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9:00 PM
Literally the only thing that native speakers have any advantage in over non-native speakers would be idioms.
@badp it doesn't have finite ammo given enough time
It still bothers me that everyone uses "comprise" backwards though.
@badp Charge, then?
@NickT The bar reads 'energy'
I'm still able to screw up my German grammar pretty badly, though.
9:02 PM
@StrixVaria Stein auf!
Very disappointed in the low votes for Diablo 2 questions. I blame a cabal of conspirators who will ensure that only cabal members will have 5+ votes.
@StrixVaria hides the witch hat
@StrixVaria German grammar is really difficult.
@ArdaXi It's really regular, though, unlike English.
True, but cases....
9:09 PM
That's my main grief. I never use the right endings.
I can never remember the gender of nouns.
Gender isn't really that difficult for me, it's just switching between the cases.
How does Dutch grammar compare to German grammar? I know that I can understand some (very little) Dutch because of German, but I don't know how the grammars compare.
@StrixVaria Dutch is like German except we consolidated Der and Die, and we got rid of cases.
I guess cases are kind of arbitrary at times. I think the hardest part of German grammar for me is knowing which preposition to use.
Q: Person to Person Trading in Guild Wars 2

Greg DemetrickThe one thing I couldn't figure out this weekend if it was possible to do person to person trades like you can in Guild Wars 1. Is that possible or will it only be limited to the Auction house or Guild Storage?

Q: I've refused to help the captain in Flotsam and he took my swords?

ChiboxI've refused to help the captain in Flotsam and he took my swords? I was then beat to death by some people of Flotsam and I couldn't do anything against it because they have weapons and I don't? Where can I get me new swords? I don't have muche ores left.

9:12 PM
@StrixVaria They're not arbitrary, but you've got to understand the logic which is hardly ever taught.
@ArdaXi I know accusative vs. dative for motion, but for other things I don't know of any rules to pick one or the other except just picking based on which preposition you're using.
Like... I believe the genitive case indicates possession.
Dragon Script seems to not play nice with SKSE.
It usually indicates possession, but there are some other times to use it too. I can't remember any examples because I haven't used German in a while.
Or I could just be using the wrong version...
9:19 PM
Word of warning: Don't give @Jin access to your Diablo III account unless you're okay with logging in to a harem of female heroes.
@RavenDreamer I like Nyne, the level Nine wizard.
On the other hand, I think my Barbarian is rather happy.
I've played a female barbarian in D3beta. Does that make me a bad person?
I will probably play DH as female and the rest as male. The male DH was bothering me.
@badp No?
9:24 PM
I don't see any particular reason to exclude the choice, though.
Her gender should give her superior damage resistance capabilities. Right? Right?
I've got to hand it to Blizzard for making Male Barbarians just as MOAR BARE CHESTS as the Female Barbarians, though.
@badp Exactly! More flesh in front of the heart!
That's not what I was thinking but I guess it works too
(There's at least a rumour that says women can deal with pain better than men can. What with birthing and whatnot.)
@StrixVaria The heels bother me most about that.
@badp (That's been debunked)
@RavenDreamer (oh really?)
I'm still glad I won't have to endure the pains of birthing even if I'd be able to endure them :P
9:27 PM
@RavenDreamer Heels?
oh, msn.com, now that's a respectable source :P
@StrixVaria Yeah. The female Demon Hunter has stiletto heels in every single armor set
@RavenDreamer Wow, there's a site I haven't visited in ages.
@RavenDreamer Ugh.
I didn't really like the DH anyway.
I'm not going to make one for a while.
9:28 PM
@badp But they're citing a Canadian Doctor! Blame Canada!
The barbarian's 13th (I think) armor set looks sick.
@StrixVaria I didn't notice there were armor sets in D3, let alone numbered armor sets.
Yet another feature disabled in beta?
@badp The numbers are just the order that they begin dropping as you progress through the game. The beta probably only had the first one available.
@RavenDreamer Barbarian Doom armor.
@StrixVaria for its superior manboobs protection capabilities?
9:31 PM
And then there will actually be set sets, which I assume will have different art
or its gender neutrality?
(perhaps I'm looking at the wrong column)
I think he likes the curves
Also, Monk's Astral Mail looks sweet.
I forget which, but one of the female monk's armor sets, the helmet comes with a giant blonde ponytail
I think the monk could do with some more... je ne sais pas. Perhaps some camera beard?
9:33 PM
Smaller shoulders
So much beard, so little camera!
How's he going to upload his footage on Youtube after he's done otherwise?
The Monk's got a little bit too much Russian going on in his accent.
People shouldn't be playing Diablo III for voice acting, just like people shouldn't be playing starcraft 2 for the story
You wouldn't play TF2 for the voice acting either
it doesn't mean voice acting doesn't contribute to making TF2 awesome.
I'm not picking up the game because it has voice acting.
But as I play it, I am going to hear the character talk, and often.
9:36 PM
Female Wizard = Princess Azula = win
dammit @badp I am at work and I cannot stop laughing at Swan Ronson
So annoying voice acting is grating even though it's not a focal point of the game.
@IanPugsley I blame Juan.
Be on the lookout for the first DLC info tomorrow
Is it going to be hats?
I think it's going to be hats.
9:38 PM
@StrixVaria Oh, no, I agree.
I'm surprised you were optimistic in the first place, is all
Q: In what order should I take levels in Holy Fire and its synergies to maximize damage?

