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1:19 AM
Q: Sexy woman clones herself

David GregorieI'm looking for a sf short story about a beautiful woman named Eden ? who clones herself to transplant her brain into as she gets older. The young clone discovers the plan and burns her face on a hot lamp. WHAT IS THAT STORY? PLEase, I'll give anything to know!!! (No, I won't, I'm being dramatic.)

Q: How can Finn pilot this vessel?

Spar10 LeonidasIn The Force Awakens, it's mentioned at least twice that Finn is not a pilot. First, when Finn rescues Poe: Poe: Why are you helping me? Finn: Because it's the right thing to do. Poe: You need a pilot. Finn: [chagrined] I need a pilot. And later, when Finn and Rey are trying...

1:49 AM
Q: Would Blade / vampires / undead survive Thanos’ snap?

J. DoeThanos’ snap with the full power of the infinity stones was supposed to wipe out half of all life. Vampires, however are generally considered “undead.” Would this give supernatural characters who could be considered “undead” an advantage in that technically they are not part of the “all life” b...

Q: What is the first "stuck in a game" type story?

PiousVenomI've recently started reading books that fall under a genre they are calling "LitRPG", and I noticed a lot of similarities to things like .hack and Sword Art Online. I remembered a lot of debate about which came first between those two, then I remembered Captain N: The Game Master. Granted it was...

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3:05 AM
Q: PBS Kids Point-and-click Adventure Game

UhuraAt the school I went to in the early 2010s the first-second graders used to play some educational (the kind that's not really explicitly educational as in it teaches kids but the kind that teachers approve of having technology class make them play) isometric point-and-click adventure game. I re...

Do you get reputation for getting your post starred? Can users see who stars posts and how many people do so?
4:07 AM
Q: Why the retro atmosphere to the town Will visits in Lost in Space "Return from Outer Space" (1965)?

Anthony XIn the first season episode of Lost in Space (1965) "Return from Outer Space", Will is teleported to Earth, ending up in a town in Vermont. It has a feel very like Bedford Falls in "It's a Wonderful Life" - very 1930s when Will didn't travel through time (should be 1997, 32 years into the future ...

Q: What happened to Lucius Malfoy and Narcissa after the war?

SlyMalfoyCunningAt the end of the Deathly Hallows part 2,Draco and Astoria are seen dropping their son off at platform 9 3/4. Lucius Malfoy never played an active role in the final battle though it's pretty clear he and his wife were death eaters. What happened to them at the end of the series? Did they go to Az...

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7:28 AM
@CorvoAttano you don't get reputation from having a started post, but there are two badges associated with chat stars: Talkative (Post 10 messages, with 1 or more starred, in chat.) And Outspoken (Post 10 messages in chat starred by 10 different users.)
Badges are just shiny useless stuff though :p
Those ones at least
As for seeing who stars posts, no, votes are anonymous
@b_jonas once told me there used to be a tweak allowing you to see who started, but apparently it's been fixed since then
As for how many people star, you can know how much people started one message (for instance if there's a 3 written next to the star ⭐3)
3 hours later…
10:23 AM
Q: In Star Trek: TNG, why was Crusher’s labcoat blue?

BroklyniteLabcoats are traditionally white, the better to show spills and stains, minimize interactions with dyes, etc. more traditionally worn were dust jackets, which allowed chemists to wear a jacket which would hide stains (ah, we chemists do have such a wonderful attitude to safety...). In the last ...

Totally unrelated but I just realised that the guy who played Sabretooth in the 2000 X-Men movie was called Tyler Mane
^ get it? Tyler Mane?
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11:54 AM
Hello @Gallifreyan :)
1 hour later…
1:13 PM
Q: Why did no Y-wing fighters take part in the Battle of Hoth?

Michael WashburnDuring the counterattack on the Imperial walkers, Luke observes, "That armor's too strong for blasters." This fact necessitates a new tactic of trying to trip the At-Ats with tow cables, which is tricky, time-consuming, and exposes the rebel pilots to enemy fire. (And works only once.) Given that...

