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12:01 AM
It's really cool to watch a 500 moon speedrun after watching how the route was developed
@Unionhawk Why?
I know SpikeVegeta isn't running 500 moons because the route he was using wasn't competitive or something?
I'm not sure the details, though.
The route is currently evolving and everyone is finding some different fast moons
So like Trihex's route could probably use work but developing it was cool to watch and was still worthwhile
Frog glitch sucks for that category and I'm disappointed that it's a thing
@Yuuki hlol
@Dragonrage Every time I see this it makes me so happy
@Ash thats why people love puppies. they are great at making people happy
12:13 AM
Q: FFXV Xbox One S Sound issue

TheXedSo I have recently picked up FFXV and I have noticed that I will play for a while, then the next day when I come back to resume the game after the console being shut off all night, the sound once I launch the game is garbled and distorted. This is the only game I have noticed it on, and the Xbox ...

I'm having trouble seeing this as an actual problem.
It was mostly cool to watch that route be a game of finding fast moons in various kingdoms and then trim slow ones after
The guy has a solution. He just wants to know if anyone else has experienced it.
Since it's not a hundo requiring everything, but it's also not an any which is just find 5 in Cascade kingdom and 20 in metro etc
@Dragonrage I personally like cats more than dogs, but I like hanging out with other people's puppies sometimes.
@Frank If he just wants to know if other people have the issue, yeah, no. If he wants to find a more permanent solution than what he's got, I might be able to see a case for it.
12:16 AM
@Ash Yeah, I'd be totally fine with the latter as well.
But...according to the comments, all he wants is to know if others have experienced it.
Then I can understand why people would be voting to close, as it's not really a question then really
If someone edits it to be that, and he doesn't roll it back or whatever, then maybe
12:38 AM
Canada geese don't give a damn. https://t.co/EJDYMSCNug
@GodEmperorDune Yeah, man. Geese give 0 fucks about anything. They're TERRIFYING.
I don't think their tiny bird brains have room for fear.
@Frank I read a theory once that Canadians are nice because all the asshole-ish behaviour gets dumped into the geese.
It's a sound theory.
12:53 AM
@Ash Maybe we drain them of their ability to give a fuck?
@Frank Because we are caring, so they aren't? I could see that being a good argument for their behaviour
@Ash hue
I've seen what canada geese can do to people
When I worked late nights at the uni Tim Hortons a guy came in all banged up because he was biking and a goose got pissed and rushed him and he didn't see it in the dark and went ass over teakettle
They like hanging out in Ohio in the fall
1:00 AM
They nest all over UWaterloo's campus :/
@Ash Ha, I love that one
@SaintWacko I just think it works so well :P
1:22 AM
@SaintWacko hu-eh
Lost a crucible match 4-3 with a one man disadvantage and someone on the other team having an efficiency of 10
That the best losing I've done in a while
1:39 AM
yeah geese will attack the shit out of you
1:51 AM
I forgot how far I was in stardew valley
Should be able to finish community center this year, and I have a lot of crops with sprinklers
Wish I had the fruit cave though
@Unionhawk Speaking as someone who has the fruit cave, no you don't.
From a community center standpoint
I think I have an apple tree planted?
I hope?
Because 3 apple is something I'm missing
IIRC, mushroom cave is both neater (since the mushrooms spawn on tables) and you can make Life Elixirs easier.
Oh wait you're right
Just plant an apple tree in winter or something.
1:59 AM
I'm in spring year 2 now
and I have some fruit trees planted I think?
OH fruit cave can't produce apples anyway
yes it can
I'm dumb
@SaintWacko oh my god i love this, I lvoe all the little details
> • Lg Goat Milk or wool (goat friend or sheep adult)
• 5 * melon or pumpkin (seeds summer or fall)

• Red Snapper (ocean summer or fall, or winter rain)

