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10:08 PM
I just sent test reports for spelunky, tl;dr: platinum, works out of box, runs perfectly.
your wallet has taken a great risk for the good of us all
@Memor-X Eh, I don't have a use for any of those things really.
I can get the OST online, the artbook's pretty much just going to sit on a shelf forgotten, and I have a multi-cartridge case for all my games.
Is anyone around?
Anyone at all?
10:17 PM
til: wipqozn has me on ignore
I gotta be honest, I'm not sure where I'm going with this lame joke, and I'm already bored of it
@quartata I had it already so
@Wipqozn That's a bit rude.
@Avery I'd have to have like, half the room on ignore to think no one was around
I think they prefer to be called "big-boned".
10:17 PM
I once hid posts by badp when he was on a lengthy rant
bridge literally disappeared.
was fun.
I'm pretty sure badp never goes on rants
he's the least ranty person I know
2 days ago, by badp
not rant
but lengthy, long messages, often involving images and reactions to those
Nope, don't believe it
last one I remember like that was about a racing game
a racing manager game
Man I want to find that conversation of badp trying to park his truck again

@badp tries to park

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10:20 PM
Jul 18 '13 at 22:46, by spugsley
Ah @spugsley
@Wipqozn Oh man I missed that
So many bridge members have come and gone
@Wipqozn Right? @spugsley was cool
RIP @origamirobot
10:23 PM
RIP @Yuki

In Which @Wipqozn Proves To Be The World's Worst Military Commander

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RIP @Beedrill

@Wipqozn would have Bad Rats installed

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RIP @LittleOmega (cc @StrixVaria)
I wonder if that omega chap still has Gir as an avatar
Doesn't look like it
RIP @Hwipqozn
Okay I need to leave forever for the fields of a book
Also the newest digimon adventure tri isterrible
I can't believe I wasted close to an hour on it
10:27 PM
@Wipqozn What book?
@Ash You know what book


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@Wipqozn I don't, though! You finished Sanderson, I thought
10:30 PM
in Fantasy Stories (Spoilers), Dec 1 at 20:28, by Wipqozn
@Ash next book in The Expanse series
Yeah, I just realized that was out today, because @WorldEngineer gifted me a copy
What a pal
@Feeds I demand my lawyer
I'm going to go actually read now
I've wasted too much timeo n the PC
and I still want to clean the kitchen and buy some kind of food
and clean the fridge out
10:32 PM
@Unionhawk wait, you have ACLU in your list of contacts?
Just in case
POOR POOR @Unionhawk
@Wipqozn Go! Read books! Stop talking to us ;)
@Ash yeah you guys are lame
10:33 PM
Compared to that book? Entirely possibly ;)
I'm doing a thing in January such that having them as an emergency contact that can be called with a locked, fingerprint unlock disabled phone could be useful
carry two phones!
one disposable!
Opsec 5 days
You say things like that and it just makes me so worried :/
We're probably fine
10:48 PM
Q: How do you increase a Blade's strength?

SeiyriaThere are a lot of merc missions that require a certain strength to proceed with them. Since this seems to be the only thing in the game using strength, is it right to assume that just sending them on merc missions will increase their strength? Or do they have to be the leader, or is it entirely ...

10:58 PM
@Unionhawk please don't get murdered and/or arrested
@Unionhawk I will still worry. Because it's what I do. It's my superpower.
I care about you lot, you're stuck with that ;)
Hm, I wonder how you tell a political party you don't want to be a member anymore
(because I somehow think I accidentally ended up as a member of the local PC party and....yeah no thanks)
@Unionhawk o.0
@cazc_941 I recall you liking Triple Town and the like, you might like this game as well - basically same principle of merging 3 things, but more level based instead of playing til the thing is full.
11:15 PM
@GodEmperorDune I'm going to end up killed by @Wipqozn somehow; I just know it.
@John nah, i'm a better commander than that
also RIP @twobugs is a good healer
and you got promoted from that mission :p
@Unionhawk stay safe comrade
@Ash I kinda like playing till the thing is full but I'm gonna check this out!
@Wipqozn i thought expanse was sci fi
or is this unrelated to the tv show?
@cazc_941 So do I but this is a neat change
@GodEmperorDune It's related, just sometimes we end up talking not-fantasy books in thre
@Ash gotcha
11:21 PM
@GodEmperorDune Is this the same game where I was apparently super good at the killing? :P
@Ash yes
@john was your squadmate on that mission
Nice :D
you're on a new mission now with @Yuuki, rebecca black, and me
(also you have a fancier shotgun now that has glowy bullets)
I hope we all live :)
really the only problem i have is that you're so good at killing things that you hoard all the kills
@Wipqozn is there an xcom 2 mod that gives xp for assists instead of just kills?
11:25 PM
@GodEmperorDune oops
@GodEmperorDune Bank of KoL returned my message, said I deposited back in 2010 and it returned in 2011.
So that's good.
@GodEmperorDune Not sure
@GodEmperorDune The fantasy room is basically just "@StrixVaria and @Wipqozn talk about books, with occasional guest star @Ash"
The room has actually frozen before and it was a few days until we noticed, since mods can still chat in frozen rooms
@Wipqozn My problem is lately I've not been reading a lot of fantasy and when it is, it's not the same stuff you two read
@Wipqozn tsk tsk
@Ash Just read Robin Hobb. problem solved.
11:33 PM
Like I have been LOVING Shira Glassman's Mangoverse books, which are teeeeechnically fantasy, but they're also kinda super romance-y
@Wipqozn While I liked what I read of hers, I really am discovering that I don't do long epic things well
Like lately I tend to prefer a lot more fluffy junk
@Ash meanwhile most of the books I read are long epic things
(although that might be more of a direct response to the fact 2017 is on fire all the time)
@Wipqozn Yep. :P
11:55 PM
I'm still Octavia Butler-ing
Mismatch between story and gameplay in Xenoblade 2 is starting to get annoying.
Tired of easily beating bosses only for the cutscene to show the main character getting rekt.
@Wipqozn my experience with Robin Hobb wasn't particularly longepic but it was unapologetic misery porn, which I really don't need more of sooooo

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