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5:04 PM
I just realized Monday Night Combat has Steam achievements in addition to its in-game ones.
@Brant I posted that by tethering my phone.
My ISP just came back, anyway.
"Cloud" Save Games On #PlayStation 3? http://bit.ly/hc4p6l
@badp Got enough links in your nomination speech?
@GnomeSlice I'd have preferred more
Am I the only one who uses Chrome's side tabs?
@ArdaXi Sidebars?
5:17 PM
@GnomeSlice I guess LevelUpGameGear is a few days behind.
How does that differ from the bookmarks bar?
@GnomeSlice Those are my open tabs.
@ArdaXi Oh, hey that's a great idea. How do you even open the sidebar? I'd never heard of it before now.
@GnomeSlice You need to activate it at chrome://flags
Not sure if beta/stable has it.
5:19 PM
I don't know what that means.
oh wow, I had no idea that config page existed
So, try visiting chrome://flags
I'd use side tabs if I was the sort of filthy heathen that ran my browser maximized
@LessPop_MoreFizz Oy!
I have my browser maximized because I can't stand having user-defined edges. I always want to enlarge them
This way, I get one screen filled, and the other has all kinds of stuff open
@ArdaXi It's okay. He uses a Mac. See, if he did maximize it it wouldn't look like one! Gotta advertise that huge bottom shiny bar thing!
(yes, I'm trying to alienate @LessPopMoreFizz so he doesn't vote for me. Sue me. :P)
5:22 PM
@badp Why is everyone telling me to sue them?
@ArdaXi Because you've got money.
Fine, I'll hire a lawyer, jeez.
@badp I put my dock on the right side of the screen, nyah.
If you lose we get your money.
@Brant duly noted.
5:23 PM
Q: Suggested Edits Page has poor CSS

tzenesSteps to reproduce: Navigate to: http://gaming.stackexchange.com/review/suggested-edits Examine Review Box Observed value: Review box has same coloring as above announcement Expected value: Review box would have different coloring or different font colors to be more legible. OS: Windows ...

