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12:03 AM
Q: Config.jsn file keeps resetting to default on my Unturned 3.0 Server

Liam The GreatI'm not sure when exactly this happens, but it does pretty often. It gets really annoying having to go change everything back to the way I want it almost every time I play. Can anyone help me?

Q: Cat invite anyone to be my friend

Ferretsaurus FerretI cant invite anyone someone, it says select all but there's nothing there someone please help me

@GodEmperorDune I dunno but there better be Doritos available when I go to Wendy's tomorrow.
12:19 AM
Whew, it's cold outside.
@badp The one with blood on it is the orbital.
oh boy
likely snow storm on wed-thur-friday
I now remember why I stopped playing this game
@badp afterbirth plus?
the pic is from AB+ yes
12:25 AM
Where is your character?
probably damage-blinking
I have relatively excellent news for you
one of the challenges in AB+ is April Fools, where the items change every time you re-enter a room
that should make it much easier to finish your collection
it does have item rooms, too
ooh cool
I mean
I thought challenges didn't count for achievements, not even the item collection part
except for the fact that the item you get is completely different from the one you see on the floor
lol, for some reason I'm farting a bajilion coins on hit
and those are actually random pickups
that are more often than not health
that's the only way I could finish the bloat in the basement 1
worst boss is worst
12:31 AM
@badp @Wipqozn is in the game?
@GodEmperorDune not Wipqozn is
> Ashley has read 5 of 200 books.
@Ash Well you're off to a good start
Q: What is a good strategy for defeating groups of Galvanades?

VemonusI just entered Costlemark Tower (recommended level 55) with a level 56 Noctis, 53 Gladiolus and Ignis, and 52 Prompto, thinking I'd be okay. However, as soon as I got to the second encounter, I very quickly realized that I will not be okay. This dungeon is chock full of Galvanades, which cut ...

oh my god
12:35 AM
Boo. My gloss black base dried out.
@badp So wait, is Afterbirth+ a separate DLC from Afterbirth?
@Wipqozn That I am :)
@badp Ah, okay. I wasn't sure if it was a full expansion, or just something that would automatically be added to Afterbirth.
It's both a significant expansion, plus the addition of built-in mod support
12:40 AM
something tells me this challenge is going to get patched soon
unless the item is real bad
You should turn on Found HUD so you can see your actual stats
One day I'll play more than 30 minutes of binding of isaac
That's one game I've never figured out the appeal of
@murgatroid99 oh it's actually built-in now?
12:46 AM
the numbers on screen are accurate btw
No. Bad Allrecipes, bad.
@badp Yes. That's why it's called "found". It's not missing anymore
@Yuuki everything is better with chicken broth
I got 1001% recently in Afterbirth, with ~420 total hours in the game
@Ash I get it, I just don't have the time for it. Always something else to play.
12:50 AM
@murgatroid99 pls
@Yuuki oh god
@murgatroid99 that sounds like misery
I got the last achievement while on an airplane
@Wipqozn That's fair. It just doesn't gel with me :)
I drew the line at the garbage shopkeeper
12:50 AM
@Sterno For the record I'm really pleased you barely touched shadow tactis and I've gotten over 20 hours from it
I want to make a lemon meringue pie without the meringue.
@badp I actually kind of like keeper, after playing about 40 runs with him
So basically a lemon filling pie, I guess.
@Yuuki so a lemon pie?
@Yuuki So....lemon pie.
12:51 AM
to take to a lemon party?
Fuck everything about that the keeper
@GodEmperorDune GET OUT
@GodEmperorDune ....annnnnd you ruined it XD
@GodEmperorDune I've seen images and they look more like lemon-flavored pie.
@murgatroid99 I can't even savescum him to victory
12:51 AM
With like a flour-y/doughy filling rather than gel-like.
I suspect I'll have about 25 hours of playtime when I finish the final mission. I could probably double or triple that if I took the time to get all the badges, but I've pretty much had my full of the game at this point. Well worth the money.
@arda dot dot dot ecks dee
He takes two hits in under a second in between two tears at his garbage fire rate and it's back to the start faster than I can process what happened
He's so shit I can't savescum him
@Yuuki Something like this?
12:53 AM
I did manage to get him through boss rush
and mom's heart
maybe Isaac?
In a single hyper lucky run
but I just tire to reroll until the stars align
so yes I can't get him past level 3 in most runs even with the wooden nickel
@Ash That looks nice but I wonder how I can make my own lemon extract...
One thing that really helps is that he can abuse sacrifice rooms pretty early
That lets you get a lot of Angel rooms, which are better because it's so painful to give up HP
@GodEmperorDune Man everyone really seems to hate lemon parties. You guys are weird.
12:56 AM
I did scum a little by accident to beat the dark room
@Wipqozn clearly you are a lemon party aficionado
@GodEmperorDune Yeah man I'm all about them lemon parties
It's possible I'm just desperate for stars though
@Wipqozn you have exquisite taste in citrus
In all seriosness though lemons are actually pretty lame
They're too sour
@Wipqozn you're more of a salt person, i take it
1:00 AM
I do like me some lemonade, but not a fan of lemon pie
@GodEmperorDune I prefer chocolate.
Q: Will dismantling year 1 Thorn give me the schematic?

