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12:00 AM
TODO to myself: answer the Nagini question; look at Rácz István's preface for Kalevala to see if it answers literature.stackexchange.com/q/6754/139 or perhaps even mythology.stackexchange.com/q/2553/197 .
Q: How accurate is this fanfic's explaination of the TARDIS and the Time Lords? Is it true to Doctor Who canon, or is it made up by the author?

Linwood ShermanThe fanfic chapter in question. (https://www.fanfiction.net/s/5189535/3/Of-Gods-and-Mortals) The passage in question follows below. "HEY!" yelled someone. I jerked back as a series of crashes landed on the TARDIS doors. I moment later I realised that that it had been Haruhi knocking. Can't tha...

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2:44 AM
Q: Was Lovecraft's "Shunned House" a real building?

Buzz"The Shunned House" is one of my favorite stories by H. P. Lovecraft, although that is probably a minority opinion. One of the things that is notable about it is the detail with which he describes the eponymous haunted house, starting right near the beginning of the story. Despite Lovecraft's r...

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3:49 AM
Q: What do Spock and Kirk eat?

Joe CIn "All Our Yesterdays" Spock says something like "Arrrghhh, I've eaten animal flesh" with much regret. It indicated that traveling that far back in time messed up his Vulcan mindset. So I assume he's normally either vegetarian or all out vegan. McCoy flashes smuggled Klingon ale at Kirk from ...

4:22 AM
Q: Why weren't bounty hunters provided with pictures of runaway androids?

Spar10 LeonidasIn Philip K. Dick's dystopian sci-fi novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, bounty hunter Rick Deckard is assigned to track down, identify, and "retire" six rogue Nexus 6 androids (or "andys") that have illegally escaped to Earth from Mars. He is provided with equipment to perform the Voigt...

4:54 AM
Q: In Do Android Dream of Electric Sheep, why does Deckard need to apply the Voight-Kampf test at all?

JoeI've seen Blade Runner many times but I'm currently reading Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep for the first time and I find myself wondering something I've never considered before: Why does Deckard need to use the Voight-Kampf test on the remaining escaped androids? I know he needs to use them...

5:53 AM
Don't we need a work tag for that Lovecraft one?
6:42 AM
@Jenayah short stories often don't get their own tag
7:04 AM
Hum, why the author tag?
probably to make it easier for topic experts to find. author tags can apparently work when there's no franchise tags.
*shrugs* tags on SFF have been out of whack and argued about for years
There's a franchise tag for DADOES
SQB, Kutulu_Mike and I, along with some others, cleaned a whole bunch of things up in '14, but... it's never actually been standardized
My personal opinion is that we should always use an author tag, unless an author's relevant work is confined to a single franchise (example: vs ).
Makes sense I guess
7:11 AM
A: How can I easily follow all works by an author?

TheLethalCarrotTL;DR: We use the author tags when there are few questions per work and in total as current practice already, this should be incorporated into current policy. Current Policy Current policy would appear that author tags are to be used solely on questions about the authors themselves and not for ...

Score is too low to call it a real consensus, but it's a step up from a brief period where author tags were actively removed as soon as there was a work or franchise tag.
How many upvote/downvote?
On mobile now and desktop isn't handy
8:04 AM
@SQB It is how we generally do it in practice nowadays though author tags here are usually for questions about the author only, where the work volume is low is sort of a special case
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9:12 AM
A: View number of 'Up' and 'Down' Votes of a question/answer - Android App

Kasra RahjerdiAs of version 1.0.16 coming out in the next few days this has been fixed. If you're viewing a question on a community in which you have earned the privilege required to do this, you can long-tap on the entire area showing the current vote count and buttons to view the specific counts in a pop-up ...

A: Vote counts in iOS app

Brian NickelComing soon to an iOS device near you: To use the feature, press on the question score and hold your finger there until the vote count appears.

App sucks big time
@Alex I'm on browser
(but thanks ;) )
Is the app even supported still?
I thought support dropped for it completely now but I don't follow the app development stuff anymore
@Jenayah Apparently not, if it can view vote counts.
@TheLethalCarrot I think not
@TheLethalCarrot I use it all the time. Besides for Chat, it works pretty well.
9:19 AM
I don't think it's seeing any development.
@Alex takes space, isn't supported, makes it more time to switch between tabs, nah not worth it
@Alex Aye but I meant does it have new releases/bug fixes still, I thought they dropped it
Especially since Kasra left, and he had been doing all of the work basically single-handedly AFAIK.
Q: Science fiction short story about a space salvage tug called the Dido, which salvages a passenger ship

HectorScience fiction short story in an anthology or omnibus, about a space salvage tug called the Dido, which salvages a passenger ship, but loses control of it during reentry to earth orbit, and it crashes onto a bomb factory owned by a totalitarian regime, who claim it was deliberate. The story c...