@tzenes I can't! It must be something with your account (= it's a 10ker feature)
@tzenes I get a 404 error.
It makes so little sense to put it on the bottom especially when you have a widescreen monitor, since you lose so much screen real estate on the left and right sides of it.
@ArdaXi That's a 10k only feature, or?
5:24 PM
@Fabian Yes.
Same thing in Safari on OS X, @tzenes
Thank you @Less
@tzenes Yes, for some reason. What we can do is manually browse through the suggested edits permalinks.
So the number of people who can confirm that shrunk dramatically ;-)
5:25 PM
It seems likely that if I want my WoW question answered I may have to answer it myself
Our pinned list for this chat is getting long
can we combine the election pin and yijang's election watcher into 1 pin?
@tzenes Mod flagged. I'd like to keep the amount of stars.
I don't think we can add stars, we can just remove stuff
Cancel Stars or Unpin
so annoying when you flag @badp, the flags are so not intuitive
@badp I agree with @IvoFlipse
Okay, I'm sorry, let me rephrase
yesterday, by Grace Note
Elections have started.
yesterday, by badp
Yi Jiang's election watcher
Can we have those two messages merged into one? (Delete mine and edit the link into Grace's to keep the 7 stars.)
5:33 PM
We all come Swooping into here. Ready to BREAK BLOCKS OF WOOD! and now I have no idea what's going on.
Yeah, I was very confused
Aaah, blue wave!
Thank you so much, blue people.
5:36 PM
Blue people slink back to their respective rooms
Can probably unpin the /review and edits stuff too. The only people to whom it's largely relevant are 1) non-chatters, or 2) have already seen it.
@LessPopMoreFizz Sorry, one request per month.
I can unpin things without you! :P
I think I may nominate myself for modship. I'll it under 3 lines, of course.
@LessPop_MoreFizz The edit stuff I mention was actually introduced tonight, btw
@tzenes I wonder what's the context of this message :)
But starred anyway.
@Oak oh the mods showed up and were all confused
so I made a joke about me and getting angry about things...
@tzenes But can you lead the nation with a microphone?
Oh, ok.
5:39 PM
6 mins ago, by Ivo Flipse
so annoying when you flag @badp, the flags are so not intuitive
but easier with a keyboard
@badp Yes, but the primary audience to whom it is relevant consists of 2 people in this chat right now, and a third who rarely pops his head in.
Also, it was like 4 lines long in my pinned list and pushing all the stars off.
@badp post on meta!
Also, unpinned a few things
@tzenes Can you counter 6-pool with a hellion rush? A hellion rush?
5:39 PM
@Oak D:
@Shaun and I can stop a 6 pool in a holocaust! in a holocaust!!
@badp The Arda thing didn't belong there, and the "help on chat" thing was there waaay too long
Besides, I want to abuse my mod powers while I still have them :)
I unpinned arda's thing once already, I think someone likes it
god, I finally got PS:Torment set up with all the shiny widescreen mods and stuff
and holy shit, this game is pretty for being so old
@Oak We will make you keep your diamond
5:41 PM
@Shaun He can end the planet in a holocaust. In a holocaust. In a holocaust.
I was thinking the same thing
@Oak ABUSE! You all saw it, Oak is a power hungry mod who abuses his powers!
Oh, ok.
I can make your stars go blinking. go blinking. go blinking.
I'm trying to resist the urge to make a full-fledged parody of "Handlebars" for SC2 now.
5:43 PM
@Shaun Give up
don't make me ask on gaming for it
because I will post that question
Give it a bounty and you have yourself a deal!
I looked at your ore question. I almost started writing a program to solve it.
@Shaun I'm sure it would be better than the "Baby - Justin Bieber" parody.
"What are the lyrics to the SC2 Version of Handlebars by flobots."
I decided to do actual work today instead. :(
5:44 PM
@Shaun Forget handlebars, do that
@Oak Seriously, though, the thing is I need that link in the starred link to log in from my mobile.
Banelings, Banelings Banelings OOOOOOH
Other mobile/IE7/noscript users need that link as well.
Ah, the Husky parody.
It was decent.
5:45 PM
I'll probably end up doing the ore question myself if no one else will answer it
What the hell is a baneling? [Has never played Starcraft]
@badp abusing the pin list for your own needs, I see!
@GnomeSlice its a small zerg unit that works like a suicide bomber
@GnomeSlice something that explodes when you get near it
@Oak ab-so-lutely
5:45 PM
Isn't Zerg that guy from Toy Story 2?
A little bug that explodes the crap out of terran marines and their pesky wall-ins.
@Oak that's why we need you to prevent me from getting a diamond!
@Gnome that's Zurg
close but different
"I can win this match with no Space Marines"?
@badp no no no, we're going to force you to be mod @badp
5:46 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz "no space marines? no space marines?"
No space marines. No space marines.
@LessPop_MoreFizz bet MKP can't say that
I am trying to think of 3 syllable unit names that would work for a Starcraft Handlebars
Is that a unit name?
You don't need unit names... you can use tactics too.
5:47 PM
'I can win this match with no SCVs' 'I can win this match with no Hydralisks'
I still like Aliens
or shiny things
I like of like "SCVs"
it flows better
"I can win this match, with no shiny things. No shiny things. No shiny things."
I can counter Mutas with no vespene gas, no vespene gas.
5:49 PM
Anyway @badp I'm still unsure about whether to participate.
@Oak personal problems or..?
"I can guide a nuke with a cloaked ghost, with a cloaked ghost"
@tzenes Doesn't flow very well.
Unless you say "cloak-ed ghost"
Olde English style.
5:50 PM
song writing is my achillies heel
also I need to get to work, so bbl
@badp no, it's just that I originally accepted the mod invite because I wanted this website to be a success - I was thrilled with the stackoverflow-for-games idea. But now I believe the website is already on the right track.
@Oak Had enough?
And I think I do a pretty decent job, but I'm also sure many others can also do it, so why me?
@Oak because you are insane against spam, abuse etc.
@GraceNote keeps saying that
5:52 PM
Spam and abuse are easy
@Oak: You're supposed to say something like "My services are no longer necessary" before slowly dissolving into thin air with some sort of sparkly particle effect.
Jan 7 at 22:59, by Grace Note
The only reason it looks like we can pass by with 3 diamonds is because Oak is like an army.
Jan 4 at 0:00, by Grace Note
Visibly, Oak more than octuples the activity of Juan and I individually.
Dec 2 '10 at 0:56, by Grace Note
@LessPop_MoreFizz That... happens somewhat often, but not that often. Oak's very good at deleting posts before anyone spots them.
Vote for Oak! Vote to have 10 moderators!
@badp I dunno... I flag a lot of junk.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Yes, but you're often not active when Oak is.
This is true.
5:59 PM
Maybe there are just more bad answers in the hours when I'm active :)
Though I do delete a lot of stuff. I really wish they would add the ability for regular users to delete answers, not just questions.
11 mins ago, by Oak
And I think I do a pretty decent job, but I'm also sure many others can also do it, so why me?
@Oak "Why me?" is what we as voters need to answer, but we can only do that if you ask the question in the first place by nominating yourself.
@badp well it's not only "am I worthy", it's also "is this something I should invest my time in"
Q: Is there a GBA Emulator for R4?

