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12:02 AM
@ToxicFrog i started a few of her more famous books but couldn't get into it
Q: How to summon mobs with player head

ShadowWyvernI've been making an adventure map and I want to make an Orc with armor and a custom player head. I did it kind of like you do with /give (/give @p skull 1 3 {SkullOwner:player you want} I am just using my player's head as a placeholder for now. Instead of giving me a mob with player head it doesn...

@ToxicFrog let the misery consume you
@ash i saw this code and all i could think of was the song
public function getVotes()
@Wipqozn I have the news for that
@Unionhawk we'll always probably remember you
@ToxicFrog oh snap!
12:09 AM
@Wipqozn lol because you work for the fake news
@GodEmperorDune :(
I heard you like escape rooms.
Q: How are you supposed to get Lockpicking 99?

SeiyriaFound this chest in Temperantia and at first I figured I could open it just because it was a fairly low level area compared to me. Then this happened. Like, seriously? Or is this chest just not intended to be opened?

Q: GTA V online multiplayer: I know two consoles are needed but can they be different? xbox360 and xbox one

HueyI want to play in the same house against friends in GTA online. I have an Xbox one and xbox 360 but only have game for xbox 360. If I get the game for xbox one can we play together using same wifi and in same channel with people and complete races, deathmatches, missions, etc. together?

12:42 AM
Man, you know what show was awesome back in the day? Kim Possible.
> Just memorize these fourteen contextual dependent instructions
@Wipqozn Agreed
BRidge, I need to get up to clean, but now that cat is on me. Send help.
Specifically send someone to clean the kithcen
@Wipqozn For some reason that was one of those shows I never really got around to.
@Ash It's probably because you hate rainbows, just like @Fluttershy
@Wipqozn i have never seen it but i've seen memes and worry hearing the voices would break headcanon
12:52 AM
@GodEmperorDune That's fair
I can't hate rainbows
@Ash hu-whale
that made more sense in my head
snorts I'm sure
12:53 AM
(is it too soon for whale, act-whaley?)
Q: How do I play with my friend in Guild Wars 2?

Steven VascellaroMy and a friend wanted to start playing Guild Wars 2 together. Both of us selected the same server and created our characters. Once in-game, we opened the Contacts menu with Y, sent each other a friend request, and joined a party. However, despite being friends with each other and joining the sa...