IG_42I've just managed to get an Xbox One to play year 3 content and I've heard that dismantling a year 1 Gjallarhorn will give you a schematic that let's you build the year 3 version. Can the same be done with a year 1 Thorn to save all the palaver with the exotic bounty or do I have to do it the ol...

1:13 AM
Q: How to make NEI use the give command

EliterOn a server, I do not have operator status. However, I do have permission to use the Bukkit Essentials ("essentials.*"), so I can give myself stuff and change gamemode. Creative search is too slow for me, and using NEI is way better. Is there a way to bypass this issue? I was thinking of configu...

oh man i didn't read my email and forgot to hype twitch.tv/twobugs
@Wipqozn In comparison to what? Of the citruses, they tend to be the best.
Mandarins are close, I guess.
@Yuuki oranges are the best
@GodEmperorDune Oranges are descended from mandarins. Clearly mandarins are better.
Especially given that mandarins are the only sweet fruit of the citrus progenitors.
@Yuuki wat
you must have weird texas oranges that aren't sweet
1:21 AM
@Yuuki Pomelo is nice. Grapefruit is so overrated
> of the citrus progenitors
@Yuuki you and your fancy thinkin werds
> According to molecular studies, the mandarin, the citron, the pomelo, and the papeda were the ancestors of most other commercial citrus varieties, through breeding or natural hybridization; mandarins are therefore all the more important as the only sweet fruit among the parental species.
@Wipqozn lemonade, lemon pie, I just like lemons.
Now I want to make my lemon bundt cake.
@badp where is the MLEM?
1:30 AM
@GodEmperorDune in my heart
@badp @twobugs has cured the MLEM
2:03 AM
@Wipqozn I'll play it eventually (probably) but I'm pretty heavy into Path of Exile right now
and Overwatch
Q: How to give a certain mob levitation if it is in a 6-block radius?

Just Some Guy(I have the scoreboard set up, use "Levi" for it in comments) Example: I hold a stick. All creepers in a 6 block radius around would get Levitation until I stop holding the diamond or (Optional) they leave the 6-block vicinity. I want to hold an item, give the set mob type mobs in my radius Lev...

OK, that April's Fool challenge was really easy with those golden hearts
2:21 AM
just making sure, there's been no more XKCD What Ifs since "Flood Death Valley" right?
i thought there was one about making the longest english name out of Element Abbreviation but i only see "Flood Death Valley"
Q: Binding of Isaac Afterbirth + Won't start

Kevin LWhenever I try to launch The Binding of Isaac Rebirth: Afterbirth+, the game immediately crashes. How to I start Afterbirth+?

2:53 AM
Q: Help with Disney Infinity character not saving

ToddMy girlfriend bought an DI 3.0 for a family xmas gift and we picked up a few used characters to mess around in the Toy Box games. One was Jack Sparrow. My GF and her daughter shared owenership of the figure. The daughter leveled her up to 6 on her account. They then went into the Toy Box battle ...

Hey, any edit reviewers-- I'm worried this edit will get approved. I did some googling and this isn't a real rank.
3:10 AM
Q: How to tag “Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+”?

pinckermanI just found this question asking about new DLC of Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, which is called Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+. The old DLC was tagged as boi-afterbirth so I tagged this one as boi-afterbirth+ but I'm not sure how to treat the "+" sign. Is boi-afterbirth+ correct? Should I rename i...

