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1:00 PM
That's why I haven't gotten into a direct confrontation with him.
Hello @danRhul.
Oh wonderful.
I'm sure this will be productive.
@StrixVaria Here's your chance! :D
Where's that ignore button...
@StrixVaria Which post did he 'vandalize'? I only see one edit in Sorean's answer, and it's extremely recent.
1:01 PM
@GnomeSlice badp's edit was the result of moderator discussion and even contacting the SE team to figure out what to do about the situation. The state badp left it in should be final unless the actual content of the answer is being updated with new information.
Oh god this is hilarious. But if the mods said the answer should be that then forgive my rollback.
@StrixVaria ...What else is an edit for, if not updating content?
@danRhul Trust me, it's only funny the first few times.
@GnomeSlice Troll rolling back to a previous revision.
@StrixVaria Well, clearly that is still able to happen...?
I rollbacked for the exact same reason a mod gave me for rolling back one of mine
1:03 PM
@danRhul Which was?
That the editor has actively changed the answer, as opposed to editing it for question structure, spelling or grammer.
@danRhul Can you link me to said edit? I don't think I've actually seen it.
If you go on Soreans answer, it'll be there. The editor migrated text from my answer to Soreans answer.
Which is changing the answerer's intent
@agent86 @badp You are needed on the bridge.
1:07 PM
I assume so yes
@danRhul your answer was deleted, so the information was no longer available at all. So I can see why @badp would have appended it to Sorean's answer.
People in this community tend to get a little uptight when people do things they don't like. I'm not sure I agree with moving YOUR content to Sorean's answer either, to be honest, but it's probably best to just let this one slide.
@danRhul, this question has been a messy, crazy load of bad behavior. Let's stop messing with it, please.
and @GnomeSlice, I can take it from here
I can see that too. But it isn't within stackexchange edit rules, so I rolled back
I didn't roll back to be a troll
@agent86 Excuse me?
Take what from here?
@danRhul, please stop editing the answer or the question, please
1:09 PM
I haven't edited it? I rolled back twice (one by accident)
@badp did what he did after consulting with stack exchange employees
@danRhul That's an edit.
don't do either.
@agent86 I know that, but I didn't know that
@agent86 I didn't see a comment on the post about that, so why would he have known?
1:10 PM
(at the time)
ok, and now you do :) let's leave it alone.
Hence why I have.
Don;t be a dick about it lol
awesome! another issue solved.
There was never an issue
You guys made an issue of it
I'll have to do this more often as its apparently within stackexchange rules
@danRhul do what more often?
1:11 PM
@Mana ...how long ago was this deleted...
The downvote for bounty reward
@danRhul So, just because it's allowed, you'll have to do it, even though it's clearly causing problems.
@danRhul tactical downvoting (ie, downvoting for a bounty award) is actually not within the rules. you got by with a warning this time, but next time it probably won't end the same way.
just don't want you to get the wrong impression.
I received no warning?
@danRhul What do you call this whole thing then?
1:13 PM
So I shall assume its perfectly fine until warned otherwise
I mean, you could have at least not SAID you were tactically downvoting.
@danRhul There was a comment in the thread, that I think got removed in the end to this effect. If you didn't get a chance to read it, consider this a first and/or second warning :)
Also, not because its allowed, but because agent86 is a jobsworth
Yeah so next time if I'm not honest
also, there's kind of a general "don't be a jerk" rule here that we all try to follow.