StrixVariaObviously, after maxing Holy Fire and its synergies, the damage will be the same regardless of which skills I took in which order. If I want to max the damage for my Holy Fire Paladin during play, however, what order should I take points in Holy Fire, Resist Fire, and Salvation (if at all before...

Q: Do elevators ever reset in Assassin's Creed Brotherhood?

ThiefMasterDo the "elevators" in Assassin's Creed Brotherhood ever reset? From the way they are built they look pretty much like single-use objects but that would be kind of annoying since you usually spend lots of time in a town and are likely to go to the same place twice.

@RavenDreamer I'm sure it'll blend into the background quickly enough.
I'm not going to let the voice acting ruin the game for me.
Turns out it's too early for 3DS roms or emulators. I wanted to see just how much work it would've taken to perfect Bit Trip Saga with an emulator and savestates, I guess it's too early though.
@badp Beat / Flux are hell with a stylus :(
(The point, in case you're wondering, would've been just the music.)
@RavenDreamer so, uh, core and void are better?
9:41 PM
Things I did not expect to see today: Anime-ified Spongebob as an iTunes game
@badp Don't use the stylus in core or void. So... yes!
oh, that makes sense.
@RavenDreamer I create female chars in all the games I play...
You go girl!
@Jin I'm not knockin' it. I'm thanking you on behalf of my barbarian. ;)
the way I see it, if I spent hours 'n hours staring at a char's behind, it may as well be a chick.
9:46 PM
@Jin Thats pretty much the universal argument. They also look better in gear.
clicks fingers
@Resorath agreed.
I miss my nightelf rogue... her name was Nyne
It depends on if you play characters. Some people are unable to disassociate themselves from the avatar they're playing as.
(These are the folks who get weirded out when they find females playing male characters or vice versa)
As they say; different strokes.
we all know Jin secretly wishes he could be a woman, so that all the fat in his bacon diet could go in better places than the belly.
@RavenDreamer yes, i've encountered many many mangina haters during my wow careers
9:48 PM
who do you want to look like?
@Resorath female wow chars have better dances too!
@Jin Not Human Females.
(And I'd argue not Blood Elf females either, but that's on account of there being no blood elf males)
Be careful when enlarging that image, it might be a little NSFL.
This question requires SCIENCE.
The first answer took too naive an approach.
9:50 PM
Science? hides
@ArdaXi That took forever to load, I thought you were trolling us with just a spinner image that doesn't load anything
@Resorath Hence I rehosted it.
hey! that was loading
No troll .gifs! >:(
(I laughed, but let's try to not drive the other chatters insane, m'kay? :) )
( :( )
9:53 PM
If you're going to do it, at least do it well.
@Raven Double standard!
@RonanForman I'm watching TV!
@Raven You mean you're not constantly moderating.
@RonanForman Naw
@NickT You were right about a "Move" key in D3. Thanks!
@Raven you complain about troll gifs and you do nothing about this?
My eyes seek vengeance
for lack of unseeing
10:04 PM
@badp What about it?
oh please.
It's kind of creepy like that.
Q: If your mothership is being controlled by neural parasite, can you build another?

tenfourWhen a unit is under neural parasite, it temporarily does not belong to you. When your own mothership is under neural parasite, can you start training a new one? When the new one completes, you will end up with two motherships. Does this work?

