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9:00 PM
next up on AGDQ:
- Daikatana...
- Half Life Blue Shift??
- DOOM 2016!!!!!!
@badp blue shift is a half life game where you play a security guard at the time of half life 1
@Unionhawk on AGDQ?
I guess
Source games tend to be broken enough for an interesting speedrun
Okay I've got it.
I need to make a game called "something 2028", and then in 2028 reboot the series with just "something".
Except actually a name.
@MBraedley well if they used depth charges to hide it, the solution must be to use more depth charges to scare it back to the surface. Like dynamite fishing
@Ronan brexit 2028
9:02 PM
@GodEmperorDune Depth charges will not be available this time...
@Ronan After 12 years of a Trump/Putin presidency of the United States of Russia, the world is on the brink of war
@MBraedley hmmm... maybe mod abuse
mod abuse and jquery can do all the things
@Unionhawk Sad! 2028
@GodEmperorDune I'm thinking we'll be lucky to even see debris, let alone a good chunk of the hull.
@MBraedley perhaps BIG DATA is to the resuce
just like this unsolicited email tells me
in all seriousness, your quest sounds difficult but also very cool
@GodEmperorDune "very cool" is perhaps apt, as we're talking about the north atlantic in January.
9:08 PM
@MBraedley hue
WEll this is all going to hell very quickly
fall upon too large alien pods. 4/6 squad members dead.
more like @RIPqozn
2 killed right away. THen @John died, and @badp and @Yuuki both panic'd, and @Yuuki then gets himself shot.
The only one not loosing their shit is @JasonBerkan, and he just got shot in the face.
@Yuuki and @badp just need to get their shit together it seems
@Unionhawk yeah that happens every time @Wipqozn plays xcom
you know who can't get their shit together? a dead person
9:16 PM
That's true
or really any game where characters can be named and die
At least @badp is still alive
@Wipqozn How am I doing?
i think@Wipqozn is just bad at video games
For now*
9:16 PM
@GodEmperorDune I think we established this some time ago, also with XCOM. I'll have to find the conversation.

In Which @Wipqozn Proves To Be The World's Worst Military Commander

Feb 7 '16 at 1:18, 7 minutes total – 11 messages, 2 users, 0 stars

Bookmarked Feb 7 '16 at 1:28 by Yuuki

@Ronan You're back at base crying
Seems realistic.
@Wipqozn could you possibly stop killing off the bridge?
So @JasonBerkan killed two aliens on his turn, so that's good, but then some robo alien stunned him. Luckily the alien which run up to @JasonBerkan to shoot him at point blank range missed. He';s probably still dead though.
Oh and @badp is calm again and dodged a bullet, so that's dead
@Dragonrage I'd rather not
@Yuuki hue
9:19 PM
well, at least i think im safe. i dont think anyone ever made me an xcom soldier
okay good job @badp, you dodged more bullets and one shotted an alien
Is badp pretending the bullets are logic?
oh @JasonBerkan was just mind controlled
come to think of it, @Wipqozn killed his entire town in cities: skylines a few times too
9:20 PM
@GodEmperorDune So @Wipqozn is like the anti-@twobugs?
@Yuuki pretty much
RIP @twobugs
annnd @badp is dead, and @JasonBerkan joined the aliens like a filthy traitor
@badp was doing well until he died
@Wipqozn even I can't do miracles with such inadequate commandership
9:22 PM
I think I said this last time: If you were my commander I'd probably also join them, it's safer that way
@Wipqozn That's probably what I would do in such a situation.
i don't get how @Wipqozn completes the campaign if he keeps losing all of his soldiers
@GodEmperorDune he doesn't
Also those recon drones are jerks. They're added via a mod, and have natural "I hate you defense". @badp had less than a 50% shot with his machine gun.
9:23 PM
@GodEmperorDune @Wipqozn is Zapp Brannigan's ancestor.
Although then again the aliens also had armor since I failed a hack
He wins the campaign by completing the Killbot alien "humans killed" quota.
Dealt mose damage: @JasonBerkan, most attacks / most under fire / moved furthest: @badp
@Wipqozn you should've named him @radp
9:25 PM
@GodEmperorDune You just don't hear about all the times things go well, since that's not as funny
> Renzo Ferrari
@Wipqozn you murdered me. badp will remember this...
@Unionhawk Can a name possibly be any more Italian?
@badp Hey don't blame me, blame the aliens
I think the most common Italian name surname is like Marco Bianchi
but that's not what you meant
9:27 PM
Renzo "Mozzarella" Ferrari il Margherita?
