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12:07 AM
Anyone playing Minecraft here ?
@Warface Right now, or in general?
Because nearly everyone plays Minecraft that visits the bridge.
Well with the 1.8 now
Just finished a session
@Warface Most users have played 1.8 (I have not)
Broke yet another iron pickaxe
12:09 AM
I'm wondering if I'm the only one that have the enderman problem, they don't do nothing when you gaze at them
Looking for someone to play with, or have a question?
@Warface you're not. There was a video of the pre-release where it was the same thing.
IF I could remember the link I would share
in pre-release it was fine but in 1.8.1 it's bugged on SMP
Odd. Can't offer anymore input then that though.
I'm hoping to finally get around to playing 1.8 sometime this weekend.
Creeper seems to exploded when it even if you run away from them when attacking
12:30 AM
Could we get two more close votes on this 'question?
A sealing vote from @badp would work too though
Q: PS3 won't read / recognize any disks after 3.70 firmware upgrade

mhnagaokaMy fat 80GB PS3 suddenly stopped recognizing gaming and BD movie disks. I don't know if this is a hell of a coincidence but it started to happen after upgrading to the 3.70 firmware. Has anybody been facing the same problem? Are there any fixes to this issue?

@Wipqozn There's alot of votes
@Warface An alot of votes you say?
Yup :P
1:10 AM
Oh nice, my first question with 1000 views
Q: Is there any reason to update my battery size in Deus Ex: Human Revolution?

WipqoznIn Deus Ex: Human Revolution, only your first battery will recharge when having zero energy. So regardless of how many battery packs you have, you'll always need to scarf down energy bars or other nutrients to refill your energy level beyond the first battery. Due to this, I can't see any reason ...

@Wipqozn Why are we closing it? It's a valid question.
@LessPop_MoreFizz IT's a duplicate.
Or are you arguing that it's a dupe?
@Mana good evening chap
1:13 AM
How is it going, my fellow Canadian gentleman?
Quite well I must say, and yourself?
@Mana l o l
messed around in 1.8 for a few minutes, both modes. Seems interesting.
Will need to get around to playing for an extended period of time sometime soon.
@Mana Awesome gif !!!!
Also, new gravatar. Score one for the alot.
1:15 AM
@Mana 'fellow Canadian gentleman.' Might as well say 'fellow talking dog.' :P
I kid I kid.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Sorry, I couldn't hear you over the sound of how awesome Canada is.
@LessPopMoreFizz What? You weren't kidding. Why would you say that?
@Mana To be clear: I am not comparing canadians to dogs. I am saying that canadian gentlemen are about as common as talking dogs. I could as easily have used 'fellow magical unicorn'.
Anyones can help a fellow canadian to fix the "Enderman doesn't give a shit when looking at him" bug ? please !
the bug that is
not the solution
I'm assuming there isn't one yet though
well I'm going to head to bed. Good night all.
1:21 AM
2:15 AM
Accidentally punch companion and break his arm. Companion: "I can finally park in handicapped spaces."
2:39 AM
Thank you lord for this Godspeed! I am about to blast over the annoying party people noises
"I open up my wallet...and it's full of blood."
@Mana Apocalyptic metaphorical nonsense is the best metaphorical nonsense.
It's a metaphor? I assumed he was like coughing blood everywhere or something.
3:23 AM
3:37 AM
Q: Which NPCs detect when Jensen is using Social Enhancer pheromones?

RudiI keep hearing that several NPCs detect when Jensen is using Social Enhancer pheromones to sway them, but I can't find a list with them anywhere. Has anyone tried to use pheromones on a NPC and was detected?

5:00 AM
Q: Is there anyway to convince Zelazny to stand down?

CoomieHeng Sha second visit: I'm on a mission (I believe it's called Talion AD) to convince Zelazny not to go a killing spree. Other than killing him, is there any way to stop him? If not, what is the best way to complete this mission(ie. getting most experience)?

5:15 AM
Oh lookie, Portal is free again.
Q: In which programming language was jetpack joyride made

ShaozAs I'm interested in creating games like Jetpack Joyride for mobile devices and so on, I wanted to know what technology was used to create the game. Was it made in Objective-C, Java, Flash or HTML5 canvas/javascript? Many thanks

2 hours later…
7:03 AM
Q: Am I going to be able to move my character from Closed Beta to final product?

