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1:10 PM
@FallenAngelEyes Death is the only escape from a wikiloop.
@DaveMcClelland Why would you want to start at 'Nickelback'?
@GnomeSlice Good point.
@GnomeSlice Because the point of the game is to try to find something that doesn't lead to philosophy. I can think of no candidate more suitable than nickelback
@DaveMcClelland I can: Paris Hilton.
@Wipqozn Touche
mu.netsoc.ie/wiki used to work :(
Q: Is there a time limit to campaign levels?

bwarnerSo far I've always managed to complete the objectives for the campaign levels, and I know there are various conditions that trigger a loss (losing an election, coup, having your palace destroyed). But what happens if I just keep playing a level without either of these things happening? Do I eve...

@badp Aw man, I was hoping that that would work.
1:41 PM
I love how my professor is a huge mac fangirl
She says she isn't, but it is obvious to everyone that she is
love in the sense I find it hilarious how biased she is
I also get the feeling she has no idea what a programming language is
Luckily it is a user interface design class, so she doesn't need to
@Wipqozn My software usability professor was legally blind. I couldn't tell if it was ironic, or fitting
@Wipqozn she going to teach you how to make a form on a spinning cube?
@Loktar I lol'd.
oh, I think we're actually doing something
I might be going afk
1:54 PM
:1931099 Yeah, well (removed) to you too!
...I share your same question on that one, @badp
Sounds like @yx is having a pretty awesome party in Dead Island
Q: Where can I find more diamonds or champagne?

yx.I need a bunch of diamonds to make a mod, and the only way I know of is to turn in champagne as exchange, but so far I've only found one bottle (I forgot where). Where can I get more champagne and diamonds?

ah I thought diamonds may be needed eventually
thats why I never sold mine
This zombie is now diamonds
I must take 5+ of these exams:

Mechanics (I'm afraid this is compulsory anyway)
Economy of Network and Services
Data Acquisition Systems
IT and Law
(math stuff follows)
Advanced Algebra and Math Logic
Scientific Maths for IT
Mathematical Methods for Engineering
Numerical Analysis
Game Theory
Advanced Operative Research
Discrete Optimization
Discrete Maths
(biology stuff follows)
Biology and Phisiology
Biomedical Technologies and Tools
Sanitary IT Systems
Medical Signal and Image Processing (counts ×2)
2:02 PM
@badp ...have fun?
yeah, most of this stuff is rubbish
at least for me
Thought you might be amused
Perhaps some of the math stuff can be kinda interesting but
Internet of Things...
What on earth is that?
Q: Where can I find more diamonds or champagne?

yx.I need a bunch of diamonds to make a mod, and the only way I know of is to turn in champagne as exchange, but so far I've only found one bottle (I forgot where). Where can I get more champagne and diamonds?

2:09 PM
@mordi2k All I can find about this is home.dei.polimi.it/cesana/teaching/IoT/Exams/…
Ubuntu Mono is almost here.
@FallenAngelEyes Thanks
@FallenAngelEyes I like all the work that went in the subbing there
@badp That's not that uncommon for good sub groups
2:28 PM
Q: How many turns does it take to reach year 2050 with non-standard pacing?

OakI know it takes 500 turns to reach year 2050 in the default "standard" game speed. How many turns does it take in other game speeds? Could not easily find this information online or in the manual :(

Q: TES IV: Oblivion + Nehrim - save game corruption

wintaLately I've been playing Oblivion with Nehrim, the total conversion mod, and it has started to crash at various times and corrupt most of my newly created games. I'm running Steam GoTY version (which should always have the latest patch) + Nehrim with latest English patch. I'm about 100 hours into...

2:47 PM
A comment I just saw about JavaScript:
> When I prefer coding in a 50 year old language with more parenthesis than zits on a teenager, the language is fundamentally broken.
(LISP being the other language they're referring to)
Q: How do you delay the penalty shot?

atticaeIn Fifa 12, during the penalty shootout the AI often delays the shot. The player stops 1 step before the ball, trying to force the keeper to move and then shoots. a) How can you do this? b) Are there any other special moves for penalty shootout? I know L1 + B lets you chip the ball for example.