Also that Advent Gunslinger was a jerk. I'll need to read up on some of the units added in this mod.
@Yuuki throw a little berlusconi in there too
@Wipqozn wait you just enabled mods without knowing what they did?
@GodEmperorDune it adds like 60 enemies. I'm not looking through all that.
@badp it must be nice to float around on pizza all day
@Wipqozn definitely inadequate commandership
@Yuuki you've done what i've done with shoujo ai/yuri. you've googled pool pizza to much and corrupted your search resaults
9:31 PM
@Memor-X o.0
@GodEmperorDune I don't want to be too prepared though.
Half the fun of XCOM is watching you all die
@Memor-X looks like "floating pizza" instead
@Wipqozn just like everyone else
XCom is one of those See Your Friends Die A Slow And Painful Death Simulator games
@badp most of the time the deaths are quick
@badp Well, technically that's also /r/outside.
9:35 PM
I bet you keep watching the replays over and over
Skeptics are exactly the kind of people who should be on investigations. Now let's see if the truth changes RFKJ's opinion.
@GodEmperorDune I'm shocked. Completely shocked
@Axelrod there's a reason vaccine skeptic is in quotes
More accurate would probably vaccine science denier
i wanted to use other terms but i went with the CNN headline
@KevinvanderVelden There's no middle ground, because anyone who questions is demonized.
9:51 PM
@Axelrod There's a good reason for that
@KevinvanderVelden Vaccine comes in, incidents of measles goes down. Vaccine comes out, incidents of measles goes up. You can't explain that!
@SaintWacko You mean like how there's no basis in science for claims that vaccines cause autism?
@SaintWacko There's valid concerns behind the opposition, both due to past issues that really did happen and legal concerns over requiring things like that. And the way you change someone's mind is by discussing it, not vilifying them.
@Axelrod what are the concerns?
@Unionhawk Exactly
9:52 PM
@Axelrod there's areason for that. It's a yes/no question that has been solved
There is no middle ground
@Axelrod What past issues?
@GodEmperorDune Past versions did have negative health consequences for some individuals. The autism claim is bunk until we know what causes autism to begin with, but to say that vaccines have never harmed anyone ignores that they have.
@Axelrod the argument is not that they never harmed anyone
@GodEmperorDune The argument is a moving goalpost.
@Axelrod No, there's no valid concern. (of course you want vaccines to be properly tested and validated, and they are)
9:54 PM
the argument is that by getting vaccinated on time you increase herd immunity and reduce disease even in those people who cannot be vaccinated (old, young, immuno compromised, etc)
@MadScientist Most medical things are. You still get fringe cases and lovely class action lawsuits. Constantly.
@Axelrod so why are we now having investigations about vaccine safety?
The argument is about requiring vaccinations. That is where people want to ability to not take part in it. And regardless, as long as the rest get immunized all benefit.
Yes, past things weren't 100% safe. Current ones aren't, they're like 99.99999% safe
Nobody argues that vaccines are totally safe, just that their benefits vastly outweigh their potential side effects. And vaccines are really one of the safest type of medicine we have
9:56 PM
@Axelrod the problem with herd immunity is that if enough people opt out, the herd immunity disappears
@KevinvanderVelden Because it's a popular topic for people, both those mindlessly against and those mindlessly for, to waste precious time on.
@Axelrod See this is school choice all over again. This is something sounds good because everyone pro-school choice or anti-vaccine dresses it up in pretty words but the actual consequences are very bad.
@Axelrod Except that that's not true. Too many people are choosing not to get vaccinated
and like @axelrod said, there are some people who cannot get vaccinated for medical reasons, I don't think anyone is suggesting that we force people to be vaccinated if they cannot handle it medically
I'm too young to have seen the consequences of the diseases we almost eliminated by vaccines, but they're certainly very serious from what you can read. A 1 in 2000 chance of encephalitis for measles sounds far, far too high o me
9:58 PM
@Axelrod i'm proof that there is a possibility that they can do harm. one of the required vaccine i got as a child stopped and set back my development for years. ofcause with enough therapy and care from my doctors and parents (particularly my parents ignoring a school's warning saying i wouldn't cope with a "normal school") i came out ok being the top 10% of my graduating year in university and i rarely get sick to top it off.
though the scary part is that no one knows exactly what happened like if it was an allergic reaction or just a bad batch which means i have to be vigilant for when i have a daughter
it's more the opt out for non-medical reasons
@GodEmperorDune Right. Which is why everyone who can needs to be vaccinated, so the ones who can't will benefit from herd immunity
@GodEmperorDune The problem with herd immunity is that it doesn't work when anything less than full application to the entire human race.
