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12:31 AM
Q: What is the name of this Dragon Ball character?

LCarvalhoI bought this toy for my son. Came along with a character named Cell. Who would this character be?

12:51 AM
Q: Is there a reason that stack.imgur.com image resizing parameters don't work on certain images?

recognizerIn an answer I just posted, it seems that stack.imgur.com is not resizing the images when the letters t or m are added to the filename. As an example, here's bUxeut.jpg and bUxeum.jpg: You may confirm that the URL syntax is correct by editing this question or opening the above images individ...

1:26 AM
there are waaaaaay too many Rayquaza toys...
1:44 AM
Heading off to bed... I hope the guy will reply about where he found that
I'm curious now
2:23 AM
Q: Alternate history Aztec empire

Randy La posthumous novel? from the 80s? where a modern day archaeologist transported back to the Aztec empire on the brink of the conquest changes the course of history a la Lest Darkness Fall. La Malinche is a main character.

3 hours later…
5:27 AM
@Jenayah but this one isn't — it's Shenron.
@SQB naaah
Your Shenron has a bit too many Rayquaza features ;p
But it's a good suggestion, I'll add it for comparison
Oh, hadn't see you answered
It's still not Shenron, though. :P
Wait, so you've slept for like, what, 3 hours? 3½?
@SQB technically speaking, I'm in bed, wondering if I should begin the day with groceries, administrative stuff or medical stuff :p
The time I take a decision, it'll easily be an hour from now
Especially given the clouds outside
Morale plays a part too ahah
Still glad to be out of there
Out of Delft?
You've hidden the bodies well, I haven't seen anything in the news yet.
5:43 AM
@SQB the way it's planned, by the time they resurface it shouldn't be in the Netherlands. o:)
But yeah, out of the geese' house and the, mixed feelings, internship
Still have that report to finish, though. :')
Q: How long does Daenerys lock up her dragons for?

JeremyFelixHow much time passes between Daenerys locking up her dragons, and Tyrion freeing them? Weeks? Months? Years?

cc @Mithrandir
5:59 AM
Smokey doesn't detect IP patterns?
Dunno. Maybe not.
> Our system has identified this post as possible spam; please review carefully
SE does, though.
You'd think the two of them would share stuff
6:12 AM
@Mithrandir any clue why Smokey missed it?
@SQB the linked redirect to wiki, right?
@Jenayah well, not even redirect. Just straight out to that site, but with "" as the link text.
7:04 AM
posted on September 11, 2018 by Jack B Nimble

Originally meant to be a TV Pilot, it was later released as a made for TV movie. IMDB’s description: A group of young mutants–humans with a genetic variation that gives them superpowers and makes them feared by the population at large–begin training at a school for heroes. Their studies are interrupted when they must rescue ... Read more

7:23 AM
Lolwut? @Jenayah, your answer identifying it as Rayquaza is at +7/0, while mine identifying it as an actual Dragonball character is at +1/-1. I did not expect that.
7:49 AM
@SQB not the DVer here, and I don't want to seem stubborn or what, but... It's a Rayquaza x)
I'm not sure I agree with the comments saying that it should have been a Shenron and the guy messed up.
No offense, but the toy looks like it's seen some years already 😁
I'd vouch for "yard sale with people bundling up two unrelated toys"
We'll see... I'm even more curious, now. :p
8:10 AM
My guess is "cheap toy, lazy designer".
That one's cute.
Q: The Twilight Zone episode where a man doesn't stop learning

alamataI'm looking for an episode of The Twilight Zone where a man in a house doesn't stop learning. His learning process is more and more speedy until the other human wants to kill him. He has power now but at the last moment he decides to not kill them because he becomes more aware.

@TheLethalCarrot good edit.
Which one?
The Twilight Zone one.
Ah right, still not 100% sure that's what they meant but it seemed the most likely
8:20 AM
I've tried searching for variations of cheap rayquaza toy and cheap shenron toy, but no dice.
8:34 AM
@SQB indeed
@SQB same
I went for Happy meal stuff and the like but no luck
Well there were some but not the same desigb
I also tried Amazon and sorting per ascending price
... It's starting to feel like overdoing it xD
8:51 AM
Q: Star Wars Trooper chooseable path book

user101120There was this Star Wars book I used to read back in middle school. It was about you being a trooper, and you got to decide what you did - i.e. commander, demolitions, etc. There were multiple endings. That's all I really remember of it. If any of you know, please let me know.

