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10:00 PM
@Sterno Mortal Kombat featured that (can't remember whixh one exactly I saw it in)
@Sterno It's less demanding of your time after the prologue. Save points become pretty common things after that.
Thomas goes to the X-Games
@Sterno You ever play King of Dragon Pass?
only a little
@Sterno I recently started playing it again. Struck me as something you'd enjoy.
10:04 PM
I got the mobile version. I can never pull off Hero Questing.
I've got it on my phone. It's in a weird place for me. It's a little too light for what I want out of a PC game and a little too heavy for what I want out of a mobile game
The gods are fickle and angry.
And allying with the duck people never pays off.
"I know we're a balanced tribe, but can't help but notice we haven't attacked anybody in a while." SO ANGRY.
"You should invest your magic in X this year." X never pays off.
"So I know we're allied and we've been trading partners for many seasons now but WAR."
It's an intriguingly complicated game.
Would have loved something like a Civ-type spinoff.
@Maximillian Duck people are so weird
GOG upddated to the remastered version 8 hours ago
that was unexpected
10:23 PM
@Ash So I just came across someone calling the ability to see various parallel universes "fanfiction-vision" and it amused me.
@Memor-X "Yo shorty, it's your birthday"
Q: I saved Redd and Greyson. Now what?

badpI'm stuck on the north end of the ground floor: There doesn't seem to be any way out. Well, there is, except for the fact that it is blocked off. Where is the rest of the game?

@Lazers2.0 @badp Game over. Do not collect $200.
10:51 PM
@Yuuki Nice
11:06 PM
@Yuuki Fun fact: you actually get this as a message if you die on turn 1 of NetHack
@quartata rarely happens though
I've only had it happen legitimately once when I thought 11 dex was enough to mount my pony
@Frank this looks great
it looks like a triumph
I'm making a note here: huge success
Haven't seen around in...forever.
I waste my time while working watching Twitch now instead of chatting, usually
I got to escort some ISP techs around today.
Our internet sucked, so they had to replace bits.
11:36 PM
Fun stuff.
And apparently one of our computers is using a ton of bandwidth.
So...we probably have a virus or something we'll need to kill.
@Frank You know the best solution, it involves nuking and orbits.
@Arperum Likely, but it's not my call.
We contract a third party to manage our network.
Q: Glitches in Max Payne on Modern Windows 10 PC

Camouflaged CowWhile playing Max Payne (on Steam) with my modern gaming PC, I am getting a few glitches while playing the game. During some of the in-game cutscenes, characters get stuck on stairs and won't progress until it fixes itself after 30 seconds. Max Payne also flies down stairs or inclines. There are...

11:59 PM
@Frank That's most definitely the Portal sequel we're all waiting for

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