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3:00 AM
Sounds dirty.
seems legit
@LessPop_MoreFizz Do you want the screenshot to be less crappy than an iPhone-taken shot of my TV? If not, then I could probably arrange that.
For the record, i only have 3 tabs open
nah, it's not a big rush.
Chrome doesn't always properly reclaim RAM from closed tabs until you restart the browser it seems
3:01 AM
@TylerShads ... so what was the 800mb Chrome process?
Check about:memory?
@YiJiang o.o apparently, Facebook
@BenBrocka Shouldn't the per tab process thing stop that from happening?
Boo, about:internets doesn't work anymore
@YiJiang not if it doesn't actually cull the processes, which seems to happen sometimes
@BenBrocka about:mozilla still works. They've even been updating it every version
after an update + restart, I'm down to 600k total
not gonna use 16GB they said...I beg to differ
3:06 AM
I apparently have too many tabs open to be able to take a screenshot of all of the Chrome processes in the task manager, hmm.
@TimStone about:memory
What about it? :P
@TimStone Show me yours, and I'll show you mine :D
*wink wink*
Now EDI wants to be Joker's mom...uhhh
3:10 AM
Creepy over the clothes action time
@TimStone Is that... 5GB?
I have a lot of tabs open >_>
127, apparently.
@TimStone LOLWUT
3:11 AM
@TimStone lol
How many of those are SE chatrooms?
Like, 40?
@LessPopMoreFizz I want that to be real. O.o
And then again, I kinda don't, because I'd have to pay for it, likely.
Q: Does Mass Effect 3 track single-player statistics?

johnjonThere are a few games out there that summarize your single-player performance at certain intervals or at the end of the game. I'm referring to stats like accuracy, headshots, damage, mission completion time, etc. Does Mass Effect 3 keep track of any of these player statistics and display them at...