BoraI am participating in the closed beta of Vindictus Europe and have been enjoying the game so far. I invested a lot of time into the design and development of my character, and, I'd like to spend a long time with it. Does anyone have any idea, whether it will be possible to go on seamlessly wit...

2 hours later…
9:28 AM
Q: Early 90's Amiga or ST game with skeleton asking for disk

Alan BThe game itself possibly involved some sort of dungeoneering but what I remember is after the first floppy a skeleton head and or hand loomed up holding a floppy and a ghostly voice said 'Insert Disk Two' or similar. Ring any bells ?

10:08 AM
@bora Copy paste rejected :(
good afternoon all
10:48 AM
How goes?
Q: How do we set up a minecraft lan server to support the Aether mod?

Eon Rusted du PlessisMinecraft servers normally use a dedicated .jar file that the dedicated server calls all its data from.. where is this located so i can incorperate the Aether Support, or is there other means of getting Aether support in the Minecraft Dedicated Server App?

Switching from Dreadmore to Minecraft made me think all games were turn based...
11:25 AM
Happy Birthday @ThomasMcDonald
Here's a small gift for ya.
room topic changed to The Bridge: of Gaming's StackExchange™ AlienOverlord AskQuestion™ mothership, wherein any attempt to play or discuss unapproved games will result in termination by lazer, which disrupts our lazers' charging. [wipqozn-gravitation-law]
Happy 18th, @Thomas!
11:50 AM
Happy birfdahy @Thom!
生日快乐 @汤姆斯!
I made you a cake @ThomasMcDonald, But i sort of ate a bit...
12:04 PM
Happy birthday @Thomas!
@RonanForman You know you can add a ! in front of image URL to force chat to render it as a image
Oh yeah, happy birthday @ThomasMcDonald!
@badp Would like to request that we change this rooms name to Facebook
room topic changed to The Bridge+: of Gaming's StackExchange™ AlienOverlord AskQuestion™ mothership, wherein any attempt to play or discuss unapproved games will result in termination by lazer, which disrupts our lazers' charging. Also, no nicknames for you. [wipqozn-gravitation-law]
Can a mod do that @Yi, it's to late for me to do that.
12:11 PM
bans all the nicknames
um. I can't ban myself here. dammit
room topic changed to The Bridge: of Gaming's StackExchange™ AlienOverlord AskQuestion™ mothership, wherein any attempt to play or discuss unapproved games will result in termination by lazer, which disrupts our lazers' charging. [wipqozn-gravitation-law]
Silly silly balpha.
What respectable site doesn't let users ban themselves?
posted on September 16, 2011 by badp

Perhaps the most controversial item that we got from the Uber Update (yeah, old news) is the Quick Fix. There’s a vocal bunch of people that actively dislikes it and ask medics to switch to one of the two classic medic guns, and well, it is undeniable that the quickfix does have a few major [...]

12:47 PM
Q: Some 3D games rotate my screen! How to fix this?

IvanI've got an Intel GMA X4500 HD video card in my laptop and some hardware-accelerated games (for example Valve's Portal and Braid of the second Humble Indie Bundle) rotate the screen 90-degree. I am pretty sure the card and the machine performance is more than enough to play them comfortably, but ...

@badp The quick fix lets you move as quickly as faster heal targets?
1:38 PM
@badp "ask medics to switch to one of the two classic medic guns"
There is only one classic medic gun.
Q: How to make a small spawnpoint?

AnimanI was just wondering how to make the spawn point smaller in minecraft? I would like to make a spawn house but it looks just ugly if it's so big :(