9:41 AM
@Jenayah I liked the show but have no question to help your query ;D
It was quite a fun watch
I will recommend it
An annoying "cliff hanger" ending though
@TheLethalCarrot I kind of like vague ending like this
@AnkitSharma ahahah
9:46 AM
Me too but seeing as there's going to be a season 2 it just seems annoying
@TheLethalCarrot what? why? please say no
Well reports say there is a second season from a few months back
I don't know if it's started filming or what though
The End of the F***ing fun
If netflix renew Maniac then I will boycott it
9:51 AM
> "For me, I like to do one and move onto something else," he told Business Insider. "I'd be very happy if another season were to happen, but I think they were just thinking about this as a limited season, and if there's an appetite for another one then I think Patrick would be happy to take it up and do it again. But not with me."
So maybe a season 2 but no plans as of yet by the looks of it
Though I only opened the first result
I am loosing trust in netflix lately so I need reason to hate it and if I boycott it I will get more time for other real life stuff
Tell you what give me your Netflix credentials, I'll change them for you and you don't have to be tempted anymore
@Jenayah I use someone else's credentials. I am poor
Also amazon prime I got for 1 year free during a offer
10:12 AM
Q: Meaning of this Calvin & Hobbes strip

BlueMoon93Not being an english native speaker, sometimes it's hard to understand the joke in a few comic strips. I believe that this is one of those cases. What's the joke in this strip? The most I can understand, is that the sound Calvin's shoes are making is the same as their name, but I'm not sure...

Oh I don't mind, I'll update the owner too (just not you :p )
10:45 AM
Q: Anime about a boy with powers engraved on his back, monsters turn into crystals when dead

SarganaaAnime in which a boy who follows a goddess and has some fire ball powers. The powers are like images on his back which only the goddess can read. He goes into the tower to kill monsters which turn into crystals with size proportional to the monster's size and the number and ferociousness of monst...

@Marvin anime, quest to collect crystals, check
11:11 AM
Have you seen my cat?
"have you seen my cat? Not that he's lost, but he's too damn cute! Thanks for reading!"
Wow my French is just amazing... or I worked it out from context... you decide
11:35 AM
What up! Wondering if anyone here has read Pillars of Salt by Barbara Paul?
@Jenayah mobile has it, just tap the score.
Darn, comment on deleted question.
Deleted cos the answer was boring I guess
Anyway, Calvin & Hobbes is on topic where it concerns the fantastical / sfnal elements.
11:39 AM
@SQB not mine ._.
@LíamMurphy nope. What's it about?
@Jenayah Using responsive design?
@SQB Nope, the meta states that it is on topic as a whole because of the amount of SFF-nal content
A: Is Calvin and Hobbes on topic?

ValorumYes As you've noted, the Calvin and Hobbes cartoons incorporate significant elements of science fiction and fantasy, quite a lot of which is internally consistent and intrudes into Calvin's reality. At the very least, asking about these is perfectly acceptable. Additionally, the question about...

11:42 AM
> As you've noted, the Calvin and Hobbes cartoons incorporate significant elements of science fiction and fantasy, quite a lot of which is internally consistent and intrudes into Calvin's reality. At the very least, asking about these is perfectly acceptable. _(emphasis mine)*
@SQB Right that's what I linked in my comment... it literally says yes it is on topic.
> At the very least
being the operative phrase
With a big old yes being more favourable
> Additionally, the question about whether the entire strip is fantastical seems to have been well-received by the community. I think we can accept that discussions about this aspect are also well within scope. (emphasis mine)
Nothing about that is remotely fantastical or sfnal. As much as I love Calvin & Hobbes, that just isn't on topic.
Meh I don't care that much to continue this especially seeing as the Q is deleted
@SQB that one seems very sci-fi. galoshes don't exist
11:51 AM
Q: Why didn’t Darth Vader’s body disappear in Return of the Jedi?

Jonathan MuseIn the special edition, you see his one-with-the-force ghost, but he didn’t disappear like Obi-Wan or Yoda. Any good explanations as to why this is the case?

12:19 PM
@Jenayah Seems to center around some sort of technology that implants people in bodies of the past. used for both entertainment and education, but something goes wrong and an adventure ensues i assume
just bought it and was unsure but curious!
12:30 PM
Alright, might check it out some day!
Q: Where is Termina with respect to Hyrule?

user13267Termina is the land where the story of Majora's Mask takes place However, if I understood the story line correctly (I might not have, so please correct me here if I'm wrong), MM takes place after the events of Ocarina of Time In the beginning of OoT, kid Link lives in the Kokiri forest. At ...