• Rabbit foot (rabbit friend)
• Pomegranite (pomegranite tree fall harvest)
• 3 apple (apple tree fall harvest or fruit bat?)
• Fiddlehead fern (secret woods summer)
• Truffle (pig)
• Poppy (poppy seeds summer)
• Red cabbage (red cabbage seeds summer)
• duck feather (duck friend)
I hope I have both of those treeeeeeees because I forget
I guess I could probably buy a sapling now just in case?
They mature in 28 days so fall harvest would be possible still now
My biggest obstacles to finishing this year will be rabbit friend and maybe pig
assuming my trees are here
2:18 AM
Are you checking the gypsy merchant every Friday and Sunday?
so now just waiting for post from EA to explain that way
@Memor-X This is worse than EA's, "always online" Simcity bullshit.
@Frank which in an update they removed, didn't they
@Memor-X Did they? I dunno. I just remember someone hacking the game because the always online was enforced by Javascript, of all shitty things.
@Frank yeh it can be played offline.
> EA has shut the controversial game's servers off in order to deploy the long-awaited update 10. When it's live, you'll be able to play SimCity without an active internet connection.
2:24 AM
So they got rid of the Javascript. Yay.
@Yuuki yeah I'm going for hardwood every day
So yes
@Unionhawk hehehe
3:07 AM
A friend of mine made this, and I’m so here for it.
@Unionhawk Fiona!
3:34 AM
Q: Divinity 2 - Andras the Black Dog

deco801He summons a necrotic troll that one-shots almost any individual party. He also gets initiative. Other than waiting until I have a level advantage how I can deal with this goon?

3:56 AM
@ash have you ever had a banana mocha chocolate chip muffin?
@Dragonrage I have not but I think I would love one
I'll send you the recipie when I get home if my mom still has it out.
ooo, today is strawberry harvest day
how about nope it's 11pm lol
and I have 2 iridium sprinklers plus like... 6 or so deluxe sprinklers worth of strawberries
Deluxe coop in progress and pig bought so closer to finishing the list
I'm pretty sure these trees are pomegranate and apple
Truffle is... Pig adult?
Or no and I should install a fence sooner to find them
4:49 AM
@Dragonrage awesomesauce
Yaaaaay guys I know I am late to the party but now that I am slowly figuring it out, Warframe is hella funsies
5:05 AM
Q: Dwarf Fortress mining designation not working

user200861I've played Dwarf fortress in the past, and mining has worked. However, upon starting a new game, I've found that mining designations are not working. I am designating solid ground (not above the ground, and corner to corner as per usual designation). But the designation will not show an indica...

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6:06 AM
Q: Hey guys question after reading this site

Michael BassettIs this where elite forum assholes come to feel a sense of "power" over others? Thanks!

@Lazers2.0 okay, good
Sure why experience the site first and see how it works when you can criticize the site and call others "assholes" while arguably being one yourself.
6:43 AM
@Lazers2.0 hue
@Yuuki @ash there is a crimbo advent calendar in the campgrounds now
7:36 AM
@Avery they're probably just upset that the got downvoted
Also morning chat
I wanna go back to bed
7:56 AM
@KevinvanderVelden same
I regret playing stardew until 2am
@KevinvanderVelden nice
8:54 AM
oh wow, I was watching Quinn's Stream and he talked about how he was suspended on Twitch because his viewers kept requesting gachi songs
so I googled what gachi was... Apparently, it's music with gay porn sounds mixed in
holy fuck I had no idea that was a thing
@Nzall rule 34 strikes again
Even I didn't know that
Now I need to fix that
I mean
I know about gachimuchi and that's not quite gay porn sound music, even though it's common in bara
But hm, gachi songs might mean that
Yeah, I'm obviously not going to link it @Avery
but apparently, there's some on Youtube as well
Gachi songs tend to give stuff related to gachigasm (the twitch emote) but "gachimachi songs" seems to give some "promising" results
I learned a thing today
Yeah, it was popularized by the Twitch streamer Forsen
9:07 AM
Twitch is a scary place...
Probably the only place more toxic than League
So is pokemon Ultra S/M meaningfully different from the original S/M games?
It's way more ultra
@Jutschge I'll have to agree
@KevinvanderVelden define "way more ultra"
Just look at the name! There's like 1 ultra in one of them and 0 in the other
That's way more
9:11 AM
I'm talking about the content. Like, if I have the original game (haven't played it yet though), what is the difference?
I have no idea
I assume that would probably make a reasonable question for the main site?
I... think so?
@Nzall I'd say yes but a lot of "comparison" questions get downvoted. Idk why
Dunno actually
Might be a bit borad
9:17 AM
Honestly, I haven't even finished any of the 4 or 5 pokemon games I bought since I got my 3DS
and I haven't even started 2 or 3 of them
9:27 AM
Q: Stuck at level 39 of think different game android