It'll be perfectly fine, there's no way to prove otherwise
Well agent86, you're failing at that rule
Consider this a warning
1:15 PM
@danRhul Well, there is actually, if you say 'I did it for the bounty' again.
ah, actually, I'm holding a whole set of other people off on you :)
Who is good at Skyrim? Can someone take a look at this question and say if I'm wrong?
@danRhul You're making it very hard to be patient with you.
Well of course @GnomeSlice but I wouldn't be honest again?
1:16 PM
Oh agent86 please don't, this will now be a troll account. I'll just set up a new one :)
@danRhul In all honesty, the situation where one downvote will decide who gets a bounty doesn't come along very often. And you've probably already made enough of a reputation of yourself with the high-rep users here that a lot of them are going to watch your posts and make sure you don't have a high enough score to get bounties that way anyway.
I didn't even need to downvote to get the bounty, don't get what everyone is whining for
Then... why did you downvote it?
Its very tiresome
Here's the twist: It wasn't even me
1:18 PM
No it was. I just thought the answer was poor
Provided as much source as me writing down a random number and doing the same.
Then what was with your 'I did it for the bounty' comments?
Who knows?
@danRhul Well one would assume you would know.
Look @danRhul is here =)
@danRhul Well, I don't really understand what makes employed adults act with such immature behavior; I guess to get a rise out of us? I'm not particularly riled. I guess at some point you'll either cross the line too often or get bored, and that'll be the end. I've lost track of the number of people on the internet who acted this way, sadly.
1:22 PM
@agent86 Feeding the troll isn't particularly helpful. He knows what he's doing, no need to point it out just so he can enjoy your misery.
@agent86 you understand more about skyrim than I do. when you have extra time, can you help me in this answer? gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/65044/…
That would be a safe assumption, but it was a while ago
You guys really think this is trolling? I downvoted one answer, I rolled back one revision for reasons that were legitimate and that makes me a troll?
@danRhul eh, I think it's more the "hey, this is bad behavior, don't do it" and your response of "I don't care, and you can't stop me" that qualifies you.
not trolling as much as system abuse
@danRhul Personally, I was starting to think the whole thing had blown a bit out of proportion and was a misunderstanding. But honestly? After talking to you in chat for a bit, I'm really thinking that was an incorrect assessment. Your attitude stinks.
1:25 PM
@IanPugsley Which is a form of trolling :P
@StrixVaria ...Not necessarily.
well, I'm done eating breakfast, so I've got to run. I'm sure this will be an interesting topic of discussion while I'm gone :)
@StrixVaria Trolling (to me) doesn't usually come with personal gain
I've also got to head out, for an appointment.
@danRhul It seems pretty evident that there was a misunderstanding on the site. But you're attitude in chat is extremely poor, so yes, I'd label you a troll at this point.
1:26 PM
@IanPugsley The thing is the personal gain part is over and now he's continuing to do other things for amusement. (Like rolling back Sorean's answer repeatedly)
Being the 'Gaming.stackexchange resident troll' isn't as fun as it sounds, either. =[
Anyway, I'm off.
So because I don't really care much for a site. A site which, I've given more than I've taken as it goes so I don't care that people are annoyed, makes me a troll?
@danRhul I think trolling was probably the time you started editing tags on a bunch of questions to things like
@danRhul I believe that the problem was, you took advantage of the mechanics of the site to get more reputation.