Q: Making an Enderman proof mob trap

Nicholas1024The title more or less reveals the entire problem. Although I haven't yet had anything serious happen to my mob trap, with 1.8's release I'm worried that an Enderman might spawn inside my trap and move a block to completely destroy the trap's effectiveness or worse, release the mobs out of the tr...

js is my favorite!
what other language will [1,4,5,6,7][1,2,3] = 6??
Crepes, we sure are getting a lot of Enderman questions.
@badp ¬_¬
@GraceNote You should've seen the amount of Enderman related posts on Reddit
since the very first screenshot Notch provided without comment
2:58 PM
I'm assuming it's a lot, then.
Perhaps 40-60% of all activity
@ThomasMcDonald It's like, I moved away from it, got to where I wanted to get, then the server said "nope" and I blew up.
endermen are kind of boring to be honest :?
I was underwhelmed by 1.8 :(
I thought there would be npc's
You'd be underwhelmed by NPCs anyway
Yes, 1.8 was too much so they had to split it
besides, it's not like releasing adventure mode would do you much good; you first need to have at least a few adventure maps first
yeah good point
Theres this mod im tying to find, a coworker plays it... it sounds so amazing
has ogres/towns/npcs that buy/sell
the only mod that got me salivating was the equivalent exchange mod
where large amounts of dirt eventually become diamond
(one diamond)
I guess it's better if you start from cobblestone
3:03 PM
I haven't seen where you broke stuff yet
that was the name of it
but the server was fine with me and Ronan on it yesterday
from spawn point underwater (ಠ_ಠ) turn back
oh, that's Ronan's
3:05 PM
are you /i'ing stuff or..?
then Ronan needs to plant more trees
yeah, server isn't laggy at all
So... I love the dead ringer
3:21 PM
@JuanManuel Isn't it great?
It makes playing spy so much fun
DR is my main cloaking device.
And Spy is my most played class.
I didn't like it because I sucked, but I'm slowly getting better at it
I now want to play TF2 :(
me too, but I'm at work and it's 12:23 pm
3:23 PM
Oh, don't forget... you can disguise as your own team./
I installed it in this notebook but it doesn't run :(
I'm at work and it's 11:23am. :/
@Powerlord I always wondered why that is useful
@JuanManuel Anyway, disguising as your own team with the DR is useful, because you drop a fake corpse of that class.
The DR lets you say, "yeah, 'dead', whatever"
3:25 PM
I've had (on all all-talk server) someone apologize for one-shotting another player, not realizing that they really "killed" me.
but the thing that makes me kinda rage about it is how removing it is instantaneous, while putting it up isn't
... and they won't be expecting the backstab!
@JuanManuel They will engage you though
I also like disguising as Heavy out the gate on BLU on Payload, to try to draw sniper fire.
@badp but the delay isn't big right?
3:26 PM
@Powerlord I just walk on stickies
@Powerlord nice, I'm going to steal that
@badp That too.
@JuanManuel it isn't, but I've died so many times due to removing it at the wrong moment
Payload is my favorite
I especially like doing that after telling my teammates not to do that. :D
3:27 PM
It's like "okay now I'm going to turn the corner and sap that thing removes DR gets rocket in face "
@JuanManuel DR works extremely well on Payload offense (BLU).
Push the cart, push push piush, get "killed", decloak (because the cart acts as a level 1 dispenser) and do it again a few seconds later.
In other news, Google thinks the world needs another programming language.
@badp Hey, if they can replace JavaScript with someone that has stuff like classical inheritance and static typing, I'm all for it.
static typing? ew
woo my laptop is fixed
3:31 PM
@badp Yes, but it's necessary for proper method overloading.
meh at overloading
Anyway, my favorite DR trick is to activate it right as a Pyro hits me with an Axtinguisher or Flare when I'm on fire.
They always assume I'm dead.
that takes coordination
and low lag
I'm 150-200 all the time
@Powerlord stop hating JS! Your making me sad :P
js will never be replaced.. ever
@Loktar That makes me sad.
3:35 PM
The problem with JS is that it's widely used not because people like it, but because Netscape managed to get everyone to use it back when it was new. And so now, every web browser supports it.
@Loktar throws a dart at Loktar
More importantly, it's the only language web browsers support.
throws a dart at @Powerlord
3:37 PM
So, despite hating JavaScript, I have to use it.
I'm trying to make a point here. Guys?
no your just hitting us with points @ArdaXi :P
No, I'm making them.
In you.
With the darts.
Anyone else here a Men of War fan?
been playing MoW:V loving it so far.. its so difficult.
3:50 PM
A: How many Praxis points can I earn in a single playthrough?

