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12:07 AM
@GraceNote ...where it would have been upvoted, then answered, then bountied.
I've only ever won a single bounty, actually
Nevermind that I can't earn a bounty for simply asking the question
@GraceNote same here, and it was because I was the only person who answered balpha about chat sounds. My idea weren't actually used in the end. :|
Still, +500.
Yeah... mine was +50.
Not a profit when compared to amount spent on bounties.
oh, I casted many bounties on MSO
in the vain attempt to keep my MSO rep below my Gaming rep
...okay, not many, just 5
Which I've thwarted. At least thrice.
12:11 AM
Q: I am trying to remember one of the games that came with my IBM Aptiva which I had when I was a kid sometime around 1994 or so.

SincereI am trying to remember one of the games that came with my IBM Aptiva which I had when I was a kid sometime around 1994 or so. The game its self was sorta cartoony but had ok graphics. It was about a boy who would adventure through this mystical forest. I think in the game you could also jump o...

Q: Is there a way to see Meta Participation?

Raven DreamerSo I noticed the moderator election thread today, and I noticed the nifty little info boxes they had down at the bottom (this is Fabian's): meta participation questions: 7 / +13 answers: 9 / +38 Is this total information available elsewhere? I don't think I'd make a good mod, and have no inten...

 8     53346 (-250)
 8     66425 (-100)
 8     64049 [-200]
 8     56261 (-500)
 8     74983 (-500)
I'd now be a 10ker without those bounties :|
oh well!
@ArdaXi This " school " thing got in the way.
@Feeds I'm going to note that my answer to this is a WAG.
12:27 AM
Hm... I've written so much... but...
Part of me really wants to see how well "Hi, I'm Grace Note and I've beaten the Guy." fares as a nomination speech on its own.
@GraceNote Does your longer text contain promises?
Then it's fine
I have difficulties considering why I'd put promises on what I'd do as a moderator when my history as a moderator kinda illustrates exactly what it'd be like
Really, if I did get re-elected, the only difference is that I'd no longer have to qualify myself as "temporary".
That still makes your application a thousand times more solid than others'
12:32 AM
Hehe, bad juju
@GraceNote I thought it'd be funny to phrase it that way.
@Powerlord You're a super admin at OCRemix? Neat.
@GraceNote Mmm, no, only on their game servers.
Which reminds me, I was supposed to reset the TF2 stats yesterday.
12:33 AM
Well, that's technically more applicable to us anyway, haha~
I used to spend too much time on OCRemix. It says something when you can identify the exact remix in their trivia contests by the opening sound effect.
Ooh, and you also worked at RPGamer. Huh. I somehow managed to miss you on not one but two of the places I frequent.
Wait, why am I still listed as Webmaster on VGMusic's main page?
also your name is Ross
a frightening commonality ...
Aiite, time to head home. Behave, everyone ♪
12:49 AM
Man, I've started writing what you guys will force me into posting
I bet you aren't interested in reading campaign promises, so I'll give you facts instead.

* [I have been "moderating" chat for a few months now][1], bringing grief and joy with my abuse of [feeds][2], [migration][3], [pinning][4], [privilege granting][5], [room naming][6] and [everything else][7].