@Axelrod False
@Axelrod it does actually
9:59 PM
[citation needed]
Measles returned from the brink. Polio exists.
Protesting an act that could lead to widespread vaccination is also not a waste of time. It's serious business.
@Axelrod only ~95% is needed as far as I remember. Herd immunity works, unless there are pockets of people that don't get vaccinated
still, the benefits vastly outweigh the consequences, even if vaccines did cause autism people with autism can function perfectly fine in society. they arn't lesser people for it
10:00 PM
It only takes one example to prove a hypothesis faulty.
@MadScientist google says something between 85% and 95%
@Axelrod Coincidentally, measles returned from the brink when the anti-vaccine movement picked up steam. That doesn't disprove herd immunity.
@Memor-X I personally agree with that, but to attack people for believing otherwise is just sad.
@Axelrod name one example disproving herd immunity
Not your 100% requirement thing btw, the actual thing
Q: Purity quest and no work after marring farkas

Chloe GonzalesFirst after the companions quest line I married Farkas. Now he wont give me work even after i paid all the fines and moved in with him. I also tried to cure Villas and he dosnt even come with me to the flame to cure him and in my journal its marked as finished when I haven't done a thing.

10:01 PM
Anti-vaccine pseudoscience is dangerous, there are plenty of reasons to attack it on sight
@Axelrod Polio exists in countries with low vaccination rates. Again, does not disprove herd immunity.
It isn't as dangerous as mindlessly attacking people without hearing their concerns. Worse still, doing so only makes more people convert.
@Axelrod i am trying to hear the concerns
@Axelrod That's not the right case though. That's a case of <100% not causing eradication, to prove your argument you need to show that all eradications have only happened with 100% vaccination.
Yeah, I fully support someone having a different opinion than me, except when said opinion has been demonstrably proven false and is causing harm
10:02 PM
The concerns are based on a retracted and faulty study, clearly marked as retracted
@Axelrod What exactly are those concerns? Thiomersal? Something else?
i mean you can hate vaccines all you want, but if you can medically handle it, you should be vaccinated
Also important: Arguments about legallity of requiring it won't be answered by investigating the safety. Those are entirely different
There were literally only 39 reported cases of polio last year in the entire world
The polio vaccination program has been a remarkable success
Nobody is mindlessly attacking anyone in here
10:04 PM
@Unionhawk if they are it should be flagged and dealt with
We are making educated attacks
@TimStone And then we have bullshit like the CIA using a vaccination campaign as cover
Here's the thing. Vaccine deniers aren't going to change their mind, science already has proven they're a good idea and that wasn't good enough for them. The best we can do is make sure other people don't start believing the deniers too. And that means calling deniers wrong and misinformed.
@Unionhawk "Arguments", I think the word you're looking for is "arguments".
@Yuuki whatever
10:05 PM
@MadScientist yeah that was really fuct
@Ronan (and ideally not appointing them to positions of policy)
@Unionhawk I think your bar for "educated" is a bit low, but I'm also apparently the only person who thinks people dying from poorly made vaccines in the past is a valid reason to hear out and educate people in the present.
So what do I know.
@Axelrod which vaccines are poorly made?
Some actions do entrench people further, but if they're already past the point of no return then it doesn't actually matter how entrenched they are.
@MadScientist I'd hope none at this point, but that's probably putting more faith in pharmaceutical companies than is prudent.
10:08 PM
@Axelrod if people are dying from the vaccine, obviously we should not be using the same one... but even vaccines for the same disease change over time
Side note: claiming the resurgence of measles (due in large part to the anti-vaccine movement) is proof against herd immunity feels a lot like the current hubbub over the Postal Service.
@Ronan There's a key thing here: there is no "point of no return". Everyone and everyone changes their minds, over time.
We're talking about someone investigating the concept of vaccines, not the production of particular ones.
@Yuuki what happened to the postal service?
And as I said, let him see them in work, let him have to work with the studies, and see if he changes his mind.
10:09 PM
@Axelrod I'd hope that the FDA gets sufficient funding to investigate and enforce such things
Rather than spoon feeding everyone and teaching them to be mindful followers, we should probably have everyone educate themselves about it.
