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Q: Harry Potter funny fanfic, where Harry is convinced he is an elf - probably on fanfiction.net

Kazenari BlackThere's a fic where Harry runs away or gets left outside after finding a book in a library on magic and believing he is an elf. He grows up learning "wish for a trade" or magic for a trade bartering and such, meeting odd people along the way, multiheaded snakes, I think Mr. Lovegood, child Malfo...

@Jenayah The simplest solution would be to just make you a moderator.
1:16 AM
@Alex ahah
I don't think so
still too much of a noob, I am :p
@Jenayah I don't think so.
eh, about the functionalities and stuff (maybe not about topicness but that's not all there is to it)
meh in any case there's no election so y'know :)
@Jenayah No one knows the full extent of "functionalities and stuff". You probably know enough at this point, and anything you don't know you can still ask for help with.
@Jenayah Elections are held when additional moderators are needed. You seem to be creating the need.
(that was not meant in a negative way.)
@Alex there's no need for that
as said above it's not a priority
the way I see it more mods would be needed if the community was at a civil war or we went from ~20 questions a day to a whooping 100 or stuff
so far so good
@Jenayah True. I was half joking. But there was a big discussion recently (might have been right before your time).
1:23 AM
ah you mean the post in Meta?
like, early this summer?
@Jenayah Which one are you referring to?
@Alex wait
A: A request for more visible activity from the moderator team

terdonOK, since you want to toss this can around again, let's have a look at your claims: In this previous meta discussion about the moderator team two conclusions appear to have been made: "Something should be done" - The majority of the community. "Nothing should be done, we're fiiiine" ...

@Jenayah Yep.
And a slightly earlier one:
mid June
Q: Isn't it about time we had a chat about our moderation team?

Argus_PanoptesWhile there doesn't seem to be a specific policy about how active a moderator needs to be, the key principles are that they need to have "active, consistent participation" (https://stackoverflow.blog/2010/07/27/moderator-pro-tempore/) and "leave frequent comments on posts where you’v...

1:26 AM
I'd have thought it was later
@Alex April, I was already there but not invloved in Meta nor chat
also big lurker but didn't answer much... Not much to reply to
Back when I was "I'm gonna answer a bunch of story-id questions"
And then realized "holy heck people here won't mind if I discuss comics for hours with panels and stuff"
nice place to show off all these hours spent reading comics without bothering people
@Jenayah Everyone gets drawn in in their own way. If I recall correctly, I started answering questions on my first site when I wanted to post a comment and didn't have the 50 reputation.
They're even asking for it :D
@Alex kudos to you for not posting it as a NaA then ;D
@Jenayah Yeah, I had already been reading for long enough to know the difference.
that's the right way to do it
@Jenayah If I had known abut Chat back then I would have only needed to get to 20. Oh well.
1:33 AM
@Alex might not have been able to ping the user though
if they've never been in chat
@Jenayah I'm pretty sure he had been. He was like the most active user.
Alternatively, if he hadn't been in Chat I could have just asked someone else in chat to post the comment.
I'm guessing this was Mi Yodeya
@Jenayah Indeed.
1:37 AM
now I wouldn't be able to evaluate how good your QAs are but if I am to look only at rep you seem quite a trusted user there
so I'd say it's good that you didn't just sit back and got involved for good instead :p
@Jenayah Well I have the most reputation in the time since I've started.
@Alex wow, congrats :D
@Jenayah Thanks. But it doesn't necessarily mean my posts are the best. I've also posted the most answers (by far, I think) in that time period.
So average score per post is not that high.
yeah but LTTPS
@Jenayah What's the "S"?
1:40 AM
Late To The Party Syndrome
Also, it's not an S
Sep 18 at 6:20, by Alex
I only asked for the R.
On my world, it means "hope"
But... here, it's an S
@Jenayah ???
@Jenayah Ah.
1:43 AM
can't let such an occasion slip
@Jenayah Indeed, I'm beginning to think you have a clip for anything.
@Alex I'm known to throw around more or less obscure references
Got elected "2014 Greatest link-sharer user" in a forum's chatroom I used to be in :p
@Jenayah There's some badge for something like that here, no?
@Alex yeah but not restricted on chat
Announcer IIRC
or Booster
one of them is Silver the other is Bronze
There's a Gold also.
1:55 AM
oooooh my the memories...
Browsing that old forum now
Somehow didn't forget the password
@Jenayah Am I allowed to ask what the forum was?
Dang that thing is dead...
@Alex a French comics' forum
@Jenayah So nothing i would understand anyway?
won't say much nor link it because I don't remember what kind of personal stuff I might have said there, though I doubt there's much, I've always been careful about this stuff
@Alex it's all in French if that's what you mean
and around 95% of the site is about the specific comic
@Jenayah Well I'd say I've picked up a bit of French since joining this Chat.
Like 3-5 words.
1:59 AM
though I'm pretty sure my profile on this thing shows up in Google with the right keywords
ah no profiles are hidden but part of the posts are indexed
holy heck I'm still 6th all-time poster there, lol
I spent a lot of time there
Made good friends actually
Some I eventually met in real life and am still in contact with
oh the memories
@Jenayah Was that deliberate?
@Alex yeah
@Jenayah That's cool. I think I've "accidentally" met people whom I've engaged with online.
@Alex so no confirmation they were the same?
@Jenayah Well I knew, either because they had used their real name or because I figured it out. But I don't think I told them that.
2:12 AM
@Alex any particular reason not to disclose yourself?
@Jenayah Absolutely.
ok then :)
@Jenayah Is there a significant difference between those two faces?
@Alex first draft was a typo
Q: Science fiction novel with one-armed protagonist and a homicidal squirrel

