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1:00 PM
@skovacs1 Well aren't you technologically advanced! Some of us have to make do with porcelain mugs and here you are with science XD
@TimStone My life would be perfect if the Earth was on a 30 hour cycle. Sleep 10, awake 20.
Heh, I can't even remember the last time I slept 10 hours. :D
@TimStone I am excellent in bed.
At sleeping.
I can easily sleep 12+ hours if I'm not woken up by an external source.
It's too early for me to have the self-restraint not to star that out of context
@FAE That would work
1:02 PM
@TimStone Giving into temptation is fun!
@FAE That it is, that it is.
@AshleyNunn Especially if it's Steam sales...
@FAE Oh most definitely
Those are quite dangerous
Also, is it really already Thursday? I might survive the week, hooray! \o/
1:05 PM
@FAE Anything not sports
@JohnoBoy That's... a large genre.
I've heard decent things about the Uncharted Vita game
@FAE Yes, I play a lot of games :)
PSN wise, I'd heartily recommend the Pixeljunk things. They're small indie-ish titles.
I also don't play strategy games, but there aren't that many on PS3/Vita
Apr 30 at 23:15, by FAE
@agent86 Also, the Pixeljunk games are very fun. Pixeljunk Monsters is a tower defense game with co-op. Pixeljunk Eden is a kind of... trippyish music sorta-kinda-but-not-really platformer. Pixeljunk Shooter is a multi-directional shooter where you go through a bunch of terrain and save scientists, and Pixejunk Sidescroller is a more traditional shmup but I haven't played that one yet.
1:06 PM
@FAE Are there PJ games for Vita yet?
Apr 30 at 23:16, by FAE
@agent86 Pixeljunk Racers is okay, kind of a somewhat arcade-y puzzle racer, similar to Super Laser Racer in some respects if you've played that. Probably the weakest of the bunch, IMO.
@JohnoBoy I do not think so. :(
I played PJ Monsters, Eden and the two shooters
Ah :D
The latter were my favs
There is Pixeljunk Sidescroller now, which is more of a traditional sidescrolling shmup
1:08 PM
Monster was great when playing co-op, but solo was too hard
Yeah, solo's rough in that game
Unless you're a TD genius, which I'm not
If you like music games, Sound Shapes will be coming out on the Vita. I want a Vita like solely for that game. >>
@FAE Oh?
Only TD game I like is The Creeps for iOS, lovely little game
1:10 PM
@JohnoBoy That -is- a lovely little game!
@AshleyNunn It's a sidescrolling platformer with a musical focus
@FAE oh that does sound like fun
I got Motorstorm RC for the Vita already since I bought the PS3 version
The US got the Vita version for free
@AshleyNunn Deadmau5 is gonna be doing some music on it apparently
@FAE .....don't tempt me.
1:11 PM
And I'll get MK because I got for free it in the recent Amazon promotion
@AshleyNunn But I like tempting you :3
@JohnoBoy Ah nice
thinking of borrowing Uncharted from a friend, don't think that it warrants a purchase
Speaking of music games
@FAE That's because you are terrible.
I didn't expect Chime to be that annoyingly hard
1:12 PM
@AshleyNunn I know~
And really tempted to play through Rayman Origins again although I already completed it a little while ago on the PS3
@badp It can be pretty challenging sometimes, yeah
@FAE It is good to be aware of these things
plus the annoying part where the game looks down at me and says "76% coverage? That's... uh... yeah, "impressive." I mean, you failed pretty bad but whatever."
@JohnoBoy How was it? I am thinking of picking it up for one of the systems in my house (idk which)
1:13 PM
@AshleyNunn It's only actually terrible if you don't enjoy it
@AshleyNunn one word - Amazing. Two words: effing amazing
@FAE weren't tetrominoes bad enough? those damn pieces NEVER fit together
@FAE Well, then I guess you aren't that terrible after all
"C:\Users\b\AppData\Local\Temp\7zS4E30\Setup\hpzmsi01.exe" -m dot4wrp01 "-wStub" "3278332" -l ENU -f "C:\Windows\hpoins47.dat" -Validate No -w 1640578
The system cannot find the file specified.

