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12:11 AM
I'd be lying if I said this didn't get hard to watch near the end.
Okay this is the best version of the plum poem meme:
This is just to say I have eaten the plums they were my plums totally mine and which you will probably say (lying!) were yours Fake news they were impressive so huge and so mine and I never ate them there never were any plums
boo, I keep forgetting this doesn't preserve line breaks
@GodEmperorDune @Ash Whoo, out of Ronin after a weekend!
Well, I think I started this one on Thursday, so a weekend plus a few days.
Nicely done
@TimStone I gotta say, "This Is Just To Say" becoming a meme makes me so happy
There was liberal use of the genie bottle, asking for the ability to drink better than other people (Ode to Booze).
12:25 AM
@Ash hue
@Yuuki you don't have ode permed yet?
@GodEmperorDune Nope.
I don't do AT runs often.
And I think I'm going to perm a 120-MP Hobopolis skill this AT run.
i ascend a lot, very quickly, so most of that stuff is already permed and runs are quick
My fastest ascension to date is a 6 day run.
12:26 AM
then i try something like zombie slayer and turngen is so bad and i hate it
Although I haven't really tried going super fast recently since I'm currently going for the Pocket Square.
unless i screw something up, i can consistently hit a 4 day hardcore standard
i think that might get blown up because of spleen next year though
if that happens, i'll do the math to see if superfast boris or ed runs will net more karma than slower standard runs with the karma bonus
@GodEmperorDune it says I'm blocked??
I told her & she said β€œmaybe I’ll be more famous than Jane Austen!”
Odd choice but okay.
I don't even know who that is
12:31 AM
@cazc_941 You should acquire some more sense and sensibility.
Why would I be blocked lol
He blocked me on twitter
@cazc_941 that's weird lol
Maybe I retweeted something at some point he didn't like?
12:42 AM
@GodEmperorDune I ascend pretty slooooowly
@Ash it's all about playing kol how it gives you the most enjoyment
i play kol like an incremental
How do you speed up stuff like the Frat War and the godawful stupidity that is the Twin Peak?
The machine learning spell check in Google Docs is infuriating sometimes. No, I didn't mean "alot". I also didn't mean "once in awhile". Stop suggesting those stupid things.
@cazc_941 you're most likely being hit by a followers of x blocklist
@Ash frat war is about doing the side quests
each side quest double the number of people you kill on the battlefield
12:47 AM
@GodEmperorDune I know but even those take me a while
I'm really just shitty at optimization
generally, frat is faster than hippy
kolwiki has all the specifics but here are some tips
for the bomb making guy, you need to fight the lobsterfrogmen
regular brain is fighting on the beach until they show up
expanded brain is equipping things that make it more likely for them to show up (since its mostly noncombats on the beach, anything that makes monsters more attracted to you helps)
cosmic/galaxy brain is using monster duplication to copy lobsterfrogmen and fight them while you are doing other quests
monster duplication is generally IOTM stuff, like using the fax machine to summon them or putting them in the chateau de montagna's painting slot
Ah :)
for the concert where you have to pass out flyers, you need to "flyer" a certain large number of monster levels
so if you flyer a monster that is level 50, it takes 50 off the ML left (and you can sorta get a rough estimate of that by looking at the percentage that changes when you use the flyer)
regular brain is going somewhere you can easily kill monsters and flyering them
expanded brain is wearing equipment that increases the levels of the monsters you're facing (+ Monster Level gear), so each monster (and turn spent fighting) takes more percentage off
cosmic brain is wearing ML gear and flyering monsters that you already have to beat for other quests, basically getting progress in multiple quests for a single turn
galaxy brain is summoning the guy made of bees and flyering him
This sounds haaaard
because GMOB has a super high monster level and flyering him will complete all the progress for the concert
guy made of bees is less hard than the others
because once you flyer him, quest is done even if you lose the fight
the junkyard thing is using the magnet to pull the tools when the monsters do specific attacks
1:02 AM
@Unionhawk lol? What the fuck does that mean cause I follow someone he doesn't like?
