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5:14 PM
Q: What are good sources for Lamplighter's Beeswax?

Adam MillerOccasionally I find myself running out of Lamplighter's Beeswax in Fallen London. It happened recently, and I didn't remember a good source for more. What are good places to look for it?

> Season 1 isn't sad.
Less sad more disappointing.
> You're entitled to the "Look, Ma! No Pants!" Trophy, for having celebrated New Year's pantsless.
cc @Yuuki
@RedRiderX Hey red
Yo dawg
5:36 PM
@fredley Have a good new year?
I don't know if I saw you in chat yesterday
I posted a link to Friday, nobody starred it
@fredley Sounds like everyone's learning.
Learning about Friday is the worst kind of learning
I'm tired, and probably a bit hungover. the fewer Friday postings, the better.
Head still hurt
5:41 PM
No, the headache goes away pretty quickly, luckily.
No I'm talking about me
Sounds like @MBraedley wants some Friday videos
Maybe I should break inbto @MBraedley apartment some day and stash a bunch of those devices that randomly play a sound throughout the day, but have them polay Friday instead.
Or an alarm clock that jumps right into the lyrics at 7
Maybe I could pay someone on craigslist to follow @MBraedley around holding a boombox playing Friday
@fredley So I would only find sanctuary at work (in a secure building)? You are truly evil!
5:49 PM
Too briiiiiiight
I blame @fredley
Close enough, closest we have
Why the hell am I awake right now... is that @fredley's fault too??
I thought so
Well obviously it's the butterfly effect
As the person living closest the the Greenwich Meridian, this is probably actually my fault
Gah! I can't see deleted messages anymore.
That's why refreshing didn't help.
@fredley I mean as a person who is near Ireland
@Unionhawk Ireland is to blame for @uni?
I played along at home in a drunk stream with an Irish fellow, drinking with him
It... Was a good decision at the time for what it's worth but not a good idea
Now I can move all @badp's messages to Android Hell!
So yeah it was a good night for me and at least I didn't die
So that's a nice bonus
Q: Uninstalling Steam doing big mistake

KenI moved steam from program files. I move steam file to destkop. I want to uninstall it. I alredy know the step to uninstall but I alredy do a mistake. And i can't delete that files + I can't put back that files into the program files. Please answer I need your help guys!! Or should I bring to IT?...

> Or should I bring to IT?
6:00 PM
Q: How to run OptiFine and shaders at the same time in Minecraft for PC?

DevRobotI've installed the GLSL Shaders profile for Minecraft 1.8 without using Forge, and it works fine. However, since now I'm not using OptiFine, I'm getting a rather large decrease in FPS, which is disappointing. Is it possible to install OptiFine and GLSL shaders at the same time?

Q: Uninstalling Steam doing big mistake

KenI moved steam from program files. I move steam file to destkop. I want to uninstall it. I alredy know the step to uninstall but I alredy do a mistake. And i can't delete that files + I can't put back that files into the program files. Please answer I need your help guys!! Or should I bring to IT?...

I wish luck to all IT employees around the world.
Oh, I'm still not a room owner too due to being removed by a drunk puppet
yay, peace is restored
first friday of 2016 and i haven't been trolled yet?
@fredley is this a new years resolution or something?
6:09 PM
Q: Cannot power on XBox One from Smartglass or W10 app

Mike ColeI am attempting to power on my XBox One from both the Smartglass app on my IPhone and the XBox app on a W10 PC, but it will not power on. If I manually power it on I can connect fine with both apps. My console is set to instant-on in the settings. The XBox One is connected via wireless to my home...

Q: how do you ban people in minecraft pe 0.13.1

the gaming masterI am getting griefed by my bro This is for pocket edition

> I am getting griefed by my bro
kick him
Q: changed my minecraft username nothing will work

EmmaSo basically I recently changed my minecraft username through mojang, And everything was good and then I opened minecraft off my desktop and went to go play mineplex and this showed up 'Not authenticated with minecraft.net' please help I tried restarting my minecraft refreshing logging out and i...