Republicans forced it to pay several years of pensions at once and then complained about it not having much money
@GodEmperorDune Used to be the most profitable government agency. Then certain lawmakers passed a bill that required the postal service to allocate funds for the pensions of all current and future employees (a requirement that literally no business or other agency has to adhere to) and now the postal service is in big debt. And now it's being pointed to as evidence of government inefficiency and waste.
@GodEmperorDune Today's vaccines may be tomorrow's transvaginal mesh.
@Axelrod then when that happens you pull the vaccine and fix it
10:11 PM
(That means that they may cause unforeseen issues due to insufficient testing which end up ruining lives)
@Axelrod the challenge here is where you draw the line and say "this is sufficient testing"
@GodEmperorDune Right. And you still put a blanket situation over anyone who complains and make statements that make them sound like mental degenerates just for questioning it. IE, most of this discussion.
Most vaccines are well established and already tested for a long time.
Here's another thing though, insufficient testing is something most people who oppose vaccines are in favour of
10:12 PM
@KevinvanderVelden Your brush is extending to more walks of life than you suspect.
@MadScientist Even the annual number of AEs in VAERS is very low, and those are only coincidental association, not proven causation
@Axelrod Not vaccinating kills people. It's as simple as that, and that is the reason for the severe reaction
It's kinda like putting a stick in a BMX athlete's bicycle wheel and then telling him that he sucks at riding.
IIRC vaccines do get tested a lot before they're licensed to be released to general public
10:13 PM
@arda That looks delicious, but your link isn't working for me.
@Axelrod i don't think anyone is a mental degenerate for questioning things
@Axelrod It should... try this one: reddit.com/r/food/comments/5n5u58/…
Morning all.
@MadScientist Vaccinating people has killed people. People react to personal experiences. People react to being demonized as poorly as you'd expect.
Where are you getting all this straw?
10:14 PM
What part of "there's a simple solution that involves not being horrible to other people" is so hard to understand?
@Axelrod the problem I see is that people weigh personal anecdote as highly as scientific data
Quick question. Does anyone know if/where I can find any documentation about achievements/trophies only applying to the vanilla game or DLC respectively?
@Axelrod Vaccines are exceedingly safe compared to many other drugs, and we still use those because the benefits outweigh the potential side effects.
@Ben For... Skyrim?
@GodEmperorDune The plural of anecdote is data, in reality. Claims can be made to the contrary, but people aren't kept in a pipet matrix.
And people react much more strongly to the emotional than the logical.
10:15 PM
@Axelrod False, multiple anecdotes is still not data in any meaningful sense
@Axelrod Hey. That's condescending towards IVF babies (also it's "pipette", I think).
to pick on @Memor-X's example, i don't dispute that he had a horrible reaction to a vaccine, but I also don't take that to mean that all vaccines are terrible, now and forever
Unless you're not talking about science
Yet we still have surgery, we still use anesthesia, and we still have organ donation lists.
That is, when a game is released, achievements that are unachievable without the DLC are not in the list of achievements/trophies until the dlc is released
@Yuuki More just in general
10:16 PM
@KevinvanderVelden What is data but a collection of anecdotes without their stories?
@Ben i think it depends on the game
I think I remember seeing something like that somewhere, but I don't recall
We're not complaining about people questioning vaccines, we're complaining about a vaccine denier appointing a vaccine denier to investigate vaccines. A move that we can all see is an attempt to reduce the number of vaccines people get.
@Ronan And do you think he'll be able to do anything to that end, if he's assigned to the people who must slog through every set of data and every paper written?
10:17 PM
@Axelrod in science? Clearly defined, rigorously verified, tested for biases, real accurate numbers
@Axelrod plural implies two or more. data needs a lot more than a sample size of 2 anecdotes to be valid.
Do you assume that he's simply lying about his belief, and is being malicious?
@Ben on the PS3 there's a small + sign indicating it's a DLC Trophy and i'm quite sure it's the same with the PS4
@Axelrod Yes.
@GodEmperorDune Yeah, one case I remember is Metro 2033: Last Light. There was an achievement in the vanilla achievement list to complete the game on the hardest difficulty, however players had to purchase the DLC to even achieve that
10:18 PM
@GodEmperorDune That depends on the individual situation.
not sure for the 360 or XBone
@Ronan Then there's no hope for you.
@Axelrod One doesn't need to be lying or malicious to be wrong and harmful
@Axelrod No, no it doesn't
@MadScientist I'm also skeptical of the claim that they've ever killed anyone in significant numbers, did we get an actual source for that yet or nah?