You **CAN** get information from another answer, but you **NEED** give credits to that answer/comment

We're a community, you don't steal food from the grocery, you go there and pay for it. Works the same way on the internet not only here at SE. BUT here at SE, we follow the philosophy that we can build a better "internet". As Jeff Atwood said in his farewell (and other places as well) "nd the entire Stack Exchange network, born out of the seed of Stack Overflow, is a reference
1:34 PM
(He won't be responding for a while)
@Sterno That was him!?
@StrixVaria Yeah. March 26th
Oh yeah he also liked
Oh god why o.O
1:41 PM
This guy.
1. Didn't understand how SE works and thinks that we are being abusive (i tough this once. but then I saw that I was creating not great answers/questions and get improvement in the chat)
2. Just a troll
3. Rage quiter? (want a ban)
It's true, though. I do like big butts. And I cannot lie.
@Sterno I like big Bo*** xD
@Michel it's weird, pre-March 26 his activity reads like a normal user
did something else happen to awaken the trollfest?
did somebody sing Mustakrakish?
@IanPugsley He RAGE after he was punished by the mods and trusth users, after he stolen a bounty abusing from the mechanic of the SE
Wait we're still talking about this
1:49 PM
@Michel I noticed he got suspended awhile ago. I gather it was because of this question?
@tiddy He showed up in chat and trolled some more.
@fbueckert Not sure why he's still even still a user here
@tiddy fell free to change the subject =)
I think all users proven to be spiteful, vindictive, and unhelpful in all their efforts on this site should be banned without hesitation
There's no reason when you're dealing with children
I've started using Steam yesterday, and I have to say I'm kind of disappointed. I was hoping for something, eh, a little more
Use it longer
1:52 PM
It just looks like Valve bolted a web browser, an IM client and a download manager together
It also uses a lot more RAM than I would like it to
Are you mainly a console gamer?
@YiJiang I've always found that the nicest thing about Steam is the simple fact that it has a whole lot of cheap games ready for download in the same place with the same system
37 mins ago, by danRhul
Oh agent86 please don't, this will now be a troll account. I'll just set up a new one :)
Steam is good because of the convenience of having your games organized. Nothing more, really.
@fbueckert That looks like the stupidest idea anyone has ever had on this site
1:54 PM
It's pretty lacking as far as chat clients go, and really awful as far as internet browsers go.
@StrixVaria And now, with remote loading!
I would say having your games organized and single social place for your friends to share and play with you
Also the sales, buying games on my phone
soon, remote downloading from my phone
or office
WTB 3rd party app that ties my Steam, GOG, Impulse, and Origin libraries together
@StrixVaria I say web browser because it looks like the store is just store.steampowered.com rendered in Steam
@YiJiang It is.
Steam has a built in web browser with very basic functionality.
1:57 PM
@YiJiang I think Steam uses IE's engine somehow, or it used to
You can go to whatever site you want, and I guess it's convenient to pull up a strategy guide for a game in that game, but for the most part it's just better to use a real browser.
it gave an IE error page once or twice
I think they moved off IE when they released the mac client
Yeah, I guess so. It's just that it's not much better than, say what GoG has right now. I'd sort of gotten the idea that Steam might be better because it's a desktop client
@StrixVaria On a second monitor! Game and reference material, all at the same time!
1:58 PM
@fbueckert That's what I do personally. If you only have one monitor, though, I can see the utility of Steam's browser.
@YiJiang Steam's main advantage is it's absolutely crazy sales. Every day, a new game goes on sale, usually for 50% off or more.
I've been using it since HL2 release
And it's growth has been pretty insane
I guess I'm just used to it
@fbueckert Steam as a service (one that provides digital downloads for games, tracks achievements, etc.) is good
only other service I use is Origin, and that's only because i literally HAD to for ME3
2:00 PM
Steam's desktop application software is bad
Regarding memory?
@fbueckert I guess, but then I just found reddit.com/r/GameDeals, and it does give a lot of choices
@tiddy regarding almost everything :/
man, compared to the alternatives, I'll take steam almost any day
it's decidedly imperfect, but it's better than the alternatives
Yeah I really have no issues with it
2:01 PM
I do wish it saved my in-game browser tabs between sessions
@agent86 Alternatives in what aspect, the social network bit or the game management aspect?
It almost never interferes
Cloud saves
Steam Cloud is pretty neat I guess
@YiJiang well, kind of as a whole package I guess
DRM-wise I like it better than others (although it sometimes gets paired with others), download speeds are fast, access to my library anywhere, overlay integration, sales and other deals
@YiJiang I mean i'm not trying to convince you, I couldn't really care any less about what you use. Use what you want based on what you need
2:04 PM
I like the 360's achievement system better, but having centrally tracked PC achievements is still kinda cool
I obviously need lots of drugs and alcohol and TF2
@tiddy I just want to see if I'm missing something fantastic which eveybody else is using it for
so Steam is my obvious choice
I guess what I'm saying is, I'm discouraged from buying a game if it's not available on steam.
@YiJiang the something fantastic is the service, really, not the software
the Steam Summer Sale will roll around and you'll go "oh wtf, yeah, now I get it"
2:09 PM
Skyrim, who is good and can help me?
I made an answer, but I don't know if it get down-vote because someone don't understand it, or because it could be wrong (i don't think so, but in any case)