Joel KennedyI am trying to find out if you can get a Gameboy Advance emulator for the R4 flashcart? Thanks.

Q: How do we nominate someone else for moderator?

Jed DanielsI don't have 300 points, so I can't nominate myself. But that is a good thing, because I have no interest in being a moderator. However, I'm a heavy lurker on gaming.stackexchange, and I'd like to nominate some others that appear to be good community members. Is this possible?

@tzenes I'm sorry for the crashes
and btw @Grace's "octuples" quote relies on the mod history list, I think, which is not entirely accurate.
6:09 PM
@Oak "Moderating is easy, let's go shopping?"
Maybe if you need the additional challenge I can become a problem user! :P
(Well I thought I was a problem user already)
What do I know, maybe advertise this site on 4chan about how well we do gamerecs.
If you become an actual community moderator, you get a t-shirt, right?
@ArdaXi You do?
HOT DARN, sign me up!
@Powerlord @IvoFlipse did, IIRC
blame the boogy man!
I got a t-shirt because I'm an awesome Super User
then I got another Area51 shirt for no apparent reason
So has @tzenes gotten his Gaming shirt yet then?
6:12 PM
I have a SO shirt for making something with the API.
Who unpinned the message about me :(
no idea, I hope they'll open a merchandise webshop, just to enable users to get this kind of stuff
Whoa, Bionic Command Rearmed 2 requires that you always be connected to PSN for the PS3 version?
I want people to know how much of a jerk @Mana is.
They're pretty awesome shirts, but they're not quite as good as the shirt Mailchimp sent me. ;)
6:14 PM
I don't have any meaningful t-shirts :(
As I said, I won one but haven't claimed it.
I want a t-shirt that says "I WOULD BE A TERRIBLE MOD" in huge Comic Sans letters.
@ArdaXi Only if I can get one, too
6:15 PM
Cafepress to the rescue.
Ew, left-aligned.

 Gaming Blog

Reviving the unofficial community powered blog
@tzenes I'm still too lazy to answer your WoW question, but here's a handy chart that will help you quite a bit: psynister.wordpress.com/2011/02/02/…
if you can ignore the wp-designation, I thought I was going to get an option to set the parent-site for rooms
6:20 PM
@ThomasMcDonald Nope, that's mod-only.
@badp $23 is a bit steep.
@badp Bah.
@ArdaXi Don't look too hard into it
kotaku.com/5749992/… <-- Duty Calls is the best mod ever!
Q: Which stats are important for an ice tank in DC Universe Online?

BreachWhich stats are the most important for an ice tank with martial arts in DCUO? My bet is on defense and heal, but I would like to have your thoughts on that. Is there any difference if it's PVP or PVE? If it is, then PVP is the most important for me.

