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3:00 PM
@Fluttershy it does actually kinda. i still feel terrible though
But holy crap, 425m...
Dude has his fingers in a lot of pies.
@SaintWacko discord, steam, overwatch
@KevinvanderVelden Why don't you just give them the same ptt key?
@SaintWacko Yeah, we use JIRA here too.
3:01 PM
JIRA is the worst
I have my ptt key bound to the button on the back of my mouse. The one that's supposed to toggle free scroll
@SaintWacko Well, you can be in Discord and Overwatch at the same time.
Sadly everything else is worse
But it's still the worst
@SaintWacko same \o/
I imagine it's possible that you can also be in Steam chat as well.
3:01 PM
@Yuuki yes that
@fredley We just switched from Pivotal
@TimStone iirc the grade weight is approximately 60-40 individual/group
@PrivatePansy we've never used whatchya-ma-callits for school (for some reason I can't remember what things like git are called right now)
@Yuuki I guess that's true. I really only use voice chat when I'm ingame
I also didn't want to use the same button for steam and discord
3:01 PM
@BlueBarren Source control
@BlueBarren (D)VCS?
Except right now they're using the I instead of the F and I has different rules
@SaintWacko there we go, first brain fart of the day, eh?
I use voice activity on Discord but maybe I should consider PTT.
@SaintWacko I play TF2 while on discord chat. I had times where I yelled "dammit spies" in discord and accidentally talked about discord topics on TF2.
3:02 PM
@arda Haha
and the ptt keys are different
v for tf2, num1 for discord.
Yeah, I guess if you're using voice chat for non-gaming stuff, too, that makes sense
@fredley That's actually really interesting, although I'm not entirely sure of the relevance
wtf fingers
Nobody's ever on voice chat in Arqade Discord. :(
3:03 PM
@PrivatePansy People put in less effort when in a team
Sence means "what about you?" in turkish and that really caused a reality check on me.
Turkish on english chatrooms tend to do that. Annoying, tbh.
Earliest studies were in tug o' war games. Pulling force of the group does not scale linearly, as more people are added, each pulls less.
With software engineering though there's a fairly large overhead when working in a team
> The worst part about this is that my Grandmother took my Mom to see Sleeping Beauty at the theater, and then told her that she and my Grandfather were getting a divorce.
My Mom still can't listen to any songs from Sleeping Beauty without crying.
I did a lot of code reviews for that last project
3:04 PM
What the actual fuck.
@Yuuki Well I'm willing to drop by VC if there's any event or whatever, like if we play a game together
@arda I typically jump on when I'm gaming and not needed in voice chat with other people.
@fredley little do they realize I'm always a loaf
You're late, Michael Pryor (CEO of Trello just sent me an email that they're being acquired).
To be fair, it's one of those mass emails.
And my gold is just expiring.
I won't renew, likely.
3:06 PM
so apparently xls and xlsx like to act differently
Although it'll be really weird if he actually sent me a personal email.
.@michaelpryor's current status: https://t.co/mqXM5mLYlp
This makes more sense now
@Yuuki why are you getting such emails?
@BlueBarren The last x has to do something
@BlueBarren likely because he is a Trello user?
3:08 PM
@Yuuki I didn't know we had a discord
@TimStone hahahaha I had the same thought
@PrivatePansy silly MS changes things sometimes
@Ash I don't even know what Trello is soooooo
@BlueBarren read the article?
Well, to be fair as far as I can remember, the change was from a binary format to Office Open XML, so... not a little change.
Google for it?
3:09 PM
@Ash someone linked an article? It's too early for anything still
(although the article does kinda give you a decent idea and pictures
ooo I like pictures
@BlueBarren what time is it for you? Aren't you in Ontario like me? It's 10 am here
@Ash yeah but 10am is too earlyyyy I'm usually still loafing around at 10am
@BlueBarren discord.gg/Kw8TG
3:11 PM
@arda when I first started discord wasn't blocked at work, now it is
sad really
I'm overloading this semester with an Introduction to Politics module from the Political Science department
This is either going to be great or horrible. I'm not sure which.
@PrivatePansy I'm betting horrible
@BlueBarren Well, it reviewed well...
"Life, the Universe and Everything"
