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12:17 AM
@Ash rip
So it looks like the $28 epub from Kobo might be my best bet
Which sucks
12:43 AM
Q: What do llamas in Minecraft PE eat

0-09-My llama is almost dead, what does it eat to give it more health?

here's an uplifting video
consider yourselves uplift
do not uplift in case of fire
please uplift responsibly
ask your doctor if uplift is right for you
contact health specialists immediately if uplift lasts for longer than 4 hours
when the uplift stops, stop
don't drink and uplift
do not taunt happy uplift ball
uplift is not your lawyer and this does not constitute legal advice
all rights to uplift are reserved by the relevant rightsholders please do not delete this
uplift is provided without any guarantees of fitness for purpose at your own risk
do not attempt to extinguish uplift with water
Oh classic resident evil. Such a damn good video game.
Playing through on Hard for the first time. So good.
Do not puncture, rupture or overheat uplift
Uplift is not a solicitation to invest
12:59 AM
@badp See most of this sounds good but we've only tried it in mice and I get that we gotta start somewhere but I have a feeling that, no, not a lot of this will actually happen in my actual life time, or even if we do try it, it won't work in people the way it does in mice, etc
You must adhere to arbitration rules in case of litigation with uplift which might limit your right to participate in class trials
@Ash I don't have a reason to believe either way
It might not be us, it might be our kids
or their kids
but it's great that this stuff is on the horizon
Theoretically, yes
As long as it isn't like thalidomide etc where we are like THIS IS GREAT....oh shit
(I know we've learned from that shit but I am SO skeptical about things)
So long as we know not to repeat the mistake…
As far as Europe is concerned this will soon become the problem of @KevinvanderVelden
I can't deny that he won't try and turn us all in dragons
…or headcrabs
1:27 AM
Okay yes I am about to link my own tweet but I need people to understand how crazy this book is
Best line in this book about the Romanovs so far: "The advance faltered. Had a septuagenarian calvaryman pregnant with an elephant saved Napoleon?" #amreading
@badp why all the medical warnings?
Turns out the dude was crazy, and not actually pregnant with an elephant.
But you know.
1:33 AM
@Ash I would hope he wasn't pregnant with an elephant, or 1 he isn't a male and 2 he isn't a human
1:55 AM
Bridge! I have a mystery on my hands!
Me too :o
You go first!
So a month ago I ordered a magnetic hourglass for a coworker from ThinkGeek! It arrived, I was charged for it, coworker has it now and is happy.
Today in my mailbox, another one arrived
I was not charged for it.
ThinkGeek has no record of sending it to me that I can find on my account.
1:56 AM
When did the first one arrive?
Like 2 weeks ago
I checked my bank, I was only charged for one. I checked my ThinkGeek account and it only listed the one
So I have no idea why this is here
Oh well, I am sure I can use it as a gift for someone
1:58 AM
It does sound pretty nifty
But that's odd, usually there'd be something to suggest why you got it, like at least double tracking information or something
It is, it's a hourglass that uses little magnetic filings instead of sand
@TimStone yeah I have no idea what happened
Twist: the extra hourglass was sent from the Mirror Dimension and Mirror @Ash is using it as a beacon to find their way into our plane. Soon, our reality will embroiled in a war beyond our reckoning, robot overmind vs. mirror robot overmind.
I'm willing to give that a go
Could be interesting
2:03 AM
@Yuuki want to do a nightfall with redrider and me?
just got him to nightfalls
@Dragonrage Sure!
So more weirdness, the order for this one matches the order number for the one I originally got
"Did we send out this order?"
"I don't know, let's send it again just in case"
@Ash So what you're saying is that there's more evidence for my theory?
@PrivatePansy I feel like htat's what happened!
2:05 AM
@Yuuki There just might be!
So, @TimStone, what's your mystery?
@PrivatePansy We had something similar happen with an item from Amazon but in that case the original showed up after we got the replacement, and we requested the second one
@Ash A thing is doing a thing it should not be doing!
@TimStone oh that is less fun than mine :(
I get to swoop in and explain the dark magic so it's not too bad for me. But the issue is non-obvious, since from all accounts it should be working (or, conversely, more things should not be working)
Well, that's something at least!
2:11 AM
Also a pretty low chance of it being my fault, not that I ever make mistakes like that ;P
2:22 AM
@Ash Oooh, those are so cool!
@SaintWacko It is very neat. :) I suspect I know someone in my family who will appreciate it for Christmas :D
2:48 AM
Mystery solved. I blame @Wipqozn for being awake so late
@TimStone agreed. It is always his fault :P
@Unionhawk For the longest time, I thought the audio crackling was my Switch borking.
3:04 AM
And save times lower? Hell yes
@Unionhawk is that like how long it took to save?
It took a fairly long time even to the point that the save screen said "THIS MIGHT TAKE A WHILE PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DON'T CLOSE THE SOFTWARE"
Which is a change made on switch
The time you actually save is the same, end of day
@Unionhawk lol, that's literally a message?
Something to that effect
1 hour later…
4:29 AM
@ash i didnt know you played warframe
4:56 AM
@Dragonrage Me and @WorldEngineer just started playing it recently. I'm terrible at it. Like it's reasonable fun, but I am terrible at it
(Like that's not me being self-deprecating, it's truth.)
i took me awhile to be decent at it
then all the mechanics changed
5:11 AM
I am just really bad at video games. My hand-eye is terrible, my fine motor is terrible
Like I practice and practice and stuff but that's really where my...deficiencies are
6:05 AM
Argh not being able to solve my internet issues is so frustrating! (aka I need to go forcefully reboot the modem but I can't because it's not in my house and the upstairs people are sleeping)
Silly upstairs people needing sleep
One day until HATS
1 hour later…
7:28 AM
Q: Can I stop the game from asking me to reassign spies?