@Jenayah I think room is fluff safe to share
12:55 PM
Q: Why was Molly still wearing her cloak?

Raptor Voldemort was in the center of the battle, and he was striking and smiting all within reach. Harry could not get a clear shot, but fought his way nearer, still invisible, and the Great Hall became more and more crowded as everyone who could walk forced their way inside. Harry saw Yaxley s...

@AnkitSharma yeah the cat is pictured just above
But the boarlet is cuter
Googling boarlet
Not my kind of pet but I am not even a pet person
1:10 PM
Q: Novel where the speed of light is comparable to the speed of sound

c021752cI am trying to discover the name of a book recommended to me by my school physics teacher some 48 years ago. The premise of the book is that the proponents visit a world where the speed of light is comparable to the speed of sound and how this affects all aspects of life.

This one
1 hour later…
2:22 PM
It's cute! :P
3:13 PM
Greetings, Earthlings.
@Donald.McLean greetings, Hubble guy!
@Jenayah Is that a baby boar, or some kind of pygmy boar?
3:27 PM
@Donald.McLean Reddit says baby warthog and who would think Reddit doesn't always spread the truth? :P
Besides pygmy hogs don't look exactly like that
^ ugly
The first picture certainly looks like a young animal
@Jenayah Then it should be a "warthoglet"
English is hard enough without intentionally obfuscating things.
Hail @Hydra
3:46 PM
@TheLethalCarrot nicely done
@Donald.McLean coin that word ahah
3:58 PM
@TheLethalCarrot Hi :D
I've seen you've been quite active recently and been getting some nicely scored answers, keep it up :)
Also @Jenayah are you gonna hurry up and hit 10k this week? I don't want my prediction proved wrong :P
Thanks, I try to help when I can. I've been in the site before, but never made an account. The community seems nice of what I been able to see so far.
We to try and be nice haha
@TheLethalCarrot If it comes down to it you can always give her a 150 bounty to save your prediction.
And aye that's what a lot of people do... lurk until they think they can help and then make an account
@Alex And risk not overtaking Aeg by the end of the week? You're out of your mind man!?
She's already had a 250 bounty off me too!
4:04 PM
@TheLethalCarrot I was not aware of that particular goal.
Lol, I just made it up
Although I know I'm only 1 decent answer away
Yup 71 rep... one answer could easily get that
I just need something new to answer...
4:52 PM
Q: Harry Potter fanfiction where Harry is adopted by Original Characters, and his adopted sister is lgbt

James LawmanI’m looking for a Harry Potter fanfiction wherein Harry is adopted by Original Characters and has an LGBT Original Character sister, I don’t remember anything else, but I need to know the name, and wheaher it was good, so please find it for me...

5:25 PM
Q: Which group watches over Anti-Heroes according to the 'Treaty of Tolerance'?

CBredlowIn the most recent season of Venture Brothers, we've learned more about how the OSI and GCI handle 'protagonist' and 'antagonist' relations respectively. They say a 'mad scientist' falls under the GCI's control, even though the scientist was at one time a normal scientist. Where do Anti-Heroe...

Q: How do Vulcans handle pon farr in marriage?

Shana TarWe know that Vulcans are non emotional most of the time and consider any expression of passion unacceptable. Except from when they experience pon farr every seven years - which apparently the way for them to procreate. We also know pon farr is going same way for males and females (reference T'Pol...

6:11 PM
@HydraExiled Welcome! Ditto to what the others said, keep it up soldier ! :)
@TheLethalCarrot wasn't your prediction for last week?
Also same thing, need something new to answer. Ask a Venom question will you
Got some answers for which I have gathered the source material, now they need phrasing
Oct 15 at 9:02, by TheLethalCarrot
Yup end of the week, maybe next week, at the rate you're going
Q: When hydroponics was utilized for the first time in a sci-fi movie?

PalliserI remember from the TV series Lost in Space in the 60s about the use of a hydroponic garden as a method of plant-growth without soil but I ask when hydroponics was used successfully or not in a sci-fi movie.