10:18 PM
Data (in science) isn't data until there's a giant samplesize
People aren't insane or primitive because they believe differently than you. They all hold different values and different experiences, and if you want to sway them then you have to treat them as such.
@Axelrod Seriously, where are you getting all this straw?
@murgatroid99 Correct.
@Axelrod The person in question has been trying to remove vaccines for years, if he's that close to the subject and is still wrong then he's clearly not trying to educate himself.
@Axelrod he never said those things. He said that he thinks this one specific person is being malicious
10:19 PM
@Axelrod And belief and values aren't enough to transform anecdote and confirmation bias into real scientific data
"Demonized", "mental degenerate", "insane", "primitive", you're the only one who's using these words.
@Yuuki If you want to quit seeing what you think of as strawmen, you're free to go to a lovely source called "the internet" to see what humanity is doing.
@Axelrod if that isn't about what Ronan said then what are you talking about?
@murgatroid99 Your beliefs aren't founded on scientific data.
I use that both in the individual and collective.
@Axelrod That's quite a claim
10:21 PM
@Axelrod So because someone else is resorting to these tactics, you feel it's valid to say that we're all using said tactic simply because we both happen to be pro-vaccine?
@Axelrod sure, but policy decisions should be
@TimStone The side effect chances for vaccines are usually in ranges like 1:1.000.000 compared to severe side effects like encephalitis for measles at 1:2.000. I don't know if there are statistics across vaccines, but with some exceptions like the live virus vaccines e.g. for polio, they're usually extremely safe compared with the diseases they prevent
That's literally the strawman argument.
@MadScientist Right, exactly (the question wasn't about what you said, if that wasn't clear, sorry :P)
@murgatroid99 If you think differently, you're free to create a manifesto for me about how all your decisions are scientifically backed.
10:22 PM
@Axelrod you're the one making the claim here. Why should he waste his time?
@Axelrod We're currently talking about our beliefs about vaccines, which are scientifically backed.
I guarantee they aren't.
@MadScientist the polio vaccine still uses live virus?
i thought everything was dead stuff now
@Yuuki The squeakiest wheel gets the grease.
10:23 PM
@GodEmperorDune No, but it was used for a long time. The higher chance of side effect was still reasonable when the polio incidence was high, but not once it was almost eradicated
@KevinvanderVelden Because to claim all your beliefs are scientifically founded is intrinsically ridiculous.
@Axelrod One, I'm not going to do work to convince you that my beliefs are rational. I don't care what you believe about my beliefs. And two, changing from "beliefs" to "decisions" is a significant shift of the goalposts
@Axelrod Given how much hyperbole and projection you've been using this entire time, I really don't trust your "guarantee" on anything.
@KevinvanderVelden That has nothing to do with this portion of the discussion. Keep up.
@murgatroid99 Our beliefs guide our decisions. You want to talk about a portion of a collective of people who disagree, whose beliefs influence the people they bring to represent them.
@Axelrod there's no need to be dismissive
10:24 PM
Address the point or close shop, because apparently everything's going over your head.
@Axelrod You're getting a bit close to Pin #4.
@GodEmperorDune There is, because I never questioned the efficacy of vaccines. I questioned the morality of dismissing people because they believe differently.
@Axelrod given you're "i guarantee they aren't" was after @Ronan saying we're talking about vaccines, I proceeded with giving you evidence about the thing we were talking about
@Yuuki You broke pin 4 about 2 hours ago.
10:26 PM
@Axelrod Tu quoque doesn't make it right
@Axelrod Pretty much all experts support vaccines, there is no scientific debate about this, the benefits are clear.
@KevinvanderVelden There's two lines of discussion. Follow them and you'll see what I was replying to.
@Axelrod except you didn't use them so I can't
@Axelrod And you're comparing a single belief that people are criticizing with "all beliefs an individual holds are scientifically founded", which is specious
@Axelrod i'm not sure where we said it was ok to dismiss people for believing differently
10:27 PM
@Axelrod Two hours ago, I was talking @Wipqozn sucking at XCOM 2 and pizza navies.
@murgatroid99 You yourself made that claim in going against my claim. I claimed the contrary.
@GodEmperorDune Go to the top of the discussion. That's what it's all about.
@Axelrod I'm dismissing people who after years of educating themselves about vaccines and claiming they've read the science claim that the science is undecided on the matter. No one else. Just people who do that.
