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3:01 PM
@Jenayah I posted an answer, though it's really only a partial answer. As you can see, it's even more strange because the second difference is between two of the same edition.
@Alex They had one job.
@Jenayah I think I have to invoke:
2 hours ago, by Jenayah
Or you know, just ignore me when I'm making obscure references - I'm used to it :p
@Alex long story short (and not spoiling too much if you ever get to play the game ;) ) this is related to The Legend of Zelda; Link, the main character, is "gone" (in a way), so the other character encourages the princess to remember his wise words... However, Link's lines are kind of... Well, hear for yourself ;)
3:20 PM
@Jenayah Aha, so if I'm understanding correctly this was your way of expressing screaming at whoever made all the discrepancies?
@Alex not at all, someone just sent me the image and it's funny so I spread it ;D
@Jenayah I can't tell if you're serious or not.
@Alex I'm serious in saying the comic strip is funny :)
But it's completely unrelated to the discussions we had above
@Jenayah Oh, it seemed like it was part of your response of "they had one job".
@Alex aaaah no
I'll put up a ------------------ separator next time ;D
3:24 PM
@Jenayah So it wasn't even directed at me.
I guess I have to disinvoke my invocation.
@Alex nope
@Alex oh you can still ignore whatever I say that makes no sense to you :)
@Jenayah If they're not directed at me there's no need for it to make sense to me. If they are directed at me, I will probably just let you know that I don't get it.
@Alex granted, the Havok one was clearer in its target :p
@Jenayah For the record, I know very little about Science Fiction, Fantasy, comics, etc. beyond Harry Potter.
But don't let that stop you from referencing away.
@Alex well, one never stops learning :)
not interested or not enough time/something else?
@Alex you should put alternate image description in those brackets
for proxies and stuff
and if I'm not mistaken, screen readers
3:33 PM
@Jenayah I don't know what any of those are...
> enter image description here
Change that to something meaningful
you should replace that with "photo of AF book page" or something
@Jenayah Done, thanks for explaining.
@Jenayah Probably a combination of the second and third choices.
@Alex okep
@Jenayah Wait, is this a legal thing?
@Alex define legal?
because of org.uk?
@Jenayah As in, is not describing an image a legal issue?
As opposed to just good/helpful.
3:47 PM
@Alex not that I know of. Otherwise, I think roughly 95% of the Internet would be in big trouble
@Jenayah Well the language of the site you linked is mighty strong for a non-legal issue.
It may be an obligation/high recommendation for companies who sell stuff or whatever is a tad bit "official", but on a "volunteer" site like SE, no worries
And in any case good luck to find a law that applies on the Internet, with people from all countries, different laws etc
@Jenayah Here I was about to go back through every post I ever wrote that contained an image, and edit every single one.
Isn't the "law on the internet" generally either where the site is hosted or where the person is from?
@Alex they're an association which helps disabled people to use digital technologies so they're bound to be a bit more "aggressive" to make their point of using alt texts
@Alex well, disabled people or people under paranoid proxies would probably like that, and any post can always be improved :)
@TheLethalCarrot that's two different things I guess?
3:51 PM
Aye, I did say either
I think it's the latter though
But the site has to abide by the laws of where it's hosted.... I think
@Jenayah As far as I know, none of them are on Science Fiction & Fantasy. I don't think the people on Mi Yodeya would appreciate an entire homepage of my posts edited to add an image description (especially when it already states in the text what I'm including an image of).
If I call someone a jerk here, that makes SE look bad but it's not their responsibility, I think; however someone can probably sue me under French law for rudeness or whatever
Q: A live-action show where a family adopts a group of colorful slimes

AndreyI am trying to remember a live-action show or miniseries I saw in Russia in the late 80s. The show was being translated from another language, most likely French. It could have also been a multi part movie. Russian TV was often confusing with that. Being shown in Russia may mean that the show was...

