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Happy New Friday!
Secret Steam Badge!
open with edge or chrome
I guess the room description works for another day.
Type "search" in search bar in top and press ENTER

A Steam Popup window should open

Type in "1v7531" and press ENTER
Q: Help,question about gta 5 download

BonitaI purchased gta 5 from playstation store and uploaded to my ps3,i recently got another ps3.can i put gta 5 on it without having to pay for it again, and if so how do i do it.

12:06 AM
because that's not a weird poll at all
@Chippies any links? For educational purposes, definitely not hacking.
Placed into two in-progress matches where my team was losing by a landslide and I was killed and respawned and killed again within a few seconds (typically by the same person). This is going to be a real good night of Destiny.
ey Tex
Happy new year to you
Happy new year, lads!
12:15 AM
Also @Texenox
test this:
13 mins ago, by ardaozkal
13 mins ago, by ardaozkal
open with edge or chrome
13 mins ago, by ardaozkal
Type "search" in search bar in top and press ENTER

A Steam Popup window should open

Type in "1v7531" and press ENTER
@Chippies hunter2
@ardaozkal Have I got to do that right now?
@Texenox dunno, but it might be time limited afterall
Right, going back on my laptop to do it.
@ardaozkal ... Why Ikaruga?
12:21 AM
@Yuuki ask gaben
Yeah, this actually works on any page, not just Ikaruga.
Also, neat, free badge.
oh? nice
I don't think I got a badge
2:33 AM - [TR] ardaozkal: What browser are you using?
2:33 AM - [TR]BatuhanOkumus: google
@twobugs use enter to search
12:38 AM
Yes, I'm capable of reading.
@twobugs I'm not, what do those squiggles mean?
Q: How to play CoD WaW Custom Zombies with Friends?

TripleGI bought this game thinking I would be able to play some custom zombies with my cousin but whenever we try to join each others game, it would say that the game session is no longer available. Any Fix?

1:08 AM
happy new something or other
Happy New Friday!
@twobugs that'll do
1:27 AM
Destiny pissing me off again
Why should matchmaking care about latency? Or something ridiculous like putting premades against premades?
Or even just trying to balance a match?
oh groups lol
yeah it's bungie
they don't do 'balanced'
Csgo doesn't give a shit about premades afaik as long as it's a 5v5
Yep. And it's Iron Banner so losing gives you nothing! YAY NOTHING!
(Technically you get an item that gives you more rewards next time you win but it stacks up to 5 and it doesn't even count as much as a full win next time)
Plus you get put into in-progress matches all the time because people leave every game they aren't winning for the aforementioned reason
A: How to get steam to recognize game files downloaded on another machine?

JesseThank you sooooo much @ardaozkal that saved me hours of time!!

@twobugs you on PS4?
1:35 AM
@ardaozkal I felt bad flagging that, but we gotta do what we gotta do.
good night bridge
Really Borderlands? I've been picking up Zombie Brains for the entire hour I've been playing the Zombie Island of Dr. Ned, but the counter for this quest line starts at 0 despite me having grabbed 50+ of the things?
@djsmiley2k Yep. Hit me up sometime
as two bugs?
I think you added me once
as yes still have you
well it's 1:45am so I'm going to bed shortly ;)
1:43 AM
I wish I was cool enough to have two bugs as my PSN :(
but shout at some point if you want someone to help
Sure, I'll be punishing myself in Iron Banner all weekend :)
2:05 AM
Q: Fixing the disc reader on an SCPH-30001 NTSC-U/C model PlayStation 2

Camouflaged CowI have attempted to fix the infamous disc reader error on my fat SCPH-30001 NTSC-U/C PlayStation 2. I have gotten into the disc drive to adjust the calibration (white) wheel (4 clicks at a time) all the way around but I still am getting the error. I noticed that the calibration (white) wheel rese...

2:27 AM
Gaming Suggestions

Proposed Q&A site for game Enthusiasts

Currently in definition.

@NewlyOpenedProposalsforEntertainment Haha, oh boy. That's gonna be a fun one.
2:46 AM
Man, I need to just stop playing Destiny PVP for good. It makes me too mad
@twobugs the pvp isn't so bad, but the pve is better
My problem is the matchmaking is absolute trash
Final phase of the TP final boss will be blindfolded
Happening now
Destiny has worse matchmaking than Metal Gear Online 3, a game where you can be in the same party as someone and end up in a completely different game than they do.
3:05 AM
Well, you missed it
Zelda's Adventure upcoming
Filename BUTTS
3:31 AM
kol trophy, here i come!
Q: Minecraft Server Resouce Pack won't download to client - java.net.MalformedURLException: no protocol

Nathan MyronI'm running a Minecraft server on a local host in my house (FreeNas with MineOS plugin). I've configured my server.properties file with this line server.properties resource-pack="https://www.dropbox.com/s/4nbkkrfmxkw6n82/DefaultHDv1_7.zip?dl=1" When I hit that link from any browser, th...

