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10:01 PM
Hi, guys!
oh, hai
@RavenDreamer congrats on 40k
10:12 PM
@ThomasMcDonald ?
Ugh. Had a nasty bug involving pass by reference instead of pass by value.
That was not fun to debug.
@RavenDreamer ouch.
@RavenDreamer Yes it was. @_@
I'm not hypnotizing you. @_@
@Powerlord You were debugging my code?
10:16 PM
I feel compelled to do as Hypno toad Powerlord commands.
@RavenDreamer Beat you to it :)
Way to misspell "Tode", video uploader.
Hey @Raven!
Can anyone else access twitter? I can't.
@RavenDreamer I can visit the site.
10:18 PM
Oh, weird. Big Brother google has my back:
Quoth Chrome: "Other users are also experiencing difficulties connecting to this site, so you may have to wait a few minutes."
10:30 PM
Q: Can enderman enter your house when you sleep?

WarfaceSince they can move blocks, imagine that the enderman make a hole in your wall so monster can now enter and disturb your sleep. Could that be possible ?

Q: What's the best way to protect your house from Enderman stealing your walls?

WarfaceSince Endermans and capable of picking up blocks, they can surely pick up your blocks from your house. What's the best way to avoid those from stealing your blocks ?

10:56 PM
@RavenDreamer 40k rep? You're mad, man.
No, I just lack a job, a girlfriend, or purpose in my life.
@RavenDreamer How about you make reaching 100k your purpose in life?
Once you do that, you'll need to beat the woman off with a stick and the job offers will come flying in
Don't star that. It'll get me depressed again.
I concur with @Wipqozn 100k should be your purpose!
In any case, let us talk about something else since it's rather obvious Raven dreamer doesn't want to talk about this
Anyone planning to pick up Kirby Mass Attack?
11:05 PM
Nope, I've got too many games to playthrough, I don't even know where to start <.<
@mordi2k Me to, but being partway through Metroid Prime 3 (mostly to be more specific), the choice there is easy.
I also started playing through Dungeon 3 of Majora's Mask, so that'll be my following choice.
@Wipqozn For 3ds?
@RavenDreamer DS, although you can play it on a 3DS
I played the demo today, and I'm really excited for it now.
It's like a cross between kirby and pikmin
My problem is that my steam library is so full of games, that each time I try to find a game to play, my desire to play goes away. Guess I need to hire someone to pick out a good game for me to play.
@Wipqozn Well, I don't own a 3DS, and my DSLite's charge cable is broken, and its out of batteries... so I'm SoL
11:09 PM
@RavenDreamer That is shitty.
On the bright side, the 3DS will soon be worth the money.
@Powerlord I love Majoras Mask. One of my favorite Zelda games.
@ThomasMcDonald uh, there's bad news and bad news
bad news is, the server lags like hell
bad news is, that meant I couldn't do anything about the creeper that blew up half of that house
good news is, I now know what the below bedrock particle effect looks like
it's like a starfield
Also, who else is looking forward to SKYRIM!
@RavenDreamer I am, but I will not be buying it day one. IT comes out 9 days before Skyward Sword. I'm a huge Zelda fan, favourite game series in fact, so I don't want to start Skyrim only to be forced to stop a few days later.
It will no doubt be the first thing I buy when I finish with Zelda though
Besides, by the time I finish with Zelda I should be done with classes and will be able to devote more time to Skyrim anyways
Ah. I wasn't aware of Skyrim Sword. However, given the dust collecting on my wii, it'll be some time before I can get to it, anyway. (Wii is not with me at college, no TV in my apartment. Gasp!)
Skyrim Sword. Heh. Hyrulian slip?
11:19 PM
@RavenDreamer yeah, I noticed that too l o l
Skyrim Swords sounds awesome!
Is that "lol" or a person with both arms raised, flagging me down? | o |
Or a TIE Fighter? Pewpew.
l o l
@RavenDreamer It's lol
clearly somebody drowning
11:21 PM
I just prefer the way "l o l" looks over "lol"
Oh, hey, Demacia sale this weekend.
I think Riven is to the Crimson Elite what Galio is to the Demacian Commandos.
That is to say, someone seized upon the word Noxus|Valoran in their backstories and said, "@#$* it, let's make them part of our team!"
11:24 PM
But that aside, I approve of Riven's character design. Especially after Dragonslayer Fanservice.
Hah, I figured you'd be rather meh about that skin.
Was I complaining about fanservice in here before? O.o
I frequent a couple chat rooms. Have a hard time keeping who I've talked to about what straight.
Ah. Yes.
I remember that.
On an unrelated note, I'm reading about how Korea is crazy.
11:28 PM
Hmm. Riven seems fun but I'll wait until free week.
@RavenDreamer I've always liked that one.
@RavenDreamer They are indeed crazy, especially after reading that article.
Anyway, time for first win of day
Goooood luck!
You'll prolly have a queue to get in.
11:36 PM
It's under 9000
Yeah, mine was too.
And on an unrelated note I'm suddenly remembering a dream I had on the topic of fanservice.
That's... oddly specific.
Well, in the dream, I had just completed a drawing of a bunch of girls at a beach. I'm pretty sure it's some kind of beach episode thing. So this blue-haired girl who was my roommate started asking me why I'd draw such a thing, since I don't care for fanservice at all
I explained some kind of thing about how even if I didn't care for it, people still enjoy this stuff somehow, and apparently I had some request for that particular picture. Drawing something that is fanservicey is not in itself a decision to discard all my values, after all.
Of course, during this entire explanation, I'm wearing a Playboy bunnygirl outfit, adjusting my ears while holding my as-yet-untied bowtie in my mouth.
Sound's like Nerf Now's Engie-Tan.
11:41 PM
This dream was years ago. Short dream, too, but it was definitely funny when I woke up.
Five years ago, in fact. Back in Fall 2006
I have a dream from about that same time, actually, that I remember. Completely different topic though.
Dreamt I was the leader of a small band of rebels who were losing a war.
@GraceNote I just need to star that for the out-of-context value of it
I started reciting poetry, which was somehow turning all of my soldiers into trees before my eyes. My 2nd in command (who was an actress I knew in real life) just looked at me with these really, sad eyes, as I turned her into a tree.
11:43 PM
@Wipqozn Could be worse.
Then I realized I was speaking poetry, recognized I was dreaming, couldn't continue the poem, and thus woke up.
@RavenDreamer Ooh
@GraceNote True.
Ahha, I see
@RavenDreamer You're a wizard? what?
Also, this conversation is reminding just how dry my dreams are.
Mind you, I like it that way.
11:46 PM
@Wipqozn Not a wizard, just a Lucid Dreamer.
Which is sort of a kind of wizard.
I've only had one lucid dream to point.
Lots and lots of vivid dreams, though.
I also remember a dream where I was riding around a snowscape on a warpstar, a la Kirby Airride.
That was an awesome dream.
@GraceNote It's nice. It means I can wake up from nightmares on my own, roll over, and try again.
c.nerd.nu is a complete wasteland
I thought it was a terrible mistake to allow people to place unremovable bedrock
but people were too busy placing lava and water to care about bedrock
11:49 PM
Are those two comments related?
Yes they are
Q: From how far will Endermen notice your gaze?