Joseph MaherWhen I was a kid, I remember reading a science fiction novel in which the main character loses an arm at some point, and has a run in with a homicidal squirrel. Does anyone know what this was? For what it's worth, I remember it was one of four novels published in a single volume collection, one...

2:19 AM
Q: Novel about a spacewoman who needs help finding a holographic recording to defend herself in court

LorendiacThis was a science fiction novel, written in English, which I read in hardcover. I checked it out from a public library around the late 1980s. I don't know how old this book was at the time, but it sure didn't have a "Golden Age" feel to it. I only remember one portion of the plot development. I'...

@Jenayah Ah, well I almost wasn't sure which area of my brain to activate.
2:37 AM
@Marvin damn I'd thought this would be easier :p
hey @Catija :)
@Marvin I'm really curious now, hope someone will find it
(and hopefully will explain how they found it :p )
3:04 AM
Q: Solo. ASWS, yacht scene, display armor in the background looks very similar to Jango Fett's?

GooseDoes anyone know the backstory of the display armor in the background in the yacht scene that looks very much like Jango Fett's helmet and possibly Armor as well?

3:50 AM
Q: Finding anime from the childhood

DekaraSo there was this one anime/cartoon when i was a kid that i watched but i cant remember its name. But i remember that there were a boy,girl and a guy robot if you could say. The mission was to drive around with the tank and collect some kind of gems/diamonds (they are all different colour) and ...

@Marvin #&+^%. Do we even have anime-id questions without a robot, finding gems, or both?
4:41 AM
@Jenayah You can raise flags for this kind of stuff. More efficient than pinging mods in chat, because it can then be handled by whichever mod is online/has time at the moment, not just the one(s) you pinged.
Also, if it's as simple as a typo'ed tag which only appears on one question, you can easily fix it by hand.
I sorted and using mod-merges, but it's kind of overkill for single-tag questions.
5:42 AM
Q: I am looking for a book of short stories by Isaac Asimov written by other authors

EyeballOne of the stories I am sure was called The Road and another was about a mysterious alien that a young girl named Ineed and her mother kept correcting it to Enid. I read it in the 70's or early 80's and really wish to rediscover these stories.

@Randal'Thor alright! Here I come back with the flag swarm then :p
2 hours later…
7:45 AM
@Marvin alphabetically?
Q: Anthology of science fiction from 1980's library, fragments of stories remembered

Skogkatt FuryI think I've searched the relevant priors so forgive me if this is a duplicate. In the 1980's I read a hard bound anthology of science fiction in a public library. Red cover, but probably a library binding. Among the stories was a tale of a large space ship that came to hover over a house, while...

@SQB lol
8:02 AM
Q: Why wouof the sorting hat consider slytherin as an option for Harry?