  [1]: chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/info/35/the-bridge
  [2]: chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/info/35/the-bridge?tab=feeds
  [3]: chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/35?m=374914#374914
I feel like I'm overdoing it.
nah, more
mention meta too
1:26 AM
Arrrrrrr-You ready for Sushi Cat 2 http://bit.ly/dKF3iK
^ Likelikelikelikelike.
@Mana Get in there. (elections)
Soon, mate.
Right now there's Calculus to be done but yeah soon.
Also, everyone needs to pay attention to Sushi-Cat 2's launch.
I love Sushi Cat
Call of Duty: Black Ops On PS3 Thinks It's The Xbox 360 Version http://bit.ly/g4Lyrl
Shouldn't it be Sushi Cat 3 though?
There's already Sushi Cat & Sushi Cat: The Honeymoon.
that was a spinoff
this is the true sequel
2:05 AM
I'm probably just missing something, but what do the values for "meta questions/answers" mean on the elections page?
I believe it's the number of questions or answers / total rep gained from those questions or answers.
Aha, so it's rep. I see.
Hmm, apparently my TF2 Unusual Le Party Phantom is the second rarest effect. Too bad IT SUCKS
@GnomeSlice questions/votes, answers/votes
2:15 AM
Ahh yes, votes is what I meant.
2:44 AM
I have a question I need to ask on the site, but I don't want to think the required amount to write it decently.
@GnomeSlice That doesn't stop most askers.
And we have plenty of people who want a Strunk and White badge badly enough to fix it for you
Let me rephrase that.
I don't want to be bothered forming my questions into words.
It's something I noticed quite a while ago, but I haven't played the game in a long time, and I thought I had it figured out.
But nope.
Basically, a game isn't saving my progress.
Q: Zen Ball Information

Dave McClellandI've been playing Peggle for a very long time, but I still don't know everything there is to know about Zen ball (master hu). Here's what I know (or at least think I know). Feel free to correct any of my assumptions or offer any other interesting facts. I'll give the answer to whoever provides...

3:18 AM
Q: Route gaming data over wireless and everything else through lan?

AlexI have two internet connections available to me. One is via LAN.. not a great ping, but fast downloads. The other is via usb wireless adapter.. good ping, but slow downloads. I want to connect to both of them simultaneously. I want to be able to specify which data or application will use the ...

3:58 AM
Q: In Garry's Mod, is there any way to stand on a moving object?

Matthew IselinI've been struggling to create contraptions in Garry's Mod lately simply because I have tendency to want to be moving around on a flying vehicle that is also moving around. Try as I may I can never get this to work, as I often end up falling through the base of the flying vehicle, get killed by t...

Q: Multiplayer fix?

MattiksMy server for minecraft has been haveing problems, a big gaping whole the size of one chunk will open up and only one player can see it. this leads to people being able to see where things like diamond are, something i want them to earn. is there a patch or a fix for this?

2 hours later…
6:31 AM
Now I have the starcraft-2 tag! @YiJiang adding more people did not improve the situation!
hey @badp
Q: Q&A with the Candidates in the 2011 Moderator Elections

tzenesBased on Ivo's work on Super User, which in turn was based on Math.SE, I'd like to establish a list of questions for the candidates. Some of these will be similar questions (or the same), others will be a little different. What do you believe is the biggest issue currently facing Gaming.se? Ho...

7:26 AM
Q: 2011 Moderator Elections - Town Hall Chat: 3pm UTC on the 31st

Rebecca ChernoffIn connection with the moderator elections, we will be holding a Town Hall Chat session with the candidates. This will be an opportunity for members of the community to pose questions to the candidates on the topic of moderation. Participation is completely voluntary. I am working with the can...

I think we'll get one such thing too
8:03 AM
I think that's a good idea
8:37 AM
I think you're going to bring candidates on their knees
I was kind of hoping you'd apply
As I said I'll wait for other applications
8:56 AM
In the meantime I'm collecting evidence.
@badp On the other nominees?
I'm disappointed my draft only has 44 links, clearly it isn't long enough
9:23 AM
60 links is somewhat better, but not much.
10:07 AM
@Feeds Someone please fix a typo in @tzenes Q&A: will you take a break from SU? I wouldn't ;P
and there's a MSU later on too
strange I can't propose edits for posts on Meta
10:27 AM
Q: How do I re-equip a Gene Tonic?

Stuart PeggI've just started playing Bioshock and I've picked up a few Gene Tonics. The problem is this: I didn't figure out how the selection screen worked the first couple of times, and just clicked the slot I wanted it to go into (rather than the glowing "replace" button). How do I go back to that scree...

Q: using Windows 7 XP mode for Games

JosefvzHi all. I have win7(x64) at home and i want to play an old games (lands of lore 3 specifically and some others) this game does not properly work on win 7, and no patches that I'm aware off fix it's issues. Can i use XP mode to play this game or is there a better way? I only have one PC and dual...

