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Q: Can I play a hard copy of a game expansion with a game bought on Steam?

SamJI have Fallout 4 on Steam. I just saw a good deal in a physical store for the DVD expansion Far Harbor. Can I activate that on Steam or even play the expansion with my Steam copy?

12:37 AM
yes! i finally created the PHP/Selnium script that will go though my library of steam games and get the announcements RSS links for RSSOwl *runs script. after about 5 links*
> Sorry!
An error was encountered while processing your request:

There was an error communicating with the network. Please try again later.
oh you bitch
why selenium?
Seems overkill
@quartata selenium does automated user input to a web browser
stick that in a loop and vola, doing the same task over 300 times faster than i could have done it myself
12:54 AM
> Tomorrow's live stream has been cancelled, efforts moved to providing developer commentary on Destiny 2 via a Bungie blog.
@Fluttershy hue
@Yuuki Are they scared they'll get yelled at or something?
@Ash The livestreams have been... underwhelming to say the least.
@Ash no, they just want to make sure that every they say is scrutinized before they release it to the public. they don't want a dev talking about the exp thing going "the exp text is a separate procedure from the one that gives you exp. the latter is easier to edit on the fly"
Q: Why won't Laflat give me the "Lynel Safari" sidequest?

Steven VascellaroIn Zora's Domain there is a Zora named Laflat who offers the sidequest Lynel Safari. The quest involves taking a photo of the Lynel on top of Polymous Mountain to earn a set of Zora Greaves. However, after finishing the main Zora quest to defeat Divine Beast Vah Ruta, Lafrat won't give me her si...

1:18 AM
@Memor-X No I know, but I'd be surprised if there wasn't a Steam API route
I'm sure it's in appdetails
does that work?
the XML output?
@quartata For a second, I read that as appendicitis.
1:32 AM
so, i seemed to have missed something. why is being Fluttershy a bannable offense?
or is it just @Wipqozn modabusing?
1:47 AM
anyone up for some d2? cc @Yuuki @Fluttershy @RedRiderX
@Dragonrage Sure but I'm not sure what stuff I can participate in yet.
I literally just got strikes and stuff unlocked for me
no worries. i just barely got to nightfall last week so im not far ahead
i havent done strikes this week if you wanna do them
@RedRiderX i in arqade unofficial discord if you want to hop in
@Dragonrage Ah okay
@quartata no i don't think so. in the news page there's a link to the rss feed like http://steamcommunity.com/games/262150/rss/. it's that link i need to inject into an xml template that RSSOwl recognizes for mass importing feeds
2:06 AM
.@utorrent @utorrentHelp your security address bounces, because you have no MX record. Please contact me urgently.
oh no
You know you have fucked up when you get a tweet from @taviso with "Please contact me urgently"
2:28 AM
Q: How do burst-fire sharpshooter weapons behave?

OakI just found a burst-fire sharpshooter weapon in a store. The whole point of sharpshooter weapons is being able to land one crucial shot from afar, so how do burst-fire sharpshooter weapons work? Do all shots follow the same path? Would be interested in an answer before I invest 4000 water into ...

@fredley Finally finished season 1 of Bojack Horseman and holy shit how is this show as good as it is.
2:57 AM
Q: what contibutes to generating animosity in succabox

cubdacookiebeastin succu box what contributes to generating guilt I'm not sure I think it is either opening or buying lootboxs but I have no idea

3:11 AM
Q: Are the Battlefield 1 Expansion Packs Campaigns or just Multiplayer Maps?