or hoax or..something
@Wipqozn fake hues
@Wipqozn hahahaha technically, you could actually make that argument ;)
(If you are one of those people who think me using the rainbow flag instead of say the bi pride or pan pride flag is appropriative. Which is a thing some people think because PEOPLE LIKE THEIR DIVISIONS)
12:57 AM
(anyway this made me laugh and that is awesome)
I thought the rainbow flag was supposed to represent the entire LGBT reading rainbow
Ideally, yes
but people get weird about it
People are dumb
because people are silly
12:58 AM
because people can't see into the UV or IR spectrums
@GodEmperorDune well, whose fault is that
If you want to use the rainbow flag you need to be gay, bi, pan, trans, and nb
@Ash God's?
@Ash fair
@Ronan Hm, I can teeeechnically, depending on how you define various aspects of me, fit most of those....
1:00 AM
(It depends who is squishing me into what boxes for what reasons)
(usually the boxes are weird and uncomfortable)
@Ash yeah, pans are so cylindrical and flat
@GodEmperorDune snorts
Also this thread has cute pictures
#ADORABLES ATTACK https://twitter.com/RonaldKlain/status/938187379990548480
1:02 AM
@Ash I was just making a joke that you need to be all the things so no one can claim you're not queer enough. Clearly that's the sensible solution to this
@Ronan also you left out babadook
@GodEmperorDune I don't want to laugh at that because it's kinda bi-erasure but I know you and know your intent so I am laughing
But now I must chase down a bus so I can go home and eat food :D
@Ash ooh right i forgot about that. slightly modified to what i intended
1:06 AM
"Into the Dark Dungeon"! Coming sooner or later! I am so hyped!
@TheMattbat999 what kind of game is that?
@GodEmperorDune adventure/free roam into infinite universes and dugeons/never ending rpg
@TheMattbat999 the infinite thing doesn't always work out as nice as it sounds. like that space one that fell on its face
humans like smaller quantities of meaningful things over larger quantities of bland things
@GodEmperorDune well, it should have pretty unique terrains (not same terrain over and over, but instead multiverse with crazy dangerous elemental planes everywhere)
@TheMattbat999 no man's sky! that's the one they tried to do this with and it sucked
if they can land it, fantastic
1:13 AM
It is also top down 2d, so less terrain to deal with when you think about it.
1:49 AM
lmao WHAT (Amazon product fail)
@TimStone Burn it with fire, lest it come alive in the night and kill us all
2:08 AM
@TheMattbat999 infinite sandbox things are overrated :p
you can get the same thing by playing a ton of smaller games
it's just the variety that's needed
@Riker no it's not sandbox
ah, I misread
still though
(I was a bit confused about rpg & sandbox but eh)
@TimStone what the hell that's terrifying
2:27 AM
@Wipqozn I'm annoyed they clipped it but, time constraints
2:42 AM
@Fluttershy I think servers are unstable because I keep getting kicked.
2:55 AM
Heard a guy talking about Belgian whistles. "A basic website costs 10k, or 25k upwards if you want all the Belgian whistles," he said. Belgian whistles.
cc @ash and anyone else into mondegreens
@GodEmperorDune hahahahahaha Belgian whistles hahahahah oh thats excellent
@cazc_941 hue
there's a new season out on netflix
they've been going downhill though so not sure if i'll check it out
the out of the park one?
the european out of the park was stupid
3:01 AM
so far it's funny, the out of the park series are actually kinda nice, it feels almost like sketch comedy
not really funny at all
idk I like this one more than the other one, it has had a couple moments I almost died laughing
like more than the europe one I mean
alright i'll give it a shot
@GodEmperorDune It's probably hard to do the same thing for 10 years and make it feel fresh.
especially because the gags are literally the same for 10 years
Alex Lifeson From Rush shows up again this season lol
3:02 AM
plus when it's young guys doing stupid things its funny but when it's older guys doing the same thing it starts to get sadder
like i just feel bad for ricky doing stupid stuff and them pulling bubbles out of whatever successful thing he was doing and ruining it
@GodEmperorDune Yeah, that's actually a good point
Love this mash-up by @briankesinger! http://bit.ly/2iWhNM0
in other, less morally existential news, calgary is still bullshit http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/sage-hill-rock-hit-parking-lot-1.4431931
(safe 4 bridge)
Amazon doesn't think fiction exists
3:18 AM
@Unionhawk hue. rokt
> "Since it's become so valued to the community, we're trying to negotiate having it moved to a different area of the parking lot, where it is safe from vehicles and doesn't have to resort to rage flipping them," she wrote.
@Unionhawk lmao, what the hell
I want to know what "still" means here
@Unionhawk psyducks gonna psyduck
3:41 AM
@Unionhawk Oh you didn't see her horrible experience in Calgary?
Q: What is a conquest this season (12)?

AsinineI have a season journey for this How do I find these in-game? I see the options with googling, but I don't see any options in-game.

Q: What is CRSH in Flywrench?

Steven VascellaroOn the level select screen for Flywrench, there is a statistic called CRSH which keeps increasing the more I play. What is CRSH? Why does it keep increasing?

4:36 AM
Q: Xbox live question

JazzyIf you block someone on Xbox live, can they still join your Minecraft world? Just wondering, I haven't had anyone I need to block yet, although there are a few I'm considering x3

Q: Can't see which of my units I have selected

Clay NicholsStarcraft 2 just updated itself. And now I can't see which of my units I have selected. I can select, say, a Marine, but there is no visible indication that the Marine is selected. Makes it very difficult to see which units I have "grabbed" to command. I found nothing on the internet about this...

5:17 AM
Bridge! I am slowly slowly figuring how Warframe works and getting less and less terribad at it. Aiming shots is still hard as balls but that's more a function of my fuct fine motor skills than anything else. But I am improving and I am learning how to make the game work for me :D (It helps that @WorldEngineer seems to have endless patience where playing with me is concerned, and he is much good atthe shooting.)
I did amuse myself when at one point i was kinda giggling maniacally over some really good moves I managed to make and my loving husband called me "somewhat psychotic" and I was like "yeah, no wonder I make a bad Mennonite, I am way too bloodthirsty" but like...ITS FUN
(I know I am discovering this stuff way after the rest of you but that's how I roll)
@Ash Woo! Nice :D
@TimStone It is a silly thing, maybe, to be proud of the incremental improvements I am making but darn it, I am making them\
Like...I joke that for a gaming mod, I am a terrible gamer
5:27 AM
but I keep trying, and that is good
6:11 AM
@Ash that's great :)
6:41 AM
Haha yes
Got 102% on exam.
Well, probably
Exam is going on, handed in paper, teacher checked it out, saw no wrong answers. So 102, probably.
Also there was a Marx quote in exam
"Necessity is blind until it becomes conscious. Freedom is the consciousness of necessity."
7:05 AM

Proposed Q&A site for netSuite Developers , Functional consultants and people interested in NetSuite

Currently in definition.

