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6:00 PM
All the ones I've played had time limits, which I...kind of sort of appreciated, in that it kept me from going too far down an obsessive exploration/minmaxing rabbithole, but always felt just a bit too short
Huuuuuh, Sophie has a windows release?
Chat doesn't want to fully load on my workstation, guess I have to get back to work.
@ToxicFrog As does the next one in the series, Firis.
Lydie & Suelle will be releasing on PC next year as well.
I was kind of assuming it was PS4-only and I'd ~never get to play it
6:01 PM
6:33 PM
Q: Are there two different versions of deluxe edition of assassin's creed origin?

dumb playerwhile buying i came across two apparently different product of assassin's creed origin deluxe version and both has different prices. what are the feature and difference between them if there are two deluxe version of creed orgin. pls check the link. https://www.amazon.in/Assassins-Creed-Origins-...

@cazc_941 hue
also rekt
That tweet is also evidence that this person is purposely domain squatting this company's name.
@murgatroid99 assuming those people can ever find OP
@GodEmperorDune If you have a trademark, I bet you could get a subpoena to find the real owner of a domain registration
6:43 PM
@murgatroid99 or they could just get a different tld
because squatting the domain name across all tlds is expensive, if not impossible
Just get company.io
what was io supposed to stand for before it got trendy?
If the company wants a different TLD, this action doesn't matter. And if they want the same TLD, then I would bet that a court would compel this person to give it up
The Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) .io is assigned to the British Indian Ocean Territory. The .io domain is administered by the Internet Computer Bureau, a domain name registry company based in the United Kingdom. Google's ad targeting treats .io as a generic top-level domain (gTLD) because "users and webmasters frequently see [the domain] more generic than country-targeted." == History == The .io domain extension has existed since 1997. The first .io domain was registered in 1998, when Levi Strauss & Co. registered the domain levi.io. == Specifications == Labels for .io domains...
6:46 PM
@GodEmperorDune british indian ocean territory
The Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act (ACPA), 15 U.S.C. § 1125(d), is a U.S. law enacted in 1999 that established a cause of action for registering, trafficking in, or using a domain name confusingly similar to, or dilutive of, a trademark or personal name. The law was designed to thwart “cybersquatters” who register Internet domain names containing trademarks with no intention of creating a legitimate web site, but instead plan to sell the domain name to the trademark owner or a third party. Critics of the ACPA complain about the non-global scope of the Act and its potential to restrict...
@murgatroid99 but the people in the coffee shop haven't established a company yet
> The ACPA also requires that the mark be distinctive or famous at the time of registration
I suspect that there would be some leeway regarding a domain registered solely to spite someone intending to get that trademark
What if they become famous on Twitter as "the company who doesn't have a website because the owners were talking really loudly in a coffee shop"?
Q: Abandon Clan Hall Quest

SoreanIs there a way to abandon the Clan Hall Quests manually? I've tried holding the quest, but that brings up no option to cancel. There is no little X to tap on either.

Q: What is the mimumum number and order of routes to take to get all endings?

FoxMcCloudIn Clannad, like most VN's, you can take a number of different routes depending on your choices. What is the minimum number of routes I'll have to take in order to see everything and what is the order in which I should do them?