The power to remove @Wipqozn is insignificant next to the power of The Force
@Unionhawk that's not how the force works!
6:25 PM
/kick GodEmperorDune I find your lack of faith disturbing
you can kick me old man
(note that command doesn't do anything)
but I shall rise up more powerful than you can imagine!
(as in there are no chat commands)
(but don't tell uni that)
> not sad
6:36 PM
Hmm... I'm trying to decide of I should link my two Computercraft answers on my careers profile
On one hand, they're awesome, on the other, it directly links my professional self to my chat self
I could take the code and put it in a different thing and link that, probably, with a write up on it too
Man the Internet complicates stuff
oooo infinaie monkey cage eps
oooo infinite monkey cage eps
Is all the celebratio over now for another year right?
@Unionhawk That would work.
Wait, what about putting them on GitHub or something?
You could have the README.md as the write-up.
@Texenox or just gist
@ardaozkal Oh, yeah.
But I'm not sure if you can link a gist to SO careers
Ok, rant time.
6:50 PM
@ardaozkal oy vey
On manga, it EXPLICITLY states that they were moved to hospitals in ep1
On anime, it is stated as an idea on ep 13
@Unionhawk I personally figure, any employer who tried to google me, and found ONLY code, would walk away thinking 'what can I not find about this guy?'
If they visit my facebook page, they'll notice I never name my employers directly when talking about them and am mostly careful about what I say about them too
So I'm happy for the 2 to be linked.
(and anyone who's good at datamining would manage to link them anyway I'm sure.)
I doubt for example, many 'Tim Bowers' have the lego picture I have as my logo on their facebook page.
apparently ep2, but doesn't matter, it was part of opening speech.
7:05 PM
It is your fault that you didn't watch it to date.
I had the holy mantle. You gave me the holy mantle
why did I die on the first tick of damage
Yeah fair enough
Google knows exactly who I am anyway. They have many spies
oh wait
fits with manga
u seem so angry
7:17 PM
hence I stopped watching animes
they have so good plots, that I get Feels^TM
Triforce Heroes is weird.
Q: How do I get the hidden badge on Steam for the possible upcoming ARG?

BulliedByModsThere seems to be a hidden badge on Steam which hints towards an ARG. How do I get this badge?

@AshleyNunn I can't decide on a book challenge for thid year. IT's terrible, and I blame @Fluttershy.
I decided 125 was good
7:32 PM
Yeah but you're a robot
I'm thinking either 15 or 20
True facts.
How many did you get this year?
@AshleyNunn None so far, but I got 17 last year
that's new (to me)
No it isn't
7:35 PM
@Wipqozn I'm glad you understand what I meant
Welcome to probably the Christmas traffic boost
My name is Uni and this is my friend Other Uni and we will be your guide
((the correct response to "I expect much mod abuse" is to remove him I think))
@Unionhawk what am I being pinged for?
You complained about such things earlier
7:39 PM
I haven't decided any NYRs this year
@AshleyNunn I got 1 this year!
@KevinvanderVelden Me too :)
Guys and gals, guess whose picture will I use to test my picture to blocks script?
I did start a few hours before midnight though
Yeah, I started it last night but I finished it today so it totally counts
7:44 PM
My new years resolution is to be more handsome and successful than last year
Thank you mobile for flipping those
Q: Why doesn't this Minecraft "/give" command work?

mtg/give x_xstolasx_x diamond_sword 1 0 {display:{Name:"Hellbringer"},Lore:["Guilty."],ench:{[id:"20",lvl:"2"],[id:"16",lvl:"10"],[id:"19",lvl:"2"]}} This is the command I typed in to the command block. In the "Previous Output" section, it is saying [19:32:06] Data tag parsing failed: Unbalan...

Q: Play as zombies in split-screen Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 1

Trevor SullivanIn the Playstation 4, split-screen version of Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare (the first one), is it possible to play as the Zombies instead of as Plants? I don't see any option to switch this. I don't understand why we're earning all these zombie cards, from the sticker shop, if we can't use...