@Avery well done fam
@Avery it makes me quite happy.
@Avery buy gold? Also yay go you
@Ash er
Also also, @Avery I don't know how you feel about fluffy fantasy romance sort of novels but I feel like you would like Shira Glassman's Mangoverse books.
7:08 AM
Okay so uh, it's a thing in turkish culture
@Avery are those coins worth anything or is it like a pride thing?
You attach these to brides and such on weddings, to boys during the circumcision feast, also as part of celebrations etc
@GodEmperorDune they're solid gold. Roughly 2.5 grams.
very nice
$102.60 US from google
Idk if she'll actually do it but eh
very meta on teacher's part too
7:12 AM
Yeah, kinda
@Ash I'll definitely check it out! Thanks :)
I checked, apparently it's 1.75 grams.
@Avery I have been loving them. They're sweet and fun and there is so much positive representation in them.
@Avery neat. :)
7:32 AM
mass effect 3, you always deliver the feels
7:45 AM
I also was requested to read all the papers. Fun.
@Avery Gold spot price is $40.75 per gram, so you have about $70 worth of gold there
@GodEmperorDune What scene are you at?
@Nzall final push
but the big feels for me are always legion and thane
@GodEmperorDune ah, so you're almost at the disappointing part
@Nzall i've played it before, back before the extended cut came out
we'll see how much they fixed
7:55 AM
@GodEmperorDune Don't get your hopes up
they didn't actually get rid of the palette swap finale aspect that people hated so much, just added extra context
@Nzall the way i see it, if the 99% before the last cinematics was good, it's worthwhile
It's just that for many people, it's like going on a 3 week vacation around Europe, having amazing activities, fine dining, lots of choices to be made, made new friends, and then on the final evening in your hotel, turns out that the cooks fucked up the dinner food and the choice is between blue, green and red candy, while you were expecting a nice hearty meal
@Nzall hue
no i fully understand the criticism
it was this phenomenal build up and then at the end... wtf
like they burned their creativity on all the other stuff and were like "oh shit how do we wrap this up?"
umm, quick choice and a cutscene, cool
Honestly, I wouldn't even mind the "choosing between 3 endings" part if the cutscenes at the ending weren't that similar
like, the choice is literally "do you want a red beam, a green beam or a blue beam
First they came for the memes...
8:03 AM
That's pretty far for the last raid...
@PrivatePansy what is this, the pied piper app?
@GodEmperorDune The built-in file manager for Android Go (low system requirement version of Android for developing countries)
Oof this student keeps referring to others as n-word thinking he's cool and hip or something
@Avery send him a ಠ_ಠ
@GodEmperorDune You do realize that that'll only affirm his preconception that he's being 'cool and edgy'?
8:16 AM
@Avery Tbh in my country it'd be pretty normal (idk how it is in turkey). The word isn't considered to be offensive here (at least the german version).
I've had a classmate in secondary school who acted like that. Glaring or mentioning that it's offensive will only encourage them, because upsetting people is their goal
I mean when you're 14 a lot of stupid things seem 'cool'
@Ash I know the feeling of terrible aiming skills. I've playing some serious sam with a friend lately, and the one time we did play non-coop, I lost so bad it wasn't even funny. It was flat out ridiculous...
@Ash Are you required to use ranged weapons? because I'm fairly sure there's also a melee option
8:38 AM
@PrivatePansy yeah exactly
That's why I don't bring it up or he'll go "lol it bothers her I'll do it more"
Also heh, I got nominated for honored student :p
And the person who decides it is… a teacher who is a comrade. Who likes me. Heh.
@Jutschge ahem, I'm pretty sure many people in Germany would still consider it offensive (how offensive depends on which exact term you mean, as I can think of two version)
@MadScientist I'm talking about Switzerland.
@Jutschge did you notice? Limit is already at 9/11 bosses down on mythic
@MadScientist Also I'm thinking about "Mohr" (or Mohrä in swiss-german) which is commonly used here, sometimes even in professional context. There isn't really anything negative about it.
ah, missed that
8:45 AM
Their setup is cool... not a single meele lol
and 5 affliction locks
@Jutschge ok, that's a third version. And in Germany, if you're like 80+ years old, it might just be considered seriously antiquated if you used that word, but in most cases it would draw negative attention
@MadScientist Well swiss-german and german have different grammar and vocabulary (often "old" words). And there's also a cultural difference, especially after WW2.
I'm mostly surprised that there is such a large difference here
In terms of grammar the thing I find the most fascinating: We only have 3 tenses and we only use 2. (makes it somewhat difficult to find the right tense in most other languages lol)
Meanwhile, French has like a dozen different tenses
8:55 AM
Oh and swiss-french doesn't have fucked-up counting
Like we actually say "nonante-neuf" (99) instead of "quatre-vingt-dix-neuf" (4*20+10+9)
@Nzall oh wow Argus got buffed already (on HC and Normal)
@Jutschge yup, but it was definitely undertuned. It was easier than Aggramar
Hmm yeah... I mean for a last boss it was weird...
Not Xavius-easy but still too easy. And it's the final boss of the expansion
Although I'm kinda hyped to see the mythic phase (and hopefully he'll survive at least this ID)
I wouldn't put too much hope into that. I mean, already 9 bosses dead after a single day
I mean they could still go full TOS on Aggramar and Argus.
With each having 300+ pulls
It'd be enough to at least keep the bosses alive for 1 ID
@Ash space ninjas \o/
9:13 AM
@Nzall Wow... Nova just went EU 1st with Eonar
Also they were using a disc for that boss wtf.
@Jutschge Nova? That's the fatboss guild, right?
Like when I was at eonar I was pumping out probably around 400k hps. It's so weird for disc
You have a single CC ability and a lot of the time you can't attack stuff to heal.
So far every EU guild has at least 1 disc for each boss. Yay secure raid spot :D
ok, that extended cut ending was well worth it
@Nzall i think it is a fitting ending
beats the hell out of the original
and shit, dem feels
it owuld be better with Mp4 faunts but that's about it
Yeah, it's definitely an improvement, but I still feel like they should have done more in the final cinematic than a palette swap
Like, the epilogue is fine, but the video before it could have been made better
9:36 AM
i guess i'll need to check out the red and blue endings then
also after the epilogue improvements, the buzz aldrin piece is pretty bad
his words are so forced
like its awesome that you're a real astronaut but ehhh
10:03 AM
Ugh ok I'm not in the raid for Garothi :(
He's not supposed to be in the role of Buzz Aldrin, but rather of a future human/whatever
Q: How to disable/work around glaive ruining the combat in Middle Earth: Shadow of War?