@Alex lots of people here, no idea who's concerned, but I reckon some proxies might hide stuff if the alt text isn't "okay" enough
To be honest I really started to consider that thing after being faced with:
+1 for the alternative texts on your pictures alone. When behind a paranoid corporate proxy that's so much of a nice change, I just wanted to thank you! :) — Alexander Kosubek Aug 8 at 15:59
When my internet borks up imgur usually goes down but the site still works so I'm faced with alt text
3:54 PM
I don't really know what the guy was talking about but hey if it takes me five seconds and make it more accessible for other people I'll do it
There's a few people I know about on SO that use screen readers too
4:17 PM
@Jenayah I just realized my previous comment might have been ambiguous. When I said "none of them are on Science Fiction & Fantasy" I was referring to my posts, not to the people who benefit from image descriptions.
@Alex I can think of at least one instance of you posting an image prior to today
Dumbledore in his office IIRC
for the "where does he live" question
@Jenayah I don't think I posted an image there. Bellatrix did. But let's check.
@Alex nevermind it's indeed Bella
@Jenayah You got me nervous there for a second. If you know my posts better than me then I'm in trouble.
@Alex ahah no just that this question was in HNQ for a while
but well in general I do tend to remember useless stuff like that :p
4:21 PM
@Jenayah Are you calling my posts useless?
@Alex no, but "remembering that XYZ user included a picture of Dumbledore in their answer" is kind of useless for the long run :p
It's one of these "Memory is fun. I can't remember this three-liner math theorem but I will instantly remember the lyrics of this song I haven't heard in years" moments
@Jenayah It's pretty useful if you're trying to prove that XYZ user has used images in the past.
@Alex well, yeah... but when looking for a job or stuff, it's not really useful :p
4:40 PM
For those who enjoyed the above discussion about discrepancies between different versions of books, I just saw one in Harry Potter. When Hagrid first meets Harry he sends a letter to Dumbledore saying that he has given Harry his letter. In some versions he writes "Dear Mr. Dumbledore", while in others he writes "Dear Professor Dumbledore".
Q: Black&white TV show about fantasy mansion

AngewI'm hunting for the name of a TV series I would occasionally watch as a kid. I assume it was in the late 1980s; definitely not earlier. However, since I was behind the Iron Curtain at that time, the show itself is most likely older. I saw it with slovak dubbing, so I do not know the original lang...

1 hour later…
5:42 PM
Q: What short story book had "story for telepaths"?

JeevakaIn 1990s I read a SF short story book named along the lines of "Worlds shortest science fiction stories". I am trying to locate that. The only story that I remember definitively is: Title page: "Story for Telepaths" Next page: "You know what I am going to say."

6:15 PM
Q: Who are the two people Batman is referring to?

EllesedilIn Justice League Unlimited, there's a running plot where the Justice League and a shadowy US federal department called Project Cadmus which is led by Amanda Waller start butting heads with each other. The situation gets really tense when someone remotely controls the Justice League's space-based...

6:30 PM
Q: Cartoon on TV with a guy and a helicopter

BLASTERSThere was this cartoon which has this guy (the main character) and his friend , a helicopter or something. The ending o the cartoon has this singing saying "I am ..... and my best friend Kokie or cookie (a word that rhymes with cookie)..see you again....good bye..! "

7:03 PM
Q: Larry Niven short story "Inconstant Moon" made into TV episode? What series?

puppetsockLarry Niven wrote a short story called "Inconstant Moon." It starts with the hero waking up in the middle of the night to find that the moon is drastically brighter than he has ever seen it. Wackiness ensues. I seem to recall that this was made into an episode of one of those episodic series lik...

Q: How were humans and klingons able to fight (in later episodes) after the Organian Treaty?

Bruce BacherThe Organian Treaty made it so that if the humans and klingons tried fighting then objects and ship controls became too hot to handle anywhere in the universe and for all time (as I understand it). So, how was that explained away in later episodes, allowing them to fight again?

7:33 PM
Q: Did they know Ash VS Evil Dead was ending when making the final episode?

BroklyniteAsh VS Evil Dead ended a few months ago after three seasons. The ending of the show was exciting, and not unreasonable I think. The big thing is that, unlike Seasons 1 and 2, there was no real cliffhanger....ish. The plot lines had been more or less wrapped up is what I am trying to say. That i...

8:28 PM
@Marvin I feel a bit silly defending this one, since it's a bit like pulling teeth getting details from the guy, but I think that's lack of English fluency as much as anything else. There's a decent amount of detail that was elicited before people closed it for being "Unclear".
@Alex Kind of? At least within the US, ADA compliance is seen as a way of avoid being discriminatory, which can be illegal. quantumdynamix.net/blog/overview-ada-compliance-websites-2018
A site like this? No issue. But if you have a company website which only publishes menus in image format, or has images without alt-text necessary for filing for a job, you just might be in a bad legal position, because your choices are making it more difficult for disabled people to use your service.
@FuzzyBoots the guy states that there were talking vehicles. I don't drive, but from what I know, cars don't usually talk. On-topic!
Q: Why did Peter Jackson add the Nazgûls attack scene in Bree when it was not present in the original story, nor very important for the plot?

FoxyAlthough it's a very good scene from the film, I don't see why Peter Jackson added it to the story (remember). In the books, the Hobbits do not meet the Nazgûls in Bree, and that does not really advance the plot of the film (even if the scene in question remains excellent). Then why did he add it?