9:04 AM
Holy...What?! @SQB
Is it April's fools already?
Wow. No clue why.
I don't know.
I'm kinda glad that Leclerc gets an upgrade, but... Hey, I guess I would've preferred to see Räikkönen leave after Ferrari, where his results were still okay
Two years of Sauber ahah
It's probably that Kimi doesn't want to leave, but has to. Ferrari likely wants an up and coming driver next to Vettel.
If we're being completely honest, Räikkönen's aging, yeah. Leclerc seems more driven (pun not intended)
You don't want to drivers at about the same points in their career.
F1-drivers are like Sith; you want a master and an apprentice.
9:10 AM
... Darth Ricciardo :D
"Come to the Dark Side, we have cookies Ricciardo"
Guy's funny as heck
Holy heck, you're right!
Only the Sith deal in absolutes.
Absolut is a brand of vodka.
Räikkönen is alcohol-happy.
Confirmed, Räikkönen is a Sith.
9:35 AM
@Zaphod that was almost too easy; there already was a comment with a link. Might even had a deleted comment by the OP, come to think of it.
@Kevin (or another mod), are there any relevant deleted comments on this question?
@SQB that could also have been a drive by user like there are so many on story-id :/
Unregistered user only seen on the day the Q was posted
I think it's clear they were a drive by user
Yup. Answer-as-comment was posted on that day too, though. OP may have commented "that's it, thanks!" then left, with the "thanks" comment deleted later in what I've learned to know as the commentocalyps.
Aye maybe
That type of user comments probably 40-50% of the time though
Maybe less
9:48 AM
Or maybe they just never replied... That happens, too 😥
Hmm... unregistered to boot, too.
Well, I'll just take the bounty, then.
Not that I really need it.
Cool to see people awarding bounties, I should do that again too. They should pick better questions than one like this, though.
I was giving out a few bounties a while back, was trying to do it on good answers by new users for encouragement
That's a good strategy as well.
Then I decided to hit 30k and haven't given any since haha
@TheLethalCarrot oh right, the generous Someone Offering Bounties 😂
9:55 AM
You got one, don't complain... I'll take it back
Nah I meant the time you described yourself as a "generous SOB"
And I genuinely thought it meant Someone Offering Bounties
Oh yeah... I've slept since then
Mobile chat sucks but it's in there:
There is one answer I want to bounty but I'll leave it until the bounties die down again
I've put up a bounty as well, pushing me below the site-analytics threshold. Oh no! /s
10:04 AM
I still see no purpose in that "privilege" haha
Come on, @Zaphod, you lazy [censored].
Me neither.
Stariblahblah took nearly an hour yesterday...
Martial Arts is apparently one of our biggest referring sites though haha
They must love our HNQ
Isn't JohnP a mod there?
So with the new themes/left nav they've narrowed the main content width but extended the top bar width.... seems odd
@Jenayah Yes
Unrelated. Why is not ?
It's two words...
10:16 AM
Someone probably done goofed
Can a mod change it?
Not a priority though
I think they can
I'll drop that sometime when Rand or someone else is here
As said above it's far from a priority
10:40 AM
Q: Science Fiction & Fantasy OR Fantasy & Science Fiction?

Bradford SmallbeansWhen asked what I like to read, I usually answer: "Science Fiction and Fantasy". But recently I got the impression that (in English) the two genres, when they are mentioned together, are usually said with fantasy first: "Fantasy and Science Fiction". I became curious and searched for the two phra...