YanBearFollowing this question I asked myself why the sorting hat would see Slytherin as a good option for Harry. As far as I know Harry wasn't cunning, he wasn't pureblood, nor was he power hungry or had great ambition. But still the sorting hat said, that Slytherin could lead him to greatness even if...

@Marvin woof woof ;p
Also, dupe
9:51 AM
Q: Why is the word "negro" so heavily used in the new Doctor Who episode "Rosa"?

Jeff O'BrienWhy is the word "negro" so heavily used in the new Doctor Who episode "Rosa", isn't the show supposed to be PG? Using the word "Negro" makes it seem too violent for a PG show, plus using the word "negro" and yelling at a dark skinned person seems quite MA rated for Doctor Who.

Q: Animated movie with time travel and where people where enslaved in mines

PaulI would like to identify animated movie from my childhood. Not sure about language, animation style could be anime or similar. Watched it on VHS in early 90's so it could be from 90's or 80's. Teenagers or young adults in time traveling ship. They got to some dystopian/apocalyptic setting wher...

10:06 AM
Q: Harry Potter fanfic that narrates the movies making fun of it, and mainly Steve Kloves

ColonDI remember reading a harry potter fanfic series somewhere in 2010-2012(roughly) that narrates through the movies, and basically makes fun of it. It was posted on fanfiction.net though I'm not able to find it on searching for it there recently. There were multiple fics done, each based on a movi...

10:58 AM
@Marvin I answered this one, not the best answer but the answer is obvious so I didn't feel the need to flesh it out too much
11:17 AM
@Jenayah Are you cleaning up [superman] -[dc] Qs?
@TheLethalCarrot aye
you tell me if too much is too much by the way
on the homepage
Only 3 that I can see and they're spread out nicely
Though 34 edits in two days... maybe I should start being active on the weekends ;P
WTF, you counted? xD
12:27 PM
@TheLethalCarrot ah that works too I guess
If you want I can check your revisions page too ;P
there are some tag edits though
Aye and own posts
I'd imagine
not much on own
only posted one answer since sunday
didn't update the rest IIRC
though gotta update a Venom answer
1:12 PM
Muscle is a bad keyword? Maybe keywords should be keyphrases?
@TheLethalCarrot if muscle is a bad keyword how has Smokey not died since the launch of Physical Fitness SE?
Haha good point
Sites can be excluded from certain keywords when needed.
Q: Urban Fantasy book featuring 'The Prefects'

Danny3414I read this approx 5 years ago but I couldn't say if it was newly published back then, it was a hardback from a UK library. I can't recall too much of the story, the only thing that sticks in my mind is this scene(s)... There are two Entities from like a dark dimension, they are constrained by ...

Q: Did the Radioactive Spider Bite Give Earth-616 Peter Parker Muscle Definition, Like in the 2002 Raimi Trilogy?

typeRiderAs anyone who's watched the Raimi 2002 Spider-Man trilogy may remember, Peter wakes up the morning after the spider bite with a ripped body, standing in stark contrast with the scrawny body we'd seen he had earlier. Now that just begs the question - is that the case too for mainstream Marvel con...

1:54 PM
Q: What are the approximate dimension of this iceberg? Any chance the ratio is 1:4:9?

uhohFrom 17-Oct-2018 NASA ICE tweet: I'm curious of the actual dimensions, and if possible a complete photo. And curious in a scifi sort of way if they have a ratio of 1:4:9 From yesterday's #IceBridge flight: A tabular iceberg can be seen on the right, floating among sea ice just off of the Lar...