Lmao somebody that close minded I don't want to look at tweets of anyway πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
@cazc_941 yes
Is that a real thing or are you kidding
however not all the monsters in each zone potentially have the tool
It's real
Lol ok
1:03 AM
@cazc_941 oh blockchain
Wheaton uses one for example
Guess I can't see the starred tweet then boo
@Unionhawk Wil Wheaton?
He's got a lot of people blocked
1:04 AM
How do you know
It's not a public list is it
@cazc_941 because what happens is that a toxic person will go "hey followers, go harass this account" and the followers will DM and reply spam the person
so with the blockchain, you block the toxic person and then automatically block anyone who follows the toxic person as well
@cazc_941 he has mentioned that he uses it
ok back to @ash with kol things
@GodEmperorDune It took me so long to learn what blockchain was in a twitter context
I was super confused for a while
Wil Wheaton uses Bitcoin to block followers of @DemSocialists (probably idk I haven't checked)
so you can use kolwiki to check if the monster you're fighting even carries the tool at all. if it doesn't, you can kill it quickly. there are some monsters like the AMC gremlin which never have any of the tools so you can banish them to make it more likely that you fight a monster that might hold the tools
I don't think any apps build it in yet
1:09 AM
once you fight a monster that might be holding the tool, you use something to make the monster weaker (delevel) and then use something like the dictionary item on it (which does nothing) and basically tank hits until the monster uses the tool (so use the magnet) or uses an attack that proves they don't have the tool
i think there are greasemonkey helper scripts for it
and kolmafia does helpful things there too
of the remaining island war side quests: for the nuns, use a lot of +meat equipment
if you have the meat vortex item, that will help as well
(but imo it takes too long and i almost never do it)
for the farm, there's not really a way to speed it up substantially
@GodEmperorDune that's fair
and pretty smart
for the produce stand, you need to wear +item equipment to try to get the scent glands to drop. If you are in a moxie class that can pickpocket, pickpocket is a good thing to do because it has a high percentage of getting the glands
I mean I am kinda content to just kinda piddle around with it as I have time
mostly because like...I never have the bits I need to + things enough
which is fine
you can farm the initial chamber as long as you want, but higher chambers need to have the scent active, so you have like 10 turns to get the next gland
if you can't get it, back to the lowest chamber
pickpocket or ed's lash of the cobra will almost always grab the gland in one or 2 turns, so you can do the whole sidequest super quick
@Ash the other thing that fast ascenders do is level up very quickly early in the run
so that later on when you have to kill turns (while waiting for a monster to show up or effect to run out) then you can go back and do the early quests super quickly
@GodEmperorDune yep and this frustrates me
1:19 AM
@Ash yeah that's why i wouldn't do that one unless you can almost guarantee it
starting the war on the frat side is better for that reason
for twin peak, (really all 3 of the peaks) there are things on each peak that help progress on the other peaks
oil peak you need to improve your ML to fight bigger oil monsters to drain oil faster
@GodEmperorDune the problem with Twin Peak is that I need stuff I don't have to get through it in any other way than blowing it up
@Ash which things?
Oh, well I blew it up this time
jar of oil? +item? +stench res? +init?
jar of oil you need to collect 12 crudes from oil peak and use them all at once
Stench and +item
1:23 AM
i will buy you a parrot
It didn't hlep that Boris doesn't like certain things
(like shirts, and other weapons)
but it's always hard
like I don't think I have ever done it without blowing it uo
if you can get the parrot familiar to 20 lbs and use its familiar equipment, that is 2 stench right there
oooooh thats helpful
1:26 AM
new shed-door animation is working flawlessly on the first try https://t.co/sG7sb3hV6V
(this is not helpful for boris, i know)
then the pine air freshner from the bat hole
does anyone know where i can look on Windows 10 to find out why it suddenly reset?
and maybe can of paint from the black market would get you to 4
like there was no message saying i needed to reset because of a windows update
Q: How to make Unbreakable tools in minecraft 17w48a (1.13 minecraft snapshot)?