1:49 PM
Happy 18th Birthday @ThomasMcDonald!
You know the bridge has been quiet when the conversations you have had last night are still in the active transcript.
Almost like people sleep and have jobs, it's crazy
@Wipqozn I know right.
I've got all kinds of stuff to do.
Like buying a suit.
Ooooooh, you're buying a suit?
I'm going to be participating in a Model United Nations next month.
Dress-code is suit and tie.
Plus I have to go to the optometrist today, get some groceries. Luckily I can do it all without walking farther than 10 metres on the horizontal plane.
1:59 PM
Oh my god that makes me want to dress up in a suit today, without any reason
Expensive, mostly.
I mean, I never wear a suit. Ever.
In a suit.
Then again everyone's cool in a suit.
I'd really only wear it when I go to debating tournaments.
wow, you know what's cool.
@ArdaXi You go to debating tournaments. That's cool.
2:01 PM
How about winning a tournament in a suit?
Well, okay, it wasn't a full suit then.
@YiJiang English ones mostly, although I might go to the nationals this year.
The fun thing is that when I go to these English language tournaments, I get an advantage merely by my level of English.
Just because my school is one of the best in the country in terms of debating.
Although that's going to be very different in THIMUN.
@GnomeSlice Yes, you're a banana.
I... wait.
@GnomeSlice You're a waiting banana?
2:07 PM
@Mana What's so cool about a suit anyway? It seems to me they're really a hassle to wear.
They look snazzy
Whenever I wear a suit I look at myself in the mirror and I'm like "Who is this handsome devil?!"
Well, I'll probably get pictures when I get it anyway.
@Mana You need a suit for that?
@GnomeSlice Well, no. Really, it's what happens everyday. But it happens more often when I'm in a suit.
2:12 PM
When I want to look snazzy, I tend to wear a suit, sunglasses and a fedora hat. For slightly less formal occasions, I leave out parts of the suit. :)
@badp nice blog post.
Waitwait, The same person who writes a blog satirising relationships also runs an online dating service?
That seems like a bad combination.
:O I can already feel the bonds between Gamers and Gamedevs strengthening!
2:15 PM
... GameDevs are gamers too.
@MartinSojka I misread that as 'I leave out the pants of the suit'.
@MartinSojka pfft no that's crazy talk man
@GnomeSlice That's only for very informal occasions.
lol @GnomeSlice "LOOK AT ME MOVE!"
2:23 PM
@Wipqozn You still here?
Oh, Hej @mana.
I'm programming a game thing!
@Mana :o
Can I help.
I can... you know... watch.
2:28 PM
Going to class now! Peace.
I've been thinking about trying to get into some flash devving or something.
But I have no idea what I'm doing. :P
Download FlashDevelop, look up some tutorials
SE needs oneboxing support for Soundcloud.
Especially now that they're posting their podcasts there.
2:35 PM
@Brant Thanks!
Hopefully I'll get a quickfix to drop soon so I'll be able to try it out.
Q: Chat oneboxing support for Soundcloud?

GnomeSliceThis is a bit of a silly request, but since SE has been posting their podcasts on soundcloud, I feel like I know have a legitimate reason to bring this up. Would implementing oneboxing support (a la facebook) for soundcloud tracks be quite difficult?

@DaveMcClelland That's what it says on the tin
@ArdaXi You got what I meant.
@badp I got it, and I disagree with the sentiment.
@badp Interesting - I hadn't ever realized that
2:36 PM
@DaveMcClelland You haven't healed scouts. Bad medic!
Something like "one of the two other guns" would've fit better.
Upvotes required:
A: What sites should have hyperlinking (onebox) support in chat?

Popular Demandhttp://www.sadtrombone.com/ (Originally suggested in the chat by @badp)

Q: Are axes considered blunt or blade weapons?

WesleiI'm playing Oblivion and I noticed that Axes are considered blunt weapons in the game. I decided to take a look in the Wikipedia and Axes are not listed in the Blunt Weapons page. However they aren't in the Blade Weapons page either. After a new search in Wikipedia I found axes listed in Blade...