Thought that was a new feed for a moment then
2:11 PM
@TheLethalCarrot mild spoiler... even if it's really obvious
Meh return could mean he went on holiday and came back
sure... :p
Better titles should be favoured over ones that could potentially be spoilersome
Not like the "return" was a big spoiler though
(they actually wanted people to think the guy was dead -_-)
I still haven't watched any of the DCEU films bar Wonder Woman
Oh scratch that I saw Suicide Squad too
2:16 PM
only one I haven't seen yet
will do when I need a no-brainer :p
It's alright for mindless action but it takes too long to get going
mindless action is alright
not that big a fan of this Suicide Squad teamup anyways
(the characters, I mean - save maybe for Croc)
2:40 PM
It does have Harely in it though so that's a plus
not the biggest fan of Harley
'xcept for Injustice Harley of course
I just like her, cos the bits I've seen, she doesn't take herself too seriously
Though tbf I don't really follow DC
Marvel guy?
More so than DC but then I've never really read many comics
Follow most of the films and what not though
TBH the time I was interested in comics and superheroes was when a lot of people my age found it nerdy and so it was either don't read/watch that stuff or get the piss taken out of me for doing it. Unfortunately, I chose the former
I'd like to get into them properly at some point but y'know time and money
right, lots of time spent reading those, can't argue with that
eh... whistles and backs off
2:48 PM
And I've still to watch all the MCU films, I think all that's left for me to watch is the first 2 Captain America films, the ending to civil war and the incredible hulk
Watched Black Panther a couple of days ago
It was decent
Even if it was extremely predictable
MCU I'm short Black Panther, AMATW, IW
and the latest Deadpool
IW is really good imo, AMATW was pretty good, Deadpool 2 is just another Deadpool film... god for a laugh and violence
Though Deadpool isn't part of the MCU... yet
yeah y'know what I mean
MCU is pretty much of a mess anyways
The XCU? ;P
all of 'em
2:57 PM
The MCU isn't too bad and they do all tie in at some point
with the TV shows and stuff
Ah true I forget about them as I haven't watched any haha
Daredevil is great
Iron Fist isn't as good but okish
That one still going?
Daredevil that is
I'm pretty sure I saw Iron Fist was cancelled
haven't caught up with S2 yet
nor JJ and LC
3:00 PM
Luke Cage was cancelled too right?
I don't know what JJ is haha
Daredevil has a third season I haven't watched yeet, and there's the Defenders
Jessica Jones
Oh aye
@TheLethalCarrot ah?
Think so
meh, not a fan anyways
as longas DD is still up I'm good
3:02 PM
So you like Daredevil so that's next to go
Oh just read an article that has this paragraph:
> What exactly is going on here is unclear. It could just be rock-bottom viewership and Netflix feels they have no choice but to pull the plug. Or this could be some sort of beef with Disney, which is about to launch its own streaming service competitor, putting their joint Netflix Marvel shows in an awkward spot.
So potentially they'll all be moving over :/
> “At this point there are no plans for owner Marvel to resurrect Luke Cage on the upcoming Disney streaming service. But, being that the Simone Missick co-starrer crashed Netflix in its first season opening weekend in September 2016 and had a very well watched and well received 13-episode Season 2, it could be a Sweet Christmas, as Cage likes to quip”
And this:
yeah but what 'bout DD? :p
3:08 PM
> To make the Disney-branded service as robust as possible, Disney will allow a lucrative licensing deal with Netflix to expire. Starting with “Captain Marvel” in March, all of the films that Walt Disney Studios releases in theaters will subsequently flow to the Disney streaming platform instead of to Netflix. (There are “no current plans” to move Marvel-themed television shows off Netflix, a Disney spokeswoman said.)
> Disney has also tried to buy back rights to old “Star Wars” films from Turner Broadcasting, Bloomberg reported last week.
So potentially they'll stay on Netflix... at least until Disney has faith in their new streaming service
sucks to have to suscribe to so many platforms, the new DC one, the Amazon one for the Tick, etc etc
oh wait, I watch 'em in streaming
Oh DC have done one too?
I can't keep up with all the shows never mind all the streaming services
yeah for the new Titans series
gotta watch that too
You have?
nah but I will
3:21 PM
@Jenayah I think we have anime-id questions with a magic glove giving you superpowers without having to insert a gem or using a robot.
@b_jonas meh, magic glove is cheating
And of course we have to have an anime id question with time traveling robots scifi.stackexchange.com/q/197134/4918
lacks an unicorn
Groot-Venom just became my top voted answer :p
Groot-Venom is pretty damned cool
and there's Rocket-Venom too
read the arc ;)
3:31 PM
Aye but that involves reading :P
"reading" ting
(sin counter increases)
Q: If BB-8's head is attached by magnets, how can it be extended away from his body?

2br-2bAccording to Star Wars and other questions (In-universe, how is BB-8's head adhered to his body?), BB-8's head is attached magnetically to his body. That's fine and all, but, in Episode VIII, when Poe is attacking the Dreadnought and BB-8 is fixing the X-wing’s guns, he headbutts the control pan...

