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12:36 AM
Does anyone expect 2+ more election nominations?
@RebeccaChernoff You mean two more candidates?
Lemme see...
Oak hasn't nominated himself
I'm curious because I'm looking at THC scheduling, and an 11th candidate will change it.
I think we can easily get 2 or more candidate before the end of the nomination period
@RebeccaChernoff The Gaming crowd wants a Primary ;)
12:46 AM
Is there a minimum to how many candidates we need?
@FallenAngelEyes > number of positions?
@RebeccaChernoff I would expect at least 2 more nominations, yes.
1:03 AM
Pretty sure those damn Birds are so Angry because they spend their entire lives hanging out with you when you're on the toilet.
That opened up a whole new avenue of insight for me.
We should create a new app for that. We could take over the top spot in the app store.
Q: Graphics Bug on new "Suggested Edits" review page.

Raven DreamerContinuing my longstanding tradition of encountering graphical glitches with this site, I present Exhibit C: The other 4 tabs in the review menu have the normal color scheme (white). Freehand circles added for posterity.

So, how unreadable is this graph? (@oak)
I really should see if this toolkit supports arrows
Right, I've added arrows.
1:25 AM
@badp Hmmm... doesn't seem to work on Firefox. What framework are you using for that?
@YiJiang yep.
Odd, why doesn't your page work on Firefox?
Oh, it does, hmmm
Something must have borked up on first load
Also, for the life of me, I can't understand why, say, Mounted has inbound arrows
Hmmm... give different branches or categories different colors, and reduce the size of the arrow
if you look at the jSon representation Mounted isn't the son of anything
@YiJiang "Branches" intersect
also, if I could figure out how to make those arrow slimmer, I would've done so already
	var scouting2 = {
			id: "scout2", name: "Scouting 2",
			children: [scouting3, medic]
1:30 AM
Gah, I keep falling into the trap of thinking today is Saturday.
I want to block out that I have two more days of work, apparently.
hence there's an arrow going scouting 2 → scouting 3 and an arrow going medic → scouting 2
makes perfect sense
disables arrows
This is the Civ 5 units upgrade tree?
part of it
I haven't converted it entirely
I guess it's the visualization that is just wrong
Maybe try another type of graph?
I'll try SpaceTree
I dearly hope it doesn't expect a completely different kind of JSON representation though
1:34 AM
I don't think it allows cross-overs like you have there, but you can try...
sigh, I'm using the same library that is online
okay, now it kinda loads
The thing is getting confused by your data
it's the labels being set incorrectly
okay, now the labels are correct
still clicking does nothing :|
I fail forever.
1:50 AM
Q: (Probably) A bug on the links to meta in math.se

TrufaIn my recently asked question in math.se I see this: I guess it's a bug. I see it on the visit meta links. Thanks in advance!

okay, I fixed my fails
things under 'Armor' get interesting.
I still see the overlap
Okay, there are a lot of oddities there
anyway, no, this isn't an appropriate chart
I switched it to an hypertree now
looks kinda better
...but not too much
The single line that goes from the far left far right really ruins it
2:14 AM
I reverted back to linear
but the problem is that this chart type only thinks about adjacencies
wow, it's super late.
2:33 AM
Does anyone else love this answer as much as I do:
> Suspension is supposed to be a wake up call, not a punishing tool. There's the downvote roulette for that. Tough love, or so they call it.
props to @badp
2:47 AM
Q: How do I create a dedicated Monday Night Combat blitz server?

yx01I am trying to play blitz with my friends, but we can't seem to be able to join each others created games, and the blitz servers that are available are always full. Outside of trying hamachi (our backup plan), how do we create our own dedicated blitz server?

Going to crash, g'nite all
@tzenes Did you see the JC levelling thing I linked to you earlier by the way?
With the numbers on the various prospecting?
@LessPop_MoreFizz no, link again?
a little ways down he has a table with all the prospecting breakdowns
3:00 AM
My 10Rax build is unstoppable
there's absolutely nothing that can go wrong with it eve-- watches army melt to seven siege tanks
@Mana Unless of course, you get rushed while the 8th rax is under construction.
damn, that's a critical flaw
@Mana Not insurmountable. Just only play against baddies that don't scout.
Rank 37 in Bronze
I'm the best at this game.
2 hours later…
5:16 AM
user image
@LessPop_MoreFizz Hahaha :)
Q: Down to Sin and I (FFX)

TheXafter 36 hours of game play, I am preparing to battle sin, wish me luck... is there anything I should know, or go back and get as I prepare for battle?

