corpse penis or somethings and theres a part about t...

@Marvin LOL
@Jenayah At least it wasn't a desserted father carcass.
I wonder who smoke, the OP or the author
And also what they smoked
Whatever it was it was a strong one
8:15 PM
Q: When does the copyright on Isaac Asimov's works expire?

zabeusI read in another question that Fox produced the film I, Robot because they had just acquired the rights to the Asimov collection and wanted to get a big budget movie out of it. I would have thought his books are old enough to already be in the public domain, but obviously I'm not very familiar w...

Q: Anime TV show (2000s) in which the characters analyse the creature stats using a device similar to pokemon

GL NgThere was this anime TV show in the 2000s which featured the main character fighting against the evils on getting the 5 legendary creatures. Whoever can get all 5 of them together will unleash the mythical creature with the best stats ( attack 10 defence 10 and etc) They used a device somewhat li...

@Marvin alright, no robots, no crystals to collect :)
8:30 PM
Q: ANyone remember a shared universe trilogy about a fallen empire that had discovered gunpowder?

Jeff DegeYears ago I read a shared universe trilogy a world in a great empire had discovered gunpowder just as they were discovering gunpowder. The first novel took place just as the empire fell to barbarian invaders, and focused on a group of researchers who were just working out how to make cannon work...

9:18 PM
Q: Why didnt the droplet kill Loigi in Dark Forest?

TheGrapeBeyondI just finished reading "The Dark Forest", second part of the Three Body Problem Trilogy. My question is, (spoiler alert): When the droplet finally made it to Earth, why did it chose not to kill Loigi, and instead settle on the Lagrange point? It seems like it could have done away with him on...

1 hour later…
10:18 PM
@Jenayah did @Randal'Thor get back ou about and the like?
titel, thesen, temperamente?
2 days ago, by Rand al'Thor
@Jenayah You can raise flags for this kind of stuff. More efficient than pinging mods in chat, because it can then be handled by whichever mod is online/has time at the moment, not just the one(s) you pinged.
And the subsequent two messages.
@Alex Thanks, I couldn't find it
@AncientSwordRage I was hoping for a series called Time Travelling Twits :-)
10:26 PM
@RDFozz me too
7 hours ago, by Alex
There should be a badge for finding old comments in Chat.
@Alex that one must have been easy to find
Q: How did Snape allow his old advanced potions book to be used by Harry?

Henry MIn Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, how did Snape allow his old advanced potions book to be used by Harry? Was this by the instruction of Dumbledore in order to let Harry get closer to Professor Slughorn and therfore find out more about the horcruxes? Or did Snape actually misplace the po...

Q: Why didn't Snape keep or secure his copy of Advanced Potion-Making?

SlytherincessAdvanced Potion-Making (by Libatius Borage!) was used for sixth year Potions classes. Canon does not make clear whether it was also used for seventh year Potions, so I'm going to presume it was only the sixth years' textbook. Slughorn passes out two battered copies of Advanced Potion-Making to Ha...

Q: Which Asimov book should I read first?

OviI have never read any Asimov book; all I know is that it's "alien sci-fi". Is there a book you suggest I read first? I am aware there are similar questions here, but they seem to deal with users chooing between 2 different series. I'm asking for absolutely any Asimov book.

Q: Anyone recognize this science fiction/horror anthology?

Ashley DavisI know this is a long shot, but here goes. I have been looking for a specific science fiction/horror anthology book for years. I do not recall the cover art, the publisher, the title, or the author. I am only able to recall bits and pieces of different stories in the book. The main one I remembe...

11:02 PM
Do you get lots of rep for answering your own question?
Not usually. No more and often a little less than a regular answer for some bizarre reason
11:25 PM
@CorvoAttano Depends on a bunch of factors.
I'm actually in the middle of writing an answer for one of my questions right now.
11:39 PM
Q: Old comedy routine about the evolutionary race to become Homo Sapiens

LorendiacA friend told me about this once. I think he later allowed me to listen to his audiotape copy of it. Maybe. But this was in the late 1980s -- call it "thirty years ago" -- and my memory is far from clear. I have no idea of the name of the comedian who had performed this. Here's the basic idea:...

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