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12:06 AM
@BenBrocka ahahaha that's amazing
@Wipqozn ...why did you respond to a message so old?
It's best not to question his motives.
@FAE :45283 Excellent. The messages right above his was number 4528321.
The last 22 messages before his started with that.
Although only two were in The Bridge.
Are you guys finished with the ponies? =[
12:14 AM
Q: What region should I choose for Starcraft 2?

KatieNorth America or Europe? I'm from EU, but I heard that the US region has more players, maps etc. is that true?

DC 4213 seems to have made it his mission to answer every single ME3 question, whether it's got a good answer already or not!
@RavenDreamer !!


about this question http://gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/65526/most-efficient-method-of-getting-crobat-in-pokemon-hg-ss#comment92299_65526

Ok the methods are distinct in each generation, but he also ask for the genII games. We can't chose which one.
Right. So we wait for the OP to come back and clarify, rather than assume he wanted both.
(Or a general case)
It's occam's razor - the simplest solution (he only cares about the game he's currently playing) is most often the correct one.
@RavenDreamer Not assuming that he want both. He tells in his question GENII and GenIV
12:23 AM
It is unclear if he actually wants that, or is simply naming all the games in the Johto region.
Also he used in the first post Generation II (and most of the titles are from GenII) but in the title he uses GenIV
Yes, exactly. We need the author to provide more information.
Let's not try and guess what he meant, let's give him the chance to explain
@FAE What @Ullallulloo said. Apparently I edited the message and made a typo or some nonsense.
@GnomeSlice Never.
@Wipqozn ...
How do I link to a certain time of a youtube video again?
12:27 AM
@Fluttershy lololol
@RavenDreamer it's in the share options
@RavenDreamer Rightclick the vid on where you want it, should give you an option to copy the current time
You can also just append the URL with t=<hours>h<minutes>m<seconds>s
You guys are awesome
(I was trying to use &t=<seconds>)
@RavenDreamer if you are lazy
12:30 AM
@MichelAyres That website is more work.
@Wipqozn I was being sarcastic ... o.o
@MichelAyres Lies!
@Wipqozn Every body lie ...

me housta
@Fluttershy ...whoa
12:38 AM
It's weird that I saw that exact image earlier today.
@FAE Pretty awesome, right? =3
@Fluttershy I love the contrast between like, uber-Charizard and ittybitty Pikachu, haha
For some reason, this is hilarious to me.
@Fluttershy I don't get it.
In the sense I have no idea who those characters are.
@Wipqozn It's the Cowboy Bebop cast... As the cast of Scooby Doo.
12:40 AM
@Wipqozn we are both
@Wipqozn Cowboy Beop+Scooby Doo
@Fluttershy OH, that would explain it. I never seen cowboy bebop. Looks terrible.
Aren't Red and Ash (and also Blue and Gary) fundamentally different characters?
@Wipqozn We are no longer friends.
I saw VERY few minutes only...
12:41 AM
@Fluttershy Unhoof him.
fight fight fight fight
@Wipqozn There's nothing Magic about our Friendship anymore...
@RavenDreamer The original manga was Red and Blue, which is what the picture is based on.
Q: How do you know why the AI is sour at you?

scorcher24I was playing as Lich King V and encountered the following enemy Warlocks: Ash-Haar the Wisest Rjakh Miralibus the Hat While Miralibus stayed friendly with me most of the time and issued only one small (100) gold request, Rjakh immediatly declared War by demanding all of my Gold which I wa...