Matas VaitkeviciusI am playing on PC, the default control binding for atack is Left Mouse for glaive it is holding Left Mouse... Issue is that instead of doing normal atack char starts casting glaive many times which messes up my atacks! What is even worse if I hold the glaive just to use it so it would go away ...

10:25 AM
Ooh method and exorsus are at 6/11
In case you want 2 problems
I think we already discussed that one before
Well played @Yuuki
Q: What options are there for outputting to both a HDR TV and the VR headset on a v1 VR box?

kenjaraI have the first version of the playstation VR where the processing box does not support the HDMI standard (2.0) with HDR so it gets dropped and the Playstation is unable to detect that the TV supports HDR. This means if I want HDR I have to unplug my cable from the processing box and put it dir...

10:49 AM
*watches SidAlpha Video. sees a game on steam in the video. yuri-sense flares up. looks up game*
> This story telling you about two schoolgirls and hot lesbian sex during their summer holidays. It is outstanding wild sex in village
*remembers it's a Dirty Devs video*
i hate people sometimes
Buys it anyway?
already made a post on Hella Yuri if it can be listed as Not Recommended
@KevinvanderVelden no. given the claims in the SidAlpha video i can not condone using shoujo ai/yuri to feed a achievement/bot farm like this
@GodEmperorDune volapuk is still tricky
yes, steam getting polluted with this shit in general is bad for me as an indie but me as a gamer i don't normally care. these no skill losers can do what they want but keep shoujo ai/yuri out of it
*prays to the Dark Goddess of Love for some smite. some "do to these guys like what you did to the Incubators" smite*
11:11 AM
Q: can you use a ps3 account for free ps+ on ps4

RandalThePuncakeas i understand it cost money to play ps4 online but i read a thing were if you have a ps3 account you can use that account on ps4 to play online for free is this true please help.