Amir How to solve 3,8,4 = 44 9,7,2 = 32 8,7,? = 75

9:51 AM
a minor request: remove community wiki from this answer: gaming.stackexchange.com/a/321509/148510
@user598527 I'm not sure that's even possible.
Just don't make your answers community wiki, and deal with this one being community wiki is your best option I'd think.
@Arperum it's possible
I have one answer which is suitable for CW, this however is not and I initially considered it as "low-effort". It is said when marking a question/answer as community wiki post that "only moderators can remove CW from a question".
Q: How does the ranking system work in Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West?

user598527It appears that the ranking system is cosmetic in Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West. However, the rank resets in every online game and I've seen the same "rank 2 [and higher] reached" message dozens of times. Are ranks match-specific and do they have mechanical purpose?

10:11 AM
@user598527 then you'll need to either raise a flag or ping one of the mods
Q: Total Warhammer: What mods can effect trade deals?

Alex CohenIn warhammer total war it's very annoying that making a trade agreement is so difficult. Are there any mods available to fix the games diplomacy or at least make getting trade easier?

10:41 AM
@user598527 don't use CW on low effort answers.
That's not what CWs are for.
Either post the answer without cw and don't post at all.
Similarly, don't use comments for low effort answers either
@Avery I understand how to use CW now!
OH: the new Apple update enforces two factor auth for all accounts. In future username *and* password will be required.
10:58 AM
@Avery @user598527 CW is a thing that generally should not be used, except maybe if you convert someone elses comment into an answer or something like that.
There are not many cases of answers where a load of people all do an equal share of the work.
@Arperum List answers are pretty good as CW. The main problem is that List-Questions are off-topic.
Q: Team Fortress 2: Hidden Stats on Capture Points for Payload Cart pushing

Azul ShivaThe only information I found is this: https://wiki.teamfortress.com/wiki/Scoreboard#Points "Pushing the Payload cart for 10 seconds" gives you 1 capture point which will give you 2 overall score points. However sometimes I feel like I'm pushing the cart for 30 seconds and I don't get a single p...

11:19 AM
@Jutschge List questions being off-topic is something I don't agree with. I never really understood the logic behind that on non-SO sites
@Nzall Personally I don't think they should be off-topic but I can see the reasoning behind it. They take pretty long to write and most of them are incomplete. (Usually too-broad as a close category)
@Nzall Lists are not inherently bad, limited lists are fine. The problem with list questions are the kind of question where there is an essentially unlimited number of possible answers, or where every answer is equivalent and there are no criteria to decide which fits better (e.g. "what's your favorite XYZ?"
And then we have this answer that would work best as community wiki, is used as community wiki, but is not community wiki
I don't much like the question, either
11:41 AM
if i recall correctly after so many edits a post will automatically become a CW post
@fredley who do you think you are, Mario?
Be careful, he knows about timed hits
@Memor-X not anymore
@MadScientist oh that was changed? more i learned today
Q: Stop using community wiki as a reputation denial mechanism

Mad ScientistCommunity wiki is one of the most misunderstood and misused features of the SE network. The original purpose of CW was to enable collaboration on a post, it reduces the reputation needed for editing and results in collective authorship of the post instead of having an individual author. But that...

Mfw instagram doesn't allow me to register
@fredley I can make it to april 2016
(which is in the past of the start :D)
wasn't that hard, actually
can't go too fast
Pff, the real game is going backwards
I crashed the first time before I even got to the referendum, and then I did a couple of gnarly backflips between the referendum and May's ascension to PM
it's mostly flat though
12:09 PM
74 seconds without it registering a flip
12:31 PM
Q: How to reset short animation before you meet the NPC for a first time

PawelThe First time I was playing BDO I was rushing through the NPC interactions because I wanted to catch up with my friend's level, so I mostly focus on the grind. However now that we are the same level I want to start with a new character to experience the story side of this game. However I noti...