6:52 PM
@murgatroid99 spite sites are 1st amendment protected under that act
's why carlyfiorina.com was allowed to just be ":( x30000"
but wikipedia also says that the trademark owner would probably do UDNDRP
The Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy (UDRP) is a process established by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) for the resolution of disputes regarding the registration of internet domain names. The UDRP currently applies to all generic top level domains (.com, .net, .org, etc...), some country code top-level domains, and some older top level domains in specific circumstances. == Historical background == When ICANN was first set up, one of the core tasks assigned to it was "The Trademark Dilemma", the use of trade marks as domain names without the trademark...
@GodEmperorDune It depends on whether they do something with the domain, or hold it just to prevent that company from getting it
That article says that those sites were found to have First Amendment protection because they had a legitimate noncommercial use for the site
@murgatroid99 yes
i wonder if a redirect to that tweet would be a legitmate noncommercial use
7:08 PM
if i fits i sits
cc @ash
Nom. Got a box of Canes.
Hello bridge
is it safe to leave computer parts in the car outside
if its like 4C right now
Leave it mining bitcoin to keep it warm
@GodEmperorDune awww <3
I needed that
One day. One day, I will be a responsible person and not get an unagi roll or unagi onigiri when prompted.
7:25 PM
Why is that irresponsible?
Eel is not sustainable.
Even though they're farm-raised, they're not farm-hatched.
As of yet, we don't have the technology or know-how to breed freshwater eels.
We are aware non-logged in users are unable to view #Stackoverflow and are working on the issue
@Yuuki ah, okay, that makes sense :)
We either get to go to Mars or we get sustainable eels.
@Maximillian That would actually be a hard decision for me to make because unagi is so delicious.
And being able to eat it guilt-free would make my life so much better.
7:33 PM
I feel like if I have tried it, I had texture problems with it
Q: Dune 2 Legacy - difficulty

Lajdák MarekI am playing campain Dune Legacy v. 0.96.4. But i have problem with difficulty... First time i was start without any setting and can not pass 5th mission... So i switched diff in options to easy (qBot Easy) but now i can't pass over 7th mission. I mean it is too hard. Is there some options to ge...