I'm dying
Nov 30 at 9:01, by Avery
Oof, german teacher asks me to provide tech support
Update to that.
As I didn't feel comfortable going to his place (he's a pedo. or at least made remarks hinting that in the past) I told him to take it to store
Now issue was, the second hdd was unformatted
I understood that back then
But yes, apparently when he took it to store, they said "the windows you downloaded online is incomplete, it errors" and sold him Windows™ 10™, then formatted drive after that.
On one hand I feel bad for costing him 500
On another he's a sexist pedo creepo.
@Avery to be honest i wouldn't because even if he wasn't as "sexist pedo creepo" he could just be using you for free tech support
the guy who built my PC and repaired it when the power supply died said that alot of the time people start to chat him up for what is basically free tech support when they get quotes for PC builds or come in for repairs
11:49 AM
So movies can show the most violent stuff but when a parent beats their child with a belt ingame, it's suddenly treated as a war crime...
To be fair
That's an extremely fucked up game
Like the moment you mentioned that I expected that game, clicked link, and it was that.
> 'abusers will get off on this stuff' ... the player took control of a house-help android, who works in a home where a father is abusive towards his young daughter. As a character, players have the option to step in and stop it in various ways. However if the players do nothing, the girl may end up beaten to death
and there's probably a ton of other games where you don't have the choice to stop it
@Memor-X There are actually games like Spec Ops: The Line where you HAVE to commit a war crime to progress
> “We never want anyone to believe that beating a child to death with a belt is the stuff of entertainment. It should never be trivialised or turned into a game.
@Nzall yeh that one was on the tip of my tongue
11:53 AM
I agree with this statement, though game is not about beating the girl, it's about saving the girl
where you rain white phosphorous down and watch your reflection on the screen
@Avery Meanwhile, horror movies where someone stabs out and eats their own eye get no remarks
Yet it's a terrible game anyways
Is the game out yet?
@Nzall those don't portray little children beaten to death
@Nzall i believe so, but that's not what I mean
11:55 AM
In Passion of the Christ, Jesus is almost beaten to death with spikes
@Nzall In Saw.....enough said
You rarely see movies or games involving parental abuse and such
Arguably that's much more relatable for some than horror movies
@Avery Law and Order SVU
And relatable in not a good way
11:56 AM
That's a list of 35 movies concerning child abuse
I am off
imdb.com/list/ls031464739 is a list of 105 movies that mention or display child abuse
I do not wish to discuss this, this discussion makes me uncomfortable, the game makes me uncomfortable.
This should be in TIF.
If it makes you uncomfortable, I'll drop the discussion
12:12 PM
From a strictly movie vs game standpoint, LiS has suicide themes too. Kate can actually kill herself if player doesn't save her.
Q: Why does my station keep converting to a ship and drift away?

PhilippI am playing the "Star System" scenario in Survival mode. I started out on the earth-like planet, but I have just left it and built a space station in orbit above it on an altitude of about 55 km (measured from the GPS waypoint I put at my old station on the ground). It is already of a quite dece...