4:02 PM
Dammit can we please stop this close/reopen war about that Doctor Who question
As long as it stays open people will keep trying to close it... super downvotes and all
I can't even begin to see how that's POB
Someone made a decision and said decision was applied
I mean the answer is so obvious it's a dull question, but not POB
That's the problem though, people are closing it because they don't like it, POB is just the reason they've plumped for
@TheLethalCarrot yeah
And it's poor behavior if you ask me
Not how things should go around
I think I'll raise a mod flag when I'm on a computer
Though I'm not sure what can be done
4:08 PM
Nothing really except a mod leaving a comment
They could lock the question but I don't think it's that bad it needs locking yet
@Jenayah I'm already watching it.
Nothing else to do.
I imagine Rand is keeping an eye on it too after I've had a conversation with him
@Null oh, alright then, thanks for replying
To be honest though questions of "questionable" content almost always draw incorrect close votes
@TheLethalCarrot aye
sucks tho
4:22 PM
Yup but as long as people have the tools to do something incorrectly they'll do that something if it suits their purpose
eh this is politics in a nutshell
Q: Was One ever "romantically" involved with Daniel?

AdamantAccording to some Namesake comic fans, the following conversation between between Emma Sr. and One suggests that he had been involved with Daniel Crewe at some point: On the other hand, One found and raised Daniel: It would be little weird if he'd been romantically involved with him, given ...

Hey Liam! :)
Hello! So I can ask my question in here right?
4:31 PM
Cool! I'm just looking for some abstract, avant-garde science fiction.

Often I look through books and see titles I think will be a bit off the beaten track, to find the same old shoot-em-up, muscly guy saving a scantily clad alien female sort of cover.

Just wondering if anyone can tell me any names of more strange authors, or even recommendations of books!
@TheLethalCarrot I think moderators can stop that.
Diamond mods that is.
Like I was researching Harlan Ellison, he seems to be the sort of thing I'm looking for, though I haven't got around to buying any of his yet
@Jenayah That's not much of war yet. It's only been closed and opened once so far.
Some questions get closed and reopened three times.
Hmm, I should look in SEDE what question got closed the most times.
@LíamMurphy now's my time to admit avantgarde SF is not my field of expertise but I saw you liked K Dick so I'm curious as well now :p
Eh, unless you count Jules Verne as avantgarde. I'm no expert either but the classics are worth the read!
4:40 PM
Yeah, Philip is definitely how I got into it! But even with him, I found I liked the more off-the-wall ones. VALIS and the rest

I think in most of my reading I'm always reaching for the weird!
@b_jonas that's how close wars brew :p
Q: Searching abstract, Avantgarde Science Fiction

Líam MurphySo I read quite a bit of Science Fiction. I started with Phillip K Dick, but have now read a myriad of writers and am truly in love with it. What I am looking for is more abstract stories? I often go into book shops and spool through, pull out a novel that I think sounds good or has a really ent...

Yeah fair point with Jules, I always wanted to read Journey to the Centre of the Earth
It's a good read :D
When it comes to Jules Verne @b_jonas can probably advise you too :)
Greetings, Earthlings.
4:51 PM
@Donald.McLean Greetings, Hubble guy!
Hey, any recommendation on the above? :)
@Jenayah Avante garde Science Fiction? I'm not sure I'm a good one to ask. While I'm not one to pay attention to genre labels, neither am I up for stuff that's really out there, the way Dick is.
Though, has anyone suggested Greg Bear. Moving Mars was exceptional, and definitely not the same old thing.
Or The Diamond Age by Neal Stephenson?
@Donald.McLean Oh come on, K Dick is a pretty normal guy... Once you get past the six-years-old character who's being telepathically manipulated by her unborn brother lodged in her kidney, that is :D
Yeah, that Greg Bear one sounds quite cool. I'm really not sure what I am looking for tbh. I often dream of picking up a book that is out of absolutely nowhere, and explores the furthest reaches of what is possible in writing.