12:57 PM
@KevinvanderVelden You have to do it in Article 50 seconds
You first
Maaybe when I get home
The Congressman has been reactivated for 10 days! If you haven't already, track him down in Sapienza and eliminate him!
Heh, timing
@fredley I wonder what the fastest is you can do it
Because clearly 264 seconds is really slow
1:18 PM
thing is, 48 seconds is like 2 seconds per month
surprisingly, not blocked at work
Gauntlet dropped
Okay, I didn't make any major mistake at all now and I only did 164 seconds
Gotta go fast
I mean, how can you do that in 41 seconds?
1:23 PM
Also take advantage of physics weirdness
@Nzall All skill. Well, maybe some luck too.
You don't need to keep all your wheels on the ground.
It starts in May 2016. that's 18 months ago. that's literally 2.3 seconds per month
All I've figured out so far is that you can counteract rolling forward by pressing spacebar, and that it's best to jump from the Referendum cliff straight past May PM
I just did it 40, even though I messed up.
Think you can record it?
1:32 PM
Q: How do I solve question 42 level 5 of think different game android

Amir How to solve q. 42 53 (3) 59 92 (4) 98 34 (2) 38 71 (?) 79 Thank you for your help

Q: Why is she referred to as Gendered Child?

user1306322Hornet is sometimes referred to by others as Gendered Child. Why is that? There are enough female bugs in the world for it not to be that rare.

2:13 PM
51 mins ago, by MBraedley
I just did it 40, even though I messed up.
@MBraedley Pics or it didn't happen
Yeah well I got a 39
Which in speedrunning terms is sub 40
Do all VR games work with the Vive? I remember reading that Palmer Luckey thinks Oculus Rift is a platform and not a peripheral
Ask @TimStone
2:21 PM
@Nzall they don't, there's a bunch of oculus exclusives because oculus spend a lot of money to get them made
There's also a lesser amount of vive exclusives probably
@KevinvanderVelden Even if you use Revive?
If you use compatabillity layers then it'll probably be compatible
But that's just a probably, not a definitive
I should try revive sometime
I'm not sure if I want to buy a VR headset right now though. It might be an Nvidia/AMD situation where it doesn't matter which one you pick; A Playstation/Xbox situation where there are a number of cross-platform games, but also some exclusives; or even a Blu-Ray/HD-DVD situation where one platform just dies because everyone goes with the other. or the entire thing can just die like Kinect
Mostly everything is either timed exclusive to oculus (because they helped finance it) or on both platforms
2:30 PM
timed exclusive means I can play it on Vive later, right?
Q: Are shots affected by wind?

Steven Vascellaro On a windy course the first shot is the most important for finding shortcuts! There is a loading screen tip in OK Golf which implies that certain courses have wind which can affect your shots. Up until now there hasn’t been any mention of a wind mechanic, nor have I have any evidence of win...