yeah, when you can buy a good 10 games for $20-$30
That's why I asked if he was a console gamer. For most PC gamers, steam is an afterthought.
Hmmm, Steam just put Bastion's OST into Program Files. That's... /facepalm
@Michel right, sorry, got side tracked and then had to go to work. I'll take a look.
2:10 PM
You can tell Steam where to install
I have it install and set all games to a different harddrive from my OS
Sounds like a good idea. I'll have to dig up that setting
So when my OS gets reformatted I still have all my games
@tiddy same - I don't want my games installed to my small SSD :P
Of which there are many
@Michel I think it's also that it doesn't answer the question - the asker put this in an answer, and I think Juan meant to make it a comment:
> Thanks @Michel for the videos, although it doesn't help me really. It doesn't give me the option of asking her where she gets her skooma. I'm thinking it's a glitch or something. Which is why i was hoping there was another way of getting the key. Thanks for trying though!
2:12 PM
@agent86 =) Tyvm sorry for the trouble, but in my POV @Jupotter was wrong in downvote. he down-vote because he only so video links.
@Michel well, I don't know if he downvoted it, and I don't know if he thought it was a bad answer or not, so there's not much I can do about that :P
@agent86 where he put this text o.O?
Q: Starcraft II Patches not Downloading Correctly

Nick122Ever since I first installed the Free Version(Then later on upgraded to full version) the patches always stopped installing at random percentages and it will stay there. The way I fixed it and finally downloaded it was to continuously opening and closing it quite literally 100+ times. Every time ...

@Michel yeah, he said he doesn't like your answer, and he gave you a tip to improve it - I don't know what you want anyone else to do about it.
if he's wrong, well, then don't do anything :)
So, uhm, how do I change where it downloads the files to?
2:14 PM
@agent86 btw, @Jupotter does not comment this. he only say "Whilst this may answer the question, it would be preferable to quote the essential parts of the answer here, and provide the video for reference." and the link point to meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/8231/…
@Michel I understand that. And you think he's incorrect. I don't know what you want anyone else to do about it, is what I'm saying.
if he thinks there's too much reliance on video, and that made him downvote, that's okay
Ugh, should've chosen another installation location when I first installed this
if you disagree, and think there's enough text without the videos, that's also okay
@agent86 I don't mind take that -1 because it didn't help. But take that because my answer does not contains quote... THAT I don't take. (btw, my answer, answers the question, but not helped the guy, going to try something else)
Hmm so I can't do anything about it. =/ that sucks...
@Michel this is the internet, and people are going to disagree :)
that's why everyone has votes here, to try and give everybody a chance to have their voice heard.
it's only really a problem when it's a conflict of interest, or people are using votes to achieve other goals
for instance, downvoting an answer to disqualify someone from a contest would be bad behavior
or downvoting a bunch of someone's answers simply because you don't like the person
2:19 PM
@agent86 understood. Thanks for you hard work anyway =)
hey, no problem. :)
2:34 PM
sigh, some people just can't take a hint...
y'know, I kind of miss dealing with hackers. At least then I occasionally got to solve an interesting technical problem. Trolls are just boring.
Q: In Spellsword, can equipment boost maxed skills?

sjohnstonAll skills have a maximum level where no more levels can be bought with rupees. If I reach that level, then equip items that provide a bonus to that skill, does the bonus still apply (exceeding the "max")? Or is the bonus just wasted?