2 hours later…
12:25 PM
@IvoFlipse Weird indeed, oh well.
I wonder why badp bothers commenting on the situation when we all know it's his fault anyways.
hostile look
@Mana It's my fault, hence it's my place to comment on it
Oh. Yeah, I guess that makes sense. Somewhat.
I think this sort of situation is what you call a nunce word.
Because it's kind of nuanced or something?
I don't know maaaan it's all beyond me.
I hope your speech for mod nom nom is composed entirely of hyperlink text linking to cool things you've said or done or screwed up
hurray, dining hall's open, breakfast time
12:40 PM
Q: How to fix USB gamepad problem with Sega Mega Drive (Genesis) Classics 1

sarmackieLately I bought Sega Mega Drive Classics 1 on Get Games, featuring Golden Axe, Shadow Dancer, Crack Down and several others (also available on Steam). The games work perfectly with my ancient, game-port based gamepad, though since it is a little worn out, I decided to try a much more recent Hama ...

* I'm not a good diplomat. I'm [stubborn][50]. I'm [irritable][51]. I'm a [fanboy][52]. I'm [voluble][53]. I [swear][54]. I've been automatically [suspended][55] for that. I've casted [votes light heartedly][56]. I [make mistakes][57]. I [abandon projects midway.][58] I [rickroll][59]. I'm a [little teapot][60].
Hey all,i have one of them help me remember a game questions, but i know there was this debate about them not being allowed. are they allowed now or still a taboo?
Q: Information on the moderator candidates

ChrisFI've posted this same question on the meta of all the other sites undergoing elections, so just in case you've missed it I'm adding it here. Yi Jiang has put together a nice site that use the Stack Overflow API to display information on the moderator candidates. Click here to see all the inform...

1:00 PM
@Andy They are allowed at the moment, but please put as much information about the game as you remember into it. Vague ItG questions are frowned upon.
1:24 PM
@Fabian Was this decided? Last meta post I saw it wasn't to be allowed.
@ArdaXi Jeff just said that he would keep an eye on it
For now, we're not closing those questions
Jeff is not the community.
@ArdaXi Quite a lot of people were in favor of them
Jeff was the most critical
I think our community does have a problem with hostility towards/from Jeff
@ArdaXi tsk, do I need to link to Meta Maths again?
1:28 PM
@badp This isn't about Maths. This is about Gaming.
I'm trying to put the interests of the community on top here.
@ArdaXi Maths redefined what "hostility" means. That's my point. I know this isn't Maths.
Again, doesn't concern us.
Disagreement is okay, we aren't required to love Jeff
Remember, what Jeff closes, five 3kers can reopen
I'm glad that the explosion of ITG questions is over, thus allowing us to not really care (= tentatively accept) about the issue
this way we don't have "policies" doing the thinking for us.
Summa lex, summa iniuria, baby.
Jeff acts in the capacity of moderator though.
Yes indeed, he could act as an admin instead.
Instead he merely closes.
Just because SE doesn't "really" have an Administrator role, it doesn't mean it couldn't have one.
1:34 PM
He is not really an active member on the site, so he's not really part of the community. Like anyone, he gets to speak, but I don't think he should speak/act on behalf of the community.
He didn't follow up on his promise to banish ITG from Gaming, once consensus made it clear we didn't mind those questions that much
...and/or after Grace/Oak/Juan did their magic in places unknown
I'd also like to point out I really disagree with multiple questions in one post.
At any rate, like it or not, SOIS employees can get a diamond on any site and that's not open for discussion
@badp Well, yes, for janitorial tasks.
Not in the capacity of 'community leader'
eh. What's a "community leader"?
1:39 PM
I put it in quotes, I didn't know a better word
Someone who knows what the community's consensus is.
I'm afraid Jeff has the right to override community consensus (and suffer the consequences thereof)
And that I disagree with.
If community consensus was to allow questions about XXX games, he might have to force disallow them because, after all, he owns the place.
It's the opposite of what the FAQ says.
@badp That's the law, that's different.
@ArdaXi There's no law saying you can't discuss X-rated topics.
1:41 PM
@badp Actually, there is. There are a lot of rules to comply with if you want to host a site discussing XXX topics.
You need disclaimers et cetera
@ArdaXi So? It's still technically possible. Community consensus might be that Jeff must comply with that.
@badp Even so, that's not comparable.
Also community consensus might be that we must get 200 diamond moderators and a wage of $5,000/mo for participating
Within reason, the community should decide what goes on the site.
Okay, what's the unreasonable part here?
1:47 PM
@badp What, asking $100,000/mo?
That was my exaggeration
:For the mathematical form of proof by contradiction, see Proof by contradiction. Reductio ad absurdum (Latin: "reduction to the absurd") is a form of argument in which a proposition is disproven by following its implications logically to an absurd consequence. A common species of reductio ad absurdum is proof by contradiction (also called indirect proof) where a proposition is proven true by proving that it is impossible for it to be false. For example, if A is false, then B is also false; but B is true, therefore A cannot be false and therefore A is true. This only works if it is not a f...
Yes, so, what's the bit Jeff was unreasonable about?
Assuming his viewpoint was the best for everyone.
if not even you buy your own ideas...
anyways, bbl
2:33 PM
2 foot diameter bacon cheeseburger.
@ArdaXi Hey, recall that the page was originally built for SO's 30 candidate election!
Q: Selling your iphone games.