The sort of same way I felt when discovering Beckett or Lovecraft (to a certain extent)
@Jenayah When they make a movie based on a book, and the movie is pretty far out, but much more mainstream and accessible than the movie, you're way outside whatever solar system the box is in.
5:00 PM
I also really enjoyed the Stray series by Andrea K. Host
I often find that a lot of science fiction is so heavily connected with the world we live in. I hope to find something that completely extracts me from any real world context when I read science fiction! :)
@TheLethalCarrot Wasn't there recently a Meta post about this?
I'll definitely check out those suggestions Donald, thanks!
Q: How precise do the close reasons have to be?

AlexWhen voting to close a question there are five options you can choose from: The ones that interest me here are the third and fifth choices. While I don't think this is a pervasive issue, I have seen it enough that I think it warrants a discussion. It seems to me that specifically these two clo...

@Jenayah Telepathically manipualted by her unborn brother lodged in her kidney? And it's not in Dune?
5:02 PM
@b_jonas Top one is my fault.
@LíamMurphy Have you read any Jack Chalker?
@b_jonas Nah it's in Dr Bloodmoney
Dr. Bloodmoney, or How We Got Along After the Bomb is a 1965 science fiction novel by American writer Philip K. Dick. It was nominated for the Nebula Award for Best Novel in 1965.Dick wrote the novel in 1963 with working titles In Earth's Diurnal Course and A Terran Odyssey. Ace editor Donald Wollheim however suggested the final title which references the film Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (1964). == Plot summary == Dr. Bloodmoney is set in a post-apocalyptic future. In 1972, before the start of the narrative, Dr. Bruno Bluthgeld (German for "Blood-Money"...
@Donald.McLean I haven't actually
@Donald.McLean The Identity Matrix sounds quite interesting, read that?
The Rings of the Masters is exceptional and definitely not the same old, as is The Four Lords of the Diamonds. The Soul Rider series is also way out there, except that it feels like fantasy, even though it isn't.
What about Jules Verne? And I don't know what kind of avant-garde you want, or what traditions you want to get away from. I'm not sure if the cover matters so much, they're often deceiving on those old paperbacks.
And “I often find that a lot of science fiction is so heavily connected with the world we live in.” is confusing. Do you live in a world with “the same old shoot-em-up, muscly guy saving a scantily clad alien female”?
5:10 PM
Sorry, not the world we live in. I think that some science fiction can run into the same cliches as other genres too easily. But you are probably right about the cover issue.
@b_jonas who knows, maybe Liam is not human and the "alien" female turns out to be a human woman :)
@LíamMurphy I have not read that, but I will have to check it out. The only books of his that are definitely more mainstream is the Dancing Gods books, which I think were inspired by the Xanth books and are fairly mainstream light, borderline comedy fantasy.
@Donald.McLean Rings of the Masters sounds cool! Not a big fantasy fan but it definitely looks pretty good.
@LíamMurphy Rings of the Masters is not in any way shape, or form, fantasy - just far future.
Q: Why did the Vulcans feel only Nixon could go to China?

MachavityIn Star Trek VI, we have this odd (but amusing) quote There's an old Vulcan proverb: Only Nixon could go to China Why did the Vulcans have this proverb?