Oh wait. That one says @badp in it. Downvote that one.
2:43 PM
@ArdaXi The second one.
@YiJiang I'm sure he's a master deb~ No, let's not go there.
3:02 PM
There goes a potential major selling point for Windows 8 tablets
"Hey, this is real Windows and thus it really runs Flash!"
@badp Yeah I heard about that
That's kinda funny, coming from the same company that wrote Silverlight as a "Flash killer"
"o hey, if you visit mashable.com pretend you're an iPad!"
@badp I kinda view it as the same type of hypocrisy of Apple choosing not to support flash on the iphone
TBH I can see the technical reason not to support Flash, and the Android phones have shown us this
but... what's the point of running Windows on a tablet if it can't do Windows things like Flash without giving up on the Tablet side of things?
It's a little more subtle than "Windows 8 doesn't support Flash"...
It's actually "The Metro version of IE10 doesn't support flash/other plugins"
3:08 PM
Yeah, I'm talking about the Metro version of IE10
> what's the point of running Windows on a tablet if it can't do Windows things like Flash without giving up on the Tablet side of things?
and the blog itself claims that the next most popular browser plugin is used by 2% of people
Seriously though, f*** Flash.
Aug 26 at 1:08, by GnomeSlice ツ
user image
@Brant </3
(no, fuck quicktime)
@badp <3
Flash is lousy for video. People always say it's about flash games, but can you imagine flash games on a tablet with a touch UI?
3:10 PM
Flash has done a world of good to the web
It makes about as much sense as running Excel 2008 on a tablet. Touch UIs need touch applications.
What's not touch friendly in the Flash player for Youtube?
That's video, something that you already don't need flash to do
The only thing I can think of is controls hide themselves without mouse hover events. I can see having to pause to change the volume being annoying but
@Brant So? Just because you can do it without flash it doesn't mean you should
Besides, last I heard HTML5 doesn't do any DRM stuff
Just because you can do non-touch-friendly Flash apps it doesn't mean you can't do touch friendly Flash apps.
Wait, are we talking about flash as a delivery vehicle for video, or for games/rich content/fancy animations?
3:14 PM
I'm just saying that Flash would've been a large selling point for Windows on a tablet
@Brant I'm talking in general
It would have, but as a web developer, I'm glad Microsoft is putting a bullet in its head.
@Brant Sure, why not?
Even though it isn't.
If you're making a game with a touch UI, use something other than Flash. If you're trying to play some 3-year-old game on Newgrounds that was designed for a mouse on your Win8 slate, it's going to suck.
@Brant Yeah, but it will suck on your tablet.
How cool is that?
Q: Chat oneboxing support for Soundcloud?

GnomeSlice Possible Duplicate: Auto-embed for soundcloud and grooveshark links This is a bit of a silly request, but since SE has been posting their podcasts on soundcloud, I feel like I now have a legitimate reason to bring this up. Would implementing oneboxing support (a la facebook) for sound...

Not really a dupe.
But whatever.
Then again, I'm fairly certain that the versions of Firefox and Chrome that will eventually be Metro compatible will have some form of Flash compatibility
3:18 PM
Yeah, I'm sure that someone will make something for Metro that supports flash.
My prediction, however, is that it won't work very well
Simply do what Android phones already do: click to load
@GnomeSlice What would you have shown as a still image for an audio link, though?
eww why?
@TimStone Album art, track name, etc.
the new metro ui is decent
3:23 PM
A la facebook.
Im looking at making metro ui screensavers :P
Q: Maximum z-level?

andronikusI have had a really excellent idea for a small megaproject (a kiloproject?), but I don't think I can see enough z-levels to build the whole thing. It would need 20-30 above the ground, and IIRC I can only see about 10. So, is there actually a hard ceiling (as it were) that I may run into, or wi...