Are we allowed to post answers that cheat the system?
AKA running a javascript code that automates a confusing process.
8:05 PM
@ardaozkal ...what process would that be?
Q: How do I get the hidden badge on Steam for the SteamSale ARG?

BulliedByModsThere seems to be a hidden badge on Steam which hints towards an ARG. How do I get this badge?

@ardaozkal You can, but don't expect it to be welcomed.
@Frank CW maybe?
@ardaozkal CW doesn't change how answers are recieved
@ardaozkal No. Absolutely, completely, totally, utterly no.
CW is not a pass for problematic questions.
8:06 PM
The question has already been self-answered anyways.
No need for anything else.
I don't see how using Steam's own site to get a fake badge cheats the system.
@ardaozkal Don't make something CW just because you don't want to risk the rep
Death to cw
@AshleyNunn I don't really care about the downvotes.
Well then death to cw
8:08 PM
@Frank Not even a fake badge.
Why I'd post that is:
@ardaozkal Basically, CW is something you should rarely use. I really can't think of a good reason to use it here.
@ardaozkal Even so, that's not the only thing to worry about.
I posted it on a group I administrate, and some people failed. This script helped them.
Whatever, let me just post it.
@AshleyNunn I used it once to not gain rep for a game id that people answered in the comments since it was literally from reddit
8:10 PM
Aaand gone
@ardaozkal At least format it as code
@murgatroid99 How can I do that?
` code block`
@ardaozkal Indenting a block of text four spaces formats it as code
4 spaces
8:12 PM
There's also a button in the editor to do it, or you can use Ctrl-K
Alright, completely rearranged my apartment and installed some new furniture! 2016 is not off to a bad start.
@twobugs So far my 2016 has been sleep and watching Zeldathon in my jammies
I swear to god, the Steam Sale ARG must also be something to hint at the release of a particular game.
I should clean my house though.
8:13 PM
@murgatroid99 there isn't on arqade. However, I did it by hand
@AshleyNunn That's also a good 2016 :)
@ardaozkal There absolutely is. It's between the quote and image buttons.
@twobugs I'm enjoying it so far!
@ardaozkal And you indented all but the first line an extra four spaces
@murgatroid99 isn't that preformatted text?
8:15 PM
@ardaozkal That's the one
Preformatted is code yes
Hmm, does dict behave oddly in subclasses?
I have a parent class that defines objects = {}
Q: how to fix the shift-right click

duckgirl89all you have to do is click esc key and go on to controls. Then you find the touchscreen mode button and make sure its off that's all you need to do! why don't you try?

Ugh, this hurts me
8:17 PM
Then two subclasses that use it
But in both, the same dict is referenced
So if I add an object in one class, it adds it to all classes
Perfectly correct answer in question, people downvoted it rather than encouraging her to post it as an answer.
@ardaozkal It is not an answer.
@ardaozkal It happens.
8:18 PM
It should be posted as a question.
And an answer.
I mean they shouldn't be rewarded for the fact they posted that way
because with self-answering there's no reason for it
It should surely be posted as an answer to this question?
@fredley Where are you defining objects = {}
8:22 PM
@RonanForman class LevelBase:
@fredley In the __init__?
@RonanForman nah, as a field
@fredley Then it'll be the same dict everywhere.
Only define class constants in the class.
I want to ask more yo-kai watch questions but no one is playing it I don't think so they're just going unanswered :(
@RonanForman ok
8:23 PM
And class variables too. But not instance variables.
> like that one video
How do you make a bow knockback 100 i want to do it because i want to go really far like that 1 video — Randy Nguyen 1 min ago
@RonanForman Yeah got it
How did I not know that
I think I knew that once
Don't you use python for your job?
Q: how to fix the shift-right click

duckgirl89all you have to do is click esc key and go on to controls. Then you find the touchscreen mode button and make sure its off that's all you need to do! why don't you try?

