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12:00 AM
"Call them up, send them an email, write a letter - when's the last time you wrote a letter?"
<Random Frat Boy in the Audience:> "I LOVE YOU BARRACK OBAMA"
<massive laughter and cheering>
It was so epic. He turned without missing a beat.
It was just so sudden and unexpected -- him coming to Raleigh, I mean.
It was literally, get email on monday, stand in line for tickets tuesday, see him speak wednesday.
He is an excellent speaker.
12:05 AM
whoa, that's quick
Yeah, the guy who introduced him even said, "If you told me last week that today I would be introducing the PotUS, I would have said you were crazy".
Sounds like a grand ole' time
I enjoyed myself immensely, in fact.
Mass Attack reminds me of my backlogged Kirby games
I've played all 3, actually.
12:11 AM
Mass Attack?
They were good.
@RavenDreamer How long is Squeak Squad?
Oh, I don't remember.
It's been a couple of years.
Magic Mirror seemed longer, fwiw.
@RavenDreamer Yeah, I know Mirror is really long for a kirby game.
@Wipqozn Ooooh okay
I thought you were cutting off "Massive Attack" and I was wondering what in the world they had to do with Kirby
12:12 AM
@FallenAngelEyes I was interested in it, but I played the demo and now I can't wait for it
It feels like a cross between pikmin and kirby
I've actually heard the Kirby Yarn game was really good
@FallenAngelEyes well, it's not actually a Kirby game, but it's awesome.
yeah that's what my friends were saying
@FallenAngelEyes I don't mean that in the sense that "pfft, he can't even swallow people!", but that it literally was developed as a non-kirby game, but was switched over in late development .
12:15 AM
Ah, the Doki Doki Panic treatment.
Aye, I heard about that
@RavenDreamer Except that was done because NOA thought americans were stupid and didn't want to play Lost Levels due to it being too hard
@Wipqozn And yet, sooo much of what we take for granted about Mario comes from that game.
@RavenDreamer I know, in fact it's one my favorite Mario games.
Even though it's not technically a Mario game
Similar to epic yarn. I love Epic Yarn, but it's not technically a kirby game
Although it is more a kirby game then Mario USA is a mario game
12:17 AM
I have yet to play through the Super Mario Advance version of SMB2.
@Powerlord Nor I, mind you that's because I own the SNES version.
I heard they added some new bosses, like Robirdo
I want a new 2d metroid game, too
Other: M was a fine game, but it wasn't a 2d Metroid
(GAMEwise, not PLOTwise)
I dunno, Other M would have been a decent 2D Metroid game if it hadn't been for the dumb "point at the screen" thing for Missiles.
Speaking of Kirby, I hope this rumour turns out to be true.
12:20 AM
Which made certain bosses a lot more difficult than they needed to be.
@Wipqozn I thought they announced the Ambassador list already.
@RavenDreamer I still haven't played that. IT's sitting unopened on my shelf in fact, for nearly a year now.
@Powerlord No sir. They still need to announced five GBA games.
And mind you, the GBA games on the Ambassador program were listed as Ambassador Exclusives last I checked, so if you don't already have a 3DS, tough luck.
@Wipqozn Break it out. Just mute the cutscenes, for godsakes.
@RavenDreamer that's part of the reason I haven't played it yet.
@Wipqozn What's wrong with you? >:/
12:23 AM
[Insert snarky remark about giving the developers of Dead or Alive: Extreme Beach Volleyball a game to further develop a female protagonist]
@Powerlord What I said above. I'd rather not have my image of Samus reduced to her being a 16-year-old girl
Although, Metroid: Other M would have been much better even with the cutscenes if it weren't for the "you're not allowed to use this powerup because you weren't told you could use it yet" thing.
I'll need to break it out soon.
@Powerlord And if they used the Metroid Item Collect jingle.
WTF where they thinking, not using that?
