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4:00 PM
"In order to be fair, during the next occurrence, all students will be stripped."
@Wipqozn Yeah, it's just ridiculous. If she was selling drugs on school property I doubt she was pulling them out of her ass or anything that would actually require a strip search. That seems like a poor way to get repeat business.
@TimStone Even if she was, the school shouldn't have the right to do it anyways.
@Wipqozn I believe there's a lawsuit going on about that very thing.
@Frank If one student is potentially giving drugs to other students, I think the school is afraid for their students. Drugs can make people do crazy things
4:02 PM
I don't care if she had a bag of crack on her hand, and then shoved it down her shirt in front of teacher. If she does that, lock her in the principals officer or something and call the police.
@Frank Good. GOOOOOD.
@Batophobia But by forcing another student to submit to a strip search, you're crossing the line from looking out for your students, to becoming a protectionist area where zero tolerance is followed blindly as an excuse for poor decision making.
There are many different ways this could have played out. Search her locker? Okay, that's fine.
Zero tolerance policies are just an excuse for school officials to be lazy.
@Frank Yes, the strip search was too far, but their logic is not one of fear of students so much as they want to protect the rest of the school
Send her home? That works, too. Call the police if you believe something illegal is happening. This is what should have happened.
@Batophobia I don't see it that way. I see it as the school reacting that one of their students might be doing something they didn't approve of, and then applying a ten ton hammer to make sure that disapproval was realized.
@Wipqozn I always thought of "zero tolerance" to be the way of avoiding stereotyping lawsuits
4:06 PM
@Wipqozn That's generally how it gets used, too.
That's the strategy
Come to class with a mess of paper jam and request to reprint it and turn it in later in the day
Zero tolerance policies result in absurd situations. In highschool an associate of mine was expelled for the year for having a woodworking knife visible in the seat of his truck of the school parking lot, which he had permission to possess and use in the woodshop class he was enrolled in.
"Posession of a weapon." "I have permission." "Unattended deadly weapon."
"I also have fists."
If they're going to have zero tolerance policies, it needs to go both ways. I had a teacher in high school who would take smoke breaks during class changes.
4:11 PM
There's got to be a better solution than zero tolerance and all the weapons you can carry.
Also, zero tolerance policies are also just a wy to treat students like criminals
As we all know, treating young people as criminals is great way for them to become functioning adults!
@Wipqozn Seeing as how both the MPAA and RIAA do treat their customers like criminals, they'll fit right in!
Enact the "No child left unarmed" policy to go with "No child left behind." When every classroom is like Reservoir Dogs, maybe people will learn respect! (Total sarcasm and in no way serious.)
@MadMAxJr 1 weapon per kid
4:14 PM
Maybe we just build schools like quake 3 maps.
Jump pads, death pits, rocket launchers. That'll make 'em learn real life lessons.
@TimStone Stirring up FUD is the most effective, least costly method of generating opposition to something.
Truth rarely comes into the equation.
@MadMAxJr Gotta figure out that respawning technology first
Then we can focus on punishing students for /real/ issues. Aimbots.
@MadMAxJr don't forget about wallhax
I think we can agree on a zero tolerance policy for aimbots and wallhacks.
Quebec girl stripsearched for aimbot. DAMMIT. Okay back to the drawing board.
4:17 PM
I'd be in favour of a zero tolerance policiy for lifehacks
When someone from Lifehacks eventually reads the log for this site, please know that I am speaking in jest, and realize some of you actually want Lifehacks to be serious.
As unlikely as that is ever going to be.
Future Lifehacks.SE readers, @MadMAxJr did all of it
cc @Paranormal.SE
The only part I will take credit for is if Lifehacks.SE secretly starts shadowbanning every poster so that they think they are still posting content, but nobody else can see it or read it, leaving them to believe nobody is interacting with their site content.
While I won't have done it myself, I will laugh because I would enjoy that.
I have done nothing to Paranormal.SE other than make some upvotes and vote to close one question. I have inspired some other people to go post some absurd questions I came up with though.
Aww, the ghost dating question got closed with help from Gnomeslice. Sad.
Looks like they finally have enough interested backers to start moderating content. Well good luck to them.
@StrixVaria lol
Q: collecting gems and artifacts

Tina carruthersI am on level 9 and my challenges are collect all 10 rings and relic artifacts and collect 5 gems in one run but there does not seem to be artifacts or gems to collect now for almost a week n half I have run between 2 million and 5 million n still nothing why what xm I to do to move on.

