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Q: Battle.net friend list

ktieI haven't played sc2 in like 4 years, and now when I logged in the battle.net app I see that the friend list shows 1 offline friend only. But when I visit my profile page on the battle.net website, the "Friends" page shows much more people. What's up with that?

Q: minecraft scoreboard count multiple block Ids

1i0nyis there a way to create a Minecraft scoreboard object that counts all kinds of stone? Like /scoreboard objectives add stonecounter stats.useItem.1 /scoreboard objectives add stonebrickcounter stats.useItem.X /scoreboard objectives add cobblestonecounter stats.useItem.XX and then sum all th...

@fredley what happened to just rubbing it out with a finger
@badp wat
do you have rubber fingers?
You can totally smear pencil marks with a finger
that's BASICALLY as good as rubbing it out
I did this tons in high school on my school desks
pencil out things, rub 'em away
it's a little bit messier on paper I suppose.
> How not to lose your eraser: Drill a hole through the top and hang it on a string around your neck.
12:18 AM
quick quick
Luck of the draw or the tuck?
lemme see
too slow
luck of the draw stays
youtube stream up
Q: What is the difference between Intense Rainbow dye and normal rainbow dye?

BobI have searched the web for the answer but I can't seem to find an answer. Can someone please tell me the difference?

Q: Why am I losing control while drifting?

firebushI just got Mario Kart 8 and I'm trying to make use of drifting. I'm playing with the sport bike. Often drifting works fine for me and I get the turbo boost as I come out of the turn. However, sometimes I try to drift into a turn and the bike doesn't turn at all and the kart drives headlong int...

@Lazers2.0 should be migrated to physics.se .s
Also how is the new splitscreen mode?
wooooooooooo chest!
12:51 AM
room topic changed to The Bridge: General Arqade Chat, Wherein It Is The Dawn Of A New Weekday [-context] [-fun] [-games] [jin-fanclub] [lazers] [ontology-with-p-pansy] [-poetry] [-spoilers]
Would you look at that, it's Saturday
Actually it's been Saturday for almost a couple hours already.
And that's a little sad.
Because after Saturday there's Sunday, and after that…
We don't talk about what happens after that
rendering is fun, you get to see the funny frames.
Q: What does it mean when this mushroom is talking to me?

Mark S.At the beginning of Captain Toad levels in Super Mario 3D World and Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, Captain Toad says a short phrase that almost certainly ends with the word "adventure". You can hear the Super Mario 3D World version of the phrase at the beginning of ...

1:11 AM
Proposal: Creation of Actuarial Science SE

Proposed Q&A site for students, professors and actuaries interested in actuarial science theory, actuarial exams and the actuarial profession.

Currently in definition.

42 entertainment shut down ilovebees.com, it now redirects to a video.
I see it now! If steam is making an ARG, something big is coming out. Prepare your wallets, people! Half-Life 3 is coming!
oh my god
the key to unlock the badge is 1v7531
@Unionhawk oh, I didn't realize that previous mention was a link. Stupid mobile chat. Yeah, my hangovers aren't too bad. I'm merely useless, not miserable.
1:42 AM
So now I'm the cancer of Destiny
I'm rolling around with a pre-made group
7.2 K/D ratio with 32 kills
I'm sorry.
@twobugs That's sorta what it's there for. <_<
It's more fun playing with a group in general
Just, blanket statement
For all games
gooood night bridge!
1:53 AM
Yes, it's more fun. But I feel bad when it's a stomp like this
@ardaozkal I get the lambda, but what's the 1v?
@Yuuki crowbar
Man, I went Super Saiyan that game
So apparently, my dad watched Force Awakens without having watched the OT.
And now that he's discovered that he's missed three movies, he just started A New Hope.
2:19 AM
2:38 AM
Q: Itchy and Scratchy continuity error

user151841In episode 2F09, when Itchy plays Scratchy's skeleton like a xylophone, he strikes the same rib in succession, yet he produces two clearly different tones. Are we to believe that this is a magic xylophone, or something?