Q: When I summon Wolf, then I change the health it doesn't work

FredDiggerFirst I do this: /summon Wolf 183 81 196 {Angry:1,Attributes:[{Name:"generic.maxHealth",Base:6},{Name:"generic.followRange",Base:42},{Name:"generic.attackDamage",Base:3}],DropChances:[0.1F,0.75F,0.5F,0.25F,0.11F],Equipment:[{id:"minecraft:tripwire_hook",tag:{display:{Name:"Stage 1"}},Count:1},{id...

8:32 PM
@RonanForman sorta
Somehow that particular scoping issue has never come up
I'm as surprised as you are
@fredley checks through all the code he's ever written
@RonanForman In my defence, as a web programmer, you'd never store state in that way (you'd store it in some kind of backend)
And writing stateless services is A Good Thing
@fredley has but one state... Friday
@RonanForman I just did. He isn't a bad developer.
8:37 PM
@twobugs So that's why I always think it's Friday
@fredley I think that's the opposite of stateless. But yeah I forgot how Django worked.
Q: How do you show the other players Hearts on Minecraft Realm

Randy NguyenI need to see the other players Hearts I NEED TO!!

@badp Yoooo!
Thanks, man!
8:49 PM
@Texenox what was it?
@ardaozkal The Talos Principle, and then Grim Fandango Remastered.
nice games! Enjoy them!
Thanks. And thanks, @badp.
no offense, I just love physics
8:55 PM
@ardaozkal You should try out Blender.
@Texenox I can't use that
@ardaozkal You don't know how, or...?
@Texenox I tried using it, but I found it to be overcomplicated. So I developed a physics system inside unity
It can generate pretty fluid results, as I added a rendering feature in it. (1/10 speed, renders at 2x screensize, takes screenshot and saves)
I should probably add a fps check, and make it automatically adjust timescale
Q: What are the key differences between the original Wasteland 2 and the Director's Cut?

tigI want to play Wasteland 2, but I am unsure if I would miss anything playing the Director's Cut edition without having played the original release. What are the differences, between the original release and the Director's Cut of Wasteland 2?

And I should add a GUI, for camera positioning and physics demo type.
@Texenox can you link me a guide?
9:05 PM
@ardaozkal The [Tutorials page] on the Blender website is a pretty good starting point.
Oh? I will check then.
For physics, there's the Bullet Physics library.
Q: My Minecraft PE doesn't have the external button! What do I do? And how do I get it?

KittyLike I said,I don't have the external button. I can make servers but can't join them. What do I do?

Q: How can I eat in peaceful mode

AlexHow do I eat in peaceful mode. I won't lose any hunger. Is there a way I can lose hunger in peaceful without monsters spawning. For the Xbox 360

@ardaozkal cc @Unionhawk
29 mins ago, by ardaozkal
no offense, I just love physics
(next picture is yours)
Right, going to bed.
Good night
9:39 PM
hum de dum bored :/
Q: Minecraft clone command help needed D:

Bob RossSo for a new command block creation, I've got the idea for a constant test for a bat, so when it's spawned, it'll die instantly, and the /clone command will clone a house from a location to near the player. the thing is, I don't know how to make the clone command paste in the house near the playe...

Dynamic Timescale: Done
1.6k damage nukes helped
(undertale spoilers I guess)
In the sense that this is a Thing That Happens in that game kind of
9:55 PM
New £2 is as sinister as fuck. "There's skulls on our money. Are we the bad guys?" https://t.co/8wSlNMKNOd
cc @fredley
Q: Error: Java Virtual Machine Launcher (while trying to run a steam game on mac via Wineskin)

sunjulieI'm new here and I got no clue about PC/Mac/Games/how to ask questions in here in general so I need some help. (I've already looked through previous questions but nothing could help me...) I wanted to play 'Edna & Harvey: The Breakout', so I bought it on steam and because there is only a PC vers...

yey lets try a cain run :/
10:12 PM
Q: Does GTA IV multiplayer still work?