4:26 PM
@MadMAxJr it seems like the same group of users is closing most of the questions
My one contribution to Paranormal got deleted.
Ah, well. It's just as well it did; it wasn't very constructive.
Q: Increase RCI demand

GaryIn Cities: Skylines, how do I increase RCI demand? What factors affect it? In one of my cities, I've got a population of 100,000. It essentially consists of one giant grid-city in one area. Traffic gridlock is commonplace there. Yet RCI demand exists at about 10%, allowing the city to grow at a ...

> Liang's colleague, Professor S. Bradley Vinson, reaches into a plastic container where roaches are hiding between wood chips, searching for one with his bare hand.

"There's one nice cockroach," he says. "See how pretty."

It's huge: 2 inches long, an inch wide, with a hard black and gold shell. Bradley turns it upside down and its six legs kick around, the hairy, prickly spines searching for something to clasp onto.
so gross
4:35 PM
> I feel its prickly spines crawling. But then, suddenly, it stops responding to signals and nests in my forearm. It could be sensory overload.
@Yuuki Generally, yes
Quebec is its own kind of special
(aka it gets a lot of breaks on things and tends to do whatever it likes and has a temper tantrum if it doesn't get its way)
Q: Far Cry 4 Save Games before Critical Missions available?

BartI've just completed FC4, but I want to take full advantage of my purchase. Since you have to choose either for amita or sabal, and between killing pagan or let him get away, you miss the alternative missions that you'd have to play if you choose the other option. I chose Amita in the end and I sh...

Q: Has anyone seen a huge painting of a warrior on a field in DAYZ?

maborgI have seen on the map on DayzDB a HUGE painting in a field (a primitive warrior), do anyone have seen it in game ? any picture ? thanks

@Lazers Identify this thing?
@AshleyNunn Boy, does it ever!
4:52 PM
@AshleyNunn Like having it's own crazy language
It's all about, "You're trampling our rights!" whinery that they love to pull.
"Our ancestors spoke this language, and so, to the detriment of literally everyone, we want to carry on speaking it, even though everyone also speaks perfectly good English"
@fredley Being elitist about things that defy logic is the best way to be elitist.
@StrixVaria Let's face it, most people speak English Chinese, so everyone should just accept that all future humans are going to end up speaking English Chinese anyway, and the best course of action is to all just speak English Chinese.
@fredley There's nothing wrong with people not speaking English
4:57 PM
@fredley I've always wanted to learn Chinese.
@StrixVaria I have a friend who did it for University. Her experience puts me off rather.
Q: Minecraft Crashing a LOT on Windows 8.1 PRO

KenWhen I was playing Minecraft today my game kept on crashing for no sudden reason. I do not use mods, nor do I use any tweaks. Before my game used to work fine, but now its constantly crashing. It doesn't even say HOW it crashed. All it said was I logged on and then I played around and my game cra...

