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9:11 PM
@Alex that last one is for you and your CTRL+F dominion :^)
9:22 PM
Q: Which book or source has mentioned Ginny Weasley's name as "Ginevra Weasley"?

user931I have encountered "Ginevra Weasley" a number of times in jokes and I recently saw the full name of Ginny on Wikipedia: Ginevra Molly "Ginny" Weasley is a fictional character in J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter series. Wikipedia doesn't have a citation for this name. Is this correct name? If ye...

9:34 PM
@Jenayah Looks like Valorum beat me to it.
@Alex better luck next time
So how was I supposed to know what you were referring to?
@Alex because @Marvin is lazy
the trick is to watch out for the (1) appearing on the home page's tab :^)
@Jenayah Which I can do when I'm at my computer. Here I came back and the chat tab was the first open and I saw a comment telling me about an unnamed question.
Once I saw the Marvin post following it I figured it out.
@Alex meh
You've mastered CTRL+F, now go and master CTRL+T
9:38 PM
Though I usually hide Marvin posts. I guess it's a good thing I have to rehide it every time it refreshes.
Marvin's hidden for me too
Anyway, there's another mention of Ginevra that Valorum didn't quote.
Not worth another answer, as it's just a few pages prior to the other one.
@Alex comment it then
@Jenayah Indeed. If I could only figure out how to switch tabs.
@Alex CTRL+Tab
9:40 PM
@Jenayah T'was a joke. In light of:
2 mins ago, by Jenayah
You've mastered CTRL+F, now go and master CTRL+T
@Alex CTRL+T opens a new tab
CTRL+Tab switches to the next tab
CTRL+pageup or pagedown goes (drumroll) up and down in the tabs
<------- never uses a mouse
@Jenayah Looks like you've taken my advice:
6 hours ago, by Alex
@Jenayah Rand's still not here. There should always be two pedants.
@Alex it's not about being pedant.
It's about "Someone is wrong on the internet!"
Especially on the matters that I hold dear.
What can I say, I like keyboard shortcuts.
@Jenayah Nah, it was though you might not have realized it. I knew the difference between a new tab and switching a tab, but I made the joke anyway. You must have felt that it is improper to conflate the two things for the purpose of the joke, hence pedantry.
Aug 20 at 14:32, by Alex
@Jenayah Not mine.
@Alex damn, get an alphanumeric USB thingy already
Hum, bad example?
This one doesn't have pageup pagedown
Oh yeah it does
just have to disable numlock
simple as that
9:49 PM
@Jenayah Should I feel really stupid right now? Mine has the same thing.
@Alex ahah :')
Today you learned :p
@Alex Appears to be a pattern with these page buttons:
Aug 20 at 15:29, by Alex
@Jenayah I was probably just too stupid to realize what they did...
@Alex time to put an end to that war of yours
embrace the pageup pagedown
a whole new world awaits
@Jenayah It's too annoying to take off Num Lock every time.
@Alex then just switch tabs with CTRL+number
9:57 PM
@Jenayah Wow, I just learned something else. This is much cooler than using the page buttons, though it does require figuring out which number the tab is.
@Alex one gets used to it
@Jenayah Perhaps. I can report back in a few years.
In the meantime I'm going to owe you a few lessons.
@Alex it's an appointment then. Let's say March 17, 2023?
@Jenayah Assuming we're all still alive, the internet still exists, I remember about it, etc.
@Alex did the Maya predict any other "end of the world" until 2023?
10:08 PM
It is a novel about The end of the world by the year 2023.
> The book also deals with the end of tax evasion, a detector of ugliness, the destruction of the Sun
Yeah, that's sci-fi.
By the way, that question led me to another post that also mentioned a quote when there was an earlier one:
Her name is mentioned earlier in Half-Blood Prince in the Daily Prophet: Said Mrs. Augusta Longbottom, “My grandson, Neville — a good friend of Harry Potter’s, incidentally, who fought the Death Eaters alongside him at the Ministry in June and —Alex 2 mins ago
2023 Armageddon: Biblical scholar Ian Gurney wrote The Cassandra Prophecy: Armageddon Approaches in 1999. He claims that Judgement Day will come in "less than 25 years". He comes to this conclusion through interpretations of the book of Revelation and of the Daniel story and some other Biblical prophesies. A fan of Gurney's book puts together this summary on the Canada Free Press. It may or may not leave you wiser.
Still sci-fi :^)
@Alex And another one, but this time Ctrl F turned up nothing.
Q: Reference for the first name of Sirius Black's mother, known from her portrait: Walburga

b_jonasIn Order of the Phoenix chapter 4, we meet the portrait of Sirius's mother in Sirius's house. The portrait is behind a curtain and starts screaming. In chapter 6, Sirius tells a few more words about his parents. Neither place seems to mention the first name of the mother, and just call her Mrs...

10:27 PM
Q: Can Someone Explain the Continuity and Death Infinity Stones Recently Introduced?