I mean, come on... every other Metroid game since Super has some reason you lose your abilities.
12:24 AM
Prime 3 doesn't.
@RavenDreamer I thought they used the Corruption as the reason.
@Powerlord Actually, the reason for that is in the ending to the last game -- Samus gives the luminoth back all the technology she found.
So I retract my previous statement
@RavenDreamer THank you. Was about to get all technical on your ass.
Also, I'm going to bed.
Good night everyone.
Man, I'm slacking this month. Only have the 4th most rep earned.
@RavenDreamer I don't have sleep paralysis. I just have crazy dreams that I love to record.
12:34 AM
@GraceNote I have both!
I unfortunately dream about high school almost once a week
Well, you can read up on a whole bunch of my calmer ones in the Lounge.
Especially the cookie one. You should read that one.
Ooh, @Raven, really important pair question, before I forget
Sleeptime, g'night all
G'nite, @Fallen! Don't be late for your test tomorrow!
Wait, what? >_>
12:41 AM
@GraceNote Pair question?
@FallenAngelEyes Oh, just putting it on your mind in the vague chance it dooms you to another high school dream. ♪
@GraceNote NooooOOoooo!
@RavenDreamer Aye: Is the perspective of your dreams always first person, and is the focus of your dreams always yourself?
Thought most of them more involve stuff like reliving the social harassment I went through
Which sucks, cuz I'd really rather leave that behind
12:43 AM
@GraceNote Yes, but sometimes I have first person omniscience.
Also forgetting my locker combination, though that's fairly common
@RavenDreamer I like to see that they finally harmonized Vayne with all the other female LoL characters
that is, >40% skin showing
buries Nick T under a plethora of -1s.
Okay, to sleep /o/ poof
@FallenAngelEyes If it's not something wildly unrealistic, I usually just end up forgetting an assignment, or being really procrastinatey, or even just out and out missing assignments.
12:44 AM
@RavenDreamer aren't we vindictive today
I recently had a dream where I was hit by like a triple-case of school badness, but alas I didn't recall it all that much.
I dislike fan service that is fan service for no other reason than to be fan service.
@NickT Karma
Yeah I never dream about missing assignments or tests, it's usually reliving the awful peer harassment or this whole drama-y thing with this guy I knew in HS where we both knew we liked each other but never did anything about it
I'd rather dream about missing a test
@RavenDreamer That would be called a Ms. Fanservice (WARNING: TV TROPES)
12:46 AM
I think the last "student harassment" dream I had involved rift windstorms.
@NickT If Vayne's original skin had an equal amount of skin showing, I would not have cared. As is, there's no reason for her to be wearing a dragonmail chain-kini, than for them to have a skin of her in a dragonmail chain-kini.
I don't think I've had any since then, and, well, that August 31st
Rift windstorm being, imagine you're standing in the classroom, and every six seconds you're teleported into a tornado for a short time.
@RavenDreamer Effective armor is inversely proportional to coverage
@NickT quashes under another plethora of -1's
12:47 AM
Make sure you watch til after the credits
@FallenAngelEyes Many people have done that joke much better than College Humor. (I've seen it).
Okay, now sleep zoom
@FallenAngelEyes Zooooooooooom!
@NickT Oh, hey, I forgot about that skin
I only ever remember her default and her Sakura skin
12:52 AM
Yea, I like Sun Goddess a lot more.
Also, that sight is neat.
Leona maybe? For now though, I mean, she just came out.
@NickT Valkyrie.
@NickT Valkyrie
Irelia is actually short on fan-service
I counter with: Poppy and Tristana. The meglings yordles.
I don't think they count
12:54 AM
WHy not?
You... speciest.
What about Annie then?
Well, I mean, does Anivia count as even showing skin? Feathers 'n' all, y'know