Now that sounds like a course
3:14 PM
@GnomeSlice Yeah. It's not something I'm proud of, but it is what it is.
The title of the pink one has me scratching my head
@Ash The OB markers module is about censorship. OB is local politic-speak for "out of bound" marker
@PrivatePansy ah, I see :)
What's life the universe and everything? It feels like it could be a lit course or something but that's just me guessing
@BlueBarren That one is from the department of philosophy.
Philosophy was going to be my second guess!
3:15 PM
@PrivatePansy I moved your OB markers, class done
It is as far as I can tell an introductory philosophy course with a funnier name
I borrowed the markers to finish this page in my MLP colouring book.
An OB marker, short for "out of bounds marker", is used in Singapore to denote what topics are permissible for public discussion. The full form of the word is rarely used. The term is adopted from golf, where an out of bounds marker denotes the area beyond which playing is not allowed. However, unlike golf, the OB markers of Singaporean political discourse are not visible. The term "OB markers" was first used in 1991 by the then-Minister for Information and the Arts George Yeo to describe the boundaries of acceptable political discourse. An additional complication is introduced by the fact that...
(speaking of which I should find it and my crayons again)
@Ash Huh. I see purple.
3:16 PM
Also I did not expect my Pokemon question to go over so we'll. I expected down votes!
Are those online colorblind tests reliable?
@Yuuki I'm bad at colours so you might be more right than me
@Yuuki I see purple too
@Ash Well, I'm also bad at colors so I'm thinking the same thing.
3:17 PM
@Yuuki depends on how well your monitor is calibrated
It's kinda magentaish which to me reads as pink
It's also kinda inbetween
my wife's old monitor showed the blue drops in Diablo 3 as purple
(colours are hard to describe)
3:18 PM
@Chippies flipside: it took 2016 more than 12 months to kill the queen
@PrivatePansy my semester looks heavier
@Ash I and my mother have regular arguments on the topic
@BlueBarren What I'm doing is heavier than recommended
@Chippies on our work wiki, we have sections that are dark teal and if I take that page on my second monitor they look pastel blue
Apparently roughly that colour is named "London Hue"
3:19 PM
@PrivatePansy the price to pay when you want to learn about "Life, the Universe and Everything" ;)
"take the blue jacket" "that's black" "blue" "very dark gray" "blue" "maybe greenish dark?"
@Ash speaking of which, purple is such a bad color description, because there's a lot of colors that can be described as purple
Especially because the Application Development on Modern Platforms module is a software engineering module with a 7 week project on an iPad app
And is considered to by the school's flagship module
@badp these sorts of things I just start gesturing at items til they tell me I have the right one :p
3:20 PM
(I'm probably doomed)
purple is a large range of colors
@PrivatePansy RIPperonie
> This module offers an opportunity to grapple with some of the most enduring challenges to human thought. Our starting point is a conception of ourselves as free and conscious beings equipped with bodies that allow us to observe and explore a familiar external world.
> Successive lectures investigate alternative conceptions of the human condition, such as ones in which we are unfree, or non-spirituous, or inhabit a world whose fundamental nature is hidden from our view. Different conceptions bear differently on the further question of what we should value and why. Discussion is both argument-driven and historically informed.
@PrivatePansy clear the class through some study exchange program?
@PrivatePansy you should just turn in the Bridge transcripts as credits for this class
@badp The module is "unique"
3:22 PM
I mean the class only exists in your head anyway
so does your degree
@PrivatePansy Ooo, you guys should watch Arrival.
and your past, present and future
Well, the content is adapted from a Stanford module, but what you actually build is going to be here
@badp now now, that also exists on a piece of paper
@BlueBarren in his head
3:23 PM
TIL getting a Canadian passport as a Canadian citizen in Canada is way more complicated and difficult than getting a Latvian passport as a Latvian citizen in Canada