@GnomeSlice Ah, I hadn't seen it a la Facebook before. You probably should have added that image to your question. :P
@TimStone I almost did, but then I didn't.
Metro has some really cool UI ideas.
3:25 PM
Edited, but it's already been closed so there's not much point.
Replacing icons with tiles and having system-wide application contracts is a really sweet idea.
yeah I agree
Yeah, Windows 8 puts much more on the table than Unity or Lion do
although I still think autosaving must be nice
@Loktar Ubuntu's
3:27 PM
lol ah ok thats what I figured you meant :P
I don't know - I feel like they just ported their mobile platform to an OS
@GnomeSlice I voted to reopen.
From what I've seen it's got some cool things, but it's not really a desktop
@TimStone =]
3:28 PM
you have to use it
its just a new startmenu
everything else is still there
People need to make better youtube videos then.
its a new really cool start menu rather
but yeah you hit the windows key and bam
your at the desktop
I like the locked screen
So is what I've seen just like a "MCE" interface - where it's a shell that runs on top the desktop?
Well I guess it's kinda like Unity except it defaults to have the default lens open. And that's what's for dinner desktop.
@TimStone Thanks by the way.
3:30 PM
Unity Unity Unity Unity Unity Unity Unity Unity Unity Unity Unity Unity Unity Unity Unity Unity Unity Unity Unity Unity Unity Unity Unity Unity Unity Unity Unity Unity Unity Unity Unity Unity Unity Unity Unity Unity
I guess I'll download it and try it out
@MarcoCeppi IBOONTOO
Why yes, yes I do.
3:32 PM
I <3 ubuntu.
I don't know anything about it.
But I like their adverts.
3:33 PM
The images, they're not loading @GnomeSlice
@badp They're pretty big
@GnomeSlice 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable
They're saying "image not found", not "loading"
@GraceNote =[
@MarcoCeppi T.G.I.F!
3:35 PM
Yeah, that's right - I uploaded a 13 MB gif.
Last Friday Night is playing on television here, the GIF kinda fits it.
gets flagged
Decline, Decline, Decline.
-1, old ubuntu font
-1 Not enough open source
3:36 PM
-1 Couldn't flag it in time.
Skulks back to AU room
TBH it wasn't either spam or offensive
Inappropriate... perhaps.
@badp Only inappropriate for humans of age 13 - 16...
@TomWijsman Well, it's certainly borderline, but still people here have sex when they're 13yo so.
If it's inappropriate for somebody, it's for people at work
I'm at work, my boss didn't mind :)
3:38 PM
That's why I didn't stop the flag :/
@MarcoCeppi Your boss is probably in the 99th percentile for awesomeness. Unless your boss is you, then it's cheating!
Though, yeah - probably inappropriate.
@badp If this appears on your screen if you are in a main room (which I am), it can be inappropriate; but well, they don't watch my screen and I'm used to shortcut keys... :)
@badp People at work, in a gaming chat.
@TimStone I know.
Wait, 1 hour on the suspension?
3:39 PM
@GraceNote Good point. I need a timer now
I will never understand this system even though it's something I run into very often.
The only solution is to examine teh codez.
@balpha are you really sure it's 30 minutes per message?
@GraceNote Should be enough time to ensure that he will go away from chat.
3:40 PM
Wait, why am I back.
Oh, welcome back @GnomeSlice
@GnomeSlice Unsuspended
Do your jobs, godammit.
Oh, cool.
Or well, rather, that he will do something else.
@TomWijsman It's 30 min/flag by design
3:41 PM
@TomWijsman 30 is usually sufficient for that task
If it's 60 min/flag then it's a bug
I had a one hour suspend.
or something of the system we don't understand
It isn't 60 per flag, though
3:41 PM
Guess I can remove this.
@badp Maybe it was flagged twice?
I flagged it once, then tried to flag it for moderator again.
@TomWijsman It's also supposed to be "per message", not "per flag"
@TomWijsman =[
And I bet others flagged it to.
I think it was up to three flags before it was cleared
3:41 PM
Otherwise the default suspension would be an hour and a half.
okay, I'm sorry - I meant, 30 min/flagged message
Well, as I was trying to say before:
When I smashed @Thomas in the face with a flag to test, he only got 30 minutes.
i.sstatic.net/xnbfX.jpg (please stop treading the line --bp)
We already know that 2 messages flagged are 60 minutes - which still doesn't make sense if they're consecutive
3:42 PM
Ubuntu has really silly adverts.
@badp No problem, perhaps GnomeSlice is a known bad user so he gets double the time?
@TomWijsman That seems prudent.
@GnomeSlice You really like being flagged?
You guys didn't even look at that one.
@TomWijsman We've wondered that and got assured that it isn't the case
3:43 PM
I did <3
I'm surprised that's objectionable
@GnomeSlice Oh yes I did
@badp Pervert.
I don't agree that that woman is actually a "human being".
But all these images are just user-created. Ubuntu doesn't put out many official adverts - especially not like that.
3:44 PM
Anyway. You guys suck. Except for @GraceNote. She's nice.
@MarcoCeppi But the fact that the community creates so many of them is just hysterical.
That's the only one I know of
@MarcoCeppi -1, horrible audio.
I think anyone can take "scene-from-porno" and slap text over it. I also think they exist for everything you can think of
btw @GnomeSlice you know where meta is. Please don't make questions about chat on the main site
Also would be wise not to make a question after every chat suspension.
3:54 PM
So... do you guys/gals play together in some tf2 server? (just keeping the tradition of steering every conversation to the topic)
Hey @Juan!
I really need to play more games. I used to play at least two hours of TF2/DoD a day
@GraceNote hey!
if not, we should totally run a server
or SE could sponsor one ;)
Check with badp and Powerlord and Arda. They're the regulars at it.
TF2 at least. Never played Day of Defeat.
3:59 PM
I've got a few spare servers, but problem I've always had with running game servers - they're almost always empty

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