1:31 PM
@Jenayah Good, how are you?
(Sorry, had to go afk)
@Gallifreyan fine :)
ended up updating a Cptain America answer while searching for more material on a Venom one ahah
@Gallifreyan aye no problem
Can you DM on this?
@CorvoAttano No DMs here, nope
Is it possible to merge two accounts on SE?
Q: How can one link / merge / combine / associate two accounts / users? (Anonymous / unregistered / cookie, or OpenID / registered)

pauldunlopI accidentally posted a question without being logged in. Is there a way to associate that question with my account? Return to FAQ Index For more information, visit "I accidentally created two accounts; how do I merge them?" in the Help Center. a.k.a. How can you link a registered accoun...

@CorvoAttano no DM but if you need to have a conversation with a mod for serious stuff I guess you could ping them and ask for them to create a private chatroom with a bunch of locks on
1:41 PM
^ that works
Probably works with CMs too
CMs usually have their emails in their profiles
Ah and there's a contact form somewhere
all depends on what you have to ask
(no chitchat DM though, as far as I know)
@CorvoAttano apparently not:
Q: My Area 51 reputation is different from my Area 51 discuss reputation

John MiliterAt time of writing this question, my Area 51 reputation is 222, while my Area 51 discussion reputation is 207. It has been this way for weeks. I thought that Area 51 discussion was a meta site for Area 51, and therefore users should have the same amount of reputation on both of them. Has my Ar...

I'm not sure how Area 51 works though
1:55 PM
Maybe you start with 51?
I have no reputation changes at all, I've barely done anything except support a Solar Energy SE proposal
@CorvoAttano From the FAQ:
> You'll earn your first 50 reputation by confirming your email address.
so I guess you did that
Q: Which King did Farquaad swear allegiance to?

Alex DownsGiven that Farquaad is only a Lord, his land must be a vassal to a much larger kingdom. He may have sworn allegiance to King Harold, but another King (King Midas) was mentioned in Shrek 4. Do we know to which King he swore allegiance to?

2:21 PM
Where could I ask a weird physics question on SE that's not practical or realistic? I have a good one but Physics has rules about questions being practical?
Maybe Worldbuilding?
They have a sandbox by the way
Q: Sandbox for Proposed Questions

BellerophonIn order to make the Sandbox easier to use, a new Sandbox question will be posted when the old one becomes too full. This Sandbox is currently active. You can check here for the full list of past and present Question Sandboxes. What is the Sandbox? This "Sandbox" is a place where Worldbuildin...

you can get feedback there
would have to tweak it a bit so that it becomes a Worldbuilding question though, but that seems doable
I asked it in the Physics general chat to see if I get an answer or anything from the people there.
sounds like the right thing to do, you can get feedback there too :)
I knew it couldn't be the only time Venom referred to itself as "I am Venom"
@Jenayah Who is Venom, other than an evil Spider-Man?
@CorvoAttano long story short, the Symbiotes are a species of goo-like aliens with the ability to bond to an host
Back in the day they were depicted as malevolent, and to be honest... Yeah they were a bit
Nowadays the Symbiotes are said to want to bring peace to the universe
Of course there is a bunch of "rogue", completely psycho Symbiotes (Carnage for instance)
As for Venom itself, it's one of these aliens (the Klyntar), who was first bonded to Spider-Man
but Spider-Man rejected it and the Symbiote bonded with Eddie Brock, a journalist who had a beef with Spider-Man
over the years it bonded with a bunch of other people but the "main" Venoms are Eddie Brock and Flash Thompson
of course there have been a bunch of declinations, She-Venom, anti-Venom and the like
And overall, while most people are uneasy around Venom (you can guess why), he's a hero of sorts
^ those are the big outlines of course, kind of hard to summarize 30+ years of Venom
Oh, also
the Symbiotes retain memories and abilities from when they were bonded to previous hosts
which is why the current Venom looks like Spider-Man and took on slinging webs
(then again, long story short)
Will have to update some Venom threads
1 hour later…
4:05 PM
Q: What is Farquaad’s first name?

Alex DownsOr surname if Farquaad is his first? I mean, in Mr Stink, the titular character’s real name is Lord Darlington. We can safely conclude that Darlington is his surname.