Q: Can a community wiki-ed post be reverted?

Kevin Y(I suppose this isn't quite a support question but...closest tag there is.) You see, there's this answer I posted. And I edited it adding new content. A lot. So much, in fact, that it turned into a community wiki answer. Now, this request may be a bit strange, but is it possible for a community ...

6:09 AM
user image
@DanGrossman hah.
:wonders who's here:
6:44 AM
that's uh
a pretty cool place.
Cool? It's cold.
7:03 AM
Q: Warcraft - Where to start?

user6809I am new to this whole Warcraft/WoW world. I see there are different versions, like Warcraft, Warcraft III, World of Warcraft. I am a total newbie at this. Where should I start playing? I want to be able to play on a server as well as alone at home. I understand that World of Warcraft can only be...

@DanGrossman PINNED
7:27 AM
Q: Excellent text base game (short?) i can try as a sample/template?

acidzombie24I am taking on a challenge later this week and i decided a textbased game would be easy and fast to make. I havent played a textbased game so i have no idea what makes it interesting or how it should be played. Whats a good text based game that is considered fun that i could try out? >att...

Wonder if @acidzombie24 ever pokes his head into chat. Because I really really want to recommend Digital: A Love Story to someone.
7:47 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz I played it already. It's neat.
@badp Very neat.
Q: Keeping the loyalty of both Miranda and Jack

FishOfPreyAccording to the Mass Effect Wiki it is possible to keep the Loyalty of both Miranda and Jack "if your Paragon or Renegade scores are high enough, you can choose an option favoring neither person and keep the loyalty of both." How can I determine if my Paragon/Renegade score is sufficient to kee...

Q: Would covering the sea increase frame rate?

aslumSo I've got a nice little coastal fort going ... but even on a fairly small embark spot it's killing my frame rate. If I built floor over the sea with stone, would that be likely to increase the frame rate as the game would no long have to simulate waves?

8:18 AM
Q: What's the harm of dying in Spore?

Ilari KajasteIs there any harm, or any other effect from dying in Spore, in cell or creature phase? It seems to me that the only consequence is that you get a death mark to your evolution history. However you still get to keep the collected evolution discoveries (new parts), all the collected DNA points. I ...

8:43 AM
Q: ITG: Old Nes game with like kreludan mining corp on Neopets

AndyThis old Nes game (mid 90s) was about a spaceship traveling to diffrent planets to recover parts of a golden spaceship. At every planet you had to go in a little egg shaped shuttle that needed to go pick up objects on the map. Getting close enough to an object you could activate a tractor beam a...

Q: Is there gameplay advantage of adding multiple similar parts to your creature in Spore?

Ilari KajasteIn Spore, when adding a new part to your creature you gain the abilities that come with it (e.g. charm level 2, sneak level 1). Naturally, adding a better part (e.g. charm level 4) or replacing the older one gives you better ability. Adding multiple similar health parts does seem to increase you...

By the way, you also can suggest tag wiki edits. Those edits if approved give you reps.
8:53 AM
@badp page looks empty to me (Firefox 3.6)
Tried to reload a few times, did nothing
let me see
@Oak It loads on Firefox 4 :/
I don't want to install FF3 :P
installs FF3
Strong will you get there
btw it loads fine in Chrome
it uses canvas
and has a few fatal flaws
wait, why am I wasting time for an Oak that isn't nominating hisself? :P
Still unsure about it, I'm leaning towards not nominating, actually
Also you don't have to spend time on it :)
so installing Firefox 3.6 got me Namoroka.
9:02 AM
btw I'm dying to use FF 4, but the last time I tried a Firefox beta it completely screwed up my non-beta install.
@Oak status-norepro, it loads for me
Link me again?
(does it require flash, btw?)
firefox 3.6.15pre (what's on the repos)
do you at least get the black area?
(3.6.13 here, that the latest released version)
Entire screen is black except for a thick white borderline
@badp When I first load, I get a blank page (just black area with concentric circles) force reloading worked though
9:04 AM
Here's the page source:
<script src="jit.js"></script>
<script src="Data.js"></script>
<body onload="init()">
<div id="infovis" style="width:100%; height:100%; background: black;">