PahlavanSince I tend to be ahead in tech most of the time I like to use my spies fro counterintelligence most of the time, meaning I'll assign them to a city (or district) and leave them to defend it. However, the game regularly asks me to assign them again and the UI for it is actually quite weirdly unw...

7:51 AM
@Avery You mean one day until HATE
Cmoon winterbash is fun
So the new tower-defense raidboss in WoW is somewhat disappointing. We were 30 people and maybe 5 knew what was going on. We still killed him first try... Everyone was so hyped for the boss because of the design and he's just waaay to undertuned...
8:46 AM
@Ash you could get one of those remote control plugs with a remote and ask them to put it through that
That way you can remote-reboot it whenever =p
Lgr reviewed one of those
@KevinvanderVelden I'm sure they would go for that. :p
Well I don't see a problem with this idea =p
(it'd help both of you because you wouldn't need to bother each other \o/)
Oof, german teacher asks me to provide tech support
Pc doesn't see hdd or smth
He's a pedo and eeeeeeh
I'll just come up with an excuse
9:12 AM
Q: Have you tried Ylands and exploration

user221530Have anyone tried Ylands (https://ylands.com/) Comming 6 december. How does exploration work? Are there only smal islands you can explore? How do you build a boat?

@Lazers2.0 I'm not sure if this is spam or just unreleased.
Or any other list of off-topic reasons.
@Arperum mostly off-topic (unreleased content). Doesn't look like typical spam
@Arperum it's not a 1 rep user, else I would have suspected spam as well
@MadScientist well not being 1 rep doesn't mean they can't spam. i remember a while back someone who wasn't 1 rep was spamming a gambling site across multiple SE Sites in questions. here on Arqade their profile revealed they had worked on it but their other networked linked profiles didn't reveal this
@Jutschge I did vote accordingly.
9:59 AM
Oh fuck... apparently mice find their way back into a house if you release them close to your house....
well guess I gotta set up a trap again....
Yes, don't drop them close to your house =p
10:17 AM
@KevinvanderVelden I assume that dropping them on the other side of town, or in a nearby farm field, is enough?
Ooh, I now know a place that sells tillandsia plants :o
Those are so cool
10:56 AM
Apparently discord bot hentai is a thing
Of course it is
I'm afraid to google it
Or more accurately, I'm afraid to google it at work
Idk if there's any public ones
11:54 AM
I somehow learned that there's a bunch, especially of a friend's bot (Joséva)
Q: What in-game hints are given for the evolution of Feebas?

KozakyFeebas evolves into Milotic either by significantly increasing its 'beauty' stat or by trading it while holding a Prism Scale. Both of these triggers for evolution, as far as I know, are unique to Feebas. A friend of mine has recently started playing Pokemon, starting with Ruby, and aims to fill...

@Lazers2.0 I've always thought it's a conspiracy to get people to shell out for guidebooks
@KevinvanderVelden Huh, plants that grow without soil
12:42 PM
Q: How to play FIFA on a basic laptop without over-heating the laptop?

rraadd88I have a basic laptop with 4GB RAM. This laptop just can't handle graphics of Fifa-17, so I generally use Fifa-12 instead. Even then I have to decrease the resolution and disable finer animations, and still my laptop kinda heats up a lot. This make my Fifa playing experience limited upto max 3hrs...