@Yuuki Well, Stories of Your Life was an assigned text for the Science Fiction and Philosophy module
@Ash It's pink on my second screen and purple on first.
@badp why just his head? Are they not printing out degrees anymore?
@BlueBarren I'm a radical empiricist. The world ceases to exist the moment I close my eyes because I cannot observe it.
3:24 PM
@BlueBarren the printers are in his head
the ink is in his head
the program that does the printing is in his head
@PrivatePansy blinking must be a real page turner with you then
the person doing the printing is in his head
the place doing the printing is in his head
the country doing the printing is in his head
@BlueBarren we're all figments of @PrivatePansy's imagination, didn't you know?
@badp must be spacious to fit printers in there
the universe doing the printing is in his head
his head is in his head
3:25 PM
@KevinvanderVelden But wouldn't @PrivatePansy's imagination also be a figment of his imagination?
we've been over this several months ago
@badp what you fail to understand is that the conversation reminds me of that episode of Spongebob
@BlueBarren but that's in @PrivatePansy's head, not mine
... now I really want a Newton bar.
3:26 PM
where there's a bunch of mini spongebob's in spongebob's head making him work
@Yuuki I've never liked those
@PrivatePansy How Can The World Be Real If Your Eyes Aren't Real?
@Yuuki Infinite existential loops are deemed harmful to Turing complete lifeforms
@Yuuki hey, blind people are just as real as everything else
@Yuuki how can the world be real if the human eye can't see above 24fps? ;)
3:27 PM
which is, not at all
@Ash They're one of those "I can only eat one" sort of snacks.
It is also apparently most of the plot of Inception
The parts that made sense, at least
@Yuuki I just can't do the texture.
@PrivatePansy I dunno, Inception seemed pretty straightforward to me. The real mind-boggler was the interpretation of the ending.
3:30 PM
@Yuuki Nice
@Yuuki oh no
@Yuuki EXPERIMENT 1000 degree pokemon vs... insertpokemonenemy
TIL: Apparently dutch citizens don't need a visa for korea? Huh
(90 days limit etc etc but still)
Turks don't even need a passport for Georgia :) (3 days but still. Also it's 90 days with just a passport)
Before 9/11, we didn't need a passport to enter the US. Just a driver's license or some other ID.
3:39 PM
9/11 was a step backwards. People need to realize terror is not the solution.
@PrivatePansy So it's not a class on why I can't be racist anymore?
@arda I don't see why anyone would want to go to Atlanta.
21 mins ago, by Private Pansy
> Successive lectures investigate alternative conceptions of the human condition, such as ones in which we are unfree, or non-spirituous, or inhabit a world whose fundamental nature is hidden from our view. Different conceptions bear differently on the further question of what we should value and why. Discussion is both argument-driven and historically informed.
Perhaps the human condition is to be racist
@Yuuki actually, there is both a georgia country and a state. And believe me, I'd love to go to atlanta than where I am :/
"Who moved my OB markers?" sounds like the Singapore equivalent to "it's PC gone mad"
3:45 PM
@arda I'm fairly sure @Yuuki knew that
Also you all need to get on my level. Clearly you want 5 visas and a passport to go anywhere. That's what I voted for.
Only fairly sure though, you can never trust those texans
@Ronan Probably the opposite, but yes
@KevinvanderVelden They tend to become presidents
@Ronan CC @fredley
@PrivatePansy Oh is the moving described a move outwards?
3:46 PM
@KevinvanderVelden Damn dixies!
@PrivatePansy speaking of becoming president. 11 days till trumperica
@KevinvanderVelden :(
@Ronan Basically, it's like the Singaporean version of the Overton window, but across a much wider range of topics, and is enforced by the government
There are things which the government will "allow" the people to freely criticize it on, and there are those on which, if you speak out, the government will "nudge" you
The nudging can be anything from a public statement to throwing you into jail
Oh it's actually an enforced thing?
Well, enforced is probably too strong a word nowadays
The government will not use the criminal justice system for anything but the most out of line speech
But they can do a lot of things, like deny funding to artists who were given grants under government initiatives, for instance
3:50 PM
Q: Witcher 3 Water Graphics Problem