@Wipqozn Right. But I don't think Red had a pikachu nor Blue an eevee.
12:44 AM
@RavenDreamer You can fight Red at the end of HG/SS and he has a Pikachu there.
I don't know anything about the manga, but the Red in the game has a Pikachu.
@StrixVaria Plus, normal Gold/Silver.
@Ullallulloo Never played Gen 2 during Gen 2.
Jumped straight from Gen 1 to Gen 4 and then played Gen 3 after that.
And Gen 2 when it was re-made.
@StrixVaria Yeah, but Gary/Blue didn't have an Eevee, so...
12:46 AM
@RavenDreamer In the manga, Red has a pikachu
Looking into BLue right now.
The pokemon manga is full of badassery. It's nothing like the anime.
@RavenDreamer Yeah, I've heard.
The manga were pretty cool
I've never read it myself, but Iknow it's nothing like the anime.
The anime had its moments, but it was largely awful.
12:48 AM
well, some of them. There's like 80 different manga, comics, miniseries, ect now
@RavenDreamer Gary had an EEvee
but blue didn't
Ah okay
@RavenDreamer, In Pokemon Yellow Blue has an EEvee
@Wipqozn That's the game, though. So that's what the anime modeled, so... nothing new?
Yeah, looks like the author just mashed a few things together.
Perhaps it was intended as a combination of the Manga, Blue/Red and Yellow?
12:52 AM
Not sure why that didn't one-box.
@StrixVaria and now Google is planning to invest in them apparently...
@BenBrocka :/
I have no idea why really, machinima's a pretty horrible abuse of their "channel" system. Just a disorienting mess of totally unrelated crap by random people
So almost like a TV channel
I've never heard of these people.
I feel so in the now.
goes to bed
Also, your mom. Burn.
1:01 AM
@Fluttershy That almost looks obscene
^I approve of this fan ending.
@FAE Welcome to everything in that show.
@StrixVaria I have not yet seen it
1:04 AM
@MarkTrapp Can we agree that the "Nurse Joy / Officer Jenny" thing is effed up?
I feel sorry for their collective mothers.
I saw the first season. It was hilarious. The art style definitely was a huge part of that.
@StrixVaria Some friends of mine insist that I watch it while not sober to fully appreciate it :P
Gorram it.
Amendment 1 is 100k votes ahead for.
Evil, evil.
@RavenDreamer flargh
1:06 AM
@FAE hgralfa
@BenBrocka I suspect that only makes sense if I know who or what "Nurse Joy" is
You people and your wacky shows
Q: How can I start a GameCube game without using a Wii Remote?

SeanIs it possible to just use the Wii as a GameCube without the need for a Wiimote (using only the Wii console and the GameCube controller)? If not out-of-the-box, what settings should I set, and will I need a Wiimote to set them?

checks chat Pokemon, sigh next tab
@agent86 Would you prefer ponies?
1:22 AM
@Fluttershy I would have said something very similar in the case of ponies :)
1:41 AM
Q: Can you rebuild the special units from the Powerful Lords (preorder) DLC?

scorcher24With the preorder of the game come 2 special units, the Blade Master and the Imp-Advisor, which spawn at your city if you select them as perks when starting a new game. If those Units die, can they be rebuilt somehow?

Q: Adminium plugin

Leafygreen19I am running a bukkit server with the TCAdmin panel and I would like to use the Adminium app on my Ipod to control it remotely. I got the JSONAPI plugin installed and configured and enter all the correct settings into the app, but it will not connect. I think the port might be blocked. is there a...

@OrigamiRobot @IanPugsley @RavenDreamer You live in a state full of idiots.
May 3 at 15:55, by StrixVaria
Politics is my favorite topic to not talk about!
I'm not going into any more detail than my initial declaration.
Everyone's political opinions are stupid except mine
2:08 AM
Q: Recent console games in the vain of Hunter: The Reckoning / Gauntlet

CNelsonI had a blast playing the Hunter: The Reckoning and the Marvel games like Ultimate Alliance (although the Marvel ones got a bit repetitive) with 4 friends. Wikipedia calls the Hunter games Gauntlet style, which seems apt. 4 Player co-op Overhead/isometric view Experience points w/ rpg progressi...

Q: What's an acceptable Diamond/Stone ratio to determine if somebody is cheating?

Kort PlecoI manage a minecraft server using hawkeye for grief rollbacks, which has the interesting side effect of knowing exactly how many of each block my players break. Currently I compare the amount of stone broken less than Y 14 to the amount of diamond broken to get a diamond/stone mining ratio. I ha...