Matt CashattThanks for looking. I just played Battlefield 1 on PS4 and loved it. I am looking into getting the expansion packs but from the marketing material it is not clear whether these are just new multiplayer maps and weapons or campaigns. I am hoping for more campaigns like the 6 stories in the main ga...

ok, a second video from Jim Sterling about this National Committee For Games Policy this day *loads without adblock, see Star Wars Trailer*.....i swear someone out there hates me and wants to spoil shit in The Last Jedi
@StrixVaria It gets better.
@Unionhawk Who?
@Fluttershy Yeah I'm definitely going to keep going. I don't generally have much time to watch since I have an impressionable 3-year-old hanging around most of the time.
@StrixVaria Fair.
I pretty much can't watch anything interesting until late at night.
3:22 AM
@Fluttershy he's a security engineer (researcher?) at Google and the last time he did this... I forget what vulnerability it was but it was bad
I can't decide if I hate every moment Mr. Peanut Butter is on screen or if he's hilarious.
Feb 24 at 14:40, by Unionhawk
Could someone from cloudflare security urgently contact me.
I think it's both.
And LastPass apparently
@Unionhawk I don't get it
3:24 AM
This thing except uTorrent so we'll see what's wrong with uTorrent soon probably
Dang. I'm almost at 250 likes on a dumb tweet from yesterday. o_o How do I turn notifications off?
yesterday, by Unionhawk
When I get more than 5 RTs https://t.co/xyXCypLkk7
@Unionhawk Accurate.
You can mute the conversation in tweet options (where you would go to report a tweet)->mute this conversation
I think
It's different on every platform so
Where that menu is anyway
demon's souls servers are shutting down
3:30 AM
@cazc_941 would you still be able to play it by yourself when they do?
yeah but it won't be the same
it will be like offline dark souls
or offline demons' souls, rather
@cazc_941 how is it different?
It's late and I'm too tired to describe everything so here kotaku.com/…
to be fair the game is old and everyone who was gonna play it probably has already
3:43 AM
Q: Xbox 360 wireless controller Bluetooth to pc issues

user200740I am using a zettaguard xbox 360 bluetooth dongle and an original xbox 360 controller, I am able to connect a controller the pc fine and the dongle works fine, but when I hit any buttons the controller holds left. I checked the settings of the controller in windows and I can reset the calibration...

> Parents [who can't be fucked to you know, parent,] claim overuse is straining eyesight, damaging handwriting and impacting fine motor skills
3:59 AM
the point I think is that a lot of parents aren't aware
@cazc_941 aware of what? that they can't just stick a tablet infront of their child and forget?
also kinda fucked up that staying inside a lot when you're young apparently is linked to short sightedness
I guess you need to use your distance vision more to stabilize it or something
> On the occasions when I have hidden the iPad for a couple of days she’s calmer. But I don’t want to ban it altogether because technology is now so central in society. I wouldn’t want my daughters to be less proficient than everyone else.
That's friggin scary tbh
@cazc_941 what's the scary thought? the fact the child was calmer or the "fear" of being less proficient in browsing youtube or playing games
like it's been a decade or so since i was at school but what do they use their tablets for?
4:15 AM
back in my day kids READ BOOKS and PLAYED SPORTS clearly Idiocracy is a documentary
Honestly I think a lot of the technology panic is overblown.
Just a way for an outlet like Daily Mail to lazily fart out a headline probably for the third time
@Unionhawk yep, because lootbox gambling isn't big enough for them to go back to "violent gambling video games are destroying our children's future"
how ebooks not paper books are destroying society
capitalism is destroying society friend, way more so than your sensationalism
Capitalism created our society
4:34 AM
People did
People said books would ruin us all, and they didn't. They said TV would ruin us all, and it didn't.
They'll say the same about this until something else comes about to distract
Yeah people have been back in my daying about the latest media for literally hundreds of years
Pretty much, yeah
And oh, this will kill us because we aren't doing x like our ancestors
dude they died from all sorts of shit, they didn't live as long, aaaaaaa no stop please
back in my day, when a games servers went offline, it meant jack because your game was single player and didn't need the dam internet
(seriously. Like okay so I am reading about the Romanovs and they killed each other a lot but also like....they died of all sorts of shit that we could easily deal with now. And they went on in letters about how they were old men and such at 45....)
4:39 AM
My ancestors also didn't have Mario Odyssey speedrun routing to watch so, checkmate
@Ash I did a Google of them yesterday and had a laugh at their end year
@Ash actually i find this funny, especially when that paleo diet was doing it's rounds
1917 was a busy year for Russia considering that wasn't even the October revolution
@Unionhawk yeeeeeeeah
> our cave men ancestors ate way healthier than we do today
yeh, and they lived for 30 years
@Memor-X Don't even get me started about the socioeconomic implications of movements like paleo/clean eating or minimalism or all of that junk
4:45 AM
Spoiler alert eating healthy is expensive let alone eating paleo
Vegan, whatever
Just ensuring food goes in your body and sustains you is a complex expensive venture
let alone sticking to some diet with a name
@Ash yes
@Yuuki oh my gosh
it just
yes good
5:01 AM
@Yuuki zomg, i am rekt
@Yuuki I feel like the 7th line should be "brev pup am i"
But I could be misreading the meter.
5:18 AM
80 MINUTES (until this starts getting seen)
@Avery is there any hope that they won't mess it up?
well then i hope it works out fam
one of the seeings-thing is there today for eu human rights court's order and I believe that they have to follow the orders of that
but they're not part of eu i thought
5:23 AM
anyone up for a nightfall run?
Thank you Amazon.
@GodEmperorDune accurate
5:56 AM
Well, that's... unexpected. A Touhou game is on Steam.
@GodEmperorDune i think that courts need to follow echr due to some agreement
@Avery nice
@bwDraco yeah, surprising indeed
Also UGH for streaming rules
6:57 AM
Complex Networks