OafTobarkI am playing on Ultra setting with the ultra water quality and i get water puddles in Novigrad just like this? ill be glad if you help me

And here is the BBC's coverage of the broader topic bbc.com/news/world-asia-33621862
@Yuuki I know nothing about this film, but I'm guessing it's about Teletubbies?
@Yuuki all I know is this movie has made a lot of POC Twitter really mad? And that's it really
And that you mentioned I might like it
@fredley Hermione and the Teletubbies?
3:53 PM
@PrivatePansy inb4 Streisand effect
I don't remember what it's about though
@Ash I imagine this is because the two main characters are a white guy and a white gal.
@fredley Oh, the book is famous enough on it's own. As the article above mentioned, it sold out at launch and won several awards
@Yuuki that would do it maybe
8> rand
$res[6] = '0.714074047556174'

9> rand * 10000 < 0
Argument "*main::10000" isn't numeric in rand at reply input line 1.
$res[7] = ''
3:54 PM
And made the artist Singapore's most famous graphic artist
> The plot follows a musician and an aspiring actress who meet and fall in love in Los Angeles.
But it sounds like I would like it. You said the music was catchy. :D and I am a sucker for musicals.
@Ash POC Twitter?
@GnomeSlice people of colour
@Ash The BBC described it as a musical sung not by professional singers, but actors
3:55 PM
@badp what
Which is odd
Also, the white guy is a jazz musician.
Which perhaps another reason why they might be mad.
@PrivatePansy I feel like that could go either way.
@Ash Why mad?
@Yuuki o ok
@KevinvanderVelden *10000 is the entry in the symbol table for all variables called "10000"
3:55 PM
@PrivatePansy I mean, they're getting paid to sing, I think that makes them professional singers by definition
@fredley pretty much for why @Yuuki is describing I think
50 secs ago, by Kevin van der Velden
@badp what
@Ash Well, I'll tell you right now: Ryan Gosling needs to be outlawed in the continental US. A man that perfect is ruining the curve for the rest of us guys.
14> our $var = 3
$res[12] = 3

15> *var{SCALAR}
$res[13] = \3
@Yuuki naah, keep him there, much better
3:57 PM
@Yuuki he is so pretty
@badp is that perl?
Like normally I don't go for pretty in that sense but he's an excellent human
@KevinvanderVelden yes
Sonny Liew (born 26 September 1974) is a Malaysian-born comic artist/illustrator based in Singapore. He is best known for his work "The Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye", the first graphic novel to win the Singapore Literature Prize for fiction in 2016. == Career == Born in Seremban, Malaysia, Liew attended school at Victoria School and Victoria Junior College in Singapore. He went on to read philosophy at Clare College in Cambridge University in UK and studied illustration at the Rhode Island School of Design in 2001. His first foray into comic illustration was with Singaporean tabloid paper The...
Also a Marvel artist
I hope it is so that the horribleness is restricted to an already horrible language
3:58 PM
@Ash Good actor, singer, dancer, and apparently he plays all the piano pieces in the movie! And he's directed! The movie apparently didn't review that well, but the technical aspects of it (that a director normally controls) were apparently very good.
Also, he's really charismatic in his interviews...
It's unfair, I tell you.
@Yuuki Because jazz artists aren't allowed to be white?
@Arperum clearly
It's against the law somewhere
@Yuuki quite unfair. I agree.
@Arperum I kinda get that it is a representation thing
@Arperum Because Jazz, in particular during that era, was black culture. It was derided and denounced by white society at the time. It's kinda whitewashing history, so to speak.
@fredley "That era"? I'm pretty sure La La Land takes place in a modern setting, considering there are smartphones and Priuses.
4:01 PM
@fredley thank you for wording stuff better for me
@Yuuki Oh ok, I was assuming the basis for the rage.
@Yuuki it takes place in 2016, that era of horror
In that case, there's quite a lot less of a case for worrying about it.
Although for a movie with a Prius joke, it has a really good way of making the time setting somewhat ambiguous.
I have added it to my ever growing list of movies to see
4:01 PM
Jazz is now mainstream, butthurt somewhat unjustified.
(hidden figures is topping my list right now)
The book was very good, so I have hopes for the movie
@fredley Ok, if it's in a historical setting, I can understand it, but in a mordern day setting?
1 min ago, by fredley
In that case, there's quite a lot less of a case for worrying about it.
@Ash does that list go beside "games to play" and "books to read"? Personally if you could measure the size of that list for me it would be 1PB
or those lists rather
@BlueBarren PB in game/movie data or in title text? because I don't think there have been enough movies and games to generate a Petabyte of text in titles only.
4:05 PM
@Arperum oh no, you've seen the hole in my logic. Yeah it would be just text but you know I'm trying to express how large that list is for me
Depending on how you do things it could be the mediums themselves
that would potentially use up that much data
@BlueBarren "Just" a GB of text would probably more then has been made.
@Arperum my list is long, GBs cannot contain me!
Q: Why can't i sign up to xbox minecraft pe