ArtemixHi. So, long story short, some days ago I pusblished an iPhone game, I think the game wasnt that bad tbh, and still I got only 10 sells at $0.99. Are they any publishers, sponsors, or distributors to make your game "visible" on the app store market?, or the only thing you need is to have an ama...

@YiJiang But really, where are those tags coming from?
@ArdaXi The page loads 3 x 100 set of tags for all candidates; the async nature of JavaScript and ajax means that the second or third set may arrive before the first; the only stat available is the number of posts with that tag posted by that person
So the thing currently only sorts using tag badges, which again on SO is a pretty good indicator
I realise how AJAX works, but what are the tags on my section based on?
2:41 PM
Hmmm? Answers or questions by you with that tag
Oh hell, they allocated the last IPv4 blocks today.
I'll try to scale the number of tags loaded based on the number of candidates
@YiJiang Hrm, API is broken for me, let me see...
I do find it funny that spy shows up in my tag list there, but not team-fortress-2 (the game the spy tag applies to)
That's the first page for you @ArdaXi
2:44 PM
@YiJiang I'm using OData just to check, but my users object does not have a tags object...
@ArdaXi The API is different from the data explorer
I know, I'm not talking about the data explorer, I'm talking about data.stackexchange.com/gaming/atom
Well, that's just the data explorer behind an OData endpoint I think
Hey, yeah, you're right.
I thought it was real-time...
Should I start bugging my ISP about IPv6 now?
@ArdaXi Yes.
2:50 PM
@ArdaXi I won't hold my breathe
Well, most of the world won't be affected quite yet. APNIC (Asia/Pacific) expects to use its last 3 blocks in the next 3-6 months. The other areas may have longer with their single blocks.
APNIC requesting two blocks triggered the automatic allocation of the last five blocks... one a piece to the regional IP handlers.
Well, yes, but that does mean that we're down to the final blocks.
How much does RIPE have left?
I need some IPv6-only website to use as leverage.
@ArdaXi No clue
By the way, if you see (no title) on the user activities list, it's most likely the elections nominations post.
Q: When using extend mode, how can I limit my mouse to one monitor when playing full-screen?

OakI have two monitors, and I often use the "extend" mode to work on both simultaneously as a large desktop. When playing games full-screen only one monitor is used, and that's fine. However, I would like to use the other monitor to still work and display some other application windows. The problem...