@RavenDreamer Prom Queen
@GraceNote Ew. but okay.
@RavenDreamer Better a "speciest" than a pedophile
@RavenDreamer Hey, wasn't my idea to include a prom queen costume for a tiny child.
@GraceNote She's mature for her age
12:57 AM
Is her age ever stated?
So I guess that puts the yordles and Annie, then Irelia, then it gets a little fuzzy.
10 I think?
Older than 2 at least
@NickT Given that I am neither, I am unflustered.
I'm sitting with 7900 IP. I ponder buying someone.
Or I could, I guess, invest in better rune placement. That could possibly be a good idea.
I have 11k, thinking about getting either Maokai or Lee Sin
usually play Lux or Teemo
1:02 AM
I like Maokai, he's fun
How is this the concept art for Annie?
I missed his last free week, though, which is boo.
Yeah, played him a few weeks ago during free week, but now my friend bought him so he keeps playing him
@RavenDreamer Have you seen the concept art for Irelia?
1:03 AM
(Also, the original Annie was apparently based on Lina)
That might mean something to someone else.
Hero from DotA, in turn based on the main character of Slayers
Suffice to say, a more adult character
1:04 AM
Oh, I know who she is, just not what she does.
Oh, and, well, I guess that's the DotA 2 image.
Whenever I see Katarina's new splash art, I can only think one thing:
Line nuke, big area nuke, and single-target-huge-damage ult
What I wouldn't give to date someone with those abs.
Mostly fire-esque but not technically a fire person, just happens to be in her spell choice in the game.
1:06 AM
Reminds me of Jeska Ballard. (I may have misspelled that).
My current roster is: Irelia, Lux, Skarner, Rammus, and Sona.
Whenever I see Katarina at the LoL homepage I think "she looks hungry"
or something
...I totally lack a ranged AD champion
I need more redheads in my life.
...but I don't really play any ranged AD champions. I played Kog'Maw for a spell but he hasn't been on free week since
...Twisted Fate isn't considered a carry? Huh.
1:10 AM
When I think carry I think Tryndamere
He's definitely a bigger carry
Vayne is pretty fun
Twisted and Urgot are the only ranged AD that are not listed at carries. Urgot is very much not a carry, and, well, I guess I can see that Twisted isn't really a carry, just can be pretty nasty.
Oooh, Kayle's "Play-10-matches" skin is pretty neat.
Urgot is an AD mage.
Well, that's rather an accurate depiction. Physical Mage is pretty apt.
1:12 AM
Is Singed an official "tank"?
@GraceNote Supposedly, they've been trying to release more ranged AD champions, but they kept getting delayed.
@NickT Not on the list, no
Are there supposed to be 2 tanks/week free?
@RavenDreamer The count is indeed quite low. Comparatively, the number of AP ranged is huge (and you have ones like Ez and Kog that count as both anyway, and you don't really build Kog AD anyway as well)
@NickT I usually see at least one, but I don't recall if it's always been a guaranteed two
I just noticed that Leona has high heels.
No wonder she has such trouble chasing people.
1:14 AM
Yeah, they tried to hide it in the new splash art, after the fact she was wearing high heels didn't go over too well.
They only list 8 champs as tanks. Alistair, Amumu, Galio, Leona, Maokai, Rammus, Shen, and... ... Taric?
scorpion thing?
Skarner's a fighter/jungler
Great momentum on that one. I like him a lot
@GraceNote You shouldn't be using the tags in the firstplace. They're very nebulous, and never defined, anywhere.
Damn it all, Vayne's in heels too.
Man, I need Yorick to be free again.
Him and Riven (obv) are the only two champs I've never played as.
@RavenDreamer Annie isn't
Nocturne could be a girl, because girls are evil
I find it amusing that @GnomeSlice's Bonds. James Bonds. link has ads for Trojan condoms on the same page.
1:35 AM
Hmm...I forgot to turn off the hot block at lab
supposed to be just 50°C, what's the worst that could happen
Q: Fog distance significantly lower in 1.8