8:44 PM
Is it ok to inculde gifs instead of the whole video?
I really should go back to me old posts. I usually add an alt text, but I think a lot of them could be better.
I have several parts of a video, either I just hyperlink it, or I post it thrice. Either way it's ugly.
@SQB what I'm currently doing ahah :p
But the gifs can be tiring for the eyes I guess. Especially for combat scenes...
for instance
Any opinion?
@FuzzyBoots Thanks for sharing.
@Jenayah What's the issue with posting the whole video?
@Jenayah Eh, animated GIFs have two major issues that are tied together. They generally can't be paused and they can't be scrolled through. The first means a constantly flickering image and the latter means if it's a longer animation, you can't stop it and go back.
@Alex I can't speak for Jenayah, but sometimes you only really need a small excerpt, and it protects you from the situation of dead YouTube links if it gets taken down (which is more likely for larger excerpts).
@Alex there are two instances in the same video
So either I post it twice (ugly)
Either I only hyperlink to it (not really pretty either)
Either I post it once and refer to the timestamps (not consistent)
8:57 PM
That too. :)
@FuzzyBoots aye good points
@Jenayah That's what I was thinking of.
Let's go with timestamps then
Q: When did the referenced conversation take place?

OmegacronNear the end of WoT Book 13 "Towers of Midnight", Mat & Thom are conversing with There we see the following exchange between her and Mat: "Elayne is Queen, then?" "Sure is. Her mother was killed by Rahvin," Mat said. "So you told me." "I did? When?" "A lifetime ago, Mat...

9:56 PM
Q: What content is in the new Fall of Gondolin book compared to other published works?

ibidChristopher Tolkien recently edited and released Fall of Gondolin. What does this new book actually provide? Is there any new content that was not previously published, or is this just a repackaged anthology? (inspired by this question)

Q: Old short story: New York City trapped under a force field, nobody can get out

OtisI once read a story that strongly reminded me of "The Box" by James Blish (as described in this answered question), but this wasn't the same story. (I remember being struck by the similarity of the premise, but the plot was different.) In this story, an opaque force field of some kind is suddenl...

10:27 PM
Q: Was the corridor between the Enterprise-D's bridge and the conference room ever shown?

ExalIn the Enterprise-D simulation Stage Nine, the corridor from the Enterprise's bridge to its observation room (the one oft used as a situation room or briefing room) loops around, with the door to the observation room in the middle, and has stairs down to the observation room and another exit afte...

10:50 PM
What’s a special hat?
@CorvoAttano context?
Q: The many avatars of SFF.SE

Rand al'ThorAs a sequel to The many usernames of SFF.SE, this is the definitive collection of SFF.SE users' profile pictures (avatars) and their meaning or significance. There are some of our most active users whose avatars I've always been curious about. So I thought I'd create this thread for everyone to ...

This post’s responses mention them
which one?
Too lazy to find which one but this post
Q: Is it possible to wear many hats

MeghaI apologize if the answer was supposed to be obvious, but I didn't see anything on the topic and I am curious. The winter bash hats are pretty neat and there's lots of different ones. Is there a way to display more than one at a time? I suppose too many would hide the icon, but a few might wor...

Mentions them
10:57 PM
It’s a TF2 thing
Q: What is a "hat"?

54DWhat exactly is a hat? I have seen a lot of people arguing the significance of hats and the limited edition hats. I know the hats are sort of linked to the Winterbash stuff, but what exactly is a hat, what does it do, how do I get one? Is there a full list of hats?

11:11 PM
I think the hats were discontinued or something. You could get hats for certain achievements, if I recall, and put them on your user icon. I used to have one. But a while back they seem to have disappeared. @CorvoAttano @Jenayah
@Alex meh, I'm a cap person anyways :p
@Jenayah There were lots of different types. ncluding caps.
@Alex I'm a "my cap and only this cap" person :p
This cap's special.
I like my cap.
And now it smells so good!
Because it got soaked in tomato and corn juice after my lunch Tupperware opened up in my backpack.
So I completely cleaned my cap.
And my cap saved the other stuff in my backpack from gtting soaked.
Talk about taking one for the team!
Go cap!
@Jenayah I thought this was going to be the punch line.
@Alex aw no, that tomato/corn juice smelled awful actually.
But hey, I learnt a great lesson: if you're going to have tomatoes for lunch, don't cut them in the morning. Cut them during lunch.
11:17 PM
@Jenayah And that's why they say you should never eat something you don't want your cap smelling like.
And, it saves you like 1 minute in the morning. Isn't that great?
One minute! Think about what you can do in a minute!
Well, I mostly sleep for 10 minutes more because I think "nah it's okay, I don't have to cook today".
@Alex correction, I should have a better Tupperware.
@Jenayah I think I once was able to post an answer in under a minute.
Ironically it's my second highest scoring answer ever.
@Alex three minutes, actually, if my stalking of your network account yields the matching result :p
@Jenayah Are you referring to time between question and answer? I was referrin to total time to write answer.
@Alex oh, then yeah
11:23 PM
@Jenayah But three minutes is pretty good for your metric.
@Alex well, FGITW you were
@Jenayah Indeed. It's been real. Got to go.
11:55 PM
@Alex cya!
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