@StrixVaria Worse. We live in a state of uninformed idiots.
(50 - 40 in favor of the amendment goes to 30-60 if someone explains what the amendment actually does )
@FAE, @agent86, @BenBrocka @Ullallulloo how do I check the trophies I have for a game on the PSN?
@RavenDreamer press the button in the middle, then move a few up from where you start
@RavenDreamer On the PS3, you go two above the game to thophies.
oh, hey.
there's a little trophy icon you can press X on to see your trophies across games.
2:11 AM
More unintuitive sony bs.
Thanks, guys
@RavenDreamer this is actually pretty similar to the way XBL does achievements
@agent86 But not similar to how the Vita does achievements
xbox button, left once, A to get to the list, A again to see a game's cheevs
2:12 AM
The vita is like a smart phone.
There's a "Trophy" app, it's very obvious
hmm, kay
well, witcher 2 is over
Which path did you take?
I still need to go back and do Roche's path
I did Roche's path
seems like there's a decent amount of branching, although I don't know how many are actual choices
I'll probably pass on another play. it was good, but not really good enough for me to want to do all over again
I found the combat to be somewhat irritating
Is there a tutorial on how to use this test editor thingy? It's confusing the shit out of me.
@RavenDreamer the Vita's interface was designed way later. I actually like the Xcross Media Bar though. Clean categories for content
2:32 AM
Oh I love how you have to restart the game to play new community maps. That's really convenient.
Hey all, I just posted this question that was (rightfully) closed, but I'd still like to know if anyone has seen games like this recently: gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/65568/…
Q: How do I get the "Mythology" achievement?

SeanThis achievement's details are murky. Who are the creatures I need to speak with for this achievement, and where are they? (Screenshots appreciated.) If this achievement was originally indeed bugged, what do I have to do in the new patch to get the achievement to register?

@StrixVaria I know.
Q: Is there an iPad game that encourages safe riding?

Dmytrii NagirniakTitle says it all. I wonder if there's a game that advocates defensive motorcycle riding?

game list/rec
also, wat
2:54 AM
@murgatroid99 high-fives all around!
yay! I just published my first Portal 2 puzzle! It's super easy!
Q: Is there an iPad game that encourages safe riding?

Dmytrii NagirniakTitle says it all. I wonder if there's a game that advocates defensive motorcycle riding?

Is it just me, or is this upvote very suspicious.
Q: Do you "sympathy upvote"?

ResorathI was going to post this on Meta Stackoverflow, until a quick search revealed several other discussions on the topic. However, since those are old posts with old views I was curious of how the community of g.se feels about it. Basically, what appears to be sympathy upvotes is on questions or...