@StrixVaria changed his avatar. I am not okay with this.
21 hours ago, by StrixVaria
(Please don't mod abuse my avatar to a shellfish.)
4:59 PM
@fredley She didn't like it or she found it hard or something?
@MattGiltaji It doesn't look like a shellfish to me.
@MBraedley its a shellfish pokemon
@StrixVaria It's hard to learn, and having invested two years of intensive learning and training into it, she went out there and nobody understood a word she said. Moreover there is not a culture of being encouraging to non-native speakers (since there are essentially none), so the common reaction to her was laughter and mockery.
@fredley Oh ew. People are the worst.
It's definitely a hard language to pronounce if you're not a native speaker.
I know how to say a thing in Chinese and I said it for a friend who knows Chinese and he told me, "Don't ever speak Chinese again."
It was mostly a joke, but my pronunciation was really bad.
cc @StrixVaria @Chippies @MBraedley
5:01 PM
@StrixVaria Yeah, imagine being told this after you've decided to study it academically.
I mean she was learning with native speakers and everything, but it's still really difficult for the Western palette to get the hang of.
@StrixVaria Yeah, Chinese is a tonal language so pronunciation is very... exact.
Japanese however I would like to learn, for fun. Considering doing it when Duolingo get around to adding it
afaik it's in beta now
I've messed around with Japanese a bit, and I didn't really like it.
5:03 PM
@Wipqozn i see multiple cars in the first screenshot....
@MattGiltaji You should probably keep reading
Having 2 alphabets and 2 different pronunciations for each kanji (and you just need to know which to use) really makes it a pain in the ass.
@Wipqozn HACKS!
Japanese is interesting because it essentially has multiple dialects that everyone needs to understand to understand each other.
@StrixVaria The whole alphabets thing is a bit intimidating
5:03 PM
Whereas with Chinese, only Mandarin is mandated on the mainland.
Recently, I kind of have been wanting to learn Korean.
@StrixVaria Korean looks interesting
easy alphabet!
@fredley Japanese vocab and words have been pretty easy to learn for me, it's the writing system where everything gets bonkers
It's entirely phonetic, which is a huge bonus.
@Rapitor Yeah.
5:04 PM
@Wipqozn so those boxy things on the road are service vehicles?
Plus, watching as much LoL as I do, I could actually get practice trying to understand it :P
I learned basic German, that was fun
@StrixVaria lol
@fredley I taught myself German. My vocabulary is...patchy. I could get by only speaking German, though, as long as people were prepared for me to describe basic things I don't know the words for.
I'm nearly conversational in spoken japanese. just talk slow and I can pick up enough to get the point.
Rosetta Stone is a really good program.
@StrixVaria I can understand German pretty well, especially written
5:06 PM
@Rapitor Yeah, it's really great for just jumping in and starting to learn. It's not enough by itself to get you all the way there, but it's a huge boost.
Speaking/writing is terrible though
But this is not a problem, as all Germans speak excellent English
@fredley My biggest difficulty is understanding spoken German, but I understand written German really well. I speak better than I write.
@StrixVaria Spoken German is harder, particularly because it's so fast
@fredley I visited Germany and barely got to practice German because everyone immediately identified my accent and spoke to me in English.
@StrixVaria Yes, this makes it difficult
Same in most of Western Europe tbh
5:08 PM
Reddit AMA with the #stackoverflow/#stackexchange sysadmins is live, come ask anything you want: https://www.reddit.com/r/sysadmin/comments/2zd9lz/we_keep_stack_exchange_stack_overflow_server/
"My English is better than your x, so lets speak English"
@OKAY,PANIC. Something something Lifehacks something.
@Yuuki Someone should actually ask that.
@Frank they are sysadmins, not community team
5:10 PM
@MattGiltaji Doesn't mean they won't have heard something.
@StrixVaria visit France instead. At least I hear that they're much less tolerant.
@MBraedley I don't speak French.
@StrixVaria Even better!
They'll completely ignore you
@MBraedley Nah. It's not like Quebec where they won't even speak to you in their perfect English until you've asked them to in French.
Except I know how to say "Qu'est-ce que c'est?" because I find the number of syllables vs. the number of letters+punctuation in that sentence hilarious.
5:11 PM
In tourist areas of France, they will switch to English as soon as they recognize your accent.
@MattGiltaji Some of them, t least. There might be resident vehicle too, btu there's not many. I'm assuming you haven't played cities, before, or you'd know the number of cars you see there is very, very small. The vast majority of people aren't driving.
@StrixVaria Is it 4?
@OrigamiRobot 3 syllables
@OrigamiRobot 3 syllables
@Wipqozn yeah my vid card can't handle cities
5:12 PM
I was afraid of that
I was clinging to hope that it was some measure of sensical.
@fredley "Parler-vous en anglais, se il vous plaît?"
The entire first word is pronounced more or less like kess.
Q: How does the Fishing skill from MCMMO interact with fishing rod enchantments?

Eric LangI tried exploring their codebase, but don't really see anything relevant to how the two skills work together, in regards to how Luck of the Sea behaves with a user who also has MCMMO skills which increase/change the treasure you'd catch while fishing.