Q: im a pay to play player in team fortress 2 but i still cant trade?

JC SequeiraI've played tf2 for a while now. 4 years to be exact. Until my old steam account got to slow to operate, so I made a new one. I got a starter crate for each class to start me off, because I heard in order to trade, you must be a pay to play player. So I went to my old computer, to start my old ac...

@Lazers2.0 Is this available on anything beyond Steam?
3:42 AM
Q: Ice wizard attacking defending clan castle troops

CeleritasI'm preparing for war (TH 9) and I've found great success with GoWiPe (2x Golem, 3 Pekka, 6 skeletons and rest wizards). So I figured I'd try replacing wizards with ice wizards (as they cost so much less). However, when I was doing some challenges it didn't appear the ice wizards were shooting at...

That was from their "DLC free" link so I assume it's not just a steam key
4:01 AM
Not sure why that BoIA+ question is getting downvoted so hard, tbh.
Because doesn't Steam do the thing for you? It's done the thing for pretty much every game I've encountered
@Ash Yeah, but I've had games fail to launch through Steam before.
Fair, but the solution just seems weird because the solution seems to be "let Steam do the thing it does"
and since it is a self answer, its going to get more scrutiny
4:20 AM
Whale Swallows an Entire School of Fish https://t.co/sgZ6C0xRyz
I don't know why I like this so much
RIP feesh
As it turns out, schooling is no defense when your opponent is literally a whale
@Ash would be news worthy if fish was some new age slang for children
@Unionhawk whale is just like "oh good my dinner is all in one spot"
It's way more efficient that way tbh
speaking of whales made me remember this
4:24 AM
Meanwhile, I'm trying to remember all of the things I did to make this work
As it turns out, it's hard to document "install packages until suddenly my code works"
(this is, basically how I did it)
@Unionhawk just say they are all dependencies and install all of them
I don't remember what I installed
vs what came with python
vs what could use pip vs what needed an apt-get
@Sterno Is Wrath the same as Rebirth?
I can't find anything for Rebirth there.
5:18 AM
I'm watching season 1 ST:TNG and Worf actually seems mentally handicapped in this season
Like, Riker shoots a rock, and Worf jumps out, points his phaser at the rock, and says "Drop your weapons!" because he thought somehow an enemy did that.
Q: Did The Witness betray us with Yellow puzzle 4 in Marsh?

wetjoshLast night I finally got to the point where I just had to cheat in The Witness. The answer (provided by IGN's Walkthrough) sent me through the roof. Does anyone else feel betrayed by Yellow Puzzle 4? Where were we taught that we could manipulate the shapes in this manner? My spouse pointed out th...

1 hour later…
6:26 AM
Q: Ff15 cid bug won't take my items

DylanWhat do you do if cid won't even take your items to upgrade ? He just makes remarks and complains that his back hurts

6:41 AM
@Ash because that whale is an omega badass?
@Sterno season 1 is pretty bad
@GodEmperorDune whales just make me happy
@Ash have you watched star trek 4 yet? if not, you should
@GodEmperorDune I have! That was one of the first movies we watched when I started getting into Star Trek, for that reason!
@Ash its so good
7:06 AM
I liked it a lot
7:28 AM
Q: http://fornatgaex.com/test-x-360/

VSESDYOTest X 360 The best exercise is recognized as the Side Lunge however it can be performed with a barbell OR dumbbells. But I'm not going getting you do the NORMAL side lunge.that exercise forces you use lighter weights anyone don't strain your joints. This version creates more resistance and, the...

7:44 AM
@badp have you figured out what on earth the starting item of the new character does? I have used it a few times yesterday, but never saw any result.
crap, i didn't expect this
I'm a microsoft student partner for another year
@arda that's good, isn't it?
your buddy satya returns your calls
Q: FTL: What happens to my boarding party if the enemy ship surrenders?

stack_horstIn Faster than Light, if I still have crew members on the enemy ship when they surrender: What happens to my boarding crew members if I accept the offer from the enemy ship?

