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12:02 AM
Well, cool.
Apparently Steam's rolling out some corporate features
@GnomeSlice Sounds nifty, except you don't actually need to run. IT just uses a timer.
So you would just leave it on all the time.
@Wipqozn Well, that's a shame.
@GnomeSlice yeah, it defeats the purpose.
since you're not being reward for running and what not.
and considering that's the entire purpose of the game...
> Before you complete your transaction, you may change the ticket priority. Changing the priority will change your total.
12:15 AM
@badp That one will be hard to translate without context.
I mean, it almost sounds like Shipping fees...
(higher priority shipping = more expensive)
I'm afraid it is about support
@badp Charging for support? :/
There's a number of new strings about managing help desk accounts
Then a few strings about stuff like average time to response for new tickets
Then this string about priority
I wonder, if I loop this song repeatedly, how long will it be until I go crazy?
Specifically, it's Weird Al's Party in the CIA...
Also, if you have a DSi or 3DS, make sure you get Four Sword Adventures between the end of September and mid-February... while it's free.
@Wipqozn How can you tell?
12:23 AM
@GnomeSlice Did you read it? I could be mistaken but that's exactly what it sounds like.
> Prefer eating brains? Become a ZOMBIE in the game by calling up our hotline and giving us your best “help, my trachea is falling out of my rotten neck” impression. For science. Plus the game and your name in the credits!
@Wipqozn I did, and it mentions tracking distance, pace, and calories burned, among other things.
> All you do is press a button when you start, and another button when you’re done
I must have misunderstood that.
@Wipqozn probably "done playing for the day"
that sounds to me like it is saying it just records it with a timer, which would be stupid.
@Wipqozn I think you press a button to start your run, and the game worries about everything for you until you press a button when you're done.
12:26 AM
@GnomeSlice Yeah, I concur. I just misunderstood it before.
> Zombies, Run! records the distance, time, pace, and calories burned of all your runs, and we’re keen to add RunKeeper integration. There's also the option to hear audio notifications of for time, distance, and pace during your run. If you want to get fit while also saving the world, this is the game for you.
@Wipqozn Up for a game of Frozen Synapse?
I'm actually just shutting down my computer.
I've barely gamed the past few days actually.
I have a report to work on, so I don't want to do any gaming till I finish it. However, it has just resulted in me doing nothing at all instead.
good night everyone
Suddenly all the strings I've been translating are gone
@badp puts away his Short-Circuit
ffs, where's the funday monday
almost 24 hours, not VOD yet
12:34 AM
Q: Problem playing games using OpenVPN that use broadcast packets. Other games work, hosts can ping each other etc

CoderI'm running an OpenVPN server in bridged mode and clients can successfully connect, see shared folder and play lan games that let you enter the lan IP address. However I'm unable to play games like sacred underworld I believe because it sends out broadcast packets. The game doesn't even show up...

12:53 AM
Q: When did SE invent Skynet?

JohnFirst, it started posting. Now it's protecting stuff?!? Doesn't sound like your ordinary "background process" to me... The only other explanation is that it's a person, but in that case, it would probably be a mod or dev, and they (should) have accounts everywhere. In that case, why isn't thi...

@Mana what do I do.
do what I do
@NickT Hell no.
I do. Do what?
1:06 AM
Why the unbridled hate
hate hate hate
Q: Will giving windmill a gun disqualify me for the pacifist achievement?

WipqoznReprogrammed turrets which kill people will disqualify you for the pacifist achievement, so I'm forced to wonder if giving Windmill a gun will result in the same thing. If I give Windmill a gun, will it disqualify me from the pacifist achievement?

Is windmill a person?
@NickT I'd assume so.
people need to learn how to capitalize sentences
1:51 AM
Q: Completing the larger Underdome challenges solo?

MikeI have completed the small challenges in all 3 arenas by myself and I wonder how hard the waves become towards the later rounds of the larger challenges. Is it too difficult to complete the larger challenges alone? Is it worth doing alone?