woo hp go you
@badp hahaha
@AshleyNunn \o/
1:14 PM
@JohnoBoy That settles that then ;)
@AshleyNunn and get it for a system that has a HD screen
@JohnoBoy So a console, then, instead of a handheld?
Error Situation Code: 30770501
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EnsureValidPath(X:\CIOUM32.msi.1) failed

@AshleyNunn Vita's fine as well. But not Wii. Vita doesn't have co-op though if it matters to you
I'm sure that's my fault that somehow I should've had an X: drive
1:15 PM
@badp ...lol
@JohnoBoy I dont have a Vita, so no not really XD
Probably end up getting it for PS3
@AshleyNunn You can get it for really cheap if you order it from the UK
@JohnoBoy No region locking?
@AshleyNunn Not for PS3 games
1:16 PM
@AshleyNunn PS3 isn't region locked
Q: Is it possible to run more than one Battlenet game at once?

AntoI already own Starcraft 2 and, therefore, a Battlenet account. But I'm not playing it very often, so I let a friend of mine use it. If I buy Diablo 3 (which I intend to do) and bind it to this very same Battlenet account, will we be able, my friend an I, to run these two games at the same tim...

Q: Postal 3: Stuck in the police station

ThiefMasterAfter becoming a cop in Postal 3 I had to kill all the attackers in the police station (all 4 "help the cops at ..." missions are successful and I think all enemies are dead) I'm stuck. I still have "Lt. Deutschbag has to survive" and "Reach the basement" open and I'm pretty sure I am in the bas...

After the disappointment of the 3DS I assumed everything newish would be
@AshleyNunn Some games do separate their online servers though, but the discs themselves aren't regionlocked
Although if you plan on buying any DLC for games, only buy them in your region
since DLC is locked to discs of the same region as the store
1:18 PM
@FAE I rarely play online - I dont have very many people that play the games I do, and the ones I play that have online content is even smaller
@JohnoBoy Good to know.
@FAE Which PS3 game have you seen that separates online between regions? Only one I can think of is MGO, but it's already offline
@AshleyNunn Yeah, I've... never played online at all with anyone on PS3
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MSIInstall() failed with 2

Exit code=2

@JohnoBoy Demon's Souls uses (used, at the end of the month) different servers for what little online they have
1:19 PM
for some reason I thought doing it again would work, but I still lack an X: drive. What was I thinking?!
I play alot of PS3 online, so feel free to add me if you're looking for someone to play with
@badp Of course. It's X for eXtreme, and if you aren't eXtreme enough, you don't deserve to play!
@TimStone ...it's my printer drivers
@JohnoBoy I just might do that :D
@badp Printers are just a sadistic ARG, really.
1:21 PM
@JohnoBoy Sure, what's your PSN name? :) Though I've never even used voice on PS3...
@TimStone ahahaha it's so true
BTW, @AshleyNunn, you've changed your username a few times over the last week, no?
Also, clears throat and imitates Clippy I see you're trying to install HP software. Would you like to shoot yourself in the foot, repeatedly?
@FAE username is JohnoBoy (big surprise there)
@JohnoBoy Just once - from Derpy Hooves back to Ashley Nunn
@AshleyNunn Did your username offend mentally disabled ponies? ;)
@TimStone As an HP employee, I take offense :)
1:23 PM
@JohnoBoy ;)
@JohnoBoy Are you an HP software engineer? If so, we may uh...need to have a little talk later. :P
seems legit
@TimStone Not the kind of software you'd use, though
Unless you work in print
@JohnoBoy You can't add friends from the website for PSN, can you?
Ah ha, well in that case I don't have any reason to doubt you do a fine job. :D
Gah, look at the time. Should go shower and such before I end up terribly late instead of my usual classy late.
1:28 PM
My office is going to be so empty on May 15th.
@JohnoBoy We are talking about printers right now :P
@Brant 404
@badp That was quick
@fredley Throwing stuff in my face tends to be
"C:\Users\b\AppData\Local\Temp\7zS2583\Setup\hpzmsi01.exe" -m dot4wrp01 "-wStub" "525790" -l ENU -f "C:\Windows\hpoins47.dat" -Validate No -w 329310
The system cannot find the file specified.