ManaThis image showed up on Reddit this morning demonstrating a perfect score: Here are the author's tips: You have to go for a non-lethal run (pacifist). Try to do a non-lethal takedown on every possible guard. Try to get a multiple takedown on guards having conversations or even patrolling. ...

Oh man, it's actually possible?!?
That's completely insane.
4:00 PM
@Mana Ah, there's a few points I didn't know about there, so yeah, it makes sense.
Remember the original Deus Ex, where your decisions about your skills and augmentations actually mattered?
4:14 PM
Q: What's the difference between these stone brick blocks?

Jonathan DrainIn my inventory, there are two seemingly identical stone brick blocks. The stack of 48 stone bricks was crafted from furnaced stone. The stack of 9 stone bricks was dug from stone brick stairs, which were crafted from stone bricks. The two stacks are identical in name and appearance, except th...

@Wipqozn I plan on playing that after I finish Metroid Prime 3 and Majora's Mask.
Speaking of which, only 4 pickups missing in MP3.
and that could be taken wrong out of context.
@Powerlord The original?
@Wipqozn Yes.
Have you played through it before ?
I have the original on Steam because the Deluxe version of HR came with it,.
I played partway through it before.
That was years ago.
I don't remember how far I got through it.
(I lost my disc of it, too)
4:17 PM
Fancy. I only played through it my first time a month ago.
Enjoyable game, albeit not without its flaws.
> Discover the animation library in Windows 8 and see how to bring these great animations to your apps with standard CSS 3.0 transitions and animations.
Isn't that sentence an oxymoron?
"animation library in Windows 8" and "standard CSS 3.0 transitions and animations" would be polar opposites, wouldn't they?
@Powerlord Probably a CSS 3.0 compatible library.
4:46 PM
Enemy engie: bp you're a terrible spy, you should play something else
A few minutes later
Enemy random person: why do we have 3 engies and no tele
(I wasn't the only spy tbh)
Even terrible Spies can end up doing a lot of damage.
Of course, Spy also requires a lot of luck.
and stupid enemies.
Strangely enough, some of my BEST Spy rounds are the ones where my team sucks.
It's like "they all suck, just keep pushing the cart forward" stab stab stab stab "Cart's clear now!"
<3 YER on defense on Payload.
Who's taken a chunk out of my house?
Q: Is there any reason not to settle on a Mountain?

LaykeCiv 4 was a little different with where you might want to settle and in Civ 5, there is no real benefit of even settling next to a river for your capital. Sure, you will lose out on some water builders, but overall, they aren't worth the hammers that cost to built them anyway. So like this ques...

Although I suspect there's a high probability of a "this is not available in your country" message.
I remember that though
I don't like change!
4:56 PM
2 hours ago, by Grace Note
Crepes, we sure are getting a lot of Enderman questions.
@Powerlord Yup, I completely gave up on stabbing people and instead focused on wasting people's time
@MatthewRead you're right, it was an edit collision.
(= tps)
(= being spotted and circling around scrambling for metal)
btw, when spy videos tell you you should backpedal? It doesn't really work
You are going to bump into somebody
and you are going to be all over his screen when that happens
(and most likely, he is going to be a pyro)
5:13 PM
I learned long ago that if 3/4 of their team changes to Pyro, change to something that can deal with them. Personally, I like changing to sniper then throwing Jarate on them when they try to flame people, although other classes likely work better.
Oh thanks, Sony. Apparently the Vita has approximately the same battery life as the 3DS.
It was more of a creeper shaped hole
Lets see... no better battery life than the 3DS, no onboard memory, non-standard memory cards... Sony really wants Nintendo to win this handheld generation, too.
@Powerlord How nice of them.
I mean, from the sound of it, graphics is the only thing the Vita has going for it over the 3DS, particularly now that the 3DS has dropped in price.
For that matter, I didn't see an announced price for the Vita. I'm guessing $299ish.
It was the same thing with the PSP.
It had movies and music, but no one used it for that. IT was too small for movies, not to mention no ones to spend more money for a smaller version of it
and it was too large for a portable music player
5:26 PM
@Powerlord $299 for the model with 3G, $249 for the model without
Most of its games were just shitty ports of PS2 games anyways
@Wipqozn lol UMD
Apparently Sony is also changing the terms of service for PSN to add terms forbidding subscribers from joining a class action lawsuit against Sony.
It's apparently awesome for emulation though
It has a few gems though, like Monster Hunter
5:26 PM
Q: What should I buy to upgrade my computer?