I'm against online spying and stuff, didn't even boot to windows for months now, and I'm even moving my mail away from microsoft
and I even edited the application video in kdenlive on ubuntu
microsoft is becoming less about windows and more about people using their languages and their cloud
7:52 AM
@Sterno That's a different game.
8:14 AM
Q: Looking for an older first or third person 'evolution' combat game

Thorn BrierIn the early 2000's I had a demo CD (from a computer game magazine) which contained a portion of a game that I thought was called Evo or EVO Warriors, or something like that, but I can't seem to find it anywhere online. I've been searching on again off again for years. What I know: It was either...

Q: Call of Duty Zombies; Is Juggernog or Widow's Wine statistically more useful?

Thecheater887I'm a fan of both Juggernog and Widow's Wine, however, assuming I can only carry four perks, in multiplayer, it would usually be Juggernog, Double Tap, Speed Cola, and Mule Kick. In solo, it would usually be Juggernog, Double Tap, Speed Cola, Quick Revive. Assuming Widow's Wine is just as access...

@Arperum haven't dared play him
He's probably worse than the keeper and I can't even
@badp The april's fools challenge is utter bullshit.
@Arperum it isn't all that bad
@badp Seems to be low damage, normal hp rules and a weird item I don't know about.
Some challenges are much more bullshit
8:25 AM
I liked my try with the pong challenge
I cleared the boss rush with the pong challenge
because I found toxic aura which were supposed to obliterate most rooms on entry
Toxic aura didn't obliterate most rooms on entry
Two bullshit bosses in a row ended me
Apparently golden hearts don't work in the womb?
I accidentally started a greed run with the new character, it ended with ~15 of those immortal walking big guys running around and me having barely damage and two spawn portals. all on the first floor. greed mode got significantly harder.
Oh god no
Why must every new character be less fun than the next
@badp this is just greed mode, would have murdered every single character. it was just new possible waves.

Proposed Q&A site for people who need to know opinions of the members of the site. For researchers and truth seekers. If the question is asked well, the answer is objective and objectively correct. "That you have an opinion is not opinion based."

Closed before being launched.

8:30 AM
new possible waves of 8 or so immortal guys is stupid though, especially if you have had no chance at all to buy anyting yet.
eh, a higher damage character wouldn't have gotten to this point
Q: How does Gunzerker perform a melee attack? Which controls for xbox 360?

RoyalPain9000I am playing as Gunzerker on Borderlands II. I need to collect Bullymong hair for the Bad Hair Day level and it requires I finish off a Bullymong with a melee attack. How does Gunzerker perform a melee attack? I am using Xbox 360. Which controls do I use?

@badp I think even azazel and judas would have a ridiculously hard time.
oh okay the 8 guys SPAWNED with the two portals?
wtf Edmund
azazel might have been required to go hiding over rocks.
8:31 AM
I need arda to make a bad mod and just remove the bullshit from the game
@badp I don't know what spawned together with the portals or immortal swarm, at that point I was trying to run away from the swarm that had build up already.
It was also late at night, so I don't perfectly remember.
@GodEmperorDune only microsoft thing I use is C# and that's through monodevelop, not visual studio. I also don't use azure anymore. I killed my last instance last week, it used to host a chatbot for anime.se
It was a stupid hard greedmode anyway. And the immortal masses were what did me in.
if I could have whittled away the swarms, and every now and then get a shot at the spawners, it would have been doable. But having immortal nonsense chase you down in masses is stupid.
"we'll notify you when the price for this movie drops"
(two years later)
"the price of Brave just dropped"
"we'll notify you when a movie on your wishlist becomes available"
@badp That's a special type of pricedrop.
8:43 AM
I am so happy I didn't just pirate it or anything
my patience has truly been rewarded
I will certainly buy more movies in the future
support the industry
2 hours later…
10:18 AM
Q: Please help me install this game

KennyKillswitchHowzit guys quick one (hopefully) I bought fallout new vegas recently (retail) and decided to install it today. Ill cut right to it. I dont have wifi I used my phones data to register the game and then tried to install the game via disc, however, when I do this the game shoots to steam downloads ...