Never forget
I was really hoping the dash meant something meaningful.
5:13 PM
@Lazers That title was even longer before I edited it.
@MBraedley Do they se il in Quebec? In real France it's usually s'il.
And that it sounded like "kay say kay say" because that'd be funny
@fredley Yeah, s'il is more common. That was almost directly from google translate.
@OrigamiRobot 'kess-kah say'
I'm so striped
5:16 PM
@GnomeSlice god donut
@JasonBerkan Or 'kess-keh say' it's between an 'a' and an 'e'.
@GnomeSlice What happened?
I told them I could come in to work tomorrow because I'm too helpful for my own good and now I only get one day off this weem
@MBraedley Yeah.
@GnomeSlice Does this mean you get more money?
5:18 PM
@GnomeSlice That's shitty, but hey, more money!
I will have more than 40 hours this week now between the two jibs
Steve Jobs?
@GnomeSlice Are you drunk?
@JasonBerkan "que" is "kah"?
5:19 PM
@fredley Probably
GTFO, French
I'm on my funky phone
My fucking phone
@GnomeSlice That sounds like slang for drugs.
Q: Can the Rings of Mara be given away if you buy the Imperial Edition of ESO?

ylluminateI would like the Imperial Edition of ESO, but I do not want the Rings of Mara, but rather would give them to a friend and his wife who play the game. Is it possible, while purchasing the Imperial Edition of the game, to give these away to another player or are they somehow account bound?

@OrigamiRobot Kind of. Like @MBraedley said, it's more keh than kah.
> there doesn't seem to be anything here
I may have gone overboard with that answer >.>
A: Difference between PVP and sPVP

BriansPvP stands for Structured PvP, and is the standard PvP mode. All players, regardless of level or gear, receive stats equal to those of a level 80 character with exotic gear. Rather than being spread between gear, total stats are included on an amulet of the player's choice. One superior rune is...