Oh FFS... in addition to watching faaar too much Fox news, based on what I'm overhearing, my uncle is a 911 truther. Kill me now
Jet fuel can't melt steel beams
@TrentHawkins Baaaarf
@Yuuki Wait a sec, that tablet cable has video too...
2:46 AM
Obama did 911
Speaking of conspiracy... There was a guy at the new year's eve party last night who said the following: "They put fluoride in our drinking water. It killed our third eye. No joke, humans had a third eye in their brain, it was called the peetus gland or something, and we used it to telecommunicate."
People, as a general rule, are stupid.
Q: Why did my sons world disappear when he went thru then returned from a portal

juliamy son is autistic so get extremely upset when things go wrong inane craft. He built a world and a portal and went through it. When he returned his world was gone, everything has disappeared. Any ideas why or where it went?

3:05 AM
@Fluttershy well, depending on where you live, they do use fluoride... but third eye? Really?
Wait do you guys have less than three eyes?
The end of Tales of Zestiria is really dragging its ass.
The game was much better when it was "linear".
Now I have to walk back and forth across the world running errands or pay like 10% of my total gold to fast travel.
Each time.
@Fluttershy Sounds like he might have been talking to this guy: cof-cof.ca
(Although that site is less crazy than that theory)
Q: Vehicle Builds For Lego Dimension

user2676140I just purchased Bart Simpson & a Ninjago character, but when I place the vehicle disc on the center circle, I get a message that pops up telling me that it is an empty disc. I thought to build the vehicles (the 1st time not upgrades) all you had to do was 1) place the disc on the center ci...

3:27 AM
I think The Bridge is probably the only place in the world where Friday is still a thing. It's so old now.
You're... So old now
Finding these HK pieces is so tedious.
Q: Playing minecraft on server while having 25565 port blocked

TKKFDKI want to play on servers while my Dad blocked the port 25565 so I can't play on majority off the servers. Is there a way to bypass that and if so please explain thoroughly how to do so. I am on windows btw.

3:52 AM
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5:17 AM
theinternet.mov warning possible star wars spoilers
5:56 AM
Q: Protection for singleplayer world login

ForcelydatedI am making a map as my multiplayer's spawn. I have done building everything but the question is I don't want any people to use other's username and get into the server with their profile. And I am not using bukkit or spigot. So AuthMe will not work. Is there any command I can let the player to s...

6:14 AM
I've been trying to figure this out, does anybody know what ARG stands for (related to steam)?
6:27 AM
@aman207 Augmented Reality Game
Missed it by that much
2 hours later…
8:22 AM
Q: How do I get the 'Red Herring' Steam community badge?

r3tr0 t3h PeNgU1N oF d00mI found this badge on a friend's profile, and am curious how he got the badge. It doesn't seem to be tied to any game at all and looks like it only has 1 level. How do I get the Red Herring Steam community badge?

@PrivatePansy @TrentHawkins Ahh I see! Thanks!
1 hour later…
9:35 AM
Q: NOLF2 sound issue while running on Windows 7 x64

Corv VetteI installed No One Lives Forever 2 on Windows 7 x64, I've got sounds on developers cinemtics and music and sound on very first main menu but when I hit New Game ... No sounds on cinematics or game itself. No music, no sound, nothing. I tried finding solution on internet as below, all below are us...

Of course the first time I get dark bum in Afterbirth, it's with Keeper, when there are no red heart pickups
Q: Prepared food barrels don't have a category in the trade depot

CyrinI don't see a category for prepared meals in the trade depot? I can find them by searching [All] though v0.42.03

10:09 AM
Q: does crimson spread in the mobile edition?

sorangeeveryone is saying that crimson spreads but that doesn't seem to be happening on the mobile edition can you please tell my why? I keep coming back every day in and I know that it only spreads on dirt - but its not spreading!

Q: Why do I get no end-of-mission reward for some alerts?

Dragomok(Question asked for U18: The Second Dream.) Rarely, after completing an alert, I get no end-of-mission reward (ie. credits and resource/mod/egg/blueprint). This has been happening since U16: Sanctuary, but it seems to have intensified around U17: Echoes of the Sentient. The problem is, there do...