@badp I do not see what you seem to be alluding to.
10:20 PM
Good evening ladies and gentlemen!
Q: Is there a market for old consoles and games?

MechkoI have some old consoles (Atari, NES, etc) sitting around in dustjackets at home. I never play them anymore, but I can't get myself to throw them away. Is there a market to sell them? Are they collectors items or would I be selling them for peanuts?

I kind of want to get rid of , but that question is a roadblock.
@Sterno I like strawberry ice cream.
Oh, about the tag. nvm
@Sterno I hate it.
Is that question even on-topic?
10:30 PM
@MarkTrapp I don't know, and it wasn't really a battle I wanted to fight. I just can't kill the tag while it's on there
The tag is a smell: any other descriptive tag would have the same odor
@RavenDreamer color scheme, monospaced comic sans, etc. etc. etc.
@badp Yeah, monospaced comic sans looks awful
I didn't know comic sans could look any worse, but somehow it has
@Sterno That is, you can rename the tag to "market" or "game-market" or whatever, but it's still the same junk tag at its core. But if you get rid of the question, the tag problem goes away.
10:34 PM
@MarkTrapp So we need to delete the question for the good of society?
Delete the question, save the cheerleader, save the world
@MarkTrapp I agree in general. I just didn't feel like trying to prove it's off-topic. Most of the other questions with where actually about the process of selling items in game, such as selling loot in Skyrim
@MarkTrapp Well there's a bushel-full of repressed memories.
I mean, is it off-topic because it's a reverse shopping rec?
@Sterno I'll argue it then :P It's not constructive/too localized because it's asking for opinions about a market without specifying anything about the location of the market and markets fluctuate rapidly. The answers don't save the question, either: the accepted one even uses the opportunity to hawk his old games
10:38 PM
@Sterno Sure, that too
It's a bad question all around
@MarkTrapp I'll VTC. I just couldn't decide on a reason :)
Oh, I misread the accepted answer: he was just mentioning Goodwill as a place to buy games, not that he was trying to get a buyer for the games he bought at Goodwill.
But still, the answers are just a list of random sites
I assume by now everyone's seen the new D3 ad?
10:44 PM
Is that just a recut of the original trailer?
There was an original trailer? I'm behind on the times!
I found a really fun bug!
Q: Page renders with me having upvoted and downvoted simultaneously

StrixVariaI think it's easiest to just explain this with a picture and steps to reproduce: Downvote a post. Leave that tab open. Wait for the post to get edited. Open a new tab and upvote that post. Wait for the original tab to say that the post has been edited and use that link to reload the post. Obse...

"Cinematic teaser" yet it's trailer length
10:50 PM
Some different footage
Huh, there's actually a number of trailers. Black Soulstone Cinematic, Intro
crashes through a blue screen of death.
@Wipqozn Able to reproduce?
@StrixVaria I think someone else needs to edit the post for the "post has been updated' message to appear.
@Wipqozn Oh possibly.
10:56 PM
@StrixVaria I've voted on it again. Roll back my edit.
@Wipqozn Done.
I'm not getting the post has been updated message.
Clearly the site hates me.
@Wipqozn It doesn't work in Firefox. You pretty much have to be using Chrome to see that message.
@StrixVaria I've seen it in Firefox before though.
Maybe Firefox is just buggy.
Oh weird. I have never seen it in Firefox.
10:59 PM
I see it from time to time.
Time to go watch the second Resident Evil movie!
So bad, but so good.
Yay, Fringe got renewed
@Sterno Is that good? I only watched the first season and the first few episodes of the second season. When they didn't address the end of the first season right away I gave up.
I wasn't sold first season. it was pretty monster of the week then
Yeah that's another thing I didn't like about it.
11:00 PM
But by the end of second season they're crossing into the alternate reality and seasons 3 and 4 take place in both
The episodes were kind of too distinct.
I should get back into it. It's definitely my kind of show.
It still has some monster-of-the-week stuff but overall seasons 3 and 4 were very plot-arcy
@Sterno Final season treatment
And it looks like season 5 is 13 episodes, giving them enough time to actually end it nicely
Awesome. Resident Evil time! Later all.
11:02 PM
Once Fringe is over, I'm not sure there's any sci-fi left to watch on TV. At best you have paranormal stuff
Eureka, but that's really soft scifi and it's also on its final season
Syfy won't be happy until it's no longer airing any sci-fi
Q: Page renders with me having upvoted and downvoted simultaneously