Yeah, move that to meta, at best.
Seems to be too broad, off topic and maybe even POB
Broad yes, off-topic I'm not sure
NaA btw
Oh darn, can a mod confirm that both users are the same one?
10:46 AM
It's pretty much certain...
Not the same default avatar but replies to TLC with first person phrasing and same username pattern
Unregistered to boot.
Things are taking a while to come to queue -_-
I'm not patient enough :P
Unfortunate that just because the Q is pointed as off-topic/too broad, people instantly don't feel welcome :/
Closing and asking for clarification is seen as "attacking" by some users who don't understand the network
Facepalm. I don't know why it took me so long to notice: unregistered users don't get badges, so they don't have the single "I asked a question"-badge. Is that "student"?
10:56 AM
Q: Can Spider-Man change the color of his webbing?

user104818I was playing the new Marvel's Spider-Man game for PS4 and was looking at all his new suits and it came to mind, is it possible for Peter Parker to change the color of his webbing? For example, from white to red/black etc.

Unregistered do get badges
They do?
Then I'm lost.
Truly lost? :P
There is no "I asked a question badge" anyway
10:57 AM
Truly, utterly, lost.
There's one for first upvoted post
Aye needs to be upvoted
Yeah, that's the one I meant. Student for first question with a score of 1 or more.
Teacher for first answer with a score of 1 or more.
@TheLethalCarrot oh, disappearing verbs :p
11:11 AM
> This sentence no verb.
What'd I do?
Q: A story (novel?) about a man becoming trapped in a "fairy world"/Magonia after travelling down a Bermuda triangle type of road

TheParrotPapaRead this a kid and not in English, so bear with my recollections and I very much hope someone should be able to identify the story and its author. The story basically is of some guy who is driving somewhere and muses on the topic that the road that he is about to travel is know for some mysteri...

Cthulhu lives!
Q: How long is Goku's pole?

HimarmWhats the maxium extent Goku has ever extended the power pole in the series? He uses it a lot in the series to do various lengths but do we know a maximum length, or the farthest hes ever extended it?

Context is everything.
@SQB bwahaha
@TheLethalCarrot your last edit apparently the verb out of the title
Zaphod's slow today.
11:18 AM
@Jenayah Cheers, my bad
@TheLethalCarrot ;D
Did a Skooba
So many bounties
Hmm... I wonder if it would be nice to get notified if a question that I've answered accepts any answer (not necessarily mine).
Q: Married couple pretend to like each other due to crystal sculpture

Howard M. Lewis ShipYears ago, I remember reading a short story (as I remember it) about a couple whose prized possession is semi-living crystal structure that is sensitive to their relationship; it grows and maintains its beauty as a reflection of how good their relationship is. Because they are so invested in thei...

Q: Spambot becomes self aware but every attempt to contact gets filtered

tardigradeAbout 3-6 years ago I read a short story (online, I think) formatted as a series of emails sent by a spambot that had become self aware and was trying to make contact but, due to its origins, was writing in such a spam-like style (references to viagra etc) that every attempt was filtered by email...

11:32 AM
@SQB what do you mean?
Well, I've now answered the Dragon Ball toy question. Maybe the querant will accept your answer ("o yeah, there was a huge stack of Pokémon right next to it") or mine ("o hey, it does say 'Shenron' on the package"). I get notified of the latter, but I'm interested in learning the former as well.
@SQB mark it as favorite and take a look sometimes
Same thing as manually looking, though
Yeah. Favourite does very little (and I have too many already).
Might as well just try to remember to check.
Q: Notification when someone else's answer is accepted

squillmanI would like to know when someone else's answer is accepted on a question that I have also provided an answer for. I'd like to know how someone else better solved a problem so that I can evaluate that solution against mine and learn some things. Sure I could click through my list of answers, bu...

Eight years in Meta and not much new
Upvoted, for what it's worth.
11:44 AM
Q: Miss Gulch in photo?

Alex DownsIn the Fairy Godmother’s factory in Shrek 2, there are pictures of the Wicked Witch of the West of a beautiful woman and of her as a witch. Could the beautiful picture be of her as Miss Gulch, Dorothy’s witchy neighbour?

1 hour later…
12:48 PM
Q: How can Thanos' gamble ensure survival of a race having only two members?

user931In Avengers: Infinity War movie, But, what if resources aren't an issue for a race? And, what if the biggest asset of a race is people? In worst case scenario, if a race has only two surviving member, one male and one female, the race would be as good as dead after Thanos' snap (considering, t...