Q: How do you craft a map on Minecraft P.E?

JibboI need a recipe for the map on Minecraft P.E. Not the in-game one but the item that you can carry. Can someone please send suggestions? Thanks :D

4:12 AM
Q: While playing online on a server in cs 1.6 it automatically redirects to another server and if i buy anything it redierects to so other server

user134531BUILD 5787 SERVER (0 CRC) Server # 1 Requesting tempdecal.wad from server Requesting tempdecal.wad from server kickassss connected Default-TB [822] dropped alewa dropped fran overflowed Error: server failed to transmit file 'customization' Fearchild dropped Error: server failed to transmit file '...

We have 45 minutes to hit 1 million donations for the day. It’s happening. Chip in: https://berniesanders.com/ItsHappening https://t.co/qE2xX0GAwo
oh god
@uni doooooo eeeeeeeet!
4:34 AM
dammit i took my pants off for nothing
That is never true
no trophy :(
See I don't feel bad about starring that because you already have the hat
@twobugs every one gets a hat!
also the january iotm is in the KOL store but i subbed and i don't have it yet :(
What hat are people gaming?
I need to know so that I don't accidentally indulge them.
4:49 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz the urmom hat
if a chat message including the word urmom gets pinned within 12 hours of UTC midnight, you get a 2016 urmom hat
@LessPop_MoreFizz urmom is also false
Damn, smoke still coming off the Address Hotel in Dubai after the fire last night.
in unrelated news, i finally cancelled my xbox live gold account
@TimStone i heard it was basically covered in kindling
4:56 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz that movie looks good, when does it come out?
@LessPop_MoreFizz (the starbait hat which I think you have anyway)
(yes, so you're good)
@Unionhawk he does now, anyway
@GodEmperorDune these days, movies like that go straight to DVD, ever since all the theatres got shut down by Giuliani.
@GodEmperorDune Yep, seems to be the case. Apparently they amended the fire code accordingly but for buildings like the Address Hotel it was too late for it to have any impact
A: Can I avoid killing the deer?

Olegs Halitovslol i killed all deers in that region and rabits even birds xDDD that was interesting to hunt them down like animals they are lol it's just a game but irl i'd kill a deer or two and had one hel of a barbeque xDDD

4:58 AM
Insulation wedged between two sheets of aluminum, covered in paint
I am a gamer. Not because I have one mouth, but because I choose to have many.
@Unionhawk "Drunken and Dragons" is better name
4:59 AM
@GnomeSlice Shh
Drunken Dragons
Happy EST New Year!
@twobugs cc @LessPop_MoreFizz
People are setting off fireworks here apparently
Well, that was a bummer.
happy new thing
@GnomeSlice its a bit fuct if you ask me
5:02 AM
It's actually alot fuct.
ΰ² _ΰ² 
(β•―°β–‘°)β•―οΈ΅ ┻━┻
these are the only emoji i have
5:03 AM
Happy New year bridge
t(' 't) <- kirby flippin u off
@AshleyNunn \o/
wow a lot of bridge people in EST
I'm actually 13 hours into the new year already
@PrivatePansy show off
5:05 AM
@GodEmperorDune It's the bEST time zone after all
So I get downstairs to watch the thing and guess what is the channel of choice for new years
@Unionhawk faux news?
πŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ2⃣️0⃣️ 1⃣️6⃣️
5:07 AM
i heard trump was going to be on
Mhmm, so I had the pleasure of watching Donald Trump ring in a Fair and Balanced(tm) new year
dropping racial epithets instead of the ball or something like that
@Unionhawk how "yuuuuuge" was it?
@Unionhawk this is great
@GodEmperorDune Oh good, I would've missed that one again.
5:14 AM
@Yuuki they put the system message in chat and everything
i'm holding out that the pants need to be off around arizona midnight
Wasn't paying attention to my client.
I'm guessing the new IotM is a familiar?
@Yuuki no, looks like another nonslot
> Installs a snowman in the Big Mountains that provides increasingly difficult fights for increasingly awesome rewards.
Looks pretty interesting.
And sounds like it transfers well into aftercore.
5:17 AM
we'll see, it hasn't been sent out yet
to subs, i mean
Happy new year.
goes to bed because 6:20am
Q: Minecraft story mode episode 4

user134535How do you complete the maze from in the maze? I can't find out and when I googled it, this site came up.