My word
That is indeed quiet the long answer
reads it
@Wipqozn tried to post about lifehacks with a new account, bot nuked it
lol wipqozn, you dug that up quickly
5:23 PM
@Brian Just had to visit your user profile
Good answer, +1
@Wipqozn It's good to see good answers
Which reminds, one day I'll need to get back to GW2....or FF14....
GW2 shipped an amusing patch yesterday.
Oh, sort answers by newest, I forgot you can change the sort order XD
Broke all the things.
5:24 PM
@JoshPetrie Uhg. So many bugs.
@Wipqozn Thanks :D
@GnomeSlice You should get ChatSEy
I love the random map-wide shouts and broken loading screens and the like.
@Unionhawk @Rapitor @TimStone Shield boosters are additive
@JoshPetrie I see you've changed jobs again. You were working at 343 Industries before, right?
5:26 PM
@OrigamiRobot So not nearly as insane as Elite Shipyard seems to be calculating
@Wipqozn I was, but I got asked to come work at Undead... so I did. Because 343 was not cool.
@JoshPetrie Well that's good then.
343 is Star Citizen, right?
Or is my brain making wrong connections?
@Frank No, it's the new halo company owned by microsoft
@Wipqozn Oh. Ew.
5:31 PM
Strictly speaking they aren't a separate company, but yea.
> The Feds are too busy playing with Lughnatics and Onionheads half a galaxy to focus on places like this
heh, Lughnatics
It's officially spring - the city is closing the snow dumping site.
@JasonBerkan Snow dumping site? Wow.
@JasonBerkan what is a snow dumping site?
Like, I thought snow just melted.
5:35 PM
@MattGiltaji I think it's exactly what it sounds like.
And if there was too much of it you just stayed indoors until it melted.
@fredley Only if it's warm enough./
@MattGiltaji The spot outside the city where they take all the snow they take off the streets.
@Wipqozn ORLY
In Halifax we just pile up all the snow on the side of the road so no on can drive.
5:36 PM
@JasonBerkan That sounds expensive. I guess you get too much snow to just plow it off the side of the road?
Halifax: Where the people running our city are idiots.
@Wipqozn Yeah, but usually snow doesn't stick around in your city.
I can't even imagine how many truckloads of snow it would be to bring it all to some site, though.
Here, it sticks around for six months.
5:36 PM
@StrixVaria All of the snow that falls here from November on stays. It doesn't melt. You have to do something with it.
@StrixVaria We had such a massive hill last year, they had to cut into it during the summer to help it melt. Or it would've still been there when winter hit.
It snowed here this year. Very briefly, there was a kind of slush on the pavements. It lasted a couple of hours I think!
We had like a foot of snow on the ground but it all melted in 2 days when we had a warm spell.
It was a good test for my new french drains, though, which worked great!
@StrixVaria What's a french drain?
@Frank I can't imagine any amount of snow surviving a summer here.
5:38 PM
@fredley Silly people. You don't build a city on a snow pile.
@Frank That's... a wall.
@Frank its just a few castles
@StrixVaria When you use bulldozers to move snow around on a big pile, it tends to get quite dense.
@fredley They jackhammered a foot away from the wall around the interior perimeter of my basement, laid down pipes so all the water that would come into the basement flows to the sump pit, and cemented back over it.
Dammit, now I am humming the Game of Thrones theme.
5:38 PM
speaking of winter coming, anyone know when game of thrones starts back up?
Then there's a pump in the sump pit that shoots all the water out into the front yard.
@StrixVaria Neat.
@StrixVaria Neat.
@MattGiltaji That reminds me, I should probably make point to watch past season 2.,
@MattGiltaji Soon™
supposedly the show has deviated a lot from the books at this point.,
5:39 PM
This is because NJ property is so expensive that everyone needs a basement even though the water table is too high and no one should reasonably have a basement.
@Wipqozn Not too much tbh. But the shows are going to when they film the next season.
It's all gone FMA
My city is approximately 200,000 people. The snow removal budget is 8.9 million dollars.
Teach your citizens to make homemade flamethrowers, reduce budget.
Tax discounts on propane cylinders
@StrixVaria Meanwhile
@fredley i believe that grr martin had some talks with the script writers about major plot points in the books that are not written, so there will still be some touch points
5:41 PM
@JasonBerkan Our snow removal budget is $20 million, and we recently went over it.
@MattGiltaji Yeah. He's told them how it ends afaik
I'm really looking forward to the next season. Especially Arya.
@fredley Arya is the best
@Wipqozn You guys have gotten record levels of snow, though.
@MattGiltaji I heard this was a prerequisite by HBO before they even started the series.
@fredley arya ftw
5:42 PM
Feisty little girl with a pokey sword.
Because of ███████████████████ and ████████ dies
@JasonBerkan This is mind-bogglingly small to me. That's a "city"?
@Frank HRM also keeps making cutbacks to the budget, which I asume means less drivers. Overtime has played a large part in th cost, supposedly.
@Brian Just you wait, in this season she █████████████████████████████████, ███████████████████.
@fredley Everybody dies
5:43 PM
I totally expect GRRM to kill everyone in the last book. Every. Last. Person.