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5:07 PM
Q: Why didn't Voldemort make a horcrux from a dementor?

thomas sheldonDementors are practically immortal creatures as far as we know so why didn't voldemort make a horcrux out of one? He could have promised the said dementor a lot of souls to feed off. More than what the ministry could off.

5:34 PM
@Jenayah Try writing reviews or other things about Marvel for thesffblog.com
@b_jonas why not some day :)
@b_jonas is the blog only about movies though?
Q: Who/What is the 'Classified' in this chart?

Odin1806On the Warhammer Community site around the end of last month there was an article about a new unit, the canid. In the article there was one detail that jumped out at me and I have not been able to find anything explaining it. There is an image detailing the typical guardsman's chain of command b...

@Jenayah No. It's for SFF stuff in general.
There used to be a chatroom for the blog, but then when the innitial enthusiasm for the blog died down, it got frozen.
5:54 PM
@b_jonas alright then :)
Q: When Cooper was in 5th Dimension why it vanishe when he gave gravity equation to Morph

Shehnaz AmeerWhat happen at the end of Interstellar? When cooper was in the 5D area, why did it gradually start to all Vanish when he gave gravity equation to Murph? Why did that proof him back into our original solar system 50 years later?

6:20 PM
@Marvin Hmm - has anyone asked why Voldemort didn't make a Horcux out of the Earth yet? Or perhaps the universe? Both would be rather inconvenient for someone to destroy....
@RDFozz better yet, make a Horcrux out of a living planet!
Enter Horcrux-Mogo!
Well Mogo has been destroyed before but heck still worth a shot
@Jenayah At first I assumed you were going with Ego
Hey, it's about time for a new Marvel/DC crossover....
6:41 PM
Q: Is there any canon information about the conductivity of Captain America's shield?

ClockworkAs most of you know, Captain America uses his shield to protect himself from a lot of stuffs, be it physical attacks, projectiles, explosions, electrical shock, fire, cold, ... Thanks to the properties of the main alloy used in his shield (aka vibranium), most of the time, he comes out unscratc...

6:51 PM
@RDFozz Mogo > Ego
@RDFozz sure, let's make a Mogo VS Ego one :D
7:28 PM
Q: Please can someone help me find this anime I'm looking for?

Kitty WillowI don't remember what the characters in this anime were called but the female protagonist had silver/grey hair and bright blue eyes. The male protagonist had brown hair and a sister who was super nice. I know it had a scene on a cruise ship with a party and all the girls dressed up and stuff an...

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9:49 PM
Showed True Lies to the roomies today
Great movie night :D
1 hour later…
11:06 PM
Q: What is the jurisdiction of the Green Lantern Corps?

OghmaOsirisOa is the central hub for the Green Lantern Corps as well as the house for the Central Battery and Book of Oa. It is also said to be the center of the Universe. From this wiki (which is the only place I've been able to find a location for Oa) it says that it's in the Milky Way Galaxy. Relatively...

It's weird this showed up on the site
It wasn't answered recently, is super old, and has no recent modifications I could find.
@CorvoAttano there was a new answer which was deleted
@CorvoAttano There was a new (now-deleted) answer.
(because it wasn't an answer)
Shouldn't new answers being deleted not bring up questions from 7 years ago? Doesn't make sense to put ancient questions back at the top because of random edits.
@CorvoAttano it does, the goal is for it to be peer reviewed
11:09 PM
and it's not always a bad thing to have old questions brought back to light
you can clean them up, fix dead links, etc
and learn new stuff
and obviously sometimes there's a really great answer years after
Q: Has Aquaman ever been a merman?

ThePopMachineI see from looking around that Aquaman has existed with and fought mermaids and mermen. Is there any incarnation of Aquaman where he was a merman, was turned into a merman, or had the ability to become a merman?