ResorathSo the fog distance in Minecraft 1.8 seems to be significantly closer than previous versions. I have the view distance set to maximum. Is there any way to extend the fog distance back to the old values?

1:53 AM
Well, that was a fun Talon tryout.
Gonna head off. G'nite all!
1 hour later…
3:20 AM
Q: What do the symbols next to car stats mean?

sjohnstonAs far as I can tell, these symbols are never explained in the help menu. They seem to be indicators of quality (listed from best to worse, based on my experience): Concentric circles Circle Triangle X Are these all of the possible symbols? Do they have precise meanings, or are they only vagu...

1 hour later…
4:39 AM
Oh man I finally got chat to log in on this computer.
> Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was asked if he had a message for the team's fans in anticipation of Sunday's home opener against the Chargers. "Start drinking early," he responded, before adding "get rowdy" and that there's "a lot of time to get lubed up and cheer for the home team."
> Brady later clarified his remarks through a team spokesman. "Stay hydrated, drink a lot of water, be loud, drink responsibly," was his clarified message
4:56 AM
Minecraft v1.8 can go climb a wall of dicks.
I hate it.
What did notch do?
I just don't like it.
Is it just buggy? Or actually bad?
I just don't like it.
Didn't seem buggy.
5:29 AM
Q: when will u fix?

willresistance 3 is the biggest let down.....i played R1 R2 and fuk R3 its str8 garbage really...i want a full refund on this bullshit...game freezes in online multiplayer all the time u cant even play it because of the lag..insomniac games they dont give a fuk ive contacted in the past about the lag...

5:50 AM
@GnomeSlice You just said you hated it. Why?
@RavenDreamer That question might warrant deletion.
@NickT What bothers me about this is that the conclusion is supposed to be that girls are absolute evil, since sqrt(x)^2 = |x|.
6:08 AM
Q: ESRB ratings: same game, different platform, different rating

dazed_and_confuzedwhat's the deal regarding ESRB ratings of Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars in the DS and 3Ds formats? I ask, because I need an explanation that can get this game past a picky mom of a <10 kid. The DS version shows as a "E" rating. The 3DS version shows an "E 10+" rating. fyi, the links...

@ArdaXi Minecraft-blivion?
@LessPop_MoreFizz P.much.
6:50 AM
Q: Ace Combat series - effective dogfighting?

ExtrakunThe tutorial in those games teach the basics of combat and flying, but not how to fight effectively; specifically, getting to the tail of an enemy plane and keeping it in the centre. What are some tips for dogfighting in the Ace Combat series? (Using the advanced control)

7:33 AM
Q: What team/weapons should I go for? (FFXIII)

SaphuAI can't decide on the team I want to go with from chapter 11 and forward. I hate Hope and Snow so I do not want them in my party, I wish they would just die and not respawn or something. I love Sazh as a SYN and he's the only cool male character in the story, so I would like to include him and ...

1 hour later…
8:36 AM
Q: How to defend in Fifa 12?

atticaeFifa 12 introduces a new tactical defending feature, but I can't really seem to get the hang of it. If you shield someone (standard button A), your player always stays 1 meter in front of him, but never actually attacks unless the opponent runs into you. The actual tackle (standard button B) onl...

Q: sIf I liked Bryan Fury in Tekken, who suits my playstyle in SSF4 AE?

DecencyMore specifically, I like to be able to engage very quickly and very powerfully if my opponent makes a mistake. In the meantime, I like methodically advancing my position and dealing good, safe damage with my normals. Good focus/throw/slide is a plus, I abuse those. I'm definitely pretty bad at t...

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9:39 AM
Q: can someone help me indentify a RPG?

Steftoi'm looking for a Playstation 2 game released in the early 2000, i remember a guy with yellow spikey hair and a woman jumping off a cloudscrapper and loosening her clothes (this graphic returned in the game as transformation ability). it was a 3d world, and the Setting was America ealry 1900 (do...

9:53 AM
Morning all
10:18 AM
Q: What is the rationale behind the energy concept in many casual games?

DavidI have seen a few games, like the new The Sims for Facebook that have the concept of energy in them. In order to do stuff in the game, one uses energy and the energy recharges slowly over time. This means that one cannot play the games for hours non-stop without paying, but what is the rationale ...