StrixVariaI think it's easiest to just explain this with a picture and steps to reproduce: Downvote a post. Leave that tab open. Wait for the post to get edited. Open a new tab and upvote that post. Wait for the original tab to say that the post has been edited and use that link to reload the post. Obs...

There's a new Star Trek series supposedly in development
I dunno, TV goes in cycles. Having 2-3 Sci-Fi-ish shows was in vogue from 2006-2010. Now it's having high/modern fantasy shows
11:07 PM
Like Once Upon a Time and Grimm
And Game of Thrones
And anything with vampires
I'm sad Awake didn't get better ratings. That was a nice twist on the typical cop show
@BenBrocka - any suggestions for PSN PS3 games?
@Sterno There's also Touch, which is kind of okay. But Kiefer Sutherland looks like he's about to cry in every episode.
@agent86 I hear Journey is very good
11:13 PM
@MarkTrapp Yeah, I tried to get into Touch but I stopped in the middle of the 2nd episode. The autistic kid thing has been done to death and I was already getting sick of him by the middle of episode 2, and I didn't have Keifer shooting anyone in the kneecaps to keep me interested.
@agent86 PSN exclusives?
I should get Little Big Planet 2.
@FAE All of thatgamecompany's releases are really good. Flower, flOw, and Journey
@agent86 Also, the Pixeljunk games are very fun. Pixeljunk Monsters is a tower defense game with co-op. Pixeljunk Eden is a kind of... trippyish music sorta-kinda-but-not-really platformer. Pixeljunk Shooter is a multi-directional shooter where you go through a bunch of terrain and save scientists, and Pixejunk Sidescroller is a more traditional shmup but I haven't played that one yet.
@agent86 Pixeljunk Racers is okay, kind of a somewhat arcade-y puzzle racer, similar to Super Laser Racer in some respects if you've played that. Probably the weakest of the bunch, IMO.
@MarkTrapp I heartily agree. I played their first game, Cloud, and really really liked it, then played flOw when it was a flash game. I was very sad that I could not play Flower for a long time because it was on PSN, as I didn't own a PS3 until a couple years ago.
Super Stardust HD is pretty fun, too. Bullet hell shooter but on a closed plane
11:20 PM
Trying to think of PSN games that are actually exclusives. Not a whole lot
Of course you have access to all of the PSOne classics and there are tons of awesome stuff there
@FAE The only thing I didn't like about Flower was the reliance on the SIXAXIS controls. You could navigate without them, but any shifting in my seat = wild and crazy movements
@MarkTrapp Haha yeah, we have a lazy chair that we sit in most of the time for gaming and leaning back with bad posture is not conducive to proper steering.
@FAE / @MarkTrapp yeah, I'll take anyone's recommendations - just looking for things that might have slipped under my radar since I didn't own a PS3 previously
flower comes pretty highly recommended, as does journey
A: What is a good strategy for finding and rerolling charms?

fbueckertSimple steps Step 1: If you know what sort of charms you are looking for, you can use the charm affix list. This will give you the item level requirements for your specific charm. If you are looking for both a prefix AND a suffix, take the highest item level. Your character's level must be at...

Should I flesh this out with the math or more examples?
@MarkTrapp Need moar Sci-Fi! There`s so little that`s decent.
11:47 PM
UGH. I guess I have to replay Diablo 2 now. :/
Speaking of recommendations - what puzzler should I follow up Fez with?
...and repurchase at that, because I don't have my keys anywhere that I can find
11:58 PM
@EBongo Have you played Braid or Limbo?

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