@GnomeSlice Doesn't matter, deletion will nuke the rep
@OrigamiRobot /)*(\ ...I couldn't help it
2:59 AM
Holy carp, I just found my ICQ number from like… 1999. Was 10 digits good?
@murgatroid99 Two robots high-fiving
@OrigamiRobot two ponies brohoofing
36 secs ago, by OrigamiRobot
@murgatroid99 Two robots high-fiving
@OrigamiRobot or if you want, a pony high-fiving a robot
that's kind of what this is, after all
Compromise accepted.
3:00 AM
@OrigamiRobot and the universe is saved
I watched the first two seasons of modern Doctor Who in the last few days
@murgatroid99 what did you think?
@AshleyNunn Oh, I've seen many of them before, but never in order
I love that show
@murgatroid99 Fave doctor?
@AshleyNunn 10th
@murgatroid99 See, I used to be all about 10
3:02 AM
but there is just something about 11....
@AshleyNunn I kind of feel like 10 is the most deserving of the epic music
but 11 is so adorable and silly and serious
@AshleyNunn I kind of feel like the same description could be applied to 10
@murgatroid99 I do not find him as adorable
@AshleyNunn ok, I don't know about that, but I care more about the character than the appearance
3:06 AM
@murgatroid99 I dont mean appearance necesarily
I mean in character
11 is best. Computation complete.
he's got this odd childlike bit about him
@OrigamiRobot Cant argue with a robot.
@AshleyNunn I guess 10 is more adult, but he still has a kind of childish wonder
3:07 AM
@murgatroid99 that is true
@RavenDreamer so I'm guessing you probably heard the Amendment 1 bullshit news
@StrixVaria What do you mean you have to restart the game to play new community test chambers?
@spugsley Good lord bejeesus. So much warranted (but crudely and stupidly stated) hatred for NC out on the interwebs right now.
It's mostly "something something marry your first cousin, lol south"
Holy shit, lead singer of Against Me is trans.
@RavenDreamer hahaha yeah. I decided to just stay away from social media for the rest of the night.
3:11 AM
1 hour ago, by StrixVaria
@OrigamiRobot @IanPugsley @RavenDreamer You live in a state full of idiots.
and probably tomorrow
@RavenDreamer 100% agreement
@LessPop_MoreFizz oh really?
You know what I heard when leaving the polling place today?
@IanPugsley Yep! She just announced it! Tom Gabel is now Laura Grace!
If Amendment 1 passes into constitutional law, I'm leaving the United States. o.O
do I want to know? O-o
@Fluttershy Bye!
@Fluttershy we can have a mass exodus out of the US
This 70 year old lady, all prim and hobbling, speaking to her husband:
@Fluttershy state constitution. Not federal.
3:12 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz Oh. That's fine then.
@spugsley "Thank god for this amendment. It's the only thing standing between us and the hordes of lesbians."
@RavenDreamer I cannot fathom this stupidity.
@RavenDreamer are you fucking serious? Holy shit snacks
Now, I know some lesbians
And one thing they do not do, is horde.
(Well one of them is an orc warrior, but that's besides the point)
@RavenDreamer Orc warrior!?!?
3:14 AM
@Sterno Because they're lesbians and would want nothing to do with me?
Nevermind, I'm just going to go ahead and delete that. I'm breaking my NO POLITICS rule.
@RavenDreamer to be fair, if there was one thing they were gonna horde about, it'd be horde-ing it up to beat up be mean to that old lady
@spugsley In WoW.
@RavenDreamer oh...that makes more sense. I thought you were talking about LARPing
and being an orc seemed....complicated
@spugsley I knew a LARPer who... could pull off Orc Warrior without much help...
3:15 AM
Can someone more familiar with bukkit and the such edit this:
Q: Adminium plugin

Leafygreen19I am running a bukkit server with the TCAdmin panel and I would like to use the Adminium app on my Ipod to control it remotely. I got the JSONAPI plugin installed and configured and enter all the correct settings into the app, but it will not connect. I think the port might be blocked. is there a...

Oh god, the horror...
@spugsley You are unreliable. You think lampreys are cute!
@OrigamiRobot And leeches!
3:31 AM
@RavenDreamer I bought my first Legendary Skin in LoL today.
@CNelson You still around?
@OrigamiRobot @spugsley Way to kill chat.
@Fluttershy :(
@Fluttershy they're super lame, right?
@IanPugsley YOU'RE LAME
@Fluttershy what?
@RavenDreamer Gentleman Chogath.
@IanPugsley Quite.
4:06 AM
Q: How does the Enchanted Fountain work?

EBongoAfter the 1.2 update, a new decoration called the Enchanted Fountain is available. This item says that it gives you free diamonds. So how does it work? How many diamonds will it give me and at what rate? Is there any limit to how many fountains I can purchase?

Q: Do unlockables run out?

Some guyIn multi-player, if you get all of the weapons, mods, characters and appearance mods of a rarity what happens? Do you get those of the lowest other available level? Do you just get consumables?

they aren't my babies!!!
once you abuse them enough they pretty much are.
it's like marking your territory.
4:08 AM
eh, I see your point
@Mana Tom Gabel is becoming a woman.
@LessPop_MoreFizz I heard.
@Mana 'sa pretty big deal.
Also, this new Here We Go Magic album is great
4:11 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz Will have to check it out. I like some of their stuff.
I'm still really hooked on this Silversun Pickups album though.
it is a masterpiece, in that the drums are tight and the bass is groovin and the vocals are sufficiently nonsensical and whiny and the special effects are really damn cool.
4:32 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz I'll listen to it tomorrow
Q: Playing SC2 Replays with double click

MuhdWhen I double-click on an SC2replay file in brings up SC2 but then nothing happens. How can I get it to play the replay? I am trying with a replay that's relatively recent... from April. I'm on Windows 7 x64. EDIT: It does not give any sort of error message as far as I can tell.