> Starship Amazing is an electronic music group dedicated to making songs and albums that would be described as, “kickin’ rad”, and, “dang nasty”.
@agent86 What'd he do?
(recently, I mean)
@Sterno hah, lots :)
let's just leave it at that.
@tiddy, I was sadface, no SSX or GoW3 last night
hopefully tonight though
You better
For a troll he sure puts his name out there
2:47 PM
One month suspension! :D
<3 @agent numbers (no homo)
@StrixVaria oh, well, it was a team effort so I shouldn't take all the credit. but I will :D
@agent86 OMFG BAN
@badp noooooo
can I even be banned? i don't know precisely how that works if you can't strip my powers first.
@agent86 Back when doing science about it didn't involve spamming the team, I banned myself just fine
@agent86 You make gossip so boring!
2:50 PM
@badp then could you unban yourself?
@agent86 yeah.
@Sterno inorite?
@agent86 you no rite
@badp NO U (rite?)
@IanPugsley No. U rite.
2:54 PM
And thus the name for Nintendo's next generation console is born
Nintendo Wii Polite Pendolin?
@badp @YiJiang Wii rite?
man, I was sad about ghost recon, but then I watched a video of the stuff they lifted from SC: Conviction, and now I'm :D
I hope it gets good reviews
@agent86 sigh Why would he think that's a good idea?
Ugh, Steam is really very slow
3:01 PM
@YiJiang slow to do what?
@OrigamiRobot shrugs I tried to ask this question and didn't really get a response.
@badp As you said, whole situation could've been avoided if mods weren't so bad at their jobs. You fail the community — danRhul 51 mins ago
Was that the final straw?
Login, connect to my account. It hung when I first tried logging in, then again when I tried redeeming a key
@agent86 I would have argued against banning him before this.
Hung as in, the "This application is not responding" thingy came up, and doesn't go away
3:03 PM
user image
I lol'ed
@YiJiang I don't know what to say. I've been using Steam for years and seldom if ever seen an issue. The few times were not Steam's fault, but rather slow internets/poor computer.
@agent86 Awesome
Oh well, at least in both times whatever I was trying to do actually worked.
The game has been added to the library after Steam restarted
Well actually I'm having issues connecting to the steam store
Looks like they are dealing with something
It's coming up fine for me. Yay Canada?
3:06 PM
Steam is fine for me too
Has anyone here played Sanctum?
@skovacs1 I have. Only the single player, though
@murgatroid99 OK. I'm undecided on whether to buy it+expansions @75% off. I watched the trailer and saw a flash of a multicolored cat and I was wondering if that actually showed up in-game or if they just put it in the trailer to freak me (and just me) out. Any answers/opinions on the game/colored cats appreciated.
I hate search on windows >.<
@skovacs1 multicolored cats disturb you?
3:10 PM
Q: What does each of the options in the 'Low Detail Models' graphical setting do?

galacticninjaWhat does the 'One, Two, Three and Four Player' options in the 'Low Detail Models' graphical setting do? I assumed that 'Off' will turn off 'Low Detail Models' (enabling high detail models - please correct me if I'm wrong). However, I'm not sure what the 'One, Two, Three and Four Player' op...

Q: Will Diablo 3 have a basic attack key on release?

Paul KWill Diablo 3 have a basic attack key on release? Right now there is no way to use it but replacing a skill. Will this be addressed?

