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7:54 AM
A new tag was created by Daman.
Q: Estimation of one minute count to hour count.

DamanI am doing a road traffic analysis and I want to find a 60-minute count using a 1-minute count. What is the best way to estimate this? I read that the Poisson regression model will be helpful for vehicle count is it true? A hint or something to start my brain's engine. Multiplying one minute to 6...

A new tag was created by Integrand. The edit summary was: "created ; fubini will be merged into this soon"
Q: Indicator and simple functions verify Fubini's Theorem (Lebesgue-Integral)

Alejandro Bergasa AlonsoI'm working on a proof of Fubini's Theorem. The theorem says: Given $A\times B\in \mathcal{L}\times\mathcal{L}$ a Lebesgue measurable set in $\mathbb{R^2}$, and $f:A\times > B\rightarrow\overline{\mathbb{R}}$ a Lebesgue integrable function, then: $$\iint_{A\times B}f(x,y)dxdy=\int_A(\int...

Q: Why exactly can you change the order of integration in a double (and triple) integral?

LightbulbI'm currently studying multivariable Calculus doing double and triple integrals, and I'm slightly confused on why one can change the order of integration for a double integral. I have my own explanation, but it could be wrong. Is the following reasoning correct? Fubini's Theorem states that the d...

A: Tag management 2020

IntegrandProposal: Rename fubini to fubini-tonelli-theorems. Basically the same idea as the other well-received post suggesting changing collatz to collatz-conjecture. Fubini did a bunch of other stuff and it's best to name the tag after his work not him. Further, Tonelli's generalization is useful in mea...

See, for instance, math.stackexchange.com/q/3759342 : the tag fubini was added because OP is referring to Fubini numbers, which is much different from the current usage. Renaming (or merge+synonym) will help clarify the situation. — Integrand 4 hours ago
The tag was created about a year ago.
Jun 5 '19 at 5:10, by Martin Sleziak
Another new tag is , created by Yujie Zha.
Posts where the tag was added removed (including the editors): data.stackexchange.com/math/query/1105163/… data.stackexchange.com/math/query/1038474/…
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9:03 AM
@MartinSleziak The tag was removed (thanks to YuiTo Cheng).
Jun 21 at 3:50, by Martin Sleziak
Most frequent taggers/removers for : https://data.stackexchange.com/meta.math/query/1146497/number-of-tag-additions-per-user?tagname=suggestions https://data.stackexchange.com/meta.math/query/1038477/number-of-tag-removals-per-user?tagname=suggestions
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1:29 PM
I was just wondering, do the mods have any tools to quickly burninate a tag? If a tag is applied to a large number of questions but needs to be burninated, retagging all the questions may be a long and arduous process.
This answer on Meta says that it requires a developer to do it, but it's over 8 years old, and perhaps new tools have been introduced?
A: What does it mean to "burninate" a tag?

slhckIt's right there in the Meme question. It means just deleting a tag. With fire. Meme: burninated Origin: Possibly Jeff Atwood / Strongbad: Trogdor the Burninator Cultural Height: 2010 - 2011 Background: Used in reference to deleting a tag from the system. See Also: Th...

My question is inspired by this highly upvoted request on the Tag management 2020 thread on meta to burninate the tag (there are over 400 questions with this tag):
A: Tag management 2020

URLProposal: Remove gre-exam, gmat-exam. These are meta tags with very bare-bones tag wikis. Furthermore, there aren’t any other tags for important math exams, i.e. the IMO or USAMO, so why should we make an exception for these two?

2:10 PM
@Brahadeesh Let me plug in a little vocabulary I have included at the end of this answer: What to do with the synonyms for the deprecated tags?
What the moderators can do is merging tags. This removes all instance of one tag, replaces them with the other one and it happens without any bumping.
Of course, this is only usable if there is a tag suitable for all questions having the old tag. But it is unlikely to help with .
Some sites do have a specific tag for this purpose, so that the mods can do "poor-man's burnination" without involving any body from Stack Exchange staff. See also: Burnination vs. merging into a specific tag.
The end effect is that the moderator can remove some tag without any bumping, by merging it into . However, the tag is left there as a relict/artifact. (Personally I don't like this practice, but MO mods seem to prefer this to burnination.)
@Brahadeesh Short answer is: Yes. Burnination requires somebody from the Stack Exchange staff. (To the best of my knowledge. Maybe some moderator would be willing to confirm this.)
Still, I do not think that it is really that much of a problem. In situations which call for burnination, the mods certainly can request it.
The situation is a bit more problematic here, since a moderator cannot simply apply to an answer. So a reasonable thing might be to ask the mods how to proceed here. (I am not sure to which extent the mods are busy with stuff related to the election.)
Jun 26 at 8:44, by Martin Sleziak
Posts where the tag was added removed (inlucing the editors): https://data.stackexchange.com/math/query/1105163/questions-which-had-the-given-tag-including-the-editor-who-added-it?tagname=gre-exam https://data.stackexchange.com/math/query/1038474/questions-which-no-longer-have-the-given-tag-including-the-editor?tagName=gre-exam
Jun 26 at 8:44, by Martin Sleziak
Most frequent taggers/removers for : https://data.stackexchange.com/math/query/1146497/number-of-tag-additions-per-user?tagname=gre-exam https://data.stackexchange.com/math/query/1038477/number-of-tag-removals-per-user?tagname=gre-exam
Clearly, the number of the questions was reduced quite a lot lately.
Since Yuito Cheng removed about 100 occurrences of this tag in the recent month, it might also be reasonable to consult them. (Maybe there is some worth in going through those questions anyway, if many of them are tagged improperly and removal of this tag is not the only necessary change?)
2:29 PM
Thanks for the detailed information @MartinSleziak! Yes, it seems that YuiTo Cheng has been dedicatedly chipping away at this tag for a while now.
I don't think there's a particular hurry to have the mods deal with this tag, especially considering the election going on. I noticed that Alexander did a "cleanup" of the highly upvoted requests recently, but left this one alone, so I was wondering whether there was a hiccup there.

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