LuigiteamI've tried the /give (yourname) minecraft:diamond_pickaxe 1 0 {Unbreakable:1} command and it doesn't work! I want to know if there is a way to get unbreakable tools in minecraft 17w48a Please!

1:32 AM
also @ash, i would recommend making the elemental resistance skills permanent when you get the karma for it because they help out a lot in these scenarios
(basically my character is born with +2 in most resistances, or +3 if they are a mysticality class)
@GodEmperorDune But eventually I will be not boris
@Ash oh elizabeth spookraven's necklace also gives you resistance
the "ghost of a necklace"
I think I have that
and you pretty much have to do that to get through the hidden city quest
Q: Game not launching (missing executable)

Camouflaged CowI am trying to play Quantum Break (on Steam), but whenever I launch the game, I get a missing executable error message. I checked the Quantum Break files and there isn't any .exe in the root folder. The _CommonRedist folders are also empty. Under "data", the config and timelinerec folders don't ...

1:49 AM
> dress up in War Hippy Fatigues
> go to Mysterious Island
> first adventure, start the war
@Yuuki daaaaaaang
@GodEmperorDune Thanks to MP/adv, I pretty much have Smooth Movements on permanently.
i've loaded myself with a ton of -combat but never had it start that soon
idea: a cat fancying show with multiple-award-winning cats, and judges who know absolutely fuck all about cat breeds "I like that one, he's orange and soft" "nah, sorry, she looks really grumpy" "this one made a cute noise, we have a winner"
@Ash from what i hear, this is what happened the first few years with the dog show that they air in the US
it was "host that knows nothing about dogs making jokes and asking obvious questions to the stone faced expert"
1:58 AM
"why are they lifting the dog's feet up?" "to look at the paws"
apparently there was one dog that was super fluffy
and the judges were like digging through the fluff
host: "what are they looking for"
expert: "the dog's eyes so they can see how far apart they are"
host: "well if they only find one eye then they've got the wrong end"
@GodEmperorDune snorts
@GodEmperorDune So I checked my Quest Log and apparently there was something related to the Bank of KoL regarding 5 million meat. And turns out, they've been liquidating and I don't recall getting a message from them.
@Yuuki wat
i'll check mine
@GodEmperorDune shrug
2:11 AM
maybe this is a crimbo thing?
No, the Bank of KoL is a player account.
then how is it in your quest log
In my notes.
They would take large-quantity meat deposits (IIRC, minimum was 1 million meat) and then return it later with interest.
2:12 AM
and this was 5 million meat when 5 million meat meant something
RIP your fortune
I think so? I don't recall.
Eh, they were fairly trustworthy and I sent them a message.
Q: Is there a database of the box contents for different versions of NES games?

entpnerdI've recently become interested in collecting old NES games. I'm trying to find an original NES Legend of Zelda game CIB. However, I'm having trouble distinguishing different versions of the game. All of the LOZ games have a box, owner's manual, cartridge, sleeve, styrofoam, and a map with secret...