@Nzall yes (but there are some permanent exclusives I think)
@KevinvanderVelden Such as your face.
My face will always be my face, this is true
Unless you become a terrorist and attempt to assassinate an FBI special agent but fail, after which you are captured and then the special agent undergoes an experimental face transplant procedure in an attempt to go undercover with your terrorist cell to discover the location of a bomb you had planted before being captured.
2:37 PM
I was going to say wrong room but no that checks out
But then you break out of prison, capture the plastic surgeon who performed this procedure, and then make him give you the special agent's face.
And then they make a terrible late 90s movie out of the whole thing.
@Yuuki So you break out of the prison without a face? That sounds scary as hell.
It's easy, everyone flees from you
Because you have no face and that's terrifying
@Yuuki Is this Face/Off you're talking about?
2:57 PM
@ash do you use discord?
You scared them off!
(also the answer is yes, they're on the official unofficial arqade discord)
Ok. I think I'll send recepies through discord instead of posting a bunch here
And thanks I am in the server
@Yuuki want some muffin recepies?
Work had a bunch of very brown bananas that they told us to take home or they were gonna toss them :o
Those are perfect for making banana muffins or bread
Chocolate banana bread \o/
3:02 PM
I have a recepie for banana mocha chocolate chip muffins if you want
Oh. Apparently I can't spell recipe for beans
W/e. Spelling is overrated
@KevinvanderVelden Apparently, that's when you should be eating them, not when they're still yellow
@Nzall not when they're very brown
3:07 PM
@Nzall what about when they still are partially green
I mean, aren't they technically underripe when they're still yellow?
then they're still very not ripe
The peel should come off easy
That happens when they're properly yellow
without making noise
But I'm talking about, a few places where they're still yellow and the rest brown =p
@Dragonrage Ooo, what kind of muffins?
3:08 PM
Oh. They taste better with a little green though
@Yuuki banana mocha chocolate chip, oatmeal chocolate chip, and breakfast muffins
Here are 42 seconds of English battle noises in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. It's... a lot. https://t.co/pEYTnlmtFs
Which are basically keeshes I guess
Or however you spell that
@Dragonrage not for banana bread =p
And nah, all yellow is best
@Dragonrage keese
@Dragonrage Oh my.
@Dragonrage Quiche. Although I thought quiches required cheese?
3:10 PM
@KevinvanderVelden If they've just turned all yellow sure. I don't like them as much if they are too soft. I mean I'll still eat them though
Quiche ( KEESH) is a savoury, open pastry crust with a filling made with eggs and milk or cream with one or more types of cheese, meat, seafood or vegetables. Quiche can be served hot or cold. It is part of French cuisine but is also popular in other countries, particularly as party food. == Overview == === Etymology === The word is first attested in French in 1805, and in 1605 in Lorrain patois. The first English usage — "quiche Lorraine" — was recorded in the Indiana Evening Gazette in 1925. The further etymology is uncertain but it may be related to the German Kuchen meaning "cake" or "tart"...
@Yuuki it does not
@Yuuki I think they are basically quiches you can make in muffin tins
Or a take on quiches
@Unionhawk Think you can... think you can take me... think you can...
Apparently it gets worse than this
3:12 PM
I'll send you pictures of the recipes on discord
These characters definitely took arrows to their knees
Also, Doki Doki Literature Club was a mistake. I almost threw up.
I tried a slightly different oven bake BBQ chicken recipe last night.
Just popping in to say that my Animal Crossing Pocket Camp character is the cuter than anyone else's. That is all.
3/4th cup bbq sauce, 3/4th cup honey, 1/2 cup ketchup, dash of onion powder.
blend that all up, pour over chicken breast in a glass pan, 400 degrees for an hour.
@Fluttershy You may have cutest character, but I have the cutest internment camp.
Nook's cell is now /FESTIVE/.
@Ash I can send you the recipes through discord, but it seems I have to add you as a friend to dm you.
There are a few pictures and I don't want to spam this room with them
3:22 PM
Spam them in the offtopic room in discord?
@Nzall Yes.
@Yuuki @Chippies @Dragonrage Sweet Business, Lucky Raspberry, Synthoceps, and Skull of Dire Ahamkara for this Xursday
@Fluttershy Is this cross-region? I really want Sweet Business...
@Jutschge Yeah. Xur has the same inventory for everyone.
3:32 PM
@Fluttershy how do I get that?
I have lucky raspberry
I have raspberry pi
Several of them even
But synthoceps I think is the exotic I've been looking for iirc
Oh no that's for titan. I don't have a titan yet
I need Orpheus rig
@Dragonrage Xur hasn't sold those yet. Seems to be a lot of people looking for those.
He also hasn't sold Celestial Nighthawk yet, which I need. :(
I've gotten like 3 lucky raspberries and 3 knucklehead radars
Crossed mental streams, trying to picture weapons vendor setting up shop in Animal Crossing.
3:46 PM
@Maximillian someone has to protect the animals while they cross
*note I have never played animal crossing so idk what it's about
Making friends and sharing things people need.
@Maximillian COMMUNISM I SAY
Thanks for ruining my headcanon.
Well there is a parody video about Isabelle accidentally trying to form a Marxist regime in Animal Crossing...
My headcanon for animal crossing was literally frogger, but with more animals
3:50 PM
My headcanon for AC is making a muppet very angry
@Nzall AC still links to assassins creed for my brain so I was confused with this sentence
Q: When does a duplicant go by a wash basin and not wash their hands?