that would be correct, Oak
Yea I figured
@YiJiang tried reloading and ctrl-reloading
you can try downloading dl.dropbox.com/u/1164414/SO/temp/test.html, dl.dropbox.com/u/1164414/SO/temp/jit.js and dl.dropbox.com/u/1164414/SO/temp/Data.js to a folder and running those locally if it helps
but I'm not sure what's the reason for this issue
Oh screw it
I should have Chrome here somewhere...
cool :)
not really...
things get unreadable fast
9:09 AM
@badp Definitely, how much more data to put in there?
"shock_2" -> "charge";
"drill_2" -> "charge";
"shock_2" -> "formation_1";
"drill_2" -> "formation_1";
"accuracy_2" -> "formation_1";
"barrage_2" -> "formation_1";
"formation_1" -> "formation_2";
"shock_2" -> "ambush_1";
"drill_2" -> "ambush_1";
"ambush_1" -> "ambush_2";
"targeting_2" -> "supply";
"bombardment_2" -> "supply";
"shock_3" -> "march";
"drill_3" -> "march";
"accuracy_2" -> "march";
"barrage_2" -> "march";
"shock_3" -> "blitz";
"drill_3" -> "blitz";
"shock_3" -> "woodsman";
"drill_3" -> "woodsman";
I liked the interactive aspect
How about a sunburst graph? (There are only so many types here, hmmm)
if you click on, say, "Shock 1" there's no way to tell prerequisites from unlocked abilities
@badp You tried that, and it didn't work, eh
9:12 AM
unlike yesterday's attempt, this one should make some kind of "on-request" demand that shouldn't get as confused
@badp I realize you do that for the challenge, but (in my eyes, at least) the correct approach will probably be to model the data differently
@Oak really?
it's, er, a directed graph
I don't think storing it as an adjacency matrix would change much I mean :)
If you examine it closely, you think it's actually partitioned in to tiers. The "something_1" unlock a few abilities, "something_2" unlock a few more and "something3" unlock the final ones
so the 1/2/3 chain are the basic ones
And most of the other promotions are distinct, without 1/2
Some do, though
I don't like the color coded idea because not everything has a level 3, let alone a level 2
The color coding idea was to code it according to unit type
So "charge" can only be applied to mounted and armor, and not to melee
(see the notes on the answer where I posted the diagram)
Actually this gives me an idea...
I'll try it later
9:21 AM
Target seems to be having some overheating issues...
Q: How to build a dungeon in Dungeons?

FrankI'm looking for some advice on the new game Dungeons (the successor to dungeon keeper). The gameplay differs quite significantly from the old Dungeon Keeper (in a fun way though), however, I'm kind of lost on how to lay out my dungeon most profitably. I'd like to hear from others, what constel...

1 hour later…
10:51 AM
You can now suggest edits to tag wikis, and get reps from that!
> Reviewer Stats - Oak♦ approved 5 edit suggestions, and rejected 0 edit suggestions.
O: Where can I see my stats?
Hi! :) My problem is solved!
Q: How to copy save game data of Kenny's Adventure into another computer?

Nyuszika7HI have a new computer, and need to copy my save game data from Kenny's Adventure. Because I've got very far in that game, starting from stratch is not a solution. I've copy-pasted the game's entire folder from Program Files, but I only got the Hungarian translation, but not my save game data. C...

11:22 AM
@YiJiang Get the reps, then review something!
@badp Erhm... hang on, I'm answering a SO question
11:53 AM
Q: Can I play World of WarCraft without any expansion?

user6809I tried playing World of WarCraft from an old DVD I had. But it immediately starts downloading the expansion (I can see 8GB remaining at the bottom of the downloader) and won't let me play the game. I do not want to download the expansion just want to play the original WoW. Blizzard's website s...

Q: Which version of Thw Oregon Trail is this?

tombull89When my family got our first computer we got a copy of The Oregon Trail and became something of a family meme. Now, I'm trying to find out which version we had. The list below from Wikipedia shows these were (are) the different version, sans mobile and facebook: 1981 to 1985 The Oregon Trail (A...