6:20 PM
You know, I just realised. If we don't re-elect @GraceNote, she won't be able to do that dagger thing anymore...
Vote for badp instead.
@Powerlord But do we really want @badp to be able to do that? Really?
@ArdaXi I don't think there is a significant danger of that happening
I'd use § instead.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Oh, good point.
6:26 PM
Guys... I did a bad thing.
(Also, on an unrelated note, no, @Oak, it wasn't based on the mod history thing)
@GraceNote oh noes. What done you did?
@GraceNote Such as...?
I was trying to pin a... certain message... and... well...
I may have inexplicably erased 12 stars from existence
@GraceNote BAD GRACE NOTE! No pie!
6:28 PM
The message is still there for glorious quoting
20 hours ago, by Mana
It's not the same when it's a quote.
Well, you can use the quote to link back to it and (ideally) re-star it
@GraceNote You... you... MOD ABUSE
@GraceNote It won't let me. :( says it's already starred.
But it's not starred.
It lies!
@LessPop_MoreFizz Unstar and re-star it maybe?
6:29 PM
I tried that!
@ArdaXi Won't work.
You ruined it.
Q: Determine XBOX CD Drive From Box

dave cohenOur out-of-warrantly xbox died, and it's the CD drive (I've been in the box, and got it back working several times). I've determined it's not a big deal to swap in a new drive - if you also swap the PCB with it (short of transferring info with special programs). Unfortunately, I have BenQ drive w...

I apparently have. Technically, though, it's in your favour, @Arda
6:30 PM
File a bug report on meta to immortalize that line ;-)
Also in @Mana's favour, but...
@GraceNote That's the problem!
"load older messages" ftw?
Star it then I'll unpin it.
I thought you couldn't pin something that you already pinned
Besides, it isn't in my favour at all to have it removed from the list.
6:31 PM
@GraceNote Thing is I never pinned that message yet :)
Everyone loves an underdog.
So, what game is Arda modding that's going to be terrible, anyway?
So, that makes tzenes, Less, Ivo, myself...
I know! I should make a "Fashion Show" mod for Hat Fortress 2!
(I would laugh if there really is a Fashion Show mod for TF2)
Well, until someone else can star that message (since none of us originals are able to, for some reason), I guess it'll stick around pinned
6:33 PM
sigh Must I do everything myself?
I starred it, since I guess it's indirectly my fault.
@GraceNote I hate you, you ruined my chances of not becoming mod. :(
There, unpinned
history is rewritten
6:34 PM
justice prevails!
@ArdaXi I thought Oak did that.
It disappeared again.
@ArdaXi it's still in the starred list.
@ArdaXi It's immortalized on your election comments.
6:35 PM
@badp But not on the home list
@GraceNote Fair enough. Wait, that's even better. Yay!
Now let's please bask in the glory that Duty Calls is.
(Actually doesn't contain poop.)
@badp Don't change the subject! It's your fault that it's @GraceNote's fault that it's @Oak's fault that it's somehow my fault.
@badp Didn't I just link to the Kotaku article about that 14 minutes ago? It's right over in the starred list.
Well, crisis averted. I'm off ♪
@Powerlord You have, and I starred it
but it's not enough glory
6:37 PM
@ArdaXi No, no, no... it's baked goods that are a lie.
@ArdaXi Which one? I've got like 242 of them!
The star/cake is a lie!
Bonus points if you know where the number 242 came from.
6:39 PM
Err, Googling 242 ends up at xkcd.com/242 as the TOP result for me.
Google, thou knowst me well.
@ArdaXi Googling 242 stars comes up with completely different results.
and now you lose the bonus points because I told you how to get the answer.
@Powerlord You tricked me. That number is 120.
242 is the number of stars in either Super Mario Galaxy game.
-1, Wii
In any respectable Super Mario game the number is 120.
6:41 PM
@ArdaXi There are 120... which unlocks 120 more... which unlocks 2 more.
Strangely, both games work like that.
@Powerlord Blasphemy!
Well, SMG2 actually unlocks the last two one at a time.
The last star in Super Mario Galaxy 2 is likely the hardest star/shine sprite to gain in any 3D Mario game.
Pff, 120 + 120 + 1 + 1 = 120 + 120 + 2 = 242 = Blasphemy.
SMG2 actually has more variety, though... SMG1's second set is mostly a retread of the first 120.
and you only need 70 stars total to beat the game, as I recall. Which is the same as Super Mario 64
You need no stars to beat SM64.
6:46 PM
@badp You can cheat to get up the endless stairs, but I meant without cheating.
(I think the top human speed run of 11 minutes also must be a 0 stars run)
And by cheating, I'm including game glitches in that.
@badp: Also, why do you dislike the Wii so?
6:58 PM
@Powerlord I don't, merely commenting on the fact you made me think about 242 when I could've never got it
@Arda I thought I warned everyone here off of following me on Twitter.
@GnomeSlice I'm masochistic. Twitter-wise, anyway.
This might do with some context. @GnomeSlice ripped off ThinkGeek's newsletter and blames Facebook.
Roses are #FF0000, violets are #0000FF, all my base are belong to you. Will you be my Player 2?
@ArdaXi I've never even heard of thinkgeek. I stole someone's status on facebook.
Apparently I stole from someone even more important. In my book, that's a job well done.
7:09 PM
So you meta-ripped off?
I like that term.
Q: StarCraft2: How can match be "Even team" if my opponent was two leagues below?