JNatBasically, I've noticed a few times a duplicant going by a wash basin and not washing their hands. That can be the case, obviously, if the basin is out of order — but I've seen it happen on other occasions. Is this maybe a known bug (since the game's still in early access), or are there certain ...

Google Maps changed their color scheme
it's less beige now
@Jutschge lmao
4:01 PM
@Jutschge How many did that kill?
@MBraedley Probably around 10-15. About 10 ppl died in our raid aswell (usually you can stand under elevators and jump to get on top of it)
But apparently this one instagibs you if you're under it?
@Unionhawk Yeah. There's a joke in the community about the deadliest boss being the elevator. A ton of people die because they're too lazy to wait for it. They jump and die to fall damage in that case.
Now blizzard buffed elevators :(
Q: i stuck with this command it skips the enchantment anyone who can help

Mark Kerkhofi got this command that doesnt work for some reason can anyone help me /summon Item ~ ~1.2 ~ {CustomName:"Hidden Blade",CustomNameVisible:1,Item:{id:wooden_sword,Count:1,ench:[{id:13,lvl:3}]}

4:09 PM
Kill the elevator so nobody can use it!
@Maximillian It's immune to death. The forums are going crazy because of it!
Op boss
It's pretty much everywhere lol
Q: Are math questions on topic?

BroneironautPuzzle solving is a common element of video games, and the Help Center states that Puzzle solving or obstacle clearing is on topic. Are math problems included in the definition of puzzles? Math is sometimes an element of puzzle solving in video games, but the math is typically simple or a minor e...

4:30 PM
god i hate anyconnect
also god I hate networkmanager
@Avery yep
like it used to work yesterday and now it doesn't and stuff and just what
> aveao@vm-5:~$ uptime
11:35:29 up 1 day, 4:52, 2 users, load average: 0.00, 0.00, 0.00
hm, apparently it got restarted yesterday?
@Fluttershy So I'm picking up the Skull.
#Geekthoughts The way the Tamarians communicate through memes and allusions, previously ridiculous, seems increasingly plausible given modern practice.
@Jutschge I remember being squished by an elevator during WotLK.
4:43 PM
As a shaman, I enjoy jumping down an elevator and then Gust of Wind-ing before I hit the bottom
@Fluttershy I think I just need a cape and gloves to hit power cap but all I've gotten from luminous this week has been helms and weapons.
Q: How to delete multiple save files in Xcom2 on the PS4?

k0pernikusIn my current campaign I don't shy away from save-scumming. On the PS4, I am only allowed to have 100 save files. In order to delete old ones, I have to select each entry in the savegame list and hit delete for each entry. This is a bit tedious, esp. since the deletion of one savegames takes a w...

so many buggy things today
nm is broken, anyconnect is broken, firefox is broken
even tumblr broke for a bit
I should've listened to fortune teller when she said that I had bad luck today
The movement in this game is nuts (pun intended) #SuperMarioOdyssey #NintendoSwitch https://t.co/1PwFNPUES0
Oh shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit
I wonder if that painting warp is open if you haven't been to Bowser's Kingdom
That'd skip at least Lunch if it was, maybe Wooded and Lunch
The holy grail would be tricking the game into allowing you to use the Cascade->Bowser painting warp at the beginning of the game
But that's probably less likely than barrier skip
5:05 PM
@Unionhawk Good question. I hope someone finds out for us real quick.
I'm sure the any% runners are on it because that would be huge already and it's only been a month
But with a more robust speed community, different from 64
it took years to find ways to skip stars in 64
5:17 PM
they're still finding some new tricks I think
I still see pannen upload videos on those stuff
I mean, from an RTA perspective 64 any% is close to where it can be
@Yuuki I think I need boots.
5:31 PM
@Dragonrage I do use Discord, yes
5:48 PM
@Maximillian I need a link now
Hmm... food time.
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