10:30 AM
Some people are doing an event for a select group of people (50 people in the whole country inc. me). We setted up a hidden msevents link. Someone managed to find it... and he posted it to twitter :/
redo from start
They know the time, date and location now. We/they can't change those.
Oh neat
there is a confirmation system for registrations.
11:07 AM
Q: Are you sure because i dont want to lose a town hall8 for a 3 but they are on seperate accounts just being cautious

Chris bellAre you sure because I don't want to lose a town hall 8for a 3 but they are on different email accounts but just being cautious

11:20 AM
@ardaozkal that's security through obscurity for you
you will now have to actually implement some sort of access control if you mind others sneaking in
actually you should be glad he's posted it on Twitter so you noticed the leak.
Q: I can't enable PerMa (Perkmus Maximus) on the Nexus Mod Manager

The_DoctorQuestion is in the title, I've tried reinstalling the mod but every time i click enable a window pops up then disappears immediately. ALL the other mods work fine apart from that one, it's sad, that one is my favorite.

None of my business actually, it is organized by Microsoft, not me. However, as turkey is in a weird state right now (terrorism is taking over some parts of country, just this saturday, 2-3 schools were molotoved), our guest might decide not to come, resulting in the event being cancelled. Also, the guy who posted the link also mentioned our guest (by mention, I mean @blabla), so he got pinged too.
Q: Word Of Warcraft - DK quest - Runed Soulblade destroyed

TofuwI am a newbie in the WOW world. I've started a DK class, but I can't solve the second quest because of the Runed Soulblade. In fact, I've destroy it. Since it, I can't progress in my game. I've received my Runed Soulblade in my mail, but I can't open it because I can't go in any capital. Can yo...

12:00 PM
Q: download constent was repeating so i unfortunately uninstall the game and not coonected to google play store

Gaurav KundlasIn my mobile the download constant was repeating so I unfortunately uninstall the game and not coonected to Google play store

Q: How do i manage to stay alive in Underworld?

user134667As already said in the title, I always get burned in lavaor the Enemys kill me in Underworld.. I'm Pre-Hardmode. I have max. health, anicent shadow armor (-> about 25 defense), and i'm fighting with ice blade and bee keeper right now. I easyly managed to kill The eye of chtuhlu (don't know how to...

12:39 PM
@fredley No!
Or maybe
This refactoring was anticipated
I'm pretty sure this is an antipattern:
for k in kwargs.keys():
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2:15 PM
Q: How does the Bloodied legendary work in Fallout 4?

SkyHiRiderThe Bloodied legendary effect is described as "Does more damage the lower the users health is". How big is the bonus and at what amount of hitpoints does it max out?

2:50 PM
Aw, only half bounty
Oh well
Q: How do I complete the anglers quests?

RobloxCATinunder17When I found the angler, he told me to get a mushroom. One that apparently bites and swims around. So I went into the blue mushroom biome, picked some mushrooms, and went back. He still said that he wanted a snapping mushroom. Earlier today he told me to kill a fish with feathers and a woman's he...

3:17 PM
Reviewers of tag wikis seriously need to put in more effort.
And that user's submitted a ton of wiki edits that are pure copypasta from Wikipedia.
We're sending the wrong message by approving them.
@Frank Dealing with it :)
SOMA has made me think more than any other game ever
my dad and i have been talking about it at length
Q: How to create mouse specific buttons in windows

David K.As an owner of a Logitech G600, there are a lot of buttons on the side of the mouse (16 to be exact). In the software that comes with the mouse you can only set keybinds using what you can find on the keyboard. On some other mice that I've seen, they have binds like "MOUSE_4" My question is: C...

3:32 PM
@GnomeSlice Looks neat. Ping me when it's less than £10
@fredley how much is that in CAD?
also wishlist that shit
@GnomeSlice 'boot $20
its normally $30
got it for $20 on ps4 recently
worth it
don't read too much about it beforehand
it is quite scary in parts, be warned
3:35 PM
its made by thepeople who made Amnesia
Not played that
@fredley Probably more at this point.
@Frank by a few cents
3:36 PM
@fredley here, watch that
theymade a liveaction miniseries to go slong with it. just watch that one
NSFW language
some f bombs
Q: Only extreme tracks showing up in Get Tracks

imulsionI'm searching for tracks in Trials Evo using the Get Tracks menu. I have all filters set to "any" and the release date to "all time", but I am only getting ~30 tracks, all of which are extreme difficulty. Why is this happening? I'm playing on PC.