A friend of mine tricked me into trying eel. I dunno, it was kind of a chicken consistency.
Hmm... code freeze and I have nothing really to do...
7:57 PM
I like how every reference to partners in stardew valley is "partner" and not "boyfriend" or "girlfriend"
[I also like how game allows having same sex marriages and such, also even allowing adopting a baby]
I mean to be fair making that text and other stuff completely gender neutral makes things easier to program on top of being good in general
But your boyfriend(s) and girlfriend(s) are listed as such in the Relationships menu
@DanmakuGrazer well yes, but society seems to make no assumptions and that's nice
Grab The Bureau: XCOM DECLASSIFIED for FREE! Be apart of a top-secret government unit and call the shots! #HumbleStore https://www.humblebundle.com/store/the-bureau-xcom-declassified?utm_source=Twitter&utm_medium=Link&utm_campaign=The_Bureau_XCOM_DECLASSIFIED_Free_Game_Announce
8:14 PM
Stardew is only concerned with your farming output. Your social status/relationship is not farming output. CONTINUE FARMING UNIT #376.
@Maximillian joja member detected
@Maximillian Thats Harvest Moon for ya.
@Maximillian no
but yes relationship affects farming output
Stardew Valley is a game about community being more powerful than the capitalists
8:16 PM
The hobo isn't a robot placed to make sure you're farming, nope.
That there's more to life than just being office drone number #24601
There's no secret traitor in each game of Stardew Valley, nope.
@Unionhawk yup. The intro is pretty amazing.
8:18 PM
3 mins ago, by Avery
@Maximillian joja member detected
I was surprised how many mods there are for the game.
I didn't even look at that yet
i need one that makes playing with keyboard easier
I could use one that makes fishing easier too
The one that puts NPCs on your map seems super useful. Even lets you sort by what citizens meet X criteria.
nexusmods has a whole hub for it.
I had to squint at my computer when I ran across it, but there's even adult mods for Stardew Valley. What?
@Maximillian oh yes I need that I need that I need that
I just used the wiki for NPC locations
But yeah a map would be nice
8:23 PM
yeah I use wiki too
They do have set paths based on the day of the week and the season
but map would be much more fun
@Unionhawk You're supposed to stalk them until you learn their daily routines
but that's kind of a mess to try to use
@Unionhawk also rain status and such
8:24 PM
@DanmakuGrazer /lazy
Isn't that how to make friends in real life too?
People in real life don't have set movement paths based on the season and day of week
You say that, but
There's a deeper philosophical question there but technically speaking it's more varied than stardew valley npcs are
Nah I'm pretty sure Stardew Valley NPCs are more varied than me
8:26 PM
are you sure?
do you look at your bookshelf all day
I look at my computer all day, that's kinda the same
I mean same
Computer screen, rather, I suppose
8:35 PM
Regular bait?
Have you been to the mines?
o no
I shouldn't have mentioned "nothing to do" just got an email with an application exception that apparently happened
@DanmakuGrazer regular bait
I did go to mines
but didn't do anything
spent 30 secs in
You probably want to
And in the early floors, you can kill bugs for bug meat, from which bait is crafted
not today
well, in-game days
I'll check it out tomorrow though
Well, I liked doing a bit of everything, but you don't have to go to the mines
8:47 PM
I likely will
how can I obtain ores btw, other than buying
becuause buying doesn't trigger furnace blueprint
From the mines
aha, I see
then I have to go
Crafting recipes are obtained by levelling up skills
In this case, it's mining
Which farm layout did you pick?
8:49 PM
first run so I went with default
I like the default layout
though mining and fishing layout look pretty cool too
looking at the maps
The default layout is a bit too big for me
Yeah there's a lot of space
So I use plenty of space-inefficient buildings
Which is a thing to consider
8:52 PM
Because otherwise I don't have enough time to do my daily routine every day
I think half of it is slime hutches
Which is great because they need very little maintenance
Fruit trees are nice in that regard as well
I should go back to playing it
I should too
Maybe use like, mining or foraging layout
Last time, I was starting a mushroom farm
I'm still on my first file
Yeah what I should probably do
is go back to my first save
or play on switch more
I'd pick the latter
or... BOTH
8:55 PM
Make a bajillion gold and buy Pelican Town
I will not
Instead I will probably work on finishing the community center in my original PC file
Oh yeah, I need to buy the golden clock
dear emily pls get out of room so I can give bday gift
they don't notice lol
I don't think
I actually don't remember
they don't notice what
8:58 PM
The good thing is, if you give someone a loved gift on their birthday, they'll get like two hearts and a half or something
So you'll be able to enter their room after that
@DanmakuGrazer I've a topaz for her~
I'm dumb lol
went from one heart to 3
Oh, almost the end of spring
I was wondering how far you were in
9:00 PM
when I started playing it was like day 3
this is some addictive game
It is
"Just one more day"
Is it possible to let Joja bulldoze the hall and build? I seem to recall it actually asks a question for that early on.
If you side with Joja it's turned into a warehouse
> I'll do that when this day ends (in stardew)
> sent at 9:15PM
it's now 12:03AM and I still didn't do that
Siding with Joja is completely out of character for the player character.
I will stand on this hill and defend it with my life because it's true
9:06 PM
I mean, it is
I don't think anyone will fight you over that
Nobody leaves their job at $megacorp to help $megacorp take over a small town
I wish there was better balance of effort/reward in various things
Dinosaurs are pretty pointlesss
@Avery Oh
I guess that wasn't from skills then
Just from exploring the mines?
I got first copper ore from mines, then next day he came to my door
Aaah, yeah
9:14 PM
(I knew that that was supposed to happen, but IDK where i had to get copper ores)
(I have wiki open on left screen and game on right)
9:32 PM
Just finished spring~
All your crops are now dead
yes I know
I accounted for that
Yeah, you get told like a week in advance
Are you checking the TV every day?
It's actually super helpful
You learn cooking recipes and get random tips
Oh, yeah
Shane and Emily are possible romantic partners now
9:55 PM
yeah, I'm going for emily.
I got immediately put off stardew valley when I found out Robin wasn't a romance option
Well, she's married...
Or rather inferred cause she's married
@Avery Be aware that Clint will try to guilt trip you even though he's a jerk.
Can you romance anyone as either gender?
10:00 PM
clint's the uh
blacksmith, right?
@cazc_941 yes
To both of you
They're all bisexual? Seems unrealistic 😜. But then again it is a video game. I can't grow carrots in real life either so why shouldn't I date Shane
Idk I tried to play it for a while
I thought I would like the game more than I did
Maybe when local co op makes its way to ps4
oh, shane.
that guy
whenever I try to converse with him he's all rude towards me.
Yeah, Shane's a jerk until you get more hearts.
> Total earnings: 15,519,719g
10:07 PM
where do you see that?
In your inventory
just 23,881g
I liked the game, but like everything I have on PC, I never play it
also, anyone knows who this is and how I can find them?
bc I'm at 27/28 people greeted
Evelyn's husband
10:10 PM
aah, the guy she apologizes for
Date everyone with a video game console in their room.
Isn't that exclusively Abby?
Or is that the point?
I like her hair. <3
reading all this starwdew valley talk makes me want to update it and start a new game. but then i am reminded that i have to fix up the mods again
her hair is nice, though I like emily's hair more
10:19 PM
@DanmakuGrazer Shane has a console in his room.
I don't like Shane's hair, but if he has a console.....
Q: Have I broken the PI puzzle of VIM Adventures?