fine, FINE. I'll just print from Ubuntu then.
@badp Your username is b? Did you grab the latest HP printer software from their website?
I'm not sure how Ubuntu manages to just work when Windows doesn't
@skovacs1 Yes, this is their "minimal" installer (still ~50 MB)
1:35 PM
@badp No doubt you've seen it before, but it's worth reading again in times of stress:
@badp Yeah, huh, well the opposite is true for me. Actually, no, even on the Windows side Canon's driver is still pretty fucked up
I haven't owned a personal printer in almost 7 years
@YiJiang Part of it might be that I'm using Windows 8 which isn't really supported
But Ubuntu is completely unsupported now. The last update to the driver was for 10.04 I think
but it can't be a large part of it
1:36 PM
That's the joke
@tiddy I've never owned a printer.
I don't own a printer, why would you put yourself through that?
because I need something printed by tomorrow
It's my opinion that if the time ever came again where I would need to call upon a printer, I would happily throw down 1000$ for one
@badp Take it to a printshop
1:37 PM
and I don't want to go outside to do so
Or a print shop
2 mins ago, by fredley
Pft, as if I'd read more than one minute back in the chat log
I think rule 1 for buying printers is that when you unbox it, there shouldn't be any stickers on it
If there are stickers on your printer, you're screwed
1:39 PM
@tiddy Same goes for laptops
Was sitting next to a guy on the train who had huge promotional stickers over every exposed surface of his laptop. I just don't understand why people don't take them off.
@tiddy I have one, the energy star thing
@fredley They don't peel off cleanly.
Ugh, stickers
@badp I gave it a go on my father's new Thinkpad. They came off pretty cleanly
@badp It's a minute's work to clean up the sticky residue.
I left one or two which may be useful
1:41 PM
@fredley I hate those stickers
Well, relatively useful
@badp Is it the Win8 HP software? Did you check the support forums? Did you try the Windows 8-specific solutions? h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Windows-8-Consumer-Preview/… and h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Windows-8-Consumer-Preview/…
My comments where more to the effect of quality
The worst are the metal Intel stickers, you need a crowbar to get them off
good printers don't' come covered in stickers
1:42 PM
@skovacs1 There's no Win8 specific drivers on the printer page so I used the Win7 ones. :/
@tiddy I think there's a basis here for judging any piece of consumer electronics
@badp Not on the printer page silly :P that would be too obvious.
@tiddy Also, please correct your apostrophe. It hurts.
Like that?
@badp Win7 and Win8 are basically the same from a drivers perspective.
1:43 PM
@fredley Remember, kids! Bad punctuation causes physical pain!
"A USB connection is the best way to identify the printer model"
@fbueckert Thei're
@fredley OW! Had to pick the most butchered word ever, didn't you?
@fredley I still can't believe someone wrote that legit
@tiddy I hate you
1:45 PM
@FAE seriously?
@FAE I know. I still get flashbacks
@AshleyNunn Yeah, @fredley corrected it, someone wrote it in a question
@FAE Oh ouch that is painfully bad
@badp wat
1:46 PM
@badp That's not english. I'm afraid I can't help.
@fbueckert "Add network printers. Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Click 'End.' Click back to scan again the computer and verify the printer's been added successfully. Back. Exit."
Q: Steam crashing after logging in on Arch Linux + Wine + PlayOnLinux

Jiew MengI have tried installing steam both on Wine 1.5.3 and Play On Linux. I am running Arch Linux x64. Both times, steam crashes after logging in, not sure if successfully. Whats wrong? Something to do with OpenGL? How do I install it?