1 hour later…
11:25 AM
@Arperum wat
the item room had a pile of poo in it.
11:47 AM
@badp What the hell?
Have you seen any effect of the item yet?
@Arperum I spoiled myself
I have not looked up spoilers yet, plan to not do so for a bit.
@Arperum so why are you asking me if I know? :P
it's probably not the sort of thing you can easily figure out on your own
@badp That's different from going to a wiki. Sort of shared misery thing.
meanwhile a wheel of fortune just spawned two slots
11:52 AM
everything is weird.
@badp That looks like a terrible room.
uh apparently they all do?
1 min ago, by Arperum
everything is weird.
@Arperum oh nevermind, that's an item I picked up
yay, drama time, apparently one of the janitors on school is a pedo
12:13 PM
Gold top hat get
12:26 PM
I'm just strolling around, but isn't General Arqade chat wherein we get hyped for 2016 part 2 a bit outdated?
Q: How many points per heart in stardew valley?

nocturnalDoes anyone know how many points you need to get to the next heart? I kinda want to try and calculate how many times I need to give gifts to people for the next heart.

@Glorfindel nope, @badp decided 2016 was never going to end and we just keep getting more 2016. This is the 2nd 2016
12:45 PM
@Glorfindel if it still is 2016 in our hearts, what does it matter if those bloody experts claims 2016 ended four days ago?
@KevinvanderVelden low energy? that is so 2015
this is 2016 and the only acceptable energy is HIGH ENERGY! YUGE ENERGY! THE BIGGEST ENERGY!
Good old monstercat
@Glorfindel Worst case it's just an off-by-one error.
room topic changed to The Bridge: General Arqade chat wherein we get hyped for 2017, the much anticipated sequel to 2016 [+hats] [+murder] [+wrong] [-2016] [jin-fanclub] [lazers]
1:01 PM
"much anticipated"
we should have just died in 2012 when we had the chance
Idk I kind of liked 2014
@arda @GodEmperorDune
le sigh, my coffee mug is empty
Well, while I'm waiting for the profiler to start, I guess I can go refill it.
@MBraedley Can you grab me a cup too?
1:15 PM
@BlueBarren No
@MBraedley okay :(
The beer coozie and red Solo cups seem a little on-the-nose. https://twitter.com/thehill/status/816621730961772544
ugh, the profiler makes things soooo slooooooow!
Well there's your problem, turn off the profiler and it's fast again! You don't need a profiler to tell you that
1:40 PM
I always forget how helpful Microsoft's community websites are
Q: Someone is trying to hack into my ps4 account!

JessI have secured my account with 2 step verification because months ago I was hacked and whoever it was, deactivated my ps4 as the primary Now I need the 2 step verification code to get into my ps4 account, which is great.. Until my phone starts going off saying someone else is trying to get in!! I...

2:00 PM
@Lazers2.0 really?
you're going to post on here about someone trying to hack your account?
if you need to tell someone about it go contact playstation support
@GnomeSlice I've probably listened to this for a million times now
@BlueBarren why not? It's a crap question but I can see how they got here
Really this is more of a rant than a question, but why shouldn't people ask about account security stuff?
@Ash to me it's more about the immediateness of OP's problem
if he feels he's being hacked right now he should be contacting playstation support
So I joined a mod's development team and also their discord server... I just found out that someone from our school is a fan of the mod, and is also in discord.
That's kinda unsettling though, because the face I show to IRL people is very different from the one I show to online ones.
@arda I usually only act differently between my family and everyone else
2:15 PM
I have three facades: The nicest person you're ever going to meet (well not really, but that's the one I show here), the biggest troll ever, and a wall. Troll one is what I use on discord, so entering the server with a name of "roaç" and then finding someone whom I've only shown the wall is rather confusing. I'm not sure what I should do.
I say you keep up the troll and if it ever comes up deny it was you
Q: Cannot start game on primary monitor with Steam

MyDaftQuestionsI'm trying to play Fallout 4. It used to work fine on this machine, but have since reformatted and reinstalled. The issue is, it always appears on my right side monitor (I have 3 monitors). The centre monitor is primary. I have read Can I tell Steam which monitor to open a game on? and so went...