BuddaYesterday I played one game that had 'Event teams' label displayed during the 'loading' stage. I won match (got 22 points including bonus), to be honest it wasn't too hard, but I discovered that my opponent was two leagues below... Why system matched me as "Even" to 2leagues lower player? Thanks

Q: Is Vs. mode heavily weighted towards the Zombies?

KatieKThe Xbox Live Arcade version of Plants vs. Zombies has a Vs. mode where each player plays either Plants or Zombies. It seems to me that this mode is heavily weighted towards the Zombies - after the Zombies got a few basic concepts down, the Plants could never win. Are there strategies that the ...

7:24 PM
I think everyone needs a Beardo
Q: How does Idra command his initial drones to mine individual mineral clusters?

teivaSee his VOD cast - http://www.justin.tv/eg_idra/b/278424082 I'm noticing he's executing some command while having all drones selected.

Why do I need a fake beard when I have a real one?
@LessPop_MoreFizz To cut on beard maintenance costs.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Two beards are better than one, my friend.
@Feeds I want to edit that question title but I don't want the guy to get the impression that I'm singling him out or anything, since I've done it for every question of his I've seen so far
@LessPop_MoreFizz I don't get it.
It's all kind of a clusterfuck and neither company's stance is ideal.
@GnomeSlice They're paying back the Google Chrome Frame favour.
@badp I don't get that now...
7:45 PM
@badp Precisely. Note how that plugin uses Windows Media Player.
Chrome Frame was an activex control that google made, which people could put on their page. It basically embedded the chrome browser inside the IE window and used that to render the page instead
@Brant That is not at all what Chrome Frame is.
@GnomeSlice Google made a plugin to let you use Chrome's rendering engine inside Internet Explorer because IE didn't do web standards. Now Microsoft made a plugin to let you use Microsoft's WMP engine inside Chrome because Chrome doesn't do video standards.
7:46 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz Yes
@badp That all seems rather silly.
@ArdaXi Isn't it? I thought it was. Please correct me. :)
@badp Well, it does, but not the GIVE ME MONIES kind of standards.
@Brant It's something the user installs, and then the sites give the browser a sign it should use Chrome Frame.
@GnomeSlice It's all in the name of interoperability, standards and love, obviously.
@badp Obviously.
7:48 PM
Oh, I see. I thought the site could embed it as a plugin somehow and IE would install it, like it does with flash
Comment only has three upvotes?
@ArdaXi Good point, commented.
@badp It is not fabricatious at all!
Q: Khaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!

FabianHow am I supposed to kill the orc chief Khan? He ist faster than me, justs grabs me and pummels me to death. I don't have enough time to really hurt him before he is able to grab me. My fight with him looks something like this: Any ideas on how to survive this boss fight?

7:52 PM
@Feeds You went ahead and did it.
After SE criticized my title I just had to ask it
@Fabian I brought that criticism home in the comments.
@GnomeSlice I saw it
It's just the first time I saw that notice
@Fabian I'm glad.
@fabian: Blizzard Balls are your friend

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