3:10 PM
Okay, the tag list is better, but still not very good
Q: Wiggles on Windows 7

Felix DombekHas anyone gotten Wiggles to run on Windows 7 -- with sound? It sometimes works on my laptop but it's too slow, and on my main machine, the sound isn't working. This seems to be a well-known problem, does anyone know what I can do? Or know a good virtual machine with graphics support?

3:37 PM
@YiJiang Honestly tagging on Gaming isn't that awesome either.
@YiJiang My tag list doesn't look bad. Still a bit out of order count-wise, but at least it has my most used tags now.
Need to work on that sort; the plugin I use doesn't do stable sort apparently
3:56 PM
This question needs a lot of cleanup. Ideas?
(I'm happy as a clam with edit privileges. I love tidying things up.)
@Brant I'll have a go at it, even if I know almost next to nothing about SC2
I tried cleaning it up a bit...man, text editing on an iPhone is not fun at all :|
I didn't cleanup his "edits", though.
4:11 PM
Oh yay, something I thought was going to be simple and straightforward is going to have to involve an AJAX call because of the (stupid) way the objects in this project are designed.
69 links, 7 more needed!
@badp Now I see what you're going for...
Don't make me edit in 2 more links!
@LessPop_MoreFizz I actually would like to bring the bar in the neighbourhood of 100.
For science.
@LessPop_MoreFizz You monster.
@badp I think we can put our differences behind us.
(Sorry, had to complete the quote, even if I'm posting the first part last. ;P )
This is funny, I just heard from the lady who sits in the next cube over that the Michigan Senate and their staff get tomorrow and Thursday off because of the expected snow, but not the House or any other State staff.
Granted, if we're really getting 6-10" of snow tonight, with another 6-8" tomorrow during the day, I'm certainly not going to come into the office.
@powerlord I was about 8 hours from flying into that junk, thankfully my employer realized losing me to a snow storm was bad for productivity
4:25 PM
I already made that mistake in December 2008 and got my car stuck in my own driveway after taking over an hour to drive home for what's usually a 15 minute trip.
@Aardvark I only care about the State of Michigan thing because I'm a state employee. I'm literally 8 floors above the Governor's office in Lansing, MI. Why the governor's office is in an office building rather than the capitol building across the street, I dunno.
@Powerlord That's the case in a lot of state capitols these days. Generally speaking, a large chunk of the actual historic building is given to tourist functions.
and what portion isn't, is largely consumed by ceremonial functions
i.e., in Albany, the capitol building is where all the conference rooms and such are, but all the legislators have offices in the legislative office building across the street
4:40 PM
If elected (to Gaming) I will end all poverty! And a whole bunch of other claims I can't back up as practice for being a politician!
4:52 PM
I wonder how effective applying Alinsky's rules would be to campaigning for Mod...
> 5. "Ridicule is man's most potent weapon. It is almost impossible to counteract ridicule. Also it infuriates the opposition, which then reacts to your advantage."
I suspect that one will work well.
> 12. "The price of a successful attack is a constructive alternative."
is the one too many young activists forget about. :(
now with diagrams
I honestly think my chances of actually winning an election are less than 1 in 100, but just because Microsoft canceled that doesn't mean I don't stand A chance.
Oh wait, that was 1 vs 100... reference fail.
Meanwhile, it's time to increase the size of my Dominion... bbl
@ArdaXi Maybe you should read that link... Exaggeration isn't Reductio ad absurdum...
5:10 PM
I still don't see the reason to go all technical with the arguing
if you're in a hurry (this TAS is kinda boring) this is the final battle
Anyone know if a town hall chat is also planned for our election?
Will Half Life 3 Be a Success Like its Predecessors? http://bit.ly/fsF9c8
@Fabian Not yet, but I'd be surprised if we didn't plan one
@Fabian Rebecca will likely make one
I assume directly after the nominations, or after the primary if we get one
5:26 PM
@Fabian Usually after the primaries end
Someone talking about me? (:
@RebeccaChernoff we talk about nothing else