2:22 AM
> Roll out of bed, Mr. Coffee's dead, the morning's looking bright.
I wonder how many people have actually heard the entire Cheers theme.
Hmm, I think I'm going to start italicizing game titles when I have to edit posts
think that's proper form anyway
2:36 AM
Q: Tag Rename Request: FIFA games

Nick TFIFA games are not FIFA 20xx, they are simply FIFA xx. Therefore: fifa-2008 → fifa-08 apparently nobobdy likes FIFA 09 fifa-2010 → fifa-10 fifa-2011 → fifa-11

1 hour later…
3:39 AM
A: What is the best way to post a replay to YouTube?

AbrukyFrancisScreen Recorder software can record game replay to videos and you can upload to YouTube. Check this article: How to Record StarCraft Games

From the link:
> From now on, you can use the Screen Recording Suite to help you record StarCraft games and anything else on computer screen with ease. With the brilliant screen recorder, you can be the video producer of your life. Just join us to make your life shining.
@Brant Bwahahahahah.
The user is obviously affiliated with the website/product, if I'm any good at judging these things. I guess it's not technically spam because it's not unsolicited information, but it's still crap.
Oh hey, and there's also this:
> You can get free key code without paying $69.95: Recommend Screen Recording Suite in 3 places with a link to our hompage (screenrecord.net) on your own website, blog, Twitter or other website like your favorite bbs, forum, social bookmarks etc. If you have done that, please send us the link where you have recommend our software with your email address, we will send you the free key code.
@Brant Wh... huh?
How does that even...
That's on the support page.
@Brant How is that support?
3:46 AM
Well, it's not. :P
Wait, it's $70?
Anyway, I flagged the answer with a link to this chat
3:57 AM
Q: Where do stronghold mostly appear?

WarfaceI've been searching for hours in the game to find a Stronghold and haven't seen one. Apparently, lots of mobs and treasures can be found there but the question is where can we find those? Can we found them near ravine or abandoned tunnels?

@Lazers Er... did you mean Dungeon?
4:35 AM
What's the Day9 fusion core dance music?
5:10 AM
Q: Why do games have weird file names?

KeavonMany games I have seen have weird names for the actual game exe. There's the launcher/updater, then the actual game program is called something totally random. For example, Flyff has the name Neuz.exe, and The Hobbit has the name Meridian.exe. Does anybody know the reason for these random names, ...

6:01 AM
Q: Does anyone know the system requirements for the Elder Scrolls - Skyrim?

CoomieDoes anyone know the system requirements for Skyrim? It looks pretty graphics intensive from the trailers I've seen... Really I'm wondering if I'll need a new computer to play it... But that's not very objective...

6:16 AM
ifttt.com so cool
So good.
(Attn: @Mana, other music nerds.)
(P.S. it's a song about )
3 hours later…
8:55 AM
1 hour later…
10:08 AM
Q: Minecraft: Experience Orbs in Beta 1.8

DemonicMushyRight now, Minecraft Beta 1.8 is out and I am wondering if they have added in anything that actually makes use of experience orbs?

We just uploaded Minecraft 1.8, but minecraft.net isn't up right now because of web ops stuff.
10:59 AM
@Brant We actually burninated 3 different users associated with that site last week
and now it's all available
@LessPop_MoreFizz Gotta say I prefer Video Games, but this is kind of cool too
Bear Grylls actually did an AMA.
11:12 AM
Hey, I saw that.
@ThomasMcDonald Haha seriously?
How many questions about drinking his own piss came up?
Oh wow he answered on youtube, neat
11:41 AM
tried a new world
settle inside a mountain as I usually do
I've found so far three different entrances to the outside world
so much wood in doors :/
Ooh, Kate Mulgrew's on Warehouse 13.
12:00 PM
Man, I'll gladly install any single player mod that lets me have infinite amounts of signs
just signs
posted on September 14, 2011 by yx_

Now that the launch mess has been sorted out, I finally got my hands on a proper copy of Dead Island.  Dead Island is best described as being the unholy lovechild of Left 4 Dead 2 and Borderlands, combining the zombie survival genre with Borderlands style loot collecting of weapons. Being a fan of any [...]