@GodEmperorDune Dude, it was like "are we really watching goddamn donald trump rn"
@Unionhawk i dunno, he's done a lot of business deals with "the new years"
Like, how are you even allowed to be on TV since equal time
5:29 AM
@Unionhawk that doesn't work how you think it works
I know CBS's lawyers told Colbert essentially "as long as you don't say anything nice you're good"
Which is hilarious
But it's like, everyone is hopping aboard the "okay fine Trump is awesome believe it it's true" train and that scares me
It's a new year, which means someone should star one of my posts.
Stars for the first in North America to ring in the new year on the bridge? (I'm in Newfoundland, so it's just after 2 here.)
@MBraedley where were you two hours ago?
not on the bridge
@GodEmperorDune sorry for celebrating my cousin's wedding :p
5:37 AM
@MBraedley oh congrats to your cousin
What?! What's wrong with a new years eve wedding?
Oh good, [hockey player] is back for [important hockey game]!
5:41 AM
@MBraedley Sport? Sport!
Oh, I have no charger for my phone with me. Guess I should put it down.
Q: Thane of Haafingar Bug in Skyrim

agent5514I am currently the thane of Haafingar, however, whenever the Solitude guards arrest me, the dialog option to use my power as a thane and clear my bounty is not present. I have already completed the quest to become thane with Elisif the Fair, have already received the sword of Haafingar and have b...

6:01 AM
/kick Unionhawk being an idiot
6:22 AM
Q: It won't let me connect with another minecraft user

annaSo i want to play with my brother and sister and his friend but my sisters kindle is the one that made the world and his friend has an Ipad and can connect but i cant with a Iphone and my brother also has a kindle. I don't know why i cant connect and they can.

6:41 AM
Q: I can't donate troops in clan war castle

anmolI'm leader of clan and I can't donate troops in clan war castle. When I click donate button, game crashes and my mobile home page is displayed. Please help me??

7:00 AM
BANANA Framework

Proposed Q&A site for ASP.NET Developers who are using BANANA Framework(http://bananaframework.net) can ask and answer about the framework.

Currently in definition.

Q: Block Update Problem in Minecraft 1.9

Apple AidenI am working on a new map and something I need is wrong. I have a setblock command that works fine and all but the block won't update properly. The block won't update at all until I place a block near it. I tried a setblock command that setblocks a spot near it with a barrier and then air but it ...

Q: Strategy of building a base

ch3rub7I am very much interested in strategy games such as... star wars: Commander Age of empires One thing I find hard to figure out is to whether max out to the permissible level of all my available buildings before I upgrade to next age or level (or) immediately upgrade when the option is ma...

7:37 AM
Q: Minecraft skin message

user134546How do I get out of the "we are restoring your skins!" Message. Can one of you help me please. I tried tapping out but the message is still there.

1 hour later…
8:55 AM
Happy new year, Bridge. <3
9:19 AM
Q: Minecraft walk bug that's pissing me off

PLEASEFIXITI'm walking normally and all of a sudden I automatically fly up, sneak or jump without pressing the buttons or it makes me go in a certain direction. I'm on Windows 8, my computer is good quality and my keyboard has no faults or anything. It just happened out of NOWHERE, even though I COMPLETELY ...

9:40 AM
Q: how are you supposed to defeat the eye of cthulhu in terraria and what happens after you do that?

sorangeive summoned the eye of cthulhu many times but I keep on dying. ive an arena of platforms and when I go into battle I use lesser healing potions, ironskin potions, night owl potions and regeneration potions. ive got a gold sword, a flare gun with 150 ammo, a bow with 300 flaming arrows, and the b...

10:34 AM
@Fluttershy Thank you and same to you
11:21 AM
Q: Does WIndows 10 version support cubecraft?

josYesterday I bought the Windows 10 beta version of Mincraft. My daughter wants to play cubecraft, but i cannot connect to the play.cubecraft.net server. I opened the port in the firewall, so that is not the solution. Can anyone tell me IF she can play cubecraft games in Win10? And if so, HOW? If n...