@RavenDreamer Geth player? HAX
3:15 AM
@BenBrocka Nah, only 15.
@RavenDreamer Krogan Battlemaster/Asari Justicar means it's fake.
I'd believe Geth/Batarian vairants of existing classes.
But adding new classes specific to a race? Given the way the UI is built and the way level sharing across races works? Nuh-uh. No way. Not happenin'.
Besides, isn't a Krogan battlemaster just a Krogan Vanguard? more emphasis on weapon powers, less on charge?
@YiJiang -1, should be trying to hold:
@LessPop_MoreFizz Judging by Wrex, it'd be a Krogan with Carnage, Warp, and some third thing.
I dunno. Battlefield3 Soldier is one of the stranger classes already.
12:23 AM - nihilistronin: That Jessica Chobot/Diana Allers question was edited into an actual question... lol
12:23 AM - Wipqozn: link?
12:24 AM - nihilistronin: http://gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/55532/cover-hover-glitch
12:24 AM - nihilistronin: Now it just looks like we're assholes.
I lol'd pretty hard
3:25 AM
@RavenDreamer Geth do not infiltrate.
@BenBrocka Geth do not intentionally infiltrate.
@Wipqozn who is Dylan IP?
ah, did you delete that @RavenDreamer? if so, thank you.
I can't get a Geth squadmate in ME3, can I :(?
screw the quarians, geth are awesome
@BenBrocka Negative, Shepard-Commander.
@BenBrocka another flaw
3:28 AM
screw the quarians, krogan are awesome
@TylerShads Bigger flaw - no Krogans.
Pft, Krogans. Rather have Geth any day
@BenBrocka Legion + Grunt, best combo ever
3:30 AM
@TylerShads -Grunt +Garrus
Quarian is best.
@OrigamiRobot I'm back.
can I ignore priority: rannoch for a bit?
@RavenDreamer Yeah, I mainly just meant battlemaster in the sense of Soldier + Biotics.
or will poop impact rotating blades intended for optimal air movement?
3:31 AM
@OrigamiRobot I would kill, no, murder, for Legion + Garrus
@LessPop_MoreFizz Probably grenades.
@agent86 I did. I did the other two Rannoch missions first.
@Tristan k
@agent86 Is Tali on board?
@BenBrocka Me too. I'm putting off ME3 because I am so depressed.
3:32 AM
@RavenDreamer yeah, she's in the war room
@agent86 That said, I don't know if I lost out on assets or not.
@agent86 Then leaving is likely to cause the scatalogical material to intersect with the rotary device.
@RavenDreamer :|
what must I do before I can take off?
just clear the priority mission?
I guess all the missions here and then the priority
@agent86 Yes.
There should only be 2.
And one is like TRON.
@agent86 I flew back to the Citadel with Tali and Raan in my war room...
3:35 AM
@agent86 we're at like the exact same place in the game apparently
this is not going to make my son happy tomorrow, sigh
You're ruined christmas forever.
Did anyone here romance Tali this go around? Besides me?
I THOUGHT I was romancing Garrus but we just shot at stuff instead. I kissed the blue chick so I think I picked her instead
I kept my Romance with Ashley because the shoulders of her new jumpsuit are awesome.
3:37 AM
Can I be a cheating bastard and ditch the blue chick?
If miranda was more around, I'd totally romance her
@BenBrocka Nope. We had a question about that.
@TylerShads "much pro" not "many pro", but yes, that was him.
@agent86 Did you romance her in ME2?
I went with liara, who I romanced in ME1
@RavenDreamer yeah, I totally unzipped her jumpsuit in ME2
3:38 AM
You just changed your story.
@John "pro much"
@RavenDreamer boo. So if I got the romance achievement I'm SOL for Garrus?
then I dumped her and she was very sad
C'mon guys, get it right!
@OrigamiRobot Baby steps.
3:38 AM
@BenBrocka Yes.
Fem Sheps really get the short end of the stick.
@John You humans and your infants.
Can't have same sex with Ashley
And 2 of their romance interests from ME2 are ineligible.
I'm just wondering if anyone's seen what BioWare did to ruin Tali... lol
One gets married, and the other was terminally ill when you met him.
@BenBrocka I want to romance Legion.
3:39 AM
@OrigamiRobot well that too, but Garrus is an actual option I think
@BenBrocka Tali is my backup
@OrigamiRoboy "Shepard-Commander, w-what are you doing? We are unfamiliar with this protocol."
Oh goodness.
@Tristan Geth do not inseminate.
Next patch, my dwarves won't be naked anymore! Huzzah!
3:40 AM
Poor worf
@BenBrocka Geth do not inseminate intentionally.
This paper sounds fascinating. Classic Nintendo Games are (NP-)Hard
Anyway, did anyone read/see what BioWare ended up doing with Tali?
@AshleyNunn Your link no work.
@Tristan You mean the emergency induction port, or Garrus?
3:42 AM
@RavenDream That's a straw... And no, I mean her big "reveal."
@Tristan The stock photo?
The photoshopped stock photo?
The badly photoshopped stock photo...
I almost wish they'd left it a mystery...
@Tristan Now I am curious.
3:45 AM
@AshleyNunn I can email you the photo if you wanna see
@Tristan or post it in chat for us all to laud
@Tristan Sure :)
I'd like to see this photo too.
Feel free to post it here.
or upload it online somewhere for us all to see.
I'm on mobile. Can't upload pics
@Tristan We all miss you :(
3:49 AM
@OrigamiRobot This,
I miss you all too. =(
I have nobody to play Minecraft with until 2am!
@AshleyNunn emailed. Feel free to upload to chat when you get it please
@Tristan Will do :)
Holy crap.
3:51 AM
Her eyes look seriously weird.
Her fingers are too close together.
But only the DS
@AshleyNunn That paper is pretty cool. Now I have even more respect for TAS makers
@OrigamiRobot That's better than nothing?
3:55 AM
@murgatroid99 It confused me a lot, but it was interesting. :)
@AshleyNunn Until it dies! I have 2 Layton games to play!
@OrigamiRobot Fair point. :(
@AshleyNunn It probably would have confused me more if I hadn't taken classes in CS theory.
@murgatroid99 Yeah, I haven't taken anything like that (I am an English major. I don't touch CS) so I was sorta in the dark.
@AshleyNunn And I want to replay Lost Magic.
4:00 AM
Found some ME2 videos of Legion. Maaaan, now I want him even more
@BenBrocka Legion is a sexy beast.
I didn't mean it like that. Well, I mean it like that too, but that wasn't my point
@BenBrocka why go for Legion when you could have EDI?
@Tristan Legion is way better than EDI!
@OrigamiRobot Legion was one of my favorites from ME2. But, Garrus and Tali are all I've ever needed. They were my squad members from beginning to end.
4:05 AM
@Tristan I want to romance Tali as well, so I don't want her getting hurt. Also, I want a team full of snipers.
Legion >>>>>EDI
@BenBrocka This
@BenBrocka I dunno, I like how Shepard is finally catching on to EDI's 'jokes'
@LessPopMoreFizz Seven zettabytes?
@OrigamiRobot did you get my message on steam? My 3G dropped out for a bit...
@Tristan I did not.
4:10 AM
sweet, finally got the ME3 tag badge
Q: Why am I not getting the listed prize money in Gran Turismo 3?