Proposed Q&A site for researchers and practitioners interested in complex networked systems from social, semantic, biological, technological, and other areas. (This includes social network analysis and SNA software.)

Currently in definition.

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8:31 AM
@Avery Either it's not a single tree or it's not 1000 bells - I've shaken trees and gotten 500 or 300 bells before
Oh, and applies to palm trees too
It's a thing you can do in New Leaf too
Although you can also get BEEEEEEEEEEEES
@Arperum Isn't that what CI is for?
Just link your CI to a flashing red siren
8:48 AM
@PrivatePansy As far as code inspection goes over here it's me going "why did you do that thing?" And I have negative time to actually look at stuff.
@Arperum How should I interpret "negative time"?
@Nzall Imagine have no time at all, now remove some time from that.
gotta love it when netflix breaks and puts the pause screen on page even when video is not paused it and you just can't make it go away so you have to refresh and wait a ton for it to buffer so you can continue to watch the cute movie you're watching
My first thought when hearing about the OSX High Sierra bug:
9:08 AM
Q: How do i make new servers on applications on windows store/program on Minecraft

user200747I wanna own a server.How do i do it with a app on windows store/program Also how to make admin

He peck. He wreck but most importantly He dress fine as heck
3 hours later…
12:11 PM
@Dragonrage Yes
12:28 PM
Q: Does it ever make sense to send assistant heroquesters?

AltiTwo heroquests offer you the option of sending a 'helper' heroquester, but I have the impression that this only ever reduces the chance of succeeding in the quest. Is this true? If so, are there any other benefits to sending a helper heroquester?

> Fire TV Stick Basic Edition provides an easy way to access content from Prime Video, Netflix, YouTube and over 4,000 apps and games. Subscription fees may apply.
> Fire TV Stick Basic Edition comes with a dedicated remote so that you can easily play the content you want.
Seems to be more tech in the machine thatn chromecast though, aka doesn't rely on you having a phone or pc
I prefer using my phone though. Seems easier, especially if you've got friends over all sharing crappy youtube videos.
I'm too deep in memes help
someone opened a random music on a twitch stream, then I found an old meme where I first heard it, then I tracked it back to the source (happy happy christmas) then tracked it back to the original (this song, from a german-only gbc game)
Q: Is there such a thing as a Strange Iron Curtain?

rosuavI love the Iron Curtain reskinned stock minigun (awarded via "Poker Night at the Inventory"), and have put a Professional Killstreak kit on it. I'd really like to strangify it too, though, and there don't seem to be any Iron Curtain Strangifiers on the community market. None of my research has sh...