FlorensI have had gta 4 for quite a long time now and so has my friend. Before he couldn't run it and now he can because he has a new PC. So I wondered if the multiplayer in this game still works. I heard things about Games For Windows Live going down. Will I need a mod for this to work?

Q: How do I teach Minecraft mods?

Mya HauxWhen I download mods onto my Minecraft, they don't seem to work. I know from an answer that I have to teach regular Minecraft mods, but how am I supposed to do that? If anyone knows, please answer my question. Mya Haux

Q: Starting Grounded Mode+ on The Last of Us

F. CarvalhoIs there any way to start grounded mode plus without completing grounded mode first? I really don't want to play the entire game twice in grounded mode. I heard that if you complete normal mode then you can play grounded mode plus, but i'm not sure how this works... If I play normal mode I will...

Q: How can I change the default folder path for PCSX2 settings?

27777When I install and set up PCSX2, by default all the various settings folders install to C:\Users\myname\Documents\PCSX2. How can I change it to whatever path I want? Within that default folder, I have options to change the default paths for: C:\Users\myname\Documents\PCSX2\sstates C:\Users\m...

10:29 PM
I took physics emulation too far.
So far, that I wrote an app that converts the pictures to video, just to save myself from about 10 clicks.
@fredley what should I see in this map?
nvm, I saw it
@fredley Five off ramps don't seem to be so bad.
@Frank Five roundabouts, surrounding another roundabout that goes clockwise instead of anti?
@fredley That's a lot of roundabouts.
10:41 PM
adds it to the list of places she'd never want to drive
@fredley Oh, that's a roundabout IN a roundabout?
@Frank ys
Totally did not see that.
@Frank Isn't it 3 or 4 roundabouts in a roundabout? <_<
10:43 PM
@Fluttershy 5 roundabouts around a roundabout
@djsmiley2k That's just your standard issue ring road
@fredley RoundaboutOverflowException
I mean, if you really want to get maximumoverroundabout about all of this, try Milton Keynes
yeah but not many around anymore
and it's SO fun to go round it
milton keynes is just concrete cows and round abouts.
10:47 PM
@fredley Yo dawg, etc. etc...
Ah, good old Destiny matchmaking! I'm the only person on my team with a positive K/D ratio!
We lost by a landslide and I got no rewards! YAY!
@fredley They're making more and more of those here.
What is the max fps I can upload to gfycat? 60?
@AshleyNunn They're removing them here, lol
@fredley That amuses me.
10:49 PM
Basically they're better for traffic flow than intersections, but worse for pedestrians
Just checked, there are no limits.
@fredley Yeah, that's what we're discovering :P
Q: Steam gifting a region locked game can it be added to library

Parth SrivastavI live in India and gifted my friend, who lives in USA, Witcher 3 During the purchase steam gives the notice (which I did not see) Gift purchases for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt can only be added to the gift recipient's library if they are in India. Can he not add this game to his library un...

@Lazers2.0 is it duplicate? should I answer?
We have one around here to alleviate traffic in one specific spot
10:55 PM
@ardaozkal How about doing some research? No need to ask us.
@AshleyNunn also bikes
ummm sweaty legs
@Frank found a question which contains an answer
@ardaozkal There you go.
I love my new (hand written) converter and dynamic fps features. gfycat.com/FluidDistantGilamonster
cc @Texenox
It was rendered on 120fps but I had to lower it to 60fps, hence it feels a bit slow.
11:07 PM
where r u o_O
@djsmiley2k The dead looking thing at the top.
urgh hate waiting for flies
11:31 PM
I haven't managed to get to Caves II with Keeper
dunno why it's being so difficult
@ardaozkal rerendered at 60fps gfycat.com/UntimelyJollyArcticfox
if (link.type == linktypes.news && link.contains("erdogan"))
it is much better when you ignore him. believe me, I'm a turk.
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