KenIs this just a bug, or is there something I'm missing? For example, in Amateur Ring, Turbo: Race of Turbo Sports, the (i)nfo screen lists 1st prize as 1,500,000, but winning Test Course I received only 1,200,000. Does it pay out less each time you win it? (I don't remember if it paid more befo...

@OrigamiRobot dang... It was good advice.
@Tristan Send it again!
I need advice.
@OrigamiRobot anything yet?
@Tristan NO! Try using more internets.
4:14 AM
@OrigamiRobot I'm givin' her all she's got!
Sorry about shitty camera positioning. <3 Javik.
And the follow up line:
Stupid Steam iPhone app...
@Tristan I am begging you. Give me the advice!
@OrigamiRobot Email me. My steam ID @gmail
4:31 AM
Hah! Now I have the advice and you are all doomed!
@OrigamiRobot D:
Q: How long is it going to take my boyfriend to play through Mass Effect 3 on normal difficulty? HELP!

LibbyHe's been at it for hours every day, and I'd really like to spend time with him where he's not talking about this game. He's played through 1 and 2, loved both of them, and loves 3. I understand that it's quite fascinating (I've watched it a few times), but I'd really like to be able to talk to h...

@Lazers dot dot dot
@Lazers I'm pretty sure that's a duplicate of a question that got closed as not constructive or something
@murgatroid99 There are other completion time questions that remain open, but I don't like em!
4:42 AM
Q: How long is Mass Effect 3 on normal difficulty?

johnjonHow many hours does it typically take to play through the single-player campaign of Mass Effect 3 from start to finish on the default/normal difficulty level? How many hours does completing all the side quests tack on to that?

It wasn't closed, but I thought it would be
@murgatroid99 Dont most video games have an estimated time to complete written on the back of em?
@James not that I know of
@James In front of me I have a couple of Wii games for which that statistic would be meaningful and I can't find any mention of it anywhere on the packaging
A: Do monsters spawn in unlit caves?

Dylan IpYes, mobs spawn in unlit caves (light levels under seven). They spawn in 15x15 chunks within the player but instantly despawn if they are 180 blocks away from the player. You can have up to 128(?) naturally spawned hostile mobs on the world a one time, they despawn if you get far enough. Is ev...

@OrigamiRobot Downvoted
@murgatroid99 All he has to do is read the other, better answer.
4:49 AM
@murgatroid99 Just scanned some images of the case for the PS3, and I see nothing.
@OrigamiRobot I just looked at his profile and he has 12 answers and only 17 rep. That does not look good
@James Yeah, I cannot remember ever seeing a statistic like that on a video game
@murgatroid99 Most of his answers are very poor.
@murgatroid99 Id swear the Tales * games usually come with 'over X hours of game play' or some such [shrugs]
@OrigamiRobot Sad thing is? its probably a young kid who just thinks those Are the answers.
@James Maybe, but I think most of these people here would prefer to have an upper bound
His questions have answers, but no upvotes. The way I see it, if a question is worth your time to answer, it should be worth an upvote.
4:55 AM
@murgatroid99 Not really possible... Some people are more stupid take longer to enjoy the game before them.
And yes, I am extremely tired, damn 3 hours of sleep last night
@James I take a long time because I like the talking stuff. I have spent a ton of time talking to everyone in the citadel and everyone on the Normandy and listening to conversations
@murgatroid99 I have over 200 hours spent on Borderlands and almost 400 hours in Skyrim... I love me some long game play as well :D
@James Wow, I think the game I have spent the most time on is Runescape. They list my game time as 46 days 23 hours
@murgatroid99 Nice, I think that trumps me pretty well.. I could go start counting up time on my WoW accounts.. does playing 5 at once mean I spend 5 times the amount of time in the game?? :D
@James I don't know; it doesn't really take 5 times as much of your time
5:04 AM
True I suppose... It does take quite a bit of time to set up and get used to it again though.
Especially killing that damn dragon in that first instance in outlands... God I hate that thing.
Q: Does the primarch have to die on Palaven?