Dan RasmussenI've spotted Endermen far off in the distance, and they haven't appeared to notice my gaze. Within what range will they react to me? Does draw distance affect this range in any way?

@GraceNote I suffer from something called "Sleep Paralysis" (Exactly what it says on the tin), and one of the side effects from that is hallucinations.
So those are fun too...
@RavenDreamer Reads the wikipedia page
Oh my word. that happens to me on the very rarest of occasions
It hasn't happened in, oh my... a couple years?
but there has been multiple occasions in my life when that happens upon awakening
For a long time I suffered from a very minor version of it (strictly auditory hallucinations, no paralysis), but its gotten to be a major issue only this past year.
Last week was pretty bad. I was complaining to @FallenAngelEyes about it.
11:57 PM
Ah, crazy dreamness
Evening @fallen
That was the first time I dreamt I was female, I do believe.
That I can recall, anyway.
Heya @Wipqozn
More interesting than dreams! ; Barrack Obama came to my college today!
I've now officially been in the same room as a US President.
Which is awesome.
11:58 PM
Cool, what was he there for?
Talk about his Job Plan, and telling us to write our congress people to get a move on.
"I hope that none of you are cutting class to see me <laughter>"
"But if you are, I'm giving you homework: Write your congressmen - tell them to pass this act!"

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