i read somewhere that the mall price of Mr. A's have fluctuated with about how much meat one can earn in a month
and as powercreep and meatfarming opportunities have expanded, Mr. A's have gone up in price
Yeah, I think I deposited that meat back when Mr. A's were around 3 million?
They're 26 million now, jeez.
they'll hit 30 million if its a really desirable IOTM
2:15 AM
I still need to buy that Spring Break charter.
but the past year are about 25 million
80 million, damn.
i wish i bought the conspirary island charter
I did, whoo!
Although I only bought one for myself.
Slightly less whoo.
I have all the charters except Spring Break, which is the least useful IIRC.
i started playing that month (well actually i had an account waaaaaaaaay back in the day but it and the associated email address no longer exist so yeah) but didn't put money into it until the following month
spring break is goddamn annoying
their quest resets are stupid
2:18 AM
You guys are so fancy compared to me :P
anyway i told myself i would just buy a mr. a and sell it on the market ot pick up the charter
but by the time i did Ed had hit and the prices shot through the goddamned roof
and i didn't understand at the time that 100 mil for it would actually be quite reasonable
i did invest good in the deck of every card though
and in the volcano charter
@Yuuki You have anything to finish before reset tomorrow?
@Fluttershy Just raid boss.
Or Nightfall with 5+ minutes for Rat King.
@Yuuki If you can find a group, I'd run a raid. I've not had any luck finding one myself. :(
I'm a marketing genius, so I announced this right before a US holiday, but the Steam store page for SpyParty is up! As it says on the page, it will be available for purchase Soonβ„’ http://store.steampowered.com/app/329070/SpyParty/ In the meantime, here's our fancy new trailer cut: https://t.co/VZHjd5pfwI
2:31 AM
I think this is the first ascension that I've finished the level 11 quest just barely after hitting level 12.
Normally, I'm either 3/4s to level 13 or already level 13 when I'm done.
@Yuuki I'd also give you a hand with this one if we could find a 3rd.
Just hear me out ok, Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is a metaphor for opensource software.
Ascension? Is this Nethack?
@quartata kingdom of loathing
@cazc_941 Have you played The Turing Test?
2:37 AM
Unles you're talking about this lol
@GodEmperorDune oh OK I was a little confused
(which I know you're not)
@quartata kingdom of loathing does have many nethack references, i wouldn't be surprised if this terminology was another one
@cazc_941 I was not, but I did play that.
ascension is beating the game
2:39 AM
Anyway, you might like it. It's a puzzle game.
by offering the amulet to your deity
does kol have a win condition, I thought it was an MMO
@quartata You free the king.
And then you can start over.
Q: I have lost shadowmere somewhere in skyrim

Nikkievilfilth I was exploring different quest markers, fast traveling, shadowmere always appears when i fast travel, but i usually just enter the crypt, tomb, whatever, and have no need to jump on him. Before i continue, im playing on a 360 xbox, so console commands wont work for me. I vaguely remember the las...

"my husband was addicted to me. i lost him to one of his co workers. i was directed to this African doctor, my husband came back begging me to take him back" - hey cool, a voodoo doctor
spam is weird
Dear Amazon all i want is to randomly buy a cheap string of plug in (not battery powered) indoor LED Christmas lights for my bedroom so I stop feeling like a Christmas Grinch. Why is this so tricky
Like I can get battery ones or solar outdoor ones or weird projector outdoor things or weird outdoor fancy strings but I don't want that
2:49 AM
@Memor-X you would not believe how much "love spell" or "cure any disease spell" spam SE gets
charcoal does a pretty good job of cleaning that up
@quartata soooo much. So very much.
@quartata you right i wouldn't because it's not often i get to read them
@Lazers2.0 this post started off good...
@Memor-X if you're ever curious to see what you're missing just scroll through the sludge heap that is metasmoke
spoiler alert you're not missing anything
@Ash I think the most amusing part is that they always have these customer testimonies
@quartata oh yeh, i forgot about that. was trying to build up 10k in rep to see deleted stuff
3:01 AM
I imagine the spam is better automatically and semiautomatically detected now thanks to it's been posted a bunch and smoke detector is live and casts automatic flags if it's confident enough
Because it's been a while since it's made it to lazers
@Unionhawk i think i saw one here on the weekend but it's getting rarer and rarer
i don't like my meat super rare
Arqade gets very little spam. Maybe two posts a week
At least of what we catch
@quartata I always find those highly amusing
We were getting fairly daily stuff for a while
Like 11pm eastern or so like clockwork
let me get you a Graphβ„’
3:06 AM
It was a bunch of... What the hell was it, like, industrial digging machine spam?
Last one was pharma spam
@Ash hug gun
@Unionhawk enjoy
apparently Arqade didn't get enough spam to show up on the per month pie chart so no graph
that's probably a good thing though
@Unionhawk something like that yes
@quartata yes, spam pie isn't tasty
3:27 AM
Q: How do I tell Legend of Zelda NES versions apart?