RESPAWNWhen I got to Palaven I was told that the Primarch was dead. Is this an irreversible part of the story, or did he die because I decided to do two other missions first? If I had gone to Palaven right away, would he have survived?

@James did you VTC that question I posted here?
@murgatroid99 Um, I do not think so...
@James It bothers me that it's still open
@murgatroid99 The how long question??
5:10 AM
This one:
Q: How long is it going to take my boyfriend to play through Mass Effect 3 on normal difficulty? HELP!

LibbyHe's been at it for hours every day, and I'd really like to spend time with him where he's not talking about this game. He's played through 1 and 2, loved both of them, and loves 3. I understand that it's quite fascinating (I've watched it a few times), but I'd really like to be able to talk to h...

duplicate of the other one
Ah, I have been looking at the other one and seeing no VTCs on it thinking I was very very lost :)
@murgatroid99 Anyone else who's playing ME 3 constantly get Shepard stuck and unable t move on some kind of invisible wall in the cockpit?
Also, that is the best variant of a how long to beat question that I have ever seen.
@LessPop_MoreFizz I don't think I've seen that happen yet
@murgatroid99 I get stuck all the time. and have to reload. :/
Right between joker and EDI
@LessPop_MoreFizz I don't walk into that spot much
I just stand behind them and talk to them (or just listen)
5:22 AM
Also, THANK GOD for the ability to buuy missed quest items from the SPECTRE terminal.
@murgatroid99 You are in pittsburgh, right? I seem to recall that?
@LessPop_MoreFizz I go to school there, but I'm currently in NJ for spring break
@murgatroid99 Good enough! I am about to be there for two weeks. Where should I go for good beer?
(I tend to like local craft type stuff and it's one of the hilights of getting to travel for work for me.)
@LessPop_MoreFizz I have no idea. I'm only 19 and I actually don't drink
hahahaha Legion is trying to tell garrus how to calibrate something.
Also, I think hungover Ash might beat Drunk Tali.
Mainly because of how downright mean spirited even the 'paragon' option for dialog is.
Q: Retag more specific with ME3

KtashME3 has more than 500+ tags at the moment, and we are starting to get a number of duplicates (including ones I've opened). Should we consider going through old questions to retag them to be more specific so that people searching can better find matches and reduce duplicates?

Q: Minecraft: Private server thingys?

JustARandomPersonHehe... Stupid title. Me and my friend want to join a server together with no other people, do you now how we can do that? Cause I have tried joining multiplayer servers, but other people are always there. Probably seem really stupid right now.

Q: What is -200% Power Recharge Speed supposed to mean?

Bruce ConnorI know there are other questions about power recharge and weight, but none of them (that I found) ask or answer this. At first, I assumed the X% modifier to recharge speed actually meant your recharge speed is (100+X)% the standard value. That made sense, because the modifier could positive or n...

6:28 AM
Q: Me1 and Me2 sidemissions, that affect me3

user21450I know that one quest, where conrad werner got saved by a me1 sidemission charackter. Ive been wondering, if there are other missions like this. They do not need to ibe story relevatlnt, just like the conrad verner "mission". I am writing this via mobile, so sorry for some misstakes.

@Lazers Would a better title be: How to create a private server in Minecraft?
Ah no, looks like it might be a dupe
6:48 AM
@YiJiang I voted to close
And with that, I go to sleep
Q: What's an efficient way to use the Asari's dash in multiplayer?

ZenoIn multiplayer, an Asari can do a teleport-dash using spacebar... but this drains her barrier. What are some good ways to use this? Does this dash make you immune to certain damage while using it?

Q: When does Sabotage fail in Multiplayer?

FabianI recently tried out the Quarian Infiltrator in Mass Effect 3 multiplayer and turning the Geth against each other worked really, really well. But I observered that a few times my Sabotage power didn't seem to work on some enemies anymore. What limits does the Sabotage power of the Quarian Infli...

Diplomacy does not win wars. Powerful and Plentiful Firearms do.
Javik is The Best.
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10:12 AM
Q: How to get hack credits in Mass Effect 3 multiplayer?