@Axelrod i started this discussion by linking an article about a commission to study vaccine safety lead by a "vaccine skeptic"
@Ronan And now that person is on an investigative committee. Unless he does nothing, there's a chance for change.
Yeah, maybe he'll change his mind :)
10:28 PM
@Axelrod change in policy or for the chairman to change his beliefs?
38 mins ago, by Axelrod
@KevinvanderVelden There's no middle ground, because anyone who questions is demonized.
Or maybe he'll change the policy without scientific basis
@Unionhawk that is my fear
The possibilities are endless
37 mins ago, by SaintWacko
@Axelrod There's a good reason for that
10:29 PM
36 mins ago, by Kevin van der Velden
@Axelrod there's areason for that. It's a yes/no question that has been solved
@KevinvanderVelden And you claim I redrew the goalposts.
On a related note, so much for global warming AM I RIGHT GUYS #theressnowidiot
@Axelrod where?
@KevinvanderVelden The very thing you quoted.
I don't have the time to go through this whole conversation but seems like it's time to drop it and move on
10:31 PM
@Axelrod where is there anything about goalposts?
Yeah, we're entering the "link quotes" phase of this argument cycle which officially means we're going nowhere.
@KevinvanderVelden Quit being obtuse.
This room was placed in timeout for 1 minute; Alright, this is getting stupid
room topic changed to The Bridge: General Arqade chat, wherein we're giving this "2017" season pass a chance [agdq] [jin-fanclub] [lazers] [murder] [-politics] [success] [wrong]
@TimStone is that a real timeout?
@MadScientist I dunno, but I am itchy to test out the other RO power that I haven't used.
10:32 PM
Yeah, this is out of hand. The direct attacks need to stop and everyone needs to move on
It's quite annoying that as a mod I don't even notice timeouts
@TimStone how come people were posting during the timeout?
Real Talk: Why haven't I gotten any suggestions for Movie Night?
@Memor-X Room owners
like there was no textbox
10:32 PM
@Memor-X Room owners and mods are immune
@Memor-X ROs and mods have explicit write access.
And people with explicit write access also have explicit write access.
So RO's can timeout?
10:33 PM
@Yuuki i realized that though movie nights are great and awesome I never attend them anymore
I meant that "timeout isn't a button that mods have that i don't"
@Unionhawk so your the guy in the last frame then
Ahhh ok.
which is a confusing way to say "I have this button now"
10:33 PM
@GodEmperorDune I've never attended them because I'm bad at scheduling and also lazy and such
@Memor-X well sarcastically, yes
@TimStone I rarely attend them because they start at 1 or 2AM for me
@TimStone the ones i did attend were quite fun
@KevinvanderVelden That seems fair :P
@KevinvanderVelden I really need to put up some sort of scheduling thing so we can find a time that's better for EU as well.
espeically the ones where @badp adds commentary
10:34 PM
@TimStone thanks. I'm on mobile with buddies, so if needed to time the room it was going to be for a few hours Yolo.
@Yuuki what time do they currently start anyway?
@Yuuki too bad for @fredley and @Ronan
Movie Night is on Saturday now, so I don't need to worry as much about people at work.
@KevinvanderVelden 11:00 PM UTC-0.
@Wipqozn While that would have been hilarious, it's all good
@GodEmperorDune We're only an hour off EU time, so a good time for CET is probably a good time for GMT.
Or was that a brexit joke?
10:35 PM
I could conceivably move it forward a few hours to 7 or 8 UTC-0.
@TimStone inorite?
@Yuuki that's only midnight then
@Ronan of course its a brexit joke
@Ronan I mean, it's never not a Brexit joke.
@GodEmperorDune I'm a bit slow.
10:37 PM
@Ronan all that processing power still in the EU
if only you had access
wait does brexit fall under
Nah it's just that processing power is a thing that experts do.
@KevinvanderVelden Yeah, but I know @arda's in a bad time zone to attend current Movie Night hours.
So I could conceivably move it up a few hours so he can attend without staying up super late.
Don't mind me, seriously
I'd be in favour
Not to mention @PrivatePansy all the way on the other side of the globe. Though I don't know his interest in Movie Night given how it's probably literally the worst timeslot for him.
10:43 PM
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@KevinvanderVelden oh wow
@KevinvanderVelden i read this too fast and thought that mega bloks was getting acquired
Let's talk movies, I wanna talk movies. Everyone should go watch Arrival if it's still in theatres.
@Yuuki A couple of weeks ago, it was already down to limited showings in just a few theaters
Or it was out of theaters entirely. I'm not sure which

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