12:31 PM
@GraceNote Janeway?
There's only one Janeway I should know of so I can be safe in assuming it's that one, or am I to be a fool for assuming on this part?
There's only one I know of. Captain Kathryn Janeway.
Okay, so that answers the "who" part.
(Also I never actually knew the given name of the character)
Voyager is the Star Trek show I grew up with, so I'm rather intimately familiar with it.
I see, I see
12:35 PM
And Warehouse 13 is a SyFy show that's basically the SCP foundation on television.
Googling SCP...
You might not want to.
Security, it looks like
(You'll also quite probably end up with Secure CoPy.)
Yeah, that's the result I found
12:45 PM
It is a rather... bizarre place.
Hmm, I like the new BSoDs.
12:57 PM
A: How well does XBox live work with mobile broadband connections?

christinaI tried hughes net and wild blue and both of them suck! I have the highest package available and just watching a you tube video kills my usage! I have been looking for a better source and came across this. It expensive but I think i will give it a try. google search Broadband Q Wireless. Hopefull...

I'm torn between saying this is a comment(it's in response to other suggestions in the thread) and saying that it's a poor answer(Xbox Live does not work well with mobile broadband connections, but it might work well with this one I'm about to try out)
Any ideas?
I personally think this warrants deletion.
It doesn't add anything substantial.
So I have gate A, B, C... and A bis, A ter and B bis
...and these all go out
and I might be unwittingly digging out B ter
yeah, I just have.
1:12 PM
Is this... gaming or academia here?
It's airports.
Doing some spelunking at Schipol!
(okay, it's Minecraft)
My original thought was "Academia, either air traffic or EE"
But then you mentioned digging.
1:33 PM
Q: How to group units without losing custom formation?

John MeeI arrange all my units how I want them, then group them (or vice versa). But when I order them to move forward they all wander off in different directions and reform into the default formation. Kinda makes grouping not much use as I have to place each individual unit where i want it. How do I ge...

Q: How do the "anchor" trading ports work?

John MeeOn the left (south?) of the map there are a collection of foreign trading "anchors". You can put a trading (or any fleet vessel) there. Presumably this is a good thing somehow. Where can I see the value of having the trading ship there in my finances? Do I need to keep a trading ship there al...

I see a twitter question from German
Q: How are we polite without using "bitte"?

TakkatWhen asking someone for a favour it is considered rude to omit "please" in English. This seems not to be the case in German. In a shop or a restaurant I can frequently hear: "Was bekommen Sie?" - "Drei Brötchen und einen Kaffee." This sounds quite harsh. How can we more politely word it whe...