Q: Show new Meta questions in top bar on smaller SE sites

PekkaYounger SE sites's Meta areas seem relatively little frequented, and the idea of also checking the meta sites may not be obvious to every participant. More meta participation (if just for up- or downvoting feature requests) is a good thing, as it helps shape the site especially in its early stag...

12:08 PM
Hey, @badp, may I destroy your utterly incorrect answer about Community Wiki? Or would you rather have the honors yourself?
@GraceNote um, link?
A: Can a community wiki-ed post be reverted?

badpTo answer at face value: yes, a moderator can revert CW status if he wants to, as far as I know. This is an automatically triggered anti-abuse measure, so it's up to a mod to decide whether the edits were abusive or not. Make a moderator flag.

pwn it then
Alright then~
I swear I read that somewhere :)
12:09 PM
Not quite a comment but I suppose now is as good a time as any.
shatters in a million tiny pieces that reassemble on fall
grumbles about the old days, American games, and something about Rainbow Six
Q: Building a PC for gaming and work

Derek OrganOk, Its been a long time since I build my own PC so I'm looking to get back into it again and build a new one. First off budget is about €800/$1100 USD excluding the monitor and windows 7 licence and mouse. (just bought a new g500) I plan on using my computer for work, lots of applications open...

@Feeds NARQ
and likely to make @badp and myself argue about performance questions
12:21 PM
News update: tzenes can now edit any tag wiki
20k rep ability?
@GraceNote I thought that was 20k?
@CRoss tzenes is our only 20k
oh wait, ok
yeah, little slow on the uptake this morning
So, everyone: starting today, heap all responsibility for tag wikis on tzenes. You have my blessing for this endeavour.
12:23 PM
@badp Huh, okay, so they've finally added a 20k ability
@YiJiang Second one, technically. First was one-shot approval of edits
@GraceNote I guess you can still blame me for not having 20k after all.
Anyway, this calls for an update
no, we blame you for not having 10k
I think we're still in the stage of blaming you for not having 10k. 20k can wait.
Fair enough.
After "not having 20k" comes "not having 30k" I guess?
12:24 PM
When's Oak nominating himself, by the way?
I figured we'd just leave it at "Not having enough rep" at that point, where enough is "higher than badp"
@YiJiang when we get him to do so
@YiJiang He's still wavering. Please don't pressure him. He'll nominate if he wants to.
I must make as much abuse as possible in those days to scare him. What if he doesn't run? What if I do get a diamond? ONLY ONE PERSON CAN SAVE THE WORLD, er, GAMING FROM CERTAIN DOOM
...or I could withdraw myself, but that's not nearly as fun as drawing Oak as The Chosen One.
oh well.
Alright, later all~
12:46 PM
@badp the funny thing about elections is just because you run doesn't mean you win
@CRoss sssh, you're ruining the whole scaring plan.
1:23 PM
Q: Flying arcade game: collect floating balls; go back to goal to score

sinni800Hello, please help me identifying this game. It's old. Maybe 2001? I don't really know, at all. It was a freeware game (or so I think) which sat you into a flying... pod racer (it had similarities to a pod racer from Star Wars) with a few other NPC guys. It went like - and that's what I remem...

If I wasn't busy, I'd be writing a bot going through each of Budda's post, one every four hours, proposing the removal of "StarCraft2:" from titles.
If I had the time, I'd register it too and name it "StarCraft2"
1:41 PM
Q: ITG: C64 adventure game where you operate a tape deck

tenfourI am trying to remember the name of a C64 game. I didn't play it much, but I remember that the music was so good I would just leave it on for the music. I don't remember how the music sounded though so I can't give an example. You play a character walking in a some kind of town and you can go in...

2:11 PM
Anybody know something? (My question here?) :>
I for one don't, but don't let that let you down.
Alrighty. I wonder if ANYBODY knows that game. Probably I won't like it anymore but I want to try and spoil my fond memories
If anybody knows they'll reply :)
2:22 PM
Browser Game Pick: Canary (Nitrome) http://bit.ly/gGlHey
New Nitrome game? Must try.
2:58 PM
@Feeds I hope someone answered this question (correctly) by now.
I knew I should have checked Gaming this morning before I headed for work...
It's amusing following a Stats reset on OCReMix's TF2 servers seeing that I'm currently ranked #1 across the two servers. I've had a few lucky rounds as Spy, and that's it.

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