may I advise you never to google "nyan cat"
@skovacs1 I don't really remember any multicolored cats. I did find the game pretty fun, though
@agent86 Not as a rule. Just without a context.
@skovacs1 then once again, "nyan cat" is not for you.
@agent86 they don't?
3:11 PM
@agent86 But I get the context of that meme
it depends how quickly they change colors I guess
I hear Sanctum is like Dungeon Defenders, not sure about that though.
@skovacs1 there's context to the nyan cat? It's a cat, crossed with a poptart, that poops rainbows
I don't know what the context for that is, but I want to know :D
Nothing too thrilling. Its context for the sake of this discussion is more or less it's existence as an internet meme. Like rickrolls or a million other random memes. Their existence as a meme is their context.
Yeah but it's a nyan cat
Some realistic picture of someone's housecat in a game trailer being colorized various colours like it's in a disco suddenly in the middle of a trailer for a game with no apparent relation to the cat just struck me as out of place.
Now if it was nyan cat, it would have made some bit of sense in that it's expected to be random.
The full context of nyan cat involves a cartoonist and a Red Cross livestream charity event if KnowYourMeme is to be believed.
Any case, Sanctum, soundtrack and all DLC together for only $5 was just too good to pass up.
3:24 PM
and now I want that nyan cat progress bar
@skovacs1 hmm, I just bought the latest indie royale bundle, and am getting somewhat sick of tower defense, so I think I'll probably pass, but it does sound like a good deal
I can't believe how fast time is passing. soon it will be time for the SUMMER SALEEEE
@agent86 yusss
@IanPugsley indeeeeed
3:40 PM
Q: I heard that you can no longer play Diablo 2 on the current gen Macs, is this true?

Paul K Possible Duplicate: How can I run Diablo II on Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion)? I heard that you can no longer play Diablo 2 on the current gen Macs, is this true? The reason being the new macs are intel based.

Best answer of the day, goes to @StrixVaria in The Is there a way to see loot on the ground? question almost cap points in one single day just with one question.
Only like 96 more days and I'll get that 100 day rep cap badge :P
@agent86 can you change both posts in this question to remove the community ?
@StrixVaria the badge is 150 days, I think :(
@agent86 :(
3:44 PM
@agent86 and @StrixVaria gaming.stackexchange.com/badges/146/legendary Legendary "Earned 200 daily reputation 150 times."
> Earned 200 daily reputation 150 times
Does that mean it counts if I get 200 but don't get rep capped?
@Michel no; that's by design.
"onsdag" eh?
@StrixVaria I believe that it does. I have few data points, but that's my assumption.
what lang is that
3:45 PM
nobody corrected me, anyhow, when I put it as one of the badges on my tool
Might need more than 1 word to identify the language.
some day of the week
@StrixVaria must have in some meta this question about legendary badge. if not, it'll be a great question =)
no problem
3:46 PM
it is a nordic laungauge
@StrixVaria can also be danish
@StrixVaria LOL
+27 days to Fanatic badge =)
@Blem On official launch, are you playing D3 on the european or north american servers?
AND I'm affraid of losing it, thanks to Diablo =/
@StrixVaria eu since i got most friends who play there, but will most likely make chars on NA at some point
@Michel could set up some script to do it for you
3:49 PM
It really sucks that half this community is from NA and the other half is EU. We won't be able to use our mains together :(
@Blem just get them to make theirs on NA
@Michel you just have to refresh a page once a day, and I'm sure there will be incentives to participate in the site after the D3 launch :)
@NickT I don't like cheats =/
@NickT would be easier to get you to chance to EU, we are talking less people here
@Michel psh, people cheat for badges all the time here
3:52 PM
@NickT O.O
running for edit all the posts and flag them all \o/
LessPop gave himself a gold badge through exploits that were later fixed :P
I keep wondering if @JeffAtwood has an script to share all the content. he got like tons of badges in share in all 8x+ SE sites
70k people follow him on twitter, so if 1/7 click the link that's a gold badge
@Michel and we usually get annoyed at them when they do, and sometimes ask them to chill or stop if it's abusive.
@Michel yeah, he and Joel have very active social network followings, so they tend to end up with a lot of sharing badges
3:58 PM
I just wish Jeff layed down a bit with the ipad tweets :P
Hmm some mod can explain to me (I really don't understood, I wanna know why) why this answer is considered an answer? (i have Flaged it as not an answer)
@badp "layed down" sounds strange
"Ladies, gentlemen, I am now the official owner of a bajillion iPads and I declare it is now cool to own one and will remind people every week of how cool it is to own an iPad."
@Michel did it get reviewed or just not acted on yet
@badp UHauAHuAH
@NickT not an answer – 13 hours ago declined - a moderator reviewed your flag, but found no evidence to support it

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