Vitor RangelMy computer is starting to get a little old, and the games are starting to lag. I want to upgrade my computer, but I don't have idea of what I should buy. Right now, I have a QuadCore Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600, 2400 MHz; an Asus P5KPL-AM with 2 PCI, 1 PCI-E x1 and 1 PCI-E x16 motherboard; a NVIDIA ...

@FallenAngelEyes l o l Indeed.
not sure why Sony thought that would take off
I have a PSP but only because it was a gift
I would never have bought one on my own
Patapon's a great series though!
SAme here.
The only reason I would buy one would be for Monste rHunter
Also Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep because I'm a KH whore
I haven't played Monster Hunter at all
First I heard of the series was Tri
I heard of it before, but never played it before Tri
I never owned a PS2 or PSP, so you know
My sister owned a PS2, so I did play a few game son it
5:29 PM
ah, I <3 my PS2
It's a fat one even
Got it for xmas in 2001
@FallenAngelEyes My sisters first one was, then it was stolen, so we got a thin one
I'm planning on buying a slim from the US though when I go back next
in case my fat PS2 craps out
cuz well, it's old
And I have no other way to play my PS2 or PS1 games
@FallenAngelEyes Stop calling it fat - it's just big boned
While PS3 does play PS1 games, my PS3 is European, so it won't play my NA PS1 games :(
though I still have games on PS2 that I own but haven't played yet...
like my Devil May Cry 1-3 collection, which I'm now not sure if I should play because they're upscaling them for PS3
Has nVidia announced the GeForce 600 series yet? It seems odd that the 500 series hasn't been replaced yet despite having been around for almost a year now.
5:35 PM
Q: City stagnation bug?

Guillaume BoisIt is my first game of civ 5 but I have played many times civ 4 and civ 3. I have seen twice now my capital having a stagnation for no apparent reason. From what I read, food is the only reason a city would stagnate. I have seen my city with more food than needed being in stagnation. At this mom...