I read the question and get hooked up
read the rather insightful answer, still in English
and then the comments are in German. buzzkill.
@ThomasMcDonald Is that Game on! back on again, seeing as 1.8 is now out?
@RonanForman Depends when I get into the server again.
Okay, tell me when.
I thought Game On! was decidedly non-Minecraft, or is this a different Game On! in question?
Whatever happened to that, anyway?
1:46 PM
No, this is a Minecraftian Game On.
@badp Also denn kannst du immer Deutsch lernen. Es ist nicht so schwer.
Nobody wanted to step up and organise it
good afterdawn everyone
and nobody wanted to commit when it was organised
We just wanted it to stop it always be Minecraft
also there's no games everyone owns that isn't minecraft!
1:47 PM
We should consider doing a game of diplomacy sometime.
I don't own Minecraft
I think the problem we have is it is difficult for everyone to commit to a certain time
@RonanForman HL2DM
@GraceNote Well you're not everyone.
Alien Swarm
1:48 PM
For diplomacy that would not matter
Yeah, but we played HL2:DM, and it's crap
Hell, even Sauerbraten is a fun game.
@RonanForman No, but technically it just means that Minecraft is a "majority ownership", not a "total ownership"
@ArdaXi Wow, I haven't heard that game name in a while
1:48 PM
I can name dozens of free games.
Well @ArdaXi You sort something out then...
@GraceNote How about Cube?
@RonanForman Me? Organise? No way.
That will not end well.
@ArdaXi Cube is so basic a name I can't even tell whether I've even got the right game or not.
Regardless, I gotta go to work. See you later.
@GraceNote Sauerbraten is Cube 2.
1:49 PM
@ArdaXi Ah, then on a technical sense, I haven't heard it as a game name in a while by virtue of never actually having heard of it.
just purchased that
amazing mug
I wish more games had merch like that, such as TF2
Mugs are awseome
Yeah but thier stuff isnt as cool :?
I dont want shirts, I want mugs/characters/plushies
a heavy plushy!
I seem to have spawned in a swamp biome
1:54 PM
with deserts on all 4 sides
@ThomasMcDonald They're unfortunately huge now...
Q: What are the system requirements for the Elder Scrolls: Skyrim?

CoomieFrom the press footage and trailers so far, Skyrim looks to be pretty graphics intensive, and I'm worried my computer won't be able to handle it. Have the official system requirements been released yet? If so, what are they?

I am aware
Thoughts on this?
^ I want a tf2 characters like that
1:56 PM
Q: Is this rotating cube interface user-friendy?

Peter Of The CornI'm working on a prototype for an innovative form interface, where different parts of the form are shown on different sides of a cube. The cube rotates, and the user can fill it out as the cube spins. I have a working example. To me, it seems like a pretty robust solution (before, our forms took...

eh that cube is terrible
@RonanForman TF2
@Loktar Misc item for the soldier: the veteran's scars
propose that to Valve
@fredley I don't have a high enough rep on UX.SE to see vote counts. How's that question doing?
@DaveMcClelland I don't either, can anyone else help out?
API time.
@badp +7/-1? That's much better than I expected
@DaveMcClelland Add +2/-2 from yesterday
Also, is that a URL I can generate on every site to get around not having enough rep?
Interesting. Why even bother with the rep limit for that then?
2:03 PM
/questions/{id}/ → /posts/{id}/timeline
@DaveMcClelland Clicking to see votes is much more convenient
@badp Userscript?
@fredley Exactly what I was thinking
@fredley Yes, it's been done
Just making sure nobody misses this
2:05 PM
Honestly, it's not something I want to do often enough to actually bother writing it
pokes @TimStone appropriately
Fredley, you just linked it
@Mana Making sure they don't miss what was posted 5 minutes ago?
damn I feel dumb now
@Mana Stars
2:06 PM
Actually, that's a lie. I've always felt dumb.
@Mana Feeling dumb is the best feeling.
I was just never able to admit it.
opens youtube, realizes computer has sound, entire class looks at me
2:08 PM
@Wipqozn At least it was youtube and not a site of ill repute
@DaveMcClelland True
IF it was a video of Backdoor hookers 3 it would be a lot worse
@Wipqozn I hope you got linked to NGGYU at least
for some instant broadcast rickroll awesome
@Wipqozn Those damn Backdoor Hookers, always ruining my day.
Q: What's the difference between Minecraft 1.8 pre-release and official?

fredleyWhat has changed between the 'unofficial' prereleases, and the new, official release?

Q: Help identify an Asteroids clone for PC

KosThere's a clone of Asteroids which I've been seeking for years. I played it like 5-8 years ago and it's probably older than that. I remember that: I ran it on Windows it had vector graphics (i.e. line art) it was very rich in content; many different types of enemies, probably also obtainable w...

Q: What does right clicking with the sword equipped do?

Thomas McDonaldIn Beta 1.8, right clicking with the sword equipped angles it in front of you, while decreasing your walking speed: What exactly is this doing? Does it provide any benefit to combat?