entpnerdI've recently become interested in collecting old NES games. I'm trying to find an original NES Legend of Zelda game CIB. However, I'm having trouble distinguishing different versions of the game. All of the Legend of Zelda games have a box, owner's manual, cartridge, sleeve, styrofoam, and a map...

3:43 AM

Proposed Q&A site for compiler backend and frontend developers, academics, enthusiasts

Closed before being launched.

Stock Exchange

Proposed Q&A site for people interested in trading on stock markets such as Forex, binary, commodity and other.

Currently in definition.

Social Networking

Proposed Q&A site for a forum for today's world - the era of Social Networks like facebook, twitter, instagram, etc. The forum will help people solve problems related to these websites.

Closed before being launched.

@NewlyOpenedProposalsforEntertainment hah
Get it
Look at this picture I took tonight!
That's no moon!
user image
I can't stop laughing at that for some reason
4:08 AM
Yay. Bought myself some more mass storage for black friday, but now I have to figure out how to get it to play nice with the rest of my stuff.
Thought I was getting another NAS. Nope. Just bought a 4 bay drive enclosure. Oops.
Well, no biggie; just hook it up to the existing NAS via USB, format the drives, all good.
Nope. NAS only sees one of the drives, and will only format it to 2TB. No RAID, no nothing.
@Ash They're on a mission from God.
@Fluttershy or doGe
4:27 AM
Genji and Hanzo on Goodsmile
Nope. Gonna have to return this thing. It just won't do what I need.
i wonder if Blizzard actually makes the call of what gets made or if they just went to Goodsmile "here are Overwatch characters, do whatever the hell you like with them"
@Fluttershy hahaha yes
Q: How do I complete the Surveilence Merc Mission?

SeiyriaOnce you acquire Azami, you can do a Merc Mission called Surveilence. It has a completion time of ??:??:??, but does that mean it's a randomly generated time, or some other event?

that reminds me, i check check where my Limited Edition of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is *checks AusPost* oh, they are saying it was deliver today. still got about 2 hours to wait to confrim
4:48 AM
4-bay NAS, ordered.
5:00 AM
Okay so I am starting the second book in Shira Glassman's Mangoverse series and the tagline is "A Labor Rights Love Story" and it centers around making sure a bunch of people get paid fairly and treated fairly for the work they are doing even when that kingdom doesn't want to do it and not only that but it has awesome queer representation (as does the first book) and yeah, I am kinda excited to dig into this one.
@Ash free to catch up? Was reminded of you when got pinged elsewhere
Oh, you're about to read
I'm reading in bed, probably will sleep soon, but will try to remember to sign into things maybe tomorrow. (although I might be around here for a bit, but not much elsewhere)
@ash @retro @John and RIP @twobugs are on this mission
BTW i got xcom2 in a recent steam sale
remember @ash that you are my mightiest soldier
until RNG dictates a one hit kill from the other side of the map
5:19 AM
@GodEmperorDune heck yes. I am strong!
@Ash you got first kill
totally unnecessary critical overkill
nicely done
@GodEmperorDune that's the best kind!
(i equipped you with ultra critical bullets)
a snake just tried to grab you but you're not having any of that
@GodEmperorDune now is not the time, Mr snake
@Ash exactly. you just took down a dude's shields and dodged return fire
retro is cleaning up as well
and @ash just sliced through the shield generating dude, ending him (and his shields) and saving their teammates from getting overwatch fire
6:00 AM
and xcom crashed
@ash you sliced another one but good
you are unstoppable with this energy blade
oh lol, the boss dude is trying to sneak up on you @ash. dis gon be good (you get bonuses to your killingness for such things)
Q: What buff is this orange symbol icon?