@DaveMcClelland yeah @FallenAngelEyes. Way to be a terrible person.
@Wipqozn Being compassionate is overrated! True strength is cynicism! Raaaaaaaagh!
@FallenAngelEyes Can't argue with that.
> All true wealth is biological.
@Powerlord I thought it was pegged for Q4 2011, but I don't remember where I heard that.
5:44 PM
OH my, that's upsetting
Got the dates mixed up, Kirby Mass Attack actually comes out on Monday
That's a whole extra day
dinnertime, later all!
@FallenAngelEyes toodles
I don't plan on upgrading my video cards any time soon, it was actually in regards to the upgrade question earlier.
So, apparently Netflix lost 4% of its subscriber base due to the recent price change... and is apparently OK with that.
@TimStone I read "peggled" instead of "pegged." Now I really want to play some peggle
@Powerlord How much did they increase there prices by?
5:55 PM
Yeah, if the average increase is more than 4% it makes economic sense.
@DaveMcClelland Good ol' PopCap
@Wipqozn 60%
@Powerlord Jesus christ
How much does it cost now?
Hello there @GnomeSlice
I forget if I've linked this already:
They took a combined $8.99 offering and made it two separate $7.99 offerings (or something similar)
5:56 PM
@Wipqozn wtf.
@GnomeSlice i think you've linked it several times
@Wipqozn Not that one.
@GnomeSlice ?
That's me beating up the guy you have to avoid when you have no weapons and you're chained.
yeah @GnomeSlice I think thats at least the 5th time you linked it
5:58 PM
Man, I'm like a ninja.
:P actually I think just yesterday once lol
@Loktar No, definitely not.
@GnomeSlice you posted it before
@Loktar Oh. Whoops.
yeah it was yesterday
5:59 PM
@Loktar It was.
Well, I must have forgotten while I was busy being awesome at it.
you mentioned you were unsure if you were actually able to kill the guy
@Loktar Right, I remember now.
Maybe someone should just pin it, that way you'll stop posting it.
@Wipqozn Pin what?
6:00 PM
Basically, you used to get Streaming service free with your Netflix $8.99 DVD plan. They they increased the price by $1 to $9.99, but made a separate plan that was streaming only for $2 less ($7.99) than the combined total. Now DVD and Streaming are $7.99 each.
@Wipqozn No chance
@Powerlord Ah I see
Argh, what do these other people use to record their hammerfight videos?
So, now it's $15.98 instead of $9.99 for DVD + Streaming.
Mine are never that smooth.
6:01 PM
The kicker being that you can't get all of the content you can get on DVD via streaming, of course.
hrrrm joyent cloud
Why the hell is this one of my highest rated answers...
@ThomasMcDonald I why aren't there any sheep on the server at all?
@Ronan should be
@GnomeSlice The game had the name "Halo" in it?
6:07 PM
@GnomeSlice So you're saying I should downvote you?
@Powerlord Well...
I've noticed that in 1.8 sheep are a lot rarer
@DaveMcClelland Yes, he is.
I'm just saying... it's so boring.
@RonanForman You know what I have to say to that? BAH!
6:07 PM
And informative.
@GnomeSlice Believe it or not, I tend to upvote informative answers, not funny ones.
Where's the fun in that?
@GnomeSlice Are you saying funny, but wrong answers increase the fun of the querent?
@Powerlord Are you saying that funny answers are always wrong?
And yes.
@GnomeSlice No, but funny answers are not necessarily correct answers.
6:11 PM
@Powerlord Neither are boring answers.
@GnomeSlice Perceived quality is quality x size.
@GnomeSlice I didn't say anything about boring answers, only informative ones. :P
> Netflix announced the price hike on July 12. Their stock that day closed at $291.27. Their stock price right now as I write this: $170.16. Down $121.11 since the announcement. That's -41.6%. Looks like the change wasn't good for either subscriber or shareholder.
@Powerlord Funny answers can also be informative:
A: How to counter a sniper in TF2?

GnomeSliceSticking with the Pyro is a pretty safe bet, as [s]he is the shortest. Note that yes, the Engineer and Demoman both keep below the white line, but neither of them are standing perfectly straight Happy Hunkering!