Apparently Prime members have a new perk: early screening of Jumanji.
@Frank That sounds like the opposite of a perk
12:57 PM
IDK what I'll spend my time in stardew more: listening to amazing soundtrack or actually playing the game
well rip
It's also available on the Steam store as a DLC
Which actually used to be the only way to get it
playing with keyboard is getting painful tbh
game requires mouse on some parts and that sucks
(journal, chats, popups and shops)
@PrivatePansy I want to hang them everywhere
They're so cool
1:05 PM
Q: Tranferance of DLC from 1 ps3to anotherps3

user200819Having trouble on the path to take on transferring dlc data to another p3

Q: PSN ID to go from PS3 to PS4

Jay MoralesI currently own a PS3 and I pretty much just only play GTA V online. I want to buy the PS4 to play GTA V online as well. My question is would it be possible to carry over my PSN ID from PS3 to the PS4 and play as the same character with all my money, houses, cars, etc? I will not play both consol...

So apparently, the MMO Book Club is going to play Archeage next month
Anyone got experience with that MMO?
Suddenly a shitton of snow is coming down, it wasn't even freezing earlier today. Now roofs are getting white.
My car warned me that it might slippery today
@Nzall not with that MMO in particular but from my experience asian MMOs are extremely grindy
@Lazers2.0 Put your Laptop ontop of 4 Shot Glasses, one at each corner. then get one of those plastic bottles with the thermal gel, frozen. wrap it up in a tea towel and put it under the laptop
like seriously that worked when i was at a Lan Party once and my laptop was getting really hot while playing DoD and Wolfenstien: Enemy Territory
1:19 PM
Q: Can I lick a hang-glider?

ParzivalIn the starting map of Goat Simulator, there is a hang-glider flying around in the sky, and I've spent a good deal of time trying to lick it. Am I wasting my time, or is it actually possible to do, and if so, how do I do it?

They can be fun but I've never lasted long enough to actually achieve anything. They're usually Vanilla WoW grind x2
Ok wtf I just found the review queue in the new design... that's pretty hidden
1:35 PM
got my first set of parsnips ready
@Lazers2.0 Oh, Goat Simulator, how I've missed your wacky question titles.
I did not
@Lazers2.0 wait... I've asked this exact questions a few years ago
@Jutschge Wasn't that question about licking a plane? Totally different.
@MBraedley Didn't find the words for hanging glider but yeah
English is hard :(
1:44 PM
Nonenglish flagwars part 2?
Let's hope they don't break chat this time
I don't want to hit not sure because it's not that I'm meh about it it's that I literally don't know
Also I wish it would show me the number I had before (time left in chapter), but I'm on location 420 of the book I'm reading so I guess I'll allow Kindle to show me that less helpful but more nice number
1:47 PM
@KevinvanderVelden Yea, this morning it was like 2°. My car starts warning me at 3°
I'm hitting invalid on any flag that hits that user.
Q: How to play Destiny 2 demo(trial) with a friend in co-op on PC?

geotavrosWe both installed Distiny 2 demo(trial) from Battle.net(Blizzard) but it is not clear how can we play together, even after we completed the prologue. My friend isn't displayed in the friend list inside the game but is added in Battle.net.

@Lazers2.0 I don't think you can?
2:14 PM
Q: Is there a reward for smashing 50 green pumpkins?

Steven VascellaroOK Golf’s 1.70 update added hidden green pumpkins to various courses throughout the game. PUMPKIN HUNT - Can you smash all the green pumpkins hidden throughout the game? They won’t hang around for long... The game’s pause menu seems to indicate that there are a total of 50 pumpkins to smash...

2:31 PM
@KevinvanderVelden well you could do a bit of overworld stuff together
And be on the same team in pvp
But that's definitely a minority of the coop stuff in Destiny
Q: What are the drawbacks of the Assassin's katana?

Stephen LeppikI would think that eliminating one of the Chosen forever should be a reward in itself, but the game threw me a couple of new unique weapons on top: the Assassin Arashi and the Assassin Katana. I understand that the katana, specifically, has these traits: It cannot miss. It has much higher damag...

2:46 PM
mfw you order pizza from the site... but the site is down?
it apparently got dns hijacked earlier
Q: Is there a way to know Hall of Heroes monster before hand

JohnAs I said in the title, I wish to know if there is a way to know the monster of the HoH before the weekend rolls around, and if so, how.