ReaptorWhat do I have to edit in coalesced? I already have the tool to open it up in, I know the risks. How do I do it? I just want to buy a crap load of packs.

Q: Who do you meet if Grunt, Kasumi or Jack were killed in the suicide mission in Mass Effect 2?

ShurikenIn the save i imported to ME3 all my squadmates survived. Who do you encounter in the following missions if they died in the previous game? Attican Traverse - Krogan Team Grissom Academy - Emergency Evacuation Citadel - Hanar Diplomat

10:42 AM
'Ello @badp, just saw one of my chat messages is deleted- could you please tell me whom can I ask what was the reason?
@Gigili Without a direct link to the deleted message it's pretty hard to find that out
11:02 AM
@Fabian It's in the other room I'm currently in.
11:34 AM
Q: Running out of Enemies on The Mirror's Wake level. But need more score

ShipluI am running out of enemies in lara-croft-gol in The Mirror's Wake level. My score is just 4,500 short to get the golden Shotgun. Can anyone tell me where can I find re-spawning enemies so that I can increase my score?

11:51 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz Yes, I and a few others I know have experienced that as well
12:03 PM
@RonanForman what's up with the blurry sides?
Q: Sharing posts and you

VasilOK so I need to know HOW DO I SHARE POSTS...I used the icons to share via Facebook but it didn't register!Do I have to wait a while?Please I would like an answer :D

@OrigamiRobot I mentioned I recorded at the wrong resolution for a bit, that's what I do so it's not just huge black blocks.
If you can think of something better to do be my guest.
(Not to do it, but tell me what it is.)
I'd rather have black blocks...
It was in the end of part 2, did you not see that?
The blur? No.
12:08 PM
It was there. I'm sure of it.
this makes me giggle more than it should:
It's Zim, of course it does.
@FallenAngelEyes Tell me what you need.
It's the same effect, although I think the lower contrast makes it look better.
12:33 PM
Uhg. 26 upvotes in 5 minutes. Just can't wait to see that serial upvote penalty again!
@Sterno ouch :/
Oh, my bad. Only 21 :P
G'morning all.... err some!! :)
@RonanForman I am of the opinion that seeing nothing is better than seeing something unclearly in this case.
Optimally you could make some cheesy banners to go on the sides :D
Wonder if I can hit Admiral before all those upvotes get reversed. I'll get into the Admiral's lounge and steal @agent86's peanuts before they kick me out!
1:03 PM
@FallenAngelEyes You've got head pidgeons. Report to the nurse.
@BenBrocka You can't say that to a lady!
Also, burn this one with fire: gaming.stackexchange.com/q/55612/3062
Guy wants to hack credits in multiplayer to bypass the EA store
1:26 PM
@Sterno holy crap I would've killed you had that question body not been behind a spoiler tag. I'd been specifically avoiding that one. :P
wow, because of this contest, I shot to 1k rep on gaming xD
Q: I'm curious at the comparison of the number of troops in multiplayer waves in ME3

ParalyticSo I like playing on silver and occasionally gold in Mass Effect 3 multiplayer, usually with random enemies. Of course each wave as it progresses has more difficult troops to fight but what I'm asking is when comparing Reapers, Cerberus and Geth, how many of what troops are being sent depending o...

Q: Can you import Mass Effect 2 PS3 save into Mass Effect 3 if the saves are from different regions?

JohnoBoyMost PS3 game save I tried aren't compatible with different regional versions of the same game, but does Mass Effect 3 allow you to import a Mass Effect 2 save from a different region? For example, if I played Mass Effect 2 off a US disc (Region 1) and start Mass Effect 3 with a UK disc (Region 2...