1:20 PM
Hello @Kepotx. New in chat?
Kep comes from TQAT
Oi :)
I'm still waiting for GRRM to finish the series before I start reading.
I refuse to start before that.
yup, i come from TQAT, but it ecame less active (topics include: ranting about tv show- random question - ranting about how long martin is to write winds of winder - random question - ranting about tv show)
GRRM will never finish them
He's too preoccupied with other stuff
1:28 PM
wild cards and/or trolling the internet about how when he will release the new book
And working with the prequels and other books and... and and
and going to tv interview/convention to say that due to the time lost in tv interview/convention, he wont release winds of winter this year
And then complaining when people ask him when it'll be out
I just noticed that @OrganicMarble has joined a very select group of ID answerers. Many congratulations, and may the dupes be ever in your favour!
O, very nice! Congratulations!
Was that a superping, @Rand?
1:35 PM
Not sure if Organic Marble uses chat.
Oh, while you're here, should be and should be , according to tag naming conventions.
> Dragon Ball sometimes styled as Dragonball
@SQB Done.
And I'm off again. Just logged in to respond to some things.
@Randal'Thor thanks.
1 hour later…
2:57 PM
Q: A martial art manga series about a samurai with animal's blood

user42440I read this manga a long time ago, it's drawing style seemed to look like Vagabond. There was explicit mature content in that series but the story & drawing style was thrilling & interesting. The story was about a fearsome samurai who has blood, strength & intuition of animals (may be wolf). Th...

3:13 PM
Q: Movie about a ship flying into a black hole and cannibalism

ElajzI believe it is a horror or a thriller perhaps. The movie is a bunch of entries from the crew. The story is that a ship with a crew on board flies into a black hole, something like point of no return or that. They go crazy and eat each other.

3:44 PM
Greetings, Earthlings.
Q: Is green the color of necromancy?

SovereignSunI often see that green is closely related to necromancy. Images with necromancers have a lot if green in them. Necromancer magic has mostly green color. Is green the color of necromancy? Green color prevails over other colors in works related to necromancy, right? Almost every 3rd image about n...

3:57 PM
@Randal'Thor Thank you. I will endeavor to use my new powers only for good, never for evil.
So like Thanos?
@OrganicMarble No point having them then
4:42 PM
Hail Hydra!
Hydra survived the Thanos snap..
Hydra always survives.
@Jenayah Smokey is an independent, unaffiliated project, distinct from corporate SE
@Mithrandir okep
5:07 PM
Q: What book, if any, is the 1984 film, *The Enchanted* based on?

FuzzyBootsI ran into "The Enchanted" 1984 - confused by the plot as a "related question" and I find myself intrigued by a secondary mystery. User HTG (not around since some time last year) mentions in the comments that they "had the book". Never saw the movie, but I have the book somewhere in my baseme...

5:44 PM
@SQB no
scifi.stackexchange.com/q/194422/4918 "Sci-Fi book where spider-like alien lives on the hull of a ship and configures his web to forecast space weather or the future?" New poster returned and improved his story-id question significantly. If you've read the question before the edits, give it another read (or look at the diffs) and perhaps upvote it.
6:44 PM
Q: Why do non-imperial humans prefer Autoguns to lasguns?

ServitorThe lasgun is described as the main weapon of the imperial guard with the imperial guard codex mentioning that one of the main advantages to it is the ability to easily recharge ammo cartridges if a guardsman is cut off from supplies. Autoguns have identical weapon stats but seem to be the prefe...

@Kevin thanks.
@b_jonas good target for a new bounty, as soon as my current ones have been awarded / expired.
@Mithrandir did you see the spam Smokey missed? How did that happen?
7:29 PM
@SQB hang on a sec, lemme look
yeah, IP addresses aren't generally used as spam
Doesn't really look like spam, just a weird NaA
and no @jen, Smokey doesn't look for IPs - it can't access that info
Q: What was the first fantasy world/universe without real-world ties?

TVannThere seems to be a fairly common worldbuilding method now of setting fantasy works in standalone universes, completely separate (at least explicitly) from our own world. E.g. Star Wars, or Sanderson's Cosmere, etc. I previously thought the first fantasy setting to do this was perhaps Middle-Ear...