Man, I'm craving for a map now
Currently I have gates A, Abis, Ater, B, Bbis, C, Cbis, D, Dbis, E, Ebis, Eter and checkpoints 1 and 2
...and I don't know where the D gates are anymore
...and there's the whole underground stuff too
10:54 AM
Various sprites made based on Mario's design These are really well done given the small amount of pixels to work with
such a useful question
Q: when will u fix?

willresistance 3 is the biggest let down.....i played R1 R2 and fuk R3 its str8 garbage really...i want a full refund on this bullshit...game freezes in online multiplayer all the time u cant even play it because of the lag..insomniac games they dont give a fuk ive contacted in the past about the lag...

Also, @badp feel free to apply the final closing vote on this
Q: What is the rationale behind the energy concept in many casual games?

DavidI have seen a few games, like the new The Sims for Facebook that have the concept of energy in them. In order to do stuff in the game, one uses energy and the energy recharges slowly over time. This means that one cannot play the games for hours non-stop without paying, but what is the rationale ...

will when will u fix? be automatically deleted in a few days due to the score?
I've deleted it myself
I said I've deleted it :)
@badp Indeed. I reposted it to test something.
Would it have been auto-deleted though?
I don't think there is auto-deletion in place, is there?
I thought I remember reading before that there was one, and community handled it.
err, @community. Don't want him to think we're talking about him behind our back.
11:09 AM
okay. :(
Come now, girls don't play video games.
Clearly @FallenAngelEyes is just a figment of our imagination.
These are not the females you are looking for
man that concert I was at last night was so good
11:11 AM
@Mana Concert for...?
What is this, the friggin' Beatles or something?!
The Backstreet boys?
He was a choir boy that started up an electronic band
Q: Looking for generic gamification web app

daefuI'm looking for a web app, that let's users create a game with there own rules for real life gamification. The app should allow to add players and reward players (manually and/or automatically) with badges, new levels, points.... All i have found are gamification-apps that are related to e-comme...

@Mana At school right now, and too lazy to plug in my headphones to get sound.
11:12 AM
and his voice is AMAZING
especially live.
Besides, then I would need to stop listening to Andrew Llyod webber songs (phantom of the opera, et cetera)
He also did the music for Cats
So combined with his bassist slamming out some of the most badass riffs I've ever heard while also adding his voice...it was just too powerful man.
I'll make a point to listen to it when I get home.
@Mana Wow, this is really funky. I like it.
I'll drop this here - S: 1092245032994877418, X: -246 Y: 84 Z: -183.
11:15 AM
Really beautiful voice
Is all of his stuff so mellow?
I've just broke into redstone age in that world
Pretty much. It's not dancing music.
My word, I really want to listen to this now.
I'll add it to my profile, so I remember to listen to it later.
Is his stuff available in physical media at all?
I'm one of those weirdos who prefers to have actual cds rather than buying digital music
Yeah, I bought a CD last night after the concert
11:18 AM
huh, no Wiki page
Does he sell his CDs outside of his concerts though?
some smaller singers only sell music after concerts.
You can buy an Audio CD or Vinyl from Amazon apparently
yeah, unless he's coming to the NL anytime soon, I don't think I'd be able to buy a cd in that case :(
ah sweet
I'm just assuming he is smaller, since he seems to be a good singer (lol mainstream music is so bad yo, I'm so hardcore yo)
This is very cool music, thanks @Mana
11:20 AM
Not sure on the quality of that video, but what I am currently listening to.
I didn't know you were a musical fan
I haven't actually watched through a musical yet, I just love the music.
I keep making a point to watch through a few.
Phantom of the Opera and Cats are on the top of my list.
Just a matter of, you know, finding the time.
The only one I've seen live (not counting the ones my school put on) is RENT
didn't see the OBC, but it was still really great
11:21 AM
Q: Looking for an old DOS game involving aircraft carrier combat in the pacific in ww2

user357320I remember playing this game around 1990. The graphics were ASCII based and you controlled either the US or Japanese navies in the carrier battles. You could give commands like, send attack aircraft and recall attack aircraft. Does this ring a bell with anyone.