^ latest example
Well not the greatest answer there is but it's exactly what the question was asking for
TBH I think OP should shift their acceptance in light of that new answer, but that's just me
Can mods do that?
Nope, OP is the only one who can click on the checkmark
but the votes tell more than the acceptance
checkmark is one guy clicking on one button
votes are expressedby anyone
They should change it, that answer is better because the accepted one is just plain wrong.
11:17 PM
well anyone with 15 rep (upvote) or 125 rep (downvote) but you get my point
@CorvoAttano guy probably hasn't seen the new answer yet
and in any case it's their choice... But yeah the new answer is deffo better than the accepted one, though the accepted one had quite a bit of reasoning
No, I mean the mods should be able to change the answer from something definitely wrong to the correct thing.
@CorvoAttano it's been discussed to length but that's not going to happen, once again one should look at the votes before looking at the checkmark
(but hey, it's human to go and watch what's been accepted)
But someone who looks it up on Google sees the accepted answer before the correct answer and will know an inaccurate answer and not bother to check the one with higher votes due to how it displays.
@Mithrandir what does that Hebrew say?
Saw it on your profile
Q: Short stories book, including one where human-looking aliens betray themselves by not pulling up their pants when sitting

euphorikittyThere is this one book that I've been looking for for years, my intermediate school teacher would read us a new short story when we had enough time. I know it's an old sci-fi book, it could have been published any where between 1950's to 1990's. It's a book full of short stories, but I only remem...

@CorvoAttano true
11:27 PM
@CorvoAttano אחד מי יודע | echad mi yodeya | who knows one
Name of a traditional song sung on Passover
I knew part of these letters were familiar...
@Mithrandir Interesting
Also, I guess tag naming and apostrophes don't go along well
Could just do a synonym tag
nah, renaming is cleaner
in this case
for instance is a synonym to
11:37 PM
But if you renamed it but kept them synonyms so it would be easier to tag AND more accurate?
@CorvoAttano I'm not sure whether you can do both
stepping into the shadows and letting @Mith handle that answer :D
@Mithrandir And the name of judaism.stackexchange (plus one word).
@Jenayah Did this become the experiment room again?
@Alex I'm too lazy to move to the proper experiment room
Actually it's a "for the lolz" question I just had
see there's this show, I haven't watched it but I know it exists
The End of the F***ing World is a British dark comedy-drama television programme, based on a graphic novel of the same name by Charles Forsman. The eight-part programme premiered its first episode on Channel 4 in the United Kingdom on 24 October 2017, after which all eight episodes were released on All 4. It was a co-production with Netflix, who released it internationally on 5 January 2018. The programme follows James (Alex Lawther), a 17-year-old who believes himself to be a psychopath, and Alyssa (Jessica Barden), a rebellious classmate who sees in James a chance to escape from her tumultuous...
And I was wondering how Movies & TV would tag it since tags can't contain asterisks (as far as I know) but an explicit tag would be offensive
11:48 PM
@Jenayah Do they actually have any questions abiut it?
@Alex not yet
they could do
I'm considering watching the show just to meddle with it ahahah
@CorvoAttano oh, true
@Jenayah So ask the first one and you get to choose.
11:50 PM
Haven't watched the show wouldn't knwo what to ask
same goes for the comic
but Corvo is onto something
@Jenayah I f you haven’t watched it you can ask about anything. Like what happens in it.
I guess they'll bring up the same in the M&TV chat
@Alex that sounds too broad/not constructive/not a real question/Google it for heavens' sake
@Jenayah I think the latter two were discontinued as close reasons.
@Alex meh
And the first can be easily circumvented.
11:52 PM
still not worth asking a question "what happens" when I know nothing of the source material
@Jenayah “Just to meddle with it”.
@Alex no
I want to meddle with the tags
not fill the site with poor content
@Jenayah Right, so you need to ask a question.
@Alex I won't ask a poor question just for the sake of it
@Jenayah Nice.
11:56 PM
how do people put questions on hold like this scifi.stackexchange.com/questions/197022/…
I never see a button that tells me I need more reputation or anything.
@CorvoAttano through the review queue
Q: What is a "closed", “on hold”, or "duplicate" question?

Justin StandardQuestions can be put on hold, closed, or marked as duplicate. What does it mean for a question to be closed or “on hold”? What does it mean for a question to be "marked as duplicate"? Who can put a question on hold? What are the reasons for putting a question on hold? Is closure the end of the ...

@Jenayah You can also do it from the question itself.
also when you get to a certain aomunt of rep there's a "close" button which pops in the post
that's 3000 rep, IIRC
Yeah, 3,000 to vote, but I think you can see it earlier (maybe 350?).
@Alex I think you're mistaking flags and votes

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