JEFFI press the sign up button then it loads,the screen turns black,then I'm right back at the beginning. What's going on?

@Arperum a gigabyte is some 100.000 pages (assuming each character is 32 bit, and each page has 2500 words, and no other overhead)
I think @Ash has read more than that, and though they're a cyborg they should still count
sounds like my award winning novel
about how not to be me
4:12 PM
(also no I don't think you've read that much, I just wanted to make a cyborg joke)
In unrelated news: Hooooooooooooooome time
user image
This is perhaps the most relaxed labrador I've ever seen.
@Yuuki lol wow
@Yuuki relabrador
@Yuuki On a dog-unrelated note I feel like that bathroom notice could be misconstrued
4:28 PM
Oh f--k, I just realized the possible bloodbath this next Oscars could be.
La La Land and Moonlight?
Twitter/Tumblr's gonna suuuuuuuck in February...
@TimStone a very large very public bathroom
@KevinvanderVelden I read 75k words last year
@Ash how do you know that?
@BlueBarren i track books with Goodreads and at the end of the year they give you a summary of your year in books that counts that
@Yuuki is that a problem for some reason
4:42 PM
Actually, it was more than that because I didn't count a large pile of Seanan McGuire novellas
@GnomeSlice Jazz has and always will have a racial component.
It's very similar to rap in that regard. There may be white musicians in jazz and rap these days, but rap and jazz will always have very strong racial roots and history.
4:59 PM
Thanks ACA for allowing me to definitely retain health insurance for no cost
@Unionhawk Yeah... about that...
@Yuuki Is that yoiur office?
@Wipqozn No, that's a labrador.
@Yuuki OH YOU
Speaking of which, isn't it about time for you to make a new movie night post?
5:02 PM
I mean I don't want to imply I'll ban you if you don't, but I'd at least consider it
Okay, I'll get something quick for lunch and then I'll do it during my lunch break.
my life just seems to be a challenge
I want columns 1-15, I only get 15
curse you excel!
5:20 PM
why does it need to be so hard to specify a column range? There's like seven range properties in interop
(there's actually only three but I'm complaining)
Are you using interop for Excel right now?
Watch out for the awesome bug feature where when reading column values it might incorrectly determine the type because it was null for the first few rows
Then all of a sudden it's reading all the dates as ints and you hate your life
Interop is such a hack.
@Unionhawk good thing they are repealing obamacare and not the ACA
@KevinvanderVelden maybe he wants to lovingly cradle the nukes with his small hands
5:28 PM
@Sterno I am using interop right now and it's uh... fun
Q: Is there a way to exclude games from Steam Shared Library?

JustMikeI know there is a list of games that are excluded when you share a library on steam, but I was wondering if there is also a way to exclude some additional games?

Q: What is the max level in saints row 3

Justin BlohmBecause when I try to level up sometimes it will let me and sometimes won't