Q: Minecraft: Enderman not noticing me looking at him in SMP

DemonicMushyIn my multiplayer server, the Enderman seems to not notice me looking at him, that happens to my server's clients too.

I'm trying to think of a musical I actually remember besides My Fair Lady
well and the obvious Phantom of the Opera
Man, every time I listen to Memory it makes me want to finally get around to cats all the more.
I've never actually listened to the entire Phantom soundtrack
Actually I believe my mother owns a Phatnom of the Opera movie. I should make a point to watch that this weekend.
Which one? There's at least 2
11:23 AM
Not sure to tell you the truth.
I'll let you know when I go home, and take a look.
I used to hate musicals when I was a kid
is at school
I'm listening to this right now.
I thought it was silly that people randomly broke out into song
and they all knew the words and choreography
If by silly, you mean totally and completely awesome, yeah I agree.
Then I realized that pretty much every single Disney movie is a musical
11:25 AM
Also, I really need to leave for class.
toodles chaps and chappettes
Man, I even got to be front row and everything because it was in this small Toronto bar.
I WILL NOT SOON FORGET THIS EXPERIENCE. Even though I have another concert on Friday.
since moving to the Netherlands, I've fallen in love with small venues
What concert are you going to on Friday?
Bombay Bicycle Club + Two Door Cinema Club. CLUBBING (kind of)
Not familiar with those
11:35 AM
My favorite Bombay Bicycle Club track atm. So groovy; I especially love the guitar.
Meanwhile, Two Door just really pumps you up and gets you dancing. Always very fun.
Luckily, a lot of my favorite bands have concerts in the first two weeks of school, when it's okay for me to take this kind of time off to go see them.
Haha our musical compatibility is "very low"
Oh god, did you hear he's making a video game show?
11:47 AM
ahahahahahaha oh my god
Video game show, my bad but still
Still going to be pretty awful though
Normally I feel bad about assuming that kind of thing but here it's actually a good thing
And to pimp once more, join the last.fm Gaming.SE group people! Make us suffer share your musical taste!
I just realized I forgot to list Anno 2070 on the Fall Grant, but I don't think many people would've voted for it anyway...
12:01 PM
@FallenAngelEyes I would! :(
I love 1404 :)
I got to play 2070's demo at Gamescom
How was it?
digs for blog link
Here you go Scroll down to 19:30 for the Anno demo part
there's pics too :)
Dammit, now I'm even more excited for it!
Anno 1404 was amazing, I still play it from time to time.
Have you seen the German CE?
12:07 PM
Is that what the wooden box thingy is?!
No word yet on whether what the English availability for that is
Two words: Do, want!
I know!
Those are working solar figurines!
Stop teasing me :(
I forget if I've linked this in here, but it will change your life.
12:10 PM
@Mana ...ahahahahaha that was amazing
@mordi2k Yeah I heard that one was pretty epic
It looks epic at least, it's a god damn treasure chest
12:25 PM
Q: .post-text img.wp-smiley should not also have a margin-botom: 14px property

badpSmileys in posts look off because they also get the 14px margin at the bottom that's intended for normal images. Smileys however also have the wp-smiley class, so it should be possible to have them appear inline correctly. If you're logged onto the blog you can see the problem in action here. Ot...

12:36 PM
@Mana The top rated comment on that video makes me happy. "Sooooo... she SHOULD have ran him over? Someone answer for mein kampfirmation. "
I just learned a new wikipedia game. Go to any random page on Wikipedia and click the first link in the article that is not italicized and not in parentheses and keep doing that for subsequent articles. You always end up back at Philosophy.
This breaks my brain!
@FallenAngelEyes I've played that before. It's amazing how you can start at pages like "Nickelback" and end up at "Philosophy"
It's apparently from an alt-text in an xkcd comic, but I never actually tried it before now
@FallenAngelEyes Yeah, that sounds like where I found out about it
I can't stop trying random articles! Help, I'm stuck in a wiki loop!
12:41 PM
@FallenAngelEyes Alt-F4 is probably the only solution
Quick, someone link tvtro--wait that wouldn't help

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