12:06 PM
@mods I don't want to take place in a rollback war, but this guy keeps rolling back to his hard to read edit. What should we do?
nvm, he rolled back to an easy-to-read edit.
Q: Execute at a certain amount of entities in 1.9

chrisdude011So basically what i am doing is executing at an entity but i want to execute at exactly two of the entities (if there are two entities it will execute the next command, and if there any other amount it won't) The entity is a an empty bottle and it has a score of isB This is the command /execut...

nvm my nvm post, he rolled back again to a hardtoread one
crunchyroll is trolling me
I'm pressing skip ad, and it reopens the ad.
12:21 PM
room topic changed to The Bridge: General Arqade Chat, Wherein, Despite Everything, It Still Is Friday. [+2016] [-context] [-fun] [-games] [jin-fanclub] [lazers] [ontology-with-p-pansy] [-poetry] [-spoilers]
@Blem Merry Friday to you too
Hey @badp, mind helping out here?
Please stop our commentwar here
Q: Annoying glitch that pisses me off

PLEASEFIXITI'm walking normally and all of a sudden I automatically fly up, sneak or jump without pressing the buttons or it makes me go in a certain direction. I'm on Windows 8, my computer is good quality and my keyboard has no faults or anything. It just happened out of NOWHERE, even though I COMPLETELY ...

Some bellend thinks he knows everything about how a Q&A site should work and claims editing his question to improve it is vandalism
I need a drink.
12:27 PM
i need more lazers
@ardaozkal You switched those round accidentally.
Unfortunately locking a question also removes the possibility to add answers
Q: Should be renamed

PLEASEFIXITThis isn't a question site, this is where people bash you over one small capital word or one small spelling mistake and as their excuse: "wer net absin" This "Question" site is horrible at answering questions. If you're one of those immature kids who bashed at me, stay out.

12:36 PM
@badp Mind answering his meta question so that he understands?
Q: Should be renamed

PLEASEFIXITThis isn't a question site, this is where people bash you over one small capital word or one small spelling mistake and as their excuse: "wer net absin" This "Question" site is horrible at answering questions. If you're one of those immature kids who bashed at me, stay out.

Happy New Year!!!
u wot
Q: How do you type in colors?

PLEASEFIXITOr is it impossible to make color?

@Texenox Mind giving me the time to write an answer
And now here's the part where I turn to the other side of the argument and tell you two you are doing it wrong, too
I have to dash, but.
If you have to start a comment with "RANT INCOMING", maybe don't post it in the first place?
12:42 PM
@badp View my first comments.
> I rolled back to the edit which you called "Vandalism." It isn't vandalism.
"You're wrong. I am right."
can someone please star my comment so I can get the 2016 hat? thx
that isn't very helpful
@NoSssweat Uh... No?
@badp view the other ones too. I approached calmly in first.
12:42 PM
it doesn't convey any meaning to someone who doesn't understand what's happening
Q: colors question wait it got mixed

PLEASEFIXITwat wat wat happen to my color questin i think its impossible to change colors so ok it got mixed with other question did it ok

@SepiaLazers Okay, at this point they're trying to flood the site with crap.
I prepared a very calm and helpful answer and you locked it :/
There is something about this person's heavy commenting that bugs me. He made a comment saying anyone there?
Q: This site should be called minimodding.com

PLEASEFIXITThis isn't a question site, this is where people bash you over one small capital word or one small spelling mistake and as their excuse: "wer net absin" This "Question" site is horrible at answering questions. If you're one of those immature kids who bashed at me, stay out.

Flagged that as too chatty
@TheBro21 It's already being dealt with.
12:46 PM
@Texenox Noticed that as it got locked 1 minute ago
Shouldn't we invite this user to chat if it is possible in any way since he does not have 20 reputation?
@TheBro21 Don't know if it's possible.
> create new room
> add him as owner
> he will be able to chat
@ardaozkal Thanks ;)
At this point, though, it's not like it would help at all. They've done nothing but submit vandalism edits and act like a bellend.
Seems like it. Aren't posts on meta complaining about something discouraged?
12:50 PM
as badp locked it, here is my now not-postable answer.
Also he means main site with colors. Meta is B&W.
@ardaozkal I think he knows that, he's probably just trolling.
@Texenox I thought he meant colors like colorful text
Which in my opinion could be a disaster with some people :D
@TheBro21 oh god no
1:05 PM
Q: How the new ranking system works?

PepinCZHow the new ranking system works? It has been relased in the winter update. I want to share a little story: I was playing matchmaking. At the end of match it has been 14:16, cca. 30 kills, 7 MVPs, best score of my team. And guess what, I got deranked! + There was also 2 trolls in our team. I a...

I did an edit on this one.
@TheBro21 I approved on my end. You need 1 more person to approve it.
*goes back to watching SAO*
@ardaozkal I noticed that because of the Peer review link. Enjoy SAO
@TheBro21 I read the manga last year. Full of feels^TM
1:32 PM
@ardaozkal apparently they show 3 ads. And there is only one ad for turkey, so I have to skip for 3 times.
Search Anchor Optimization?
oh wait
Swiss art online
meta post unlocked and cleaned up
main site post unlocked and cleaned up
let's try that again
Q: Fallout 4 - Is My Piper Broken?

venkelosSo, I'm playing Fallout 4, and maxed out Affection with Piper, and got her perk. She frequently repeats the last bit that lets me try to choose Romance, but always shoots it down. I have max Charisma (with additional gear boosts), pretty good Luck, and she adores me. Is it just a random, and even...