@badp You don't have any spare USB cables lying around?!
Question about the question on Battlenet on the homepage.
@fredley The printer-side connector is non-standard (square)
1:47 PM
Shouldn't this question be closed?
As the asker has openly admitted that he is in violation of the Blizzard ToS and EULA?
@badp That's...delightfully non-helpful instructions. HP must enjoy killing techie brain cells.
Even worse, it has two upvotes...
@Adanion Well, we have left questions open before if the answer is "Don't do this, you will get banned". We won't advocate circumvention, but there is a legit answer to it.
1:49 PM
@badp Fair enough. Just a thought. They have a board specifically for Win8 support. Either way, I'll see what I can dig up.
The answer being "don't"
@skovacs1 no worries
I had to literally rewrite my monitors firmware the other night just so it would tell my new graphics card it was a monitor...and not a TV when it was plugged in via HDMI
@FAE Fair enough. The asker apparently feels that I am trolling him by telling him the truth... interesting...
1:50 PM
@Adanion In that case, I'd probably not continue that line of conversation
@badp non-standard? I have a couple of those. HP printers have gone to using those stupid things and I had to buy one to use a printer I bought a few years back - damn future shop con job.
@skovacs1 IMO, HP printers are proof that life is cruel and pointless :P
@FAE I agree. I've had nothing but challenges whenever using them at any time in the last decade+. Really frustrating because of course you don't need the darn things until a deadline approaches and that's when they decide to flip you off.
I assume you mean HP's consumer level printers?
Their older enterprise level laser printers are still good machines
I've got a couple LaserJet 4100's here that are still going strong with no issues other than the replacement of the occasional consumable.
2:05 PM
Steam's web login form - Firefox autofills username but not password for some reason. Starts typing password, page finish loading, JavaScript activates and focuses username field. Ends up typing out half my password in the username field
@RESPAWN I was. I really hated when they switched to the HP solution center nonsense - just what I needed, clutter on my machine. The all-in-ones are notably awful, but given the price point, I'm hardly surprised.
@YiJiang So your issue is with the auto-focus target?
@YiJiang Sounds like you need a faster browser. ;)
@skovacs1 Yeah. I would agree that their consumer level stuff is crap. But, then I think anything at that price point is crap.
I gave up on keeping at printer at my house years ago, and just print anything I need at work.
@skovacs1 Steam's rather poor attempt at mimicking it, actually. Also, a lack of testing/thinking through
It's amazing how little I ever have a need to print.
Autofocusing with JavaScript isn't the exactly best idea...
2:09 PM
@badp I meant professional print, I work on press.
@JohnoBoy OIC, the good stuff
@RESPAWN A faster connection, though I can never get rid of the latency because of geography
@YiJiang Fair enough. I was just assuming the problem was with Firefox in general. It's become a horribly bloated mess, and I'm not sure why I continue to use it.
@badp Yes. I can get a poster of myself if I'd want to :P
No that I'd want one....
It's currently eating up 30% of my CPU for no apparent reason...
2:10 PM
And now Steam wants me to log in again. :|
@RESPAWN I gave up on FireFox because of speed issues, but now chrome turned into a slow mess as well
@RESPAWN I find a lot of my firefox issues cleared up when I increased the time between session captures.
@JohnoBoy But you could, and that simple fact is awesome
@skovacs1 Fair point. I don't think I've done that yet since I got this new machine a couple of months ago.
@AshleyNunn Every other employee has a poster of his or her child hanging in their cubicle :)
2:12 PM
@JohnoBoy Very nice :P
Dump the add ons you don't need. Restart it every few, uh, hours or days. Don't open 200 tabs with it. *stares at @TimStone*
@YiJiang Hey, all those 200 tabs need to be open! Who knows when the internet goes down and I need the references! :P
@YiJiang Firefox is an addon I don't need
@YiJiang How can you use a browser without n tabs open?
As a sidenote, today's the last day for the gaming grant!
2:15 PM
@IanPugsley Nobody's forcing you to use it, eh. The same can't be said about IE on Windows
my only complaint with Chrome (literally, just one) is that one of my add-ons (for mouse gestures) doesn't suport a minimize gesture as elegantly as Firefox
@YiJiang Nobody's forcing you to use IE either, just forcing you to have it installed :P
Mar 13 at 3:08, by Tim Stone
user image
That is... 5GB of memory with 127 tabs open
@YiJiang Well, you don't need to keep the pron open :P
Haha. Actually, I think the restart suggestion is probably the best one. Firefox seems to do a really sloppy job cleaning up after itself.
I never see it release memory until you actually close it.
It just grows, and grows, and grows...
Okay, why isn't Steam remembering my session?
2:18 PM
@RESPAWN True. I've had to kill it at least twice this week (because I don't close it until it needs to die).
@skovacs1 LOL. Same.
@YiJiang Are you using more than one computer? I need to log in again if I turn it on on my mac then back on my PC
@JohnoBoy The website, not the client. As far as I can tell the computer with the client isn't on right now
@YiJiang Very odd. Have you tried different browsers? Do you have anything preventing cookies from being created?
@YiJiang cookies not turned on? I have no idea why your session isn't being preserved - sorry.
2:21 PM
No, definitely not
And it's working now, but I had to log in four times
Are you on a public/work network?
No, at home
@skovacs1 AVG complains at me when Firefox starts taking up more than half a gig. I just laugh at it and continue on.
Although the browser crashed when I first tried to login and retrieving the Steam guard code
@IanPugsley You recommended a band to me the other day and I cannot remember the name
2:22 PM
So maybe that has something to do with it
@YiJiang The tubes must have been clogged. :P
@skovacs1 Firefox got hungry and ate the cookie
@FAE Beangrowers!
also Starship Amazing, if you like chiptune
@IanPugsley Thank you
@IanPugsley Oh hm
@YiJiang It could have been so many different things and as I'm not privy to the back-end implementation of their authentication and session storage (mostly because I've never bothered to look into it) so let's just chalk this up to "your spell fizzled".
2:26 PM
May 4 at 14:40, by Ian Pugsley
> Starship Amazing is an electronic music group dedicated to making songs and albums that would be described as, “kickin’ rad”, and, “dang nasty”.
@skovacs1 Yeah, I guess. The two form auth Steam seems a little odd to me
Yay! I still have a Caesar 3 CD lying around the house somewhere
I deem today also a good day.
@FAE Agreed. Today is a very good day.
@AshleyNunn \o/
I shall celebrate this by going for a brief walk, back in a bit!
2:43 PM
Q: Is there any original Sonic the Hedgehog 1 version featuring unlimited continues or save/password system?