@Fabian, absolutely can do a Gaming THC. The first 48 hours of the final election phase is what I've been targeting, so I generally try to get an idea of whether or not there will be a primary phase (> 10 candidates) before sending out emails to the candidates.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Add a couple zeros here and there
5:37 PM
@badp (For reference, the original is to other action RPGs as Ninja Gaiden is to a Mario game.)
@LessPop_MoreFizz I imagined, yet it's so simple to make something hard silly hard.
I still have yet to play the first one, I should get to that
Quick Questions:
1. Is Dead Space 2 good?
2. is DCU any good?
1. If you liked Dead Space 1.
did not play Dead Space 1
5:39 PM
2. If you want to play an MMO for a few weeks and then drop it because the endgame is nonexistent.
Y'know, like every other super hero MMO
you mean: every other MMO that isn't WoW
@tzenes Guild wars was built on the end game
Not when I played
LOTRO has a pretty sizable endgame
you could hit level 20 in a matter of hours, in addition you could make a pvp character that started at level 20
5:41 PM
I don't remember LOTRO's end game
at that point it was less about gear, and more about strategy/teamwork
@Aardvark I only played GW during the beta, but I remember we all hit Level Cap, got bored and went to play something else
@tzenes I remember hitting level 20 barely into the story line, thinking I was a bad ass and heading to sorrow's furnace... completely destroyed
Endgame, schmendgame.
@tzenes but I never did get into the lack of gear/purpose above level 20 like others did, I find wow's never ending quest for gear (which makes you exponentially stronger) was a more entertaining end game
5:44 PM
WoW was revolutionary for the very reason that getting to the endgame was actually fun.
huh... i hated leveling in wow
@Brant you must play a different game called WoW than me
@Brant Yes, and every MMO since WoW has failed because once you get there, you drop it and go back to WOW, because they don't have an endgame.
Who cares if the endgame is boring/nonexistent? Treat it like a single player RPG that you put away when you hit max level.
I have leved up over 12 characters to Max level across 3 expansions
5:45 PM
I felt like the three weeks it took to grind killing the same looking mobs with the same 3 skills drove me nuts
@tzenes Relative to EQ, getting to endgame in WoW is a massive improvement.
it is the boring thing in the entire world
@Less tru
@Brant At that point, I'd rather just play a single player RPG though.
I never made it to cap in EQ
@tzenes I played FFXI, which was basically EQ1 with chocobos. Leveling was the teeth-pullingly stupid thing you did to get to the "real" game.
5:45 PM
@brant why not play a game with a story line if your going to treat it as a lonely grind
If I'm going to play an MMO, I want to play it for the MM part. If the endgame is worthless, I'd rather just play a single layer game with an engrossing narrative and less grinding.
@Brant and... Just because there is worse doesn't make wow good
@Aardvark It's a lonely grind by today's standards, but compared to the MMOs that were around before WoW, it's cotton candy rollercoaster awesome
@tzenes the point is that when WoW came along, there wasn't better.
it was revolutionary.
that's not revolutionary
5:47 PM
@tzenes to be fair the leveling aspect of wow has been greatly improved, with the guild levels (increase experience gained), the heirloom gear (increase experience gained) and the ability to do dungeon finder and level in BG's I think its come a really long way
revolutionary would be to make it fun
@aardvark again: NOT FUN. It doesn't matter how painless you make pulling teeth, I still don't want to do it
I should want to play my video game
@tzenes It was fun. The first time I did it.
it should never be a chore
this is my free time
it only wasn't fun the second, third, fourth etc.
It was never fun for me
5:48 PM
@tzenes I enjoy the battle grounds as an alternative to leveling, I'm not a big pve guy but the dungeons could appeal too
it was something I "had" to do
@Aardvark Dungeons are great, PvP is fun, Raiding is fun, Endgame is fun
@tzenes then how is leveling solely in pvp and dungeon scenerios not an improvement?
Leveling is like having someone take a hot brand and place it in my mouth and being asked to hold it there for hours at a time
My point is this: Today it's possible to play an MMO like you would play something like Oblivion: That is, for a while. Then you're done with it. It's not a lifestyle choice like it was back in the EQ/DAoC/AC/FFXI era.