@fredley Yeah, about an extra 47 cents.
Damn, our dollar is the shits.
Macross is all about that awesome mecha action. Oh, and singing. Because that saves the world.
@Frank Does out of tune singing still work?
@Arperum Doesn't look like it.
I watched the preview for the new series. It's looking pretty cool.
@Frank In that case I should not go and save the world :p
3:51 PM
@Arperum Yeah, me neither. I can't sing worth shit.
@Frank It doesn't stop me from singing though.
@Arperum I still sing in the car, too.
@Frank And at concerts.
I sing pretty much wherever, no idea if I sound good or not :P
3:54 PM
but it makes me happy
4:09 PM
Dark Souls: Wind Waker
Lol the speedrun level sailing
Not quite, but it's a similar strat to wr
The wr strat is mash "fast"
Which gives the initial speed boost without the falloff
Q: How to save story progress in GTA 5?

Laura R.N.Ps : I did save story progress with Franklin's phone, but it keeps restarting everything when I get off the game. I need help asap bc it pisses me off really bad.

Meanwhile, in faces
So apparently my registration on this car is a full year expired
Anybody got more than 10?
4:19 PM
Well, not my registration, the registration
4:32 PM
@Unionhawk Oh my
I hope it was you that discovered this and not someone more official.
@fredley 10 is easy. Not seeing any more though.
@Unionhawk so should he somehow get in health warning area he can never stop the health warnings?
(it can't be that everything deals 2 damage since he already took 1)
Q: If I trade items through backpack.tf, will I be able to sell them on the community market?

imulsionI've stopped playing TF2 after the Tough Break update, and I want to sell all my items on the community market. Some of my items are not marketable, but they are tradable. If I were to trade items from my inventory on backpack.tf for supply crate keys, would I be able to sell those keys on the ma...

4:56 PM
@badp everything deals double
If a damage source is normally a quarter heart, he takes a half, etc
So minimum damage is a half
Also there are no recovery hearts
That's another very large difference in hero mode
So you can only gain health from potions
5:24 PM
Q: Why is that gold coin glowing green?

DaftCan anyone tell me why the gold coin at the top of the screen has started glowing green?

5:36 PM
Automatic checkin wheee
(Southwest does pick any seat seating and does seating order based on checkin time)
Q: If i purchased old huntres dlc on one profile, can i play it on a different one?

ShaneRecently i purchased the bloodborn the old hunters dlc on one profile, but when im on my other profile, it doesnt say ive purchased or installed it. I just need to know if the dlc i bought on one profile, can be used on my other profile?

Q: I can't load steam

Firesoldier7I can't connect to steam. I checked if the steam servers where up and it says some of the are idle But my brother is able to get on steam. (Ex:US Northwest Idle ≈2d US Northeast Idle ≈2d US Southwest Idle ≈2d) Has this happened to anybody else?

How's everyone doing today?
6:04 PM
@GnomeSlice pretty good, you?
Q: How to use space bar in MCPE?

First LastHey I don't know how to make the space bar work in Minecraft PE! This is unfair because I bought Plug PE and now I can't use the space bar to use command whilst playing the game. Please help me...

@fredley uhhh... I guess you could write that as self.__dict__.update(kwargs)
but it still looks wrong
>>> class T():
...   def __init__(self, **kw):
...     self.__dict__.update(kw)
>>> x = T(this = "is", a = "test")
>>> x.this
>>> x.a
doesn't work if your class uses __slots__
>>> class T():
...   __slots__ = ('x', 'y')
...   def __init__(self, x, y):
...     self.x = x
...     self.y = y
>>> x = T(1, 2)
>>> x.__dict___
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "<stdin>", line 1, in <module>
AttributeError: T instance has no attribute '__dict___'
>>> x.z = 2
>>> x.__dict__
{'y': 2, 'x': 1, 'z': 2}
I can't say I expected this
Hi bridge
I expected setting x.z to fail but oh well.
I guess you have to bring your own __setattr__ to make it happen.
> Without a __dict__ variable, instances cannot be assigned new variables not listed in the __slots__ definition. Attempts to assign to an unlisted variable name raises AttributeError. If dynamic assignment of new variables is desired, then add '__dict__' to the sequence of strings in the __slots__ declaration.
6:24 PM
6:38 PM
Q: What is the command that triggers another command when a specific item is thrown

TheChunkyDonkehThe outcome i want is: when i throw a specific item at a specific block it triggers a command does anyone know how to do it? I have tried and i am unable to figure it out.