12:45 PM
@Avery This one? If yes... 2014 isn't really an old meme lol
@Jutschge even 2016 memes are stale by now, and no, this is the old meme I meant (flashing image warning)
I mean yeah sure memes die pretty quick. but an old meme is something like the hamster dance imo
^ for anyone playing Pocket Camp on Android.
1:00 PM
@PrivatePansy Hoooow?
Just log in and collect from your mailbox? If you don't have it quit and relaunch the app
Weird I tried that
You may also have to read the news
The cap is kind of ugly but I like the shirt
No idea if there's an iOS exclusive
Oh I already picked them up, they must have been at the bottom of my mailbox
I've already got the perfect sweater though
Also, from r/animalcrossing, if you have an iOS device you can just log in with a (friend/family's) Android device to get the Android exclusive clothes
1:12 PM
There's Android exclusive clothes
They are Google Play colored
So I guess anyone can login as root on a Mac now if they use an empty password
@RedRiderX Any High Sierra macOS machine that doesn't already have a root password and doesn't have disk encryption
But yes, that is most of them
I can't tell if this works through a Mac's remote access stuff
But now I'm oddly glad the MacBook in the office is too old to upgrade to High Sierra
Q: does scoreboard condition not work with loot chests?

dinidinii got this in a loot table on a mob it works fine but in a chest its just empty is there a way for them both to work with scoreboard scores of the player "conditions": [ { "condition": "entity_scores", "entity": ...

Q: Are there really no Groups/Alliances?

BaumiSo i play Trove for quite some time now, and i know everyone says you can't form groups with other players. Technically you are in a group with persons near you all the time. The proble i have when im playing with friends is that they have to hit the chest at least once to get the loot. So i was...

1:46 PM
50,000 BELLS
But oh man the upstairs on my camper is so good now
@Yuuki GET HYPE!
(Also, was just about to post that myself. The link is still in my clipboard.)
2:02 PM
@Yuuki Me, every morning for the past couple of months.
2:20 PM
Q: How do I become a goat again after turning into a bag?

Zero StackI was walking around in the Goat Simulator: PayDay expansion when I came to a Bag Vendor with a platform to the left of it. I stood on the platform and literally mutated into a bag (a loot bag in PayDay). Now all I can do is hop around as a bag. How do I change back into a Goat?

2:33 PM
The Destiny subreddit is treating today's dev blog post like the rapture.
@Unionhawk What's all the drama about? I know a live stream was cancelled because of some kind of outrage, but that's it.
I have no idea
2:51 PM
@MBraedley I mean it's reddit... reddit will always go crazy about anything.
discord redesigned desktop user profile too
now people can see both my badges~
@Unionhawk I mean, if you read that post, it's more along the lines of "this is going to be make and break for me, if the post sucks, I'm done playing Destiny.".
Today's dev blog is going to be the tipping point for a lot of people.
3:05 PM
@Yuuki Wait but like... what is happening though?
I've played hours of this game but I feel like I know nothing about anything about it
3:17 PM
@RedRiderX People were kinda annoyed at how shallow the end-game is and how messed up PvP balance is and a whole bunch of other stuff.
And the last livestream was really disappointing.
Just showed more of the same.
> A German is traveling to France and is going through passport control. The agent asks the German, “Reason for travel?”
> “For work,” replies the German.
> “Occupation?” asks the agent.
> "Not this time."
@PrivatePansy Look, that is the Nook Containment Unit. I encourage all animals to come by and see the criminal who got away with real estate fraud for YEARS.
Also that link is totally not me but I approve of the build.
@Unionhawk I started Nier last night. :D
Q: How can I speed up recovery from "shaken"?