Pandaren male /dance is Party Rock Anthem. Nobody saw that coming. Seriously. That's totally surprising. Really.
Female is Caramelldansen
4:46 AM
Upon further reflection, they should've went with Hare Hare Yukai instead. End transmission.
@MarkTrapp I detect sarcasm. >.>
Only dance number that went viral, even with nerds and geeks, since Cataclysm came out: what else would it be? :P
Pandarens are so stupid.
Let's not say things we can't take back
You're right. Let me fix that.
There, now the spelling is fixed.
5:03 AM
Q: Is there a skyrim mod for hiding a follower's helmet?

Bruce ConnorI just installed the Mjoll facelift mod and love it. The problem is that I have to remove all helmets from her inventory in other to see her face. Is there a mod out there that hides whichever helmet my follower's wearing?

Yo girl, I heard you like bikes, so we put a bike on your bike so you can bike and bling while you bike
urge to kill rising… rising…
I really want to play Tsuro...
5:20 AM
Woo! 75k rep.
5:38 AM
I just spent the last half hour watching Wil Wheaton, Neil Grayston, James Kyson, and some writer for Game of Thrones play Settlers of Catan... o.o
@MarkTrapp Wait. What? Bear with me (no pun intended although I do like that one). The last Warcraft I played was Warcraft 2. Why are there panda people? How do panda people fit within the backstory of Warcraft? Which side are they on - the neutral animals that were wandering about?
@RavenDreamer Congratulations.
6:30 AM
Q: Can't use my password

Pamela FrancisI was using Draw Free, for 2 mos. Decided to buy the app, now it won't let me log in with my password. I have deleted the free app. I have reset my password yesterday I have changed my user name I have reset the password tonight I have gone to the App Support 4 times in 24 hrs. ...nothing from ...

Q: The new EA games cannot be found in the Software Center

BinarylifeWell, I want to install the two EA games that arrived in the software Center recently. But these packages seem to be missing as in the following picture: I've tried to update the sources, and tried to search manually but no luck . And I've tried installing them using the terminal also. How ...

7:14 AM
@Lazers 3rd question in a couple of weeks about that.
7:27 AM
Q: What heirlooms to get for a DPS Death Knight?

imaginativeI am slightly confused with what heirlooms to get if I want to play a DPS based death knight. I'd like to equip first for full exp gain followed by whatever will help me produce the most DPS. I plan on getting as many heirloom (delta the ring as it's really a pain to win) before I start playing t...

7:39 AM
@Wipqozn and by kill you mean "kill the author" yes?
7:54 AM
8 hours ago, by Ullallulloo
@Fredy31 As in "I want this so badly that I am willing to to acquire it." or as in "This is so stupid that I will bring an end to whoever dares to create it."?
8 hours ago, by Fredy31
The second option would be your answer. Now I have to go find some plane tickets, because I doubt such a disturbed soul lives in Quebec.
1 hour later…
9:11 AM
I want to see how you'll get out of this, Portal!
...indeed you didn't
oh you did!
how, though?
There's no room for the elevator
Q: My blizzard downloader is stuck

EnderSo I decided to pre-download D3 for the release date. My downloader is at 100% and has been for some time. Any idea's on how to unstick it? I tried running the now-complete installer.exe that was downloaded and it's telling me I cannot due to it being in use by another program. (likely the downlo...

9:51 AM
Q: Text Based Choice Adventures?

SaphuAI recently got a game on my WP7 that is much like the games on http://www.choiceofgames.com/ and am now weirdly attracted to them. It basically is a text based adventure that keeps track of certain stats and allows the user to make predefined choices by pressing a button. I was wondering what t...

@LessPop_MoreFizz I heard about this! I don't know the band, but I'm glad to see that someone high profile is brave enough to come out.
10:48 AM
Q: What is more effective AirStrike or Predator?