@fredley I'm confused as to what you're doing.
The finale of the winter comic is a bad joke? Heh, silly Valve.
And no apparent ARG clues, hmm
@RonanForman I'm using kwargs to set arbitrary stuff within a class.
It works, that's not the issue, it just feels... antipatterny
@fredley I was doing that last month, I stopped.
@RonanForman Why?
6:42 PM
It was weird.
Also I started adding methods and they got intercepted by the getattr.
I was overriding __getattr__ so that if I did foo.bar it'd look up bar in the xml my class was holding.
@RonanForman ah
But then if you had a method called bar you can't call it, or something I don't remember.
naming things is hard
6:47 PM
Q: What is "rubber banding"?

ardaozkalI was playing CS:GO today, and someone on my team who wasn't moving said that he was "rubber banding". I never heard that term before, and I'm not sure what that means. What does "rubber banding" mean? I don't think that it means the "tool" we use to pack stuff.

Q: How can I play Team Fortress 2 again?

PacTheGamerUm, I have recently (since yesterday) had a problem with entering Team Fortress 2. Yesterday I installed a few sprites,skins,adn GUI's,but ever since I did that the game says "Failed to Start Game (Missing Executable)". I downloaded the things from gamebanana.com. Can someone please help I can't ...

Oh man the park city app has challenges and badges
Oh man
> Everest challenge: earned by skiing 29,035 vertical feet in a day
Oh man
That sounds like a thing I want to do
I hit 27 in Steamboat on my longest day so
7:02 PM
Want to be a top hat collector? 3/5 of top hat collectors use the timey wimey hat, use it, and you'll get moar hats!
We'll see
Heh robotnik has batman
Reminder: I'll give a TF2 hat to the top three hat collectors if they want to.
If they don't want it, I'll ask the other 2 in top 5, and if they want, I'll give it to them.
@TimStone Yeah that really fizzled out
(Batman is edit a question you did not participate in closing that ends up getting reopened)
(aka, be the hero a new user deserves)
7:08 PM
@RedRiderX I still want to solve the ARG but if the people in the subreddit haven't figured out the remaining clues I know I won't either
@TimStone And it seems like it's starting to lead into last year's holiday sale...
Yeah, the characters and plot elements are related
Half Life 3 will remain unreleased until someone solves it
I'm thinking of going to five guys or somewhere
Bridge, convince me one way or another
7:12 PM
too crazy
@Texenox why do the text "eh bee" have a green nike icon next to it?
@ardaozkal That's the Vine logo, and I assume it's a verified icon.
You're the worst, Valve
@Unionhawk Do it. Do it now.
@Texenox I can't even troll anymore :(
@Texenox You should see this year's video.
7:14 PM
@RedRiderX I have.
@Unionhawk I'm gonna find ya
instantly rekt in the head
@Unionhawk Do the thing one way or the other.
@ardaozkal This is not a bad outcome.
7:31 PM
Q: Why am I musmch faster than the record, but not the record holder?

McKayWhen playing other courses, some times it says the existing record is 99:59.999 seconds. I was obviously much faster, but I didn't get the record. What's gives? Also why is that such a common time to see. It is greater than the 500 seconds allowed.

@TimStone is there an ARG to begin with
I mean, there were the clues that led to the Red Herring badge, so there's that.
And there's some other stuff that hasn't resulted in anything
I guess it cannot be awarded any longer
that, or caching
The biggest unknown at the moment is what the hex-looking number in one of the card images is supposed to be for
7:38 PM
is that a ...
yep lambda
Also badp
This is the most brilliant HALF LIFE 3 CONFIRMED thing ever
you know the red harring code?
@TimStone (in the sleeve)
The card is called "Sending a Message", to boot
7:40 PM
also @badp, the redditors found a number in epoch, which converts to 4 jan 2016. And valve has VR event with HTC that day.

Proposed Q&A site for those who wish to understand the complex issues faced by the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and queer communities.

Currently in definition.

@NewlyOpenedProposalsforEntertainment well, this might be a good QA website.
@TimStone That and the first audio file found, since that hasn't directly lead to anything yet.
Yeah, although I'd be willing to accept that was an intro to the ARG
translates to a_ON
7:56 PM
@ardaozkal Assuming what encoding?
@RedRiderX ascii85
@TimStone wat
what is that.
is that a duck foot on... what.
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