@KevinvanderVelden He's gonna get rid of those liberal nukes and replace them with bombs with Real Family Values.
I mean, I guess starting a world war is one way to bring back manufacturing.
In [2]: x = """          _,...,___
   ...:       _,-'YYY,'YYYY`-..._
   ...:     ,'YYYYYY,'YYYYYYYYYYY`.
   ...:  |YYYYYYYYYYYY`.############|
   ...:  |#YYYYYYYYYY###\###########|
   ...:   \##############|##########/
   ...:    \#############|#########|
   ...:      \###########|########,'
   ...:       `._########/#####_,,'
   ...:          `--..._/,.Y-''
@Yuuki time to invest in fallout shelters
5:36 PM
what is even happening
I know he ran on a heavily anti-Obama platform so booting a lot of Obama-appointed officials should've been expected, but I don't think even his voters expected him to fire the people running the department that manages the nukes.
why does it think the string isn't over yet
Because your hope is that pear
no but rly
Okay, politics aside, this was pretty funny:
5:39 PM
@KevinvanderVelden it looks more like a peach than a pear
@Yuuki Yeeeeeeeah
@Yuuki or the fact that he still denies he was mocking the disabled reporter despite the video evidence of him doing so
Or even funnier, the top comment on the Reddit post is "Alright, who had 6:27 AM? You get the pool."
really these things are not funny, they are Sad!
5:43 PM
... I think Clinton might have won Texas if it was more widely known that Trump eats his steaks well-done with ketchup.
@Yuuki with ketchup?! wut
@Yuuki It's embarrassing to retaliate when somebody publicly shit talks you?
@GnomeSlice When your retaliation involves actual physical mimicry of a person with a physical disability, yes.
> Obama had a "mocking style" too. Granted, his consisted of constructing words and sentences into coherent speech, but each to their own.
Taking about him tweeting at Meryl Streep
Argh. I was messing around with my Google accounts on the weekend and now my history has been cleared. I have to type out every URL completely, like a heathen.
5:46 PM
@GnomeSlice a president should have better things to do than tweet at people for mocking them or their policies in public
@GnomeSlice it's embarrassing for the president elect of the united states of america to tweet about an actress calling him out on being a shitty person
such as find nominees for critical departments after telling the obama appointees to all leave
they're people too
No that's bullshit
@GnomeSlice they are now FIGUREHEADS, they are more than people
5:47 PM
@GodEmperorDune Or at the very least, he should be consistent and tweet at the politicians who are doing the same thing. He's been really quiet on tweeting to Sanders and Democratic politicians.
If you want to run for the highest office of politcs in your country we will hold you to a much higher level of expectation
@KevinvanderVelden I think at this point we can say "hold" instead of "run for"
@murgatroid99 running for is a prerequisite for holding, I was talking more in general about when I'll hold you to that expectation
But yes you are correct, he does (almost) hold that position
@JasonBerkan did you see that xcom 2 sale i pinged you with? $12,humble monthly
@KevinvanderVelden At least, he's past the point of running for it
5:50 PM
@Yuuki Ugh, I knew he was awful, but this...
@Wipqozn No, I didn't.
Glad I pinged you again then
You can just subscribe for one month and then cancel I believe, and get xcom 2 (plus others)
I know you've been waiting on a sale
@Wipqozn Ooo, I should do that.
@Yuuki Yes, and then name all your characters after bridge people and watch us die
5:51 PM
That's a good price.
@Yuuki yeah i'll do medium well, but even when i wanted well done it should never rock on the plate
@JasonBerkan Yeah surprised to see it so low so soon
@Wipqozn it was released in februari
So, subscribe for one month for XCOM 2 and some random games; unsubscribe if I don't like any of the random games. Sounds decent.
@GodEmperorDune You might as well just eat actual charcoal at that point.
5:53 PM
Or gift yourself one month
@KevinvanderVelden jesus has it really been a year?
@Wipqozn feb 5th, 2016
@KevinvanderVelden Man time flies
See, 2016 wasn't so bad. XCOM 2 was released in it.
@Yuuki seriously
5:55 PM
Q: How do you set a max ground height in a Minecraft customized map?

cmccullohHow do you create a Custom world map in Minecraft, where everything is just like a normal map, but, the maximum ground height is 64. It should end up being pretty flat, but digging under the ground will be exactly the same as a normal map. I don't want superflat, because (if I understand correct...

as was the new doom
And Civ6
@JasonBerkan True!
@KevinvanderVelden New doom was good. Same with Civ Vi
shadow tactics was an enjoyable time as well
did the C# room disappear on SO?
I can't find it...

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