My company bought some of these and hung them up and it makes me sad.
@Sterno Burn the office down and become a hermit?
@Sterno with posters like that how can you not feel motivated?
2:26 PM
Are they actually lenticular with the other image just reading OBEY?
Meaningless platitudes? Check!
Obscenely high cost of $36 per poster? Check!
Advertisement for the selling website right on the poster? Check!
@Sterno The site and the fact this happened are both hilarious
On the plus side when you tell your kids to take their vitamins and they complain at least you can say that you got yours
isn't code not suppose to execute out of order?
Depends on the language
2:36 PM
like it's all sequency
That (assuming single threaded) should be in order
I don't think C# allows reordering of things
(C++ does allow it if it can prove that it won't change the end result)
it's weird
(So you can reorder a+=1, b+=1, a+=1 to a+=2,b+=1)
I use the debugger and go through step by step and everything runs as you'd expect
I run it without breaking
and it seems to do the last thing near the beginning
But regardless, unless you're doing multithreading (in which case lock is your friend) it'll be fine
2:40 PM
@BlueBarren Executing out of order can allow for much faster execution. So much so that not just compilers will do it, but CPUs as well.
well I don't think I'm multithreading (you're making me question myself) so I don't know what's going on
@MBraedley that's not something you'd notice in a debugger though
Or... at all
I doubt it would reorder in Debug mode.
also shouldn't it not be happening unless I do something special?
No, but in a debugger, you're probably executing in order.
@BlueBarren It's a compiler flag in C++. Not sure in C#, but it'd be a project setting at the very least.
2:41 PM
I was talking about CPU reordering in that last bit
@BlueBarren no, making the program faster is default compiler behaviour (in release mode)
man I'm confused now
Anyway, is there even a problem you're experiencing?
@KevinvanderVelden Yeah, CPU reordering might happen in debug. It's free to reorder subroutines.
"It's doing it in a different order from what I expected" isn't a problem unless that comes to the wrong results
my program is trying to read a file before I add a drive where that file is
but when I step through it adds the drive first
2:43 PM
Debug or release mode?
@BlueBarren In both instances?
Got code? It sounds extremely unlikely that it's a compiler bug
@MBraedley ooh good question
Sounds more like an async operation tbh
seems okay in release
I can show you code if you like?
2:44 PM
@BlueBarren Yeah, go ahead.
Q: The witness desert ruin flooded basement last water reflection puzzle?

KalyanamKiran so i'm stuck here in the last puzzle in flooded basement of desert ruin. as u can observe below [see image] i can only see part of the solution, is it possible find the remaining part from a different angle or do i need to guess the remaining part?

Q: Gunner artillery fire

GusI'm playing on "normal" difficulty and am about level 30. When I an in combat with gunner faction, I frequently get hit with artillery - I can hear the middle incoming and then the world turns to flame. Are gunners supposed to have artillery support? If so how can I keep from being insta-kil...

        string machine = "PCName";
        string uriOut = @"\\" + machine + @"\d$\Folder1\Folder2";
        var removeDrive = new ProcessStartInfo
            FileName = "cmd.exe",
            Arguments = @"/C net use z: /delete /y && ECHO Success",
            UseShellExecute = false,
            WindowStyle = ProcessWindowStyle.Hidden
        if (Directory.Exists("Z:"))
                //Process.Start("cmd.exe", @"/K net use z: /delete /y");
that last writeline in my last catch is executing first when I run without breaks
Process.Start isn't going to halt execution until that process is done.
So that definitely looks to be multi-threaded to me. You're starting a process, which by definition runs in its own thread.
What they said
2:48 PM
now I feel kind of dumb
@BlueBarren You're going to want to keep a variable of that process and make sure you join it before you try reading.
yeah now that I know what I'm doing wrong I'm sure I can figure it out
Oh sorry.
2:50 PM
no need to apologize
I'll definitely look into what you were saying
@Yuuki this is fun
Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck, how does anyone drink espresso without literally dying??!!
@Yuuki beginner puzzle 4 has me confused...
@MBraedley pay attention to the bottom row, left hint
Assuming you got the top row already, that threw me a bit
Oh, that's a forward slash. Stupid me
Q: Help with Visual Errors in Fallout 4:

Tyler WeaverI recently upgraded my computer to play steam games in better quality. Whenever I play fallout 4 the character starts with square rainbow colored skin. There is also severe asset glitching making it impossible to see anything in-game and leaving me feeling ill. I've tried reinstalling twice and ...

2:59 PM
@Yuuki I can drink without literally dying, but I still die a little bit inside, figuratively.

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