5:12 PM
Some of Stanisław Lem's sci fi get far from what you're used to, unless you've already read all of his sci fi. Admittedly Captain Pirx does have some muscly astronauts, but I don't think it has scantily clad alien females.
Same with The Four Lords of the Diamond - that's why I specifically mentioned them.
Read His Master's Voice, that's the sort of thing I'm looking for I suppose!
Yeah, Lem is definitely a bit out there.
Like I thought The Black Cloud by Fred Hoyle was interesting, it was quite scientific and tried to walk the line of logic, but it was a story about a talking cloud, and I loved it!
For WAY OUT THERE fantasy, can't do much better than the Amber books:
The Chronicles of Amber is a series of fantasy novels by American writer Roger Zelazny. The main series consists of two story arcs, each five novels in length. Additionally, there are a number of Amber short stories and other works. The Amber stories take place in two contrasting "true" worlds, Amber and Chaos, and in shadow worlds (Shadows) that lie between the two. These shadows, including our Earth, are parallel worlds that exist in, and were created from, the tension between opposing magical forces of Amber and Chaos. The Courts of Chaos are situated at the very edge of an Abyss. Members of...
5:17 PM
@LíamMurphy In that case try to read more of Lem. Different books of his are out of the way in different directions.
And if we're talking about Amber books, obligatory ping to @lephe :)
@Líam Murphy By traditional cliches, do you mean something like Asimov's Lucky Starr series?
Yeah, the Cyberiad was total fun, but out there.
@Jenayah They were recommended to me shortly after the Corwin series was completed.
Yeah @b_jonas that looks to be the sort of thing I mean. The sort of thing where I feel like I've just read a Western set in space
I also wonder about Hal Clement's book, see scifi.stackexchange.com/a/96703/4918 for a description if that's your thing, even though it does have aliens, and the human hero has to be a muscly astronaut guy to be able to descend to the high gravity planet.
5:20 PM
@Donald.McLean I have no idea what it's about to be honest, I just know lephe recommended it but not read yet :)
I'm currently reading I am Legend
Jules Verne's sci fi books can certainly count as somewhat traditional I think, even though none of them have alien females.
But then, at the time he wrote them, there wasn't that much of a sci-fi tradition of space westerns that he would have had to defy.
Yeah read Mission of Gravity, that was pretty cool!
In fact, I think only the one book and its sequel that even have a spaceship.
@LíamMurphy I guess you've read Asimov's less stereotypical sci fi books too though.
Some of them at least.
Haven't read much Asimov, but am currently making my way through Robot Voices. I was sort of unsure where to find the sort of story I wanted. I know I'm gonna love him, but yeah I was scared I might run aground in some story that was like that Lucky Starr one you just showed me
Hmm, do spacers count as aliens, and is Elijah Baley muscly?
@LíamMurphy Some of them can be traditional, but I don't think any other is as traditional as Lucky Starr.
Oh right, I guess the robots could count as aliens, and Donovan and Mike (the astronauts from a few robot stories) might be muscly.
@Liam If you want to read Asimov, Jenkins' Guide asimovreviews.net may help
@LíamMurphy What is Robot Voices? Do you mean Robot Visions or Robot Dreams? Both are title of an anthology and a story.
5:29 PM
Oh god yeah, Robot Visions sorry!
@Jenayah Probably one of my top 5 fantasy series of all time, along with the PC Grant series by Ben Aaronovitch, The Others by Anne Bishop, and the Black Jewels by Anne Bishop. Picking a fifth would be harder.
I wonder if Asimov has sci fi that would count as very much not traditional.
And also good, that is.
@Donald.McLean duly noted!
Although as far as I'm concerned, I truly doubt anything will ever entertain me as much as the Ewilan books did. Probably my first contact with fantasy, and still my favorite fantasy series :D (@lephe knows them too eheh)
They haven't been translated though
So y'know... Learn French :p
Perhaps The Positronic Man (1993 novel), novelisation by Robert Silverberg based on “The Bicentennial Man”(1976 short story) of Asimov.
@Donald.McLean I second this pick! Quite an elaborate series with a non-classical fantasy world :)
5:40 PM
But I think you should read more of Lem.
@Jenayah These are the first books right? I don't remember a lot about them, but I did enjoy reading them (and I should add "as a kid" since it's already a few years back...)
That's my first pick of recommendation for you I think.
@lephe yeah it's the first trilogy
and indeed the third was published in 2003
Then came the second trilogy, the L'Autre trilogy and the Ellana series
Oh and Les Âmes croisées (and A comme Association, but unrelated to Gwendalavir)
...and the motorbike accident :/
@Liam Are you interested in humorous or parody stories too? Stories that are primarily fantasy more than science fiction (dragons and superheroes rather than spaceships)?
Yeah I'm gonna get on Lem! Na I'm not on that really @b_jonas, have a bit of an aversion to fantasy for some reason!
I know I need to overcome it at some point
5:45 PM
Ok, so not Discworld.
Ah my brothers read that. I mean I'll have to get into it at some point as it's heralded as such a classic
Oh, I guess Star Wars and Star Trek are other examples for what you mean by traditional sci fi that are space westerns.
@LíamMurphy See also asimovreviews.net/Books/Book503.html Jenkins' guide page about Positronic Man.
Unrelated, [superman] -[dc] is cleaned
@b_jonas well, read the novelizations :p
@Jenayah There are so many different Star Wars novels and I haven't read any of them, so I wouldn't even know which one you mean.
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