sarmackieOriginal Sonic the Hedgehog (the 1991 Mega Drive version) is a fun game, but it does have some significant design problems by modern standards. For me, a person with very mediocre platforming skills, a probably the biggest problem is the complete lack of any kind of save/password systems, while b...

Q: Questions while setting up the combo XBOX360 + TV + Home Theater

GambI'm trying to set up a little combo to enhance the quality of the overall play. Did someone succeed at setting up an XBOX360 to play games on a TV and output the audio through a Home Theater? I thought that if I can connect the XBOX through HDML to the TV and use the common connectors with the h...

@FAE oh wow good day combo ×2?
better watch out before you get used to it!
Q: How do I install and play the BrettspielWelt client on Ubuntu 12.04

MrMuleBrettspielWelt is a board game client available to download to play board games with other players on the internet. (http://www.brettspielwelt.de/?nation=en) I am completely new to Ubuntu having only just downloaded and installed it on my computer and still don't understand all the basics. So m...

@badp I know, right?! I'm always worried about the other shoe dropping, but I'm trying to just roll with it. :)
(do they have an equivalent saying for that in Italian?)
@GamingnotonGaming Oh hey, I use that. Not on Ubuntu though.
3:03 PM
So when starting my computer today, Steam asked me to log in. "That's weird," I think, typing in my password. "Hey, we see you're logging in from a new computer! Go check out your e-mail and put in the code we sent to make sure it's you."
I've had this computer for 2.5 years.
@StrixVaria That seems to happen to me once in a while
@StrixVaria I've had that happen on my desktop.
Just doing a sanity check to see if it's happened to anyone else.
It happened to coincide with me having to spend 3 hours cleaning up a virus.
I have not had a fun morning.
@StrixVaria Doesn't sound like it :(
So I have a Minecraft question on a problem between the yogbox and the minion mod. Is that going to get closed if I ask it?
3:08 PM
Good morning gaming.SE
Q: Is the Med-Bay Upgrade usefull in something?