I cry everytime :(
why won't this page stop loading now lol
2:24 PM
user image
2:39 PM
Dear Crunchyroll, please stop showing me nsfw ads.
^the most sfw moment of ad
@badp gz
2:56 PM
Woah. I'm the same age as Pokémon. trys to use psy-beam
I refuse to believe that I'm older than pokemon
RIP @Uni's abillity to not feel old
Well actually I guess I'm older because I'll turn 21 this year.
Oh good now I don't actually feel as old
That means I'll be able to drink in the US. House party at @Uni's!
3:01 PM
scrolls up
Oh huh. I came out almost 4 years later in Europe, I guess that explains why I had it soon after it came out.
Literally @badp was in the process of handling that what the fuck
1 hour ago, by ardaozkal
I cry everytime :(
Holy fuck I'm almost 22
@Unionhawk It's crazy, remember when we were the young ones?
3:05 PM
We are the young ones, @Texenox and @ardaozkal do not exist
I refuse
I'll have finished my internship and be at my final year of uni later this year.
@Unionhawk Keep strong brother.
You guys are still young to me if that helps
Yes, 16 is still young
Even I feel old. Night at the Museum, Wii, Cars... Thanks xkcd.
3:06 PM
@Unionhawk wooooooo
202k actually, wow
Sun go way
@Unionhawk I was just about to come in here and yell delightedly about that very thing!
Haha I just remembered creeping out spugs with my youngness.
You are not helping, sun
I see no sun, I see only fog
I think the sky is angry at us for exploding it
3:08 PM
(I may have been drinking with a dnd stream until 3 last night)
(might have done that)
I was reading till 3 last night
Does that count?
Though it's like 4 there now or whatever so
Or 1700 actually so 5
I was lying awake unable to sleep until then too! Yay!
The sun's already far far down here
It's good to live in the future
3:10 PM
@PrivatePansy Damn you and your sky boats!
Please. We call them hiverboards
Erm. Hoverboards
Isn't a sky boat a blimp?
Or zeppelin I guess
Nooooooo must clear random star
Sky boats is the Thing Explainer term for plane and/or helicopter.
The speedboats of the sky
3:18 PM
Aaand crunchyroll shows me ads in moonspeak
@ardaozkal Oh no, a woman! NSFW!
@GnomeSlice want me to find and send you a link to the full ad?
I'm good, but thanks.
@GnomeSlice in case you want to: youtube.com/watch?v=pgpR_we26-A
Oh no! A woman in swimwear!
Ban this sick filth
This is some bollywood shit
3:22 PM
I mean NSFW by the means of Not safe for work
I can't really watch this MV in work/school etc., it can be easily misunderstood.
It's Jan 1st anyway, you're not at work
@GnomeSlice ...makes sense.
@GnomeSlice now I feel old
I'm older than it :/
(by 3 months)
@Unionhawk :^)
3:29 PM
3:45 PM
Q: Why does alternating magic increase stagger quicker than not?

WondercricketWhile working my way through the Cieth Stone missions, I became stuck on missions 62 where you fight two Rakatavija. The Rakatavija's vulnerabilities are halved for every element and has a 100 chain resistance, which makes 5 starring this mission a difficult task. However I noticed that altern...

@Unionhawk ?
4:03 PM
Q: Can you, on the Sims 4 , get dogs and cats without the sims 4 pets installed?

FloCan you in the sims 4 get dogs and cats without the sims 4 pets installed? I am welcome to any answers!πŸ˜€ Thanks!

It's weird seeing the year now on stuff I answered recently.
4:27 PM
SAO was such a good show
That second season made me so sad
earlier episodes say "congratulation", but starting with ep9, it says "congratulations". I wonder who made them aware :P
4:46 PM
@RedRiderX Which is what it's supposed to do.
@RedRiderX s1 makes me sad, I can't think of s2.
Season 1 isn't sad. It's awesome. Except for the creepy undertones of the second arc.
@RedRiderX Same.
ugh, crunchyroll
There is a bug on the guest pass system, so I can't activate the code @Fluttershy sent to me :/ (still, thanks Fluttershy)
Q: Why and what are there glitch areas in Metroid?

Emil BrundageYou can access glitch areas in Metroid without much effort (youtube). Why do these areas exist and how do they work? Are they infinite?

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