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8:00 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz Until now I killed anything big with qfas
Steam Lightning Arcane is a strong combo
but blizzard balls are absurd
dqrqrqrqr btw
Blizzard Balls are the only spell I've ever gotten 5 figures of single target damage out of.
Yes, that's right, 10k +
easily done with the health beam and some patience
...I assume the health beam damages the undead right?
@badp True.
blizzardball requires no patience though
charging it up adds RANGE, rather than damage.
Thank @less, I finally killed Khan. I additionally used strong stone walls to stall him (edddd), that and haste bought me enough time to prepare blizzard balls.
8:08 PM
@Grace what statistic are you using, then?
@Fabian Yay!
@Fabian I... don't like that title
@Oak I just couldn't resist
Not very informative... and entirely ungooglable
8:10 PM
@Oak But much more fun ;-)
<devil's advocate>but really, really cool</devil's advocate>
I have enough SEO-optimized titles in my questions already
@Oak It's actually the name of the achievement for killing the boss
Anybody know how to bind a key combination (like Shift + right click) to a mouse button (backwards/forwards button of my Logitech G3)?
@LessPopMoreFizz that's worth a lot, actually - that is Goggleable :)
8:16 PM
I'm a bit off with the number of A's
@badp crashes?
Also, ping @ThomasMcDonald
@tzenes Aye?
other room
New Video Game Technology Finally Allows Rendering Of Smaller Breasts... http://onion.com/garcxe
Recent Questions - Gaming - Stack Exchange
What popular online 1v1 games exist?

<p>Like quake live or starcraft 2. Genre doesn't matter.</p>

8:18 PM
@Feeds Who broke the feed?
@Feeds Good one.
@Fabian Even feeds is tired of game-rec ...
@tzenes re: your comment :)
@Fabian Deleted question
which comment?
@Fabian Try and get the tag badge for this on Gaming S.E.
8:22 PM
> @badp I tried to read your application but I have a compulsive nature to click on links and it keeps crashing firefox...
@GnomeSlice We have a KHAAAAAAAAAN tag badge?
@Fabian Create tag. Get badge.
I figure it will take maybe 3 weeks before you get it.
@GnomeSlice I'd love a KHAAAAAAAN tag, but I don't think it would be very useful ;-)
Need 100 questions about KHAAAAAAAN first
And you need 20 answers in that tag for the badge
8:23 PM
I'm sure KHAAAAAAAAN is interesting, but is it that interesting?
@badp You better believe it.
> How do I marry KHAAAAAAAAAAAN?
Maybe you could try on SciFi S.E.
> How do I teleport KHAAAAAAAAAAAN?
> How do I play tic tac toe with KHAAAAAAAAAAAN?
The possibilities are endless.
8:24 PM
Q: StarCraft2: is it worth to play random?

BuddaUsually, I play one race. After being promoted to 1 more higher league I've tried to play random... Off course, I began to lose a lot... definitely, other races require other BO, other micro, other strategy, other skills. What I see beneficial of playing random is: Your opponent doesn't know y...

@Feeds I hate those titles.
> How do I ally with KHAAAAAAAAAN against its fake plastic imitation, KHAAAAAAN?
> Can I suck KHAAAAAAAAAAAN into a Vortex?
I just have to figure a way to insert KHAAAAAAAAAN into my nomination
That's easy.
Just change your account name.
Khaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan! http://ur.ly/CF3c #bossfights
8:27 PM
Mission accomplished.
http://t.co/1eXqD4J Best GYBE Mashup Ever.
I have an idea on how to adjust the title to the correct number of A's. I'll use the mongolian vowel separator to pad the lenght to 15 ;-)
5 Things To Do After You Graduate College http://bit.ly/ieZtJx
<== Designated G S.E. Twitterspammer.
Someone was thorough with the title-length stuff, SE does not count the mongolian vowel separator as a normal character, very annoying.
Epic Nomination @badp
8:37 PM
Oooh, Pundit badge.
I wonder what comment got upvoted a 5th time to earn it.
@Overv You. Do. NOT. Parse HTML with regular expressions. http://bit.ly/cu5Prt
<== @GnomeSlice understudy
@ArdaXi I think you've confused this room with one of StackOverflow's... :P
@Powerlord Shush. I'm supposed to be off-topic.
waits on feeds
8:52 PM
bah ...
@CRoss Nope, it seems the html tags weren't the problem
@Fabian No, it seems they were not
Sorry @Fabian
I just really didn't like it
Tried to change it into something that can draw people from a search page
@Oak I'm a big fan of googleable titles anyway. And I changed the title again a bit after you changed it ;-)
I'm looking into answering those mod questions
> Should we be afraid you'll burn out or become even more fanatic?
8:59 PM
I don't want grace to feel to safe with all the genocidal serial killers around her ;-)
Really? More fanatic? You see this as a risk?
went bonkers
No, I meant for me. Do you really think I could become more fanatic?
(Think back, me, @tzenes, game-rec)
9:16 PM
Q: A "Lockdown" function for Minecraft?