Stephen LeppikI just took down the Assassin's stronghold. It was a very long mission (25 turns), so despite everyone being fully rested at the beginning of the mission, my entire squad was tired and two-thirds was shaken or wounded, leaving me with only one available soldier above the rank of Lieutenant, and n...

3:39 PM

Proposed Q&A site for currency collectors and users

Currently in definition.

4:01 PM
@Yuuki ouf
Kenyan Space Program?
@DanmakuGrazer And Kenyan Space Corporation. He casually said KSC in that interview in the same way that Scott Manley would say it during a livestream.
I should have tested this thing more along the way because the way I did it is 100% not going to work
4:46 PM
@anamariecox Sleeping Finn, the 8-week old French Bulldog. #adorables
Cc @Ash
I keep confusing andy weir with ernest cline
(and I only consider one of them a good author so)
@MBraedley it's a pretty good book.
@Ash I've got something like 20 hours worth of podcast backlog to get through first.
What did Ernest Cline do again?
he's the author of ready player one
4:53 PM
(I also keep confusing artemis [by andy weir] with armada [by ernest cline])
I didn't know weir had happened another book
Maybe I will check that out once I'm done my current stack
So, Elite was super cool looking in VR
I say was because I think my Vive is now bricked after having it for less than a day
5:00 PM
@TimStone :sad trombone:
But yes, Elite in VR is awesome.
Q: What missions grant free items?

FoxMcCloudI recently reinstalled Dokkan Battle and after clicking on the "beginners banner" I was awarded some free beginner items. Nowhere I found said that I would even receive the items, I clicked on it just because I've never seen this banner before. I then went into the EVENT section and did a previo...

@Unionhawk I have no idea, I assume the hardware is just randomly faulty
It worked fine last night but today, nothing. Multiple computers won't detect the link box or headset directly at all
I put in a RMA to NewEgg already, hopefully that goes smoothly...
Of course now I have to get all this crap back in the box |:
The moral of the story is that I can't have nice things because everything is terrible
@TimStone Oh no that's awful :(
@MBraedley fair enough, I just read it in the last week or so and enjoyed it
5:27 PM
@Ash Yeah, if I wasn't already physically pained from having spent this money I'd laugh at how absurd it was but alas
@TimStone someday maybe you'll be able to be like "hahaha can you imagine this thing just so ridiculous" but I suspect today is not that day, and tomorrow might not be either...I hope they get it sorted out for you and quickly :)
Q: Cleaning up dragon ball tags

FoxMcCloudWe currently have: dragonball-xenoverse dragonball-xenoverse-2 dragon-ball-z-budokai-tenkaichi-3 dragon-ball-z-battle-of-z dragonball-z-legacy dragon-ball-dokkan-battle I would like to purpose that we fix the "dragonball" tags to "dragon-ball" as the show and the games are technically 2 words in...

