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9:02 PM
Q: Where are the Chaos Emeralds in Sonic the Hedgehog?

ChubbyPenguinI have scoured every inch of green hill zone, and I can’t find 1 emerald. I really want to 100% my favorite video game, but I can’t seem to be able to.

@Fluttershy :D
@KevinvanderVelden spoiler warning aaaaaa
@KevinvanderVelden >.<
@Fluttershy "T". Otherwise, all they'd have is a scare.
(also the comments are uugh)
(but the song is sooo good)
9:11 PM
"Booty" - "t" = "boo"? Anyone?
@Yuuki booooooooo
9:35 PM
I'm currently attempting to unmurder my plants because I'm a bad plant mum.
Plants are hard to keep alive.
@Ronan thanks for reminding me, my plants are also unhappy
Q: Is there a way to enumerate active buffs/debuffs on a character?

jvriesemIn Don't Starve (and DLCs), various status effects influence the rise and fall of health, hunger and sanity over time: Proximity to monsters/friends Items worn or in inventory Things eaten Time of day Wetness Temperature Poison In addition to these, there are several "one-time" ways to gain h...

@Ash To be fair I didn't water them, so I think I'm still bad
9:51 PM
I am terrible at remembering to take care of plants so I just stopped letting myself have them, I got too sad when they died
Only my peace lily looks sad though
@Ash Just get your gardener to do it, jeez
The spider plant and christmas cactus are doing okay
I have two plants in the same pot (one had pretty flowers the other had pretty leaves), at first the pretty leaves were heavily winning and growing fricking everywhere but now the pretty flowers (well no flowers currently) are growing
Q: Who killed those people in the palace?

Konrad RudolphI’ve just finished The Grand Palace as Emily without killing anybody (as confirmed by the kill count at the end of the mission). Despite this, I encountered several dead people in the Palace itself; there may have been more but I distinctly remember three: A dead lady in the maze-like shrubbery...

10:02 PM
It's a little freaky how my coughing picks up four hours after my last dose of cough suppressant. Like four hours on the dot.
It's almost like we got it down to a science =p
Eh, I always thought dosage directions were calculated to mitigate chances of overdose.
10:28 PM
Some things have such a high dosage requirement for an overdose to happen that there's no need for that
Yeah like Ibuprofen is non toxic until very high but it gets weird at slightly high
But Tylenol will cause liver failure at doses much higher than recommended
Gotta love how you can get tylenol w/o prescription here
It's otc everywhere
And I'm sure the safety factor is higher than just "don't go over ever or you will die"
Hm weird
Like it's technically not otc
Because it's a med but anything that requires generic non-risk-level prescription can be bought otc so
Well, Tylenol 1 is
Tylenol 2 and 3 might not be
10:39 PM
There are sequels
wait, no, tylenol 1 might not be
damn it guys, decide on a better naming structure
because I thought T1 was regular otc tylenol but the internet is not sure
I know t3s aren't, pretty sure t2s aren't either
(afaik the number has to do with levels of codeine, hence my confusion)
Codeine is a schedule 2 in the United States iirc
Which is why it was surprising that the UD health center prescribes and dispenses it to college students suffering from heavy cough
okay, T1s have codeine
so I think we have tylenol (plain acetaminophen), then t1, t2, t3 (various levels of codeine). I know t1s used to be otc in canada (not US), but I don't know anymore if they are because people were abusing it as easy access to codeine
(I am not a doctor so I might have this all wrong)
10:46 PM
Bridge! It's 10:45, do I go to the store that closes in 15 minutes to buy only sweets?
@Ronan yes
You give a compelling argument
I'm looking at this and google and the one labeled "tylenol extra strength" seems to be the OTC one (acetaminophen [/paracetamol] only).
@Avery there's also non-extra strength plain acetaminophen Tylenol
ah yes I just saw
"regular strength tylenol"
10:48 PM
(aka wow dudes your naming could use some work)
the generic sold over here (labeled Parol) seems to contain same stuff as "tylenol extra strength"
@Ronan Do nothing for 72 hours.
@Ronan I might be a little late but yes do it
I'm back with sweets!
11:02 PM
@Ronan yay! :)
I'm an adult!
11:13 PM
@Ash For the record I had a follow up joke, but you never replied so it's ruined forever
@Wipqozn I'm sorry! I didn't see that ping for some reason, I am the worst
@Ash okay well, I'd appreciate it if you replied with "I don't have a gardener"
@Wipqozn I don't have a gardener!
@Ash Then who does your Butler spend his lunchbreaks with?!
@Wipqozn laughs He likes to keep to himself, with a book.
11:20 PM
@Ash Bah, butlers
I know, right?
Hahahahaha omg so I just looked at these business cards I got today - and unless someone set up an email alias and didn't tell me....the email on them isn't valid
(I never changed my work email post-marriage because I did not want to have to set up EVERYTHING again)
(and the email listed on these cards is firstname.marriedname@company.net, I use firstname.maidenname@company.net)
(Not that I have any real use for these things.)
I mean if I bring it up, chances are someone will just set that alias up so it works, but I am amused anyhow
Q: Can you share custom maps in Age of Empires 1, and how?

user200791I made a custom map and want to play it with my family. This is a 4 person map and they don't have it, can I send it to them or even sneaker-net it to their computers?

11:37 PM
@Ash no, @Wipqozn is the worst
well, then maybe second worst
hmm, i doubt it
@RedRiderX up for some destiny 2? i can help you farm w/e
@Unionhawk So I finally got access to my university library, and they have Crip Theory in hard copy, but the e-copy is limited to students of a particular institution :( :( :( :(
11:58 PM
@Dragonrage Sure, let me fire up discord
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