Caleb XuHey guys, just wondering, I have a large house/base that is divided into four sections. I want to implement a redstone circuit that will automatically close all the doors that are connected to the adjacent building (I plan to have four control rooms, one per section). Do you think this is possibl...

Why do I always write so much?
Why does nobody ever answer my rhetorical questions?
@ArdaXi 'cause they're rhetorical questions ?!?
@Fabian So why did you answer it?
(You see? I win whether you reply or not!)
9:23 PM
I only answered the meta-rhetorical question
Tonight on "How meta can you get?"...
Magicka can be a very frustrating game
I'm constantly kicked over the edge of those floating islands
@Fabian It feels balanced for Co-op, not single player
and thus, playing through it single player is somewhat punishing/frustrating.
I haven't tried co-op yet
NICE answer, @tzenes, the screenshot-heavy one
9:39 PM
A: How does Idra command his initial drones to mine individual mineral clusters?

tzenesSo, I looked as the link and here is what I saw: Idra selects all drones (by boxing) Idra sends drones past mineral line, then to a specific patch Idra selects 3 drones Idra sends those drones to a second patch Idra selects 2 drones Idra sends them to a third patch Let's see it in slow mo: ...

On SF, Sysadmin and Henderson get the diamond
On SU, Sathya, studiohack and DMA57361 get the diamond
Those pictures need cropping, though. :)
Wee, completed my civ5 promotion-requirements chart
The problem is, I could have used it before
Now I remember most of it by heart anyway :(
9:57 PM
Q: Why do Minecraft double doors behave the way they do with redstone?

MachaI've seen videos that explain how to make redstone double doors, but none of them really explain why redstone double doors work that way, just that they do. Is there an explanation for their behaviour?

SO diamonds go to SLaks, Tim Post, and Robert Harvey.
I thought OpenSTV would've taken longer than that to run through it
I'm going to start a new tag, for charts/diagrams/graphs of data
Any vote for the graph name?
I don't think we want a specific tag just for charts/graphs.
10:11 PM
I think we MUST have it
Strikes me as the same file as "how-to"
No, no!
Wait a minute, let me show you what I mean
What's important isn't that it's a graph, it is the data that is in the graph/chart
Like with "How do I" questions, the fact you're asking how to do something isn't really relevant for both categorization and searching. More important is the thing you're actually asking how to do, like "solve a puzzle" or "beat a boss".
So a question asking for a comparison chart of weapons in the game seems, to me, more useful categorized as being about weapons than as being a chart. And a chart about upgrade paths seems more useful if it's tagged for being about upgrade paths.
I think I see what you mean.
If Oak gets his Charts tag I want my KHAAAAAAAAN tag ;-)
10:14 PM
On the other hand,
Questions specifically asking for a chart are a different kind of questions then ones asking how to achieve something
Or how to solve something
Or tips for killing some boss
It's a different sort of questions
Plus, categorizing over it will be really cool
The difference is on a different metric, though. Myself, I don't see it being that useful.
We will be able to see all the cool graphs gaming has generated :)
Though honestly, sometimes the word can more correctly describe an answer than a question - I mean a tag just for questions asking for charts
I compare it to when I search for a chart of data inside of a strategy guide - I look for the content of the chart, I don't start with the fact that it's a chart (partly because I don't know for certain that it will be a chart)
You can be pretty sure it will be, if you ask for it
I understand that, but phrasing the question like that is technically just trying to shape the answers. It doesn't actually change the data point that the question is seeking.
10:18 PM
An example, by the way:
Q: Upgrade Paths for Units in Civilization 5

Dan HookIs there a chart showing the upgrade paths for the units? Something like barbarian->spearman->pikeman... for all of the units.