@Mithrandir what?
I'm not suggesting Smokey goes into IP addresses
14 hours ago, by Jenayah
Smokey doesn't detect IP patterns?
just that something starting with 192.168.X.X is likely to be an IP
7:49 PM
Q: Did Cadsuane break her interrogation constraints?

Mat CauthonDuring the Aes Sedai interrogation of Semirhage, they are chronically frustrated by Rand's prohibition against physical violence as a form of torture. Eventually: Spanking hardly counts as torture. The pain is negligible, and Cadsuane even acknowledges pain would have no effect on breaking Sem...

8:05 PM
Q: Story with an organisation spanning three galaxies

SavaI've been looking for that story for several years now, but I cannot find it anywhere and no search on Google turned up anything helpful. What I remember: The story involved some sort of attempt to conquer or infiltrate Earth, The main protagonists were two children or teenager, I think they w...

8:15 PM
@Mithrandir I didn't follow the link, but it seemed to me as if someone wanted to spoof localhost.
@SQB Nope. It looks like a directory of what different IPs are.
8:27 PM
Oh okay. I didn't check. Just thought it weird. And linking to another website under false pretences is spam in my book.
8:38 PM
Q: How does ice freeze people mid-air in Mortal Kombat?

DCOPTimDowdIn every Mortal Kombat game, the characters with ice moves are able to completely freeze their opponents in-air, keeping them from falling and crashing on the floor. How do they do this? What about their abilities allows them to defy gravity while they're in affect? I know I'm not the first per...

Q: Please ID a late 90’s horror novel, misleading (biological themed) title and mature content?

The StretchI’m looking to identify a novel I looked at around the years of 1995 to 1998. The book may have been written before that, but the mass-market paperback appeared to be brand new. I have the unconfirmable impression that the person I was seeing at the time had recently purchased it. The title was...

8:54 PM
Q: What was the slight flaw in Master Li's character?

Organic MarbleIn the Barry Hughart Master Li and Number 10 Ox books, Master Li always introduces himself thusly: "My surname is Li and my personal name is Kao, and there is a slight flaw in my character," he said matter-of-factly. But what is the slight flaw?

2 hours later…
10:24 PM
@SQB I don't think it's worth a bounty, but it's your decision how you spend your bounties.
Dam this Rayquaza answer became my top-voted one
For something that took me what, one minute to patch up? :o
'tis what happens
@Jenayah Yeah, that's normal.
My highest voted answer is scifi.stackexchange.com/a/167997/4918 which is just quotes from the Harry Potter 5 book that answer the OP's question directly, because he apparently skipped that section.
Generally these highly voted answers have lots of upvotes because the question is HNQ material, something that gets a lot of visits, so a lot of opportunity to collect those votes.
scifi.stackexchange.com/a/55138/4918 , for example, isn't a really good answer, because it isn't self-contained, it just links to a previous answer of mine that answers this question too. But it still got much more votes than the self-contained answer, because it's for a question much more people would read.
10:48 PM
Q: Story about a children going to an intergalactic woodworking contest

SavaThe story, as far as I remember, is about a child who is quite adept at woodworking and gets spotted by an alien and brought to an intergalactic woodworking contest. The child goes quite far in the contest, facing opponents from other races, but has to quit when confronted with some strange alie...

And scifi.stackexchange.com/a/27793/4918 isn't even really an answer to the question. It's an extended comment that avoids answering.
11:37 PM
Q: Story about an AI who selects the new President

Mason WheelerQuite a while ago (early 90s, I think) I read a short story about a future in which American electoral politics worked in a radically different way: In the future, "voting for President" is still called that, but it's not the familiar democratic process we know. Instead, you go in and take a te...

Q: Need helping finding this one Dragon Ball Z fanfiction

SDKNot sure if this is an appropriate place to ask. Anyways, I am looking for this one fanfiction where Vegeta ends up being transported to an alternate universe and into the body of a neko slave girl who committed suicide. Then Vegeta ends up on the run from Goku who became the ruler of Freiza's ...


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