@Lazers Geez, you guys.
2:17 PM
What's the grace period on ninja editing answers before they start showing an edit history?
@Mana problem?
2:29 PM
was poked
@badp ?
@DaveMcClelland 5 minutes
@TimStone @DaveMcClelland was wondering about userscripts that out the timeline scripts and so on and so forth
@GraceNote Cool, thanks
Q: SE Modifications -- Username autocomplete in comments, inline revision source, and utility links

Tim Stone Screenshot About This userscript adds four main features: Various utility links on posts and in the top bar Inline viewing of post revision source Markdown on the post history page Links on comment timestamps for linking to specific comments (with enhanced "link-ability" for people wit...

</obligatory link spam>
There's also the chat one, which I find nifty, but there's a rumour I might be biased.
@Tim What did you think to the v2.0 draft spec?
2:39 PM
For the API?
@ThomasMcDonald link?
@Tim Yes
@badp In time.
@ThomasMcDonald I was expecting "to the past" but okay
I haven't seen it
2:41 PM
I thought Kevin would have emailed it you
I'm not a big API consumer (at the moment, I have a few projects I've wanted to start), so I imagine I'm not an important enough of a player to have a stake in that game, heh.
Meh, I believe that the last API mailshot for the free shirt was for having an app or lib with 3 upvotes
That actually reminds me that it probably wouldn't hurt to register for an API key for some of the userscripts, heh. None of them hit the API very regularly, but there's a few functions that do make a call every now and then...meant to do that before but then forgot.
That's probably one of the reasons you didn't get the email
2:49 PM
but yeah, you're limited to 300 req/IP/day without an API key.
man, I forgot how annoying creepers were
oh man, I should totally open up a rick roll video
play it in class
et cetera
Q: How do I heal in Minecraft 1.8?

fredleyI'm eating a load of cooked pork chops but my health isn't increasing, what do I do?

Q: Can you get experience for indirect kills?

fredleyDo I still get experience when a mob is killed indirectly? For example: Killed by another mob (a skeleton's arrow for example) Killed by an arrow from a dispenser Killed by a fall, drowning, fire or lava

@Wipqozn How Unoriginal.
2:56 PM
@GnomeSlice inorite?
more original than this though
btw @Thomas, please tell them, /me → /my
@Wipqozn Did you even click my link.
@GnomeSlice No
@Wipqozn Well, that's what it was.
@GnomeSlice In other word I outwitted you?
I win?
2:58 PM
@Wipqozn No, you posted the same link as me.
I win.
For once.
Yeah, I'm going to side with @GnomeSlice. For once.
Except I didn't fall for your link, but you fell for mine.
@Wipqozn I was like 'Hm, he can't possibly have just posted the same link as me can he?' So I had to check.
Turns out he had.
How about we just agree to disagree with GraceNote?
You know what?
I'm in a pleasant mood.
I shall let you have this one.
You win.
@Wipqozn I didn't think you had a choice here.
3:01 PM
@GnomeSlice I do.
You also need to consider the fact I didn't know what your linked contained because I didn't care enough to click it.
Mostly because I'm in class and all
and I'm a rebel
And people haven't learned to just recognize MsDugITBANI?
@GraceNote I certainly have.
@GraceNote I didn't even bother looking at the link
It seems like the actual conclusion is that everyone lost.
Except Arda
3:03 PM
Oh God, it loops.
@GraceNote No, no, no. Especially @ArdaXi
No, I'm pretty sure he's a victor here
Why did longcat333 come 2 minutes earlier than the rest? What discrepancy.
3:08 PM
@GraceNote They were tweeted, and it scrolls the other way, lower tweets are older
@GraceNote Oh good, I wasn't the only one thrown by that.
Details, details.
Clay is so much more common, it's now my floor
@RonanForman If you can't time three tweets in the span of 60 seconds, that's just painfully shameful.
Two whole minutes!
Apparently longcat is long and slow to start.
They're posted from separate accounts, log out/in times...
3:10 PM
The other two got in at the same minute
I didn't do it, stop bugging me!
If you stop using fish to oppose my bear jaws then you wouldn't be in such an indefensible position. ♪
3:22 PM
insert coin
Seconds are not shown there, but it might very well be something like 10:48:59, 10:50:00, 10:50:59
@balpha Did it work?
Man, this room is a mess
Well excuuuuse me, princess.
@balpha Gamers don't have time for cleaning.
3:27 PM
(See, that was gaming related! We're on topic again! Woo!)
Aaand I killed the room.
The Bridge: A real-time interactive simulation of a train wreck, with all of the awesome and none of the danger.
Q: Is this rotating cube interface user-friendy?