13 reasons why also has suicide themes
13 reasons why gets a TON of crap for it, LiS gets none
Video games are not movies or shows.
@Avery which sorta shows a double standard. it's a stigma on TV when it comes to self harm but not in games but in with this Detroit game it shows something which is shown on TV and it gets trashed on
except if it's anime, in which case you get a Nice Boat
like i get why TV gets trashed when it touches on stigmatized issues because you have no control but in games where you have the choice it's a different issue
I mean people (or media) love to trash on things... You pretty much can't release anything without someone wanting it banned.
12:27 PM
@Jutschge yeh, that too
So Amazon replaced it's US$125 free shipping service with Amazon Prime Now in Singapore
but in game where you have control at least you can go "but you're the horrible person for choosing to do the horrible thing"
On the up side you get free shipping from US with only S$60
On the down side you have to do it through through their horrible phone app. And pay for the bloody privilege of buying stuff from them.
@PrivatePansy yeh i avoid Amazon as much as i can even after they opened up an Australian store so i can guarantee what i add to the cart can be shipped to me
Oh, and the only perk from US Prime you get here is Prime video. And the Prime membership here is only slightly cheaper than it is in the US.
12:31 PM
@PrivatePansy how slightly? about how many years until you make enough in savings for a free month
@Memor-X It's cheap enough that even shipping one package is usually enough to offset the usual shipping fee
It's the horrible phone app that I can't get over.
@Jutschge People have banned Where's Waldo because of side boob
9 hours ago, by Private Pansy
Amazon doesn't think fiction exists
9 hours ago, by Private Pansy
user image
@Nzall wut
12:33 PM
@PrivatePansy it's under children's books
amazon.com.sg doesn't exist - you have to buy everything through this app
all that death, rape and bestiality in A Song of Fire and Ice is in a fantasy world and only children like fantasy worlds
Also notice how every one of those buttons is a fucking image that doesn't scale properly on my hidpi screen
the 1987 version of Little Red Riding Hood was banned because she brought a bottle of wine to her grandma
@Nzall ok that's ridiculous lol
12:34 PM
The app looks like it was put together by a bunch of interns
@Memor-X Song of Fire and Ice has bestiality? Is that also shown in GoT?
also, I didn't know SoIaF had that kind of stuff. I knew it had rape and incest, but zoophilia?
@Nzall from what i heard from a couple of guys when i worked at Rivers. there's a scene in the series where a guy "prepares" his wife to be for marriage by setting her up to be gang raped. in the books the same scene has an animal and the step son getting involved
it was a conversation about how with all the bitching of the content in the TV series it's a lot more tamer than what's in the books
I haven't yet read SoIaF. Sounds interesting
I mean, there aren't that many SFF authors that have the guts to write bestiality into a non-smut story
@Nzall From what I've heard it's about 300 pages per book of detailled food
Haven't read it myself tho
@Jutschge how to cook a hot stew when you're a White Walker
Top 25 tips for cooking Dragons Eggs by Daenerys Targaryen
12:41 PM
@John We all knew it was going to happen someday
@Wipqozn wait, did you kill john in the last half day?
12:55 PM
Q: Game does not start (0xc000007b error)

Nemgathos“Rome: Total War” does not start. Every time I try to start it, I always get the 0xc000007b error message. I have tried several solutions, but none of them has worked so far. I have tried these solutions and I have also tried the aio runtime package, but nothing has worked so far. I have restart...

1:06 PM
@Wipqozn @DanmakuGrazer posted the answer
@Wipqozn Same.
Q: Does your team rating get taken into account in FUTs opponent selection?

dlyIn FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) you can select players from different skill levels and leagues and people usually use the best players they can get their hands on, which of course makes sense. But what happens if you select only players from your own or favorite team from a lower division, where all...

@StrixVaria Yeah it's pretty epic
@Memor-X thanks
1:21 PM
I just noticed arqade has a "private" chatroom for the devs and consultants of a specific game. I'm kinda confused by it.
Is that supposed to be a thing? It looks very much like ArQade endorses the game that way.
I mean, meh
You're a long, epic thing
I don't think it even has limited participation
It's not like a group of 20 rep users using chat.SE specifically and only for this
I'm not even sure it's a commercial project
1:38 PM
@TheMattbat999 you might already be aware but you can't make private chatrooms on SE, if you do want a private place to chat I'd recommend making a discord server.
How do you even get to chat anymore?I don't see a link to it on the main site
Oh, there it is
Hahahaha, of course
@Sterno you go to mattbatt's profile, see currently in rooms and open that
@Sterno you type "c" in google chrome and go to the first suggestion
1:49 PM
@Unionhawk I just type out the full url because I only open chat in incognito at work =p
I have google chrome enterprise edition that lacks incognito and I do not fear death
ok, so apparently the game which is trying to yuri-bait me is worse than fucken scum. there is this silhouette image with very NSFW Text and it's been stolen from this suggestive gif which i think is actually a guy and girl
I log in via google for chat but also for work stuff so incognito gives me two chrome sessions sidebyside basically =p
> US lawmaker who called out Star Wars Battlefront 2 lays out plans for anti-loot box law
@fredley Why is there even a bloody consortium dedicated to emojis...
1:52 PM
Q: Why is basing while at base removed?

NaeWhy is Bing while in base is removed from the game? I think it was a good strategy to double base when you were either almost totally out of hp or mana.

@Arperum there isn't, there's a consortium dedicated to unicode, of which emoji are a small part
@KevinvanderVelden sets fire to emojis
@uni code
sets fire to @uni
@Lazers2.0 They wanted you to use google. Bing is bad.
1:54 PM
@Unionhawk "The @UniCode", the new bestseller by Dan Brown, starring @UniKitty
throws @KevinvanderVelden onto the @uni fire

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