I can think of 3 examples, Oak
Many examples already hint at a tag :)
The reason I linked it is that the user isn't interested in the data, what he wants is a graphical representation of it in a nice-to-have form
(well maybe he is interested, but that's not what the question is asking)
Actually, if I ask for a list of all the weapons, a nice graphical chart would help the most even if it's unnecessary and I don't explicitly request for it.
I don't think that my explicit mention of it truly alters the nature of the question. Just my own preference of data presentation.
A tag like that is technically similar to suggesting that we should implement similar tags for lists and tables if they are explicitly asked for
That's true.
Now, you could mitigate the "hundreds of tags" issue by simply using one singular tag to group all such organized forms of data presentation
I'll still not really like the tag, but that'd prevent it from spawning so many problems while still grouping all of the nicely structured output.
10:23 PM
I dunno, I think that given the 5 tag limit, there are higher priorities for what we should be tagging for.
Speaking of which, I was thinking of asking a question about item drops, and I seem to notice we don't actually have a tag for it. Considering its prevalence in many sorts of games, it seems like a useful tag.
@Grace I think you convinced me. I still think it's awesome, but (1) it does open the way to "list", "table", etc... so if anything, what we want is a single "data" tag; and (2) I agree it's similar to "how-to" - it's a meta-tag describing the nature of the question, rather than its content.
Pity, it could have been awesome :(
I don't deny that an "Index of Gaming's charts" would be pretty awesome.
Does the new sub-2k edit stuff also work for tag wikis?
10:29 PM
Ooh, good.
But I think only for editing, naturally
So not for creating from scratch?
I've been tossing between [enemy-drops], [item-drops], and just [drops]. But that's a bit of... selectivity of terminology, so I was wondering if anyone had any better ideas. There are a couple other questions I can think of which the tag could apply.
Q: Is there a diagram showing the requirements for each promotion?

OakAlmost all selectable promotions in civ5 (meaning, the ones you select when a unit gains a level) have other promotions as requirements. The Civilopedia already lists the requirement for each promotion, but only its immediate ones; is there any chart or diagram summarizing this promotion prerequi...

Q: How can I view the top 20 answerers for a tag?

ShaunI was notified today that I now have the ability to edit tag wikis. Of course, to edit a tag wiki, I have to fulfill one of two requirements: have a total score of 100 or more for the tag (thus having earned the bronze badge for that tag) be in the top 20 answerers for the tag At the moment, ...

@Fabian Looks like no. There has to be something there already.
10:31 PM
@Fabian No. I believe it doesn't and I just checked on Stack Overflow
@GraceNote [tag:item-drops] would be my choice
The barrier for the tag wikis is just too high
@Fabian That's why we have the meta post
@GraceNote It's just not the same, I believe the restrictions on tag wikis kept some people from contributing that just did not have enough rep already.
Or were not in the Top 20
I don't know what you've been discussed in the last few hours
I know it hasn't lead to @Oak nominating hisself, so it must've been pretty much useless!
@Fabian It's not the same, but we can't do much about it. Lowering the bar has been requested often.
Oh, speaking of that, @Oak, I didn't use any core stats that are recorded.
Rather, I did comparisons using the recent deleted lists for deletions, as well as track the closing data for our early months.
10:39 PM
Lots of work
I'm the kind that does lots of work. Just not visibly. ♪
Being able to point out all those Meta Stack Overflow references would be easier if I used something more reliable than my own brain to store memory.
@Oak That is the messiest diagram I've seen in months. No wonder you want a new one.
Anyone play FF13? Is the Trapezohedron an item drop?
@GraceNote precisely. I'm just too lazy - it's easier to pay with reputation :)
I looks like it just needs a few tricks to sort it out, but as it was tool-generated adding tricks isn't trivial.
@Oak It's actually the opposite of that which is why I have difficulty asking questions here. I'm generally far too not lazy to ask.
A couple of which have been pretty long to research, but I still ended up doing it. Like Regal Radiance.
Well, I tried creating it :)
But this Resonance of Fate question is just a bit much for myself to try and do.
10:53 PM
Hmm, and I've just found a bug there :(
@Grace: Yeah, it's a drop.
In my diagram
Thanks, @Fallen. Is it an accessory, too?
@Oak Ah
Q: What are efficient sources of colored energy hexes throughout the game?

Grace NoteIn Resonance of Fate, you can get colored hexes primarily as a drop from human enemies or as a bonus prize after specific overworld battles. Once you figure out where to get each drop, it becomes not too difficult to harvest them... until you advance the plot. In later chapters, enemies in battle...

Q: Nintendo DSi SD memory card

ysapI'm a little bit confused - I see (here for example) special Nintendo DSi SDHC memory cards. My question is if there is really any difference between these NDSi cards and a regular SDHC cards? Can I use a regular card and if I do, will I be limited in any aspect compared to a NDSi card?

Q: What is a good amount of worker saturation mid to late game?

SubleakBase worker saturation was well covered here I'm looking for a good food composition mid to late game running on 3, 4, or 2.5 bases with the first base slowly running out of minerals. I believe you would roughly want ~30 workers per base (say 3 bases) that would account for around 100 of your 20...