@FallenAngelEyes Good point, I'll be careful about that next time.
@Sterno Thanks much. :) I would've otherwise avoided had I seen the title in the link text but you used your share link, so I couldn't read it
I blame the stupid short links that lack the title slug. shakes fist at said links
1:33 PM
haha wow, I keep managing to evade reapers by a sliver (going through and scanning atm)
I swear, I'd rather scan planets all day than put up with that nonsense.
"Oh, just got play another major mission to revert the alertness status. Don't have any more missions before the final one? Oh well. Run around like a chicken with its head cut off, then."
@TimStone Yeah I'm doing all the sidequests I can when they come up and I'm still earlyish in the game so I'm scanning now.
It's not so bad. The game autosaves when you enter a new system.
I imagine it would suck way worse on a console, what with the load times
So what I do is run around and scan, and once I find the items, if I've alerted the reapers, I let myself get caught
then I just remember where stuff was and go immediately to it
@Sterno yeah that's true
Mine loads super fast, but I still get annoyed just waiting for the galaxy map animation :P
1:37 PM
what I miss from ME1 is the ability to skip the... yes
the mass relay cinematic
I just duck out of the system and reenter from the orientation that'll put me closest to the discovered locations, heh. Doesn't always work for fuel depot wreckage, but for planet scanning the Reapers seem content to let you go about your business until you back out to the map.
I hate fuel. So much.
@FallenAngelEyes I love how it plays when I'm not even travelling through a relay sometimes
@TimStone Yeah, I try to do that too but I'm not always able to find the other item in time :(
@TylerShads yyyyyeah...
@FallenAngelEyes I do hate that you can't skip it, ME3 is on my SSD ffs I haven't even been able to read the first line of the loading tips.
1:42 PM
@TylerShads Hahaha. Yeah, in ME1, there was an argument you could change in the config file to let you skip many of the cinematics. It worked for stuff like mass relays, Citadel docking, etc.
@FallenAngelEyes But I do like seeing it once in a while...the first time I'm scanning after several missions, then I want to turn it back off
@TylerShads Weird. I'd never had that mass effect relay animation play when it shouldn't until just now, about 1 minute after you said something
@Sterno I'm just awesome like that, I break games.
@Sterno I never got stuck in that spot in the cockpit between Joker and EDI until after my friends mentioned it, haha
That happened to me and I hadn't saved in a while. Grr
1:44 PM
@TylerShads Yeah, this thing screams on an SSD ... when I see a 2 second delay I try to imagine how long that'd be on a hdd
@Stephen Even worse, console
@Sterno I'm a compulsive quicksaver, so it's not a problem for me. Also if you quicksave while you're stuck there, if you load, you'll be unstuck.
the elevators...THE ELEVATORS
In my experience at least
The only thing more deadly than the reapers
1:45 PM
@FallenAngelEyes I thought of trying the quicksave/reload thing AFTER I'd already reloaded, sadly :P
It costs $3, but I'm almost tempted to buy the Minecraft wolf pet for my XBL avatar...
@FallenAngelEyes Go for it.
@fredley You have a porkchop for your gravatar, you're obviously biased!
@FallenAngelEyes So?
1:50 PM
@FallenAngelEyes lololol @ buying the crap MS tries to sell you
@FallenAngelEyes asdaskdopasuipasuifp
@Wipqozn I KNOW
pre-purhcase april 10th?!?!?!
oh man
they must already have a release date in mind then
oh fuck
holy shit
access to ALL the beta events?
@Wipqozn They did this for GW1 too
omg the Collector's Edition :OOOOO
@FallenAngelEyes I KNOW
looks so awesome
10-inch figurine?
Yes pelase
yesssss soundtraaaaaaack
1:54 PM
yes please
scumbag chat
not sending my messages
agh I need to know where to buy it
I don't know what they're doing with region-locking yet
ah oaky
I need to know if I need to buy an EU or NA version
1:55 PM
yeah, that could be a problem
@FallenAngelEyes Oh noes they are doing a really good job getting me to give them money!
MA yI suggest just buying a NA version? That would benefit me the most.
I have to buy the NA version if they're doing region-locking anyway, that's where my guild is
@FallenAngelEyes Wouldn't it just be safer to buy the NA version then?
Q: No more updates for Terraria

ParalyticI heard that the makers of Terraria are no longer producing further content for this masterpeice of a game. I hope this isnt true but im hoping someone can help me find more profound proof of this accusation.

1:56 PM
Although buying it from somewhere else would be less of a pain in the ass
@Lazers Get it out of here!
@Wipqozn this
If it's not region-locked via client, then I can purchase here safely, which is easier than having it shipped from NA.
oh, if you need to get it shipped you wouldn't be able to pla y it day 1 either
probably need to wait
like, for forever
Also, I didn't know @Wipqozn was interesting in GW.
@OrigamiRobot Clearly you haven't been paying attention.
1:59 PM
@OrigamiRobot He is muchly so
I thought I created you to be more observant.
err I mean...
Though admittedly we do most of our squeeing on steam

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