DavRob60According to the Normandy SR-2 Upgrades on the Mass effect Wiki, the Med-Bay Upgrade only do this : Using this unit will immediately and completely heal your scars. Further scarring will not occur regardless of the actions you take. Apart form the cosmetic improvement, nonexistent is you c...

@Sorean Morning :)
@FAE nothing that translates directly
@StrixVaria It's a new computer! You just don't know it. The computer gremlins broke some ram earlier this night
@badp I wish they had broken and replaced my video card instead.
@StrixVaria Well initially you'll blame the crashes on your video card anyway
3:16 PM
@Lazers Why is this question not turning up when I do gaming.stackexchange.com/search?q=[mass-effect-2]+med
You'll need to replace it just to be sure
@YiJiang Because our search sucks
@FAE I don't think it sucks that bad
First, I believe there are some people who have contention with the current way #2 (platform tags) are implemented, but I'll leave it to them to post about that. Secondly, is "achievements" supposed to be listed twice there? Thirdly, and my main point, I am very very loath to burninate the tags in #6 unless search is fixed to suck less. It currently doesn't even recognize plurals as synonyms. See: "achievement" and "achievements" give you different results. — FAE 2 hours ago
My video card needs replacing, actually. It has a tendency to overheat when rendering especially difficult things (like the Eye of the Magus in Skyrim).
3:17 PM
At last count it sucked 87% less than when SO first rolled out
@StrixVaria that is ungood
Luckily my extra video card (which I use for side monitors usually) is also good enough to play Skyrim.
So if things really get bad I do have a backup plan for that.
@YiJiang Hey, I have no issues. :P
Although I still need to recover my Chrome session, so at the moment I only have a handful (20ish) tabs open at home.
@TimStone Could you provide some insights into if SE's search is suppose to suck this bad
Nick is working on fixing the search, apparently.
3:20 PM
I'm quite sure common inflections such as plurals used to match
And the med bay thing
Huh, that question just turned up
What wizardry is this?
@YiJiang Probably caching.
@StrixVaria On search results? Sound more like slow indexing
I don't usually have too much problem with it, but I always know what I'm searching for, and only look on Meta, so that helps.
Although this would mean that SE's search has slower indexing than Googlebot crawling the site :|
@Fluttershy ...clopfic? My word...
3:24 PM
@Wipqozn Welcome to the Bridge.
@YiJiang Plurals are hard! Lucene...hold on a second. No @Wipqozn, no. ...Lucene has the ability to handle them, but it's still non-trivial.
@Fluttershy Make sure to include Gnome in it. I hear he loves MLP
@Wipqozn I'm not actually writing a clopfic. Not a fan of that genre of MLP stuff.
@Fluttershy I hate fanfics in general. Because they're usually terrible.
13 hours ago, by Fluttershy
@GnomeSlice It most certainly does. <.< MLP themed erotic fanfiction = Clopfic.
Oh god... I.. I didn't... no
3:27 PM
13 hours ago, by Fluttershy
@GnomeSlice You... don't want to know... One of the worst things to come out of MLP... Ever.
@YiJiang Scary, isn't it?
Just to cover my bases here.
chugs the brain bleach again
13 hours ago, by Fluttershy
Time to write a clopfic about the Bridge.
Just to ruin your reputation.
@Wipqozn I hate you.
3:29 PM
@YiJiang It's...It'll be OK. I've personally taken to drinking heavily in hopes I forget all about it. Not sure if I should recommend that, but uh...you know...it'll be OK.
@AshleyNunn You're reading Twilight?
@Wipqozn Haha no
I have, though. XD Never. Again.
@Wipqozn This... this thing is probably a hundred times worse
@YiJiang Things get trickier with the non-English sites too, heh.
3:30 PM
@TimStone Weeeeee! Accent and ligature folding is fun. Like Dwarf Fortress Fun.
@YiJiang Pretty much yeah
I am incredibly completely totally extremely hopeless at trying to implement OAuth authentication for Glitch's API using Node.js
@YiJiang I am incredibly completely hopeless at knowing what that sentence means. so not tech minded
He's trying to do the stuff and things, basically.
Yeah, and having Fun. Like, real Fun with it.
Fun in the Dwarf Fortress sense
3:37 PM
@YiJiang Your mom's fun in the Dwarf Fortress sense. Burn.
@YiJiang Like day at a carnival fun or chinese curse fun?
tortoise shades
MY word. I've only said tortoise shades 51 times.
I really need to say it more often.
@Wipqozn yeah, you are definitely slacking off ;)
@YiJiang Oh god, you remind of my CS project where we had to implement OAuth on iOS
59 times of you consider the time I just posted Ronan's picture.
I guess you could say tortoise shades I've been shelling up.
What I need to do is set-up a greasemonkey script that will auto convert tortoise shades into tortoise shades when I send it.
3:40 PM
Q: How much knockback does a normal punch do?