DerrickDoes anyone knows what buff is that from the screenshot that character's top orange symbol icon?

dammit another crash as @john was about to land a plasma grenade
ah its pegging the GPU
bad xcom
flawless mission, thanks @ash
7:01 AM
Pocket recommends "The 2 Clashing Meanings of Free Speech"
I expect a neutral article, it mostly that on historic parts but bashes libs and safe spaces and TWs on current day parts
7:54 AM
@KevinvanderVelden Apparently we have a Dutch Sinterklaas at work. Since a package of chocolate and other assorted sugary stuff has arrived on every desk today.
We're probably getting ours tomorrow, if it comes at all
BTW, I finished the new WoW raid last night
pretty fun raid
8:27 AM
I like how the chicken emoji is still alive, but the egg emoji is fried
8:47 AM
@Nzall πŸ₯š
@KevinvanderVelden Sorry, that emoji doesn't show for me
Windows 8.1, doesn't support Emojis properly for some reason
It's an egg emoji =p
It is, even my lowly win 10 firefox can see that.
May be hardboiled though, that I can't tell
@KevinvanderVelden yeah, but that pan was from :egg :
8:48 AM
There is also no proof that the actual chicken is still connected to the chicken head emoji.
@Nzall Blame your extension (probably porkchat?) for that sort of nonsense replacings.
@Arperum Yeah, porkchat
At least that doesn't give porkchops
YAY! I fixed my Gradle deploy script
Turns out that if if you have a property with the same name as a task keyword, the keyword takes priority over the property.
so a property named "source" and a keyword in the Copy task named "source" means that if you try to use "source" in a Copy task, it uses the Copy task keyword and not the property
Apparently, Tweetdeck search terms are stored at account level, not machine level
which is kinda annoying considering i use my Twitter account both at home and at work, so if I search for lewd topics at home, they also end up on my work PC
at least, just the search terms, not the actual searches
10:01 AM
@Nzall According to Google, that's the emoji for cooking emojipedia.org/cooking
@PrivatePansy if I type 🍳 , it gives that
Blame @fredley
Surprised the vegans aren't complaining
Oh noes, Amazon isn't doing free shipping to Singapore anymore :(
At least I got one last shipment free on Cyber Monday
@PrivatePansy the shortcode is also :egg: according to that same page
10:11 AM
Wait, but then what's the shortcode for egg? πŸ€”
Apparently πŸ₯š is not popular enough to get a shortcode
Also, TIL 🍒 is a emoji now (that's an oden, not a rocket)
for those who can't see that on taht scale
@Nzall still the same fontsize
@KevinvanderVelden Really? oh right, you don't use Porkchat
10:19 AM
That person has too many shark plushies
Porkchat changes small emoji to larger ones if they're the only thing in their post
@KevinvanderVelden I was going to make a joke about "one for each day of the week", but then I saw there are actually 8 of them
His sharkem
user image
Taking plush toys to idea sounds like great fun
@Ronan As long as they're clean and appropriate for public display. You probably don't want to bring your body pillow
10:58 AM
"Deadname, can take care of your friend? He's depressed and his english is bad and he doesn't know how to study, can you help him with those?"
I mean, it means not having ANY lessons on friday
And I care about that person so I said yes but oof
I'm slowly starting to feel a little overloaded
11:34 AM
My last assignment came back with a score of 99.7/100, which makes absolutely no sense
Who in the world deducts 0.3 marks? And why?
And how did my crappy code get 99?
I didn't read the weekly sub properly. Turns out it wasn't a footlong, but a bagel... I'm going back in half an hour or so for a wrap, when it's less busy

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