10:55 PM
Hm, not sure. I haven't played FFXIII, but I remember a friend talking about farming for the drop.
Mmkay. I'll leave the [accessory] tag for now, hesitantly. That's something that might be looked at again in the future but it's nothing of big consequence right now.
...except the question isn't actually asking about the drop! It's asking about how to get the item, to which the answer is that it's a drop! Gnyargh!
@Oak lol for the watermark
it's placed below the content so it's trivial to remove
@Grace XD
Obviously, this just means I need to get one of you to buy Chantelise and ask about the item drops in that game
It's made by the same people who made Recettear, its music is awesome and the gameplay is great. I think a lot of you would enjoy it, and the people who localized Recettear are working on localizing it as well.
I heard about that! That they're working on localizing it, I mean
What's the game about anyway?
11:00 PM
@badp anything I'd do will be easy to remove - I just threw a box there to change it from no-action-required to -some-action-required
@badp besides, honestly, it's not a very good graph - which is why I'm asking for a better one
So no need to defend it
It's about a pair of sisters, Chante and Elise. In the world, you don't go out on the night of the red moon, because it is dangerous and a witch will curse you. So naturally, by some strange compulsion, Elise wanders out when the moon is redder than it ever has been before, and Chante chases after her
Consciousness fades, wake up, and Chante is now a fairy. The two then travel to an area (Gah! I forgot the name!), where it is alleged that they can reverse the witch's spell.
It's also the only game I know of where you can say "I'm using my big sister as bait to catch octopi in lava!"
Once it's localized, I just might buy it!
You better!
It's a 3D action game. Simple hack-n-slash style, but there's an immensely awesome puzzle aspect to it.
I was already thinking about buying it to support Carpe Fulgar
Cool, that sounds fun
The puzzles lead to roughly... let's see...
A lot of possible questions, but also a lot of awesome fun. I've pretty much fully beaten the game, so you needn't worry about whether or not anyone knows the answer ♪
I'm wondering if it's possible to get a patch for it, or if I'll have to buy the English version in full.
Honestly, it's a good enough game that I wouldn't severely mind buying it again.
11:08 PM
@Oak you put Acc1→Volley and Barr1→Volley, does it mean Volley needs both or does it mean it needs either?
Hm... issue. I can answer any question... but my terminology might not match exactly to the English translations. I'm going to have to speed-run it on release. Well, good thing Chantelise includes time trial, anyway. ♪
Q: Any quizPack format spec?

AndrewI'm a Windows software developer interested in reading the .quizPack file format. It is designed for Apple iQuiz software, and contains text quizzes for iPod. The text file format, unpacked from quizPack, "trivia.txt" is fully documented here. But how to unpack these files? I cannot find any spe...

@badp either - it's listed in the notes below
Do the notes explain the relationship between Accuracy 2 and Barrage 2 as well?
11:23 PM
btw I didn't know you played civ :)
I need some vetting for a BFBC2 game-dependent edit: gaming.stackexchange.com/edit-suggestions/18
@badp didn't understand the question
There's a single arrowless line between those two shapes
Third column at the top
@badp nope, it's an arrow between barrage 2 and march, and between accuracy 2 and accuracy 3 :) man, that thing is a mess
@Oak do you have the source :P
not necessarily the graphviz source
11:26 PM
...yes, I'm trying to use graphviz too in the hope I get something different
wanna try tweaking it?
Maybe I can try something more interesting :)
but yes, it'd be sweet to have your source and assume it's correct
But really, a proper solution requires a different approach. Like bwarner's idea of grouping the 1/2/3 promotions together, and maybe color-coding each promotion to list what unit types can access it
I'd like to see how that chart would translate to this toolkit (link has changed)
11:30 PM
@badp sent.
But keep in mind it's partial data, missing the unit types for each promotion
11:52 PM
Q: Help me identify this pc game, shareware circa 1999? Medieval, Isomorphic, Dry wit and duck punching.

deviansHey guys, I'm trying to track down a game I used to play around 1999. It was windows, had a main protagonist called Dick or Dirk or somesuch. Medieval peasant becomes hero sort of thing. Very dry humour, and i seem to remember you could punch ducks. It was drawn isomorphic and it worked on a grid...

Q: How do people kill the titans in the subway tunnels so fast?

JustJeffIn Resistance 2 co-op, in the subway tunnels part of the Bracknell map, there are a number of titans that teleport in at various points. Usually these guys take a lot of punishment before they go down, especially when you get the extra-strength ones that are handed out when you have a full-up par...

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