@Ash Hahah, thanks. I'm just happy I threw away the bags in my office trash instead of the kitchen because they're pretty explicit about "all packing materials" so I was like "Urfdsjlksdflkjsdfl"
@TimStone Oh, fun stuff :/
> I just bought a new thesaurus and all the pages were blank, I have no words for how angry I am.
cc @GodEmperorDune @Wipqozn @Ash
5:44 PM
@Yuuki hue color shade complexion tint aspect chroma tincture tint tinge tone cast dye value
@Yuuki laughs
@Unionhawk That one doesn't seem as ridiculous as the others.
That clean rolling on the building though
At just the right angle so you don't bonk but instead roll along
So good
But yes roughly intended path
Lake Kingdom is pretty impressive to watch
For example
Lunch is probably pretty good too
6:20 PM
There's star citizen vs elite discourse in one of my discords cc @TimStone
oh boy
I'm not sure what Star Citizen is anymore. I just wanted the squadron single player bit.
We essentially landed on "Elite exists, and it's fairly enjoyable, congrats"
(apparently Star Citizen is selling land plots or some shit for some feature that is not yet implemented in the alpha?)
I'm pretty sure Star Citizen will eventually be selling reservations to Milliways.
And the game still won't have exited alpha.
6:41 PM
For some reason I find the fact that my work gave me business cards highly amusing.
@Maximillian (the joke comes from an idea of total perfect play that means both players will expire the time taking 0 damage, and therefore Melee will assign a winner based on who is P1)
I don't get Melee.
@Unionhawk ughhhhhhhhhh
7:06 PM
Land plots? What is this, space Second Life?
Apparently Yooka Laylee launches on the Switch on Dec. 14
Curse you, Switch, for getting all these super cool games :(
@Ash it is fun but also difficult
also it is already available on PC
I heard lackluster things about it.
@GodEmperorDune Yeah, but I know me and PC stuff, if it isn't co-op, I tend to forget about it and it doesn't get play time
Whereas 3DS etc get TONS of time out of me
Like I know if I had a Switch, I'd play all that stuff :P
@Maximillian it's a very pretty game, it is fun and well polished, except for the fact that some of the minigames are extremely difficult and thus deprive me of 100%ing
@Ash iirc there are some minigames that are co-op
but i don't think those would justify the full purchase price if that's what you're looking for
7:19 PM
Nah, it wouldn't
Really, I just am hoping that maybe someday the Switch goes on an Ash-affordable sale or something :P
(It's good to have dreams :P)
sdfhjkl hjklsdf sdfghjkhjksdgfhjksdfghjkgsdfhjkldfgshjkl
a friend just saw on tv news saying that bosphorus bridge is closed
I should've bought all those PATRIOT FOODs from INFOWARS LIFE
Don't even joke about that.
@Avery son dakika
also what happened with the court fam?
dumb legalese going on, results will be released in 1.5 hours to 5 days apparently
7:33 PM
I've a discord bot checking for it every minute so
Ugh I thought this was going to work but NOPE as it turns out math disallows it
ROUND(ROUND(thing*factor, 0)/factor, 0) is not necessarily thing
for int thing decimal factor
what is that supposed to do?
@Unionhawk Yes, what are you even trying to do?
I need a particular intermediate value from this calculation except we never store it anywhere
for some reason
because life is pain
@Ash Are you saying you are waiting for an Ashfordable sale?
7:39 PM
+1 pun point
And naturally because rounding at every step I can't just reverse engineer it without occasional off by ones
@Arperum snorts YES. Yes I am :D
@Arperum hue
the article got updated, apparently some bag fell from a car and they thought that it was a bomb and cloesd the whole bridge
and now it's back open
Somebody is having a flag war in a language I can't read.
Somebody is having a flag war in a language I can't read.
7:53 PM
I've marking them as invalid, because it's clear these are being flagged maliciously.
it's portuguese
and it's flag abuse
I've marking them as invalid, because it's clear these are being flagged maliciously.
hm, anyone else seeing double messages?
7:55 PM
I got lagged, it doubled.
> Server Error in '/' Application.

Runtime Error

Description: An exception occurred while processing your request. Additionally, another exception occurred while executing the custom error page for the first exception. The request has been terminated.
just now trying to load room 64176
Yeah, I instinctively hit retry even though the message did go through the first time.
I don't think the server enjoyed having 15 flags sitting
7:58 PM
@Avery tries hard to not edit this to "SERVER MACHINE BROKE"
7:58 PM
that new spidey suit though
I should probably go see Thro
I haven't seen the others
but I think the tl;dr of them is "He's got a hammer"
8:12 PM

Proposed Q&A site for windows 10 Enthusiasts, similar to the "AskUbuntu" site.

Currently in definition.

8:41 PM
@Wipqozn Great now this is going to be in my head all day thanks
@Ash Hey, what's a pirate's favorite letter?
@Fluttershy c, obviously
@KevinvanderVelden You'd think that, but actually, it's the R
8:52 PM
No that's just stuck in their throats
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