@RedRiderX Yeah. They get campaign access through Titan, and as much pvp as they want, but can't level up past 7.
I hate writing test steps. That is all.
3:02 PM
Morning Bridge.
It's christmastime in Animal Crossing!
ooo, a lot of the furniture is almost zero sum
or at least some
Oh, the candycane rewards are equal to the cost?
Some of them
2 of them anyway
Mound of presents and jingle checked couch is zero sum, jingle checked bed is -10 canes, festive street light and snow globe are -20
the others have different rewards
how to get 300 candy canes tho
Friend grinding.
We can cerealously confirm that Kellogg’s Super Mario Cereal will be hitting store shelves on Dec. 11th! http://bit.ly/2BlCu7E
3:16 PM
literal amiibo cereal
Ooo, RFID NFC tags in every cereal box?
on every cereal box yes
@Yuuki I wonder if they'll be easy to reprogram.
@Unionhawk O:
This might be the cheapest way to get NFC tags
3:17 PM
@RedRiderX I highly doubt it
Unless the chips are inside the box, mixed in with the cereal, and with that awful tasting thing the cartridges have on them
It's probably not particularly useful that way, amiibos for moon hints takes 5 minutes
@Ronan Can confirm, Zelda tastes horrible.
@Yuuki I accidentally did when I changed a cartridge and then returned to eating snacks once
3:36 PM
@TimStone :/
Wonder how long till stores see boxes where someone took an exacto and cut out the NFC tag.
1 hour after release
@Maximillian won't all the NFC tags be the same?
So you only really need one
@RedRiderX blank NFC tags are like $0.50 each, less if you buy in bulk, so getting them in your cereal is way more expensive
If you'd be eating the cereal anyways, though, hey, free NFC tag?
Are Amiibo scanners even portable?
I mean, don't you need a base station connected to your switch?
3:45 PM
with power and all that?
it's in the right joycon
ah, I see
or the right stick on a pro controller
and does the joycon need to be connected to the switch?
3:45 PM
I mean
so yes
ah, like that
but no
Do you need internet to validate an amiibo?
I don't think so?
In any case doing that is probably not very useful aside from obtaining an outfit in odyssey maybe
@Nzall No, you can scan amiibo offline.
3:57 PM
Q: FFXV Xbox One S Sound issue

TheXedSo I have recently picked up FFXV and I have noticed that I will play for a while, then the next day when I come back to resume the game after the console being shut off all night, the sound once I launch the game is garbled and distorted. This is the only game I have noticed it on, and the Xbox ...