UnionhawkI have a feeling I was encountering someone with a hacked client, but just to make sure, about how much knockback does a normal punch do in Minecraft? Is it normal to be knocked back 4-5 blocks, or was the other player probably cheating?

@Wipqozn And then post this?
dupe alert:
Q: How much knockback does a normal punch do?

UnionhawkI have a feeling I was encountering someone with a hacked client, but just to make sure, about how much knockback does a normal punch do in Minecraft? Is it normal to be knocked back 4-5 blocks, or was the other player probably cheating?

@OrigamiRobot New Lindsey Stirling video. But it's overwritten by someone singing some crappy like... Beiber song.
@Ullallulloo No. That's silly.
@IanPugsley Only a duplicate if Nic and I science out the punch.
3:42 PM
@Fluttershy makes face Ick.
@badp Do you remember what beer we had at the pool place?
@Fluttershy Justin Bieber is an insult to music. Just like the rest of modern mainstream music.
uh... Heineken?
I have no idea
Nay, it wasn't Heineken, it was a darker beer. I can't remember what it was though.
3:44 PM
@AshleyNunn @Wipqozn I don't know if it's Justin Beiber for sure... It's that "We found love in a hopeless place" song.
@FAE That's racist.
I'd have to ask Ivo I think.
@Fluttershy just because your sciencey answer isn't comprehensive enough doesn't mean the new question isn't a dupe :P
@JohnoBoy That's what they ask you to do in CS?
@Wipqozn Your mom's silly.
3:45 PM
@IanPugsley I just saw the "Its answers can be merged with another identical question." So yeah... Dupe.
It was for a final project in iOS development
By a very sadistic teacher
Go my fellow 10kers, delete!
Q: What was the first Wireless Controller?

Craig PilgrimBit of an odd question here that I'm mainly asking out of curiosity. Can anyone shed some light on which company was the first to produce a wireless controller ? Personally my first experience was with Nintendo's Wavebird (which I considered revolutionary but I think it got overlooked because...

An app that consumes a service that requires OAuth authentication or create a service with an OAuth endpoint for other apps to consume?
@Wipqozn Done.
Q: Minecraft: Enderman not noticing me looking at him in SMP

DemonicMushyIn my multiplayer server, the Enderman seems to not notice me looking at him, that happens to my server's clients too. Why does this happen?

Q: Starcraft 2 playable on Aspire 5552G?

ChhamaI have an Acer Aspire 5552G with Athlon X2 P340, ATI HD5470 and 2 GB DDR3 memory. Playing Starcraft 2 is next to impossible with this configuration. Will adding more memory allow me to play with decent framerate or is the system configuration not enough to handle Starcraft 2?

3:50 PM
@Wipqozn Just deleting old closed questions?
@Fluttershy Yes.
@Wipqozn These do show up in tools when you cast a vote y'know
Really UK? "Artefact"
@FAE I know, but if I put them here it'll annoy people into voting now.
@OrigamiRobot lol
3:52 PM
You disgust me sometimes
I must, however, concede the victory to you when it comes to "i.e." and "e.g."
@OrigamiRobot as opposed to?
@OrigamiRobot I'm not sure, but I think @FAE just burned you...
@OrigamiRobot Go on. That is to say no idea what you're talking about. Go on.
@OrigamiRobot You mean the comma...?

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