@MBraedley True of real life too
My home town has 50k population.
"Everyone died and they were all assholes, the end."
@StrixVaria Second biggest in the province.
@MBraedley I was so sad when ██████████████ died. I didn't see that one coming.
5:43 PM
@Wipqozn Yay for shortsightedness!
@StrixVaria Halifax, where I live,is 372,680.
@StrixVaria ~10 million!
Halifax.. That is.. Nova Scotia, right?
@MadMAxJr That would be sad. But you know what would be sadder? Leaving only Hodor alive.
@MadMAxJr correct
5:44 PM
@Wipqozn My borough has a pop. of ~250k
@MadMAxJr Correct
@Brian I thought Hodor already died?
I remembered something about a country that isn't the US!
Then I go to NYC every day where there is a population of 8.5m and I don't even know where to get figures of how many people commute there per day.
@StrixVaria Toronto, the largest Canadian city, is only 2,615,060 people (in 2011).
5:44 PM
@fredley No
@fredley do not want
@Wipqozn *Tronno
@fredley ...apparently, the town I grew up in has 800 people.
I am from small town.
@Frank Did you grow up in a cult?
@StrixVaria: Also,Canada only had 3 cities in 2011 with a pop > 1 million
5:45 PM
@fredley Nope.
@fredley Pretty sure he did.
@StrixVaria What will boggle your mind a bit is that if you draw a circle 60 miles around my city, the population in that circle will still be around 200,000.
@Wipqozn Toronto, Vancouver, ...?
@JasonBerkan That's.... not a city
@StrixVaria Montreal
5:45 PM
_City_ of Salisbury: 33,663
_Town_ of Spencer: 3,267
@fredley its a space station!
@JasonBerkan Meaning that once you go outside the city limit it's just empty space?
@StrixVaria Not even vanouver. Toronto, Montreal, and Calgary.
Arg I'm getting chicken on my work computer
@OrigamiRobot wat
5:45 PM
@Wipqozn Oh interesting.
Vancouver was only 603,502 in 2011.
Man. You make it sound like in Canada.. You have like. Room to move around. And not have people in your personal space constantly.
Fine, I didn't want you to format anyway, multiline
Town I grew up in was 60k
@StrixVaria Farmland
LOTS of farmland.
5:46 PM
@StrixVaria Farmland as far as the eye can see. Small towns and villages (~500 people).
@JasonBerkan How do you farm with snow on the ground for 6 months out of the year?
@Wipqozn Metro Vancouver is over 2mil, placing it third in Canada.
@StrixVaria They farm snow, clearly.
@StrixVaria Winter crops.
@StrixVaria Grow things that only take 6 months to grow.
5:47 PM
@StrixVaria Livestock?
@MBraedley derp. Looking at wrong page.
@JasonBerkan sheep!
If you like Cyber Punk games, Steam Sale for you
@fredley More like cows.
@JasonBerkan Five Nights at Freddy's games?
5:47 PM
@OrigamiRobot Oh right. I'm so far removed from farms in my day-to-day life that I forget the meat I eat used to be alive most of the time.
Lots of beef. And pigs. And chickens.
@Wipqozn Although Vancouver proper is still less than 1mil
Charlotte's populations is 792,862
@Brian 3 in 7 months, so a bit faster than 6 months
@OrigamiRobot My town is at 0.1% of that.
5:49 PM
@fredley There are ranches here, but they are far more common in Alberta.
@Frank See above for my hometowns
Wow.. Okay since I'm looking at a map.. I have a friend in Newfoundland. She wasn't kidding when she said to get somewhere you 'follow the only road'... highway 1.
@JasonBerkan There is actually a farm near me
@OrigamiRobot Also small town.
This talk fo farms makes me want to play harvest moon
5:50 PM
I'm not really a fan of cities at all. I'm used to being able to see wide open spaces, and the horizon.
@Wipqozn New one end of the month!
@Frank This is why I live in the american midwest.. There's still room to move around and vast regions of no people, only cows.
@Frank I won't be buying a new HM. I barely played the last one.
I've got so many HM games I could play instead of spending mor money
@JasonBerkan Farm
@Wipqozn This one is apparently much faster, and less tedious.
'Urban farm with Italian Cafe'
5:51 PM
@fredley How cute.
Story of Seasons, known in Japan as Bokujō Monogatari: Tsunagaru Shin Tenchi (牧場物語 つながる新天地), is a farming simulation video game developed by Marvelous Entertainment for the Nintendo 3DS. It was released in Japan on February 27, 2014, and will be released in North America on March 31, 2015. The game will not be under the Harvest Moon title in North America due to Natsume's ownership of the intellectual property of the name. However, less than a month later, Natsume themselves announced their own title Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley, another game unrelated to the Bokujō Monogatari series—released...
The size of farms here might boggle your mind.
@Wipqozn That's the one.
I see. If I buy it @Frank, then I officially hate you.
@Wipqozn Commence the gloating and peer pressure!
5:52 PM
@JasonBerkan It might indeed
The population density here might boggle yours :-P
@JasonBerkan I'm sure they would boggle my mind, I've lived right outside of DC my whole life.
@fredley Yay population density high-fives one of the several random people within arm's reach
The average farm size is 1700 acres according to the Internet.
So 2.5 sections per farm.
@JasonBerkan urmom is 1700 acres (cc @LessPop_MoreFizz)
Ok, back to work, bye Bridge
Speaking of work,. mine is over! home time.
Well, first costco, then urmom, then home.

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