user15170 So, I'm playing VIM adventures to get a grasp on basic VIM. In this case, the game is asking me to reach that key in the bottom right. The cursor is currently sitting on the darkened "8" block. I cannot move the cursor onto the numbers sitting over the bottomless pit. Once a block is passed...

Is it just me or was the slimes' jumping noise changed?
10:32 PM
I mean, compared to what it was at launch
Is multiplayer still a development goal for that game?
Yay I had enough people help me get into the quarry in AC today
11:19 PM
Q: Where are the secret holes located?

Steven VascellaroEvery course in OK Golf includes two secret holes which unlock an extra bonus hole. These can be anywhere on a level, with some even being located out-of-bounds. Which levels have secret holes? Where are they located?

@Maximillian saaaaame
And the quarry has candy canes
I only got into quarry once
it sucks that if someone approves while you're offline and quarry resets, you 5 more "helps" again
It resets I think around midnight local? Or something?
I'm not actually sure
I already forgot AC Pocket Camp existed
It's just not the same
I enjoy it
11:34 PM
Yeah well
your face
I mean I got bored of pocket camp after a couple hours
For a relaxing game about going around and fulfilling requests of cute animals, it's too… unsatisfying.
I never got it running all that well but I am content with playing ACNL
I'll compare it to stardew a little bit, but I feel satisfied every time I turn something in on stardew. And it's fast with no slow unskippable animations, no MTX.
And aftet a certain point (~lvl 20) it just starts to take too long to level up friendships and some barriers etc appear and you just can't level up and such
Also you can't try on clothes before buying them.
That last point makes the game literally unplayable, 7/10.
Yeah, i also figured at some point the paywall would be less than awesome on it
Ooh, the Winterbash countdown page is pretty.
I never played new leaf so IDK if I'd feel it on that too but the formula just drives me into a mindset where I seek more and more completion and it gets so hard that I seek other ways, like mtx in pocket camp.
11:47 PM
I just like ACNL because it's my chill thing - like I can just play for a bit, find the fossils, catch some fishes and bugs, chat to my villagers, and then do other stuff. It's not demanding, it's just....nice and content. Which is nice when so much of the world feels like it is on fire.
I know that new leaf lacks mtx btw, just beinging it up because Idk if I don't like the way it is on any game, or if it's only on pocket camp
Most games like that will hit a pretty hard mtx wall
Weirdly, the one that I find does this the least is Tapped Out (the Simpsons game by EA)
like they're there, but you can play a long time without them (as evidenced by me being level 94)
Q: Why won't my iron golem farm work?

HungryBoy02it seems like everything is in order, tons of villagers, and tons of doors, but nothing is working!I have 40 doors, and idk even how many villagers. here are some pictures.

@Yuuki :(
11:57 PM
Launched Battle.net and I had to log in, which I thought was weird. Then it told me that it found some games on my PC already, do I want to use that data or re-download from scratch?
It's not like a website where I cleared cookies or something.
How could it forget? :|
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