PS4's Monster Hunter beta goes live on the 9th!
cc @Wipqozn
in Monster Hunter, Oct 30 at 16:45, by DanmakuGrazer
The hunt begins exclusively for PlayStation Plus users on December 9th
Still unsure whether I should buy it on both PS and PC or only PC...
By buying it on both, aren't you encouraging a large gap between releases?
@DanmakuGrazer Yeah that's the problem... So long to wait. Also most of my friends who play MH (not very popular here) only own consoles
4:01 PM
@DanmakuGrazer the rest will get it sooner?
But then again Idk... I really don't like buying a game twice
(it begins exclusively for them on that date)
The rest will never get it
The beta is exclusive to PS4
@ToxicFrog That might be technically true, but where I live I doubt I could get an NFC tag for less the ~$6CAD
4:02 PM
Isn't that how much cereal costs now?
Never have I been more tempted to get a PS4.
@Yuuki I'd say at least wait until they announce the PC release date
@RedRiderX ouch
Amazon.ca has them for $5/ten, which is what I was using as a baseline
@RedRiderX not all nfc tags are the same, no
I can't see a piece of Monster Hunter content without hearing the horn intro fanfare in my head.
4:18 PM
on most basic level, there are multiple frequency standards. Older one is 13.56khz and newer one is 125khz.
Both are still used, however.
And then there are write locked tags which are most likely what the cereal ones are.
@Avery I think he meant "Won't all the nfc tags on the cereal be the same" but I could be wrong
I have a friend in the UK who desperately wants a box.
There are no boxes in the UK, can confirm
Everything comes in cans. Everything
Also, stuff like subway cards etc are likely to contain cryptographic chips that you need to use a key to read from and to write to. Speaking of (tiny) experience it is usually mifare (we have desfire ev1s here, la metro uses plus x with sl1 etc).
@KevinvanderVelden ah, I see
@Fluttershy Yeah it's pretty great
4:22 PM
I looked at the calendar to make sure it wasn't december 9 yet
just now
aaaaaaaaaah I see
Dear Nintendo. Animal Crossing Cereal. Do it. Dooooo it.
The tag line: Eat your friends.
@Ronan I did enough vore memes today, try again later.
There's a word I didn't need to be reminded of.
4:24 PM
@Ronan boxes are banned, that's actually why brexit happened they wanted to prevent the EU from sending boxes
I think there's a higher chance of getting things you have active requests for
Black Bass request fulfilled!
@Avery No such thing
woo a thousand bells from that request
Where are people getting these fish that are worth 25,000 bells? D:
@Maximillian rare
Tuna is rare from the ocean
4:25 PM
I could pay off my loan from selling one of those.
@Yuuki I did get one a few months ago, and so far Horizon Zero Dawn and The Last of Us alone were enough that I don't regret it at all.
It sells for 5,000 normally
@MadScientist Horizon 100% worth it
@Ronan there is no enough, there is only "far too many"
@KevinvanderVelden Memes or vore?
4:27 PM
I should lunch
@KevinvanderVelden Can't say I wasn't expecting that
@Maximillian I like fishing
and I catch a ton of rares
I updated my store today.
@Unionhawk If you have a Raising Canes near you, go get some of that.
I do
4:34 PM
We got our first one in the area this month.
@ToxicFrog I guess I'm being technical as well. Amiibo style nfc stickers are 10/$10 on amazon.ca, but I'd need to buy a larger order and still pay more then one cereal box costs
But it does seem like the cereal box tags can't be modified, so it's a hypothetical of a hypothetical.
well, they probably get them printed with amiibo data preloaded with no write capability
that's much. much cheaper than buying off amazon
random alibaba search says that you can get those printed with data with write disabled at 0.06$/each
Shit I forgot my keys lol
of course nintendo/kellogs would make muuch bigger purchases so they probably pay less than 0.06$
Walked all the way out here without them
4:42 PM
also hey this feature discord added to canary is cool
Q: Is there a quick way to see all door permissions?

JNatSo I had to override some of the default permissions on some of the doors in my colony. Life goes on, and all of a sudden I get notified about some character not being able to access food, or something similar... and then I remember! "Damn, I changed the door permissions!" And then I need to go t...

play time and game icon, even on games without rich presence
Stardew Valley doesn't have rich presence? Say that to my 1.5 million G lifetime earned stat.
5:10 PM
Then Monsanto came to Stardew Valley and the world changed.
Q: Can the new "ledge-grabbing" feature be disabled?

user598527The developer Night Dive Studios added a new "ledge grabbing" feature to their 2017 remaster of Turok 2: Seeds of Evil: Improved character speed and manoeuvrability [sic], including the ability to grapple ledges. The feature is similar to modern Far Cry games. According to players it not on...

So I spent at least an hour or two last night poring over how to get specific traits onto armor and stuff in Atelier Sophie.
The crafting system in that game is exquisite.
Well, since we're getting close a MH release, it's time for...
Although I guess some spaces are now invalid.
Like "Why do I flex after healing?".
5:29 PM
Pretty rude how my computer doesn’t think Fluttershy or Applejack are words imho
Flexing is a critical part of the Monster Hunter health care system.
Drinking just puts it in your body. Flexing forces the healing properties into the extremities. Leading talking cat companion healers agree.
5:42 PM
@Yuuki how is Atelier Sophie? I finished Atelier Rorona recently and quite enjoyed it, which kind of surprised me since I've been pretty burned out on JRPGs.
Although it looks like the Atelier Marie+Elie translation project is in final beta testing, so maybe I should just wait for that and then play Marie+Elie next year...
@ToxicFrog I've enjoyed it although crafting all the critical traits together may have made things a bit too easy...
@Yuuki something I greatly appreciate in games is the ability to completely wreck the difficulty curve with a bit of thought and planning, so
@ToxicFrog Yeah. Putting all the critical traits onto a bomb results in the "One-Hit Kill" trait.
Which, aptly enough, kills every mob except bosses.
...can you put that trait on a weapon, or only on consumables?
Only consumables.
5:47 PM
I'm probably going to go home and look into adding some Count and maybe Low Price traits.
(Hmm. Maybe I should try to get Atelier Annie running on the laptop when I'm done with Salt & Sanctuary...)
(which should be soon, since I'm on the final boss.)
(Who is a gigantic pile of assholes..)
Also, Atelier Sophie doesn't have a time restriction on play like the previous Atelier title I played (Meruru, I think).
Which is also nice.
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