They're gonna face LTTPS though
The first half of the prediction has gone; there's still the second half.
@TheLethalCarrot I would know, I did the same. Did I ever tell you the story of how I was a lurker, registered when I had the answer to a story-id and then the guy self-answered with a one-liner five minutes before I posted my well-shaped answer? ;P
@Alex it's doable
6:27 PM
@Jenayah at least 10 times
And yeah the second half is still very possible
@TheLethalCarrot :p
I know
But new people here might not know, so it felt absolutely necessary to narrate it again.
You just happen to be collateral damage
Once or twice a month seems a good amount of times to retell it
Seeing as you usually hit HNQ with your answers to new questions all you really need is one answer too
You know I would never tell it again just for the sake of imagining you sighing and rolling your eyes
I'd be very surprised if you don't get it. 4+ days to get 175 reputation?
Because it would be very childish, but still funny.
Nah, that kind of behaviour is beneath me really
6:32 PM
Also, super weird: there's a comment here from @Janayah that only shows up in the Mobile chat but not in the Site chat.
@Alex lol wut
That's wacked
@Jenayah Screenshots forthcoming.
That happens because chat sometimes swallows messages until you reload the page. The person who sent it should notice that the message stayed slightly green; that means that chat half-ate it.
It doesn't show up for me either, but it should if I reload the page.
6:42 PM
And I got no ping in Chat but I just got a notification in my inbox:
@Mithrandir You're right; I reloaded and now I see it here as well.
This has been happening more often for some reason lately.
Happens when the person sending the meaaage has slow connection
I should know seeing as my work connection is terrible most of the time
7:10 PM
@Mithrandir ah indeed that happens sometimes
7:22 PM
Should this perhaps be closed or edited?
@Adamant why closed?
It has many answers, including some with many upvotes, but questions about whether "character X is good or evil" are almost prototypical opinion-based questions. We see a little of that going on here with attempts to talk about the morality of the Elder Gods enslaving the Shoggoths or whatever.
Perhaps an edit focusing on how Lovecraft conceived of them would be better.
It wouldn't invalidate the existing answers, but it would preempt future answers explaining why the Elder Gods are evil according to Judaism or Itan or whatever.
Ah, not wrong.
Ditto to OP stance
@Jenayah I think this little guy looks like a baby Cerebus. Imagine him standing upright with a black vest and a sword.
7:48 PM
Q: looking for fantasy novel with magic arm

Konrad Kurzelooking for a scifi/fantasy book main character is a human boy with his arm replaced with a magic one, and his companions are his vampire girlfriend and a barbarian girl whose skin is turning to stone

Talk about short!
@RDFozz true, but less cute :p
@lephe indeed ahah
8:04 PM
Q: Who is this woman in The Magicians, and what was she referring to?

RajIn The Magicians by Lev Grossmman, My question is, what bull is she referring to? And who is she?

8:20 PM
Q: Since when is a Feruchemist able to only have one power?

MaslinBased on the first Mistborn trilogy, it seems that unlike Allomancy, if you were a Feruchemist, you were able to use a Metalmind made of any metal. However, in the Wax Wayne trilogy, it is clear that most (if not all) Feruchemists can only tap into one Metalmind. Was Feruchemy always like this -...

8:36 PM
Q: How were Feruchemists not affected by Ruin on account of the earrings they wore?

MaslinAs noted many times in the Mistborn trilogy (I can't remember any exact text), Feruchemists used to keep Metalminds on their bodies - including earrings - to store Feruchemical attributes. It was later revealed that Ruin was able to control any being who's body was pierced with metal which means ...

8:52 PM
Q: Illustrated children’s book with Ewok like creatures crashing spaceship in a forest

ZoeI work in a library and we had a young patron give us a description of a children's picture book that she can't remember the title of. She's been looking for this book for a long time and no one seems to be able to make sense of what she's provided. It would have been helpful to have a date on t...

Q: any suggestions for good reading?

Marco Curini-GallettiI am afraid I may ignore new series which could proove to be good reading, and I may have missed many in the past. Could any of you be so kind to make a list of 'musts' (which may encounter my taste....)? I liked : 'The saga of pliocene exile series' (perhaps aka 'the many couloured land) 'The wh...

9:41 PM
Q: Why does Naruto run with his arms behind his back?

ThunderforgeWhy does Naruto run like this? It looks silly to me, and I'm not seeing the advantage.

10:29 PM
Q: Series of books, featuring a maze, nexus, and tattoos of power

MichaelThis series follows a tattooed protagonist through progressive attempts to escape the maze that his race was imprisoned in.

Q: Zombie questions

MeganWhy do, in movies and tv shows, humans die after being killed and /or bitten and instantly awaken as a fully decayed corpse within a matter of seconds. It just doesn't make sense, wouldn't there have to be a significant amount of time between death and reawakening for such a drastic change to occ...

11:59 PM
@SmokeDetector Yeah, it's garbage - should be on its way to being deleted

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