Rakesh JuyalIn survival mode of Modern Warfare 3 every time juggernaut wave starts I get ready with predator missile. I find it much effective, just one predator and juggernaut is down. But then, I must admit I am not a pro in MW3, infact I am just a n00b. I with my friend went till wave 33 in underground an...

Q: Xbox 360 Unrecognized FAT32 USB?

Henry TanI'm not sure if the gaming stack exchange is the best place to ask this, but it seems like as good a place as any. I'm trying to access files from a 32GB USB stick on my Xbox 360S. I have another exactly like it that works fine. I've formatted the non-working stick a few times as FAT32 with diff...

11:21 AM
@Fluttershy Going to the site and adding stuff to the queue while Portal 2 is launched doesn't add it to the queue in game; I have to leave the game and re-launch it to see it in my queue.
11:45 AM
Q: RP2 FORTH: how do I remove a word from the dictionary?

Tobias LangnerHow do I remove a word from the dictionary of FORTH (Redpower Computer)? Example is that I made programming errors and want to correct them.

@badp Pinged the wrong person. You're getting sloppy badp!
You'll need to ban someone to reassert your dominance.
12:02 PM
Does this count down reflect the release day? Or is it? youtube.com/hitman
I can't find either of my wireless 360 controllers...
12:15 PM
Q: Skyrim - Spells toss enemies around

TobyIs it normal that my spells ( like Fireball / Flash ) at level adept toss the enemies around like hell? If I fire on of those spells on them the enemies will be thrown like 10 meters away. It looks weird and also makes looting sometimes kinda hard. Now I wonder if this is normal or if one of the ...

12:25 PM
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A Machinae Supremacy track was released on Rock Band Network!
Gaaaaaaaaah so excited
And a nice Rage Against the Machine pack too
2 hours later…
2:08 PM
the interwebs, I command them
Q: How is magic find calcualted for overall drops?

Emerica.Let's say I have some magic find and I get the killing blow on a boss, or any enemy for that matter. Does my magic find get calculated for everyone's drops or only mine? Will the killing blow even matter? Or as long as I am entitled to drops from the enemy they will have my magic find attatched t...

@Lazers Dupe.
2:38 PM
The bridge seems to be acting up on me.
It keeps telling me: There seems to be a problem connecting to the server. Please check your internet connection and reload this page.
@fbueckert Maybe there is a problem with your internet connection?
Q: Why can't I build the temple of Fervus?

01d55Fervus has given me a quest to build a temple, which I want to do because I like Fervus' spells. I even have a holy ground open next to my city and a free pop with which to start construction. But I'm not allowed to build a temple to Fervus. In fact, no such temple is visible in the building lis...

Q: Does timer count the time between waves?

pootzkoSince there is no visible timer while playing a level (one can only see it after he finishes the level), does anyone know if the timer counts two things into the total time you played a level: The time between waves when you need to press "G" to start the next wave The time between waves when t...

@YiJiang Hmm. Honestly, that didn't occur to me. I know we sometimes have networking issues here at work due to a hung firewall or such.
Q: Should I install AMD Catalyst drivers or the open source drivers to play HON?

Luis D UrracaI always have issues while trying to play Hon in Ubuntu, from what I see in the forums some folks have been able to run it flawlessly and it appears to be a driver issue. Now I reinstalled my system when 12.04 LTS came out and I haven't installed my video card drivers yet. Should I install ATI p...

I had a wild and crazy dream last night which involved various members of the Bridge coming to my college and guest lecturing. It was... surreal.
2:52 PM
@RavenDreamer was I?
@StrixVaria That's weird. It let me add stuff to my queue from the web browser in Steam.
@RavenDreamer Well you can now say: And you were there, and you were there...
@Wipqozn No.
Sorry to crush your dreams.
But I was there, right?
Oh, yeah. We were shooting the invading aliens back to back, MIB style.
2:56 PM
I... that's f-f-fine.. I don't care... damn, can someone get me a tissue!... I have something in my eye!

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