Peter Of The CornI'm working on a prototype for an innovative form interface, where different parts of the form are shown on different sides of a cube. The cube rotates, and the user can fill it out as the cube spins. I have a working example. To me, it seems like a pretty robust solution (before, our forms took...

And you thought Mario was already low res!
Hello everybody!
3:38 PM
Just in case people missed it, the winning games for the Fall Grant are:
1. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim 19 Upvotes
2. Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword 15 Upvotes
3. Diablo 3* 14 Upvotes
4. Torchlight 2 14 Upvotes
5. Batman: Arkham City 12 Upvotes
6. Assassin's Creed Revelations 10 Upvotes
7. Battlefield 3 9 Upvotes
8. Might and Magic: Heroes VI 7 Upvotes
9. Rage 6 Upvotes
Yay! How do I get my hands on #2?
Probably "if it comes out"
Yeah, I figured as much.
3:44 PM
@RonanForman On November 6th I'll make a meta post calling for users. The volunteers with the 10 highest rep get it.
@BrettWhiteΨ Is that for each game, or just in total?
Why are you guys posting the cube form question?
I think it's funny.
ah ok good.. I was hoping it wasn't someones personal project here or something :?
@RonanForman Each game will get 10 users, so 11 games, 10 users. There will be a limit regarding how many games a user can get (I haven't decided yet)
3:48 PM
Awesome! I might have a chance!
Wow, 100+ games? That's a lot of coin.
Unless I interpreted you wrong.
If it's total rep I'm 53rd, so I should get it.
Unless everyone wants it, which I gather they do...
@Brant It is. I'm spending a lot of the budget on this, but so far it has helped our site grow so it should be worth it.
Have any developers sponsored tags yet?
Cool, I hope it works out well.
3:50 PM
@RonanForman Hopefully limiting people to only 1 or 2 of the 11 games will open the contest up wide for everyone
@badp Will do, I have some thoughts of my own to add as well.
Dibs on BF3.
Q: Where can I find defeated quest enemies?

AlexFollowing on from my previous question, it seems that all defeated quest enemies such as Skyscraper, the Rakk Hive, Skagzilla, etc will respawn at or near their original locations. Since the Borderlands game world is really big and I can only ever remember a few of these big baddies, I was hopi...

Q: What is there to do in Spiral Knights?

espaisOk, so I've made it to the first level of the Clockworks where the merchant hangs out, and that makes me wonder what else there is to do. Is there anything else going on other than hack and slashing your way through generic enemies? I understand that you can collect the minerals and whatnot, bu...

@GraceNote shakes head at UX
@TimStone Are you tracking me in an attempt to know what's going on around the network?
Or are you just so idle it's phased out your avatar?
3:58 PM
Yes. But this time I was just annoyed by the flags that kept showing up from there.
I heard about those, but I didn't see any
There was only two, but then I saw the discussion going on and thought about summoning someone to kick them in the shins.
I just got Dungeons of Dreadmore! Expect a blog post...
That said, I had tripped away from the machine at the time of the flags
Blogs open to everyone?
3:59 PM
Hah, SF is taunting them.
@Loktar Aye
in terms of making posts

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