I'm not saying WoW doesn't have redeeming qualities, but leveling isn't one of them
5:49 PM
DCU's endgame shouldn't be relevant to the question of "should I play it?" because endgame is only something that exists to make people stick around after they finish the "real" game. The endgame isn't the "real" game anymore.
@Aardvark Because you're restricted to a tiny subset of the fun until you hit Cap, not to mention all your friends are cap
@tzenes good lord, I can hardly imagine your reaction to something you -have- to do rather than the enjoyment of playing a game!
Clearly, tzenes plays WoW for a different reason than you do. :P
@Aardvark That's just it, it is something I have to do. I have to do it if I want to play the game I want to play
I liked how Guild Ward did things.
If you wanted to, you could start at max level and just jump right in to PvP.
5:51 PM
@Brant 99.99% of my time in an MMO is endgame, you're damn sure it's important to me
The downside is you don't learn your class, but you can argue that the grind to max level is too long for that.
@tzenes I understand your intentionally being dramatic to prove a point, which I can't disagree with. I found that once I was a gladiator in wow and there wasn't a single piece of gear, enchant, or gem that would improve my stats my perspective on the game greatly changed
@tzenes Alright, I'll give you that.
@Aardvark Wait a season
or two
@tzenes i just kind of stopped caring... I did that for 4 arena seasons until I realized I didn't want to just do it again the next season
5:52 PM
I hit glad in seasons 2 and 3
by the time Season 6 rolled around it was completely different
@tzenes I was entering seasons capped on honor and arena points (5k) and was a gladiator in 5on5 so the points were ridiculous
I hear they changed that, but I haven't done enough arena yet
my favorite part of Cata was that getting from 1-80 only took me 48 hours
it used to be 72
that's 24 hours less that I had to waste
and 1-60 only like 10 of that
yeah, 1-60 is fast
outlands seems so terrible now
5:54 PM
RAF is making it stupid-quick.
@tzenes I agree with you though, the entire game felt like a grind which is why I quit
I played for an hour and gained like 10 levels last week.
@LessPop_MoreFizz I love games that have both an AVGN article (where the AVGN fails to end a game) and a TAS
5:54 PM
@Aardvark ultimately I found the only part that was good was playing with friends
@tzenes when I wasn't grinding for max level I was grinding for honor or gold for gems/enchants
@LessPop_MoreFizz Outlands has always been terrible.
oh, that
It's just more apparent now.
*Outland :P
5:55 PM
Outland was great when it was the first real content the game had seen in the >2 years since launch.
...and even then, it wasn't as great as Northrend.
It just hasn't aged well since Blizzard's quest design has come so far since then.
I find the updated old world a refreshing change of pace... but it's still not fun doing it repeatedly.
And it's made worse by the fact that it's now the oldest content in the game
5:56 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz Nice projection, that one
so at level 58 you go from the super-polished new-school stuff right back to 2007
There were a couple quests in 80+ that I enjoyed, but most of it was: go to the next place, there are 3 quests here: Collect these 8-12 things, Kill these 10-14 guys, do one more thing (which may be clever or annoying)
And what's with the Draenai and Blood Elf starting areas not supporting flying? Did Blizzard say to the devs "ALL BURNING CRUSADE ZONES MUST SUPPORT FLYING except AzureMyst Isle, BloodMyst Isle, Eversong Forest, and Ghostlands."
@Powerlord the BC starting zones are on the outland world servers
they made a conscious decision to ignore all the BC stuff in the cataclysm revamp, probably to save time
5:58 PM
there's a technical issue of some sort that made it more difficult for them to remap that terrain for flying.
(or so they claim)
@LessPop_MoreFizz My point was, these zones were likely already designed with the "players will be able to fly" mindset.
don't worry, in 2 years they'll revamp outland and add 5 new zones
Except that they weren't.
According to an interview I read here, they want to go back and repolish the BC stuff at some point, but they chose not to right now
@tzenes Pretty much.

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