Gothamite24So, I was doing some Internet surfing the other day, and realized that there are now 8 Infinity Stones (I think they're called Infinity Gems in the comics): Power, Space, Mind, Soul, Reality, Time, Death, and Continuity. Now, I know about the first six (Power, Space, Mind, Soul, Reality, & Time) ...

@Alex yeah that one didn't ring a bell either
@Jenayah meh, I could as well double that. We're past due decency :^)
A: 90s sci-fi book- post-apocalyptic telepathic society that lives within a walled area

JenayahLikely The wall at the edge of the world (1993) by Jim Aikin. From Goodreads: Trapped inside a walled city of telepaths in the Earth's distant past, Danlo Ree feels isolated and alone, until he is kidnapped by a band of wild humans who give him a taste of freedom. More precisely, this rev...

<---- fell into the "Imma hit the repcap!" trap
10:43 PM
Q: Kids story from the 90's: Illustrated "solve the mystery" book I can't remember the name of

jimmyplaysdrumsI remember part of it had the inside of an airplane and you had to look around at all of the people on the airplane for clues. I think another part had a big mansion you were looking for clues in as well. Throughout the book you were searching for clues to solve the main mystery. I'm pretty sure...

@Jenayah I'm running out of love to give.
@Alex I still want it all!
@Jenayah Better give me a list of all posts you want upvoted, before I waste my daily votes on something else.
@Alex bwaha no I'd feel too dirty
I just nudged at my latest two :p
@Jenayah Actually, I wouldn't be surprised if I've already upvoted most of your posts.
For sure the Harry Potter ones.
10:49 PM
@Mithrandir what's Lit's stand on ID questions? For instance, that one popped up scifi.stackexchange.com/questions/194714/… - it did not seem SFF, but it's still a book. In the future, should I redirect the user to Lit, or is it off-topic there?
@Alex blushes
@Jenayah Well, to slightly take back my "Actually...", I see that there are two that I didn't upvote.
Both are questions.
I think I generally upvote questions more scarcely.
@Alex arf, given how many HP questions I asked it's narrow :p
@Alex yeah like most people I guess
Q: Why aren't people voting for questions?

Justin StandardWhile at least some answers from every question seem to have been up-voted as a "helpful" answer: about 49% of questions have score of 0 or 1. another 21% of questions have a score of 2. Most questions seem to have an answer or two with score +5. Is it that we have a lot of fluff questions an...

@Jenayah Perhaps I should look back at them and see if they deserve a vote. Although, one of them might be because you didn't accept my answer.
@Alex seriously though, don't take that "gimme teh votez" too strictly n_n"
Oh right, the Patronus one
@Jenayah Which might have been my first good use of Ctrl F.
10:56 PM
@Alex really? I would have thought the "number of Hogwarts students" one was
@Jenayah Yeah, I literally thought of that the second after posting my last comment.
Aug 31 at 16:19, by Alex
@Jenayah You got me nervous there for a second. If you know my posts better than me then I'm in trouble.
@Jenayah That's doubly ironic.
Q: A short story about a mysterious arcade game

Ale FernandezDoes anyone know the name of a short story for children which I read in the 70s / early 80s, set in a seaside arcade where an old lady who minds it has fallen asleep and a spider is making a web on her. The whole place looks a bit rubbish. These two boys go in and find a game that looks kind of c...

@Alex I think it would be ironic if everyone was made of iron.
11:04 PM
Q: Do words "iron" and "irony" have anything in common?

Oleg SakharovI understand that the word irony comes from Greek eironeia and iron comes from Old English isærn, but there should be something more to it. Why are both words so similar in modern English? Any thoughts, theories?

@Alex actually, that was a reference to:
(from the best series ever. Of all time.)
(^ that's also a reference. From the same show.)
@Jenayah Cue:
Aug 31 at 15:26, by Jenayah
@Alex oh you can still ignore whatever I say that makes no sense to you :)
Aug 23 at 15:01, by Alex
@Jenayah Is that a reference that I don't get?
Well, I provided the show this time :p
11:24 PM
Speaking of irony, it looks like the main site for "Ctrl F"ing Harry Potter has been removed.
@Alex Hogwarts is Here? Lingualeo?
@Jenayah First time I'm hearing of those. Do they have the full texts of the books?
@Alex I think so
when I need a quote I usually Google read harry potter online chapter XYZ and find those
@Jenayah Ah. I was referring to:
Aug 6 at 14:02, by Alex
@Jenayah I don't know. You can also get all the other Harry Potter books here.
@Alex ah, indeed it's ded
11:49 PM
Q: Anyone know the name of this comic where some angel like women fights against some terrorist/insurgents?

Chad_101Okay, so I remember reading this comic (around 2002) where there was this sort of a powerful psychic or angel like blonde haired women. And she was killing people who looked like some sort of insurgents or terrorists in some war torn city somewhere in near east. I think it was in night or somethi...

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