I think that's a much better answer overall.
@GnomeSlice What was the question that was to again (at work, can't access it)?
> What are good strategies for countering a dominating sniper? What classes, class combinations, and weapons are effective against snipers?
6:18 PM
Because that answer by itself is wrong on so many different levels.
@Powerlord >_>
(and I vaguely remember the picture that went with it)
Good snipers can adjust up or down quite easily.
btw I'm pretty sure it's the scout who has the smallest hitbox
6:19 PM
@Powerlord It didn't say 'how to counter a good sniper'.
I'm afraid that's what he means by "dominating"
I already put in an answer to that question, but I'm going to make a wild guess and say I recommended Scout (due to speed) or Spy (due to cloaking device)
Wait, is the scout even in that picture?
He's the last one
Pretty sure that's the demoman.
6:20 PM
@GnomeSlice In order, they're Demoman, Engineer, Heavy, Medic, Pyro, Spy, Sniper, Solder, Scout.
Demoman's first
@Powerlord You said, snipers, spy, scout. Heavy w/ fists of steel too.
Oh. Wow.
@badp Oh right, because Snipers counter each other.
Just don't try countering a Sniper Rifle sniper using the Huntsman bow. ;)
6:22 PM
The pyro is the shortest, okay?
I think @GnomeSlice should play TF2. ;)
@Powerlord I would, but It would take weeks to download.
Also, I played on the Xbox a while ago, and while I'm aware it doesn't have a fraction of the content of the PC game, I suck at it.
@GnomeSlice The mouse makes a huge difference in "twitch" FPS games.
@GnomeSlice No friends whose connection you can borrow? Granted, TF2 with all the HL2 required files is something like 11GB if you don't have another HL2-based game installed.
@Powerlord I think it's around 8 Gb for me.
But I can't run portal on my Desktop machine, so TF2 probably won't work either.
@GnomeSlice Hmm, yeah, probably not.
6:26 PM
Portal does the valve logo, and then locks up.
Portal and TF2 use similar game engines. I say similar, because I'm not sure if Portal uses the 2009 version or the 2007 version.
2009 was actually the multiplayer fork of 2007. I forget why they forked it, but they did.
Probably so people with HL2:Ep2 and Portal would stop bitching about the game updating every time TF2 did. ;)
Instead, now we have CS:S, DOD:S, and HL2:DM players bitching about the game updating whenever TF2 does. Except today's update, which is a CS:S update.
Oh right, those of you who play TF2, update coming later today.
@Powerlord I never liked counter strike.
@GnomeSlice To be honest, me neither. It just seems wrong that every weapon in the game can one-shot you if they hit your head.
Well, except for grenades.
@Powerlord That is undeniably more realistic.
@GnomeSlice It is, but it makes the game all about who is better at headshots.
If I wanted a game that promoted headshots like that, I'd play L4D/L4D2 or Killing Floor.
Which are all coop games, btw.
There are very few weapons in TF2 that can headshot: Spy's Ambassador and Sniper's Sniper Rifle, Huntsman, Bazaar Bargain, and Machina.
The Spy's Ambassador is the only one of those that can't one-shot a player, but it also doesn't have a charge meter (it has a reverse charge meter, though... you can't headshot with it again until it cools down)
Granted, TF2 has lots of ways to kill people. Some are more amusing than others (seriously, there's a baseball that does 5 damage and stuns people... but I've gotten a kill with it on a low-health enemy)
@GnomeSlice btw, was it Mac or Windows for the desktop that it wasn't working on?
6:38 PM
@Powerlord Windows.
Q: Can you continue playing after you finish the main storyline?

Uday KanthI have a dozen side quests pending in my quest list, but I'm tempted to complete the main story first. Is it possible to keep playing the game even after you're done with the story?

Q: How big is a culture bomb?

Ben BlankGhandi (the cheeky bastard) just culture bombed my border near his capital, securing several important resources. However, I wasn't watching at the time and so am unsure how many culture bombs he used or how many tiles he grabbed. I'd like to reclaim some of my resources, but I also want to use...

@GnomeSlice One thing I noticed about Valve's own games is that they don't verify the version of DirectX installed, unlike just about every other game on Steam.
I wonder if the DX9 updater would help any...
@Powerlord I doubt the machine would run it very well anyway.
@GnomeSlice Machine specs? I mean, Portal is 4 years old. I can't imagine why it wouldn't work that great. I know TF2 has had updates since then, but I was able to run TF2 on my laptop...
Just not very well... :P
@Powerlord I'll post them when I get home, class it out
is out*
Anyway, my primary server will update when the update hits, but my Prop Hunt server won't. :/
@Wipqozn That reminds me, when you do play Other M, make sure to load your save again after the end credits roll.
@Powerlord I'll keep that in mind
puts it in his profile
Sorry about the multiple pings. Meant to reply to that the first time and didn't.
Also @Mana, you were correct.
Still not sure when I will get around to it.'
Spoilers? What spoilers? I didn't put up any spoilers!
6:47 PM
@Powerlord You essentially ruined the entire game for me.
No no, not just the game. My entire life.
What, just because I revealed the last boss of Metroid: Other M was... Omega Samus?
Wait, did they use the name "Dark" for one of them? Oh yeah, that was the Metroid Prime one, wasn't it?
I'm not forgetting what items were real while making stuff up!
You know, when listing Metroid games, I realized that it's shorter to list which games don't have Ridley in them than which ones do...
@Powerlord There are Metroid games without Ridley?
Wait, did Ridley appear in Metroid Prime 2? I don't remember.
@Wipqozn If I'm right, Metroid 2 and Metroid Prime 2.
And you fight him twice in Super Metroid and Metroid Prime 3
Did Team Ninja ever apologize for being terrible btw?
And you know, ruining Samus.
Can someone add one more close vote to gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/30458/…

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